Open Discussion: Week of June 24, 2019

The Phillies were 39-32, .549) last Sunday.  They are now 39-38, .506 after a pair of series sweeps.  I’ve got nothing else.  Let your bashing begin.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.  Still don’t want to hear about any mythical Trout trades.

Key Dates:

  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies East begins its 2019 season
  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies West begins its 2019 season
  • July 2, 2019 – June 15, 2020 – International signing period
  • July 12, 2019 – End of Rule 4 signing period
  • July 31, 2019 – Non-waiver trade deadline
  • September 1, 2019 – Roster expansion to 40 players (for the last time)
  • September 17, 2019 – beginning of the Arizona Fall League
  • October 12, 2019 – Arizona Fall Stars Game
  • October 27, 2019 – Arizona Fall League Championship Game

The rosters and lists are up to date. 

6/23/2019 – Phillies optioned RHP Edubray Ramos to Lehigh Valley
6/23/2019 – Phillies recalled RHP Enyel De Los Santos from Lehigh Valley
6/23/2019 – LHP Manuel Silva assigned to Lakewood from GCL West
6/23/2019 – Tyler Burch activated by GCL West
6/23/2019 – Sal Gozzo activated by GCL West
6/23/2019 – Connor Hinchliffe activated by GCL West
6/23/2019 – Brian Marconi activated by GCL West
6/22/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated RHP Josh Martin from the 7-day IL
6/22/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Tom Windle from the 7-day IL
6/22/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Alexis Rivero on the 7-day IL, forearm strain
6/22/2019 – Reading placed RHP Seth McGarry on the 7-day IL
6/22/2019 – Reading activated RHP Connor Brogdon from the TIL
6/22/2019 – RHP Kyle Glogoski assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
6/22/2019 – Clearwater placed RF Danny Mayer on the 7-day IL
6/22/2019 – RHP Jonas De La Cruz assigned to Lakewood from GCL East
6/22/2019 – OF Tucker Maxwell assigned to Williamsport
6/22/2019 – LF Juan Carlos Smith assigned to GCL East from Williamsport
6/21/2019 – 2B Chase Utley retired
6/21/2019 – Phillies activated LHP Adam Morgan from the 10-day IL
6/21/2019 – Phillies optioned LHP Cole Irvin to Lehigh Valley
6/21/2019 – RF Austin Listi assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/21/2019 – RHP Seth McGarry assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
6/21/2019 – 3B Alec Bohm assigned to Reading fron Clearwater
6/21/2019 – INF Luke Miller assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
6/21/2019 – Lakewood released RHP Ismael Cabrera
6/21/2019 – SS Seth Lancaster assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
6/21/2019 – RHP Francisco Morales assigned to Lakewood from Phillies XST
6/21/2019 – CF Keudy Bocio assigned to GCL West from Williamsport
6/21/2019 – OF Hunter Markwardt assigned to Williamsport
6/21/2019 – IF Nate Fassnacht assigned to Williamsport
6/21/2019 – IF Rudy Rott assigned to Williamsport
6/21/2019 – IF McCarthy Tatum assigned to Williamsport
6/21/2019 – OF Hunter Hearn assigned to Williamsport
6/21/2019 – Williamsport released CF Julio Francisco
6/21/2019 – Williamsport released 3B Connor Litton
6/21/2019 – Jose Taveras assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/21/2019 – Waylon Richardson assigned to Clearwater (7-day IL) from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Eric White assigned to Clearwater (7-day IL) from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Jonas De La Cruz assigned to Lakewood (7-day IL) from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Jack Perkins assigned to Lakewood (7-day IL) from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Tucker Maxwell assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Guarner Dipre assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Jevi Hernandez assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Luis Matos assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Jose Mercado assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Micah Yonamine assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Albertus Barber assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Brendan Bell assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Andrew Schultz assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Spencer Van Scoyoc assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/21/2019 – Chris Cornelius assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Engel Estevez assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Keaton Greenwalt assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Carlos Oropeza assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Johan Rojas assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Jamari Baylor assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Tyler Burch assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Connor Hinchliffe assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Brian Marconi assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/21/2019 – Brett Schulze assigned to GCL Phillies West from GCL East
6/20/2019 – Phillies placed RHP Pat Neshek on the 10-day IL, left hamstring strain
6/20/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Tyler Gilbert from the 7-day IL
6/20/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated Nick Williams
6/20/2019 – Lehigh Valley released 3B Damek Tomscha.
6/20/2019 – Lehigh Valley released 3B Gift Ngoepe.
6/20/2019 – Austin Listi assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/20/2019 – Clearwater activated RHP Julian Garcia from the 7-day IL
6/20/2019 – LF Jimmy Smith assigned to Lakewood from Phillies XST
6/20/2019 – LHP Jhordany Mezquita assigned to Lakewood from Phillies XST
6/20/2019 – Phillies signed Erik Miller, assigned to GCL East
6/19/2019 – Phillies recalled LHP Ranger Suarez from Lehigh Valley
6/19/2019 – Phillies sent LHP Adam Morgan on a rehab assignment to Reading
6/19/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated INF Phil Gosselin
6/19/2019 – Reading activated RHP Jose Taveras
6/19/2019 – Reading placed RHP Connor Brogdon on the TIL
6/19/2019 – Phillies signed FA RHP Aidan Anderson; assigned to GCL East
6/18/2019 – RHP Seth McGarry assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/18/2019 – RHP Luis Ramirez assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
6/18/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed INF Jose Antequera 7-day IL, right calf strain
6/18/2019 – SS Guarner Dipre assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/18/2019 – SS Jose Mercado assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/18/2019 – OF Jose Rivera assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/18/2019 – C Micah Yonamine assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/18/2019 – SS Chris Cornelius assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/18/2019 – CF Keaton Greenwalt assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/18/2019 – INF Curtis Mead assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/18/2019 – CF Johan Rojas assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/18/2019 – Phillies signed draft pick LHP Chris Micheles, assigned to GCL West
6/17/2019 – Phillies placed RHP Jerad Eickhoff on the 10-day IL, right biceps tendinitis
6/17/2019 – Phillies activated CF Roman Quinn from the 10-day IL
6/17/2019 – Phillies sent RHP Tommy Hunter on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
6/17/2019 – Phillies optioned LF Nick Williams to Lehigh Valley
6/17/2019 – Phillies recalled RHP Edgar Garcia from Lehigh Valley
6/17/2019 – C Nick Matera assigned to Williamsport from Lehigh Valley
6/17/2019 – Ranger Suarez activated by Lehigh Valley
6/17/2019 – James Smith assigned to Lakewood from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Carlos Betancourt assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Maikel Garrido assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Juan Geraldo assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Rafael Marcano assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Jordi Martinez assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Tyler Adams assigned to GCL East from to GCL West
6/17/2019 – Carlos Francisco assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Adam Leverett assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Jose Ulloa assigned to GCL East from GCL West
6/17/2019 – Austin Crowson assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Hsin-Chieh Lin assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Fernando Lozano assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Dalvin Rosario assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Daniel Vilchez assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Brendan Bell assigned to GCL West from GCL East
6/17/2019 – Gunner Mayer assigned to GCL West from GCL Eas7

418 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of June 24, 2019

  1. At this point, my only suggestion is for the Phillies to watch what the Dodger and Yankee organizations do….and then do what they do. They just seem to come up with talent from under the wood work. It’s a phenomenon. Ironically we hired a manager from the LAD organization and his bench coach was Joe Girardi’s first mate with the NYY. But that’s not working either.

  2. The entire organization is a mess. Carlos Santana under Gabe and his merry crew of no names and no big league success hit awful last year. He will make all star team this year. JP is hitting for better average than Segura. Alfaro has identical numbers to JT. This approach is so flawed. They killed Franco and Williams who were very good in 2017.
    The minor league system is ranked 24. Wholesale changes must occur

    1. First is to jettison Mac”FAIL” and Klentak. They’re dead to me. Start over at the top.

    2. So I whole heartedly agree with all of this; there is something they are doing that is making their hitters be no good. The Yankees get a whatever minor league 1b and now hes an All Star starter. The Phillies get the highest paid player in baseball and hes not hitting. Rhys, JT, Segura all under performing. None of the younger players aside from Kingery have taken any steps.

      So my question is, what is it? What is it that this organization is where bats go to die. Dodgers can get Chris Taylor and Max Muncy out of nowhere. Yanks with Voight and Urshela and others. Meanwhile we have guys who are good come here, stink, and then when they leave they become good again.

      It is far too common to be written off as a coincidence, but I still want to understand what exactly is going on? Is it that they pound working the count into hitters head so much that they lose their instinct to crush the first mistake pitch they see?

  3. Don, Very good post,I could not have said it better.
    If you have players doing better after they leave here,and so many players have regressed under Kapler’s watch,the manager Must go because apparently he does not have the respect of his players as they don’t care enough to make the necessary adjustments.
    At this point…it is what it is,fire Kap and if things don’t get better for the rest of this year,then the general manager must go too..
    I really don’t want any of our top prospect’s playing for Kap this year,I’m concerned that they will develope bad habits..

  4. I believe Middleton wants to remain patient, but he cannot ‘do nothing” about this situation. If this Mets series doesn’t end well (BTW … I’m predicting the PHillies sweep NY), the Phillies owner has got to step in and do something. I don’t think he wants to get rid of Kapler (yet). John Malee has got to be feeling the heat. His days as Phillies hitting coach may be numbered.

