Open Discussion: Week of July 27th

The Phillies are playing intrasquad games at their Allentown location.  They last about four innings and coaches are filling a lot of positions in the field.  Saturday, Romero, Llovera, Parker, and Arano pitched.  Sunday, the “teams” were made up of four hitters each.  Coaches again had to fill in on defense.

Home – OF Mikie Mahtook, 3B Alec Bohm, C Rafael Marchan, SS Ronald Torreyes with RHP Spencer Howard starting.

Away – OF Nick Martini, SS Nick Maton, DH Deivi Grullon, C Logan O’Hoppe with RHP Connor Brogdon, Garrettt Cleavinger, and Addison Russ pitching.

Unofficially, Howard pitched 4.0 innings, 61 pitches, 35 strikes, 4 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 4 K.

Unofficially, Brogdon pitched 2.0 innings, 31 pitches, 20 strikes, 2 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 2 K.

The Alt Site info comes from KRAM 207.

The Phillies dropped 2 out of 3 against the mighty, mighty Marlins.  The keys to the losses were poor starting pitching, terrible clutch hitting, and the bullpen.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • June 10-11, 2020 – Amateur Draft
  • June 14, 2020 – Teams can begin to sign non-drafted players
  • June 26, 2020 – MLB Transaction freeze ends, noon ET
  • June 28, 2020 – Deadline for submission of Club Player Pool to MLB, 4:00 PM ET (60-man roster)
  • July 1, 2020 – Training camp reporting date
  • July 23, 2020: Opening Day
  • July 24, 2020: Phillies opener at home v Miami
  • August 1, 2020 – Signing period for 2020 draft picks closes
  • August 31, 2020 – Trade Deadline
  • September 15, 2020 – Deadline for players to be added to Major League roster for postseason eligibility
  • September 28-October 1, 2020 – Minor League Baseball Innovators Summit, Winston-Salem, NC
  • September 30, 2020 – Expiration of the Professional Baseball Agreement between MLB and MiLB
  • October 15, 2020, 5:00 PM EDT – Close of the 2019 international signing period
  • October TBA – Trading resumes, day after the World Series ends
  • October – November TBA, five days after the conclusion of the World Series – Deadline for teams to make qualifying offers to their eligible former players who became free agents
  • November TBA, fifteen days after the conclusion of the World Series – Deadline for free agents to accept qualifying offers
  • November TBA – GM Meetings (Nov. 11-14, Scottsdale, AZ in 2019)
  • November TBA – Owners meetings (Nov. 19-21, Arlington, TX in 2019)
  • November 20, 2020 – Rosters set for Rule 5 Draft
  • November TBA – MLBPA executive board meeting (Nov. 26-29 in Irving, TX in 2018)
  • December 2, 2019 – Last day for teams to offer 2021 contracts to unsigned players on their 40-man rosters
  • December 6-10, 2020 – Winter Meetings in Dallas, Texas, at the Omni Dallas Hotel and Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, held in conjunction with the Baseball Trade Show and PBEO Job Fair.
  • December 10, 2020 – Rule 5 Draft
  • January TBA – Rookie Career Development Program
  • January 15, 2021, 9:00 AM EST – Start of the 2020 international signing period

The rosters and lists are up to date as of July 26th … 346 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)

7/27/2020 – Red Sox claimed RHP Robert Stock off waivers from the Phillies
7/24/2020 – Phillies selected the contract of 2B Phil Gosselin from Alternate Site
7/24/2020 – Phillies designated SS Arquimedes Gamboa for assignment
7/23/2020 – Phillies recalled RF Kyle Garlick from Lehigh Valley
7/23/2020 – Phillies recalled RHP Reggie McClain from Lehigh Valley
7/23/2020 – Phillies recalled LHP Cole Irvin from Lehigh Valley
7/23/2020 – Phillies recalled LHP Austin Davis from Alternate Site
7/23/2020 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Trevor Kelley from Alternate Site
7/23/2020 – Phillies selected the contract of 1B Neil Walker from Alternate Site
7/23/2020 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Ramon Rosso from Alternate Site
7/23/2020 – Phillies designated RHP Robert Stock for assignment
7/23/2020 – Phillies activated RHP Tommy Hunter from the 10-day IL
7/23/2020 – Phillies activated 3B Scott Kingery from the 10-day IL
7/23/2020 – Phillies activated RHP Hector Neris from the 10-day IL
7/21/2020 – 2B Josh Harrison granted his release
7/20/2020 – RHP Anthony Swarzak granted his release
7/18/2020 – LHP Francisco Liriano granted his release
7/18/2020 – LHP Francisco Liriano assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – 2B Logan Forsythe granted his release
7/18/2020 – 2B Logan Forsythe assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – CF Mikie Mahtook assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – LF Nick Martini assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – IF Phil Gosselin assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – RHP Trevor Kelley assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – RHP Blake Parker assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – RHP Ramon Rosso assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – RHP Anthony Swarzak assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – 2B Ronald Torreyes assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – 2B Josh Harrison assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – 1B Neil Walker assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/18/2020 – RHP Connor Seabold assigned to Alternate Site from Reading
7/18/2020 – RHP Connor Brogdon assigned to Alternate Site from Reading
7/18/2020 – 3B Alec Bohm assigned to Alternate Site from Reading
7/18/2020 – RHP Spencer Howard assigned to Alternate Site from Reading
7/18/2020 – LHP Damon Jones assigned to Alternate Site from Reading
7/18/2020 – RHP Addison Russ assigned to Alternate Site from Reading
7/18/2020 – C Henri Lartigue assigned to Alternate Site from Reading
7/18/2020 – C Logan O’Hoppe assigned to Alternate Site from Lakewood
7/17/2020 – Phillies optioned RHP Victor Arano to Alternate Site
7/16/2020 – Phillies released RHP Bud Norris
7/15/2020 – LHP Austin Davis assigned to Alternate Site from Lehigh Valley
7/15/2020 – Phillies placed LHP Austin Davis on the 10-day injured list
7/15/2020 – Phillies invited non-roster LHP Austin Davis to spring training
7/15/2020 – C Rafael Marchan assigned to Alternate Site from Clearwater
7/15/2020 – C Rafael Marchan assigned to Philadelphia Phillies
7/15/2020 – Phillies invited non-roster C Rafael Marchan to spring training
7/13/2020 – Phillies optioned RHP Enyel De Los Santos to Phillies Extended Spring Training
7/13/2020 – Phillies optioned RHP Robert Stock to Alternate Site
7/09/2020 – Phillies signed FA RHP Anthony Swarzak to an MiLB contract w/ST invite
7/08/2020 – Reading released RF Jose Pujols
7/08/2020 – Lakewood released LHP Jose Jimenez
7/07/2020 – Clearwater released RHP Oscar Marcelino
7/04/2020 – Phillies invited non-roster C Henri Lartigue to spring training
7/04/2020 – Phillies invited non-roster RHP Anthony Swarzak to spring training
7/01/2020 – Phillies invited non-roster C Logan O’Hoppe to spring training
7/01/2020 – Phillies placed RHP Tommy Hunter on the 10-day IL retro to June 30, 2020
7/01/2020 – Phillies placed RHP Hector Neris on the 10-day IL retro to June 30, 2020
7/01/2020 – Phillies placed 3B Scott Kingery on the 10-day IL retro to June 30, 2020
7/01/2020 – Phillies placed LHP Ranger Suarez on the 10-day IL retro to June 30, 2020


235 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of July 27th

  1. First off phillies got rid of all vet bullpen arms. That girardi knew. That being said. If the stadium was at 50,000. Capacity. It would have been worse. But rbe marlins are not pushovers. They will compete this year.

