Open Discussion: Week of August 5th

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Key Dates:

  • September 1, 2019 – Roster expansion to 40 players (for the last time)
  • September 8, 2019 – Coaches and players report for Instructs
  • September 9, 2019 – Instructs’ workouts begin
  • September 18, 2019 – beginning of the Arizona Fall League
  • October 12, 2019 – Arizona Fall Stars Game
  • October 26, 2019 – Arizona Fall League Championship Game

The rosters and lists are up to date as of August 4th … there are 398 players in the org

8/4/19 – Phillies activated 2B Brad Miller from the 10-day IL
8/4/19 – Phillies activated RHP Hector Neris
8/4/19 – Phillies optioned 3B Maikel Franco to Lehigh Valley
8/4/19 – Tom Windle assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
8/4/19 – Jose Taveras activated by Lehigh Valley
8/4/19 – Seth McGarry assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
8/4/19 – Kevin Gowdy assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
8/4/19 – Taylor Lehman activated by Lakewood
8/4/19 – Cristian Lima released by DSL Red
8/4/19 – Carlos Valero activated by DSL Red
8/3/19 – Phillies sent 3B Mitch Walding outright to Lehigh Valley
8/3/19 – Pittsburgh claimed RHP Yacksel Rios off waivers from Philadelphia
8/3/19 – Lehigh Valley placed LHP Austin Davis on the Reserve List
8/3/19 – Reading sent RF Jose Pujols on a rehab assignment to GCL West
8/3/19 – Nick Williams activated by Lehigh Valley
8/2/19 – Phillies sign RHP Jaylen Eichler to a future services contract
8/2/19 – Phillies placed LHP Adam Morgan on the 10-day IL retro to 8/1, left flexor strain
8/2/19 – Phillies activated LF Corey Dickerson
8/2/19 – RF Danny Mayer assigned to Reading from Clearwater
8/2/19 – Reading placed RHP Luke Leftwich on the 7-day IL
8/2/19 – Clearwater activated RF Ben Aklinski from the 7-day IL
8/2/19 – Lakewood sent RHP Jonas De La Cruz on a rehab assignment to GCL West
8/2/19 – Jose Taveras assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
8/2/19 – Garrett Cleavinger assigned to Reading from Clearwater
8/2/19 – Taylor Lehman assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
8/2/19 – Manuel Silva activated by Lakewood
8/2/19 – Victor Santos assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
8/2/19 – Carlos Valero assigned to DSL Red from GCL East
8/2/19 – Roger Parraga suspended by DSL White
8/1/19 – RHP Hector Neris roster status changed by Phillies
8/1/19 – Phillies activated LHP Jason Vargas
8/1/19 – Phillies optioned LF Nick Williams to Lehigh Valley
8/1/19 – Phillies released RF Dylan Cozens
8/1/19 – Lehigh Valley activated RHP Dan Straily
8/1/19 – Lehigh Valley placed LHP Josh Tols on the 7-day IL, right ankle contusion
8/1/19 – C Kevin Escalante assigned to GCL West from DSL Red
7/31/19 – Lehigh Valley activated Edgar Garcia
7/31/19 – Reading activated Jose Taveras
7/31/19 – Seth McGarry assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
7/31/19 – Garrett Cleavinger assigned to Clearwater from Reading
7/31/19 – Gustavo Armas assigned to Clearwater from Reading
7/31/19 – Manuel Silva assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
7/31/19 – Carlos Valero assigned to GCL East from GCL West
7/31/19 – Cam Beauchamp assigned to GCL West from GCL East
7/31/19 – Phillies designated RF Dylan Cozens for assignment
7/31/19 – Pittsburgh traded LF Corey Dickerson to Phillies
7/31/19 – Baltimore traded RHP Dan Straily to the Phillies for cash
7/31/19 – RHP Dan Straily assigned to Lehigh Valley
7/31/19 – RHP Colton Eastman assigned to Reading from Clearwater
7/31/19 – GCL West activated C Carlos Oropeza from the RL
7/31/19 – GCL West released C Carlos Oropeza
7/30/19 – Phillies signed FA RHP Blake Parker
7/30/19 – Phillies optioned Edgar Garcia to Lehigh Valley
7/30/19 – 3B Mitch Walding designated for assignment by the Phillies
7/30/19 – Phillies sent RHP Jerad Eickhoff on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
7/30/19 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
7/30/19 – Lehigh Valley activated 1B Logan Morrison from the 7-day IL
7/30/19 – C Jack Conley assigned to Reading from Clearwater
7/30/19 – Reading placed C Nerluis Martinez on the 7-day IL
7/30/19 – RHP Jack Perkins assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
7/30/19 – Clearwater sent OF Ben Aklinski on a rehab assignment to GCL West
7/30/19 – C Rafael Marchan assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
7/30/19 – C Juan Aparicio assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
7/30/19 – C Mitchell Edwards assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
7/30/19 – RHP Engel Estevez assigned to GCL East from GCL West
7/30/19 – GCL West activated RHP Robinson Martinez from the RL
7/29/19 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs activated LF Jose Pirela
7/29/19 – Reading Fightin Phils activated C Nerluis Martinez from the 7-day IL
7/29/19 – Phillies trade C Austin Bossart to the Mets for LHP Jason Vargas and cash considerations
7/29/19 – RHP Yacksel Rios designated for assignment by the Phillies
7/29/19 – Clearwater sent OF Ben Aklinski on a rehab assignment to GCL East
7/29/19 – LHP Jhordany Mezquita assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
7/29/19 – LHP Taylor Lehman assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
7/29/19 – RHP DJ Jefferson assigned to GCL East
7/29/19 – C Rafael Marchan assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
7/29/19 – C Juan Aparicio assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport

321 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of August 5th

  1. Keeping Sean Rodriguez over Franco? Makes no sense. However, someone else will still have to be cut in a week when Bruce comes back.
    The Phils are a below 500 team when Nola doesn’t pitch. I don’t see that changing either.

    1. I think this is why franco was sent now. To give him more time to figure things out in the minors, maybe get anhitting instructor that gets through to him. He’lvl be called up when rosters expand.

      Bruce will knock out Rodriguez, but franco is still a surprising move to me. It was likely a shots fired type of move to energize the team… nope.

      The Mets are going to catch the Phillies for sure. Nola can’t hold off degrom, Syndergaard, stroman, and wheeler.

      1. Frankly, the Mets never should have been a below .500 team. They have too much talent. The problem, when we played them, was that they were not constructed properly (blame hiring an agent as the GM ) and did not have enough relief pitching – the drop off from the starters to the relievers was too great. But with those starters and young hitters – the core of that team is better than the Phillies so if they pass the Phils, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised.

    2. Makes perfect sense,

      “Maikey just doesn’t profile well as a bench player,” manager Gabe Kapler said. “We have quite a few outfielders at this point,” he said. “With that comes Scott most likely moving to the dirt. The most logical way for us to get Scott reps right now is at third base. That means we have to be very cognizant of our bench roles. Sean Rodriguez plays shortstop, he plays center field, he plays left field, he plays right field, he hits left-handed pitching, so he profiles in that role.

      “With Maikey, he doesn’t play multiple positions. He plays one position and he hasn’t really hit left-handed pitching well. So we have a left-handed power bat and on-base threat in Brad Miller and we definitely want to have that profile available on our bench, especially when we have a guy like Corey Dickerson and potentially he and Jay Bruce together in the lineup.”

  2. Over the weekend the Phillies eclipsed the 2M mark for attendance this season.
    Could reach the 2.5M mark for the season with a little over 20 home games left.

  3. Tough series but I know we are going to be good again. The old adage you can’t fire the players rings true to me.

  4. It is super exciting to see such high expectations for the Phighting Phils! As of today, with ten of the original 25 man roster officially injured or suspended, including two starting outfielders, one later roster addition also injured and two additional starting pitchers who should be considered injured, they were tied with the Nationals for a playoff spot, ahead of 80% of the teams in the League. Keep those goals lofty, Phuture Phillies readers!!!!

      1. The first year for many teams, after a re-hauling of a starting lineup, does not go well for some reason. Maybe for the Phillies of 2019 that is the case.
        Harper, JTR and Segura maybe want to impress too hard…the Cutch injury….all the other injuries in the pitching arena.
        The Twins for example,…..they rebounded this season after 78 wins last year, 85 wins in ’17 and a woeful 59 wins in ’16..

      2. sorry – 8mark.. my comment was meant to be an excited response to the sentiment “we suck” above

  5. Stros in the mode now looking for ‘ready- or- close- to-ready- majors’ LHPing….Jo Jo Romero to them for RHPs B. Abreu and J Solis. They have a need and Klentak should try to take advantage of their situation.
    They will more than likely claim someone off the waiver wire, but they still may take a chance with a prospect LHP in Triple A in their run.

  6. Pache is being promoted to AAA for the Braves. Looking at Moniaks numbers, you could make an argument that he should’nt be far behind. On the peripheral, Moniaks numbers are starting to rival Haselelys. Is the biggest difference the K/BB ratios, and less power? (From haseley) Pache supposedly doesn’t have the power protections either, I comp him to a healthy Roman Quinn.
    Friendly discuss of course, just looking to see the difference between Haselely and moniak, and peak over at the Braves system

    1. I’ll also add to this, Pache’s last 10 games, his k/bb tops Moniak, but overal season Moniak is better in this regard. Moniak, had a tough 10
      Gm stretch on this, 2/16 – Didn’t check who is younger, to factor that in, but Pache is rated #11 on MLBs top 100. I guess they are putting the too much heavy valuation Into the home ballparks on the stats. This was bough up earlier/debunked.
      I’m pretty pleased with Moniaks season, and am starting to suspect that Moniak will climb back onto the top 100 prospect list after this season. Hopefully another year older/maturity and the power numbers can bump closer to the 20hrs per year, turn some of those doubles into dingers, or a few of his triples. I’m getting bullish on Moniak again, looks like he is “developing”. Little ways to go, but it looks like he is getting there.

      1. Concerning Reading and the park factor….from Fangraphs’ Eric Longenhagen’s chat on Friday:

        Humpback Chubs
        You’ve consistently encouraged skepticism of power numbers in the Pioneer League. What other leagues in the minors cause misleading stat lines and how?

        Eric A Longenhagen
        for hitters: Cal League, Reading, Lansing
        arms: Texas league, FSL

  7. Seeing Raul Ibanez this weekend reminded that he should be a candidate for the Phillies next manager. While he doesn’t have managerial experience, per se, he is as highly respected within the industry. His straightforward manner and work ethic he showed as a player would IMO resonate much, much more than the hollow spins, platitudes and cliches of the current skipper. Baseball managers today have much more to do in keeping the clubhouse and dugout in order than the strategic aspects which are pretty much mapped out for them by the front office. Ibanez embodies the requisite traits and has been circulating as a MLB executive, most recently with LAD, so he’s up to speed on the trends of the game. Plus I’d rather hear the CBP crowd bellowing “RAUUULLL!!” instead of them booing Kapler as he walks to the mound. Since his playing days, I’ve always identified Ibanez as a future MLB manager. I hope he get the opportunity here. The writing on the wall for this coaching staff and their leader is legible – this isn’t working. Not for lack of effort, but the efforts seem misplaced and ineffective. It doesn’t matter how hard you work if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    1. Phillies 7-9 vs two teams……Marlins and White Sox..3/4 games swing in reverse direction would be a meaningful standing.

    2. imo kapler is a laid back, california dude who loves to be immersed in the numbers but is not a leader type. i believe a leader is someone who can motivate, instill confidence and even inspire his people to be even better than they think they can be. i don t get that at all from gabe. that may explain the serious under performance and listless play we see from this group. too much empty talk and cliches and no fire and passion.

      it is sometimes possible that the leadership can come from within the clubhouse or locker room but i don t think that s the case with this collection of players. rhys seems to be the go to guy for the media but he doesn t strike me as a kick ass leader.

      you can t fire the players, so if i were king, i would ditch gabe and find a manager that can shake this group out of their lethargy. without a change i think the downward spiral will continue.

      1. Same argument that was made 15 years ago when they got rid of Francona and replaced him with Bowa. How did that work out? after his act wore out, the moved on from Bowa and replaced him with a laid back manager in Charlie Manual.

        I’m not a fan of Kapler because I don’t think he understands how to use players or handle a bullpen but I don’t think his issue is that he’s too laid back.

        The energy and attitude has to come from the players. Baseball isn’t football where you can fire guys up with a big locker room speech. Over 162 games, it’s the players that have to drive the effort. Do that have that leadership in the club house?

