Spring Training 2021, Day One (Photo Album)

All photos were taken by Mark Wylie.  

Howard and Alvarado
Velasquez and Nola
Steve Potter
Bob and Fred
I dunno
Dombrowski and Girardi
Oops, we’ve been spotted
Howard, Alvarez, and two other guys
Nova, Girardi, ?, Mitchell
My best side?
Mini Campers
Mini Campers, Jake Hernandez on the left
Hernandez, Hennigan, Parkinson, Carr, Warren, Garcia
Nola and Eflin

And a bunch of untitled shots


14 thoughts on “Spring Training 2021, Day One (Photo Album)

  1. Looks like Doobie’s back without the gold tips on his dreads.
    Also appears to have pushed the off-season workout routine pretty hard.

    1. I know it’s not a popular view but I’m def pulling for him. I don’t think it’s impossible for him to get back to his 2015-2016 version, odds are prob against it but if he can, that would be big.

      1. Yeah……hopefully he now takes his profession more seriously after what has happened.
        I remember when they asked Freddy about Odubel back in 2016 and how he acts and clowns around….he said that is part of his Latin flamboyance that he likes to make public and not kept private. Most guys keep it in the clubhouse ….a few others tend to bring it out to the field.

  2. Jim and Mark … Great pictures. Thanks for posting them, but I’m certain that 7th pic is not Dave Dombrowski and Joe Girardi. I think the clothing may have fooled you.

    1. Hinkie, great eye…I think you’re right. The exec looks too buff and short…DD is taller and leaner. The coach may be Asian? Not sure but that’s definitely not Joe G.

    1. Pigs and WFMZ-TV 69 use to televise home Saturday games…..there are 12 scheduled home Sat games this season….do you know if they will still be doing the televised games?

    1. Vinny looks like he’s in shape.. funny the contrast.. one can pitch lights out so may have enjoyed the offseason a bit more.. the other can’t make it 4 innings without getting shelled but is fit as a fiddle

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