  2. I really enjoyed baseball more from March 10th thru July 23rd than now. The conversation and nostalgia was something that was better than the real thing. Almost like a date with the prettiest girl and it’s not as great as you thought but the buildup was fantastic.

  3. Marlins have huge advantage this year given their tremendous experience playing in an empty stadium.

  4. There will definitely be relievers routinely swapped from philly to LHV. Those on the 40 have the clear advantage of getting called up first. That means that Cleavinger, Romero and Llovera will be the next possible wave. Am I missing anyone? Howard will go up soon but will need a 40 move.

      1. Brogdon is one I would like to see more of….but he has to be first placed on the 60

        1. I believe we’ll see him before some of the guys currently on the 40 man. The team seems to like him.

  5. With the exception of Howard tell me one of those arms in Allentown add up to a bucket of spit? I’m still not worried about the offense. SP’s for the most part will be fine but we will know more a week from now. As for bullpen, hope isn’t a strategy but that may be all we have so
    I hope they get better.

    1. I find some of the guys not on the 40 more intriguing than some of the guys on the 40. In addition to Howard, I like Brogdon, Jones, Russ, and Seabold. And off the 60, I like Singer.

  6. i didn’t see any difference from 2019 Velasquez/Pivetta to 2020 Velasquez/Pivetta….my patience is worn thin. Get Howard into the rotation as soon as possible. A strong Arrietta is really needed for playoff hopes.

    1. He pitched yesterday in LHV, so that would be right on target with the four day rest in between starts.

  7. After a 3 year stint in Korea (where he had an OPS over .900 every year), soon to be 34 years old Darin Ruf is now playing 1B for the Giants.

    1. Good for him. I hope Babe Ruf is successful and can hang in the league for a few years.

  8. Hope this isn’t bad for the Phillies … 8 more Marlins tested positive and their game today is canceled. Hopefully it didn’t make it’s way to the Phillies players

    1. it’s bad for any hope of having a season. Seems like only option to continue to have a season is for the Marlins to drop out for a couple weeks and their opponents just have three or 4 days off- and hope it doesnt happen to another team, but that seems like wishful thinking.
      with all the detailed protocols MLB had put together, things were just way too casual it seemed from what i saw over the weekend- made me think it was doubtful they got through the season- now i wonder if they’ll make it two weeks.

      1. Ok…here is the issue facing MLB….and Joey Gallo is the obvious test case.
        KSAT 37 report:
        “Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo has tested positive for COVID-19 twice, yet he never developed any symptoms. He’s also had several negative tests. “It was weird, it was hard to get real answers on if I really had it or not, “The 26-year-old All-Star slugger missed the first week of the Rangers summer camp and isolated from teammates for two weeks after two positive tests that sandwiched a negative result during intake testing,” KSAT reports.
        “He had two negative tests on his own outside of the MLB testing program, but wasn’t cleared to join the team until consecutive negative tests under the protocol … Gallo’s positive results were by the saliva test, though he was negative on a swab test. He said he is ‘now on edge’ when going through the testing and gets nervous every time he has to do a saliva test.”

        With so many false positives, and the fact remains …what tests are reliable or not…..confusion will be rabid. Plus a positive test does NOT mean illness.
        Then there is this little nugget …..”June 30, 2020, the U.S. CDC and Prevention admitted that prior exposure to coronaviruses responsible for the common cold can result in a positive COVID-19 antibody test, even if you’ve never been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 specifically”

        MLB does the saliva…..others do the swab.
        Does the saliva test result in more false positives vs the swab?
        …who knows anymore
        MLB has to come up with some meaningful and player-comforting standard.

  9. Interesting to me is there were no sweeps through the first weekend as every team suffered at least 1 loss…

    Many are compelled to over react to a series in a 162 game schedule I imagine that is going to be the case more so in a 60 game schedule. Myself included.

    Anyone whoever believed that Covid wasn’t going to make its way through the entire population was kidding themselves. Especially when a large number of people will get it and never know they had it.

  10. This was always a very real scenario for me. Now what? How many Phillies can we expect to get COVID-19? Will the Yankees want to be in the visiting clubhouse/dugout?

    And … if the Phillies lost to an already bad Marlins team that was in the process of being ravaged by the virus … what does that say about our squad?

    1. To answer my own question … (even in a shortened season) it’s too early to count the Phillies out after three games. However, it is evident to me this team lacks depth, and it has done a horrible job of growing difference making players. It’s three best bats (Harper/JTR/Didi) were all either bought or traded for. Two of their top three starting pitchers are here via free agency.
      They’ve produced one all-star caliber player: Aaron Nola. Rhys Hoskins gave a glimpse of being a dominant offensive performer, but that was a short sample, and it was three seasons ago. I still hold out hope he can develop into a more consistent/less streaky bat. Here’s hoping that Spencer Howard and/or Alec Bohm become studs.

      1. Yes, even though it’s very hard to develop home grown talent, the Phillies have done a worse job than most. Previously I mentioned that they were in the middle of the pack, but now I concede that they are easily in the bottom 10 or even in the bottom 5.

        But all teams will have a mix of home grown players, FAs, rule 5, etc. If you look at the 2008 team, there were 4 home grown all-star caliber players: Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rolins, Cole Hamels. So even though winning teams don’t need that many home grown all-star talent, it’s still extremely difficult to produce them.

        Yes, Aaron Nola was an all-star. Kingery/Haseley/Hoskins are still young, and even though their ceilings may not be all-star level, as long as they can produce at a starter level (3-4 WAR), that’s money that the Phillies can use elsewhere. Unfortunately, out of those 3 that I just mentioned, I think Hoskins will not be able to maintain starter level production if he plays in the field. I believe Hoskins’ future with the Phillies will be at DH starting next season. If Bohm can hit ML pitching, he’s headed to 1B I think.

        1. You’re also forgetting Carlos Ruiz and Pat Burrell as homegrown players on that 2008 team. I understand that was a once in a generation era. Not saying your entire lineup (or even most of it) needs to be developed from within, but is a steep hill/mountain to climb when you’ve got to acquire all of your impact players through free agency and/or trades.
          Yes, it’s still possible that one or some of Hoskins/Kingery/Haseley take the next step, and it’s very possible (maybe even likely) that at least one of Bohm/Howard become all-star level players. However, at this moment, it’s just Aaron Nola plus the guys we’ve bought and dealt for. It’s tough to win like that. And it’s also the main reason the Phillies lack the necessary depth to compete for a WS.