  5. Over the last 63 innings the Phillies had the lead after only 5 of those innings. Pathetic. This team is not good.

  6. This team … makes me appreciate just how special that 2007-2011 era was, mainly then beginning. Getting homegrown players who can actually play at a low salary, something to prove, and in the game. A rare accomplishment of timing and talent.

    Don said it well, but I agree with Hinkie, everyone is going to get a longer leash. Especially klentak.

    For Rocco, I tried to post this earlier on Cehe. He is not the cause of all the problems with the team, but he is part of the problem. They win and lose as a team. If you’re not a power hitter … you better know how to bunt when the time shifts their 3B slightly off 2B … if not.. that’s part of the reason you are losing as a team. I’ll rip any mlb for this. It is a learnable skill for a mlb player.

  7. Hoskins “we’re going to be fine” after Washington

    Get his quote after being swept by the marlins.

  8. There’s a lot going wrong including a lot that doesn’t involve the team of 25. If I were top leadership, I’d be looking to see if:

    -players are consistently hustling or suffering consequences in terms of playing time
    -players are taking what the defense gives; hitting/bunting against the shift
    -better attention to moving runners on base
    -no first or third out at 3rd base
    -pitchers are executing the game plan, not improvising
    -no attempts to ‘play though’ pain

    I’d want management to convey to the team that jobs are on the line. Ownership has resources but can just as easily be sellers as buyers by July. Guys were brought in to win now because they were thought to be be capable of being a part of a winning effort. After a period of doldrums, the team created a spark at the beginning of the season. The organization is not content with slipping back into the doldrums and will hold players accountable in preventing that.

  9. Always have to take these kinds of things with a grain of salt, but did anyone hear that WIP caller this morning who claimed he has a cousin who works in the Phillies clubhouse? Said that, behind closed doors, Gabe actually blows up at guys (i.e. Jake Arrieta) pretty regularly and that he may actually have anger issues? Said his cousin saw Gabe lifting weights at night recently after a bad loss and starting yelling at the weights like they were people.

    Just something interesting to think about, I think.

    1. So, you’re suggesting that Gabe’s behavior may be what experts describe as sociopathic. He’s an odd person who is highly intelligent and resourceful yet strikes me as a loner who works hard on his people skills but doesn’t seem comfortable in his own skin. Just spitballing here, but does anyone else have that impression of him?

      1. 8mark…agree with you, maybe he does feel a bit uncomfortable, who knows for sure.
        As for the anger issues… the weight room…I guess Gabe is blowing off steam..

        IMO, a change needs to be made…like I posted yesterday…since first week of August last season….record is abysmal…..and basically the same team….with the four, Harper, Segura, Realmuto and Cutch the additions to the 25….who have played.
        Practically the whole same pitching staff since Robertson and has not pitched a lick yet.
        Mets Callaway has turned it around somewhat after the Mets fans were calling for his dismissal, however I do not see Gabe doing the same.

      1. Agreed – that sound like utter rubbish. If he were yelling at guys repeatedly and inappropriately, we would have heard about it by now and it’s also completely not his M.O. – which is to stay under controlled and be measured. Do I think he’s freaking angry at some of these guys? Sure – who wouldn’t be? Do I think he’s acting out like a sort of crazy guy? Absolutely not.

        1. Yeah I don’t think Kapler is crazy, just a new age manager for the everybody gets a trophy gen.

          Player strikes out with bases loaded down a run in the 9th

          Kapler “ Good job, that was excellent level plain swing, good torque. Keep doing what you just did, you’ll knock them in your next opp

        2. Yeah I don’t think Kapler is crazy, just a new age manager for the everybody gets a trophy gen. Ultra positive vs telling it like it is, our analytics say we can win this many of the remaining games …
          when your super positive after getting swept by the marlins … it’ll make you look crazy lol

  10. Last week, we were projecting how the Phillies needed to win 7 of 10 from Miami and the Mets while the Braves face tough competition from a hot Nats team and then 4 vs the Cubs at Wrigley starting tonight. Well, the cold reality is that when a team is playing poorly, it doesn’t matter who they play to “get well”. They will find a way to lose, and usually a different way each day. When a bad team is playing well, it’s any given Sunday.

  11. Kapler didn’t have a coaching exp coming in . Lets get a coach that has a winning history and knows anythics of the new era of coaching.

    I mean the manager usually takes the falls first. The money spent in the offense side of the ball some should have been spent on the sp side. Same rotation as last yr .

    Offense is a mess Clutch meant more to this team then we know. Harper leading off is pure crazy same as Hoskins batting second. They need to set an everyday lineup.

  12. I did not get to see Enyel’s start how bad was it pitch to pitch?

    I feel like he is a perfect example of how this org continues to mismanage their players. He’s been yo-yo’d all over the place and perhaps you can say I’m making excuses for the guy but how can you get the best out of a talent if you don’t let them do what they do best.

    e.g. arbitrarily make Hoskins a LF

    1. DMAR…he got lit up very fast.
      I suppose his command could have been better…apparently the hitters liked what he was throwing in the fat part of the zone.

      1. I guess if it was command maybe that can be cleaned up. He usually has the velo and the movement to stay off the fat part of the bat c’est la vie

        1. If his fastball was outside, it was way outside, if it was in the zone, it was in the middle of the plate. His secondary pitches were not consistent and he was hanging them. It looked like he had no feel for the baseball, and when he got hit, he started to nibble and avoid the bats. It was a terrible outing on all levels.

  13. Here is an interesting effect of the fortnite/video game era. With some of the ball players being into fortnite/call of duty/whatever the latest craze is… after they lose 7 in a row, in pretty horrific fashion& consequences, does being able to go into the “fortnite community” help or hurt their preparations for pulling themselves out of such a hole?

    The 93 team sat around and drank beers, talking baseball. The 19’ team sits around plYing fortnite… not talking baseball

    Something to think about, as I could see at some point when you are out of the race, your prep time decreases, and something like fortnite just makes it that much easier to not give the team/your craft the time … heck we see it on the field now

    1. But do teams like the Dodgers, Yankees, Astros and Twins immune to a Fortnite issue in their clubhouse? Wherein lies the answer?

      1. Personally, I think there should be a separation. When your at the ballpark, you work, period. Fortnite and such, enjoy such games at the plush pads your work affords you to enjoy. Imo, this would make the team mentally tougher. I’d vomit if we knew the players were itching to play fortnite in the 8th inning of a game they are losing

        I’m sure it happens across the league. As I’m sure they have a major league group/chat room.

        Just Another opportunity to be better than your competition.

        1. Comparison:

          Phillies’ record prior to Fortnight incident and afterwards. Sure we were doing better playing the game.

          1. Ehh, something to think about. Imho, it can take away from the mental aspect of preparation & being in the game so to speak. Can I be wrong, sure, but personal experience with it, I’d lean towards it being a negative vs a positive for the team.

            1. The two guys involved in the in-game fortnite incident last year aren’t on the 25 any more. One is out of the org and the other is in the minors. In my humble opinion you’re trying to resurface a problem from last year that you don’t know exists this season.

            2. Jim, that’s fair. I was under the impression it was still going on, and growing from all the fortnite references on the field after big hits throughout this season. More a generalization in clubhouses today vs 10+ years ago.

              I was assuming, if it no longer goes on that’s for the better imo. At some point I’d imagine, it will be common place with video games so entrenched in the lives of kids today. Not always bad, just something imo that can’t be abused or not have guidelines.

        2. Tac I think players of every era had their distractions so forget Fortnite. Babe Ruth was known to be out all hours of the night boozing it up. Strawberry and Gooden were known to go out on coke benders.

          I wouldn’t prescribe that for anyone

          Maybe in some ways today’s players suffer from over preparation. It’s a long mundane season to begin with.

          1. True, everyone has their vice. I’m still on the boat of it being more detrimental than helpful. Video games can take up a lot of your time if you let it.

          2. DMAR…
            Different distractions for different eras.
            Comes down to those who can adapt and adjust personal life from baseball life.
            And who wants it more.

  14. If I’m Gabe Kapler, I do something off the wall just to break up the Groundhog Day effect of losing. Maybe bring in a stand up comedian to the clubhouse this afternoon to roast the manager, GM, and the players.

  15. Two years in a row the team went into a major tailspin and the manager was unable to stop the bleeding. Not good. The GM has to do something before the season gets away from us. Honestly, 4 hits night after night isn’t going to win games. If it were me, I’d clean house and shake things up. I’d fire the manager, the pitching coach and the hitting coach. I’d try to trade Franco, Cesar and Odubel and put Kingery at 2b and find a 3b. Seager might be a salary dump so it would just be money. We obviously need a SP badly and I would trade Medina and Williams to get a SP back. Haseley and Quinn can platoon in CF. Sean Rodriguez has to go. Also Knapp to AAA has to be considered for Grullon. Ugly times require some work.

    1. I’m going on record right now that if we start trading the few gem prospects we have, this is going to be a short and top heavy rebuild which result in the need for another rebuild (or a period of extended mediocrity) in about 3 or 4 years. In other words, if we do that, we are going to look a lot like the Angels. NO THANKS! I want to be the Braves or the Yankees. Trading our best prospects in the hope of getting a wild card when we are clearly not as good as the Braves is about as stupid of a thing as we can do. We are better off being sellers this year, promoting young guys and filling needs this winter. I am going to be one pissed off fan if we are behind the Braves for the next 7 or 8 years and if we trade our best prospects I guarantee you we will be.

