Spring Training Update, 2/7/2020

More bullpens Friday, twenty-three!

Now, my last weekend off. Then, players begin arriving on Monday.  Pitchers and catchers take their physicals Tuesday.  And, spring training officially opens on Wednesday.


New faces since Monday include Nick Pivetta, Ronald Torreyes, T.J. Rivera, Nick Maton, Mikie Mahtook, Robert Stock, Tyler Carr, Zach Wheeler, JoJo Romero, Jake Arrieta, Rhys Hoskins, Connor Brogdon, Odubel Herrera, and coaches Pedro Guerrero, Dave Lundquist, Bryan Price.

There are a few more faces I wasn’t able to identify.  One was likely Trevor Kelley.

That brings the early reports in Clearwater up to 67 players, and includes –

  • 46 Pitchers – Brandon Ramey, Tyler McKay, Spencer Van Scoyoc, Jaylen Smith, Jake Kinney, Ethan Lindow, Jose Alvarez, Mauricio Llovera,  Connor Seabold, Bailey Falter, Eudiver Avendano, Luke Leftwich, Kyle Young, Tyler Hallead, Ben Brown, Lizardo Herrera, Sandro Rosario, Trevor Bettencourt, Brian Auerbach, Carlos Francisco (WPT), Josh Tols, Robinson Martinez, Victor Arano, J.D. Hammer, Adam Morgan, Cole Irvin, Zach Warren, Jose Jimenez, Aaron Nola, Seranthony Dominguez, Spencer Howard, Enyel De Los Santos, Nick Fanti, Nicoly Pina, Dave Robertson, Edgar Garcia, Zach Eflin, Adonis Medina, Austin Davis,
  • Nick Pivetta, Robert Stock, Tyler Carr, Zach Wheeler, JoJo Romero, Jake Arrieta,  Connor Brogdon
  • 8 Catchers – Colby Fitch, Edgar Cabral, Rodolfo Duran, Jack Conley, Nick Matera, Herbert Iser, J.T, Realmuto, Andrew Knapp
  • 8 Infielders – Alec Bohm, Jamari Baylor, Didi Gregorius, Luis Garcia, Ronald Torreyes, T.J. Rivera, Nick Maton, Rhys Hoskins,
  • 5 Outfielders – Carlos De La Cruz, Jose Pujols, Andrew McCutchen, Mikie Mahtook, Oduble Herrera
  • 14 Coaches – Roly de Armas, Shawn Williams, Carlos Arroyo, Ray Burris, Greg Brodzinski, Chris Heintz, Marty Malloy, Rob Thompson, Larry Bowa, Rafael Chaves, Ernie Whitt, Pedro Guerrero, Dave Lundquist, Bryan Price.

Heavy rain passed through the area early Friday morning with tornado warnings in some areas including Clearwater Beach.  We had high, gusting winds in Clearwater that seemed magnified at the Complex.

All work took place at the Complex.  The non-rehabbers’ group grew again with the new additions.  After their exercises, the group broke up into groups.  The pitchers divided along “class” lines, those going to major league camp and those not.  Quite a few pitchers were wearing uniform pants, a sure sign that they would be throwing bullpens.

I admit that the identity of the player who looked like Odubel Herrera drew our attention for a while.  During exercises he was positioned between Victor Arano and Edgar Garcia, so we wondered if he might be Robinson Martinez.  The first clue that he was Herrera was when he went to the warning track to run with Carlos De La Cruz.  When he took center field to shag when the catchers took BP we were sure.  By the time he took BP we were certain.

Part of the difficulty identifying him was he appears to be in great shape.  Even in a loose fitting Phillies’ hoodie, he looked slimmer.  I would have described him as being a little barrel-chested in previous years.  That is gone.  He made a lot of solid contact during BP.  His manner is subdued, although his face lights up when spoken to or approached.  But this was an easy crowd, fans like me and autograph hunters.  It’ll be interesting to see how he’s received next week, if he is indeed here.  I can’t help wondering if he just showed up on his own.  We’ll see.

Back to baseball.