          1. I didn’t forget forget Chooch or Pat, but they are not all-star caliber players as you mentioned before.

            Also, even though Segura and JT were players the Phillies traded for, the capital used to obtain them were prospects Crawford and Sanchez. Whether or not this was the proper use of these prospects is for another discussion, I will note that I had no issues with either trade.

            I agree with you on your other points. The team should have more home grown players and yes, the team as constructed right now, is not ideal.

            Anyways, we’ll see what happens with Bohm and Howard, and I hope that the other players progress to at least starter level.

            1. Overall that 2017 draft could turn out to be one of the best
              And may produce quality MLB players…maybe not many all-stars.
              Another two years should determine if that is the case.

      2. I have had the same thoughts. What a terrible “rebuild” this has been. All of those high first round picks and this is the dreg we have. Our friggin DH is a platoon of two journeymen who play at league minimum. Our lineup, outside of the three traded/FA players you mentioned is well below average. No depth at all. Just a complete disaster.

  11. The positivity rate for players, coaches and admin. personnel had trended down below 1%. Then the Marlins news broke which seems like such an outlier.. My guess, the players broke the health bubble, contracted the virus and brought it back into the Marlins… No proof on my part… 100% speculation but something doesn’t add up..

    1. I’m not sure what the significance would be but it’s been reported that Hispanic players are more susceptible to the virus. Can anyone speak to that?

    2. Miami is the world’s epicenter for the disease right now. It’s not unreasonable to speculate one (or more) of the Marlins wasn’t social distancing or wearing a mask at some point and became infected. That player/those players then spread COVID-19 to their teammates (maybe on the plane or in the clubhouse or at the hotel, or at a restaurant, etc).
      Anyway … a 60 game season has now become even shorter (at least for the Marlins, Phillies, Yankees, and Orioles). We’ll see if MLB is able to finish the season, but I’ve always had my doubts.

        1. Maybe … but … if MLB is going to take the virus seriously, the Marlins will have to be quarantined for up to 2 weeks. The Phillies will probably have to be quarantined for at least a week. That’s a lot of games to make up in two months.

    3. Hawkeye, my guess would also be that a Marlins’ player broke the bubble, too. But, the Marlins played a couple scrimmages against the Braves before the season started. It rained heavy during one and everybody ended up in the dugout then clubhouse to get out of the rain. That’s likely point zero for this “outbreak”. Mattingly remarked that distancing broke down during that event. But, I noticed all weekend that Marlins’ players weren’t following protocols during celebrations. I saw a couple trying to make contact with Hoskins at first base on Sunday. I heard that a lot of the chirping between the dugouts on Sunday had to do with distancing and protocols. (They new about the “vote” among Marlins’ players to play in spite of the 4 positives reported before the game.) It’ll be a shame if any Phillies players or staff get sick because of this behavior. Sorry, mini rant over.

  12. Now there is a real chance the Yankees/Phils game is cancelled. I started to type this and word came over that it has been cancelled. I don’t see how they can play tomorrow either since so many Marlins tested positive and were in the visitors’ clubhouse.

    1. Are MLB teams still sending in tests to a lab in Utah? I ask because there is a Mercy hospital medical clinic near my home that has a 15-minute results notification with a 99.99% accuracy… Seems like the Phillies would know today who is negative/positive if they use that type of testing..

  13. Wow, it only took 3 games before the virus took hold. Pretty sure some members on this board easily predicted that.

    The Phillies game tonight is postponed, and I imagine that the earliest the Phillies will play again is Wednesday, @ NY. But I wouldn’t be surprised if theit next game is Friday, @ Buffalo vs the Blue Jays.

    1. I think realistically you have to give at least 72 hours after possible contact from someone infected to then say a player could be ‘cleared’ after a positive test. That’s 72 hours later taking the sample so you’d have whatever time it takes the lab to then run those tests.

      Some positive tests can appear fast, but to be on the ‘safer’ side you should prob run it out to the longer point. That would wipe out the Yankees series.

      1. flybynite….google Joey Gallo and Positive Tests…..apparently MLB are looking into more reliable forms of testing.

  14. Hats off to the Phillie Phanatic, who was really working it yesterday despite an empty CBP.


    And let’s hope John Middleton can work something out with the original costume designers to allow the Phanatic to return to his “normal” look.

        1. Hinkie – Kruk on the telecast yesterday made a comment about – “yes, the Phanatic can keep himself busy….,” he was no doubt referring to last year when the Phanatic spilled a huge popcorn container in the broadcast booth on 6/13/19 over he and Tom Murphy. It was absolutely the funniest piece of slapstick comedy I’ve ever seen – the announcers were more than peeved that their entire “station” was dripping with butter, popcorn, and the detris of what was on the table when he dumped the popcorn. Not only did he spill it though, but he fell down on the microphones etc. sending chairs flying in different directions and the backdrop almost fell over. It took them 3 innings to clean the whole thing up. You should be able to find it on you-tube. I have it on my phone but am not dextrous enough to send it to this site. Later in that telecast, Kruk asked for a cheese steak but insisted the Phanatic NOT bring it !!!. Just hysterical.

  15. Article in The Athletic that it seems the Marlins were vey lackadaisical for their field health protocols and if I had to bet the players broke quarantine bringing the virus back into the clubhouse… If this is the case and we will know very soon the Marlins have screwed things up for the other 29 teams and this falls on the ownership (Jeter) and coach (Mattingly.)

  16. Bottom line, in regards to the virus, July 27th is no different than March 27th!

    All stay safe!

    1. Denny…I had read or heard somewhere that if the season does not get pass the August 30th date…then for intents and purposes it is not considered a regular championship season. And when it comes to the Phillies…JTR does not become a free agent nor Jake Arrieta..they still are Philies in 2021.
      Now not sure if i heard correctly or not
      I looked at the summary of the MLB 2020 Operations Manual , provided by SI, and this was not addressed in it from what I could see.
      So I am not so sure of the validity of that statement

      1. Romus … I’m pretty sure JTR (and all other players who were set to hit free agency before COVID-19) will be a FA this November no matter what. The league and players union worked that out a few months back. The union agreed to allow the owners to screw over amateur players (remember what the draft looked like) in return for granting service time/free agency to current MLB players whether they played a full 2020 season, partial 2020 season, or didn’t play a 2020 season at all.

        1. Hinkie…I remember that also.
          That is why when I heard that Aug 30th date brought up, I was not sure what that was all about and what payers it may be concerned with.

  17. The big event is tonight, when the Phillies’ testing results start coming out. Because if the Marlins passed it to the Phillies, MLB will have to rethink their protocols concerning these outbreaks. And I don’t want to say that all hell is going to break loose but it’s going to be bad.