      1. But I am now in the camp of moving Cesar along. He’s a statistically okay player who does stupid things and is now not hustling. Trading him sends the message that if you don’t try hard here and you don’t keep your head in the game, you are gone and we won’t waste any more time on you. I feel about him the way I felt about Abreu – his attitude (and Odubel’s!) is getting in the way of progress. I really expected more of Cesar and I’m disappointed it has turned out like this but I don’t want to watch him play anymore. He can go and give 90 percent effort and mentally check out for some other team.

        1. This team needs to develop a culture that gets them through cold spells like this. I think there are guys on the team who can step up and do this, but getting rid of guys who don’t show enough effort is equally important. They are fighting for the soul of this team now – how they handle themselves is really important.

          1. Yeah, it’s the lack of hustle and mentally checking out that really put it over the top for me. It’s gotten to the point where it’s infecting the team. They need to stop the infection and to do that, he needs to move along. The lack of hustle recently cemented it for me, but there was a play earlier in the year that was so bad it really turned me off to him. It was the play where he slid into second, the ball was booted and rolled away and, rather than just looking around to see where the ball was or looking to the umpire to see whether he was called safe or out, he just got up and ran back to the dugout where he was promptly tagged by the infielder who couldn’t believe the gift this guy just gave him. It was one of the most infuriating lack of attention plays I’ve ever seen – it was a guy who just showed he didn’t care that much and this team needs all the caring it can get right now. I’ve moved on from him mentally.

            1. @catch – I agree with you 100% with this —- “They are fighting for the soul of this team now – how they handle themselves is really important.”

              Both Doobie and Cesar as good MLB players no doubt, but I just don’t think they are players with the “winning” attitude. At some point skills and mind set will need to align to ready make a sustainable run of success. That’s the reason why Philly fell in love with Chase Utley. I’ve been advocating to move on from Doobie and Cesar while the value is high since 2 years ago — I’m no clairvoyant but I just don’t want to the Phillies to get nothing in the end which is basically what is happening right now.

              Years ago, the Phillies have no choice but to keep Doobie and Cesar because they are the best players on a (bad) Phillies team. Things changes and the FO needs to move on.

          2. Kuko…..IMO, Gabe has alienated some of the key youthful Latin players….Franco and when he was here, Doobie.
            Now Cesar…though Cesar has not been shuttled in and out of the lineup like Franco and Doobie..
            When the team is losing in the latter part of the game, and Maikel is in the dugout with his red wind breaker on and fooling and laughing with some other guys….Maikel is not ‘in the game’ so to speak, time to make a few alterations.

            1. Romus,

              Something subtle that I’ve noticed. Kapler tends to refer to his American players by first name or nickname and to his Latin players by last name. Again, subtle, but it might suggest a bias.

            2. Frank……I do not want to speculate since I do not know what goes on behind closed doors.
              And Latin young guys are ‘visitors’ to the country so they will not speak up publicly out of fear or deference, so it probably just goes under the rug if there is anything at all.

        2. catch, try to imagine the difficulty in moving CeHe, particularly at this time. For his $7.75 M salary, he’s only going to a contender unless a team is dumping a salary on the Phils. Then look at the contenders. Who has a 2B for whom Hernandez is an upgrade? The only case you could argue about is the Cubs with Addison Russell. Russell makes $3.4 M. In what universe is CeHe worth the difference?

          If you put together a deal that revolves around Russell and Cesar, how does that help the Phils? Do you stick Russell on the bench to clear 2B for Kingery? Russell can play SS but the Phils already have Segura. Russell has not played 3B at the MLB level. So he’s not an answer where the Phils are weakest.

          Barring an injury elsewhere, CeHe is in Philly for the season.

      2. catch … I understand what you are saying. It makes sense. However, I don’t think they, as an organization, are going to be good with spending the cash and prospects they did this winter, and getting the same results they’ve gotten the past few years. At this point, they are all in for 2019.
        I believe they’ll focus on acquiring players (like Mike Minor, Aaron Sanchez, Ken Giles, maybe even Felipe Vazquez) who are under team control through at least 2020. They’ll probably offer younger/lower level prospects. I’ve felt for a while now that Francisco Morales is the player they want to frontline a deal with. Now that they’ve drafted Bryson Stott, I think Luis Garcia could even be in play for the right guy. They may also look to sell high on Damon Jones.
        Bohm is untouchable. Howard, Medina (maybe), and Haseley are unlikely to be traded.
        Klentak could also take a flyer on a rental like Alex Wood (if he’s able to return from back problems before the trade deadline) only if he costs a mid tier/unimportant prospect or two.

        BTW … this may sound crazy, but I have a feeling the Phillies are about to sweep the Mets (who’ve got their own problems on and off the field).

        1. Hinkie, it’s a 4 game series, not 3. But yes the Mess are our best hope of beginning a winning streak. Short of hypnosis, I’m not sure these players are wired for it.

          1. Yes. I have a feeling the Phillies are about to sweep the four game series. It helps that they’ll miss deGrom. It’s hard for me to believe this team isn’t better than the 2018 club. Sooner or later, guys like Harper, Hoskins, and Realmuto are going to get hot and carry them. I could be wrong (and look stupid) … but … it’s just a gut feeling I have so I’m making it public.

            1. You could be right…Harper has never played on a Nats’ team that has finished lower than second in the division. He likes that mantra of carrying a team on his back.

        2. If they are all in and are willing to literally bet the farm on the 2019 team then they are morons and there’s nothing I can do about that and we will keep watching a team that is on the bottom or middle looking up. Two pitchers in the minors who have a chance to be big league studs are Morales and Howard – if you trade them, you just end up chasing your tail – and the Braves – for the next 6 or 7 years. For what? For a chance to win the wild card and maybe win the wild card game and get hammered by the much better Braves or Dodgers in one of the next rounds? I HATE that approach.

    2. Get rid of vv and Pivetta we seen enough. Quinn better of as a once a wk player. He might not have to the dl .

      1. Pivetta and Velasquez may turn out to be okay relievers but if Klentak and Kapler can’t pick a lane for them and stick to it, then yes they should try to move them. Their inconsistent performance doesn’t offset their occasional good outings. Turn the page….

    3. Murray, I would offer Cesar and a midlevel prospect to DiPoto (with whom Klentak is inclined to deal) for Seager as a change of scenery candidate and bridge to Bohm (or whomever is next in line since there’s apparently some ambiguity about whether Bohm is their future 3b….why I’m not sure). Seattle will likely be moving Dee Gordon and Cesar could be a timely replacement without becoming a long term commitment.

      1. The Phillies must get much better at identifying good young major league or AAA talent they can get in a trade. The Dodgers get Muncy and Justin Turner and Chris Taylor. The Yankees get Gregorious and Voit. We need to start identifying those buy low guys and getting them. Why don’t we ever get one of those guys?

        Kyle Seager just ends up being a guy who is a place holder. We need future assets, not just to kick the can.

          1. Honestly – I’m not that far behind you. When you have the wrong mind set in the locker room you need to cut that out immediately. When the Phillies traded Abreu, you know what happened? Utley emerged as a leader and, against all odds, a team that was worse on paper suddenly started winning. They need to get the best deal they can for the clubhouse cancers (unfortunately, they are going to have to endure Segura because he just can’t be replaced now) and move on.

            1. Phillies traded Galvis, Alfaro, Luis Garcia & Santana, did not keep Batista/Ramos/Cabrera after last year, going to release Odubel, having trouble motivating CeHe and Segura, can’t get anything out of Franco, up and down with Velasquez/Siranthony/Nerris; what is their inability with Latino players? We need a better “connection” in order to build a better diverse team.

        1. Didi was a trade with the DBacks….five years ago…Robbie Ray was part of that deal…three way deal I think with the Tigers.
          But Didi at the time was a good field- no hit shortstop in his early 20s, but the Yankees and Cashman saw something and took the chance.

          1. And the Yankees actually have people in their organization who can bring young players along and turn them into something more than they were.

        2. :We need to start identifying those buy low guys and getting them. Why don’t we ever get one of those guys?”….not going to happen with Klentak and Kapler…..too risky, since their contracts are coming close to an end.
          They need to win now to salvage an extension…..why they sign Cutch, trade for Segura and trade for Realmuto.

          1. No, I think they want to do that. They just haven’t been that good at identifying talent. Talent identification and development are two areas where this team has struggled in the worst way. It’s why Charlie Morton isn’t a Phillie when he never should have left in the first place.

            1. Seriously, they thought Clay freaking Buchholz, he of the 88 MPH fastball, was a better option. Which indicates that, rather than carefully watching and comparing Morton to a guy like Buchholz, they just went off their respective reputations, which is lazy and stupid.

    4. Yes, these tailspins are not “part of the ebbs and flows of a baseball season,” as Gabe would say. They are a sign of a mental lapse, and it is on the manager in my opinion. Last year’s team should have at least been able to stop the bleeding and play respectable baseball. And I think this year we’re going to see the nonstop freefall unless there are changes. I hope I’m wrong. But there’s a disconnect between the manager and the players and it’s creating a mental problem.

  16. By the way, I believe in Cesar’s talent and, if they don’t trade him, I’d like nothing more than for him to come back, bounce back and have an awesome second half. But what I’ve seen with him lately is that his effort and focus have gotten worse when he should be at the peak of his game and a leader on the team. So I hope he changes, but what evidence is there that that’s going to happen?

