Open Discussion: Week of August 12th

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Key Dates:

  • September 1, 2019 – Roster expansion to 40 players (for the last time)
  • September 8, 2019 – Coaches and players report for Instructs
  • September 9, 2019 – Instructs’ workouts begin
  • September 18, 2019 – beginning of the Arizona Fall League
  • October 12, 2019 – Arizona Fall Stars Game
  • October 26, 2019 – Arizona Fall League Championship Game

The rosters and lists are up to date as of August 11th … there are 398 players in the org

8/11/19 – Phillies signed FA C Nick Hundley to an MiLB contract
8/11/19 – C Nick Hundley assigned to Lehigh Valley
8/11/19 – Lehigh Valley placed 3B Maikel Franco on the 7-day IL, left hand contusion
8/11/19 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Josh Tols from the 7-day IL
8/10/19 – Phillies signed free agent RHP Nick Vincent to a minor league contract
8/10/19 – RHP Nick Vincent assigned to Lehigh Valley
8/10/19 – Lehigh Valley released LHP Tom Windle
8/9/19 – Phillies placed RF Jay Bruce on the 10-day IL, left flexor strain
8/9/19 – Phillies recalled CF Adam Haseley from Lehigh Valley
8/9/19 – SS Nick Maton assigned to Reading from Clearwater
8/9/19 – SS Raul Rivas assigned to Clearwater from Reading
8/9/19 – RHP Victor Vargas assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
8/9/19 – GCL East sent RF Jose Pujols on a rehab assignment to GCL West
8/9/19 – LHP Samuel Aldegheri assigned to GCL East
8/9/19 – Jose Taveras assigned to Reading from Clearwater
8/9/19 – Seth McGarry activated by Clearwater
8/9/19 – Kevin Gowdy assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
8/9/19 – Ethan Lindow assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
8/8/19 – Phillies sent RHP Jerad Eickhoff on a rehab assignment to Reading
8/8/19 – Phillies activated RF Jay Bruce from the 10-day IL
8/8/19 – Phillies optioned Adam Haseley to Lehigh Valley
8/8/19 – Lehigh Valley placed 3B Mitch Walding on the 7-day IL, labrum tear
8/8/19 – Lehigh Valley placed C Matt McBride on the 7-day IL, calf strain
8/8/19 – Williamsport released RHP Adam Cox
8/8/19 – LHP Gabriel Yanez assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
8/8/19 – 3B Maikel Franco activated by Lehigh Valley
8/7/19 – RHP Jaylen Eichler assigned to GCL East (future)
8/7/19 – DSL White placed LHP Nathanael Bido on the 60-day IL
8/7/19 – DSL White placed RHP Alexis Herrera on the 60-day IL
8/6/19 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Austin Davis.
8/6/19 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Fernando Salas on the 7-day IL
8/6/19 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Clearwater from Reading
8/6/19 – Tom Windle assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
8/6/19 – Seth McGarry assigned to Clearwater from Lehigh Valley
8/5/19 – Reading sent RF Jose Pujols on a rehab assignment to GCL East
8/5/19 – Clearwater placed RHP Alejandro Requena on the 7-day IL
8/5/19 – Lakewood sent RHP Jonas De La Cruz on a rehab assignment to GCL East
8/5/19 – RHP Jonathan Petit assigned to DSL Red
8/5/19 – Raul Mendoza assigned to DSL White from DSL Red
8/5/19 – Victor Santos assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
8/5/19 – Dominic Pipkin assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
8/5/19 – Ezequiel Ventura assigned to DSL Red from DSL White

295 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of August 12th

  1. ‘ There’s so much time between now and the end of September’ Nero said as Rome continues to burn.

    1. Yea….I grew up with the team that eventually won the ’08 WS. Throughout that time, my dad, a life-long philly sports fan, would tell me that I was being “spoiled” by all the success the team was having, because historically the Phillies have been pretty, well, bad. Ten years later, I think I’m finally starting to see and accept what he was talking about. Changes are definitely a-comin’ for this team, that’s for sure.

  2. I would assume newly acquired Nick Hundley will eventually replace Andrew Knapp on the major league roster. And I hope he does while younger backup catching prospects emerge.

    It’s difficult to imagine anything resembling this current cast of AAAA players returning in 2020. Or the coaching staff, for that matter. Maybe Gabe can take Sean Rodriguez with him wherever he goes. I’ve seen enough of Pivetta, Velasquez and Eflin after several years of finding out about them. And it’s time to turn to the next chapter where Scott Kingery assumes his natural position under a manager who knows what he’s doing. I’ve grown weary of this whole square pegs in round holes regime, Klentak included.

    1. I think A-Rods comment about Kapler will really get under Mr Rogers I mean Middleton’s skin. I think 90% of fan base doesn’t respect/like him. Watching Hoskins take a 92mph first pitch fastball down the middle of plate and striking out two pitches later….. Kapler quick to point out he leads MLB in pitches seen drives me nuts

    1. rocco……this is what I quite do not understand.
      I have watched Grullon on numerous occasions and his defense is more than adequate, i will go as far to say, overall better than Alf’s.
      His arm is not Alf’s but who has that arm anyway…but Grullon’s arm is a 55/60 range….pop up time probably could be better however.
      But he blocks better than Alf and does not have the frequent lapses of concentration and lets balls pass.
      Gary Jones says he is learning in calling a better game.
      Framing….how can you measure that with minor league umps anyway!
      One other tool that a catcher is really not measured on that much….on the base paths…..his speed is 40…Alf’s was 55/60.

      Then I read KLaw’s comment on Grullon and that is when i am perplexed….he does think he is at all good defensively.

        1. I have not seen Grullon this year. That’s a disclaimer for a prospect who has moved well though this system.

          But last year, with a runner on first and on the move, Grullon threw down to second on a timely ball 4 called on the batter. The throw was wild and the lead runner got to third. I played on a high school team (not the catcher) where this could have occurred. I was surprised to see it at the AA level and with a guy I have viewed, and still do, as a serious prospect.

          I would add Grullon to the 40-man roster on September 1 and call him up, give him a run. Knapp is both an inadequate bat and not improving. It seems to me you want a backup catcher who can give you something with 175 ab’s a season and Knapp can’t provide that. If Realmuto were seriously injured, you would be looking for a replacement from outside the system.

  3. K-Law does not think…

    Does this Org. think?? For them to add a good bat,(Dickerson) this year and push Haseley back down to the Triple A,makes me wonder if the front office thinks.

    Most of us knew a month ago that this team wasn’t going anywhere this year,they are multiple players/starting pitchers short.

    So if you need to plan for next year,Haseley needs as many at bats as he can get THIS year,not in the minors either,he has nothing to prove there anymore,acquiring Dickerson and playing him HURTS you for next year,UNLESS the plan is to sign him long-term.

    I think the Dickerson acqusition was just to pacify us fans,( to make it look like they tried)
    They needed to acquire Strohman…to move the needle for this year and next year.

    Do McFail and Klentax really believe that us fans believe in the Kool-laid,they keep feeding us?

  4. I feel sorry for Gabe Kapler. He looks like he doesn’t have a clue as to how to get the most out of this team, and his constant “things will get better tomorrow” attitude isn’t resonating with this current group of players. They have to shut Arrieta down. The bullpen is overworked on a normal basis by Kapler. Now add the fact that Jake is nothing more than a 3-5 inning pitcher, Vargas and Smyly are what they are, and Vinny V is always capable of throwing 100 pitches in 4 innings, and it is a recipe for more relievers blowing their elbows out. And this approach at the plate is hurting this team more than Phillies brass would care to admit. You can’t expect the offense to thrive constantly being down 0-2 because the team wants you to see as many pitches as possible.

    1. Let’s say you are a professional earning $150K annually. It would take you 18 years to earn $2.7 million the amount of Kapler’s contract.

      I’m also pretty sure the median average salary of the fans paying to attend Phillies games is probably well below that.

      A long winded way of saying I don’t feel sorry for a MLB manager having a tough time getting W’s.

      1. DMAR…..agree…financially he has not many worries…..players baseball pension also kicks in another two years with lifetime healthcare already established.
        And he will get another job in baseball somewhere or on a TV network as an analyst.
        So he can keep saying after each post-game presser…..”this team is too talented, we are only a game away from starting a long winning streak”

  5. Jim Salisbury says changes are likely to happen today. Players? Coaching staff? Probably not the dramatic ones many of us prefer. But it may be the beginning of the reconstruction of the team.

    As for Kapler, the only way he gets fired is if Middleton does it. Klentak won’t for the sake of his pride and the fact that he’s already publicly committed to Gabe for the rest of the season. However, a change immediately may shake up the nest enough to make the balance of the schedule more interesting to watch. There won’t even be E-A-G-L-E-S chants at the ball park because somebody actually has to show up to do that.

  6. Hindsight is 2020, but one of the bigger mistakes, if not the biggest, the Klentak lead FO has made, was not pulling the trigger last trade deadline to bring back Hamels. Having Hamels in the SR would def have them in the lead for the WC, imo. It might even of helped make a race out of it last year, but I still don’t think they make the playoffs.

    The FO was certainly trying to add last year, again we have the benefit of hindsight, which in this case makes it even more frustrating, would’ve been a huge boost
    For attendance imo as well. O well, let the torture continue…

  7. What??? Klentax won’t fire a person HE has hired???

    That’s a sign of a WEAK leader,not admitting to a mistake,or this just isn’t working.