        1. Managers succeed or fail by the quality of their talent 1 and their ability to get the most out of that talent 2

          If you want to add a 3rd aspect it could be said that the culture a manager creates in the club house is also a big factor. As he has to bring 25+ guys with different personalities together and get them to commit to a single goal.

          Not easy to do in a climate of players who are increasingly more concerned with their individual brands and individual bank accounts.

          Also not easy for managers is now more than ever there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

    3. 8mark, love your thought process here. The manager needs to provide the vision and manage the personalities at a macro level while the coaches coach at the micro level. Ibanez would be a very nice fit for all the reasons you mention.

      1. I like Raul Ibanez, but all of us have zero idea at how good he would be as a manager.

  8. I don’t like to see people fired, but someone or multiple someones need to be held accountable. The first 55 games we did very well, 11 games over .500. The last 56 games, we are 6 games under. And, we have played pretty poorly vs the bottom teams. We are also 42-45 in games not started by Aaron Nola, and 2 of those Ws were Drew Smyly outings. So, with 50 games remaining there is a good chance that we are not very good. There has not been improvement from a single player, Pitching or offensively. Maybe Scott Kiingery, but only maybe. A lot of guys have gotten worse, OTOH. I think the change in Pitching Coaches has not worked out, and I don’t see how the hitting coach can stay. We should have crushed this WSox team this weekend. What a disappointment!

  9. In Smyly’s last start, his 2nd as a Phil, Kapler left him out there for 105 pitches. This is a guy who had TJ surgery, missed two years, and was already released twice this year. He threw 60 pitches in the prior start which was a lot for him. Not a surprise that Smyly got hit a bit in his next start. He was one pitch away from a 5 inning one run outing but didn’t get that pitch. It seems like another manager issue to me. I keep hoping we get a new one next year. Girardi still available…

    1. Why do we have to wait til next year? Is it because most of the staff will have to go with the manager and there isn’t enough time for due diligence? Didn’t the “Pope” come down stairs to right the ship? Isn’t Bowa and Manual in the house? Its just the 2nd half we are talking about here.

    2. My memory may be wrong, but my memory is that despite Smyly not getting the one pitch to keep it one run through 5 innings that you mentioned, Murray, the Phils might still have won that game if the bullpen hadn’t been blown out of the water. And, when you have a bullpen that tends to get blown out of the water, and is short on arms, perhaps some of the collateral damage is that starters are pushed past where otherwise they might not be.

    3. Just wanted to say one thing for those of you hoping for Joe Girardi. I’m not so sure he’s looking to get back in the dugout next season. I know he has a son (Dante) who is a rising senior in HS. He’s a kid who is/has been playing in the summer showcase circuit, and is a 2020 draft prospect. I don’t know this for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised is Girardi preferred to continue to do TV (where he still gets paid a handsome salary) to be more available to travel with his son, and be able to watch him play HS games next spring.

  10. Also, I(Heart), the momentum was on our side when Gabe’s friend, Sean Rodriguez, came up to bat after the lead was cut to 5-3. DP ended the threat and the momentum. BP got blown out after that.

  11. i want to extend and clarify my remarks above. i don t blame kapler for the starting pitcher problem, i put that on klentak, i sympathize with him on the injury epidemic in the bull pen, perhaps one shouldn t sign over thirty relievers, with a lot of mileage on the old soupbone (maybe the lesson was already learned, kimbrel ?). i see kapler as being very heavy on the rational side and very light on the emotional.

    i am in my eighties and have been following sports for a very long time and i don t think emotion can be discounted, even in a sport like baseball. i agree the players must self motivate and some of then clearly are putting out everything they have (harper!) but there seems to be something missing to account for the under performance that we are seeing.

    and i don t think bowa was a good leader, i saw the players laughing at him during one this umpire meltdowns in spring training some years ago. a balance between the technical side and the emotional works best and leads to respect for the leader and a desire to please him. i think that is missing here.

    i don t like to see anyone fired but performance speaks for itself and what do to they have to lose. maybe it s ego and klentak doesn t want to admit he made a mistake.

    i hope i am wrong and it wouldn t be the first time but i m swinging into wait until next year mode. Lord willing, i ll be at the carpenter center next march with springtime hope in my heart.

    1. Thank you Jimhg and 3up!!! I was gong to write a post asking if I was the only one who remembered last time Bowa was a manager (or when we booed Terry Francona and Charlie Manuel out of town) so I am glad you posted to show I’m not. Kapler had zippo managerial experience and maybe he will turn out to have little managerial gift, but it seems early. Just saying….. Alex Cora was a brilliant World Series winner last year and if I were asked whose team this year, his or Kapler’s, is underperforming more this year I at least would say Cora’s.

  12. Here’s the stat line comparison between Cristian Pache and Moniak, both in AA this year:

    Age: Pache is 6 months younger than Moniak (11/19/98 vs 5/13/98)
    Slash: Pache is .278/.340/.474 and Moniak is .264/.323/.443
    BABIP: Pache is .351 and Moniak is .332
    ISO: Pache is .196 and Moniak is .179
    Away Slash (to see who is benefiting from home park): Pache is .262/.336/.457 and Moniak is .253/.323/.461
    K rate: Pache is 24.0% and Moniak is 22.7%
    BB rate: Pache is 7.9% and Moniak is 7.5%
    SB/CS: Pache is 8 SB and 11 CS; Moniak is 15 SB and 3 CS
    Line drive percentage: Pache is 21.5% and Moniak is 23.7%
    Ground ball percentage: Pache is 39.4% and Moniak is 40.1%
    Fly ball percentage: Pache is 39.1% and Moniak is 36.2%

    These are just stats and there is more to scouting than stats. That said, Keith Law has Pache as his current #6 prospect in baseball and MLB has him at #11. So you can see the kind of numbers that a top ten-ish prospect puts up in AA and see how far — or close — that Moniak is to those numbers.

    1. One additional advantage with Pache is that he’s considered to be a superior defensive CF. I’ve read more than 1 report that he would be a GG centerfielder in the majors today.

      I do agree that the numbers Moniak is putting up this year certainly merit being a top-100 prospect but I also think these various top-100 lists are basically useless when evaluating future success.

      1. I mean, Moniak is progressing nicely in many areas, but I don’t see him doing anything that would make him a top 100 prospect again. At least not yet. If you take a step back and look at his numbers they are fair, but not overwhelming at all.

    1. Pache is faster and has a stronger arm….who runs better routes… pick is Moniak. And as a CFer route running is critical and more diverse than the corners.

  13. Matt Gelb had an article today about the Franco demotion, and his being told not to hit the ball on the ground. Hid infield pop up rate has gone up by 6%, but the more interesting note was that Cesar’s has gone up 12.7%.He says “Hernandez is unplayable vs. lefties.” If this is the case, and the belief is that Kingery would be an excellent defensive 2B, and Cesar is far from that, how can we bring Cesar back next year, and not simply put Kingery at 2B and leave him there? And, does anyone here think, as Gelb does, that both Franco and Cesar are non-tender candidates?

    1. I don’t think they will tender Franco. I expect they will try to trade Cesar but will tender him if they haven’t found a partner by that time.

      Interesting thing with Cesar is that his career splits aren’t much different left vs. right but he’s been terrible right-handed in 2019…

      1. Biggest question with Cesar in 2019 is that he’s stopped taking BBs so his .OBP has dropped significantly..

        1. I don’t see how you proceed to next year without firing the hitting coach and probably also the pitching coach. Except for Kingery – who got instruction outside of the team this winter to improve – I believe every hitter has gotten worse with John Mallee as his coach, to a man. It’s a disaster and that’s on the coach it would seem.

          1. When the Phillies hired Mallee the expectations were high.
            Mallee was the HC for the Astros before they became great (’12-’14)….then he went to the Cubs and they won the WS, but released from them in the fall of 2017 by Joe Maddon.
            So far he has not helped the players generate the offense this team was expected to produce.

            1. But it’s not like they’ve even floundered – they’ve virtually all regressed.

            2. Question is was Mallee hired to move the big club into the launch angle era? The Gelb article above indicates that for at least Franco, they are trying to adjust his swing path. Is that the same for many of the other hitters?

              IF that is so, then it wouldn’t be a surprise there is so much inconsistency with the hitters.

            3. To tell you the truth..Mallee may never say two words to Harper/Hoskins/Segura or JTR unless they come to him for advice.
              It is the younger players like the Kingery, maybe Knapp, or Haseley that he is more concerned with.
              Guys like Franco or Cesar who knows…..understand Matt Stairs made suggestions and some players listened , nodded, agreed…. then once in the box facing live pitching in a game, went back to their old comfortable ways.

              But bottom line….results matter and he who is in charge is accountable.

            4. I doubt that is true Romus but if Mallee really has no working relationship with the veteran hitters on the team then he is a failure in the job.

              His job isn’t to sit around waiting to be approached. They may/may not be interested in what he’s offering but he needs to be working on their behalf..

            5. That is the impression I got from Matt Stairs.
              The veteran guys had their own routines in place and unless they approached the PC for his advice if they were going thru a slump of sorts, it was more or less hands off.
              Sitting with the players in the video room was probably the most he would get with them and analyzing opposing pitchers and what they trhew in different situations.
              But actually getting into the cage and instructing on new on stance and swing techniques not so much.

            1. How so? I mean, poor performance certainly hurts the rest of the management team and puts their jobs in greater jeopardy if that’s what you mean.

            2. Someone hired or made the decision Mallee and CY were the best candidates to move us forward.

              The spotlight then points to that person who in turn should be fired.

              So yes that’s what I mean!

            3. No need to get mad – I was just asking a question not calling you out or anything.

            4. No need to get mad – I was truly just asking a question not calling you out or second guessing you or anything like that.

            5. Sorry Catch I didn’t mean to come off as mad but I see how that looked after I read it a 2nd time. I intended the exact opposite which was to say I agree exactly.

    2. Franco is a definite non-tender. Franco could go into arbitration and get $6M!

      Cesar is still a decent player, but his cost is now prohibitive. And the Phillies have Kingery. I think it’s 60-40 that Cesar gets non-tendered.

      1. Bigger issue with Franco is that the least amount the team can offer him would be just over $4m based on his 2019 salary.

        That’s a lot of cash for a player you just sent to AAA

        1. Unless Maikel has the biggest turnaround we’ve ever seen there is no chance in hell they tender him. Cesar, however, likely will be tendered and I don’t think he gets traded yet. He’s another guy who has gotten worse under Mallee.

      2. Guru, there’s a far better chance Franco and Hernandez are both kept on the 40-man than both getting released. The team needs 4 infielders for every game. If they have Bohm in mind as a mid-2020 call-up, they won’t invest heavily in upgrading 3B this off-season. They could look to trade Franco for little this off-season or it’s possible he’s DFA’ed. I think Franco’s September call-up should tell us a lot.

  14. Thinking about the off-season 40 man roster and time ticking for OF’s Cornelius Randolph and Jhailyn Ortiz, both of whom are on the clock. To me it’s an easy decision to leave off Randolph. Ortiz is their big current investment in the international market. Presumably he drew interest from other teams back in the day. His stock is down. Would another team take him in Rule 5 and possibly keep him on a big league roster for a year?

    1. I think Randolph is effectively in “write off” territory. But Ortiz is definitely on the clock and will be closely scrutinized. He’s at the point where the odds are very much against him.

    2. I wouldn’t think either player is at risk of being lost to the Rule 5 and definitely not likely to be kept on another teams 25 man.

      Not sure who they would be competing with for a 40 man spot but if it were me I wouldn’t protect either player.

      But what do I know we for some strange reason gave a 40 man spot to Gamboa!

      1. Well for one….no need to worry about AJ Preller and the Padres monopolizing the Rule 5 anytime soon again ….their system is loaded and they will need to be fearful of losing prospects this year.

        Also think a Hall will get selected before an Ortiz anyway.

        1. Hall is below the radar but given what the Dodgers and Athletics have done with under-the-radar hitters, it actually wouldn’t surprise me to see someone take Hall and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him stick on a roster. Projecting his future is difficult, the power is real and the plate discipline is improving so I could see someone taking a shot on him.

          1. I still think Jerry Dipoto could take Hall….he will draft near the top if he participates.
            They do not have anyone in their system with his power grade.

      2. DMAR……agree on Gamboa … such a strange decision.
        He would have never been selected last December…it was a wasted 40 slot move.
        If I could ask Klentak one question…it would be that….why protect Gamboa in 2019?