  17. Trade:
    Cesar,Knapp, niscohomer, willians, VV, and Neshek – don’t care so much about the return vs opening playing time

    Listen to trades for:
    Segura,Hoskins,Realmuto, and Neris
    It’d take a lot but I’d move:

    Segura with morales and catching depth for a good SP. I’d also keep Cehe then
    I’d listen in Hoskins, but it’d have to be an overpay
    Realmuto – gauge if he wants to sign an extension, if not… boom trade away and replenish the SP or farm. Bring up the catcher prospects

    Let’s see how they respond. Getting swept by the freaking marlins had better wake them up, if not… then we know and those moves are on the table ⚰️

    1. You gotta’ understand this club needs a core group of players going forward. They can’t just keep fielding a team of Gypsies every year. Segura, Hoskins, Realmuto, and (probably) Neris need to be part of the core. I understand you may be dissatisfied with the way they are playing right now, but these guys need to stay and perform better.

      1. Exactly. This team has the same feeling the Eagles “Dream Team” had. I am always suspicious of a team that acquires half its new pieces in deals and announces it’s ready to contend. In retrospect I should have been more skeptical of this group.

      1. Just a few more hours and I’m heading over to Trenton to see a few of the bright spots we have in the system. I likely won’t even watch the big club for the next 3 nights.

        Maybe that will get them to straighten out…

        Reading’s starter is still listed as TBD but they are facing a good one in Deivi Garcia. This kid is 20 and he has 67 K’s in only 42 IP at AA this season his minors totals are 351Ks in 242 IP yowser…

        And get this he is only listed at 5’9″ 163 LBs

        1. DMAR….Mickey Mo will be facing the for the first time this year…a younger pitcher.
          He is going ‘cougar’ tonight.

        2. DMAR scouiting report on Garcia:
          Signed 2015….$200K..June 2019
          “Deivi Garcia is only 5’9” and 170 pounds soaking wet but has an arsenal of pitches that include a fastball in the low to mid 90’s, a wipe-out curveball and a fading changeup that he has developed well over the last year. Garcia’s best pitch is his high-spin curveball that falls off the table — turning into a nightmare for opposing hitters, especially those with a 2-strike count. His fastball clocks in around the low 90’s with the ability to reach back and get it up to 96 but pitching coaches in the minor league system have raved about its deceptive riding life that gets to hitters much quicker than anticipated.”

          1. Thanks for the advance scouting report Romus. When I saw those numbers I thought to myself I bet this kid has a really advanced Change Up 🙂

            Let’s hope our guys can make him work and get into his pitch count

      2. In fairness to me, I have no a/c at the moment, but I did say I’d listen to offers, not be actively shopping them. It’s doubtful it would happen in mind, but I’m going to listen with the intention of having something to think about. This team needs pitching, and you have to give to get, and Segura could likely grab a nice return. You can put kingery at SS for now.
        I believe the Braves have neris figured out, so to me, if this is the case, he is useless to the Phillies for those games. Pawn him off. Hoskins, very unlikely but they did try to trade for goldschmidt in the offseason, and bohm was playing first last night. It seems subtle signs are out there that he may not be entrenched at 1B. Realmuto is a judgement call on being resigned

        Lastly, it’s a new trade deadline, and teams may over pay, more so than the old system, If so, klentak will need to pounce if so.

        I’m pissed, this is 3rd Philadelphia team that crapped out on expectations in a row … Iwas getting used to winning 🙂

  18. Romus, to your earlier point. I don’t know how Kapler has lost the Latin players. I think that the whole organization has bent over backward not to call to task the player when they have made boneheaded or plays that lacked hustle. Doobie multiple times, Segura this year twice, Cesar in the past and just recently. Franco has been given multiple opportunities, and simply has failed to earn his spot. I think the whole team has needed a kick in the pants. Hinkie, I thought we were going to sweep the Marlins, and then all the holes in the team would get glossed over. I don’t see a sweep over the Mets. They always give us a hard time. And, I don’t see where we have the assets to acquire what we need despite what Klentak says. I have zero interest in moving Bohm or Spencer Howard. Cesar, Mikael, Doobie, bring nothing back. How do we get a MadBum or a Panda?

    1. matt13…fair point.
      The ‘core’ Latin players have been giving ample opportunities over the years to straighten things out for themselves.
      But as they have not…they have had to now endured benchings and somehow they take it as a personal affront
      Starting last year with both Franco and Herrera..Only Cesar has not been seen the pine since Kapler has been here.
      But something is amiss….when Santana did his rant last Sept…it showed the locker room may have more than the barcaloungers that were in in disarray.

  19. I’ve been seeing a lot of comments/suggestion about packaging players/prospects for a good SP —- who are the players involved do you have in mind? This is easier said that done most if not all GMs are aiming the same thing.

    Creativity and opportunity are can be taken advantage in certain situations but without giving up top players and prospects, it will be hard to ask for a good SP. If Klentak will make Bohm, Medina, Howard and Haseley untouchable — things will be harder.

    That’s why it is imperative that teams should have very good scouting and player development resources. This is why teams likes the Astros, Cards and others keep producing cost controlled talents.

    Maybe the FO need to look into their coaches, scouting and player development team and ask why the need to rely on FAs to augment the team.

    If Nola, Hosklns, Harper, Segura, JTR cannot carry this team to at least be at par with ATL, no trade candidate can turn things around.

    1. You’re forgetting Kingery – per game played he’s clearly been the best player on this team this year. He’s the only guy playing like an all-star.

      1. @catch – I’ve been referring to the players who are under performing. Kingery seem to be the only performing “core” player in the team.

        Everybody knows that the Phillies need a SP but it will be moot if Nola cannot be the 2018 version of him. Hoskins and JTR are ok but they’re skills are too good to be just OK and Harper – he’s paid to manufacture runs – poor defense and high Ks are expected but Bryce needs to start mass producing runs!

  20. Segura is 60 points off what I expected his BA to be, JT is down 40, plus I expected more power. I have already complained about Bryce’s power, and I think it is directly related to his lack of success hitting FBs in the zone. I expect more HRs from Rhys also. There has to be a reason that only Kingery is performing above or at expectations, and I believe it is related to Kingery being the one who has stopped looking at pitches and falling behind in the count. That is the “thinking too much” that he says was a big problem last year.

  21. Mr Middleton, Mr Klentak, and Mr Kapler apparently all like analytics and data, so I thought I’d share some DATA with them regarding the team’s offense. I’m using OPS+ since I’m comparing players that have played in different home stadiums throughout this data.

    First, here are x players that debuted in 2017 or earlier with the Phillies and that played in both 2018 and 2019 under Kapler.

    Cesar Hernandez
    2017 (before Kapler’s hiring): 110
    OPS+’s with Kapler: 94 and 96
    Mikael Franco
    2017: 79
    2018 / 2019: 106 and 65
    Andrew Knapp
    2017: 96
    Since: 64 and 46
    Odubel Herrera
    2017: 103
    Since: 94 and 63
    Nick Williams
    2017: 111
    Since: 99 and 25
    Aaron Altherr
    2017: 122
    Since: 69 and -64
    Rhys Hoskins
    2017: 162
    Since: 125 and 138
    Roman Quinn
    2016: 92
    2018 and 2019: 98 and -9

    So just averaging these numbers out, not an exact science, but a data point, the average OPS+ of the above players before Kapler was 109. Average for the same players since Kapler’s arrival: 69. That is a massive 36% decrease under Kapler.

    Now let’s look at players that have arrived or departed under Kapler vs what they did elsewhere:

    Bryce Harper
    2018 in Washington: 134
    This Year in Philly: 113
    Jean Segura
    2018 in Seattle: 111
    This Year in Philly: 92
    Andrew McCutchen
    2018 in SF/NYY: 119
    This Year: 116
    JT Realmuto
    2018 in Miami: 130
    This Year: 91
    Carlos Santana
    2017 in Cleveland: 112
    2018 in Philly: 105
    2019 in Cleveland: 150
    JP Crawford
    2017: 77
    2018 in Philly: 90
    2019 in Seattle: 126
    Jorge Alfaro
    2017 in Philly before Gabe: 127
    2018 with Gabe: 95
    2019 in Miami: 99
    Asdrubal Cabrera
    2018 in NYM: 127
    2018 in Philly: 80
    2019 in Texas: 84
    Wilson Ramos
    2018 in Tampa: 128
    2018 in Philly: 135
    2019 in NYM: 106
    Justin Bour
    2018 in Miami: 114
    2018 in Philly: 72
    2019 in LAA: 70

    So for these players, in years before and after Gabe, their rough average OPS+ is 113. In the years playing for Gabe, just 98, representing a 13% decrease.

  22. Great work Buddy, Now that highlights a huge problem. MacPhail was brought in to usher in a new reliance on analytics, and he in turn, brought in Klentak. Klentak hired a first time Manager because analytics was paramount to him. Now, we are not the only team using analytics, so I am not blaming the use of them. There is, however, clearly something wrong with how the data is being used to help hitters approach their ABs, and I think the application of the numbers is the problem. My first move would be the hitting coach.

  23. The 2019 Phillies is too good to be this bad. I’m Switzerland (neutral) when it comes to Kapler – but the common denominator between a bad offense in 2018 vs 2019 is him. Offensive players doesn’t seem to thrive under his supervision except with the Kingery breakout this year (who is done by accident because of injury and suspension) and I don’t know why.