    On the flip side, you can bet that the other sports (NBA, NBA, NFL) are watching this unfold and taking notes. If this outbreak gets worse, the NFL will likely have to do a quarantine bubble similar to what the NBA is doing right now.

    1. NHL has something similar in Canada at two sites…Toronto and Edmonton.
      And games start tomorrow.
      Exhibition games first then round robins and play-offs

      1. Having the bubble in Canada was a really smart idea. The virus cases in Canada are a lot lower.

  18. Meeting thsi afternoon of owners:
    Joel Sherman

    MLB has its scheduled call with all 30 owners today at about 12:30 pm Eastern. That suddenly is a different call than it would have been 48 hours ago.

    1. Not really. I read on twitter they didn’t even discuss cancelling the season. Commish to redouble health directives – must wear masks in clubhouse, reinforce on field behavior like high fives and spitting. So, business as usual.

  19. 8mark, theory will appear later in this post.

    One of the minor, unfortunate results of the COVID conversation that has come out of yesterday’s game and following revelations, is that we’ve been distracted from baseball to some extent.

    I’m not suggesting that baseball discussion is more important than COVID discussion. In fact, I thought that starting the season under the current conditions with MLB’s plan was silly.

    Now, 8mark, my theory. VV has been handled wrong developmentally. Let me elaborate.

    VV was selected by the Astros in the second round of the 2010 draft.
    Pitched in the Appalachian League in 2010 (NYPL equivalent).
    TJ surgery in 2011.
    Pitched in NYPL in 2012.
    Pitched in Midwest League (A) in 2013 and made 3 starts a A+.
    VV was Rule 5 eligible after 2013 season.
    Pitched in California League (A+) in 2014 and 2 starts in GCL.
    Pitched in 2014 ASL (6.59 ERA)
    Pitched in Texas League (AA) in 2015 (33.0 IP, 9 appearances/5 starts) and was called up to MLB (19 appearances/7 starts).
    Traded to Phillies during the off season with LHP Brett Oberholtzer, RHP Harold Arauz, RHP Mark Appel, and RHP Tom Eshelman for SS Jonathan Arauz and RHP Ken Giles.

    Maybe, VV needed more time in the minors. Since the trade, he has pitched primarily in the majors. He has thrown 15.0 rehab innings in 2016 and 2017, 8.0 IP in AA and 2.0 IP in AAA.

    Had he really pitched enough in the upper minors to have developed correctly for the majors? Maybe this has had a negative impact on his willingness to accept instruction from pitching coaches at the ML level or consider a move to the bullpen.

    This was Klentak’s first big trade (his only earlier trade was Hellickson from Arizona for MiLB RHP Sam McWilliams).

    I think the Astros sold high. And, maybe, Klentak (and, I hate to even suggest this) is too invested in having this trade be a “win”. I don’t think of trades in this way, especially this far down the road. But, it has to be a consideration when you look at all the chances some guys get. Right?

      1. For most, yes. My three most vivid memories of Vince are his left-handed throw to first base, his diving catch in left field, and his throw from left field to home for an assist.

        1. Yes…forget about those exceptional athletic accomplishments.
          That lefthanded bullet to first was simply amazing to me.
          He is great athlete no denying that.

    1. Jim, on point about Klentak and Velasquez. Hadn’t considered how much the GM is invested in a guy who’s had one chance after another.

  20. Despite the extraordinary athletic talents VV displays there is a palpable sense – both in the viewer’s eyes where you can visibly see his clenched facial muscles and then the “over throwing” when he meets adversity. Game yesterday, after several missed pitches led to Aguilar’s homer he began to unravel and then completely fell apart with Rojas’ at bat (not that any Philly pitcher had a chance to get him out anyway). Watching the game he seemed to struggle in the first inning but when he was laboring through Agular’s ab it was almost predictable that he was going to give up the 4 run lead. Despite his talent he just does not have the mental aspect to reset and pitch through tough spots. I maintain you don’t even have to scout his mechanics because his body language displays his struggles — if you let him overwork he will self implode.

  21. Yogi Berra’s famous quote that “Baseball is 90% mental, and the other half is physical” applies to Vinny. He clearly has talent, and I have bought into it since we got him. But, you are all correct. You can see him physically change when he faces adversity. That was a tough game to watch.

    1. matt13…he probably needs to move on if the next two months are more of the same. Some GM out there will be allured by the talent and take a chance.
      Probably little return can be expected.

  22. Last night after an embarrassing loss to Tampa, the Braves DFA’d Mike Foltynewicz, an all star just 2 years ago who’s star has fallen since. Had Velasquez been an all star in 2018 or any year, Klentak would never have the nerve to cut him loose. That’s another difference between a good front office and the one at 1 Citizens Bank Way.

    1. …and I would claim Folty in a heartbeat considering the present construction of the Phillies pitching staff. Even now, he’s got to be better than half the arms among the 16 on the major league roster, with at least the resume of a former all star.

      1. Something is going on with him…he has been losing his 4Sm velo over the last two seasons. Could be losing tendon strength and may need reconstructive TJ.

        1. Clearly, thanks for those numbers, Romus. Sobering to think of how small the window is for so many players in the prime of their career, especially pitchers. The mental aspect of the game, however, seems to elude even the most naturally talented. Velasquez and Pivetta are two prime examples.

            1. ….or try some circus act, become magicians. VV is ambidextrous. I’m certain there are plenty of tricks he can perform. Hey, that’s it…have him pitch left handed!

            2. The next Pat Venditte,
              ….there was created a new rule about ten years ago for those type pitchers…. Rule 8……. “pitcher must visually indicate to the umpire, batter and runner(s) which way he will begin pitching to the batter.”….so if a switch-hitter comes up, he goes the other way.

  23. You could say lots if the same things about Pivetta. He has the arm but not the head. I’ve seen enough of both.

  24. This is meant, in no way, to be a negative, because I take the mental and emotional stuff seriously. But I am always reminded that Doc got sent down to the Minors, went to see a Sports psychologist named Harvey Dorfman, and he gave him credit for who he became as a Pitcher. I always watch Velasquez implode out there, and think of that. The talent is there, but it often takes a lot more than talent.

  25. Fauci has weighted in on the recent Marlins news. He doesn’t believe baseball needs to shut down. Lets listen to the Doc.

    1. I saw him pitch, has a heck of a “sinker” but, I think he has a tendency to overthrow it, thus it gets away from him at times. No complimentary stuff that I could detect, but I think he could fit in our BP!

      1. Skeet … if the Phillies have to rely on Dr. Fauci to throw out of their BP, this is going to be a very long short season 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. There is the other aspect…if half the Marlns team cannot pay for a week or so……the equal competitive edge of the sport is altered….and what happens when the next team gets hal-dozen guys with it
      Then there is the restrictive air travel if a team has positive personnel.

      MLB has taken all the necessary safety precautions ..but they also put all their faith in every player to follow the protocol to the max….and apparently for some, they may only do it half-heartedly.