    3. I get that the farm is being handled more aggressively but what might be the thought process (as Gabe likes to call it) behind playing Ortiz in CF? Do they intend to stretch him out, range wise, in order to make him a better corner outfielder? Or do they actually have designs on him playing the anchor?

      And while we’re at it, what’s the thinking behind the shuffling of the minor league lineups to the point that it seems managers are picking the batting order randomly out of a hat? I’m not trying to make fun, if there’s a strategic purpose in the development of these kids.

  15. Darick Hall’s away slash line is .214/.332/.405
    5 homers in 205 plate appearance on the road.

    His strikeout rate isn’t bad for a power guy. He might be selected, but I’d be surprised if he stuck on 25-man roster for the year.

    1. Yeah…more than likely they do not pitch to him…has a 11%BB rate and likes to get hit a lot….his road OBP alone of .332 would rank 27th in the EL in overall OBP..
      What he must do is swing outside the zone

  16. OK, so here’s my take on the underperforming to date 2019 Phillies and Klentak and Kapler’s contributions to it.

    Klentak got a lot of credit, and a contract extension, for acquiring good position players in the off-season. He did do that well, and added more mid-season like Jay Bruce and Brad Miller. And we can give him a break on the bullpen given the unprecedented number of injuries, even though I understand the concerns over acquiring old relievers and suspicion that Kapler relief pitchers.

    However, I don’t give Klentak all the credit for position players. Middleton is the guy who got Harper, and he also is the guy who set the tone and maybe created some sense of urgency, which might have helped land Cutch, Segura and Realmuto.

    What is certain is that Klentak failed spectacularly on starting pitching. Expecting one or more of VV, Pivetta, Eflin and Eickoff to develop into a reliable starter(s) was not a plan. It was wishfulness, and it was wishfulness going against literally years of experience. We all know the definition of insanity. Klentak fulfilled it.

    Klentak then doubled down, if one can double down negatively, by NOT going after quality starting pitchers that were available. Now, we can all argue about the weaknesses that each of them have, but the fact is there were quality starters available even into July.

    Klentak also said he learned last year about mucking up the team with a lot of late-season add ons. We should remember that the young Phillies were a winning team last year who said things about how they had all learned to win together in the minors and now they were growing up together on the Phillies. But Klentak (and/or Kapler) had no confidence and sent that message by bringing in a bunch of short-term, aging mercenaries. The spell was broken. The team collapsed. Maybe it would have, anyway, but I, for one, winced last year every time a new has-been was added.

    So what happens this year? Vargas and Smiley are perhaps pitching versions of the position players imposed on the team last year. Now, they might turn out to be good for the team, and the need is different, but the approach is the same that Klentak suggested he would not repeat.

    Then we have Kapler and his coaches. We don’t need to go into the long list of players who regressed under them and those those performed better both before and after their Phillies stints.

    We also don’t need to recite all the times Kapler has made bad bullpen decisions. But I think there was one telling game that Hinkie pointed out. That was saying he didn’t keep Efflin in Friday night because of soreness so he ended up with Quinn on the mound and VV in the outfield. As Hinkie noted, Kapler’s decisions belied that explanation. And, even if true, he had obvious better decisions he could have made.

    In short, Kapler and his coaches have a record of failure in player performance both in-game and over nearly two seasons and Kapler’s post-game platitudes not only lack credibility, not only may be disingenuous, but also might be intentionally dishonest acts of CYA.

    Now, there are debates here on who is more responsible, Klentak or Kapler. I think the GM and his hand-selected manager work as a team. I believe that some GM decisions, such as Sean Rodriguez being on the roster, may be Klentak’s to make, but that he consults with Kapler. Likewise, I imagine that Klentak and Kapler discuss how to play or approach some players.

    Finally, if the GM and manger are something of a team, so, too, might be the president and the managing owner. McPhail at times has distanced himself from Klentak. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Middleton aren’t having discussions among themselves over what to do after this season. And seeing how much Middleton wants to win, and to accelerate the return to winning, it might not spell more patience for K and K.

    1. Frank…you summed it to a tee.
      Middleton has not spoken during the season, as is the case with most owners or in this instance also a managing partner, but I suspect om Monday Sept 30th…if the Phillies are not in the play-offs he will then speak.

    2. SWFL Frank, what a great summary, well written. I think the Phils, and likely MacPhail, have done a lot of great work to advance progressive, analytical thinking in the organization that it lacked under RAJ. It’s really looking comparable to what Chip Kelly did with the Eagles. He pushed the envelope with his progressive thinking but quickly proved he couldn’t lead anyone to open the envelope. We may have a very similar situation with the Phils and Kapler, and maybe Klentak.

      1. Sometimes too much information is worse than existing knowledge and older ways which leads to paralysis by analysis.

  17. SWFL Frank, I agree we have been hurt by injuries to the BP, but I don’t let Klentak off the hook because he needed to add more than Morin and Parker at the deadline. They has to know Robertson was going back to the Dr. That wasn’t to let him know he felt great. We have had pretty much every offensive player under perform, terrible SO aside from Nola and some pretty questionable managerial moves. Yet, here we are, still in the WC hunt. I, absolutely, did not want to trade any of our top prospects, but we could have added more to the ‘Pen and probably more to the Rotation without sacrificing talent. And, a little more from Klentak, despite all of the problems we have seen may have tilted the WC hunt in our favor. I also believe that Kapler was hired because he would follow Klentak’s analytics driven approaches, which have hardly flourished. So, Klentak for me at the top of the blame pool. And, for the record, I would happily see MacPhail gone.

    1. Matt,

      I agree Klentak still could have bolstered the bullpen.

      As for analytics, I think one can respect and use analytics but that sometimes imperfect and incomplete numbers are allowed to drive decisions where experience or common sense would say to do otherwise. I’m always amazed, for example, how a guy who bats 300-plus against a particular player doesn’t get to bat because of some more complicated formula.

      I would not be surprised if a number of today’s practices are eventually dropped, in part, perhaps, because more complete and sophisticated data show them to be counter-productive.

      I’m not a big MacPhail and wouldn’t mind if he went, also.

  18. matt13….:”despite all of the problems we have seen may have tilted the WC hunt in our favor”.
    I am not so optimistic…..IMO Phillies finish 4th in the division….Nats and now red-hot Mets’ pitching will step up for them, and only one of those teams will get to the WC, as i see both the Cubs or Cards in the Central being in the as divsion winner the other the WC..

  19. you are probably right Romus, but I see how right there on August 5, and despite everything I would have liked to see more from Klentak at the deadline. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking, and I fantasize about going on a bit of a run. It is probably much like Klentak fantasizing that all 3 of VV, Pivetta and Eflin would morph into #3 SPs.

    1. This is all hindsight stuff which I hate. Nobody knew if VV/Eflin/Pivetta were going to stick in the rotation. They deserved to showcase their talent in the rotation, because the Phillies needed to see what they got. Because if the Phillies signed another starter and he stunk, people here would be wailing about why the Phillies needed to sign another starter when they had to move a player into the bullpen. At least for now, there’s more clarity for Nick Pivetta. VV, I’m leaning to leave him in the rotation. The jury is still out on Eflin. But at the end of the season, I think the picture will be much clearer and we can move on. And that’s how it is.

      1. Every GM Manager and player is evaluated on hindsight I don’t see the problem with it.

        To be fair the evaluation should include injuries and peeling back the layers of the onion.

        We only see a snippet of the process and frankly I give them praise for not doubling down on their mistakes by pushing more prospects out of the system which I’m sure they could have easily done.

        I think we’ll get to the end of this season and have to point the finger at BH and say 1 of 13 down and it wasn’t the production we needed. An 834 OPS isn’t going to cut it fellas.

        That’s 59th in the league and yes BH is on Middleton I won’t blame MK for that.

  20. I appreciate your opinion Guru, but it is not hindsight at all. A lot of folks thought we needed a #2 SP to slot after Nola, and among those folks were the Phillies who courted Patrick Corbin. They just lost out over contract terms, but the need was clear. There was very little chance that all 3 would be #3 quality SPs, let alone a #2. How can you leave Vinny in the rotation when he cannot go more than 4 or 5 innings? The need is even more now for next year because that is MacPhail’s year 5, when even he expects the team to make the Playoffs. We could have still seen what we’ve got when the 3 young SPs battled it out for spots 4 and 5 if we had gotten someone good.

    1. Guru,

      Agree with Matt. There were plenty of people who want to go out an get a starter or two.

    2. I agree with Matt and SWFL — most are on board with SP need. Even with the impossible like Ohtani and Kikuchi some of us hoping that the Phillies will be players for both, then Cole Hamels reunion, then Corbin, then Happ, Cesar for SP debate, Charlie Morton, etc, etc,

      It is also my rationale why to move Vinny and Pivetta to the pen because the Phillies need a proven arm to support Nola.

      The Phillies are in need of a high end SP that’s why a lot of us are hesitant to trade Sixto, Medina and now Howard because the Phillies really need a reliable high upside arm,

      It is OK to give Eflin, Pivetta, Vinny and the other young arms a chance, but Klentak should have a fallback since considering the timeline was accelerated. If the fallback is Vargas and Smyly, then that’s not good enough.

      1. The fallback was not Vargas and Smyly. The fallback is Eickhoff and the triple A depth like DLS/Irvin/Suarez. That should have been more than enough, until it wasn’t.

        1. Those young arms in the high minors are just depth not fallback — considering non of these arms are have good pedigree and considered to be top prospects that transitions well to the majors. If Klentak thinks that DLS/Ranger/Irvin are his fallback, then he clearly doesn’t have a clue and deserves to be fired.

          1. KuKo…..he also thought Jacob Waguespack may not have been a fallback guy….and look what he is doing with the Jays right now.
            My point…..DLS/Ranger/Irvin could all develop into serviceable MLB arms when given the opportunity.

            1. @romus – is approach is OK if they have time but Middleton accelerated the time line which means McPhail and Klentak should adjust as well. Like what Elton Brand said, they cannot afford to have a lot of young and inexperienced players in the team if they want to compete for championship.

              A rotation of Nola-Pivetta-Eflin-Vinny-Eickhoff is young and inexperienced – none of these young arms are top prospects except for Aaron Nola. While I’m not a fan of the Arrieta signing, that’s putting stability in the rotation. There should be another which has been discussed in this site in the past.

            2. Velasquez, Pivetta, Eflin, De Los Santos, Eickhoff, Romero, Suarez, Anderson, and Irvin – can you seriously tell me that all 9 of these guys would fail to develop under a better manager and coaching staff? The odds are really bad that all 9 fail to develop. But let’s look at how each has been handled.

              Velasquez – the guy gets injured and then comes back and loses his starting job, then regains it. I know he hasn’t gotten the needed results but there was a clear lack in communication with him when that all went down.

              Pivetta – I would argue that sending him to the minors was the right move, and that putting him in the bullpen now might also be the right move, but clearly he has not developed over the years and even if his move to the pen is successful, his value is down greatly vs being a starter.

              Eflin – Isn’t he the guy they sent to the minors last year when he was pitching great to get an extra player on the roster around the all star break? Not sure why, but he has also failed to improve like the others.

              Romero – ended up in AA

              Anderson – showed flashes in the spring but that’s it

              Irvin / Suarez / De Los Santos – the team has treated all 3 not as prospects but as just depth – they’ve bounced them up and down and back and forth between the pen and the rotation. I know to some extent they’ve had to due to injuries but none of this helps their development so it’s not surprising they’ve been inconsistent.

              The bottom line here is that it’s almost unimaginable that all 9 of these pitchers would be not good this year, and that many of them would just flat out be terrible.

              Let me ask you this question – which of these 9 pitchers’ value is greater today than it was on February 15th of this year?

              Maybe Ranger Suarez, but I’m not even sure that success over 15 innings in the pen has increased his value over the start of the season when people saw him as a starting pitcher not a reliever. All other 8 surely have seen their value drop. Then again, who on these 25 and 40 man rosters have seen their value increase since the start of the year? Arrietta? No. Nola? No. Franco? No. Cesar? No. Bryce? No. Cutch? No. Oduble? No. Nick Williams? No. Altherr? No. Quinn? No. Segura? No. Realmuto? No. Knapp? No. Kingery? YES. Hoskins? Maybe even, but not No. SirAnthony? No. Neshek? No. Hunter? No. Morgan? Yes until the injury, now no. Alvarez? YES. Austin Davis? No. Robertson? No. Neris? No. Rios? No. Ramos? No. Arano? No. Gamboa? No. Haseley? YES.

              That’s a lot of No’s Mr Middleton – your move!!! The above results are not going to get you “your bleeping trophy” back.