  24. I need to back Moffo here. Uncle Cesar takes a ton of bashing and I understand why. He is just not an “intellectual” player. He does so many dumb things but he hits most of the time and plays a decent 2B.

    On the other side, Segura is being given more of a pass. He is supposed to hit, period. He is definitely not doing that. He plays a pretty good shortstop but he plays “lazy”. And to boot, he is owed $ for years to come.

    Trading Cesar to Seattle for Seager would not be a good trade. Seager is 31 and owed almost fifty mill. He is not hitting much at all. If you want to dump Cesar, DFA him or don’t sign him next year.

    1. Mentally mistakes are more easily highlighted on teams with expectations and or underperforming vs rebuilding teams. That effort doesn’t fly under the radar anymore. half ass effort dramatically altered this season this teams season. Im referring to the McCutchen play. He obviously didn’t feel any guilt, because he had an encore a few days later. Cehe is an above avg player, and he has his moments for sure, but he is not above criticism. Pretty easy way to shut everyone up to, and they could start tonight. Better come out with their pants on fire.

    2. With Kingery developing the type of player he is projected to be – Cesar becomes expendable. This has been set in stone since the Phillies signed Kingery the contract. Cesar is basically an insurance.

      If Klentak will trade Cesar, he will not trade him because he doesn’t like him. It means that Klentak can fill a need – whether it’s a rotation arm, bull pen help, CF or 3B from a team that has use for Cesar.

      I think I’m the first one who brought up the Seager trade, but it should not be a Cesar for Seager straight up especially with the $$ attached to Seager. Seager is a typical change of scenario guy who comes in cheap if not free of prospect equity just like the Bruce trade.

      I’ve been advocating the Cesar trade 2 years ago when the value is high (good years and number of years of control) to the displeasure of the WAR lords. 2B only player doesn’t yield a lot of trade returns. Cesar will probably yield a couple of low minors lottery pick in return, and Klentak should be happy to get any.

  25. Bummer…..

    1. Then they need to find the ‘Acuna’ of the class with a modest bonus signing..

  26. Gabe Kapler will be the Phillies manager for the rest of the season, per Matt Klentak to reporters this afternoon.

    1. McPhail also said before that the Kapler hiring is all on Klentak – so they will be tied up to the hip. If Kapler will be the fall guy after Middleton goes all in it will be interesting where Matt Klentak will be.

  27. Well, that is positive! And Fernando Salas pitched great in the Mexican League! There is that, also. And, if Hinkie is correct and we sweep the Mets, then go to Florida and pay back the Marlins, we will be ready to add reinforcements in July for our winning stretch drive. I really hope that happens, because I can’t stand the thought of July and August being a Baseball wasteland here again.

  28. I’ve been in the Hospital for a few days, so I may be repeating a lot of things that have already been mentioned. I apologize in advance. At the end of May I said that Klentak should spend June evaluating the pitching staff. With six days left in the month, each starter gets a last chance to impress.Eflin, Nola, and Arrieta are locks (barring injury). Pivetta is pretty close to a lock, but Velasquez is a bullpen pitcher (at least for the rest of this season). We need a starter, and I don’t care which arm he throws with). He doesn’t need to be a superstar, but he needs to give us a quality start 50% of the time. In the bullpen, Neris and Morgan are locks, but Alvarez, Nicasio, Hammer are only serviceable. Salas and Suarez are mop up guys. Hunter and Robertson should return after the All-Star break. Generally, I love irony, but when the Phillies signed Hunter and Neshek last year, and Robertson this year, the bullpen looked great on paper. Realistically, they’ve gotten nothing out of any of them. Klentak should wait until the middle of July a get the best relief pitcher on the market. The price is going to be high, but I’m not giving up on this year. Pull the trigger, Matt!
    The one thing that I predicted could not possibly go wrong this year, has gone wrong. With this line up, I thought is was impossible for the Phillies to lose 9 out of 10 games. There’s not doubt of McCutchen’s value to this team. After all of the time he’s missed, he still leads the team in runs scored (45). In my opinion, the team needs Quinn or Haseley to be a spark plug, and create chaos on the base paths. This is still a great offense, and only Kingery is exceeding expectations. THEY WILL GET HOT!
    Don’t give up. Last year the Phillies had their swoon in August, and this year it’s June. There’s still plenty of time to right this ship. The Phillies are capable of winning 9 out of 10.

    1. Great to hear you up and well, Wawa! Sounds like you’ve been resurrected and preaching the good news and hope that the Phillies will also.

      And good to see the long ball early on tonight.

  29. WaWa Mike, I am glad you are doing better. I have missed your posts. Hard to believe that the Offense has struggled, and I am a big Cutch fan myself. Hinkie, we need some better Pitching or we are going to screw up your sweep prediction in game 1. Eflin has been our best SP and 4 runs in 3 innings is not good!

  30. We take the lead, and then, of course, Eflin gives up another HR, this one to the lead off batter in the 5th. This looks like a game that we need to score 10 runs.

  31. Wondering why Nicasio was brought in to face 4 left handed batters. Maybe it’ll work out.

  32. I like the lineup tonight. It seems like someone finally sat Gabe down and talked some sense into him. We finally have some speed in the lineup. We have not had a real running game since Rollins/Victornio. Now, we have Kingery, Segura, and Hernandez who are least capable of stealing a base. Quinn and later Haseley can also steal.

  33. Yikes, the fireballing Cardinal reliever Jordan Hicks has a torn UCL. You wonder if he tore it because he’s throwing 100+ all the time.

      1. Salas is a mop up pitcher. I hope to see him pitch a lot of 9th innings in the future.

  34. 19 hits and 13 runs. Eflin threw a clunker, but the offense bailed him out. Sometimes the hardest part of starting a winning streak is winning that first game. Speaking of streaks, no matter what you think of Franco, he is a notorious streak hitter. Tonight he went 3 for 4, with a walk, a HR and 3 RBI’s. When he’s hot he can carry a team. Keep him in the line up for a couple of more games. We won and the Braves lost, and we can breathe a little easier. We need Jake to step up tomorrow night, and give us a chance to win. FYI – With Hoskins 17th HR tonight, he passes Chooch and moves into 39th place on the Phillies all time list. His next HR will tie Raul Ibanez.

  35. One win. It’s a start. It probably took getting swept by the marlins to wake this team up. Losing 2 of 3 would not have done it. Cehe and Segura woke up, hustle wise, and evidently it was an issue as Kapler addressed it unprompted in the presser. At least the team had a pulse on it. Very nice DP turn by Cehe in the 8th or 9th.
    Overall, I’m not going to get excited about this win. Will see how they play up to the all star game, to see if the Marlins message sunk in or not. The season is on the the line imo from now until then. Last chance for the division, though I give it very slim chances they’ll catch the Braves, additions or not, to me a 5-10% chance at this point. You. Ant lose that many games to the marlins, unless your going to to brow beat the Braves head to head. So far they are 4-2 against them.

    1. I love Gabe’s comments postgame. He talked about focusing on the fastball. He and Malee have had the guys up there playing guessing games, sitting on that one particular pitch. This feels like it could be a real turning point.

      1. i didn’t see Gapes comments. but I know one thing Hopkins has been guessing at pitches. He is taking a ton of breaking balls down the middle in this streak.

    2. If there is any club more dysfunctional than us right now its the Mets. And for whatever reason we have Matz’s number.

      The Cubs put it on the Braves last night so maybe the confluence of that series and ours series with the Mutts will turn things around for a while.

      1. Spot on about the Mets………………did they hit a cutoff man at all last night?

  36. One day at a time. Good to see the bats erupt. That was the 2nd time Matz was the victim of an onslaught. Our offense is going to have to be the salvation of this season because….

    The pitching is totally unreliable. That doesn’t mean every start, but assuming Nola regains his form (a huge IF) and Eflin maintains a consistent pattern (with a clunker like last night every 4 or 5 starts), Arrieta gives us his .500 level, we’ll need Klentak to wield his off season magic in pulling off a trade for a very good SP – rental, short term, or controllable arm, beggars can’t be choosers. If 2019 means anything playoff wise, we’re desperate for arms. The lineup has enough pedigree to be left pretty much alone with Haseley and Quinn sharing CF. Keep Franco at 3b to see if he can heat up until his trade value is sufficient. Bruce off the bench with his power is just the right fit for this club.

    And it looks like we have our leadoff man for now.

    1. Can Matz pitch every night?
      Franco certainly earned another start or two. He looked very engaged last night and he played very well. Let’s hope he can keep it up. For now, Quinn will platoon with Bruce with Kingery bouncing and Franco at 3b. Fingers crossed. I always wanted Kingery leading off, it looks like he’ll stay there for now.

        1. Yes, LV could use some CF help until Moniak gets there. As for the big club, I don’t see much value since he’s a below average corner outfielder..

  37. There seems to be some consternation about what position the organization has in mind for Alec Bohm from comments and speculation on the minor league thread. Let’s keep in mind that the DH is almost a certainty for the NL’s not too distant future. I’m totally spitballing but here’s a breakdown of how the FO might be aligning things as far as young, controlled, future assets as they hopefully emerge in the next 2-3 years….