      NHL and NBA decided not to fully trust the players to their own volition….and ‘bubbleize’ them adntheir teammates. And when one does not follow the guidelines, ie Lew Williams, they are signaled out and quarantined for a period deemed necessary to clear them again.

      1. are there allowances in this strange season to put guys on MLB roster without having to put them on the 40 man? Marlins had 30 guys on active roster and need to replace more than 10-

        1. They will have to adjust roster flexibility n the fly it would appear…if this keeps happening.
          Right now Aug 8th ( to 28-man) and Aug 22nd (to 26-man ) are roster cutdown dates…..that may have to go out the window.

          Perhaps this is just an isolated incident with he Marlins…a hiccup…and they will be able to carry on.

          1. Romus we can play Tennis at 18th street if there is no baseball, I will be the fat guy with white shorts and sneakers, No hair but nice teeth,

      2. Jeez…who’d a thunk…the human element. Go figure. Plus a myriad of experts with differing opinions, often weekly if not more frequent…or that info is being obscured. Not sure what to make of all the voices clamoring.

      1. From what I’ve read, it could take a number of days (maybe 4 to 7) before a person would test positive after coming into contact with COVID-19. If that’s true, I would think the Phillies will be tested again, and they would remained sidelined until this weekend. This is just me spitballing. I haven’t heard/read anything from any MLB official.

        1. Hinkie 4-7 days is spot on. My wife is a NP and her sister is a PA and have echoed that number. CDC has also adjusted their quarantine time to 10 days which makes sense given the incubation period.

  26. Even if Baseball doesn’t shut down, how could the league have let the Marlins play on Sunday? They already knew 4 players tested positive. How could more players/coaches have not be infected? They weren’t wearing masks, certainly were not social distancing, and although the game is outdoors, they were in close contact in the clubhouse and dugout. It would have been impossible for more people to not get it. Now it looks like the Phils game tonight is cancelled also. I am not suggesting all games need to shut down, but it was a mistake for the Marlins to play Sunday.

    1. It was definitely a mistake, especially since some of those players played in the series. Then you’re talking about the possibility of infecting Phillies players too.

  27. JP Crawford went 1-3 with 2 BB’s last night and Kyle Lewis is getting his chance with Seattle as well 2-4 with a BB.

    Kyle for those who might not remember was in the draft with MM and Senzel. A big strapping young man with tons of athleticism and a great approach at the plate. His career slash 367/467/1.165 OPS at Georgia’s Mercer college.

    A small school so lots of ?’s about the level of competition. He got off to a good start in pro ball then tore up his ACL and missed a bunch of time. Seems like ions ago but now 24 maybe he can make a successful MLB career.

  28. For subscribers — BA released its top 30 prospects for each team: Phillies follow :
    1. Howard
    2. Bohm
    3. Abel , M. – first rounder ’20
    4. Stott
    5. Yhoswar Garcia
    6. Morales
    7. Marchan
    8. Luis Garcia
    9. Maton
    10. Casey Martin – third rounder ’20

    11. Medina ; 12 Moniac ; 13 J. Rojas ; 14 Muzziotti ; 15 De Los Santos ; 16 Eric Miller ;
    17 A Nava (C) ; 18 R. Rosso ; 19 J Romero ; 20 Grullon ; 21 C. Sanchez ; 22 D. Jones ;
    23 J. Baylor ; 24 A. Russ ; 25 K. Simmons ; 26 L. O’Hoppe ; 27 Lindow ; 28 C. Brogdon ;
    29 M. Llovera ; 30 A. Gutierez

    1. Wow….Y. Garcia at 5 is a bit of a surprise. They must have seen many good reports on him..

    2. Bryson Stott could have been a fast mover like Alec Bohm with a good year. Now we hope he can be in the mix for 2022.

      1. I find it difficult, even with all the supposed restrictions in place, that teams aren’t keeping their top prospects in some fairly aggressive development activities. Simulated games, advanced tech stuff, etc. I would not be surprised if Stott gets a nice long look in the spring of ’21. Why forsake a year of growth on the farm?

      2. Miller technically went up four levels in his draft year from GCL to HiA. He likely would have ended the year in Lehigh Valley.

    3. I’m not sure what to make of de Los Santos. It’s like his progress has turned static. Is he hurt? Is he on some special program? Is he anywhere near a Phillies training site? I can’t see keeping him in the prospect ranks when (1) he’s tasted a couple cups of coffee, (2) he hasn’t distinguished himself in either, and (3) there may need to be an age appropriate list for 24 year olds who aren’t progressing.

      1. DLS has terrible mechanics he needs to be stripped down and reworked. He just throws the ball.

  29. I’m heading to Diamond Nation in Flemington NJ tomorrow night. Some really good showcase teams are there including my friends son who is quickly becoming one of the top rated CF’s in PA.

    I like to take a lot of the credit for his move to CF because back when his dad was managing him he kept running him out to SS and Pitcher. This kid when he was 7-8 used to come shag balls in the OF for our softball team and man did he have a gift for getting reads and jumps on balls most kids 2X his age couldn’t.

    About the time he was 12 and we were drafting MM I suggested to dad very gently that any up the middle position including CF is highly scouted. I mean the kid wanted to be in CF but was just doing what dad told him to do.

    He’s 16 now and it couldn’t have worked out better. He’s got a lot of Tocci in him however with the bat. I don’t dare tell them that though.

    If he gets some money to play at college dad will be happy. I think he will get more than a handful of offers.

  30. Ken Rosenthal
    In team vote, vast majority of Nationals players voted against going to Miami for three-game series this weekend, sources tell The Athletic. Decision will rest with MLB.

    Things just keep getting more stickier….assume Dave Martinez’s heart issues was one of the factors involved in the vote and decision.

  31. Phillies will resume their season on Fri as a road team at CBP vs Toronto, per a Bob Brookover tweet.

  32. So both away games in NY are cancelled also? The virus and the terrible start by VV and the BP issues have taken away from the really nice game that Adam Haseley had on Sunday. He looked like a legit hitter, and deserves a shout out while we are complaining about the negative stuff.

  33. Phillies have adjusted their upcoming rotation
    Friday — Nola
    Saturday — Wheeler
    Sunday — Arrieta
    Tuesday — Eflin
    Wednesday — Velasquez
    ….I assume Spencer Howard’s MLB debut will be pushed back now until at least after August 5th?

    1. Howard needs to start in that Vince slot. The Phillies have to stop putting a square peg into a round hole with him. Commit him to the back end of pen, we need a lot of help there anyway.

      1. Pretty sure VV knows that this is his last shot at staying in the rotation. And if he doesn’t, somebody better tell him.

  34. Baseball needs to loosen their rules in order to move thru the 2020 season. They need to expand the option rule, forget about the 40 man roster and expand the 60 man availability roster. It has to be next man up and just get thru this season. Have to work with the players’ union to get approval that any player can play without starting their service time; i.e. Stott, Abel, Medina, Howard, Bohm, young catcher, etc.

