2021 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – December 2, 2020

Happy non-tender day!  I hope everyone is healthy.  Not a lot of activity in this discussion last week.  The non-tenders joining the free agent market may continue to affect the amateur discussion.

This is the Phuture Phillies forum for the discussion of prospects eligible for the amateur draft that is scheduled to be held in about 7-8 months( July 11-13, 2021).  You can place video, scouting reports, or just comments here.  You can reference these weekly discussions on the menu above.

Feel free to discuss the 2021 international signing period, too.  It begins on January 15, 2021 and runs through June 25, 2021.

This space is for the discussion of prospects in the upcoming draft and international signing period.  This is NOT a space for you to complain about past picks/signings or the organization’s past/current draft and international philosophy.


20 thoughts on “2021 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – December 2, 2020

  1. Bargain bin will be the Phillies FA I assume.
    While the Mets and Braves get stronger the Phillies will look for the best bargains and hope to hit the jackpot.

  2. If I continue to dwell on the misadventures of John Middleton, I may lose my mind.
    So … let me introduce another name to know for next summer’s draft. Brady House is built like a house (6’3″, 215 lbs). The HS SS will end up a 3Bman. Most mocks have him as a top 10 pick, but I don’t think it’s too far fetched to believe he slides to 1-13.
    House might have the top power tool of any prepster (Josh Baez may equal him) in the class. House probably has Pat Burrell offensive potential with defensive value on the left side of the infield.

    1. Hinkie, great info: if the Phils again abandon the “grow the arms” approach and
      choose House, what do you think would be the time-frame for him to reach the majors as compared to let’s say Bryson Stott?

  3. Sorry. Just saw your question. I would expect a top HS position prospect (like House) to probably take four years to reach MLB.

  4. MLB.com just posted a Top 10 mock draft.


    And here is their top 100


    For me … the way things stand now (and a whole lot can/will change over the next 7 months), the Phillies are sitting at a spot (1-13) to land another top prep player. I’ve previously posted video of Brady House, Anthony Solometo, Andrew Painter, and Chase Petty. These are the four kids I’m focused on.

    1. I profiled House above. Here’s some more video of the hulking SS/3Bman.

      Andrew Painter is a tall (6’7″, 225 lbs) and projectable RHP. He’s been a standout on the summer showcase the past two years.

      1. Chase Petty is from Sommers Point. He’s got one of the quickest arms in the draft (HS or college).

        Anthony Solometo might be my favorite for the Phils at 1-13. The LHP from Sicklerville reminds me a whole lot of Mackenzie Gore.

        1. The two college players I think Callis and Mayo have under ranked, and who could be good picks for the Phillies at 1-13 are Miss St. RHP Eric Cerantola (#50) and Virginia 3Bman Zack Gelof (#58).

          1. Hinkie….I assume the Phillies will have a second round pick this year…probably somewhere around late40s -early 50s……judging by the MLB rankings…I like to see them go after one of the college arms like LHPs Steven Hajjar , Christian MacLeod or Pete Hansen if they are still on the board.

        2. MLB.com has Solometo ranked at 35…..that seems rather low, but Callis and Mayo do get a lot of data and info from teams’ scouts so……

          1. Romus …

            1st round – pick 13
            2nd round – pick 48
            3rd round – pick 85
            * if they lose JTR (and I don’t think they will) – ~pick 73

            I believe Solometo will rise up the rankings, and end up one of the top two prep pitchers picked next summer.
            Hajjar is another guy who will probably climb up into round one by next summer (depending on health).

            Depending on signing demands, a kid I really like as a second rounder is Josh Baez: two way HS kid with power arm (upper 90’s) and Brady House-like power with the bat.

            A great money saver, 2nd round selection (for me) could be Hugh Fisher. The Vanderbilt LHP has missed time with TJ. 2021 will be his fourth year in college. He’ll come at a discount.

            1. Yes Fisher could be a diamond in the rough.
              I saw this report on him from a few years ago…..
              Hugh Fisher
              Ht/Wt: 6′ 5″/193 lbs
              Hugh Fisher – Prospect Profile
              MLB.com – May : “He went from working at 88-91 mph as a high school senior to operating at 94-96 in shorter stints as a college sophomore. He also has added some power to his breaking ball, which has become a low-80s slider, but hasn’t used his changeup much as a reliever.”

    1. White is going to give James Franklin agita. This has already been a poor recruiting class (for him).

      1. Yeah,,,,,have to see where 4-star DL guys Philly’s Jeudy, and NJ guys Rooks and Malone go come February…if he lands those two or three,the class goes to the 10/12 class ranking range…right now they around 20/25 nationally.

  5. Here’s the link v1 just shared in the open thread https://www.prospectslive.com/lists/2020/12/22/2021-mlb-draft-top-350-prospects

    It’s Prospects Live’s top 350. If Jaden Hill slides to 1-13 (and I think I mentioned there was a slight chance of that a few weeks ago), I’d take less than 5 seconds to announce his name as the Phillies selection. Premium college arm with thick tread on the tire (due to some arm concerns).

    1. * Jim … you can delete my previous attempt to post this. I used too many links.

      1. Three locals between 23 and 39….Petty, Montgomery and Solometo.
        Solometo may be the best HS LHP in this draft…Holton, Jump and Hartle are all good but Solometo seems to moving up pretty fast.

        1. I like all three of the local prep players (Solometo, Petty, and Benny Montgomery).
          Solometo reminds me a lot of Mackenzie Gore. He’ll probably have to show a third pitch to go top half of the first round. I think he should be able to throw a CH. He’s probably so dominant as a HS pitcher that he doesn’t need to throw anything but the FB and SL. This season at Bishop Eustace, he’ll more than likely use a CH to show it off to scouts. Solometo should definitely be in play for Brian Barber at 1-13.

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