      1. Denny … just curious … what would make you think Joe Girardi would be a good GM? I respect your opinion(s), I just find this one a bit perplexing.

        BTW … In the case of Girardi … I mentioned about a week ago that I’m skeptical
        that he’s really looking for a manger (or GM) job right now. He has a son (Dante) who is a rising HS senior, and is a 2020 draft prospect. Girardi may prefer to spend one more year doing TV (still a good paying job) so that he has more time to travel with his son to showcase circuit games this summer and HS games next spring.

        As far as Gabe goes … I’ve said in the past I’m neutral on his future with the team. He’s made plenty of mistakes, but no manager (not even Joe Girardi) would be going to the palyoffs with this pitching staff and injury riddled bullpen.
        I get the feeling Gabe will survive, and live to see the 2020 season as Phillies manager. I believe John Malee is the guy on the endangered species list.

        1. Girardi is a good combination of old school and analytics. He would like to be the person above the manager for once and have the opportunity to turn this organization around. He knows players and coaches. Also need to replace MacFail with someone better attuned to a winning organization.

        2. Hinkie, while I normally agree with you, I disagree about your last point that no manager would be going to the playoffs with this pitching staff. First of all, I think with almost any other manager, you’d see an offense performing at a much higher level. Second, I don’t believe we can admonish Gabe of his role in the injuries that have occurred to this pitching staff in the bullpen. He came in with a new approach and the injury story is disturbing. Third, when this season started, he had a Cy Young candidate at the top of the rotation, followed by a $20M+ pitcher with a strong track record, 3 very talented young pitchers who showed promise at times a year earlier, and 6 potential starting arms at AAA to pull from if others struggled. Most on this site agreed that one of the 3 young arms, mostly Pivetta, would breakthrough this season and that possibly one of the other two would have a solid and productive season. I don’t believe it’s a fair characterization to say that Kapler hasn’t been given the resources. Klentak gave Kapler a lot of groceries to use to make this meal, but it appears we are all now finding out that Gabe has no utensils, no blender, no cookbook, no stove, and no oven.

          I agree that Klentak should have brought in Hamels at last year’s deadline, I agree that he should have added a proven starter during the offseason, but the reality is that nobody imagined ALL of the following would happen: All 3 young starters ended up getting demoted to the bullpen at some point, Nola got off to a terrible start, Arrietta has been barely mediocre before being awful due to injury, and of the 6 arms at AAA to start the year, 5 have appeared in the majors and all have struggled with maybe the exception of Suarez and that’s in relief.

          While I get that Klentak could have done more, the real question Middleton and McFail need to ask about Klentak isn’t what players did he acquire as much as it is why did he choose this manager, why has he defended this manager despite the above evidence, and what role, if any, did Klentak play in picking the staff that has mcFAILED to develop these young players at ages where they are expected to improve not regress.

          1. The writing was on the wall about that “$20M++ pitcher with a strong track record”. Arietta was clearly trending in the wrong direction in 2017, the season before the Phillies signed him. Some of us said as much on this very site, though I get the Phillies signing him because they were desparate for a semi-reliable starter that could eat some innings.

            Arietta has pitched well at times for the Phillies, particularly the first couple months in 2018, but his overall performance as a Phillie really shouldn’t surprise anyone, and sure doesn’t indicate mismanagement by Gabe Kapler.

            1. I don’t want to be the guy on here defending Gabe Kapler for the next three months. Like I’ve stated … I’m actually neutral on Gabe’s future here. If he goes … he goes. If it happens, I’ll be on here politicking for Joe Madden or Raul Ibanez.

              Buddy … you have the right to your opinions (and I agree with most of them), but I think it’s too much to blame Kapler for the injuries to Robertson, Hunter, Neshek, Morgan, Ser Ant’ny, and Arano. The offense has been disappointing, but I’d place more of that blame on John Malee (and obviously the hitters, themselves). From what I understand, Klentak has his fingerprints all over the coaching staff.
              If I was John Middleton, I’d sit down with Harper, Hoskins, McCutcheon, Realmuto, and Nola individually after the season. They’ll give him all the info he’ll need to make the right call on Kapler, Malee, and Young. Klentak is already a lock to remain with the club.

  8. While I don’t like Kapler, blaming him for the pitching problems is unfair. Who is he supposed to use? He has one starter and a decent closer. That’s it. It’s not an easy juggling act. I do think Kapler is overmatched and should be replaced but it won’t be until the offseason. (Maddon is a free agent manager…) As for changes coming, I could see Suarez going down (for Davis?) and Arrieta calling it a season with Eflin back into the rotation. I would call up DLS but they won’t do that.

    1. This. Kapler may have some flaws, but he’s not at fault for the Phillies’ make-shift pitching staff or for the repeated lack of clutch hitting. Plus, at others have stated, he’s at least willing to try different things.

      The team simply has too many warts. The starting pitching is obvious. People complain about Herdandez, but the Phillies line-up is better with him than without him. Hitting-wise, I would love to see more guys take a different approach with two strikes and try to use the entire field. Same goes for guys who hit against a shift – try to take advantage of it, rather than trying to blast every pitch out of the park.

      1. “……repeated lack of clutch hitting”…Phillies last in the league with the most runners left in scoring position @ 3.79 on average per game.
        San Diego as the best with only 2.88 runners on ave per game.

  9. Arrieta is a warrior but he needs to shut it down and he’s starting to realize it. He’s not helping the team. So I expect Arrieta to go on the IL, Eflin regains his starter role, and somebody gets called up (perhaps DLS or Eickhoff in a long man role).

    1. You could be right, but I think Eickhoff is about done. Having said that, I realize they don’t have any real options, so maybe any warm body will do.

  10. Changes today per Salisbury? Hmm, probably roster moves that won’t make a difference for this team

  11. They really need to figure out what de los santos is. Bring him up for Arietta. If he doesn’t work as a starter, have him come into 2020 w the mindset that he’s a reliever. I’m not sure its all that easy to just suddenly switch guys like they have been.
    Regardlesa, really need to figure out what De Los Santos is

    1. Yeah, my hunch is DLS gets called up, Eflin back to the rotation, and/or any of the regurgitated AAAA pitchers up and down along with any recent pickups off some other team’s scrap heap. Hundley may also replace Knapp who may be better suited for transitioning to a coaching position.

  12. I cant wait to wear my yankees hat at the game on the 21st, when I am in boston. If they mess with me. I will let my wife fight them , I am a lover not a fighter

    1. rocco…I thought your wife had a bad shoulder….you going to let her throw some hay makers with a wounded wing! Shame on you. 😉

  13. Buddy…Great post!!

    Even though not ALL of the blame falls on Kapler,he does need to be accountable for his bullpen usage.

    Even Cholly needed to go after a while. That’s what happens when things go bad. I really can’t believe all of the people that Gabe has in his corner,especially after two second-half meltdowns,two years in a row!

  14. While we all can justifiably place blame on either Klentak or MacPhail or Kapler, there’s unfortunately way more than enough blame to go around. Do we need to pick fly crap out of pepper to reason who’s more to blame? They are all culpable. From lack of or inability to identify talent, or develop talent or the flawed organizational philosophy employed in applying the analytical scale they’ve adopted at each level, there’s simply way too much incongruity which has resulted in a lot of spinning and dancing, especially from the mouth of the manager, who probably shares less blame overall BUT nonetheless has shown that neither his style nor his methods motivate players to get better. Again, the only way change will happen will begin with Middleton. We can’t blame him. He’s the owner for better or worse.

  15. Gabe returns …IMO, advanced ticket sales will significantly.decline.

    Phillies right now are at 6th in the NL @ 2.1M
    Yankees are first in the AL@ 2.5M
    And Dodgers are first in the NL @ 3.1M…Cards second @2.5M and Cubs third @ 2.3M

  16. Phillies made the moves. CSN IS reporting. The clubhouse guy is gone. he couldn’t keep up with players demands for seeds, No Gatorade in the clubhouse too. New catering company coming in kape wants sushi, soy and avocado, to inspire the team.

        1. Speaking of Japanese pitchers … I have been suggesting Takahiro Norimoto as a possibility for the Phillies this winter. Norimoto is one of the top arms in Japan and reportedly wanted to be posted after his contract expired. It now seems Norimoto has changed his mind,

          That sucks. I was prepared to run my #Morimoto4Norimoto into the ground this winter.

          In other Japanese pitching news (this is pretty incredible) … a young phenom has hit the scene. HS RHP Rouki Saski is already being compared to Shohei Ohtani. He may (or may not) want to go straight to MLB from HS. Hopefully, his HS coach doesn’t ruin his arm before he’s done there.

            1. Whoa…amazing for a HS senior.
              I suppose the Yankees along with the West Coast teams will be knocking soon.

            2. Hmmmmmm………….he could start a 120 pitch day, relieve the next 2 days have a day off (Nola start), come back with another start 120 pitch day, etc., ………yep we can use this kid. I think we only need to sign one other starter.

  17. Funny, today all MLB teams announced their 2020 schedules. Can’t help but think about what this squad/staff will even look like. There seems to be a consensus from among media types and beat reporters that Gabe Kapler will return.

    And speaking of the media, how can NBCPhilly post a fluff piece on Rhys and his dog? I get pop up articles on my phone from their MyTeam app and it’s infuriating how poorly the timing is. We don’t need feel good stories about players on a team playing so poorly.