    1. I like that Denny but not sure the players do not without getting some service time out of the deal…

    2. There is absolutely ZERO chance that the players won’t get service time out of it. None. Why would the union agree to this? It doesn’t help the player at all. The union’s main goal is to get as much money as possible for the player and that means helping them get to FA as soon as possible.

  35. The joy of watching baseball has been muted much like my sense of smell. I stayed up until 1 AM last night watching Dodgers/Astros, Giants/Padre’s and saw most of the double header between Indians/South Siders

    and about 15 minutes of QUICK PITCH. Yeah its better than nothing but its not all that exciting.

  36. I clamored for MK to sign Castellanos the guy just flat out hits and gets on base. He had no compensation attached to him and the market really dropped for him.

    And they couldn’t have known it then but the DH coming to the NL would have made it an even better sign.

    1. I’m not sure why you think the market dropped for him when he got 4 years, $64M from the Reds. There’s no way the Phillies were going to give that type of money for a backup. Yes, he has opt outs after the first and second year, but if he stinks, then you’re stuck with that deal. And like you mentioned, the DH wasn’t in play yet since he signed in January.

      1. We are on opposite ends of the block if you think Castellanos is a back-up…

        JD Martinez at age 30 received a 5/$110 deal from the Red Sox in 18. Justin Upton at age 30 got 5/$106 in 2017 so yeah I would say the market dropped quite a bit for that type of player.

        And $16 AAV was a steal for that kind of offensive production from a 27 y/o player.

        1. Totally agree, DMAR…Castellanos is a beast at the plate. His defensive limitations are a built in excuse for executives to minimize his value. I’d take him at 1b over Hoskins any day.

        2. What’s funny is how you say the Phillies should spend all this money on Castellanos and don’t tell us WHICH position he’s going to play. I say he’s a back up because right now, he can only play in the OF. He hasn’t played 3B since 2017. He’s not playing over Harper. He can’t play CF. So the obvious position is that he’s going to play ahead of Cutch, who himself is making $17M in 2020 and $20M in 2021. Is that where you what to put him? So If you’re the GM, you’re going to spend all that money in LF and screw over Cutch in the process? I’m sure that’ll make you real popular with the players…

          1. More than likely it would lastly, be to first base…..then have to cut ties with Hoskins…..big challenge then exists for Klentak to move Hoskins for value to a team that needs him. He will have to sell low
            Klentak is just not a big trade person…..he is slow and deliberate in formulating a trade package….JTR’s acqusition and maybe Giles may have been his biggest risk trades to date. And Alf and Sixto the jury is out on still..

            1. I’m not the biggest fan of Hoskins, but as a GM, you will have to trade Hoskins for pennies on the dollar (and his agent is Scott Boras) and essentially give up on a 27 old who’s still making peanuts. Not only that, you have Alec Bohm who some people feel is better suited for 1B. I would rather go another year with Hoskins and see what happens.

            2. Guru… thought on trading Hoskins, and selling for pennies on the dollar on him, was in regards if Castellanos was signed.
              I am not ready to move on without him..

          2. Me personally Guru I would have played him in LF over Cutch and either traded Cutch or relegated him to a back-up role.

            My problem with MK compared to other GM’s in winning orgs is that he doubles down on mistakes and or is afraid to fix them. I don’t think you can ever have enough good players on your roster and Cutch as we now know wasn’t ready to start the season.

            I don’t view it as screwing over Cutch as this is a business and the business is winning. And Cutch still gets paid so what’s the difference.

            Your point is fair but IMO this is a poorly constructed roster and no where near championship caliber.

            1. DMAR, I agree about Klentak. He’s slow or reluctant to admit his mistake or his misjudgment by taking action to fix things. Trading Santana was the closest he came. He seems to lack aggressiveness, always looking for a bargain (except for Cutch!) and counting pennies with every move and trusting to a fault his own (or his own scouts’) talent evaluation. And then there was his choice of Gabe, who’d still be here were it solely up to him.

            2. The business is winning, but if you’re replacing somebody like Cutch who’s only problem was getting hurt, you’re going to get some blow back. This is not fantasy baseball where you can replace any player you want. Cutch will be pissed, his agent will be pissed and I’m certain some of teammates won’t be happy either. And if you’re the GM who replaces players on a whim, good luck getting future FAs to sign there. Cutch is a starter, he’s paid to be starter, and I’m sure when he signed, ML said he was the LF. Demoting a starter for no reason will lead to problems. And as a GM, you need to account for that. It’s not all about signing all the best players and hope they all get along.

  37. All Phillies players and staff tested negative for the 2nd straight day. Except for the Marlins, no other MLB team had one positive. Hmm…

    1. It could take 4 to 7 days for a person to test positive for COVID-19 after coming in contact with it (BTW … thanks to Phillies84 for confirming that) so while hopeful, I’m not yet convinced the Phillies are in the clear.

      1. Hinkie….you may be spot onect there….Phillies game was called off for Friday….double-header on Sat.

      2. Welcome! I am glad I could help.

        I think this is part of the reason why they moved Friday’s game.

        I read somewhere that there is a rumor that a MIA player went out and partied while in ATL for an exhibition game. Shame on them if it is true.

        Why be selfish? Makes no sense.

        1. Because in the end, we’re talking about young adults with cash to burn. Some will make poor choices. That’s the way it is.

  38. Neither on here or on my local sports talk radio here in DC/MD area have I heard anyone feel like I do that when one team messes up(like the Marlins) their team should forfeit all games until they are able to take the field. Why should baseball have to deal with all the rescheduling stuff because players on one team didn’t follow rules and then many others got it because they weren’t social distancing properly.

    1. IMO that would give an unfair advantage to the Nationals (and the other teams on the Marlins schedule this week and next). At the same time, it could hurt any team not on the Marlins schedule during that same time.

    2. Because it’s not just penalizing the team that messes up, it’s penalized all of other other teams that don’t get the benefit of a free forfeit of those games.

  39. If you work on the premise that the team is crippled by the virus – and fields an inferior team game after game, and loses – haven’t they set themselves up for the number one pick in the June ’21 draft ? Now talk about a “tank” ?? Another version is – your team has alot of players sick so you just throw in the towel after 30 games in the season ???

    1. RU….when it comes to the draft, the league had entertained the thought to do a lottery…similar to the NBA/NHL.
      They decided against it, but who knows, under this commissioner anything is possible.
      If he feels teams are ‘tanking’ and just giving up on the season….as some thought the past few years with about 5/6 teams in that category….he may decide to open it up again for discussion

      1. The commissioner has the authority to adjust the 2021 draft order if enough games aren’t played this season. I get the feeling MLB would either redo the 2020 draft order if this season ends abruptly, implement some version of a lottery (Maybe the worst 10 records would go into one lottery to determine the first 10 selections.. The middle 10 records into the next lottery. And the top 10 records into a final lottery), or maybe the league would rank teams in order of combined records of the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

        1. If those are our options, I’d shoot for the lottery. The top of next year’s class looks great, on paper, as of right now.

