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Threshers Recap – 8/27/2019

Reading lost and Trenton won.  The Phil’s lead is 2.5 games.  Both teams have 6 games remaining, including 4 with each other in Trenton this weekend.  The elimination number (1) on Reading’s home page can’t be right.  I calculate their magic number to be three.  Hartford lost, so the Phils have clinched the second best record in their division, so they have secured a playoff spot regardless how the division race plays out.

The GCL Phillies West game was cancelled after it was rained out in the top of the fifth inning.  Thant cancellation clinched the division championship.  Both the Phillies and the Tigers West have 4 games remaining.  The Tigers trail by 4.5 games.  Congratulations to The Phillies West! Continue reading Threshers Recap – 8/27/2019