          2. You need to go through depth before entering “fallback” territory. It’s the rare team that have a 6th starter floating at AAA or in the bullpen. And cost wise, not too many teams can afford to do that anyways.

    3. We had Nola and Arrieta and we just spent a boatload of cash on Harper. I understand that we needed a more reliable starter but we needed to see what we had with Eflin/Pivetta/VV before we spend another large contract on a pitcher. If Corbin was willing to come to the Phillies at a reasonable rate, great. If not, then having one of those 3 guys in the rotation would not have been the end of the world.

      Anyways, that is the past and now we have more clarity on the situation. I don’t blame MK for keeping those 3 guys in the rotation (not to mention Eickhoff getting hurt before the season). But I will blame him if he does it again for 2020.

  21. How many times can this offense fail to score a run with a man on third and less than two outs? They are frustrating to watch.

    1. Quite a few evidently and more than I thought possible, but one thing refreshing to me tonight is that the “bunt” is back in style. Also, VV has done a good job with his pitch count.

  22. Funny how things just work out.
    UDFA Jacob Waguespack, now 25-years old, signs with the Phillies June 2015 out of Ole Miss, never makes any top 30 lists, now is a starting pitcher with Jays in the majors.

    1. Right spot at the right time, opportunity, perseverance, nose to the grindstone, never give-up the dream, good for him!

      1. I wish him well and success….but in the long run…it may be another Klentak oversight….Aaron Loup did close to nothing last year in relief , 4 innings total, for the Phillies…..Jacob W. already a 0.6bWAR pitcher in 5 starts with the Jays.
        Oh boy.

        1. Kennel blind ……………works both ways! Sometimes you don’t see something and they get away. Other times that champion that you just know you have, never quite seems to get to the podium.

      2. He was actually showing some very positive signs his last year with the Phillies. It’s good that it’s happened for him, but it’s not shocking – nor is it shocking that the Phillies didn’t do a particularly good job scouting their own player, and that is a recurring problem (can anyone say “Charlie Morton”?).

    2. Romus, I looked up Jacob’s game stats so far this year and he would fit in quite nicely in our rotation. Also, very interesting SI Internet article how Aaron Sanchez traded from Toronto pitched a no-hitter in his first game with Houston. They wrote that the Astros concentrated on his most effective pitches and scrapped his sinker(was his worst pitch).

      1. Yeah Philabalt…….consistency will be the key for him.
        Astros seem to know what to do with pitchers….it is working well for them.

  23. Guru, Vinny sure made me look wrong last night. He pitched a great game. You were right. He definitely deserves more starts. I hope he continues like last night. I still want, and we need, a SP to slot behind Nola. That means a trade, which would necessitate top prospects moving, and I would not like to see, or going into FA, despite MacPhail’s concerns to the contrary. The best is Gerrit Cole. He could very well get $200 Million, but I would spend that any day over trading Bohm and Howard.

    1. Last 8 starts Game Score of 50 or better 5 times…..two really bad games in the 30s and another in the low 40s.
      But his last three have been very good outings…he is on a roll.
      I think him and Pivetta have found roles that suit thm for the remainder of the season.
      Now let’s see what Eflin can do when he next gets back on the mound.

      1. VV does it again. He tantalize us with what he could be. Now onto another 20 starts where he has thrown 90 pitches by the end of the fourth inning. He has exactly 2 quality starts this whole season. Color me not yet sold.

          1. A quality start is at least 6 ip and an admittedly generous 3 ER or less. The fact that VV has so many good game scores while not making it through six innings makes me not not put a lot of faith in that stat. His inability to give the Phillies many innings just leads to overuse of the bullpen.

      1. I’m happy for VV, but he needs to be consistent and keep it going. VV is going to dictate whether or not VV stays in the rotation. And God knows, the Phillies need somebody to step up and take a rotation spot.

  24. Okay, I’m just going to say this “Dear Launch Angle People: LEAVE ADAM HASELEY ALONE!!!”

    Okay, I said it. Nobody should mess with that gorgeous, easy swing. Period.

    1. That should be the mantra for all the hitters. Less infield pop ups. Kingery has benefited.

      See the ball, hit the ball.

      1. I’m not saying there’s not something to their methodolgy – the Dodgers and Astros, for example, are absolutely killing it and I’m all for that. What I’m not for is technology orthodoxy and the concept that one size fits all and every batter must do this because it works for one group of players. Different approaches work for different players.

        1. So, for example, Adam Haseley has an awesome swing for him. There’s nothing wrong with it and, in fact, it’s a classic, nearly perfect textbook swing. A “to die for” swing. So, leave that guy alone on his swing and work with other things with him like approach, and perhaps when to cheat and pull and when to just hit the ball where pitched (which he does fantastically well – seriously, Haseley is a superb young hitter). To give them credit, I don’t see any proof that they’ve been messing with him so hopefully they get it.

          1. @catch – i agree with you on Haseley. Haseley is not the Acuna, Soto or Mookie Betts that we’ve been waiting for but Haseley is a throwback baller. Haseley may not be a perennial all star but he can be really productive and his easy swing can help him enjoy a sustainable success.

  25. Romus – You are 100% correct about the hitting coaches not really talking/making changes to the vet hitters (got this from a friend who is a AA manager). They will if they are asked for help or if they FO speaks to them about it. He further explained to me when he was a hitting coach in A, that they weren’t allow to tweak any of the top prospects (hitters or pitchers) without permission from the big club and the tweaks had to be minor. Found that extremely interesting.

  26. Give me some more of Adam Haseley…Doesn’t matter of Quinn or Dixon gets hot,I want to see Haseley in there every game,left hand/ right hand pitchers,etc. He needs as many Abs this year that he can get,so that we have a good idea of the type of player he can be for next year.

    Sure,we may be in the wild card hunt going into September,but. .”we have bigger fish to fry”.We are a few good players and pitchers away from competing with the Dodgers,Braves,etc.

    Hopefully he turns into an above average regular for us!

    And a shout out to Vinny V! Good game last night!

  27. If there’s one think that I commend Matt Klentak right now — is to fight the urge to make a trade that involves the Top 5 prospects – Bohm, Howard, Medina, Stott and Haseley (technically still a prospect) —- these 5 prospects can be key contributors when the Phillies start to contend —- also, their cost control will provide financial flexibility that can help the Phillies tap FA market to add the key pieces they need.

    1. I’m also glad that Francisco Morales was not traded even though I’m the in the group that thinks that Morales is the Top 10 prospects mostly like to be traded. I’ve been screaming power arms in the Rule 4 draft — as a big 19 yo throwing mid-90s with a wipe out SL that can miss bats — Morales is the high upside power arm that I’ve been asking Johnny A. to draft.

  28. As of today, Fangraphs has the Phillies finishing behind the Braves, Nats and Mets….percentage wise in making the play-offs
    Phillies need to get on a 10/12 game winning streak.

  29. I’m glad Velasquez had a strong outing last night. But let’s not fall for fool’s gold. Good organizations find a way to move on from ongoing projects like VV and Maikel Franco before they flounder and lose their trade value. Now we’re basically stuck with these guys with no real hope of redeeming their value. Klentak’s weak when it comes to fear of not getting enough for woulda coulda shoulda’s.

    1. There is a basic fear involved when you cut ties with younger pitchers that have plus stuff..
      Scherzer’s first 3 of 4 seasons he was pretty inconsistent to the point in three of those four years his total bWAR was only 4….and in his age27 season he exploded.
      And then took off.
      Then there is the Baltimore Arrieta story.
      So Klentak may be experiencing some of that fear with pitchers like ViVe, Eflin and Pivetta..

    2. Ask yourself this question, would you rather keep Maikel and watch him crash and burn, or trade him to another team and watch him flourish? A better question would be which one event will likely get you fired? Then you have your answer.

      1. The process you have described (keep or trade) indecision leads to paralysis. Step boldly to the front, make the decisions you need to make to move the team forward and don’t look back. That is what you are paid to do anyway.

        1. Keeping mediocre ball players due to indecision inevitably leads to the same end as trading a guy and watching him flourish elsewhere……I might add.

          1. The team result is more or less the same, except in one case you still have a job and in the other case, you’re fired. If the Blue Jays kept Sanchez and he stunk, I don’t think there would be any heat on the GM for that non-trade. But now that Sanchez just threw 6 no-hit innings, people in Toronto are screaming for Atkins’ head. So as much as you would like GMs to make pure baseball decisions, they’re still human, and they want to keep their jobs.

      2. Guru, I said that good organizations – meaning those more adept at identifying and developing talent – know how to move on. Anyone can operate out of fear.

        1. You know it all operates in cycles right? Houston was bad before, now they can do no wrong. The Phillies ate the Dodgers’ lunch 10 years ago, now it’s reversed. The Giants won 3 titles in 5 years, now they’re operating on borrowed time. The Mets…are still the Mets. 10 years from now, you’re going to wonder what happened to those good teams.

  30. I’ve never advocated getting rid of any of them. My wish was, and is, that we acquired, and going forward, acquire that guy who slots behind Nola. We have Arrieta for one more year, and I pencil in Howard for that spot. Then we see over the next year and a half who shows they belong where. Pivetta in the BP, perhaps, Vinny in the Rotation. Eflin has the chance to show where he belongs. It is why I wanted Corbin, and why I will want Cole this off season, regardless of the price tag. I prefer him in FA than overpaying for Boyd or Ray or whoever else in a trade. After Cole, the options are Cole Hamels and MadBum, who I don’t consider a real option, then Porcello or Odirizzi. So, $200 million for Cole will seem like a bargain. And, there will be a lot of competition. But if we don’t do that, where is that guy coming from?

    1. I wouldn’t bank on Klentak landing Gerritt Cole this winter. If I had to place odds on where Cole ends up, I’d list them like this:
      1. Yankees (clear favorites)
      2. Angels
      3. Cardinals
      T4 Cubs, Phillies, Astros, Red Sox

      I envision Klentak keeping one of Smyly/Vargas, and signing one of Alex Wood or Cole Hamels. My dark horse candidate is Japanese RHP Takahiro Norimoto.

      1. The Cardinals pretty much never get near breaking the bank on any free agent player – I don’t see that happening. They have their own process. The other teams are all in play, however.

        I think they will re-sign Cole Hamels and another legitimate arm, put Aaron Nola in place as the 1 and make everyone else compete with the knowledge that, if he’s serviceable, Arrieta will probably get a spot.

        1. I don’t see any big name position player free agent signings although I think they will definitely try to extend Realmuto and maybe Hoskins. They will retain Bruce and Brad Miller.

          1. Given the glut in the outfield, they will elect not to re-sign Dickerson who will then have an all-star season. Sorry, I’ve seen this script all too often – the outcome is fairly pre-ordained.

            1. Since Seattle is picking up Bruce’s contract, maybe they will DFA Bruce and re-sign Dickerson for LF

            2. Bruce will be on the team I think regardless of whether Dickerson is here (which I doubt). Bruce is being paid $2.5 m per year by the Phillies and has accepted a part-time role if needed. He’s a very good piece for next year. Dickerson will want to start somewhere and the Phillies can’t promise him that or pay for that.

            3. I don’t know…..Bruce seems to have this strange obsession with Flushing NY.
              If he goes too far away…its gravity field sucks him back in.

            4. @Romus, the Phillies are still paying Cutch. So if Harper gets RF, and Quinn/Haseley get CF, we can’t have Cutch and Dickerson in LF. And you know somebody is going to Dickerson a 2 year deal. Dickerson is gone.

            5. Guru…forgot all about Cutch… are correct.
              Dickerson will probably get a 2-year deal from someone.

            6. I think Dickerson needs to be re-signed. Cutch, Haseley, Quinn, Harper and CD would be the best outfield. An inexpensive Jay Bruce can be kept if they employ a 5 man bench. Why do we need 8 relievers in the bullpen when the 40 man roster provides optionable arms to yo-yo back and forth from AAA?

            7. @8mark, there’s not enough playing time to go around. You’re not going to platoon LF with Cutch and CD. Not only that, you figure CD will get something like a 2 year, $20M deal. The Phillies are already paying Cutch $17M for 2020. Anyways, CD knows that if he re-signs with the Phillies, he won’t get the playing time. He’s going elsewhere.

            8. I could see signing CD if the NL had a DH, but until it does, there would be too many mouths to feed in the outfield.

            9. The Yankees never find it difficult to feed the mouths of their outfield. Granted the DH, yes but injuries are a reality that can’t be ignored.

