The Phillies Hire a Coach, Lose a Coach, and Announce Some Transactions

With the end of the 2019 championship season, baseball’s ever so interesting off-season begins.  Baseball’s key dates that relied on the completion of the world series swept into effect.  Trading between teams resumed on Wednesday, October 31st.  The deadline for teams to make qualifying offers to their former players who elected free agency at the end of the season became November 4th (5 days after the end of the series).  And the deadline for free agents to accept qualifying offers from their former teams became November 18th (15 days after the end of the series). 

Another, important restriction was lifted – the unwritten rule that restricted the announcement of baseball moves during the world series.  A foolish restriction that has been circumvented by teams making their announcements on off days.  This is a silly anachronism of baseball.  An attempt to see that these announcements don’t out shine their end of season show case.  Silly because they can’t control the media generated by competing sports.  Sports whose home town fans have shifted their focus from their eliminated baseball teams to their NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, and maybe even the MLS.

So, today the Phillies finally announced that they signed Bryan Price as their new pitching coach.  Todd Zolecki reported the hiring.  Price had served as the Reds’ manager the last 5 years.  But, he has a long and successful history as a pitching coach.  He served in that role for the Mariners from 2000-05, the Diamondbacks from 2006-09, and the Reds from 2010-13.  Former Phillies’ pitcher Jamie Moyer had good seasons under Price and speaks highly of him in Zolecki’s article.

Price was drafted by the Twins in the 21st round of the 1980 draft.  He chose to attend college and was redrafted by the Orioles in the 7th round of the 1983 ddraft.  He chose to return to school and was drafted and signed by the Angels in the 8th round of the 1984 draft out Cal-Berkeley.

Price never made the major leagues as a player.  He played 5 years in the minors for the Angels (1984-86)and the Mariners (1988-89).  He posted a 31-19 record with a 3.74 ERA in 90 games (75 starts).  He posted a 1.493 WHIP, 4.7 BB9, and 7.8 K9.

Price was in high demand, turning down offers from the Diamondbacks and Padres.  It’s nice to see that the Phillies got their man early and didn’t have to settle on what was left after other jobs were filled.

The Phillies are going to lose infield coach Bobby Dickerson to the Padres.  It was thought that the Phillies signed Dickerson as a lure to Manny Machado during last off-season’s free agent sweepstakes.  Now, he’s likely to join Machado in San Diego.  Still, he was proved an efficient task master as the Phillies defense improved during the 2019 season.

A bunch of player transactions were announced.  The Phillies have declined their 2020, $7M club option on pitcher Pat Neshek.  This comes as no surprise.  The 39-year-old RHP missed huge chunks of the previous seasons – he started 2018 on the DL and wasn’t activated until July 1st and in 2019 he was placed on the IL on May 25th missing all but 4 days of the rest of the season.  In 2017-18, he pitched in just 50 games.  He went 3-3, 3.61 in 42,1 innings.  He walked 7 (1.5 BB9) and struck out 24 (5.1 K9) with a 1.252 WHIP.

On October 30th, the Phillies claimed RHP Robert Stock off waivers from the Padres (the PTBNL in the Dickerson trade???).  He’s a RHP with a big arm.  He was drafted by the Cardinals in the 2nd round of the 2009 Draft out of USC.  He pitched in 42 career games the past two seasons.  His average 4-seam fast ball is just under 98 mph.

On October 31st, the Phillies activated CF Odubel Herrera.  They are actively trying to deal him to a NL team.

Also on the 31st, all eight, MLB free agents elected free agency, as expected – 1B Logan Morrison, 2B Brad Miller, RHP Nick Vincent, LF Corey Dickerson, LHP Drew Smyly, RHP Tommy Hunter, 3B Sean Rodriguez, and RHP Juan Nicasio .

The Phillies still have decisions on club option for Jason Vargas and Jared Hughes.

Oh, I learned that Jose Pujols has signed a minor league contract with the Phillies.

The 40-man roster stands at 35 players with Andrew McCutchen and 7 pitchers – RHP Victor Arano, RHP Jake Arrieta, RHP Seranthony Dominguez, RHP Jerad Eickhoff, RHP Tommy Hunter, LHP Adam Morgan, RHP David Robertson – on the 60-day IL.


21 thoughts on “The Phillies Hire a Coach, Lose a Coach, and Announce Some Transactions

    1. I’m glad he’s sticking around. Let’s see what he is after the surgery, he was certainly improving in 2018.

  1. Hmm…I wonder to which NL team they are trying to trade Odubel….Marlins? Pirates? Reds? Padres? Rockies? And for who, for what, Ricky Watters?

    1. What’s the most tolerant fan base for him? I think Miami with their heavy Latin population. To the Marlins for a minor league pitcher?
      The 40 will have several open spots after several reductions are made. Eickhoff, Hunter, Vargas, Hughes ?, Cesar, Franco, and a minor league SS of little value….