    C JT Realmuto (if he re-signs)
    1B/DH Rhys Hoskins
    1B/DH Alec Bohm
    2B Scott Kingery
    SS Luis Garcia
    3B Bryson Stott (we may get a better idea once he starts rookie ball)
    LF Adam Haseley
    CF Mickey Moniak
    RF Bryce Harper

  38. Have got to like Alonzo’s game. He played the field poorly last night but overall, he has been okay out there. Like how he hits to all fields.

    Remember when Hoskins used to do that? Now, he seems to want to hit everything to left field. What made him so pull happy?

      1. It’s his career. When he steps in the box he should do what got him there. I suppose its ok to tinker some but if it were me at some point I’m going to say screw you guys I wasn’t broke stop trying to fix me.

        1. Right now the TTO %
 is a pandemic.

        2. Exactly. I’m not saying he still can’t improve (so I get focusing on some of his weaknesses – he does have a few), but if we’re picking on Rhys Hoskins, in my opinion, we’re picking on the entirely wrong guy. He’s hard-working, he hustles, he’s a very good and patient hitter and he’s a team leader and spokesperson. He’s on a pace to hit 35 homers and he has a .925 OPS (which is odd, because in the minors, I used think of Hoskins as the “.925 train” – no matter where he played, his OPS was like .925). This team has problems. Hoskins isn’t one of them. He’s a core player and I love having this guy as one of the leaders of this team.

          1. TTO is not an inherent problem with any specific player…..but for the overall perception of the entertainment aspect of the game it has reared its head among traditionalist questioning the newest rage among power hitters.
            The great Babe for his career was 39%…but when it approaches the 50% mark the powers to be in the MLB may begin to feel the game is losing its luster among the future fans.

        3. DMAR….though Rhys’ minor league totals for TTO was 35%.
          Though, better pitching at the MLB level has something to do with the higher percentages .

  39. any team that has knapp and sean rod as a major part of their bench has no claim to be a playoff team

    1. I like having Jay Bruce coming off the bench. I like having him in the starting lineup vs RHPs as well. That’s a good dilemma we haven’t had in some time. Question is whether Quinn and Haseley will provide enough in CF/LF to keep the balance. Hopefully Haseley’s return will mean Rodriguez’s long overdue departure. I can live with Knapp as a backup C until a sensible replacement is found. What little playing time Brad Miller leaves him as an ideal fit as a veteran glue guy….and bamboo king.

    2. Here we go again. No team (even a playoff team) will have all bench guys hitting like superstars. There’s a reason why they are bench guys i.e. they are not good enough to be starters. Bench guys are NOT the reason why the Phillies are losing games!

    1. Players’ parents who check this site should have thick skin. I’m not advocating mean spirited comments but cold hard criticism is a reality, Roc. You know that as well as anyone.

      1. I am definitely not saying that you are the one giving mean spirited comments but I have seen my share of comments that go way past “cold hard criticism”. If you’re a parent, you shouldn’t be reading any comments about your son, this site included.

  40. Up until yesterday, Cutch still led the team with 45 runs scored. Last night, JTR took over the lead with 46. I’m surprised that he’s gotten on base that much.

  41. 8mark – Knapp does a lot of things that don’t show up in the boxscore. He’s improved his game behind the plate as well.

    1. There is so much to like about Andy Knapp the person and as a player he’s obviously worked hard to become a really polished receiver. He has a future in baseball over the long term. He also has a beautiful swing. He is just struggling to consistently make contact with major league pitching and it’s been a very hard and long struggle for him. If he did that well, he’d be a major league regular – no doubt in my mind about it. But hasn’t done it well yet.

      1. Although I view Knapp as a back up type, I expect him to carry the hit tool to the majors as a back up or pinch hitter. Unfortunately, Knapp hasn’t tap on that hit tool yet and with the Phillies accelerated time line, Knapp is running out of time. Also, considering JTR is one of the best, if not the best Catcher in the MLB, Grullon is the better fit than Knapp.

        1. KuKo….Knapp does have a very good OBP for a guy who has a lot of swing and miss.

        2. The fact that JTR plays almost everyday makes Knapp the better fit than Grullon. Much better to have him playing everyday at AAA vs. getting 6 at-bats per week sitting on the bench in Philly.

          Like Guru above, I’m always amused by how much angst is directed towards the last couple of guys on the bench vs. the ones playing everyday who aren’t getting the job done…

          1. The last guy on the bench, Sean Rodriguez, has no more business being on the bench than I do in NASA. My beef isn’t with him but those responsible for his being there, and why.

            1. Guys get hot and cold. When he was hot, nobody said a word. When he’s cold, everybody wants him out with the trash.

            2. @8mark, if you look at Sean Rodriguez’s game log, in April he had a .901 OPS. In May he had .825 OPS. Nobody said a word about Sean Rodriguez in those months. In June, he has .351 OPS. Now he shouldn’t be on a ML roster?

  42. I leave for my trip to see a game at every stadium tomorrow. Hopefully last night was the start of a winning streak, especially since two of my first three games are Phillies away games (Friday in Miami and Atlanta on the 4th).

    I don’t mind getting booed, but I’d like to be able to get the last laugh at least.

      1. Hopefully. Currently have a 3.5 hour layover in Detroit. I’ll be spending a lot of time in airports and bus stations just waiting around. But at least I’ll have internet access almost all the time.

        Gonna need everyone to cheer extra hard for the Phils on Friday. I have great seats (6th row, 1st base line), so I imagine I (or at least my sign) will show up on the Philly broadcast. Maybe I can get some of the players to sign the back of it, too.

  43. Romus not London the food there is terrible. I have only been to 8 different stadium. seeing them all must be cool.

    1. rocco……you have to develop a taste for the British cuisine…mutton perhaps, with your bangers and mash..

      1. I went to London last year to watch the Eagles. The food there is legitimately not the best. And they’re using the pound so it’s expensive to boot.

          1. British food is bland, but it’s a great place if you like drinking beer. Not quite as good as Germany, but not too far behind. Of course, German food is as good as their beer, so I’d rather just be there in any case…

      2. Yeah, been over there. They’re apparently not big on sugar or salt….you know, flavor.

        1. I totally forgot, Romus was born in Slough England, I remember when he said mutten. which is lamb,

  44. On Day 1 and Day 2 (Top 10 rds) of the Rule 4 draft, Johnny A. drafted the following prep bats:

    1) Randolph – 2015 Rd 1
    2) Williams – 2015 Rd 3
    3) Pickett – 2015 Rd 8
    4) Moniak – 2016 Rd 1
    5) Stobbe – 2016 Rd 3
    6) Simmons – 2018 Rd 6

    Compare that to the college bats that were drafted (see below), it looks like the college bats yield better success than the prep bats.

    1) Kingery – 2015 Rd 2
    2) Haseley – 2017 Rd 1
    3) Maton – 2017 Rd 7
    4) Bohm – 2018 Rd 1
    5) Vierling – 2018 Rd 3

    I’m one of the some here that is very skeptic on Johnny A.’s ability to evaluate hit tools. As much as I love the higher upside of prep prospects, Johnny A. needs to stick with drafting college bats as often as possible and take prep bats in Day 3.

  45. Do you all or any of you think that Realmuto could benefit from a couple of days off a week or maybe even just 3 days off every couple of weeks?

    I realize that he likes to earn his money by playing every day (which he would do if they let him) but he seems to be wearing down and getting nicked up.

    It would probably help Knapp out a lot to be getting more playing time. And when Knapp pinch hits late in a game, who is the emergency catcher?

  46. Every team that carries only two catchers is in the same situation. They need to expand the rosters to 27 players (3rd catcher & I more bullpen arm).

    1. Wawa, I respectfully disagree. One more bullpen arm just gives managers more opportunities to lengthen games and risk bringing in a pitcher who will have a clunker of a day.

      Keep the roster at 25 and limit the number of pitchers to 11 is my preference.

      1. SWFL – The Phillies already carry that extra reliever, but it leaves them with a 4-man bench. With Knapp being saved for a possible injury, the Phillies only have 3 bench bats available. The length of the games is more determined by the number of commercials squeezed into every half inning, than by the size of the roster.

        1. “The length of the games is more determined by the number of commercials squeezed into every half inning, than by the size of the roster.”….approx 34 minutes

    2. Wawa & Frank,

      My suggestion is to borrow an idea from the NHL. Increase the major league roster to 29, yet still only 25 can dress for each game. The 4 who don’t dress would normally be the 4 SPs whose turn isn’t there’s that day. Then you can lengthen the bench to a 3rd catcher, a pinch hit “specialist”, and two fresh bullpen arms. I’m sure the next CBA talks will include this matter of increasing the big league payroll ceiling.

      1. 8mark – Brilliant. I absolutely agree! I hate to see starting pitchers used as pinch hitters and runners, or everyday players pitching in blowouts.

  47. 2 down. 2 to go.
    Despite Rob Thompson’s mystifying decision to use Juan Nicasio in the 8th inning of a two run game.

    1. I’m sure it wasn’t his decision alone. A whisper from up the tunnel probably said to.

    2. Hinkie, you’re half-way to your predicted sweep.

      Feel confident enough to say you’ll exile yourself from this site for six months if you’re wrong?

  48. I just wish Franco would somehow learn to stay off the bad breaking balls. I have defend him cause I never saw the Bar Arm Swing and I think he is a pretty good fielder, But hard to defend a guy, who goes into this big slumps. I just think some one when he is traded will get thru to him about taking more bad pitches staying away from those outside breaking balls, if a guy throw a breaking ball low and away and you take it for third strike, walk away and get them next time. Some of the pitches he swings at are so bad, Yet he other times looks like a stud.