  • While the drills were going on, Robert Stock grabbed Herbert Iser and threw a bullpen.
  • During long-toss, the catchers took BP – Colby Fitch, Jack Conley, Nick Matera, Herbert Iser
  • The second BP group was Alec Bohm, T.J. Tivera, Herrera, Nick Maton
  • Other position players took BP over on Ashburn or Schmidt Fields; that included Mahtook, Hoskins, Realmuto, Gregorius, Knapp
  • The first four pitchers to throw bullpens came as a surprise as they weren’t wearing uniform pants – Nola, Eflin, Pivetta, Morgan
  • Bohm, Baylor, and Rivera took ground balls on Carlton Field
  • Bullpens continued with JoJo Romero, Spencer Howard, Connor Brogdon, Ethan Lindow, Tyler Carr, Spencer Van Scoyoc, Jaylen Smith, Tyler McKay, Brandon Ramey, Bailey Falter, Eudiver Avendano, Connor Seabold, Lizardo Herrera, Jose Jimenez
  • Mauricio Llovera repeated a bullpen similar to the one he threw threw Tuesday. Long toss then sat.  I think he was simulating game day where he would be idle during the anthem and his team batting in the top of the first.  Then he warmed up on the mound, threw 10-15 pitches, then sat again.  He moved over to the mound on Carlton Field, warmed up again and pitched a live BP inning to Maton and another guy I can’t remember.  This is similar to how Drew Anderson started camp last year when he pitched the opener.  This year’s opener is on the road.  Looks like Llovera might get the start in Lakeland.
  • Arano warmed up with the pitchers who were waiting their turns since they only do 2 bullpens at a time
  • Robertson played catch with a coach in the outfield
  • I was focused on the bullpens again, how often am I going to be that close to this kind of action once they finish repairing the seven mounds behind the Complex building.
  • The wind and chill seemed to affect some of the off speed pitches.  Rust allowed a few pitches to sail off the backstop and three balls ricocheted into the fan area.  I didn’t flinch, others did.

As Llovera pitched on Carlton, a lot of people gathered around the cage to watch.  Another group watched from outside the dugout.  Not counting Falter who came out to watch his team mate and the two batters, there were thirteen coaches and staff watching.  A lot of whom I did not recognize.  As Llovera finished another small group came on the field and congregated with those already there.  Hmm.

It occurred to me that these are among the dozen or so coaches and staff reporting to work with the 40 minor league players invited to report on February 10th.  I had heard that around 55 additional bodies, 40 of them players, were reporting to work out in a mini camp along side (or maybe at the same time as) the major league camp.  I heard the same thing again from a second source Thursday.

I also heard that everyone on the AA and AAA rosters not in major league camp makes up the guys coming in Monday.  Now, you might say that the Lehigh and Reading Rosters don’t have enough players who are not NRIs to make up 40 players.  But, the affiliates aren’t very good at updates.  And, last year the Phillies expanded their Lehigh roster to 35 players to protect them from the minor league phase of the Rule 5 draft.  I would speculate that those players plus Reading make forty.  Last year I was able to get the transactions that expanded the Lehigh roster.  This year I wasn’t.

So, Monday and Tuesday just became more interesting.

The Phillies finally announced their minor league coaching staffs for 2020.

Lehigh Valley

  • Garry Jones (Manager)
  • Aaron Fultz (Pitching Coach)
  • Darryl Robinson (Hitting Coach)
  • Greg Legg (Coach)
  • Mickey Kozack (Athletic Trainer)
  • Mike Lidge (Strength and Conditioning Coach)


  • Shawn Williams (Manager)
  • Brad Bergesen (Pitching Coach)
  • Tyler Henson (Hitting Coach)
  • Nelson Prada (Coach)
  • Kris Terrian (Athletic Trainer)
  • Kenny Mantanane (Strength and Conditioning Coach)


  • Pat Borders (Manager)
  • Hector Mercado (Pitching Coach)
  • Chris Heintz (Hitting Coach)
  • Mycal Jones (Coach)
  • Steve Torregrossa (Athletic Trainer)
  • Jose Salas (Strength and Conditioning Coach)