    2. I suppose any team that needs OF hitting….even AL teams should be in the loop..
      Every GM would take a shot on him, but at only their price they would like to pay……he has the raw proven talent…a bit of a doufis, but that probably has now changed, a good contract and just 28 years old.

      Klentak will just have to bite the bullet and trade low on him.

  2. Not to be insensitive here, but why exactly are we trading Odubel? Not condoning what he did, but others are getting second chances, as will Odubel, but somewhere else. I know they had issues with him prior to this as well, but if you aren’t going to get much in return, and/or pay down part of his contract, why not keep him as a lottery ticket that Girardi and his staff can get through to him and we have a solid everyday player at our disposal?

    1. Not feeling Odubel turning things around, Buddy. Judgment call here. Time to turn the page with new manager. Not to mention the hyperreactive nature of this area. Mike Vick was the exception. I simply believe the Phillies have better options at their disposal. Haseley needs to be given the opportunity to fail. Odubel presents an unnecessary obstruction if he was brought back. I do think there are enough candidate teams for change of scenery redemption. Get what we can for him.

      1. Michael Vick didn’t turn himself around. Michael Vick hired himself a PR firm. The kind of psychotic behavior he exhibited us not cured by prison or a PR firm.

  3. Buddy, I have no interest in dealing with the negativity surrounding bringing him back. With a new Manager, and a determination to make the Playoffs, we do not need the distraction. I have no problem with people getting second chances, I just don’t want his here. I am fully prepared to eat half of his salary, and get nothing in return. Time for him to go away.

    1. DV aside.
      I want Haseley in CF for the future….Cutch/Bruce/Dickerson in LF.
      Odubel iMO is surplus….why not move him!

      1. One of the more sad aspects of the Odubel experience is that he is insanely talented. He has already made an all-star team. If he had his head screwed on straight, he’d be a batting crown candidate and dark horse MVP candidate. The ability is all there, but he’s gone astray. I think he and the team need him to move on – it’s unfortunate but it’s time for that in my view.

        1. Exactly….that is the sad part of it all.
          I can only hope he sees the world thru clearer lenses now and realizes his wrong-doing and has made the necessary amendments.
          if he has….and the Phillies move him….the Phillies could possibly regret what he will do in the batters box with another team….nevertheless, he should be moved to give himself a fresh start somewhere else.

  4. Are the Phillies trying to shop Vargas? Otherwise I don’t get the delay is declining the option since he should not be considered part of the rotation moving forward and he’s an expensive insurance policy at $6m (NYM are eating $2M of his salary)

    1. If you think $6m is a lot to pay for rotation insurance, then I’m not sure what you’re expecting to find on the market for cheaper.

      1. Pivetta, VV, etc. are rotation insurance. That’s the purpose of having a minor league system, to provide cheap options when plan A doesn’t work.

        Spending $6m on a guy who’s not really good enough to be part of the 5-man rotation is a terrible allocation of resources.

        1. Most of the people on this board have spent the vast majority of the year tearing into our FO because those pitchers weren’t seen as good rotation depth. So if our minor leaguers aren’t good enough, I dunno what you want them to do without spending money.

          1. You spend the money on everyday players, top-5 starters, etc. That the FO hasn’t been able to produce front-line starters doesn’t mean the system hasn’t produced 5th/6th/7th starters.

            Spending $6M on Vargas plus 15/20 million on Cory Dickerson as proposed below is the money needed to pay a top-3 starter. I’d much rather they look to get better at the top of the roster vs. getting marginally better at the bottom

            1. Houston and Washington weren’t in the WS because of their deep benches, they were there because of the top-3 in their rotation. Otherwise, the Dodgers and Yankees would have been playing..

  5. I know I am repeating myself, but signing Corey Dickerson makes so much sense. Good power, solid batting average and defense. Cutch is a pro and I would expect him to accept a 4th outfielder role, particularly with the generous contract he has been given. Haseley should have the opportunity to prove he is an everyday CF.

    1. No, signing Dickerson doesn’t make sense. Paying $20 million for 2 more seasons on your 4th out-fielder is nuts. Also, even though McCutchen is a pro I doubt he’s accepting a 4th OF role and I suspect his teammates would agree. Signing Dickerson only make sense if they trade McCutchen..

      If they want to spend money in the OF then it needs to be for CF, not a redundant left-fielder, especially with Jay Bruce also sitting on the bench as a LF/LH power bat.

      But in reality, the money needs to be spend on pitching, both in the rotation and bullpen.

      1. Agree…..pitching should be the priority.
        If the team cannot generate enough offense from Harper, Hoskins, Realmuto, Segura, Cutch and Kingery–along with the likes of a veteran like Bruce….than time to rebuild from scratch with a new architect .

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