Spring Training Update, 2/10/2020

More new faces.  Monday, we spotted pitchers Addison Russ, Vince Velasquez, Ranger Suarez, Damon Jones, Andrew Brown, Ramon Rosso, Deolis Guerra, and position players Mickey Moniak, Adam Haseley, Scott Kingery, Austin Listi, Darick Hall, Luke Williams, Grenny Cumana, Henri Lartigue, and Coach Bob Meacham.

There are probably a few more here, I just didn’t see them.  One noticeable face I have seen is the new manager.  I imagine he was inside meeting with staff and getting acclimated to the Complex.  (Note that the Complex includes Spectrum Field.  I have developed the habit of referring to just the four minor league fields at the Paul Owens Training Facility as the Complex.  I’m probably not going to change.)

I didn’t skip the Complex on Saturday  I swung by around 10:00 AM.  I missed several bullpens but caught some BP.  The participants were guys from the major league roster like Rhys Hoskins.

The new arrivals bring the number of players in Clearwater to at least 82 players, and includes –

  • 53 Pitchers – Brandon Ramey, Tyler McKay, Spencer Van Scoyoc, Jaylen Smith, Jake Kinney, Ethan Lindow, Jose Alvarez, Mauricio Llovera,  Connor Seabold, Bailey Falter, Eudiver Avendano, Luke Leftwich, Kyle Young, Tyler Hallead, Ben Brown, Lizardo Herrera, Sandro Rosario, Trevor Bettencourt, Brian Auerbach, Carlos Francisco (WPT), Josh Tols, Robinson Martinez, Victor Arano, J.D. Hammer, Adam Morgan, Cole Irvin, Zach Warren, Jose Jimenez, Aaron Nola, Seranthony Dominguez, Spencer Howard, Enyel De Los Santos, Nick Fanti, Nicoly Pina, Dave Robertson, Edgar Garcia, Zach Eflin, Adonis Medina, Austin Davis, Nick Pivetta, Robert Stock, Tyler Carr, Zach Wheeler, JoJo Romero, Jake Arrieta,  Connor Brogdon, Addison Russ, Vince Velasquez, Ranger Suarez, Damon Jones, Andrew Brown, Ramon Rosso, Deolis Guerra
  • 9 Catchers – Colby Fitch, Edgar Cabral, Rodolfo Duran, Jack Conley, Nick Matera, Herbert Iser, J.T, Realmuto, Andrew Knapp, Henri Lartigue
  • 13 Infielders – Alec Bohm, Jamari Baylor, Didi Gregorius, Luis Garcia, Ronald Torreyes, T.J. Rivera, Nick Maton, Rhys Hoskins, Scott Kingery, Austin Listi, Darick Hall, Luke Williams, Grenny Cumana
  • 7 Outfielders – Carlos De La Cruz, Jose Pujols, Andrew McCutchen, Mikie Mahtook, Oduble Herrera, Mickey Moniak, Adam Haseley
  • 15 Coaches – Roly de Armas, Shawn Williams, Carlos Arroyo, Ray Burris, Greg Brodzinski, Chris Heintz, Marty Malloy, Rob Thompson, Larry Bowa, Rafael Chaves, Ernie Whitt, Pedro Guerrero, Dave Lundquist, Bryan Price, Bob Meacham

The weather was beautiful Monday morning.  I got to the Complex at 9:00 AM.  All the early reports took to Carlton Field for stretching exercises.  After long toss, the players broke up into smaller work groups.  The spring training pitchers went over to Rollins Field with catchers Conley, Fitch, Matera, and Iser.

Infielders Listi, Bohm, Williams (at 3B), Maton, Baylor, Rivera (at SS), and Hall (1B) took fielding practice.  Outfielders De La Cruz, Mahtook, and Herrera ran OF drills.  All on Carlton Field.  40-man roster guys made their way over to Ashburn Field for their fielding.

A couple of pitchers threw bullpens on Rollins Field.  I think it was Nola, Morgan, Eflin, and Pivetta; but they were too far away.  It looked like they ran some PFP,s too.

The players then divided up for BP.  No pitchers were used as shaggers.  The first group on Ashburn was Knapp, Hoskins, Kingery, Realmuto.  Group two was Haseley, Mahtook, Moniak.  Group three – Gregorius, Torreyes, McCutchen, and Luke Williams.

The first group on Carlton was Bohm, Hall, Listi, Lartigue.  Group two – De La Cruz, Herrera, Rivera, Maton.

The catchers batted on Roberts Field – Conley, Fitch, Matera, and Iser.

The rehabbers began their drills on Roberts after the catchers’ BP.  When they were finished, a couple pitchers came over to work on their form, throwing a towel off a mound.  They don’t actually release the towel.  They note where the end of the towel hits or passes by their league to determine if their mechanics are okay.