  40. Thanks to both of you for the color and possible permutations ….it just strikes me that there could be team that “plays with the virus” such that they throw away a 60 game season to gain some advantage – and despite the serendipity of it all – I would not put it past Miami to do something like that – so they get to draft yet another pitcher ? As a homer – why can’t we play them when they have nothing but sand-lotters out there ? we might have a chance to beat them – yes, I said only a chance !!!!

  41. MLB has come out with some new health protocols for the teams but you may as well call them the Marlin Protocols. My favorite a Health Compliance Official aka quarantine warden to make sure the players aren’t going out of the bubble and opening themselves to the virus..

  42. Hi Mickey’s dad – I’m sorry to hear that your son hurt his knee. I hope it’s not serious and I hope he makes it up to LHV once he’s healthy.

    1. Hey Murray and all. Mickey got called to go back to Lehigh for the taxi Squad 2 weeks ago this Sunday and as he was getting ready he slipped going down the stairs! It was a worrisome couple days while he waited in his hotel room in Lehigh Valley for his covid results. .
      He couldn’t get MRI until he tested negative
      . then got an MRI last Wednesday and thank goodness it’s only a bone bruise and a slight NCL strain. They sent him to Clearwater the very next morning for rehab. His agent thinks if he keeps moving along quickly like he is already he will get back to Lehigh Valley sooner than later. They originally said four to six weeks but I just talked to him 15 minutes ago and he was already running at over 50% from first to second this am at the field. Did it about eight times. Has also been playing catch so he is recovering quickly. Thanks for your concern! He will be just fine. He is itching to get back working out with the guys.

      1. Glad to hear it’s not too serious plus at least he’s on a field doing work. Hopefully he gets back to join the guys before September so he can at least play a little. I suspect though that the other guys will be incredibly bored by September. Let’s hope the big club can actually restart playing next week. I have no idea what their timing and pitching arms will be like after such a long break.

      1. Have not heard anything different, so right now the games still are on for Saturday starting at 3PM.
        Really finding it difficult to get the enthusiasm I normally would have in the past, for this baseball season.

    1. Great…..this season is slowly slipping away…at least for the Phillies and Marlins.

      1. Yes it was announced. I’d rather have rain. At least something grows when it rains.

  43. Really not surprised about any of this. The odds of MLB going without an outbreak was pretty low without a bubble. And the second that coach and staffer tested positive, you knew that the Blue Jays series was in jeopardy.

    And what’s next on the Phillies schedule? 3 game series starting Aug. 4 @ Miami. So what are the odds on that series getting played?

    I’m leaning towards that series getting cancelled (60%) or the games being played in Philadelphia (39%). I seriously doubt those games will be played in Miami (1%).

    1. Agree with Guru. This season was always going to be played on a razor’s edge. It’s not looking very good.

      As an aside … If baseball is going through this, how is a football season going to survive. There is absolutely no distancing in football. Guys are all over one another every play. One guy sick will spread the disease quickly on the gridiron.

      1. They may be forced to wear masks all the time to mitigate the spread.
        And I suppose helemts with the eye shields….though they wouild only provide imited protection…..maybe racquetball goggles may work.

        1. There was a stark difference between last Friday and last Saturday games. On Friday, I saw many masks and “air” high fives. On Saturday it was many players sitting next to each other without masks, lots of high fives after home runs and then a Phillie runner talking to the Marlin first baseman face to face without a mask. I am sure there are others but people are keeping it quiet throughout the league.

            1. If you thought that was relaxed you should have seen Diamond Nation in Flemington NJ Wednesday night…

              And if you’ve never been there what a mecca for senior league baseball in the area. I know they say Williamsport is the grand daddy for Little League but this place has to be the equivalent for Senior League ball.

              had the opportunity to witness Cole Ferhman class of 2022 6’3″ lefty a long way to go for him but he’s already getting D1 offers.

            2. Yeah…just seems to gravitate to that as people get more cofortable.
              BTW…that CB West lefty kid.
              ….Hinkie has him already going to his favorite team…Phillies. 🙂

            3. Yes he’s pretty fun to watch 3 IP 7 K’s 1 Hit no BB’s

              He’s on the same showcase squad as Bitsko so that helped a few of them get on the radar. I didn’t see any other high end talent on that team. A lot can change between now and 2022 LOL

      2. I read somewhere that Oakley was making a special helmet/shield for the NFL. College football is a different story. I can’t believe they want to start the season in late September.

  44. I hear that we are going to Play the Yankees next week, not the Marlins. I don’t know if that is confirmed. The whole thing is crazy. And players had to ramp up quickly to start this thing, now will have 10 days off. Especially for Pitchers, there is no time to get in the work they need.

    1. As of today, the Phillies will simply play the Yankees Mon-Thu, 2 home, 2 away…making up the lost games this week. No Fish.

  45. Best wishes and speedy recovery to Ser-Ant’ny.

    1. Hinkie (or Johnny Airport) – aside from the fact that Seranthony survived the procedure, what exactly is “successful” surgery in this case? Won’t it take the better part of the year to find out? Or do they mean there were no complications?

      1. Seranthony was shut down at age 24 (June 6th, 2019)…he will pitch again in CBP at age 27 (April 2022) …..I hope.

  46. The MLB is investigating the Marlins… Billions of dollars are on the line so the Marlins need to be fined big time for this screw-up… And it becomes clearer by the day they weren’t following the protocols.. Starts with Jeter and Mattingly…

  47. Mike Trout on paternity leave now…..technically he can miss three games, but he may be gone a little longer under these current circumstances now, assuming MLB has waived the MLB rules.

  48. Does anyone else believe that the Phillies are now at an extreme competitive disadvantage? Not playing for a week, some pitchers have not pitched in quite a while. When they start back, they will play teams that have played games, may have some momentum, or, at a minimum, many more repetitions, which I think is HUGE.

    I understand they are doing everything they can to keep the season going, but this is already out of hand. How will all these games be made up? Or, maybe they think the Phillies, being at a disadvantage, will be really bad so they won’t need to make the games up???

    Such a difficult situation. I do hope football learns lessons here.

    1. Yes, they are definitely at a disadvantage with the current situation. Not sure how they get 60 games played..

    2. Yes. The Phillies are facing a daunting task. If they restart their schedule on Monday, they will have played 7 games fewer than most of the rest of the league. They will also have to knock out 77 games in 75 days (provided they aren’t shut down anymore). And by the way … cases are ticking up again in the tri-state area.

  49. The Cardinals just had 2 players test positive and their game against the Brewers are postponed. It’s starting to get ugly…

    1. interesting how just a week ago Nats and Reds had a player test positive- teams kept on playing, and apparently no other cases- Marlins really fouled things up for everyone.
      also league wide seem to be alot of pitching injuries in a week- really need to be careful with Wheeler and Nola.

      was reading that JP Crawford got stronger during off season, which he obviously needed to do, and is off to a real good start.