            10. 8mark……”Why do we need 8 relievers in the bullpen when the 40 man roster provides optionable arms to yo-yo back and forth from AAA?:

              Veteran relievers usually have no ‘options’ left in their careers….so the ones with options that can be yo-yo back and forth are the kids…..come August and September they are not who you want out there late in a game.
              So the GM is almost forced to sign and go with one or two veteran relievers……unfortunately they all got hurt this year (Rob, Hunter, Neshek) and now Morgan.
              Nicasion and Alvarez made it thru healthy so far.

      2. Hinkie… not forget the sushi chef if the Phillies go for Taka Nori whats his name again? 🙂

        1. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto!!! I used to beat the drum for the Japanese pitchers with Hinkie. But I have my sights on Gerrit Cole and Cole Hamels this offseason.

          Cesar should be traded for a couple of A ball lotteries and Franco for cash or IFA $$ or non-tendered —- this should save a couple of roster spot and some $$ in 2020.

          1. KuKo..thats it Morimoto…a good puffer chef.
            Also….. :”IFA $$” I need to find out….but with the draft coming on board next season as proposed…..this may be a thing of the past.
            The draft will have slotted payments…..but they also mentioned the draft picks can be traded as opposed to the Rule 4 , non -Comp Balance picks.

        2. Romus … I have literally been begging MacKlentak for probably three years (on this website) to adopt the Hinkie plan for landing Japanese pitchers: Hire Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto as the Phillies Director of Clubhouse Food Services !!!
          Unfortunately, I have been completely ignored. 😦

          This winter, it’s #Morimoto4Norimoto

      3. @Hinkie – while I agree that the Phillies doesn’t have the best odds in landing Gerrit Cole, they should be behind NYY. What the Nats did to Corbin this past offseason should be the same approach Middleton should do if he wants Cole —- basically put the best offer and make sure it is higher than the Yankees.

        My odds will be:

        1. MYY
        2. PHI
        3. HOU
        4. BOS
        5. CHC
        6. Field

        1. kuKo….more than likely they will also have Wade Miley on their menu…..a Jason Vargas clone.
          However, if Smyly does well in these last 9/10 starts he could also be in play….and his asking price may be more palatable than some of the other big names.

        2. I’d be very surprised if Gerrit Cole went to the Yankees. He shunned them at least once. My money is on a return to Houston or the Dodgers. Angels maybe if Moreno has any money left but my guess is he wants to be on a perennial winner.

          I’d also bet that Hamels gets a QO and takes it. He can then become unrestricted the following year as teams more and more are showing a reluctance to give out larger AAV deals to aging vets and a loss of a pick.

          You can only be saddled with the QO once. Use Happ’s contract as a comparable which was 2/$34 with a vesting option for a 3rd year at $17 as the template.

          Is Hamels going to beat that AAV on a 3 year deal at age 36 with the signing team losing a pick. All bets are off of course if the Cubs decide not to QO him.

          Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but we better have plans c-d-e to improve this rotation.

          1. DMAR…..if Hamels gets the QO…..and refuses to sign it, and tests the FA market….it maybe another Dallas Keuchel situation and a team will sign him in June….and they could go for the remainder of 2020 and then also 2021 with a team option in 2022. Hamels may bite on that.

          2. I think the Cubs will QO Hamels – that’s the perfect strategy for them. Hurts his market value and limits the obligation to one year. They’ll pay more money but won’t have an extended commitment. But Hamels is so good that he may still sign with a contender.

            1. I agree I think Hamels is that good that he could be effective into his 40’s if he so chose.

              to Romus point that he would wait until June I don’t see Cole doing that. If I were his agent I’d advise him to take the QO which is going to be what $18-$19 million.

              Perhaps the flip side to that is he would not have no trade protection under the QO and he may prefer having some control over that. I guess we’ll see in a few months.

    1. mmmm . . . maybe. Let’s say the QO is for $20 m. Does he take that or a 3-year $53 M contract. I think the contract, but that’s not a sure thing.

      1. But he probably will not get a 3 year deal if he ends up having to wait until June ….teams and their analytical GMs, are not willing to give up that draft pick on a QO signing.

  31. You may be right Hinkie, and we don’t get Cole. But we should be outbidding the Cardinals. I am in on him until the end. Yankees and Astros may have a ceiling of what they will spend, we should not. Yes, Wood and Cole Hamels are back up plans, We have never even sniffed a Japanese player, and it won’t start this year. Morimoto should have been hired 4 years ago! Who knows who we would have gotten.

    1. The Phillies have been pretty open about the fact that they are just not going to give mucho anos @ mucho de niro to pitchers. Gerritt Cole is going to get something like 6 yrs@ 156 million. That’s probably at least one year too long for MacKlentak.

  32. Kyle Barraclough DFA’d by Nats. Is he worth a waiver claim? He has pitched well against us with the Marlins

  33. So the Mets are so hot right now; when do they pass the Phillies?
    The phillies haven’t sustained a hot streak in a very long time and the Mutts are 2.5 games behind

  34. Man, what I’d give to have Eduardo Escobar manning 3b for the Phillies right now. I wanted him 2 years ago as a free agent and somebody shot me down with the notion that he wasn’t much of an improvement over Maikel Franco. Right.

  35. I wasn’t a Bryce Harper fan when he was with the Nats, but I am now. The guy just plays hard all the time. He might not be the most graceful defender, but he sure is a fearless one. In a way, he reminds me of Jim McMahon, the old Bears QB in how he carries himself. Fun to root for.

    1. I had this debate the other night with my baseball buddies. I mostly love BH and can’t question that he plays hard and is a very nice and generous young man off the field.

      He has some quirks which I don’t enjoy (his concern for getting personal stat balls LOL)

      I was really hoping they banned the shift when we got him because man those shifts really kill his stats.

      He’s making a little more than $11 mil this season and providing an OPS 829. That figure shoots up to $27 mil for the next 9 seasons. I’m sorry but for that kind of coin you better be getting something close to a 950+ OPS.

      Assume or entertain for a few minutes if we went the Manny/Brantley route and got

      321/379/893 OPS in RF for 2/$36 and 274/343/842 at 3B for 10/$300

      Shifts are much more effective against lefties than they are righties especially that short right fielder where you can still throw a guy out at first.

      1. DMAR….you make a great point on Harper’s production.
        Like the Nats…the Phillies will need to live with it, and work around it and does seem to have some effect on the players hitting in front of him.

  36. * A playoff team is like pornography … I know it when I see it. I look at the Phillies and I don’t see it.

    * If ever there was a team begging to get beat, it was the Arizona Diamondbacks last night. They committed three errors to allow all kinds of extra base runners. Sadly, the Phillies proved once again that they are impotent with RISP.

    * Zach Eflin is shot. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him shut down before Jake Arrieta.

    * I think to myself Gabe Kapler really struggles with his use of the bullpen. Then I realize he has nobody in the bullpen. Between the plague that wiped out all of his competent hurlers, and Matt Klentak’s decision to go radio silent at the deadline, there is absolutely no one Kapler can count on.

    * Good night.

    1. 4 runs on 15 hits. That about says it all for the Phillies offense this season.

      The bullpen is what it is. AAAA pitchers won’t hold leads, especially small leads, very often. And to be quite honest – as much as we qualify it by repeating that the injuries have decimated the pen, I’m not so sure Neshek, Hunter, Robertson and a still raw Seranthony Dominguez would have made that big of a difference. The bats (on themselves) and the stating rotation (on Klentak) have been by far the 2019 Phillies bigger culprits.

      1. 49 to go.
        Looks like the Mets will pass them by the weekend.
        Once that happens they will not get out of 4th place and I can start to calculate what draft pick they can get next June.

    2. And still the Phillies remain the #2 wild card, for maybe another day or 2. By the end of August, they should be buried behind the Mets, Nats, Cardinals and Brewers, and quite probably below .500 as the <15K fans in attendance continue to wait for John Middleton to return from his trip to Uranus.

      1. I agree the WC won’t hold. Starting August 30th, the Phils next 26 games include 6 vs ATL, 5 vs WASH, 6 vs NYM, 4 at CIN, 3 vs CLEV, and 2 vs BOS. Considering they’ll likely face Strasbourg, Scherzer, Corbin, Bauer, Sale, deGrom twice, Syndegard twice, Stroman, Sirotka twice, etc – good luck.

  37. Hmm…maybe Haseley and Hernandez should’ve been switched in the batting order last night.
    I was bummed out when both Hoskins and Harper struck out with Risp,I believe in the sixth inning.

    I know batting averages are not viewed as important,but they’re both in the .250 range,and it felt like we needed a more dependable hitter up in that spot.

    Seems like as soon as it appears they could go on a mini winning streak,they lose another game like this.

    1. When you see Hoskins and Harper strike out in that situation, people should realize that it’s the starters that impact the games the most, not the backups. The Phillies are what they are because the starters are not getting the job done, plain and simple.

  38. The inability to get big hits has plagued them all year. Gabe keeps talking about the need to get that big hit, but the approach has never changed. There are no adjustments with runners in scoring position, and blew multiple opportunities to score last night. A game that was right there to win. At least Rhys was mad at himself after the game. He admitted he had pitches to hit, and missed them. Jim Salisbury said “maybe the front office will come to regret not doing more to add to the BP at the deadline”. Well, I have already regretted it. A very weak job by Klentak this deadline. Eflin needs to be put on IR.

  39. For all this talk about signing Cole (either Gerrit or Hamels) couldn’t the QO have a huge impact on that decision? If MLB goes to an international draft what is the penalty for a QO? Right now you lose both draft pick and international signing bonus money.

    What corresponding loss will be with the international draft? I assume a teams first round pick will be protected like in the Amateur draft. But if the proposed system goes into place where the International draft order is rotated by division so lets say NL East was #1 thru 5 in 2020 they would then be 26 to 30 in 2021.

    If you lost a second round pick and weee picking top 5 would that impact signing a QO?

    1. For someone of a Gerrit Cole caliber, the GM should not be thinking of anything else other than how much will it take for Gerrit Cole to join their team. Gerrit Cole is an elite talent that should cover for any penalties – Q), luxury tax or whatever. With the older Cole Hamels, this is a different story.

      Assuming that the international draft will take effect which nullifies the IFA $$ ruling, the penalty should be a lost of pick in certain rounds similar to the Rule 4.

      1. KuKo…BA’s early take on the draft:
        “the most recent draft concept would be 20 rounds, with teams allowed to trade picks. Every pick would have a hard slot value, so if a team drafts a player and the slot value is $1 million, that player would sign for $1 million. Picks in the top three rounds would be protected for clubs, so if a team drafted a player in one of those rounds who didn’t sign, it would potentially receive compensation in the following year’s draft. After the 20th round, teams can sign nondrafted free agents for up to $25,000. The age when players become eligible to sign would still be 16. However, while the current system centers around July 2, the annual opening of the international signing period, the draft would be held in August. One of the bigger twists in MLB’s latest draft concept is the draft order. Instead of replicating the order of the June draft, which would reward the team with the worst record the previous season with two No. 1 overall draft picks, the teams picking at the top of the draft would rotate annually by division. So one year, for example, the teams in the National League East would get the top five overall picks. The next year another division would get the top five picks, and it would rotate every six years.”

        ……..looks like the top three rounds will be protected for non-signings, so assume also any penalties with QO signings.

        1. That’s some forward thinking stuff right there Romus. I thought you were going to say the team with the worst record on Aug 1st would get the top pick. This certainly does a lot to prevent tanking.

          1. DMAR….that is the international draft we were talking about.. not the Rule 4 draft in June
            Actually my submission on the draft 5 years was only 2 rounds….60 picks….and a reversed lottery every third year.
            For example:
            In 2019…Phillies win the lottery this year and get the first and 60th pick (last in the second round) Mets finish with the 30th pick and get the 30th and 31st this year(first in the second round).
            Now in 2020….Phillies get 30th and 31st pick…while the Mets get the first and 60th.
            Now in 2021…new lottery drawing.
            Same slot money as the Rule 4 for the first 60 picks….all other non-drafted kids could sign as free agents with whomever.
            And also trading of picks was allowed.
            Proposal ended up in the legal department and a bunch of red tape and a hassle.
            Plus the Latin Caucus of MLB PLayers…..did not want any draft at all…or they would strike.
            I finally gave up having to do all the paperwork as an outside inde. contractor and hassling with their legal department.
            So the FBI came in last fall with their investigation of MLB RICO charges….and wallah, persuaded all parties concerned to change their minds.

  40. Just read a piece posted today on MLBTR. As much as I hate to admit it, NYY know what they’re doing. I’m sure unqualified good fortune has a little to do with it but take OF Mike Tauchman, a Colorado reject from 2 years ago, called up and now killing it in the absence of their regulars. It’s nothing short of phenomenal how they keep cranking out player after player.