    1. rocco…though oddly….his career Krate (15%) is very good for a guy with an ISO that hovers around .180.
      Not much swing and miss, just he likes to chase Ozone and pull…so he rolls it.

      1. Yeah I think I heard Ben Davis talk about that he was pull pitches, instead of going with the pitch. when he is going good he does go to right center and up the middle

    2. Franco is like the stock market. Ride him while he rolls but know when it’s time to sell. This is likely his last rodeo in red pinstripes before the deadline. Of course we will hear from some people, “but why trade him, he’s hitting!” Fool us once, shame on you….after 5 years of this tease, let’s get it right. “But what if he’s REALLY figured it out?” Great, then get something for him from a GM who will bite.

      1. Franco turns 27 in August… really is a tough situation to be in, letting him go now and he develops into a better player. with another team.
        Then again….Bohm becomes the unknown as a third baseman.
        If he sticks there…Phillies have no choice but let Franco go.

        1. If Haseley and Quinn can hit ~.250 with speed (Quinn) and modest power (Haseley), it’ll be a much easier decision since Kingery won’t make us think twice about our 3B situation.

          Of course then we’re just holding our breath until Quinn is back on the IL, so the depth is always good to have.

  49. 8mark problem is if he figures it out he is a allstar type player. According to most, Franco. Cesar are worth a bag of Doritos at most. so we get nothing for either. cause they are really bad players. But if a coach figures out how to get thru to them its a killer.

    1. rocco…is that one bag of Doritos for the two of them together…or one bag apiece?

      1. With the new cannabis laws coming out the Doritos stock is going to skyrocket. Don’t sell short.

      2. Rocco… also … is this a regular bag of Doritos each … or Cool Ranch flavor? If the latter, that changes the deal dramatically. 🙂

        On a more serious note, Franco seems to get a bad wrap on D, but I think he has pretty solid, above avg at 3rd. His prolonged slumps are what does it for most. He has avg two hot streaks a year, once this one is over, you know the drill. Platoon the rest of the year. Apparently Segura has been working with him, maybe it’ll get him into more consistency.

        Cehe is still cehe, above avg 2B, prone to mental errors, that get magnified in a meaningful season/series. Nice complementary player, but kingery (if he continues) has made him available for a trade : 2 bags of cool ranch Doritos. I’d keep him as bench help but I’m pretty sure he ain’t going to be “cool” with that. Trade to improve the team instead

        1. Tac – Despite playing a lot less games, Franco is third on the team in HR’s. On Cehe, I’ll bet that Klentak does a lot better for him than anybody expects.

          1. 3 bags of cool ranch chips? That’s be a haul for sure! Well I hope you’re right. Something tells me he is here until his deal expires, gets pushed into a bench role, unless they use Kingery in a zobrist type role, to share playing time.

    2. Cesar’s value is low just because there’s so many good 2B. No team even remotely in contention needs a 2B. Franco plays a position that a few contenders/fringe teams would like to upgrade, but he’s been so bad for the season as a whole that he’s definitely tanked his value.

      A team that wants a cost controlled 3B and thinks they can fix him will definitely come calling, but we can’t realistically expect more than a lottery ticket. Is that worth trading him for? Maybe. We’ll have to see our roster situation closer to the deadline.

      But for Cesar, we’re almost definitely not getting an offer that’s worth trading him for. Especially if Whit Merrifield and/or Tommy LaStella are available.

  50. DMAR… was the game last night @ Arm and Hammer?
    Randolph and Stephen swung the bats….and Hall must have got bigger, eh? 🙂
    Hall now numero uno in RBIs in the EL….and tied for first in all minor league Double A ball with Toro Abraham of Corpus Christi Hooks.

    This guy must be doing it with smoke and mirrors cause he sure ain’t got no bat.

    1. Romus Stephens is my guy as you know. But they keep DH him. I know he isn’t a good outfielder but how does he get better?

      1. He probably isn’t going to get any faster, or his arm any stronger….and he can catch fly balls in LF since he has been an OFer for his entire professional career… i suppose the ABs are more important to his development than his fielding.

        1. Romus I watch video of him fielding. His arm is terrible but this was two yrs ago.

            1. The last scouting report I saw about Stephens is that the fielding is below average. This might be a problem even in the LF so Josh really needs to hit for power to be viable.

              Josh’s lack of athleticism will be bad in the CF too which also needs a decent arm strength to throw from deep center to 3B.

    2. The night before drained me Romus. Mind was willing body wasn’t too hot. But I’m going tonight with my Wife and my 27 yr old son.

      He got to play several games on Arm and Hammer field during his HS and Legion days so its always a blast to recapture those moments.

      I’m not a Yankee’s fan per se but the Trenton Thunder do a lot for the community. My men’s softball league sells tickets for Autism Cares every year and they give us a Sunday in August and let us play on the field and do a HR derby. it’s really cool.

      1. Who did he play legion/high school for? I coached Ewing HS and 314 for a number of years . . .

            1. Reading again hasn’t announced their starter any guesses as to who it might be JoJo would be nice to see…

  51. Well it’s an exciting development that the bats have apparently been revived. The starting rotation is more than troubling. These are some names that may fetch us a worthwhile return as we approach the trade deadline. (Bohm and Howard are untouchable based on what’s on the current market.)

    First tier – Adonis Medina, Damon Jones, Francisco Morales, Simon Muziotti, Jhailyn Ortiz, Luis Garcia (with Bryson Stott now higher on the SS depth chart), Rafael Marchan.

    *Either Haseley or Moniak might be on the table IF the returning centerpiece was all that.

    Second tier – Mauricio Llovera, Victor Santos, Matt Vierling, Kyle Dohy, Enyel de Los Santos, JD Hammer, Arquemedes Gamboa, Nick Williams, Austin Listi

    From the major league roster – Vince Velasquez, Maikel Franco, Cesar Hernandez, Odubel Herrera(*). Of course none of these alone will get much. But picking from the 3 tiers may comprise enough to get a very good major league starting pitcher.

    1. The Phillies need a really good starter — PERIOD. It doesn’t matter what hand he use to pitch. I don’t see any viable good starter that is not a rental that’s worth’s denting the farm —- NONE. Klentak should stay away from acquiring #4/#5 SP just because they are not rental. The “controllable (or not rental)” concept only applies to good players. There’s one ToR that can be a target this offseason. Klentak doesn’t need to acquire a #4/#5 SP that will need a roster space in the years to come because they have a stack of back end starters in the farm.

      The Phillies just need a reliable SP that can help them go thru this year because some of the arms are not showing up. A lot has been said about Mike Minor. He’s having a good year at the age of 31, is he going to be the same pitcher at the age of 32? The Phillies acquire Arrieta at the age of 31 and Jake is not the same pitcher we saw in CHC.

      1. It sounds like Klentak has been making offers on Minor since the winter.
        The guy that may end up making the most sense for the Phillies is Zack Greinke (if he could even be convinced to come here). Greinke would cost less in prospects because of the salary the club would have to take on. He’s 35 YO, and under contract for two more seasons with a 34.4 million AAV cap hit per season. The Phillies have wanted to wait a year before going over the luxury tax threshold. If acquired near the deadline, Greinke would cost the Phillies about 11 million dollars against the 2019 cap. That would push them ~1 million above the threshold. Klentak could probably get the DBacks to take on a million (or more dollars) by offering a slightly better prospect package.
        The first thing that needs to happen for this to work is for Arizona to fall further out of the WC race.

        Would you do:

        Phillies get … Greinke and * 3 million dollars.
        DBacks get … JoJo Romero and Victor Santos.

        * The extra 3 million dollars would allow the Phillies to fit Greinke and a reliever like Jake Diekman (who I would look to trade for next) under this year’s cap.

        KUKO … I’ve had more time to look at video, and I’ve updated my Phillies prospects list. It now looks like this:

        1 Alec Bohm
        2 Adonis Medina
        3 Spencer Howard
        4 Francisco Morales
        5 Bryson Stott
        6 Luis Garcia
        7 Adam Haseley
        8 Mickey Moniak
        9 Mauricio Llovera
        10 Damon Jones
        11 Nick Maton
        12 JoJo Romero
        13 Simon Muzziotti
        14 Colton Eastman
        15 Jhailyn Ortiz
        16 Rafael Marchan
        17 Starlyn Castillo
        18 Dominic Pipkin
        19 Kyle Dohy
        20 Kyle Young
        21 Logan Simmons
        22 Connor Seabold
        23 Devi Grullon
        24 Erik Miller
        25 Victor Santos
        26 Carlos De La Cruz
        27 Logan O’Hoppe
        28 Austin Listi
        29 Kevin Gowdy
        30 Nicolas Torres
        31 Jonathan Guzman
        32 Gunner Mayer
        33 Daniel Brito
        34 Mark Vierling
        35 Bailey Falter
        36 Rodolpho Duran
        37 Juan Aparicio
        38 Fernando Ortega
        39 Jabari Baylor
        40 Manuel Silva

        Next five in line:
        * Ben Brown
        * Alexeis Azuaje
        * Brett Schulze
        * Kyle Glogoski
        * Gabriel Cotto

        1. I would do the deal you propose for Greinke assuming he would come here…

          That said I am of the mind set that it won’t make this team an NLCS contender and won’t fit a longer term plan so why do it to chase a WC?