  50. Every year the same story, Some players got bigger, better control, What makes you think Crawford is all of a sudden going to be the player, they thought he would be ,when they drafted him>? I been hearing that VV finally gets it, for 4 yrs. Heard that Franco was a different player for yrs,

    1. So far he is slashing 375/.516/.583 so far for JPC after 31 PAs……after another 100/125 more PAs we can see how is doing.

        1. Sometimes it takes longer….and sometimes it takes someone to trust in you.
          Kapler. I had the sense, did not trust fully in JPC, at the plate mostly, not in the field.
          He would use JPC at third, or short since he had a plus glove and defense
          And then again, Kingery was coming up, and just signed that LTC, and then there was one-time future core Maikel over at third….with Cesar still there and contributing.
          So maybe there was just not enough room.
          I think Matt K will be gone someday…..and Phillies fans will eventually lament the JPC trade.
          Hopefully not as much lamenting as the Ryne Sandberg trade way back when.

  51. Maybe Philly fans are just fickle. Complain that they wait too long to cut guys loose and then complain when the players figure it out after they’re gone

    1. That’s hindsight talking, which I hate. The only thing that matters is was it the right move AT THE TIME. Everything after that point is out of our control. And if it wasn’t the right move, then we need to add to our knowledge for the next move.

      And JP isn’t an elite player yet. Nobody complains when the prospects that the Phillies trade away amount to nothing, and that list is long: Drabek, Cardenas, Michael Taylor, etc.

    1. Keith Olbermann networks have been told to perhaps look at alternate programming starting Monday ugh.
      Thanks a lot, Marlins.

      Surely they knew there would be positive cases this season but the Marlins weren’t smart about it.

  52. Okay who wants the job of driving 18 infected marlins back to florida, They are going in a sleeper bus>

  53. Glad to hear Spencer H. threw 5 innings yesterday @ LHV, with a dozen or so Ks…at least he is staying sharp and ready to go.

    1. Still pitching again minor Phillies, lots of K’s without Dylan Cozens in the lineup, lol.

  54. Uh-oh…..

    Craig Mish
    There have been several Cardinals players that have tested positive for Covid-19. Per sources. More than five.
    9:36 AM · Aug 1, 2020

    1. rocco…right you are: Here is a Five Month Study

      Provisional Death Counts of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) by Age, US.
      Week ending 2/1/2020 to 7/4/2020…Five Month Study

      Age group COVID-19 Deaths (U07.1)
      —– All Ages 114,741—–
      Under 1 year- 9
      1–4 Yrs- 7
      5–9 Yrs- 4
      10–14 Yrs- 10
      15–18 Yrs- 21
      19–24 Yrs- 128
      25–34 yrs- 795
      ……………………..less than 1%
      35–44 yrs- 2,026 …………..2%
      45–54 yrs -5,650 ……………5%
      55–64 yrs- 13,808…………12%
      65–74 yrs- 23,866 …………21%
      75–84 yrs- 30,369…………26%
      85 yrs/over- 38,048………33%

  55. Now official that we play the Yankees at NY on Monday and Tuesday, and then play them here on Wednesday and Thursday. Does the SR go Nola Wheeler Arrieta and Eflin? Has anyone heard?

    1. Here comes the hurricane. Hopefully it doesn’t affect the games. I’m in NC keep y’all updated.

  56. Recently, there was an issue between Jim and myself, which I hope that we can put behind us. And I say this because I owe an apology to everyone on this site for a discussion that got out of hand on my part. I have always considered this page to be the absolute best page of its kind. The people who post are some of the smartest around, and I think that I don’t give Jim enough credit for all the time and effort that he puts into this site. And I will say that with regards to said discussion, Jim was right to stress the health of the players over everything else. And for some of us, it’s easy to forget that the players are human, with families to care for, and I would never want anyone to do something that could potentially put their family in danger. So I hope all can be forgiven. Thank you.

        1. Relevant in the context that during these times of such strong views without any thought of understanding other views, this response was appropriate in starting that understanding.

          1. rocco…may have thought that it had something to do with Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie from a few years ago….Revenant…being he is a big DeCaprio fan.

  57. If the players health is at the core of concern than why did they even start the season. I mean I’m sure we can all list reasons but there health was not the main reason for starting and after what has transpired I would be fine if they shut it down. It’s beyond surreal at this point. I mean if baseball can’t keep there players safe, why are we even having full contact sports like hockey, basketball, and football? I love sports as much as the next person, but I can’t call this sport anymore it’s Frankensteins Bride at this point.

    1. NHL….may turn out to be the best entertainment going this strange sport year.
      NBA could also see its way thru.
      Both are isolating their players….from their own families.
      Easy to do for 8/9 weeks.
      However, unless things change, them starting up next February for 2021 season, may come into question……unless they expand their bubble sites….because I cannot see them playing a full season unless teams can travel.

        1. I think there will be multiple vaccines available by end of year. Russia is almost guaranteeing a vaccine will be accepted for use this month. The key is how effective it will be (some will be more effective than others) and when will it be readily available. February seems optimistic. I’m leaning towards April and later when the average person will be able to get it.

        2. Remhoward……not one that will be long term….they could not find one for the SARS coronavirus which was 18/19 years ago. That virus just took its course.
          And flu vaccines are seasonal for the most part
          Now hearing some company execs say the efficacy for SARS-CoV-2 vaccine could only be three months duration. So have to wait and see.

    1. Manfred Not A Quitter…Just Need More Fluid
      Karl Ravech
      Comissioner Rob Manfred tells me “We are playing. The players need to be better, but I am not a quitter in general and there is no reason to quit now. We have had to be fluid, but it is manageable.”
      3:00 PM · Aug 1, 2020

  58. Looks like Monday and Tuesday games against the Yankees are back on, but upcoming rain is now an issue in NY.

  59. pretty amazing that MLB put something like 140 pages out of COVID procedures, down to not throwing the ball around after a strikeout… but then they dont assign a single compliance offer to make sure that guys are doing the right things in the dugouts, and off the field.
    and when lockerrooms are known to be dangerous places, and they have entire stadiums at their disposal (saw the Red Sox using luxury suites as lockers for players), they didnt think about what happens when there is a rain delay other than all crowding into the lockerroom. hard to believe.

      1. No issue when this trade went down. None. Kilome was 23 and in his 5th season in the minor league system. He was repeating AA and his numbers were getting worse. His future was as a reliever and his value was going to decline significantly once that happened.

    1. It’s going to be like this every time there’s an outbreak.

      The Mets and the Braves have already played 10 games!

      1. Going to be tough on pitchers…. creatures of habit and routine.
        One positive case ,from a teammate, could mean a game put on the back burner hours before the scheduled time.
        They will have to adjust as games get postponed to something other than the weather.

        1. Romus if you not busy today, before the storm, I need to get my boat out of the water, down the lakes, Are you business?

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