    Which makes me all the more depressed….

    1. The Yankees actually pay attention to what older guys do in the minors. Tauchman was fantastic the last two years in AAA – so they took him on. I have this sick feeling that in two years Austin Listi is going to be a DH for the Yankees or As.

      1. Brian Cashman pretty much nailed it when he described the Yankees front office as a fully operational “Death Star” this past winter. The Yankees appear to be several steps ahead of almost everyone else except perhaps Houston and the Dodgers.

        1. But Brian Cashman still won’t spend prospects for pitchers which is why Houston will come out of the AL and most likely win the WS. He used to trade prospects like crazy when George ran the Yankees. He is good GM but he was not aggressive getting pitching this deadline and has not been recently.

    1. yes rocco…welcome back… was the long and extended vacation?
      Catch the Phillies ta Citi Field?

  41. Checking some scores when I saw that Aaron Altherr is still a Met! He has a .369 OPS which translates to -0.5 WAR for the Mets only.

  42. Here’s a comparison of the Florida State League stats of two players:

    Player A: 20 years old (born in June)

    PA: 418
    Slash: .238/.289/.376
    K rate: 21.5%
    BB rate: 6.5%
    ISO: .138
    wRC+: 96
    BABIP: .281
    LD rate: 14.5%

    Player B: 20 years old (born in May)

    PA: 465
    Slash: .270/.304/.383
    K rate: 21.5%
    BB rate: 4.7%
    ISO: .113
    wRC+: 95
    BABIP: .334
    LD rate: 19.6%

    Both players play premium defensive positions. And the two players have the exact same draft pedigree. Just based on the stats — same age, same level — they’re pretty close, right? Same exact K rate. Almost the exact same wRC+. Player A walks a little more and has a little more power. Player B hits more line drives.

    Player A is #7 on MLB’s current Top 100 prospects: Royce Lewis. He was promoted to AA a couple weeks ago — the above numbers are his FSL stats this year.

    Player B is last year’s Mickey Moniak at Clearwater.

    I’m not arguing that Moniak is as good a prospect as Lewis. What I’m arguing is that his performance over the last twelve months is similar to some highly rated prospects at the same age and level.

    Moniak’s last twelve months (8/6/18 – 8/6/19):

    PA: 514
    Slash: .278/.334/.452
    K rate: 20.4%
    BB rate: 7.4%
    ISO: .174
    wRC+: 127
    BABIP: .343

    Maybe prospect evaluators don’t think he has good tools. But his numbers over the last year, at his age-to-level and given his premium defensive position are worthy of a Top 100 ranking, IMO, towards the back end.

    Don’t believe me? Here’s another example. Estevan Florial is #67 in MLB’s Top 100. He is 6 months older than Moniak. He’s a centerfielder. Here are his stats in the Florida State League — a level below Moniak despite being six months older — this year:

    PA: 221
    Slash: .244/.305/.398
    K rate: 33.5%
    BB rate: 8.1%
    ISO: .154
    wRC+: 108
    BABIP: .352
    LD rate: 16.7%

  43. roccom, welcome back!!! Was it a great vacation? I am still in on MM. i think he is progressing nicely and consider his D to be a plua.

    1. Mike Trout is a first ballot HOFer right now, especially if he wins his third MVP this year. The bigger question is whether he ends up in the all-time top 10 (he obviously is headed in that direction if he keeps it up) and, if so, where on that list he lands.

      1. Verducci did a nice piece on Mike last night. I’m not a big WAR guy but through his age 28 season his WAR eclipses over 20,000 players who have been on an MLB roster.

        He is #1 above the likes of Cobb, Mantle, Hornsby and there was one other I forget and it wasn’t Ruth

        1. Ruth didn’t really start racking up WAR in a big way until he was a full-time position player, which occurred, for the most part in 1919 (he was still a legit pitcher that year, but only had 15 starts), when he was 24. It’s mind boggling to think that he was a starting pitcher for roughly 5 full-years and a really darned good one. In fact, I think it’s like that had he remained only a pitcher, he still would have gone to the Hall of Fame. It’s unfathomable how ridiculously talented he was at baseball.

      2. If Trout stays healthy, I’m thinking he has at least 5 more crazy years. So his WAR will be at least in the 120+ range which is ridiculous in itself.

    1. Whatever time he has to report, I’m sure he’ll be given the full amount under the circumstances. Tough pill to swallow, deserved or not.

    1. Hah! As much as I like Bob Nightengale, this piece sounds like another stab at the irrational Philadelphia sports fan base that doesn’t appreciate what they’ve got in their on-field chiefs, ala Andy Reid (no pun intended) from the perview of a national scribe. As if we should accept without reservation all their positive spins and non-answer rhetoric when the results on the field scream for honest admission of mistakes and misjudgments, rather than deflecting the accountability. All the excuses are there, and yet while some of them are legitimate, all the evidence that it’s not working is right before our eyes. It’s the age old issue of prideful men who by their words insist that they know more than the rest of us and refuse to let anyone on to the fact that they’re not the smartest men in the room. It’s arrogance, plain and simple, no matter how polite and articulate (Kapler), glib and snarky (Chip Kelly) or downright minimalist (Reid).

  44. Jim, I don’t think it’s an off-the-shelf scenario. The Phils need to know if Bohm can handle 3B at the MLB level and give him the time he needs. I think Franco is a placeholder if Bohm is a big league 3rd sacker. If he’s not, then, without Franco, the Phils have Kingery and no other option. That’s the dicey situation with Franco.

    In a perfect world, the Phils put Bohm’s name in the lineup card at #B midway in 2020 with Kingery at 2B. In a perfect world …..

  45. Okay, I’ve had it.

    I’m watching the Phillies and Scott Kingery, who’s supposed to be our fire-eating jet pax, having a fun, smiling conversation with Dusty Wathan as he prepares to take over defensive duties at 3B

    Enough. No smiles. Be mad.

    It’s time fo a change on this team. There are still enough games left to be a playoff team. There is too much offensive talent on this team to sleep walk through games. There should be too much pride for guys to be so amiable in a tough loss.

    This team needs somebody to shake them up. Whether it’s a Dutch Daulton teammate or a Dallas Green booming profanities.

    I don’t know what Kapler is going to say after the game, but it better not be more of his New Age feel-good idiocy.

    Mr. Middleton, make changes, and make them now.

    1. I don’t see how they can make the playoffs with that pitching staff, after Nola it’s not pretty, then losing what could be maybe 6 pen arms out for the season. Talk about some bad luck, I can’t say I ever remember seeing a phillies team lose an entire bullpen with season ending injuries.

      I also wonder what strain it is for guys like Hoskins, Harper, to almost never have a day off. Going into tonight’s game both have been struggling badly at the plate the past 15 games.

      It’s a frustrating team, they seem to lose when you expect them to win and win when you expect them to lose. I know some talked about how they would be able to pick up a lot of wins as they hit a softer spot in the schedule but they just can’t seem to string together consistent ball. Now watch them win more when their schedule gets tougher next week.

      For me with the eagles getting closer, NHL training camps a month away, as badly as I wanted to see the phils in the post season, I’ve given up that dream and now just hope to see Haseley, Quinn (he’s been heating up), Kingery continue to impress and then focus on how the heck they are going to fix the pitching cause now you got lots of question marks and we can’t go into another season with this many question marks.

  46. “it’s all part of it”
    When Kapler is your manager and Klentax assumes that the starting pitching or bullpen is good enough to get you through the season.

    Sadly,the starting nine aren’t free of blame either.We’re in dire need of the “correct” positive attitude in the clubhouse.

    “Unbelieveable” that we must suffer through ANOTHER second half melt down.

  47. As it looks now….unless by some miracle, they happen to go on a 10/12 game winning streak….Sept 30th will be finito for Gabe.
    Though Middleton/MacPhail may direct Klentak to relieve him before then if it gets much worst, and have Thomson or Wathan run the show as interim.

  48. This may be the worst collection of National League teams in many years. When the Phillies are playing the way they are, it doesn’t matter who the opposing team is. Add a starting pitcher they’re unfamiliar with and forget it. No shot. We’ve been waiting for them to go on a run. And waiting. Every team has one each season, right? The front office has totally abandoned ship. And now it’s too late. Even the players thought they would go out and add pitching. So what did Klentak do? Added Corey Dickerson, a nice bat who they’ll probably let walk in the winter. Smyly and Vargas are what they are. The owner’s silence is troubling. But the most annoying of all is the utter lack of both urgency and energy which defines this organization. I’d love to see a documentary on the daily life of Andy MacPhail and what his job entails. Today he’s probably meeting with the interior design firm to discuss what new colors to paint the public rest rooms for next year. You know, to improve the fan experience. Meanwhile, Matt Klentak continues to “look under every rock” as Gabe loves to say, to improve the ball club. If the GM is looking under any rocks for ball players, we’re in worse trouble than I thought.

    1. Every team has a personality….and this team certainly needs a different type of leader than Kapler. I’m sure Hoskins and Harper and Nola want to win badly and I am glad they are on the Phillies but they sure don’t have the clubhouse leadership qualities that this current team needs. All three are fine men and respected for their on the field play but there is something missing ….a Jimmy Rollins or Larry Bowa or even may I dare say Lenny Dykstra. I was so happy a couple weeks ago when Neris yelled at the Dodger dugout after a save…finally some emotion on this team.

  49. R.I.P. 2019 … it is over. Mets will catch the nats. This season, is one of the weirder ones Ives ever seen. I thought the East was supposed to be the beast of the league?

    1. If the Mets make the playoffs and survive the wild card game (a total unknown), they are hot enough at the plate and have enough starting pitching to go to the WS again and perhaps even win, although beating a team like Houston or the Yankees would be a tall order.

    2. Looks like the East is the beast of the league. The 4 NL East teams expected to battle for a playoff spot in 2019 are all battling for a playoff spot in 2019.

      As of this moment 3 NL East teams will be in the playoffs and the 4th is just 1/2 game out.

      1. Ehh, they are there yes, but I think the projections were for the east to handle everyone but the Dodgers and Brewers at the start of the season. Atl is the only one really holding true, to me it’s more like a baby beast of the east

        1. What lost in all this anxiety over the Phils’ rank in the standings is how awesome it is to have real parity in the NL. Imagine being a fan in the AL. There’s basically no intrigue there. They have ONE team within 5 games of the second wild card. We have 6.

          Obviously we’d like the Phillies to be more secure in their playoff spot, but as a general baseball fan this is a really cool season.

        2. Not sure what you mean by handle but 4 of the top seven records in the NL belong to teams from the East. Since they play each other more than any of the other teams in the league, it shouldn’t be surprising that they also impacting each other’s win totals.

  50. It starts from MacPhail. There is no sense of urgency because the President of the team is pleased as punch with how they have progressed. Right according to his timeline. Why get to the Playoffs faster than the other rebuilds? Who cares that the fans have suffered for 8 years? We are doing a great job. The GM had an “objectively excellent off-season”, and there was no need for pitching help. With Management having that kind of a poor attitude, why wouldn’t it trickle down? Then we have to listen to Kapler say, “when we are working on all cylinders, we are unbeatable”. What nonsense! The SP, the BP, and the way the offense approaches hitting are missing quite a few cylinders, so playing on all of them is not possible. Our offense may have fine resumes, but they are not playing well at all, sleepwalking through game after game, with the occasional burst, then back to sleep. The President, with his words, and the GM, with his lack of action at the deadline, set the stage for their to be no urgency at all. And, we are seeing that on the field.

    1. We need Philadelphia guys to run the team not New Yorkers or ivy leaguers from New England or Cool Californians. We need people running the team that understands the area and the fans.

      1. No, we don’t need local guys. We need people who know how to evaluate and develop talent, and maximize their resources, both human and financial. MacPhail and Klentak haven’t shown the knack for that. Their focus is on finding bargains to mask the deeper issues of the roster.

        I’m curious to see if farm director Josh Bonifay eventually succeeds Klentak or MacPhail for that matter. He’s Houston bred and has shown to be aggressive in his approach.

  51. I’m amazed that the fan outrage isn’t more present across this fan base. Considering:

    1) The W L record is heading for the same or worse finish than last year with a much stronger roster.

    2) Everyone seems to accept the massive amount of arms on the DL is purely bad luck and not something systemically wrong in the way their handling pitchers.

    3) Across the board stalled or regressed development and performance. And

    4) A minor league system that has plummeted in the rankings.

    Where is the outrage? Where are the boos?

    1. Don’t you worry Buddy wait til they get home….

      I expect a lot of boos and a lot of E-A-G-L-E-S chants!