  18. Meghan Montemurro
    Asked if he plans to continue pitching with the bone spur, Jake Arrieta said he “doesn’t want to make a decision” at this moment. He plans to take tomorrow’s off day and then maybe have a conversation Tuesday. #Phillies
    11:03 PM – Aug 11, 2019

    …….so we will know later today or tomorrow

    1. Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the walls in the executive suites of CBP this afternoon?

      1. I guess one way or another something will come out.
        Middleton probably will not say anything until after Sept 30th…..but MacPhail should make some statement.
        Finishing in 4th place virtually seasl the fate for a few of the coaches or even the manager.

  19. According to 538, 1 WAR is worth approximately $8M / year. Based on that number, let’s take a look at the free agent decisions made by Matt Klentak the past two off seasons which represent his only time as GM where the Phillies were clearly making an attempt to compete and win games. I apologize for the simplicity of this analysis, but I think it’s a good and fair starting point. Let’s assume for the sake of this analysis that Gabe Kapler is an average manager and has an average coaching staff that can manage and develop talent on par with all others, so that this analysis just simply addresses the results of Matt Klentak’s free agent performance. I have players listed from highest per year contract to lowest.

    Bryce Harper = on pace for 2.6 WAR, worth $20.8M, AAV of contract $25.4M, for a loss of $4.6M

    Jake Arrietta = 4.2 WAR for 18/19, worth $33.6M, $50M salary over 2 years, for a loss of $16.4M

    Carlos Santana = 1.7 WAR, worth $13.6M, $20M in salary last year, for a loss of $6.4M

    Andrew McCutchen = 1.6 WAR in 2019, worth $12.8M, AAV of $17.7M, for a loss of $4.9M

    David Robertson = O WAR, worth $0, $11.5 M AAV, for a loss of $11.5M

    Tommy Hunter = 1.8 WAR, worth $14.4M, $18M total salary, for a loss of $3.6M

    Pat Neshek = 0.8 WAR, worth $6.4M, $15.5M in total salary, for a loss of $9.1M

    All other signings were minor signings so I did not include those. But for these = -$56.5M in just over 1.5 years. I understand that you don’t get the best value in the FA Market, but all of these across the board are financially bad and none of them will likely get better with age. I’d argue Cutch was a very good signing and that injury was bad luck, but obviously the 3 relievers have terrible results and are essentially closed books at this point. Arrietta’s will not get better with age either, and although I expect Harper to be better in the next 2-3 years, the value will likely decline over time.

    Bottom line, not good results in the FA market.

    1. “-$56.5M in just over 1.5 years.”…well does also reflect in the win-lost column over the last 169 games…..77-92.

    2. Fair breakdown, Buddy, but all bigger market teams that spend FA money will suffer comparable losses since what FA’s are really worth more than their WAR chest, although I would l Iike to see their numbers in comparison, not just the Phillies standing alone.

      1. I plan to take a look at that, but just quickly looked at Wash, ATL, and NYM over the last two years. The Mets have a positive WAR deal with Todd Frazier, the Braves have at least Donaldson and McCann on positive deals, and the Nats have at least Corbin.

      2. I disagree. Free agent contracts are of course more risky, but you should have some contracts where the player out-performs the deal and others where you get what you pay for. The FA Phillies’ contracts as a whole have been a collective disaster this year. The good news is that most are not long deals and McCutchen just got injured and there’s nothing you can do about that.

        As for Realmuto re-signing making that trade a good idea, hold on a second please. It all depends on the terms of the contract. If it’s like 3 or 4 years at a reasonable price (probably around ($18-20m) with an option, then it’s okay, but if it’s longer or more expensive, then it becomes super risky. Again, remember, once he signs an extension, we’re not get a bargain on salary any longer – we are basically going to get what we pay for or less than what we pay for. Meanwhile, if Sanchez becomes a 2, he could generate enormous net value for the Marlins. So, in net value alone (player’s intrinsic worth versus salary), there’s a good chance we come out way behind in this deal. But how this will ultimately be measured is if JT ends up being a core player on a regular playoff team that can contend for a title. If he is, the deal will be fine, if not, well, it could be pretty bad.

    3. Obviously injuries are a key factor in this, unless your position is that Klentak should have known these guys would get injured?

      1. I don’t think he could have known the extent of the injuries, but when you sign a bunch of old relief pitchers, the chance of injury and ineffectiveness goes up a lot. Phillies history is littered with ill-conceived contracts with old relief pitchers – it’s like they never learn a blessed thing.

        So yeah, some of it was bad luck, but a lot of it was bad planning. And by the way, I think there’s a good chance that the relief pitchers would have been a disaster even if they hadn’t been injured. Robertson looked awful before he was hurt and Neshek was no prize.

    4. In general, FA contracts are for the player not the team. It’s likely that the player will not generate enough WAR to cover the cost of the contract. There are obviously some rare cases (Max Sherzer is a prime example) but for the most part, it’s about how much money the team will “lose” on these contracts. It’s unfortunate that we have so many injured players, and I’m not sure how much insurance will offset the cost their salary.

      But the injuries are playing a huge part of the loss.

      And not to rain on your parade, but I fully expect Harper’s last 4-5 years of his 13 deal to be really bad for the Phillies.

  20. And Sixto Sanchez is dominating AA. 1ER in his last five starts, and a 2.61 ERA in his 16 starts this year. But, Hey, Matt Klentak just had to have JT Realmuto.

      1. I second that. JTR and other veteran mainstays may be feeling the effects of the curse of ’79, after the Phillies signed free agent Pete Rose (Harper?) and those same high expectations now 40 years later.

      2. But to make the Sanchez trade worth pay off we must resign JTR. If he leaves we may have another Ferguson Jenkins deal on the Phillies hands.

        1. I’m not yet ready to say that Sanchez will haunt the Phillies like Fergie Jenkins did, but it’s a good point about needing to resign Realbuto – that will need to be a real priority for the Phillies. But if JTR does resign with Philly, I’m not gonna fret too much about giving up Sanchez for him.

      3. He is in AA and dominating. Next year, starts at AAA and then in Major Leagues by June. Don’t dismiss what he has done this year, because there are a lot of commenters on this site that are complaining about Adonis Medina’s year, and wondering why he isn’t posting the numbers Sanchez is.

    1. It’s easy to Monday Morning Quarterback these types of Trades. I’m sure you were on board when this trade was made. Maybe I’m Wrong. You guys are tough. Just because Sanchez is dominating day a doesn’t mean it will continue. Jtr is proven Big League commodity.

      1. Mark, many people on this board were against the Realamuto trade especially if they did not resign JTR. They said this as soon as the trade was made.

  21. So, what was the big piece of news that Salisbury was going to break today……..cotton candy is going up 25 cents at the concession stand or they are closing the outfield seats so it looks like there is more in attendance?

    1. Maybe moves are announced today. The 2020 schedule was announced yesterday (an off day for half the league) and MLB seems to have this unofficial protocol about other news competing with promotional information that is dispersed. In any case, nothing major is likely to be reported. Arrieta shutting down may be the biggest news.

      1. 8mark….maybe Arrieta will only go on a 10 day IL and then decide how he is.
        That gives the Phillies some flexibility to bring up another arm for 2 starts…maybe a Enyel DLS or Cole Irvin again

        1. That wouldn’t be surprising, Romus. The Phillies are notorious for being ultra conservative when it comes to in season roster moves, especially recycling the AAAA arms which are already on the 40 man roster.

          1. And yet another late season desperation move…Hundley to eventaully replace Knapp in a week or so…..Knapp may have an option left, if not he will need to be DFA.

            Just like last season…Cabrera, Bautista, Bour, Avilan et al……..just a bunch of churning

        2. Romus, really? Cole Irvin. A university of Penn graduate like you, and you make that remark. I aint paying your student loans if democrats win. if you want cole back

          1. rocco…lol……don’t you worry……everything paid off, ages ago.
            And Irvin needs to find his groove……relief roles are not his bag.

        3. Romus (or anyone), how many option years does Medina have left on the 40man roster? It’s been mentioned here that the new AAA-MLB baseball may be difficult for a AA pitcher to adjust to but would the Phillies be considering him as a replacement for Jake? They both pitched on Sunday so he would be on schedule.

  22. Mike Trout coming to Philly next July.
    I bet he was hoping that series would have been scheduled for August….he could have seen his buds, Carson and the crew, at the Nova Care in the morning during Eagles camp work-outs.

    1. It’s interesting, it appears their strength has been in drafting/developing position players & when we traded Ken Giles to them we got mostly pitchers in return. If only we had made the trade as it was first announced (including Fisher)?

      1. They did develop Keuchel and McCullers for that WS run…..traded for Cole and Verlander. and then bought Morton…and then Miley this year on less than $5M
        But they did try to concentrate on drafting and developing their position players.
        I suppose after Appel and Aiken, ’13 and ’14 respectively back to back, they decided to say eff-it with pitchers for awhile. Will see if Whitley comes around for them.

  23. Email that article to John Middleton! Hire one of their top guys to setup and run your organization.

    Now,That’s the gold standard..Is the draft,etc is really a crapshoot? Looking at their sustained success,it can’t be a crapshoot.

    Where is that news from yesterday?? Must’ve been a few crumbs…

    1. Barf, farm director Josh Bonifay is already in the fold as a former Houston guy. Keep an eye on him.

      And whatever happened to the guy whose name escapes me, assistant to the GM, and was a managerial candidate before Kapler was hired? Hispanic dude with high analytical pedigree? Jorge somebody?