  • Chris Adamson (Manager)
  • Matt Hockenberry (Pitching Coach)
  • Christian Marrero (Hitting Coach)
  • Geoff Jimenez (Coach)
  • Andrew Dodgson (Athletic Trainer)
  • Bruce Peditto (Strength and Conditioning Coach)


  • Milver Reyes (Manager)
  • Hector Berrios (Pitching Coach)
  • Joel McKeithan (Hitting Coach)
  • Jonathan Prieto (Coach)
  • Raul Perez (Athletic Trainer)
  • Holly Hansing (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Gulf Coast Phillies East

  • Roly de Armas (Manager)
  • Pat Robles (Pitching Coach)
  • Rafael De Lima (Hitting Coach)
  • Adan Ordonez (Coach)
  • Mac Seibert (Coach)
  • Meaghan Flaherty (Athletic Trainer)
  • Orlando Crance (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Gulf Coast Phillies West

  • Bobby Wernes (Manager)
  • Bruce Billings (Pitching Coach)
  • Zack Jones (Hitting Coach)
  • Angel Peguero (Coach)
  • Ray Ricker (Coach)
  • Troy Hoffert (Athletic Trainer)
  • Vanessa Gomez (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

DSL Phillies Red

  • Waner Santana (Manager)
  • Alex Concepion (Pitching Coach)
  • Feliberto Sanchez (Assistant Pitching Coach)
  • Samuel Hiciano (Hitting Coach)
  • Cristino Henriquez (Coach)
  • Jesus Tiamo (Coach)
  • Argelis Perez (Athletic Trainer)
  • Samantha Myers (Athletic Trainer)
  • Bernardo Curiel (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

DSL Phillies White

  • Orlando Munoz (Manager)
  • Les Straker (Pitching Coach)
  • Homy Ovalles (Hitting Coach)
  • Fekix Castillo (Coach)
  • Silverio Navas (Coach)
  • Jose Betancourt (Athletic Trainer)
  • Keito Homma (Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Liaison)
  • Manuel Javier (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Roving Staff/Support Staff

  • Chris Truby (Field Coordinator)
  • Rafael Chaves (Director, Pitching Development)
  • Travis Hergert (Assistant Pitching Coordinator)
  • Jason Ochart (Hitting Coordinator)
  • Rob Segedin (Assistant Hitting Coordinator)
  • Andy Abad (Outfield Coordinator)
  • Manny Amador (Coordinator, DR Academy)
  • Kimera Bartee (Baserunning and Bunting Coordinator)
  • Marty Malloy (Infield Coordinator)
  • Ernie Whitt (Catching Coordinator)
  • Mike Hefta (Athletic Training Coordinator)
  • Alex Plum (Minor League Physical Therapist)
  • Furey Leva (Strength and Conditioning Coordinator)
  • Ellen Rice (Nutrition Coordinator)
  • Ben Werthan (Minor League Player Information Coordinator)
  • Cesar Ramos (Player Information Assistant)
  • Carlos Arroyo (Roving Pitching Coach)
  • Ray Burris (Rehab Pitching Coach)
  • Max Dutto (Hitting Consultant)
  • Hannah Huesman (Mental Skills Coach)
  • Frances Cardenas (Mental Skills Coach)
  • Connor Carroll (Assistant Video Coordinator)
  • Dustin Sleet (Assistant Video Coordinator)
  • Kiah Villaman (Manager, Language Educations and Cultural Assimilation)

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  1. There will be so many people on the field, and so many pitchers, it will take real coordination for them all to be productive. Lots of PFP!!!! Enjoy Jim! Thanks for the updates.

    1. I had the same thoughts with all the players there and coordination it’s getting very crowded. As a player not required or offered a ST invite you might do better to get your work done off site rather than waiting around for a pen or a cage…

  2. Glad to see Jason Ochart is coming back as minor-league hitting coordinator
    He also, I assume, is still heavily involved in Driveline Baseball.
    Now in his third year in the Phillies system, hoping there will be huge improvements and we will get to see the results at the plate, from many of the positional players

  3. Great stuff! It will be interesting to see how they handle Odubel. If he is finally in great shape and hits like 2016 it could get interesting.

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