  52. Watching some MLB network before the Phillies came on last night. Tom Verducci and Eric Byrnes were on. I love them both but they broke down a play in which Puig hit a hard single to the left center gap and did a bat flip

    The runner on second rounded 3rd was going to score easy the 3rd baseman cut the throw and threw to the second baseman who tug out Puig walking into 2nd.

    Byrnsey somehow thought that was entertaining even though admitting it was a dumb base running mistake. He made a small little point about wanting to be entertained…

    I ask when did playing sound heads up baseball stop being entertaining?

    A point of emphasis on last nights broadcast were all the Phillies fans in attendance. Great effort by them not so much between the lines.

    1. Based on the shirts I’ve seen in the bay area, the series in SF will have a lot of red in the stands as well.

      I’ll be attending tonight with my dad and brother (and my brother’s friend, who I don’t think is a Phillies fan) tonight, so I’m doing my part.

      1. Could be chilly tonight in the Bay area after the sun goes down…better to be safe than sorry…wear your Philly Phanatic green hat.

  53. Rhys Hoskins, and I am not picking on him, I really like him, has seen his IFFB%, with RISP, climb from 6.8% last year, to 25.6% this year. An unbelievable stat. How can that be? And, it is not just him. Well, if they are always looking to uppercut the ball, a slight miss gets underneath and pops it up. But, the Manager says they are not told to do that. With RISP they are supposed to be adjusting their swings. I don’t believe that. For the whole team to be terrible in certain situations, it is the Coach who is at fault. Kapler may come back next year, but there will definitely be a coaching change or 3. And, the coaching choices, except for Dusty Wathan, are reflective of the Klentak and Kapler approach to hitting. An approach that has failed.

    1. My thought when I watch our guys play specifically hitting is that we have a pull happy bunch. Great hitters LH or RH hit the ball oppo at a decent clip.

      Aside from Segura who else on this team seems to do that…

      I remember watching Rhys in the minors and he seemed to hit balls routinely foul poll to foul poll. Now a days I hardly ever see him hit balls hard to RF

  54. I’m going to preface this by saying I am Switzerland/neutral on Gabe’s future. I wouldn’t be happy or sad to see him replaced.
    However … for me, in the grand scheme of things, Kapler is lower on the list of people or reasons to blame for the disappointing season. I see injuries, John Malee. Matt Klentak, and Chris Young (in that order) as more responsible for what has happened with this team.
    Gabe is different from any other manager the Phillies have ever employed. He’s willing to do things “out of the box”. Sometimes those things come back to bite him in the butt. But the truth of the matter is … I’m a fan of a guy (or organization) who is willing to try different things, even if they don’t always work.

    Looking into my crystal ball … it would seem to me Gabe is in no immediate danger of being fired. I don’t think Bob Nightengale stumbled into that article. It seems more reasonable that he was fed that story by the Phillies FO. They want to put out the “Dump Kapler” forest fire that was set and is being stoked by Angelo Cataldi (who I have waaaay less respect for than Gabe Kapler).

    1. Interesting thoughts, Hinkie. I don’t dislike Kapler personally. He’s very intelligent and seems to have peripheral vision of what’s happening around him. It’s the collective (I’m beginning to hate that term) mindset that irks me. Especially when you can sense the players aren’t buying in, regardless of what they say. One question I have is who talks to Gabe in the dugout? And are they all on the same page or just holding on to their jobs by toting the company line? The off season and the regular season simply don’t jive. I agree that Kapler isn’t going to be fired. The batting and pitching coaches may be the scapegoats. Mallee especially with the talent in the everyday lineup is likely to go. Young may be kept on since they ditched his predecessor just to keep him, plus it’s obvious the requisite arms aren’t there, along with the injuries. Romus is certain Kapler’s gone. But we’ve seen this movie before. The ending is sad, and the movie is longer than we anticipate.

      1. Not sure how they can blame Mallee since I’ve been told by several posters on here that veteran players don’t get advice/instruction from the hitting coach. He’s only there in a “don’t speak until spoken to” basis.

        If that’s the case, then I would argue that he’s done ok with the few young hitters on the team in Haseley/Kingery. Beyond that, he would have minimal impact with their main offensive issues of the veteran hitters underperforming…

        1. The fact of the matter…someone will have to take the fall for a 4th place finish…if in reality they end up just in front of the Marlins.
          When the bottle spins…who will it land on?

          The one guy who may really cringe if Gabe is let go is Bryce.
          He came out of Washington with some writers down there labeling him as a ‘ manager killer’.
          Gabe would be number four…in eight years……Toothpick Dusty, Davey Johnson, and Matt Williams,

    2. I don’t hate the guy either but it’s just very obvious the results are not there, regardless of whether the FO likes him, or what not, results are results. Players are not performing, team is not winning, pitchers are injured and/or not developing, and there have been no breakthrough talents in the spirit of betterball. It’s really as simple as that. Additionally, if one wants to pile on, as others have said the team has no identity/fire, and his in game moves can be called into serious question on a pretty regular basis.

      Mr Middleton, please talk to Mr Lurie about having the ability to admit you made a mistake, to take quick action, and how to best enjoy riding on a bus up Broad Street to the Art Museum. With Kapler as your manager, the only bus you’ll be riding is SEPTA.

  55. Remember when your mom or dad tried to take you to K-Mart and buy you Bo-Bo Nikes? Ok maybe none of you ever suffered that embarrassment. I did and that motivated me to get a job at a young age so i could buy my own kicks.

    I never did like Kapler, nor MK or McPhail. I felt they were the bo-bo equivalent of a real FO. Nothing personal but why didn’t we get a Friedman, or a Luhnow or a Cashman or an Epstein guys with proven track records of building clubs with WS talent.

    That’s on Middleton but as we watched 25 years of Jeff Lurie Middleton should learn from that experience. You can make mistakes but you better not compound those mistakes by denying them or staying with them for too long.

  56. I think I’ll watch Julia Child reruns tonight, I seem to have had my fill of the “3 Stooges”!

    1. What, no watching You Tube coverage of the Phillies game tonight? First time was pretty lame but loving baseball, it’s better than nothing.

  57. So Keith Law doesn’t like Haseley or Moniak — not news, I know. From today’s chat:

    Moe Mentum
    1:07 Adam Haseley – SSS, but is he performing above, at, or below your expectations in the majors so far? Anything sustainable as a long-term starting/platoon OF?
    Keith Law
    1:07 Probably above expectations. Just an extra OF.

    1:54 Moniak has really picked up performance and has very good numbers (excluding a April) for a 21 yo in AA. I know that you had been down on him in the past…change your view?
    Keith Law
    1:56 Nope. Saw him a month ago. He’s not good. Reading is the best hitter’s environment in the Eastern League, BTW. Didn’t you try to gotcha me over Deivy Grullon back in the spring when he had a hot start? He’s at .236/.314/.390 since June 1st and still can’t catch.

    Keith Law is entitled to his opinion that Moniak is “not good”. But justifying it based on the hitting environment in Reading is just stupid, considering that this year Moniak has a .784 OPS on the road and a .783 OPS at home.

    1. I think moooniak is going to be flipping burgers soon. Someone should ask Law how he likes his poo burger. Moniak may not be mike trout, but he is certainly Ahead of Law’s biased analysis. You can tell he is just grinding that stone harder, doubling down, but it is out in the open now. He’ll be answer a lot of Moniak questions for a long time

      1. Serious Question who does Keith Law work for or how does he make his living?

        I honestly don’t think the guy is biased against Phillies prospects I just think he is a click bait artist or purposeful contrarian.

        1. Applied for Astros GM job after Ed Wade, about 7/8 years ago….then pulled out….Jeff Luhnow eventually was the hire
          That is when he went to ESPN I think..

          1. God bless him. Philly fans are an easy mark for guys like him. I’m sure he laughs all the way to the bank.

            Sorry fella’s but I cringe every time you run to post something he says here as if it were the gospel.

  58. From what I can tell, the hitting and pitching instruction has been abysmal. I think Stairs and Kranitz would be serious upgrades over what we’re getting now.

  59. I don’t think Law has any ax to grind with the Phillies, he’s just applying the ESPN business model. If you watch the network anymore most of their shows are based on creating conflict. Guys like Steven A. Smith, Wilbon, Kornheiser, Bilas, Mayne, etc. are there specifically to make bold statements and create news.

    Not surprising that it extends to their on-line entities as well. Very few are going to read a chat where he just says good things about prospects.

      1. Funny that I no longer watch ESPN or listen to WIP. I am to my wife’s dismay MLB Network 24/7

        it was a bit before my time but man my dad loved him some reruns of Dragnet

  60. How in the world can Adam Haseley be optioned to AAA to make room for Jay Bruce? I know they’re overstocked with lefty bats but come on. Does Quinn hold down CF alone or does Kingery bounce back and forth between 3b and CF?

    1. How about going with a 5 man bench since they currently can yo-yo the AAAA pitchers up and down. Stupid!

    2. Haseley does need to keep batting…at least he will get ABs in LHV rather sporadic bats up here for the next three weeks.

    3. goes Gabe put Bruce in center against righties and go Dickerson-Bruce-Harper? that was my fear, for Haseley, when they got Dickerson.

      1. Quinn leads off tonight vs MadBum. Kingery plays 2b since Cesar hasn’t been hitting lefties. Dickerson sits as Bruce gets the start in LF. JTR also sitting. Segura bats cleanup.

  61. Thirty-one years ago tonight….Phillies played the Cubs under the lights….first night game at Wrigley Field….but neither team won…it was rained out in the 4th inning….so the official first night game came the next day when the Cubs beat the Mets.

    1. I remember watching that game on tv. Phil Bradley hit a HR that he lost cuz of the washout.

  62. Corey Dickerson is a good ballplayer, not doubt. But with his acquisition and the Phillies love of Sean Rodriguez, they created a logjam in the outfield. Like last year, it’s the young guys are left out.

    The Phillies will not make the playoffs this year, but they will alienate some more young players who can be the future.

    Mr. Middleton, please get rid of Klentak, Kapler and MacPhail.

  63. One run in their last 19 innings. Very exciting.
    They’ve climbed to pick 1-17 (with a bullet) for next June’s draft. I think 1-14 (again) is a reasonable spot to expect them to end up.

    BTW … that 2020 draft features lots of top flight college pitchers. HS bats > college bats.

    I did a waaaay early Phillies mock right after this summer’s draft. I had the Phils taking Tennesse Volunteers OFer Alerick Soularie in the first round. A few other names to watch if Johnny Almaraz ends up at about the 1-14 spot in 2020 are: HS OFer Zac Veen, and 2 college LHP’s … Asa Lacy (Texas A&M) and Reid Detmers (Louisville).

    1. Hinkie….there is a possibility that the Giants/DBacks (Phillies lose tie-breakers)..along with the obvious, Mets and Cardinals (though in a funk) could surpass the Phillies ..Rangers and Angels are the iffy.
      If Mike Trout and his Angels can ever get it together or the Rangers get on a slight roll…..,they could finish with the 12th or 13th pick.

      I do not see the Reds, Padres or Rockies making up the difference.

      1. I see them at ninth or eighth, there are only 7 teams with less than 50 wins. all the rest could catch the phillies easy. with only one good starter, its a real possibility imo

      2. Romus … if the Phillies, SFG’s, and DBacks all end up with the same record, the Phils would draft in front of the Snakes, but behind the Giants. Tie breakers are decided by their previous year’s (2018) record.
        It’s probably moot, anyway. At this rate, the Phillies should be sinking below both of those squads within the next week. And the Mets will probably pass them tonight.

        Johnny Almaraz has a real chance to restock the system with high ceiling college arms next summer. As I mentioned above, Asa Lacy and Reid Detmers could be available in the early teens. I like LHRP Burl Carraway in the second round, if Klentak doesn’t lose that pick for the third year in a row.

  64. Jeez, where do we begin? Bumgarner was on last night, or should I say he picked a good time to face the Phillies batters. Didn’t see or hear Gabe’s post game comments but I bet he said they hit a few ball hard and right at gloves….oh, and that they also scratched and clawed all night. That’s comforting.

    Another thing which is very apparent – so many of the younger Phillies players lack something very important – composure. Nick Pivetta looks like he’s being fed caffeine intravenously between innings. And Andrew Knapp couldn’t catch a cold back there. The two of them together looked more like a pinball machine than battery mates. Holy cow!

    ….and speaking of holy cows, will someone please find out what incriminating information Sean Rodriguez has on Gabe Kapler? And is there any hope that he won’t return in 2020?