      And finally, let’s get the Raul Ibanez for Manager campaign going!

      1. Other than being a nice and smart guy, what managerial qualifications does Ibanez have? None that I can tell.

        Anyway, the comments today bring up the most critical problems with this team. The inability to spot talent and develop talent. If you want a great team, you have to be able to spot diamonds in the rough like JD Davis. Since Ruben Amaro became the GM and then was succeeded by the MacPhail/Klentak team, how many guys like J.D. Davis, or Khris Davis, or Justin Turner, or Max Muncy, or Gio Urshela have we found and developed? I think the answer is none (except for perhaps Charlie Morton, who they foolishly discarded and then foolishly didn’t sign the second time around). And that’s huge, because the narrative that teams like the Yankees and Dodgers and Astros are doing so well because they pay a lot of money, is only partially true. It’s equally and perhaps more so because those teams are identifying and developing overlooked talent and farm talent, just as the Mets have done this year and last. We are doing a really bad job of that and our existing players aren’t improving when I think they should. The problem here isn’t resources, it’s talent identification and development and that’s always been the big concern with this new management team and remains so now more than ever. If I were Middleton, this would be, by far, my biggest concern.

        1. I will say this about the Yankees. They must have the world’s most amazing hitting instructors and evaluators. There is no way in the world that, looking at Gio Urshela’s minor and major league numbers, you would ever see the budding and fairly old (for a prospect) superstar that now plays third base for them. Urshella has an OPS of .963 for the Yankees and is hitting .332. He never hit over .300 as a minor leaguer and his OPS high was .825, but he was usually far below that. Yet the Yankees brain trust found him and made him into a possible star. It’s amazing and whatever they are doing (and the Dodgers are doing), the Phillies better catch up quickly.

          1. One final point. I DO think the Phillies have drafted better recently – perhaps quite a lot better – but that’s only one part of the equation here.

            1. I agree Catch….it’s just that it takes a few years for the cream to come to the top. I think we are improving with the draftees. Haseley for one, I think Stott, etc. We just are an impatient lot based on the drought of decades past.

            2. Agreed on younger prospects. But the Dodgers, Yankees and now even the Mets are finding players from other teams and transforming them into something better and their younger players improve. We need to do these things as well and we aren’t.

          2. I’m glad you bring up the Yankees. They hired Aaron Boone to be their field manager with no apparent qualifications other than being familiar with the organization. Ibanez has been circulating through MLB as a highly respected figure who always seemed to be as down to earth as you would want in a leader. I can’t qualify him for you.

            1. Fair enough. Personally, I like and respect him too – I just have zero idea how well he would manage a team.

          3. At Catch – even more amazing, Cameron Maybin, he of 15 former teams hitting above .300 with 8 hrs in very limited at bats ? or Voit ? catcher Romine ?? almost anybody !!! I would imagine Franco would hit 40 hrs and bat .300 with Yankees ! Hicks is an older reclamation as well…..virtually every player they put in the lineup has more than “replaced” those on the injured list.

          4. Catch,

            Confidence. Put on the blue pin stripes and be surrounded by guys mashing the ball and you do it, too. Hitting and success are contagious, just like not hitting and failure pressure players into negative results.

            I think that might be the Phillies’ biggest offensive problem right now. And I don’t think the way to build a positive culture is to repeat platitudes as Kapler does. Maybe time for a new manager to create a new atmosphere.

            1. I’m sure confidence helps some, but this is not all about confidence – it’s about properly training hitters to hit.

    2. Astros did have those six lean years (2008 thru 2013)..with a few too many 100 loss seasons. Maybe the Phillies are on the cusp.

  24. Would be nice if Klentak could get the Philies’ on the Astros’ track of farm development.
    In Bohm, Moniak and Stott, with Howard/Medina, maybe that will be the key.

  25. Cholly back as hitting coach replacing Mallee.

    Is this a sign of bigger changes to come? Obviously, Charlie is old-school level-swing kinda guy, not elevate and celebrate.

      1. I’m good with this and maybe they can find a guy like Johnny Podres (I know he’s deceased) to deal with the pitchers. Podres might have been the best pitching coach I’ve ever seen and he was so good at dealing with people. The Phillies hit like demons with Charlie around – he knows what he’s doing.

        But, the bigger picture here, is that this is a blow against the analytics folks in the front office. This shows either some level of desperation on their end or a loss of power or both. Interesting. In any event, Charlie’s one of the best around, so I’m happy he can pitch in.

        1. I think they should have kept Kranitz – from my perspective, he was much better than Chris Young. Pitchers progressed under Kranitz.

        2. Catch,

          Charlie pitch in?

          On the surface, this does appear to be a loss for the analytics crowd, but it’s just for the remainder of the season. It could be they picked Charlie because he was available immediately and is the least disruptive change. Of course, he will be offering advice contrary to what Mallee offered.

          It will be interesting to see if they pick another elevate-to-celebrate guy as the next hitting coach or whether this foretells bigger changes post-season.

          1. Uh, yeah, pitch in. Charlie is a legend and is essentially retired. He doesn’t need this stress and disruption in his life right now. He’s pitching in and doing them a favor here.

            1. Catch, understand. It was just a weak attempt at humor, the hitting coach pitching(in)

            2. Ahhhh – sorry – now I get it. I thought you were questioning whether he was doing the team a favor, which he pretty clearly is.

        3. Agreed 100% and if you could find Dave Lopez 2.0 to teach this kids how to run/steal bases (I am looking at you Cesar…)

    1. wow, he and Gabe seem like polar opposites- imagining a conversation between those 2 makes me smile- expect Joe Conklin to have that as a bit tomorrow morning.

  26. Had to be split decision or Charlie was unsure otherwise it would have happened yesterday.

  27. Move over analytics, Charlie is BACK! Charlie, thank you for coming back, this organization needs a correction back to old school.

    I cited Carlos Santana earlier in the day, which I see as damning evidence against this teams approach, not to mention the rest of the teams lull.

  28. Malee getting fired should not come as a shock. I believe the team was considering replacing him for at least a month now. They wanted to give him every chance to turn the offense around. He was unable to. Charlie is a logical temporary replacement. He’s already on payroll, and the fans are going to eat this up.
    Last week, I posted the top 5 reasons/blames for the Phillies failure this season:
    1. John Malee
    2. injuries
    3. Matt Klentak
    4. Chris Young
    5. Gabe Kapler
    I’m pretty certain Gabe is brought back for the 2020 season.

    1. We don’t know who made this decision or the reasons.

      One reason might simply be that this was the least disruptive change.

      Another might be that the analytics and lift guys have lost and we’ll see more and bigger changes in the off season.

      One reason might be because McPhail and Middleton want to know what the heck is really going on in the clubhouse and dugout and Charlie can give them his post-season (or perhaps even earlier) analysis.

      It’s late in the season so not a whole lot can be done to change philosophies and approaches, but a lot can be learned in this time by Charlie and transmitted to the decision makers.

  29. I often wonder if you’re John Middleton at what point are you calling Harper and saying “Hey Bryce what are you seeing in the club house and in the dug out? What’s working? What’s not?

    This is all off the record of course just you and me talking…

    I’d then hang up and have the same conversation with Arietta.

    I know you can’t allow the inmates to run the asylum and if something isn’t broke you leave it alone but clearly (injuries aside) a message wasn’t getting through.

    1. Agree on Bryce since he plays hard and is there for keeps. On the pitching, I’m not sure I want to take my cue from Arietta because he’s sort of a tough guy to read and he won’t be around after next year.

      1. I think Jake is the guy only because he is the most veteran pitcher and he has standing as both a cast away and a Cy Young WS champion.

        I’m not making a big decision based solely on what either may say but I am factoring it into my overall process.

    2. I’ve mentioned this before, but what kind of lockeroom dynamic does Harper bring, when he is here for 13 years and the coach is lucky to be around next year.

      Imagine if Harper stands up and says … we are no longer doing it your way, go back to the approach that got you here guys …

      I wonder if Gabe has to run things by Harper at times, to get a buy in

      It’s a different scenario as most teams don’t have players with 13 year contracts on them running around

  30. I bet there will be so many walkup ticket sales this evening that we will have a sellout. This is the best news I have had all summer.

  31. Charlie went from the greatest manager in Phillies history…to the hitting coach…so weird.
    Just an interim but still weird.
    And once Gabe goes….the bulls-eye then gets moved to MacPhail and Klentak

    1. Think of it as a baseball blame hierarchy. The first guy to go is the hitting coach, and then the pitching coach and third base coach. I expect Young and the third base coach could be gone at the end of the season.

      After that, the manager, who gets a longer period of time, gets fired. Kapler has until sometime next year to turn this around. He probably needs to make the playoffs next year, or have a really improved team at the very least, to make it into 2021.

      A GM tends to get one to two managerial changes. Once the second (or sometimes third) manager goes or looks like he’s on the way out, usually the general manager is fired too. Klentak is probably safe this year and next unless next year looks exactly like this year, in which case he could be gone with Kapler. Unless things go horribly wrong, I suspect that Klentak will be given at least another 2 years, whether we like it or not.