Luis Garcia came out with a couple coaches and took about 50 ground balls at shortstop.  Earlier, we spotted him running sprints from first to third and third to first.  I had heard that he was early due to a thigh injury of some sort.  The sprints were probably him proving to the training staff that he was okay to take ground balls.

I try not to put too much stock into BP during spring training.  The guys are swinging at the offerings of coaches who have lost enough velocity that they throw from a ramp about 40 feet from home plate.  Maybe thirty feet.  It’s good to see so many guys hitting the ball hard as they get their timing.  But …

I would be remiss if I didn’t report that Andrew McCutchen does not look comfortable at the plate during BP.  It looks like he is swinging mostly with his arms.  It looks like he is not shifting his weight back to front during his swing.  If this is correct, it makes sense since it was an ACL tear in his left leg that ended his 2019 season.  I haven’t seen him running or fielding, either.  I’m not the only person who noticed this.  It’s something I’ll keep an eye on.  But, I’m less certain than I have been that he will be in the opening day line up.

Bullpens on Tuesday.  Yay!

If you missed this the other day, the Phillies finally announced their minor league coaching staffs for 2020.

Lehigh Valley

  • Garry Jones (Manager)
  • Aaron Fultz (Pitching Coach)
  • Darryl Robinson (Hitting Coach)
  • Greg Legg (Coach)
  • Mickey Kozack (Athletic Trainer)
  • Mike Lidge (Strength and Conditioning Coach)


  • Shawn Williams (Manager)
  • Brad Bergesen (Pitching Coach)
  • Tyler Henson (Hitting Coach)
  • Nelson Prada (Coach)
  • Kris Terrian (Athletic Trainer)
  • Kenny Mantanane (Strength and Conditioning Coach)


  • Pat Borders (Manager)
  • Hector Mercado (Pitching Coach)
  • Chris Heintz (Hitting Coach)
  • Mycal Jones (Coach)
  • Steve Torregrossa (Athletic Trainer)
  • Jose Salas (Strength and Conditioning Coach)


  • Chris Adamson (Manager)
  • Matt Hockenberry (Pitching Coach)
  • Christian Marrero (Hitting Coach)
  • Geoff Jimenez (Coach)
  • Andrew Dodgson (Athletic Trainer)
  • Bruce Peditto (Strength and Conditioning Coach)


  • Milver Reyes (Manager)
  • Hector Berrios (Pitching Coach)
  • Joel McKeithan (Hitting Coach)
  • Jonathan Prieto (Coach)
  • Raul Perez (Athletic Trainer)
  • Holly Hansing (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Gulf Coast Phillies East

  • Roly de Armas (Manager)
  • Pat Robles (Pitching Coach)
  • Rafael De Lima (Hitting Coach)
  • Adan Ordonez (Coach)
  • Mac Seibert (Coach)
  • Meaghan Flaherty (Athletic Trainer)
  • Orlando Crance (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Gulf Coast Phillies West

  • Bobby Wernes (Manager)
  • Bruce Billings (Pitching Coach)
  • Zack Jones (Hitting Coach)
  • Angel Peguero (Coach)
  • Ray Ricker (Coach)
  • Troy Hoffert (Athletic Trainer)
  • Vanessa Gomez (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

DSL Phillies Red

  • Waner Santana (Manager)
  • Alex Concepion (Pitching Coach)
  • Feliberto Sanchez (Assistant Pitching Coach)
  • Samuel Hiciano (Hitting Coach)
  • Cristino Henriquez (Coach)
  • Jesus Tiamo (Coach)
  • Argelis Perez (Athletic Trainer)
  • Samantha Myers (Athletic Trainer)
  • Bernardo Curiel (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

DSL Phillies White

  • Orlando Munoz (Manager)
  • Les Straker (Pitching Coach)
  • Homy Ovalles (Hitting Coach)
  • Fekix Castillo (Coach)
  • Silverio Navas (Coach)
  • Jose Betancourt (Athletic Trainer)
  • Keito Homma (Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Liaison)
  • Manuel Javier (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Roving Staff/Support Staff