  65. I’m so dumbfounded by this orgs decision making processes. I’ve resolved not to watch them whenever Rodriguez and Bruce are in the starting LU.

    You can also almost see a look of bewilderment in the eyes of the guys who supposedly are the future of this team going forward.

  66. I know MadBum is good, but we play with such a lack of energy it is a sorry sight to watch. I want them to say the heck with it and swing at the first FB close to the strike zone. Just show some aggressiveness, some approach other than what they are doing. I would have preferred getting no-hit than the 1 hit they got last night. Here we are talking about where we pick in the draft, after an “objectively excellent off season”, and I am just livid at the Management of this team.

  67. Meanwhile the Yankees are getting 2 HRs a night out of guys like Urshela and Trautman and any other back-up or AAAA guy they want to plug in…

    If Johnny Cigars is not looking at those clubs and thinking to himself man I brought a Yugo to the American Muscle car show we are in a heap of trouble.

  68. I can’t take listening to Kapler after every loss. “Our hitters were off balance, Bumgarner was able to locate his pitches.” Oh, and “we need to run good pitcher’s pitch counts up.” No,we are off balance constantly. And, the way to combat MadBum was to go with the pitch. Hit it the other way, don’t take 21 called strikes. It is the problem with this offense. You don’t run up a pitch count by standing there and praying the pitch is called a Ball. I don’t care what Kapler is reading from his print outs, you do nothing when you stand there all night looking at pitches. And, I am so happy that Mallee is “connecting” with the hitters. They can all go out for a beer when he gets fired. Meanwhile, we just keep getting worse.

    1. @matt – I agree. I don’t know if this batting approach the Phillies are doing is analytics or what but for Segura, Harper, JRS and Hoskins, they should just keep the approach that made them a middle of the order hitter. If they can see a ball that they know they can hit, then swing the bat regardless of what the freaking analytics say.

      I understand the value of being patient, but man, if they keep taking pitches that are called strikes and become behind the count — that’s an easy advantage to the opposing pitcher.

      Each hitter in the Phillies line up has it’s own holes that opposing pitchers can exploit and being behind 0-2 will only make this worst!

  69. And, just for the record. After moving around all season, Kingery played 2B. He is outstanding there, and I believe he will be a Gold Glove 2B. I am sorry for the Cesar fans, and he did get the hit last night. But, next year, Kingery needs to be the every day 2B. We traded Placido Polanco to make room for Chase, and I am not saying Kingery is Chase, but Polly was a better player than Cesar. It is time to put together the team the right way. Cesar is getting very expensive for what he brings, and it is time to make room. I have given up on this year, maybe they prove me wrong. But, I want guys in their right positions for next year, a real Starting Rotation, all the pieces that a good team needs. I can’t imagine that John Middleton is very happy.

    1. I want an angry John Middleton this offseason. This team needs a firestarter – the trio of McKlentak + Kapler simply cannot do it – so Middleton should set it which is a shame. Middleton doesn’t need to dance like Lurie did but he should make people accountable and let go of people within the organization who are not doing their job.

      An angry Middleton may not want to be overbid for Gerrit Cole – that’s what we want.

    2. Cesar is a good solider but it is really not hard to see that he is a good complimentary player. He can be still be a productive MLB player if he played for a skipper that knows how to maximize what he can do.

      Cesar could have fetched a better trade return 2 years ago, although we will never know if Klentak actually traded him for what but with hindsight, Cesar is a missed opportunity to extract value where a good GM normally were able to take advantage of.

    3. Matt, you are spot on, I couldn’t agree with you more. They cannot fix everything, but much of this damage is self-inflicted and the result of blundering. Time to right the ship and steer toward next year.

  70. Someone on the radio yesterday made a good observation. Bob Nightengale’s piece on Kapler the other day wasn’t popular with most of us BUT he may have gotten his thrust from the front office. My strong sense is that Kapler isn’t going anywhere and that he may on fact already be re-upped for 2 more years. Nauseous, I know. But….

  71. There is a time to move on. Nick Williams needs to go somewhere else, he is not doing us any good in LHV. Franco needs to move also. I still can’t believe that Derek Fisher got Sanchez, Biaginini and a 3rd piece, and Nick can’t bring a BP arm. I understand why Haseley was sent down, but I don’t have to like it. Who was hitting better? And, he plays a very good OF. What was the point in adding Dickerson and not adding BP help?

  72. Our inability to score is killing us. Our pitching is decimated with injuries and poor performance by our starting 5 not named Nola, but the bats are what is killing us. In the 2nd half games we have lost 14 of 25. 15 of the 25 (60%) we have scored 3 runs or less and been shutout 3 times. The opposition is averaging 5.44 runs per game and we are averaging 3.8. We have been outscored 136 to 95. I was going to calculate how many runners we have stranded on base, but my stomach wasn’t up for it.

    1. ‘MattWinks jumped Johan Rojas all the way to #10’……..not #11?
      And for the record……Darick Hall not to be found in the top 63, nor RHPs Israel Puello or Manuel Urias.

      1. Mitch Rupert has been all about Johan Rojas. He’s posted a lot of video of the 18 YO’s impressive tools.

      2. Johan Rojas is a definite Top 20, but IMO it is still a stretch to have him Top 10. In my updated ranking, Johan is #19. DJ Jefferson and Eduar Segovia are the 2 prospects that intrigues me that may shoot my rankings very soon.

        1. Alec Bohm
        2. Spencer Howard
        3. Adonis Medina
        4. Bryson Stott
        5. Luis Garcia
        6. Francisco Morales
        7. Mickey Moniak
        8. Damon Jones
        9. Erik Miller
        10. Rafael Marchan
        11. Jojo Romero
        12. Simon Muzziotti
        13. Nick Maton
        14. Enyel delos Santos
        15. Jhailyn Ortiz
        16. Dominic Pipkin
        17. Mo Llovera
        18. Deivi Grullon
        19. Johan Rojas
        20. Starlyn Castillo
        21. Jon Guzman
        22. Logan O’Hoppe
        23. Connor Seabold
        24. Jabari Baylor
        25. Colton Eastman
        26. Juan Aparicio
        27. Vic Santos
        28. Nic Torres
        29. Ethan Lindow
        30. Logan Simmons
        31. Manuel Silva
        32. Ben Brown
        33. Bailey Falter
        34. Kyle Glogoski
        35. Gunner Mayer
        36. Kyle Young
        37. Abrahan Gutierrez
        38. Kyle Dohy
        39. Kevin Gowdy
        40. Carlos de la Cruz

  73. Now, this is getting unreal. Bruce back on the IL with left flexor strain and Haseley back in red pin stripes

    1. im thinking Bruce and Quinn switched bodies, or Bruce just being sacrificed to the baseball gods in exchange for Quinn going 50 days without an injury.

  74. As Cole Hamels once said (in 2009), “I can’t wait for this season to end. I’m looking forward to a fresh start.”

    Watching Bryce Harper punish the baseball last night made me think of Hamels want for that fresh start. My hope for 2020 is a whole lot more of Haper/Hoskins/Realmuto looking like MVP candidates, and the (continued) emergence of Kingery/Haseley/Bohm/Quinn.

  75. Will the Phils go hard for Rendon in the off season? I think they will. If they sign him, Bohm is blocked at 3B. I wonder if Bohm plays a little LF in the instructs just to see if that’s an option down the road.

  76. Just my opinion…but if the Phillies sign Rendon when they need to use that money on pitching,wouldn’t make financial sense..Another thing,for this team to have any sustained success they will need to produce good players consistently that will be playing on rookie contracts…

    1. Agreed. Rendon would be a luxury if we already had the starting pitching which we have nowhere near enough. Otherwise, let’s ride with Bohm at 3b until we realize he can’t stay there.

    2. That’s great in theory and I agree but we don’t have future stars sitting in our system. We don’t have any Soto or Acuna In our system so we have to buy it to keep up. As for pitching, there’s one good free agent pitcher, that’s it. We have a shot with an older Hamels but he’s old. We’re going to have to trade to get a pitcher. If we signed Rendon we could trade Bohm for a pitcher.

  77. I don’t know what they will do, but Bohm is my future 3B and I don’t get outbid for Cole. Does anyone think the Nats regret signing Corbin? Would we be complaining about year 6 if we signed him? A top level SP is crucial

    1. Cole will be very hard for us to sign. He’ll be very attractive to the Yankees and to the Astros. As for Bohm, his defense at 3b is the unknown. Will it get good enough?

      1. Correct. The Phillies have made no secret about the fact they’re just not going to be a team to break the bank on pitchers. Gerrit Cole is probably going to get a 6 year/156 million dollar deal. The NYY and LAA are the two teams most likely to land him.
        The Phillies will probably keep one of Smyly/Vargas and sign someone like Wood or Hamels. They could/should also look into Japanese RHP Takahiro Norimoto.

        1. Hinkie…is Ohtani a free agent after this year?
          Seems I recall back in 2017 that whoever signed him it was on a minor league contract until he reached age 26.
          We may not have been able to get one big Angel….but may be able to get another if he becomes free agent.

    1. Team has had four 4- game winning streaks so far…..but all before June 28th.
      They need to go on a winning run of 10/12 games……but doubt they can do it.
      They fiinish 4th in the NL-East….Middleton probably pulls the plug on Gabe… last day of Sept.

  78. Could Aaron Brown help the big club this year or next?

    57 IP this year, 71 strikeouts, 48 hits (.230 BAA), 29 BB

    1. He has some really weird reverse splits. You would think maybe like “Oh, he could be a loogy” and then you could put him in LF for for a batter and then bring him back to face another lefty in the lineup.

      But his splits are pretty crazy.

      vs lefties: 8.27 ERA, 20.2 IP, 3 HR, .280 BAA
      vs righties: 0.99 ERA, 36.1 IP, 1 HR, .197 BAA

  79. Any chance that Connor Brogdon gets a Sept call up? Looking at his last 28 days, 15 innings, 4 BB’s, 15 K’s, .867 whip, 3.0 era, teams hitting .173 off him.

    I know he struggled early when moving up to LV,

    July – 15.1 innings, 7 BB’s, 20 K’s, 1.239 Whip, 4.11 era, .308 ave

    but in August while small sample size,

    August – 5.0 innings, 1 BB, 9 K’s, .800 whip, 1.8 era, .167 ave

  80. The Phillies should finish somewhere between 8-12 in the 2020 draft. The 7 locks to be in front of them are Miami, Baltimore, Toronto, Detroit, Kansas City, ChiSox, and Seattle.

    San Diego, Colorado, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are all likely to pick ahead of them but the Phillies could totally implode and see any of these overtake them.

    1. I’m predicting the Phillies pick at 1-14 in 2020 (for the second year in a row). They’re currently at 1-16. I don’t see them passing any of the teams currently ahead of them in the standings, and I think two of DBacks, Giants, Reds, and Angels pass the Phils by the time this season ends.
      As I’ve mentioned a few times already, the 2020 draft is going to be much more robust than the 2019 class. As a matter of fact, the 2020 event is elbow deep in highly rated college pitchers. Will 2020 be the year Johnny Almaraz finally dips his toe into the first round pitching pool ?

      1. Hinkie they will be in the top ten. there are 6 teams within 5 games of them now, if my math is right. they will be passed by giants, reds d backs and angels. I Just be the only person on here who sees a team that quit on its manager. They wont play for this guy and losses will mount

        1. Rocco, I’m glad you are back, I was getting concerned, but you are not exactly “only the lonely” on the team quitting. I often wonder what monologue he gives the team after those gut wrenching losses. I doubt seriously if it is that stupid dribble he constantly feeds us!

        2. There is definitely a disconnect between Kapler and this roster. I can’t ignore how Klentak has left Gabe high and dry with a one man starting rotation and a bullpen left to fend for itself at the deadline. I do wonder if/how seriously the core position players respond to the manager. Outwardly they may appear receptive but inwardly they may be rolling their eyes.

          1. im not sure what a different manager could do with the current roster, but i havent seen evidence from an energy, performance or fundamental standpoint of the team responding positively to Kapler. While watching some LLWS regional finals yesterday i couldnt help but think alot of Kapler’s sound bites would be perfect for those teams- just not major league teams.

  81. Again, Nick Pivetta craps the bed. The guy is just too high strung. He can’t make pitches when it’s crunch time.

  82. Wow, this is a new low for the Phillies. I would be stunned if Kapler isn’t canned, especially if we finish 4th in the division. And Pivetta, I’m at a loss for words. He gives up a hit to a relief pitcher? Seriously? With his stuff? It’s embarrassing. He needs to go to a team where there’s no expectations for him.

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