      The man most insulated from all of this firing is the team president, MacPhail, and if he’s fired, it means the owner views the whole game plan as being a failure. I doubt, here, MacPhail will ever be fired, he will either retire or, if Middleton really wants a change in direction, MacPhail will be asked to take a different role with the team and he’ll be replaced as President – the Phillies way of firing chief executives.

      1. Yeah…I suppose that will be the way it will go down eventually.
        Though I still say if the Phillies finish in 4th BUT also in a nose-dive mode, similar to last season, Kapler is done on Sept 30th.
        I do not see the Philly fan base being optimistic, and also the media back-lash with him, if he returns in 2020 if a 4th place finish occurs.

        Bob Nightengale, USA, wrote that piece about Kapler being loved by all in charge….then listening to him on Saturday, realized he is off the mark and not sure who he talked to in gathering the facts/testimonials for that article……I do not believe it was Middleton. If it was Klentak…then it was pure confirmation bias
        But will see.

  32. This is deja vu all over again like when the “Pope” went from the executive office down to be field manager. Charlie was on the payroll anyway, is highly respected as a hitting coach, and is a legend so you might think he is funny with his malaprops, but you must treat him as the affable legendary gent that he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is on both a corrective and discovery journey to report back to the big guys what is really going on. In the end, it relieves what had the makings of a pot boiling over – Charlie will turn down the fire and likely get more positive results or the players may be so ingrained with the elevate to celebrate that its too late this year. Its still a breath of fresh air.

    1. And Charlie has been through this before. He had replaced Milt Thompson with Greg Gross in 2010 and the offense immediately improved.

      1. DMAR….GG came in July 2010, then GG was fired after the 2011 season when the slide began in its earliest stages. At 75 years old, Charlie is a 7 week interim.
        My guess, possibly a new manager will select a new hitting coach for 2020.

        1. Probably as Middleton didn’t speak that glowingly of the Kap Meister at the end of last year.

          Obviously if he keeps McPhail and Klentak he will have to own that it was his decision. George Steinbrenner used to go over the top of his GM all the time. In some moves he was wrong and others probably right but he always owned them.

          Hence Cash is still GM to this day and while he has piled up the wins and the playoff appearances its been 10 long years since his last WS title.

  33. This seems like a life line to Gabe. Get it turned around or next year is no longer a lock. Here is help to get you there too.

    I don’t expect Charlie to overcome the pitching woes of this team , but I’d expect to get the last 20 games of an offense that is alive again

  34. Let’s hope this helps. I’m tired of seeing Rhys Hoskins take a fast ball down the middle of the plate on count 1. The pitchers know he’s unlikely to swing at anything on count 1.

  35. Charlie doesn’t matter. Been told that veteran players do their own thing anyway. Move is to appease the fanbase.

    1. Based on the Sporting News interview of Dave Madagan hitting coach for the Diamondbacks, I’m not buying what you are selling. Therefore, on a veteran team there is no need to have one and nothing for him to do.

  36. was looking at the 2016 draft, with Moniak, Gowdy, Cole, and had a few interesting things jump out at me- realizing all teams hit and miss, but while the Phils had almost 15 mil of bonus money:
    the Dodgers get their next star Gavin Lux at 20 for slot, their new catcher Will Smith at 32 below slot, their #10 prospect Mitchell White (though getting destroyed in AAA this year) 400k under slot at 65, Dustin May for 1 million bucks at 101 (after we opened the round spending our 1 mil on Cole Stobbe), their #13 prospect DJ Peters at 131, at #161 Devin Smeltzer (traded with 8th round pick Luke Raley for Brian Dozier) is starting for the Twins, 7th round SS Errol Robinson had success til reaching AAA this year, even 8th rounder Andre Scrubb (traded for Tyler White recently) has career minor league stats of 21-6, 2.29, and $2500 9th round Tony Gonsolin, has a win and a save for the Dodgers this year. 11th rounder AJ Alexy was dealt in the Yu Darvish trade. That’s a truly awesome draft year.

    Cleveland got Nolan Jones at 55, then SP’S Aaron Civale at 92, then Shane Bieber at 122 (MLB scouting report said he lacked out pitch), and Zach Plesac in round 12- could be 3/5 of their rotation for the next 5 plus years.

    Jay Groome still not pitching 15 months after Tommy John.
    Of the Braves 4 HS arms, Anderson, Wilson, Muller still on track while Wentz dealt for Shane Greene.
    Pete Alonso and Bo Bichette were picks 64 and 66.

  37. I interested to see what becomes of Roman Quinn, have enjoyed following him over the years and of course the talk will always been if he can ever stay healthy. Was looking at his numbers for the last 28 days,

    42 abs, 12 hits, 3 HR, 3 SB, 6 BB, 9 K’s, .286/.375/.524/.899

    if he can stay healthy next year, and while it’s a very small sample size but if he could be around those numbers over a full season it would be great to have him around. On the other hand then what do they do with Haseley, unless Cutch struggles to return to from from the ACL injury.

    1. My initial thought was you just play him 2/3 out of the 7 days in center to help keep Quinn healthy and then give him another 2/3 spelling the other two OFers. But 1) Bryce never sits and 2) Gabe won’t even put Haseley in to replace a hurt OFer let alone a healthy one. So apparently the two can’t co-exist together on a roster while Gabe is in charge.

      I’ve played devil’s advocate for Kapler a lot on this site this year, but I’m not defending this BS. Stop preventing him from developing. Let him play. Especially in a no-brainer situation like tonight where your options were him or a 34 YEAR OLD JOURNEYMAN WHO HAS NEVER BEEN A GOOD HITTER AND ISN’T PARTICULARLY GIFTED AT DEFENSE, EITHER. I hope the first thing Cholly does in his new capacity is to tell Gabe how stupid that move was.

      1. I try to stay out of the Kapler discussion, I’m not a big fan of how he handles the bullpen, it also can’t be good how much Hoskins, Harper especially never seem to have a day off. I’m not baseball smart enough to understand batting Segura 4th, Harper and Hoskins 1-2. I try to understand it but it makes my head hurt, although I heard Kruk talk a little about it during tonights game where he said and then I think he knew he couldn’t say too much more. He said something like and that’s why you have to have Segura in the 2nd hole after he had a hit.

        1. I heard him say that as well and he was SPOT ON. Here is the lineup – Segura bats second until he is either retired or traded – the silly lineups that Kap puts out there is like pulling numbers out of a hat. It really is very simple – damn the stats – they are nonsense. Right now, without Cutch, Hernandez, Segura, Harper, Rhys or Realmuto, then the other not used in 4th slot, Dickerson, Kingery, Quinn or Haseley, then P.

    2. We’ve all known for quite a while that Roman Quinn has electric talent. He’s a star waiting to break out, but he hasn’t put up the numbers due to the injuries. He’s the one guy you don’t dare throw into a trade in my view. His value to the Phillies greatly exceeds his trade value. You hold onto him, hope he can stay healthy for a while and keep him on the team. He is so much fun to watch.

  38. I’m trying to get my head around today’s news, but I’m the meantime I had a question for the forum. I’ve been thinking about suggesting a “phantasy phuture Phillies” game, where interested participants on this site could engage in a just for phun, non phinancial, low maintenance, long term game where we would in essence draft prospects based on our phuture WAR projections.

    Would be interested to know if this sounds interesting to everyone? Anyone? Someone?

    1. That’s, in essence, just a longer term dynasty league. Typically in dynasty formats, you’ll hold onto a prospect or two so you have him before he’s “draft eligible”.

      I’m not saying not to not do it, but I personally think it won’t be as fun as you might imagine. Plus it’d probably be a decent amount of work to organize and maintain. That’s just my opinion, though. People that like playing the stock market might get a good kick out of it.

  39. As for Rhys’ struggles, he only needs to watch some film of JTR. His shot to right center last night was text book, front foot lifted, wait for the delivery, go right with the pitch.

    On another painful note, I hate to sound like one player is solely ruining my enjoyment of the 2019 season. But Sean Rodriguez has absolutely no business at all being on this roster. Gabe will find any excuse whatsoever to get him in the game. When Dickerson K’d twice vs the lefty Quintana last night (as did most hitters in the lineup it seemed), it was so painfully predictable that Kapler would shamelessly replace him with his pal, sadly the only right handed bat available (which is another wrong on Klentak). Sickening. When does it stop!

    1. Hoskins….maybe that is who he is.
      Sees a lot of pitches….takes walks, but can be streaky with the bat
      A serviceable defense, and maybe just a less an offensive player than Bobby Abreu.
      Whereas Bobby was a 5/6WAR player..Rhys will be a 3/4WAR player.

      Sean Rod…agree…enough already.
      Austin Listi would work for me.
      Kapler seems to have an aversion to yuoth….Calloway takes his chanbces with JD Davis and Jeff Mcneil, Maybe let Listi have a shot…DFA SeRod.

      1. They’re stuck with Rodriguez because they need the bench player that can play both IF and OF and Listi doesn’t fit that role.

        That doesn’t justify Gabe’s insistence on playing him over Haseley/Dickerson regardless of the righty/lefty matchups. Rodriguez should be the last man off the bench, not the first.

        1. Listi has also played.. LF, 3rd and first if need be.
          …3B …

          Does it really matter at this point what kind of defense he plays vs Rodriguez!

      2. I love Rhys Hoskins, but it’s very hard for a good hitting first baseman to have more value than a right-fielder. On top of that, Abreu was just a much better athlete than Hoskins – he ran the bases better, had a better hit tool and played a much more challenging position.