  • Chris Truby (Field Coordinator)
  • Rafael Chaves (Director, Pitching Development)
  • Travis Hergert (Assistant Pitching Coordinator)
  • Jason Ochart (Hitting Coordinator)
  • Rob Segedin (Assistant Hitting Coordinator)
  • Andy Abad (Outfield Coordinator)
  • Manny Amador (Coordinator, DR Academy)
  • Kimera Bartee (Baserunning and Bunting Coordinator)
  • Marty Malloy (Infield Coordinator)
  • Ernie Whitt (Catching Coordinator)
  • Mike Hefta (Athletic Training Coordinator)
  • Alex Plum (Minor League Physical Therapist)
  • Furey Leva (Strength and Conditioning Coordinator)
  • Ellen Rice (Nutrition Coordinator)
  • Ben Werthan (Minor League Player Information Coordinator)
  • Cesar Ramos (Player Information Assistant)
  • Carlos Arroyo (Roving Pitching Coach)
  • Ray Burris (Rehab Pitching Coach)
  • Max Dutto (Hitting Consultant)
  • Hannah Huesman (Mental Skills Coach)
  • Frances Cardenas (Mental Skills Coach)
  • Connor Carroll (Assistant Video Coordinator)
  • Dustin Sleet (Assistant Video Coordinator)
  • Kiah Villaman (Manager, Language Educations and Cultural Assimilation)

26 thoughts on “Spring Training Update, 2/10/2020

  1. These reports are great. Thanks Jim. Only 2 weeks until we arrive for our annual spring break for adults.

  2. Man…hope Cutch can start the season in full health.
    Maybe they are going to go slow with him thru the spring.
    Perhaps the batting mechanics right now with mostly arm action, are the first steps before the leg weight shifting occurs.

    1. Not great news but he does still have six more weeks to get ready. And we have Bruce in reserve.

    2. I think we can reasonably assume the 33 year old Cutch – our only legitimate leadoff hitter – won’t be available through the end of April after the Phillies have played 21 of their first 31 games away from CBP. That’s not insignificant.

          1. Not sure we can reasonably assume anything. A report from Jim that he’s not going full bore on Feb 10th doesn’t allow any assumptions to be made. I suspect the FO has a much better sense of where he’s at with his rehab than you or I do.

            No doubt the team is willing to survive for a few weeks using a combination of Bruce and which ever other players make up the bench if it comes to that. But if his missing the 1st weeks of the season dooms the team, then their season was already doomed.

            I know there are those here who have already come to that conclusion but I’m holding judgement until games actually start to be played..

  3. Pecota
    Have the Phillies at 77 wins…Mets winning the division..Nats in second, Braves in third…Phillies in 4th place again.

    1. I read that. One of the highest payrolls in baseball for a projected 4th place finish. Hope they are wrong, but if right, Matty K can pack up his tents. He’s “outta here”.

      1. I’ve been saying for some time that they project as a 4th place team, but there’s a silver lining. First, they are a good 4th place team for whatever that’s worth – they look like an 84 or 85 win team on paper. Second, if a few things break correctly, they could be a 90 or so win team. But right now, they look like the traditional Blue Jays team – not bad – like 84 or 85 wins, but clearly behind the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays almost to the point where you’d be pretty shocked if they made the playoffs.

        1. I think the Mets are a little overrated (even though I expect a bounce back season for Edwin Diaz).
          The Nationals are likely to take a step back after the loss of Anthony Rendon, the extra workload to their starting pitching staff last season, and a championship hangover.
          No Josh Donaldson means a big hit to the Braves lineup (not to mention that team’s mojo, in general). That said, Atlanta is still very young and very talented. The additions of Cole Hamels and Will Smith were very smart. And … the Braves are the club with most ammunition (prospects) to go out and add whatever piece(s) they may need at the trade deadline.

          For me, the NL East looks like this:

          1. Braves 93 wins
          2. Phillies 90 wins
          3. Nationals 84 wins
          4. Mets 81 wins

          1. I think the Mets could easily win the division and even make it to (and possibly win) the World Series. They have some excellent starting pitching and some of the best young hitters in the majors. They are a super dangerous team as far as I can tell.

            I, too, expect some regression from the Nationals, but on paper, today, I still think they are better than the Phillies.

          2. The Mets, by virtue of their dysfunctional organization starting at the top, countered by the exceptional pitching and young hitting talent, are as unpredictable as any MLB team in 2020.

            IMO, the Phillies are more likely to fall between 84-90 wins than not.

            I agree the Nats may regress for the reasons Hinkie mentioned.

            The Braves pitching isn’t as formidable to me as a division champ might expect to put out there. And will Hamels be healthy most of the season?

            That said, I honestly have no clue who finishes where in the NL east except the Fish in 5th, which for most of us is an educated guess.

    1. Jim Salisbury also posted some video of Zack Wheeler, Christopher Sanchez, Jake Arrieta, Vince Velasquez, and Spencer Howard.

    2. LOL – Lawrence “don’t call me Larry” McCutcheon of the Rams (he said not to call him Larry because that was his brother’s name – true story!).

    3. So far so good for Cutch.
      Expect Joe G. to have Cutch doing a lot of DHing this spring to get his ABs in.

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