        But I think the best version of Hoskins is quite a bit better than what we’ve seen recently. One thing I know about Hoskins when he is going well is that he can hit an elite fastball. But something about the approach that he and Harper were taking led them to really be vulnerable to fastballs; really slow to react, perhaps because they were looking to drive pitches so hard. One thing Charlie Manuel’s teams always did was feast on fastballs, because they were loose, quick to the ball and kept things simple.

        1. If ever there was a guy that might need a few days off its Hoskins. I love Rhys but he’s lost right now at the plate and maybe a short little IL stint and some Logan Morrison will help him to clear his head and decompress.

          McCarthy read a quote from Maddon last night that was pretty emphatic and telling about the state of hitting in this game. It also didn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for Mallee.

          Pro sports has always been monkey see monkey do. Something obviously is broke for us when you take a look at what other young players around the league are doing.

          1. Well, Maddon fired Mallee a year after he was the hitting coach for the WS champions. Maddon is not an impulsive guy, so I’m guessing he’s not too enamored with his approach.

            1. This is where it gets a bit sticky from an organizational stand point towards the hitting approach.
              Mallee and Jared Ochart…Driveline….signed on together with the Phillies org to promote an alternative to the hitting approach….thru-out the system.

              Ochart and Mallee got together at the Slugfest Coaches Clinic in November, 2018, and Mallee decided to engage Ochart to think about how he’d change, alter and try to solve some player-development problems. The Phillies wanted to go in a different direction along those lines.

              So we will have to see what the future direction goes.
              I do not expect Charlie to be more than a 7-week interim guy anyway at the MLB level…..and assume the Driveline program will probably stay in place to give it a chance.

    2. Your hatred of Sean Rodriguez (a bench player) is getting laughable. You should be directing your anger toward the STARTERS who are not getting the job done like Hoskins, and to a lesser extent, Harper. Sean Rodriguez is only playing because Cutch is hurt AND Bruce is hurt AND Dickerson got drilled. That’s the only reason why Rodriguez is playing. Else, he goes back on the bench where he belongs. And if you’re wondering why he’s on the bench, it’s because Maikel has no position flexibility. So all those conditions had to come true for Rodriguez to play. So relax.

      1. The Rodriguez hate in general is overstated for sure. But any time he’s playing and Haseley isn’t is a disservice to Haseley. The kid needs playing time to continue his development. And it’s not as if we’re sacrificing anything by having Haseley in instead of Rodriguez. So I disagree that last night was a perfect storm result. It would have been if Haseley was also hurt, but he wasn’t. Gabe essentially just used his 5th OF instead of his 3rd/4th for no other reason than a lefty being on the mound. Haseley REALLY needs those ABs, because it’s not often you get to practice against an excellent lefty.

        1. The dilemma here (and I’ve mentioned before), is that the Phillies are trying to win games. They can’t afford to wait for Haseley to struggle and/or adjust. If Rodriguez has a decent track record against lefties and Haseley has no record at all, who are you going to go with in crunch time? Every good team will go through this. The Phillies went through this with Domonic Brown years ago. The focus RIGHT NOW is to win games, not to develop Adam Haseley. In this case, the more prudent choice would be to send Haseley to Lehigh so he can get regular ABs.

          1. That would be a dilemma… if it weren’t for the fact that Haseley has hit better and been a better defender than Rodriguez…

            That’s why I said we aren’t sacrificing by having Haseley in instead. For his career, Rodriguez is only a .248 hitter against lefties and has struck out over 25% of the time against them. While Haseley is only hitting .211 against them while striking out 28.5% of the time, his numbers are at least small sample size and we have a reason to expect he could improve on that. Plus the aforementioned defense, we’re not losing production with Haseley in the lineup against ANY pitcher over Rodriguez. And Haseley comes with the potential for a much higher ceiling both in the near-and-long-term future.

            It’s one thing to sit the kid for someone like Dickerson who is a legitimate threat against lefties. But sitting him in favor of someone who doesn’t even hit or defend at league average levels is a joke.

  40. Driveline in place throughout the organizational system could be concerning. Did they buy a pig in a poke? Now before you rip me……….the key words are could be, not will be. DMAR…..thanks for posting article on Maddon/Mallee.

    1. IMO, Driveline has had some success thru out the league with other orgs……I can only assume Josh Bonifay, with Klentak will give it more than a 6 month trial.

      I do not know how Charlie takes to the approach.
      The older guys may be a bit skeptical to it..

    2. My pleasure…

      I think the key point Maddon was trying to make is how quickly pitchers have been able to mitigate “launch angle” how many high fastballs did we K on last night.

      1. You are definitely right on the high FB. A good way to negate launch angle. Kingery looked especially bad on one last night. I don’t know the final tally on K’s but, at one point I thought they said it was 14. 27 outs in a game and over half of ours were K’s.

        1. 14 by Quintana, 15 total. So last night was rough for strike outs, but in general the Phils are fine. They rank dead center in baseball (tied with the Cardinals and Giants) for K% at 22.8 (Braves and Mets sit at 22.6, while the Rays sit at 23.9, for reference).

    1. These scouting reports align with my thinking. Bohm has the ability to be a middle-of-the-order major league slugger. Moniak’s outcome is unclear, although he may have the ability to be a major league regular.

      1. I have been saying for a while that one of the biggest issues with Moniak was his draft position and the comments that Johnny A had, calling his hit tool a “70 that needs no projection”. That set the wrong expectations. If he was an 11th round over slot signing he would have far surpassed his expectations. The proof of this point is that Josh Stephens was an 11th round over slot signing in the same draft and no one talks about him even though he is outperforming Mickey at the same age and level.

    2. Good reading on Bohm.
      And he does seem more optimistic on MM then some of the others who are scouting the minor leagues.

      1. Romus the little video I have seen on Bohm, is exciting. cause he uses the whole field ,Doesnt look like he pulls pitches, Hits it where its pitch love that, The hardest step will be triple a, That league has so many junk ball pitchers, with the worst umpires I have seen,,

        1. Agree……triple A pitchers are more experienced, with better command, so he will need to adapt. I assume he starts there next year, so thru the winter he should get to see some more experienced pitchers……wondering if he will be sent to the AFL.
          Like to see both him and Moniak go out there next month.

    3. Thanks for that. I thought his view on Bohm was great and even his view on MM was very positive, saying: “it’s obvious he’s a very good player, with a potential future as an everyday big leaguer.”

      Also, thought this was interesting from Kylie McDaniel’s Fangraphs chat today:

      Mr. Marple: Is there a particular age at which you start weighting stats more heavily than tools? (Or: how does it depend on position, pedigree, etc.?)

      Kiley McDaniel: AA and AAA is where it becomes more important both because they’ve been at a pro level for a few years and are at least 21 and the pitching resembles MLB pitching

      Kiley McDaniel: before AA and/or age 21 the performance can be weighed a good bit less

  41. Saw this bit on the relationship between the young Altuve and John Mallee:

    “The tiny Altuve, who’d signed out of Venezuela for only $15,000 and had never appeared on top-prospect lists, had defied the odds and flummoxed scouts just by getting to the big leagues, but his five-foot-five-ish head seemed to be bumping up against a low power ceiling: Through more than 1,500 MLB plate appearances, he’d slugged just .377.

    Over the 2013–2014 offseason, he worked with the team to implement a more forceful approach. “That was [hitting coach] John Mallee,” Fast says. “And it was based on data that I shared with him (from his questions) about the value of getting the ball in the air. He told Altuve to meet the ball out front and helped him retool his swing to do that.” Altuve slumped as he perfected the timing of a new leg kick, and at the end of April his slugging percentage still stood in the .370s. After that, though, the new swing clicked”

  42. Looks like Arrieta will delay his decision for another week since he is headed to the IL..
    I assume back dated a few days ago..

    1. Sad news. Is this the first confirmed passing of a regular poster on PP? I can’t recall another.

      RIP, hopefully the Phils can make a run to the World Series in your honor. Condolences to family and friends, as well.

      1. Phillies and Eagles’ fans do travel. Now we have Wawa Mike attending our games up in heaven. RIP.

    2. Rest in peace Wawa Mile. Always enjoyed your posts. Caught me off guard. Seems like he was here posting yesterday.

    3. I never met Wawa Mike and I’ve never met any of you but we are a community now and I will miss his contributions to our discussions.

      RIP Mike

    4. This is so sad, he was a very good poster on this site. It reminds me that I want to thank each and every one of you here who, in good faith, provides commentary and discussion. My understanding of the minor league and baseball in general has progressed leaps and bounds by being on this site over the last 12 or 13 years (my God, it really has been that long).

  43. Oh no! What a shame! May he rest in peace, and my condolences to his family. I enjoyed all his posts. And thank you Romus for letting us know.

    1. Sorry to hear about the passing of Wawa Mike. Always seemed liked a friendly and knowledgeable guy.

    1. rocco……his brother, who lives outside Philly, use to send him Wawa coffee…thus the handle Wawa Mike.

      1. Never met Wawa Mike but Phuture Phillies really is a community and we have lost a neighbor. RIP and condolences to the family. If you haven’t read his obituary, do so. He asks to be remembered in laughter and for those who grieve with tears, that they dry before sun rise. What a great sentiment.

        Jim thanks again for all you do. You bring this wonderful community together and at times like these, that is transcending.

  44. i take most things Harold Reynolds says with a grain of salt,..but on MLB he said he was talking to Charlie in Cooperstown and asked him about Harper, and Charlie said “simple fix”. Then Harold started telling Charlie he was going to be hitting coach and Charlie said “not my call”- said he called people with Phils asking why isnt Charlie the hitting coach, or something to that affect.
    He is giving Charlie full credit to the Phils tonight, with the simple message of hunting fastballs- Phils had no swings and misses on fastball against Hamels.

  45. Just think about how many games the Phillies would be leading the NL East by if they had just named Cholly hitting coach last winter.

    1. I love to know, how many games they lost in the ninth inning this year. with 2 outs and 2 strikes on the batter. I remember about 4 but could be more

      1. I can try to figure that out. Do you mean while we’re pitching, or while we’re hitting?

        If hitting, do you mean while the tying run is at the plate specifically?

        1. I checked out the pitching side since odds are that’s what you meant. Only two games we lost in the 9th or later with 2 outs and 2 strikes on the hitter:

          4/19 against the Rockies, Nicasio gives up a walk-off 2-run homer in the 12th after we had taken the lead in the previous half inning.

          And 4/25 against the Marlins, Neris gave up a 2-run shot in the top of the 10th and we failed to score in our half.

          There are 3 other games we lost with 2 outs in the final inning, but we didn’t have two strikes on the batter in those:

          4/15 against the Mets, Neshek gave up a single and a walk in the top of the 11th, got the next two outs, and then a run scored on an error by Hoskins. We failed to score in the bottom half (3 straight strikeouts by Bryce, Rhys, and JT, for what it’s worth).

          7/13 against the Nats, Neris got the first two outs in the top of the 9th, then gave up a single and a homer on back-to-back pitches. We didn’t score in the bottom.

          And 8/2 against the White Sox, Quinn got two outs in the top of the 15th, got the next batter to 2 strikes before he singled. Then a walk and another single plated a run and we didn’t score in the bottom half.

          I was surprised to only see one walk-off against us…

  46. Rest in peace Wawa Mile. Always enjoyed your posts. Caught me off guard. Seems like he was here posting yesterday.

  47. Pull and elevate. Pull and elevate. Work deep counts. Tonight the Phils attacked early fastballs. Bryce goes the other way in first. When Charlie was managing Howard and Thome, I think those guys hit more out to LF and CF then RF. Was nice to see Bryce take one the other way, hopefully a sign of things to come.

    I also love Charlie’s quote that he teaches off the strengths of each hitter not “The Charlie Manuel” way. This might be the Emotional intelligence that has been lacking in the dugout. I think this staff has been teaching “their way” and trying to get everyone to conform rather than altering the approach.

    And lastly, Gabe’s quote of the day, speaking of watching Seranthony throw in the bullpen – “It gave me goosebumps.”

  48. With Dan Straily pitching pretty well in Lehigh, and Zach Eflin still giving us pause about his durability, the former may still be a rotation option down the stretch.

    1. 8mark….that may be their reasoning, especially if after Arrieta decides what he will do at the completion of his IL is to shut himself down for the remainder of the season, then Straily could be the option…it would be great if he could recapture his Miami 2017 form again.

  49. “Cholly old Saint Nicholas lean your ear this way”
    “Hit the fastballs real hard, hitting season is here today”

    Cholly shows up at Citizens Bank Park,and the Phils explode for 11 runs!

    Yes,it’s only one game,but I’m going to enjoy this one for awhile.I bet it was awesome to be there,chanting his name.

  50. Buddy B mentions it above and I credit Jeff Lurie with coining the term “Emotional Intelligence” after he canned Chip Kelly.

    It’s not an easy thing for really intelligent people and really analytical people to grasp. I’m not sure that is or was Mallee’s issue. There are 2 really good hitters at least that credit his tutelage with their success.

    that said at the end of a pro season results matter and they matter quite a bit.

  51. It looks like Manuel got Bryce to do the double toe tap, similar to what Rollins did in the past.

    You have to give Bryce some credit, he’s not afraid to try new things when hitting.

    1. I have zero regrets about them signing Bryce Harper. He is getting hot now and he’s going to have some really good years here. He hustles, acts respectfully, gets along with his teammates, understands Philly and our fans and doesn’t act entitled. I have no problem with him whatsoever and think he’ll be part of the solution long term.

    2. I have seen Bryce try new things during an at bat.
      I guess he can do that since his hand/eye coordination coupled with his exerted bat speed are so much better than the normal player

    3. According to Bryce, the toe had nothing to do with Charlie Manual. It was something he added on his own..

  52. This year’s draft is shaping up really well so far. They went for value, value, value and it looks like it might pay off in a big way especially in light of that fact that they had no second round pick.

    1. As I’ve mentioned before, getting 1 starter from a draft is a big success. But the last few drafts, it’s a possibility that we can get 2 players:

      2019: Stott, Miller
      2018: Bohm, Simmons
      2017: Haseley, Howard

      Phillies got Kingery from 2015, Nola AND Hoskins from 2014.

  53. Now that JT is getting hot, I’m wondering how much the Phillies will have to pay him for his new contract. He looks to be in line for around $10M in arbitration, so I’m hoping he agrees to 5 years, $100M and buy out that last arbitration year.

    1. They want him here, he wants to be here, and they have money. I suspect it will work out just fine. I’m not worried about keeping him.

    2. 5 years is probably the outside time frame of my comfort. There aren’t a lot of good 34 year-old catchers in major league history. Catchers tend to hit the wall at around 32-34 with all the wear and tear.

  54. The Guru…agree with you about the draft picks but where I think the Phils have lagged wayyyyyyyy behind so many of the talented organizations is in producing top hitting Latin signees. I think this is why I am so excited about Rojas and Aparicio. I have not seen reports like these for Phillie signees since the days of Samuel and Franco [you are talking early 80’s here.] And thats not hyperbole.

    Oh, Amaro would rave about an Encarnacion or Ortiz but league wide, scouts were always skeptical and voiced it repeatedly. This always gave me pause, though the Phillie phan in me would try and ignore it. Now, with both Rojas and Aparicio its not Phillie guys who are raving about them, its national guys.

    One of the ironies of following the Phillies organization over the years was the almost universal agreement that Uncle Sal was one of the best at his job in the entire system. I have always been one of his biggest trumpeters and still am. But truth be told, he was much better at digging up complimentary pieces than striking gold on an Acuna or Soto and this is the main difference between the Phils and the Braves/Nationals.

    Thats why its so very important for Rojas and Aparicio to pan out. I mean this is truly BIG. Because they are already being touted by national organizations like Baseball America and Fangraphs. These guys matter.

    Let’s hope they don’t turn out to be Fool’s Gold and that the Phils newfound affection for Driveline doesn’t put a dent in the hitting ability of the two. They both seem to be the real deal.

    1. Maikel Franco had some good ratings early on especially at 18-years old @Williamsport and 19 @ Lakewood.

  55. That game was for Wawa Mike….RIP….. my sincerest sympathy.

    Also —– all the best for Jim’s spouse – hopefully all turns out for the best.

    Go Phillies….

    1. RU, you gotta believe he asked the baseball gods for that one! I remember talking about tracking Harper with him in Vegas, pretty fitting it’s Harper with the key hit. Well the baseball gods got another Phillies fan to chime in there ears.

      Wishes for Jim’s wife as well, that’s the stuff that matters

  56. Matt Gelb says Middleton sought input from both inside AND outside the organization before bringing Uncle Charlie back into the dugout. And should the Phillies ride Harper’s bat to a wild card berth over these final 6 weeks, he’ll be an MVP candidate. He may reach 100 RBIs before Labor Day. The starting pitching is still troubling but that can be countered by lots of “crooked numbers”. I’d like to give Dan Straily a shot up here. Another arm or 2 besides Nola’s needs to capture some magic down the stretch.

  57. Don’t know if these two things are connected … but … Bryce Harper has caught fire just as he is about to become a father (for the first time). His wife Kayla is due any day now. I Ithink that’s why Harper’s parents are in town.

    1. About a month ago Bryce mentioned that he and his wife had found a house to buy. He really had a lot on his mind. I just love the guy.

  58. I saw a crazy Harper stat last week when he had his first multi HR game, they said the last time he had a multi HR game was in May of ’18, so for a guy that hits that many homers to go 15 months without hitting more then 1 in a game and then he has 2 multi HR games in 5 days. Then last nights absolute bomb, looks like the power is heating up for him.

    1. Closing in on him is Yelich, over the next 6 weeks Bellinger cannot afford to go into Yny slumps
      Telich with a high 1.11 OPS and .690 SLG….but he won it last year and if the Brewers miss the play-offs that will against him.

      1. LA media market vs. Milwaukee media market will be as big of a factor as anything if they end up with similar numbers.

        1. Yeah…if Yelich’s team gets into the play-offs that could help him…..but better not at the expense of the Phillies.

    2. Or Yelich – there is almost nothing statistically separating those two players. They are like stat twins this year.

      1. Pipe dream. Bryce goes on a tear ends up with 35/115/.270 Phillies win WS and BH is MVP.

        Sorry, I’m visiting Denver this weekend and ……

    3. Corey Seidman just posted a piece on MyTeams where a couple metrics support Harper as the most clutch hitters in MLB this season. Another 6 hot weeks and who knows? Granted the climb is steep for him. But his historic flair for the dramatic could also sway many voters.

      1. It’s nearly inconceivable to imagine a scenario where he would be so good and those two other guys so bad where he would deserve to be the MVP. I mean, he has around 3 WAR now and they have around 6.5-7 WAR and there’s a month and a half left of the season.

      2. Going by the industry standard….1WAR equates to $8M….Harper currently at 2.9fWAR ….and right now he projects to 3.3fWAR for a 162 game season or $26M….bingo, close to his AAV.( $10M salary plus $20M signing bonus paid in two installments ….June 1 and Nov. 1)

          1. Bryce needs to be giving us more WAR now because you figure he’s going to be giving a lot less when he’s in his mid-30s.

            1. I hope he has …thru his age34 season (8 years)…..plenty of 4 or better WAR seasons….he has to avoid seasons like ’14-’16-’18 …only 3.9bWAR total

    4. You guys are overlooking a 3rd major MVP candidate! RINALD ACUNA! You can’t talk NL MVP without his name in the mix. He’s been amazing, statistically and carrying the team at times! He’s unstoppable.

      Honestly, I believe he’s going to be this generations Griffey Jr. I’m serious. A little different profile but equally electrifying.

      1. no doubt, he’s got MVP’s in his future but it”s Bellinger or Yelich this year- probably Bellinger, but Yelich certainly got back in the groove last night after his latest back woes.

  59. I’ve never been on the “Harper is having a bad season” wagon . . . Is it a good season to his standards? No but it hasn’t be terrible at all esp when you add in the clutch stats. He could have more HR but I could careless how he’s driving in runs, as long as he’s driving them in . . . And he is. Also for all the bad season talk (not saying on here but in the media, sports talk radio, Twitter, etc) he is more than likely gonna exceed his career highs in doubles and RBI, all while getting on base at close to a .380 clip and slugging around .500. What’s great is, imho he’ll almost certainly outperform this year for the next several years. If this is a down year, i’ll take it.

    Wish Wawa Mike could have seen it . . . Maybe he did.

  60. I posted this a few days ago but man is Roman Quinn heating up, small sample size but in the last 28 days going into today,

    50 ab’s, 17 hits, 3 HR, 8 RBI, 4 SB, 6 BB, 11 K’s, .340/.411/.600/1.011

    June – 20 ab’s – .100/.217/.150/.367
    July – 25 ab’s – .160/.222/.320/.542
    Aug – 34 ab’s – .382/.462/.647/1.109

    1. Well, it’s been overdue – Roman Quinn comes up gimpy running out a ground ball and reportedly has tightness in his right groin.

    2. When McCutchen got injured Phil’s lost their leadoff hitter, spark plug, CF. The offense immediately began to sputter.

      For the past 4 days, Quinn has been an instrumental player and clearly Kapler/FO recognize that as he’d moved up to leadoff. Given how many players have been atop the lineup card lately i think they were hoping to pencil Quinn into a bigger role for the final stretch, hoping they finally had another spark plug.
      Thus injury is very disappointing. To Roman and to the team.

  61. Games left on the schedule….40.
    If the Phillies can only finish the season, as they started the first 40 (24-16), that will get them to 88 wins…..and maybe one of the WC spots.

  62. Arrieta season ending surgery. MLBTR

    Robertson TJ surgery will miss this year and next 6 2/3 innings, worst contract ever.

      1. I am trying not to react to post in a negative way. But to say the Mets Made a Mistake with bobby bonnita,, means if they are stupid its okay we are, You can in life always find something worst. But how in world does that matter to us that our G.M. made stupid moves with old relief pitchers. I cant take homer comments. This gm failed with all his pitching moves. so don’t try to justify, him with a mets dumb signing.

        1. It wasn’t a stupid signing. Robertson had been one of the best and one of the most durable relievers in all of baseball for 9 years up to this point. Injuries can happen to anyone. That doesn’t mean you just stop signing players because they might get hurt.

          There’s a reason everyone was having a positive reaction when the news broke that we signed him in the offseason. To complain about it now because he had a serious injury is ridiculous.

      2. It’s probably more accurate to say the Mets offered Bonilla a long term annuity in lieu of some upfront payments. It probably made sense to Bonilla from a life/ retirement planning perspective and it certainly made sense from the Mets owners perspective given that they were earning a much higher return from Bernie Madoff’s split-strike option strategy.

    1. which one?
      robertson at least hadnt been in a decline like Arrietta, and nothing to give the idea this injury was coming. I had preferred Britton as a FA but not sure what it would have taken to get Zach, and though most of his numbers are solid he’s walked 29 in 50 innings.
      but the robertson signing, in conjunction with the Hunter and Neshek signings, certainly have left the bullpen in shambles.

      1. That is true. Ryan Howard’s 5 year, $125M will be go down as one of the worst ever, and probably the worst in Phillies history. Howard’s WAR in those 5 years was -4.6.

      2. I don’t know if it is the worst ever, but $25,000,000.00 is pretty steep for 6 and 2/3 innings.

        1. Did you not read what I wrote about Howard’s contract? If the Phillies gave $125M to Ryan Howard to STAY HOME for 5 years and the Phillies pick up a street FA to play 1B, odds are, that person would play BETTER than Ryan Howard. That’s $125M down the drain vs $25M for Robertson.

          1. My post was intended to follow 3ups, not yours. I concede with your point on Howard’s contract being worse.

  63. If you add Nicasio, about $40 Million worth of relief pitching needs to be replaced. I know they still have to pay Robertson, and hopefully they have Insurance, but that represents 4 high leverage situation RPs that must be upgraded. Hopefully SerAnthony comes back. Maybe Pivetta is one but I am not counting on that.

    1. matt13……bad luck with the RP injuries….but they were veterans with plenty of under under their belt….so not a total surprise with relief arms with wear
      Of all the high end relievers signed this off-season, the Yankees in Ottavino and Britton may have come out with the best results.

      The question remains how do you build a bullpen…..maybe the way he has done it in the last three weeks…..Parker, Hughes, Morin….ilo of high price veteran off-season signings.
      And add to that also from within the organization.

      There does not seem to be any one successful formula for it.

  64. To Romus – I agree with you. If we can agree all relief pitchers are relatively unpredictable year to year (other than a very select few) how do you build a pen ? I would submit it is a combination of young organization pitchers who throw 100 mph (like Munoz ? who Phils faced last night), broken but experienced vets (the loogys, Fernando Rodney’s of the world), and some “proven” experts (Madson) who are good for 3 – 4 years at most. And then, they have to stay healthy. With the possible exception of the Yankees, maybe Houston, most of the bullpens have been team’s issues this year. To rocco’s point above, just because Mets traded their # 1 and # 2 prospects for Diaz (horrible year) and a washed up 2B with a monster contract, doesn’t relieve Phillies FO from doing a better job than they have done with the pen. If anything – in limited time – the marginal pick ups K has made have at least been operative – Morin, Parker, and hopefully, Hughes ??

  65. How ironic that Vince Velasquez is holding his own as a starter, while Eflin who seems spent for the season, and Pivetta who’s wound so tight and been crapping the bed lately, aren’t showing promise as future SP’s. Might be time to bring Dan Straily up. At least he’s a known commodity as a major league pitcher. If only Pivetta had Cole Irvin’s poise and confidence despite his lack of big league stuff.

    I’ve always agreed with Whitey Ashburn’s sentiment when he proclaimed, “I don’t like pitchers, Harry.” There are a few exceptions. Very few.

    1. Dan Straily is a known commodity? In a bad way right? His ERA is 9.82 and his WAR is -1.2. As much as VV/Eflin/Pivetta are underperforming, they are actually positive WAR.

      As much as you’re frustrated with the Phillies, bringing up Dan Straily is not anywhere close to being a solution.

      1. Straily, not Eickhoff.

        And what happened to Medina in 2 innings of relief today? 3 hits, 4 walks, 7 runs from 2 long balls. Eeesch!! Yeah, forget about bringing him up.

  66. Looking at today’s lineup vs the lefty Lucchesi. Why in God’s name is Gabe still leading off with a lost Rhys Hoskins? And as long as there’s an injured list (and Kapler is managing), Sean Rodriguez will always have a major league roster spot. He’s at 3b today. What a disgrace!

      1. 8mark I have seen listi I don’t like his swings against breaking balls. I don’t know if he will hit

      2. Gosselin is a better hitter and more versatile than SeRod is also on 40-man roster. Hitting mid .300’s with Pigs.

  67. Can’t wait for the Phillies to take two at Fenway….then get swept in Miami. What a deflating season this has been. The Padres series took the joy from sweeping the Cubs.

      1. Went to the game today – what a let down. The lineup ? who made that up, a Little League Coach ? the loud outs and extended at bats that Gabe told us made for a magnificent performance and outstanding work ethic, etc…The shame of it is that Vargas did his job – for once, a real starting pitcher job…and absolutely no offense. What I don’t understand is – why have Rodriguez at 3B when you have Franco at LV ???? Yes – I know the stat heads would say he hits lefties better – who cares at this point ? Try and build some value in Franco so you can trade him ? try and do something with him because when you play the Mets you have to have him in the lineup…..this season is such a let DOWN…..

    1. I hope you caught the post game with Gabe, for awhile I thought we won the game and I had watched a rerun of another game.

  68. I hope our manager checked out the Braves game today and saw what happened to the rain VP candidate with the dog did on a fly ball. Battle versus warGabe, battle versus war.

    1. I liked what the manager told him, Pops, “The name on the front is more important than the name on the back”!

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