          My under the radar move would be Jordan Lyles he’s FA eligible after the season and we should have a real good shot at getting him for very minimal assets going the other way and have a nice shot at extending a guy like him for reasonable money.

          If Klentak could somehow steal Minor he should do it. He’s signed through 2020 and again should be a candidate to bite on a reasonable extension.

        2. Hinkie, I’m not hot for Greinke but I would give up Jojo and Santos in a heartbeat for him. Not sure how much of a fit he would be here, although he and Kapler are both quirky guys, and tight pants Jake isn’t your average dude either. And who’s to guess whether Greinke wants anything to do a big town that’ll be on his every move.

        3. Also, Hinkie – I just saw on MLBTR that the Dodgers are interested in your boy Felipe Vasquez. There’s no indication, however, that Pittsburgh is even inclined to trade him. But LAD could blow us away in any bidding war.

          1. Yeah … I’d make a very serious offer for Felipe Vazquez. He’s under contract for 4 and a half more years. Love him !!!

        4. I will still prefer a rental since no available controllable arms (Boyd, etc), short term commitment (Minor) or salary dump arms (Greinke) are good enough to be kept pass this season. Is Greinke going to be better than Hamels in 2020 onwards? I’m sure that Gerrit Cole will be better than any SP that are available at the trade deadline. The only salary dump that I might be interested is Mad Max, but WAS may not want to lose Mad Max to the same team that snatched Harper away from them.

          MadBum will still be my main target since he might come cheaper than both Minor and Boyd. I actually like Marco Gonzalez from the Mariners. and suggested to acquire Kyle Seager (FA after 2021) as salary dump and bridge to Bohm. DiPoto has been very kind Klentak so maybe Vinny and Franco as a change of scenery candidate appeal with DiPoto with possibly adding a prospect or two (i.e Parkinson, Lindow).

          I noticed that the Cal State Fullerton arm jumped in your updated standing. I like Eastman better than Seabold. Eastman can miss bats be he get hit easily which can be a concern in high minors.

          Morales continued to be an enigma. The 14 K/9 looks awesome but the 405 BB/9 is concerning.

  52. Tonight it is Vargas-Pivetta. The last time these two matched up was the Williamsport game. The Phillies couldn’t touch Vargas and the Mets pounded Pivetta. That was a lineup minus Harper, Segura, and Realmuto. Let’s hope that the script is flipped this evening at CBP.

    1. The pre-2019 Phillies batting line up has the penchant of making average SPs to CY Young contenders instantly. Harper is a very streaky player, when he starts hot, Vargas may not see the 5th inning. The key will be Segura and JTR to help grind down Vargas and give the bottom of the line up a chance to do damage.

  53. Looking back on the rebuild. On day one we were told that the plan was to develop the arms and buy the bats. The Phillies have patiently stuck to this plan, and it has worked. They have developed Eflin, Neris, Nola, and Pivetta, and have several other promising prospects in the minors. Until this year, the only bats they had bought were placeholders. This winter the Phillies were true to their word, and added McCutchen, Segura, Harper, and Realmuto. It has to go down as one of the best offseasons that a GM has ever had. If we miss the playoffs, we will be left to ponder, “What if McCutchen hadn’t gotten injured”? We bitch and moan about Arrieta, but in hindsight, he’s been the best pitcher of the lot from two winter’s ago. I’m a big believer in leadership and chemistry, and we should not overlook the value of players like Arrieta, Knapp, and Hoskins in those areas.
    I still like the Phillies chances this year!

    1. only problem Mike is you just named a bunch of guys that were here prior to McPhail making that statement…

        1. Not DMAR…..but I will answer…Joe Jordan’s crew, along with Doug Mansolino, who were hired in 2011 by Amaro….and both left last year

    2. Bottom line….letting Morton walk and replacing him with Clay Buch……was a monumental oversight.

    3. Overall, As a phan, I gave this rebuild a lot of chances, and I have more the felling of the glass being half empty vs it being full. A lot of missed opportunities missed to set up an extend run vs a short window. Some criticism has the benefit of hindsight, some are not. Mainly, I’m looking at the scouting department, and their blunders over what was a great string of high end picks. The farm should be better off imo, I think many of us agree on that. With Middleton’s war chest and a properly stocked farm, the Phillies should be the envy of the league, instead I feel we are looking up at the Braves and dodgers. The organization had their chance to sit atop the NL imo.

    4. @Wawa – that’s what McPhail wants but Johnny A. is not his hire and appears that they are not in the same page. Johnny A. has preference on Cal State Fullerton arms – a program that’s know to develop pitchers with control over velocity. Johnny A. did grow arms but they are the back end arms type not the power arms that McPhail is envisioning.

      We’ve observed some changes in the draft strategy in the last 2 years where prospects like Pipkin, Miller, etc were drafted. These prospects were not prototypical Johnny A. type so maybe McPhail is starting to force himself into Johnny A.

  54. Tac – If McCutchen hadn’t gotten injured, we’d still be sitting atop the NL East.

    1. Can’t argue with that. It changed the whole dynamic of the lineup, at least until now that Kingery is hitting.

      1. Kingery.
        1. Bellinger…192
        2. Trout……….187
        3. Yelich………185
        4. Rendon…….161
        5. Alonso………161
        6. Kingery………159…still needs 80 more PAs to qualify

    2. Meh, certainly part of it. I’d argue having Herrera and franco both disappear for extended periods of time hurt this offense a lot as well. McCutchen was having a great first half.

      Worries me That we are having to battle the Mets so hard for 2 victories. Either the offense turned or it’s because it’s the Mets right now. I’ll take the wins, but I’m not convinced it isn’t fools gold until I see where their at when the ASB “hits”

  55. I got stuck on I came up with Pivetta, Medina, and Grullon to Blue Jays for Stroman and Giles.

    Send Velazquez to aaa and obtain Mike Leake from the Mariners for a lessor prospect like they did for Jay Bruce.

    Based on ip, GB%, HR/FB, k/9, and ballpark factors, Brad Keller KC, Stroman and Leake are the only good fits for CBP. Sonny Gray would be perfect but I don’t think the Reds will trade him. I’m still mad the Phils didnt get him as soon as the Yanks got the SP from the Mariners.

    Of course, Cole Hamels is the only good lhsp I saw but they were to stubborn to bring him back. I hope they sign him this off-season.

    1. The problem with your trade proposal is that the Blue Jays are in full sale mode and won’t package together two top pieces. Teams want to maximize their value individually.

  56. Any thoughts on round 2 of Pence? Shouldn’t cost too much. Williams for Pence would be a fun trade for both clubs

    1. So he watched the no-hitter and thought the Phillies prospects didn’t look good? Go figure

      1. I don’t understand your point. Three pitchers threw a no hitter because the prospects weren’t good enough to get a hit off them. Not in spite of it. There are so many non-mlb quality pitchers in the minors. Who cares what a prospect does against those guys? The key is what happens when they face premium pitching prospects.

        1. Simple point. He saw a game where the Phillies prospects got no-hit and made observations about how various players looked. I expect they didn’t look very good since they didn’t get any hits.

          I guess it depends on how much weight you put on one game and Keith Law’s opinions of the results of that game. For me, his observations on that game is a data point, nothing more.

          I have no particular issues with Law other than some attribute too much value to his opinions, especially when they also happen to support their own…

          1. “ I expect they didn’t look very good since they didn’t get any hits.” << this is not the right take. A prospect can look great and go 0-5. Conversely, a prospect can go 2-4 and not look very good. The quality of AB and the ability to make hard contact is most important. BABIP doesn’t impact scout’s views.

            1. And 1 game is 1 game but you’re welcome to pull from his take of that game whatever value you want..

    2. Keith Law is a Monday morning quarterback. Front runner. He will be back on our guys down the road. Not sure why everyone put so much stock and that little man

      1. I have long argued all of the same points to try to diminish Law’s negative takes, but I have yet to see an example of where he was wrong on a Phillies’ prospect. The closest was that he was a bit lite on Rhys. Was in the, “needs to keep proving it” camp. And he was too high on Dom Brown. But I have not seen an example of a prospect where he was very negative and was proven wrong.

        He doesn’t get his information only from his looks. He speaks with a ton of scouts, managers and GMs. He is very well respected.

        1. And KLaw has admitted to oversights in the past…Goldey for one that he will admit to. So he does own up when he judges poorly.

        2. In our prospects defense of the Monday night no hitter which I was at let’s give it it’s full context.

          Bohm, Haseley, Moniak and Randolph all 1st round picks were seeing all these guys likely for the first time. Haseley it was his first game in how many weeks…

          Moniak and C hit balls really hard they just didn’t fall. Bohm drew a BB K’d looking and smoked a ball to the SS.

          And finally in a guy like Deivy Garcia you’re talking about a kid who came into that game with nearly 100 more K’s than IP. Not only is likely to be a MLB pitcher but he right now could be projected as a 1 or 2 in the bigs.

          1. I have read many reports from KLaw that were glowing even though the prospect he watched went 0-fer in the game. If the hitter works the count, swings at good pitches and makes hard contact, he usually says so. He said the opposite about Moniak. I didn’t see the game. But just pointing that out. I had expected a better post on Moniak given his recent performance. Was disappointed to read his take.

      1. One of the Phillies’ top prospects, Luis Garcia (No. 69 on my top 100 in January), has been struggling so far as an 18-year-old in low-A, although to me it looks more like a question of strength than skill. Garcia’s at bats were good, and he showed he could turn on 94 and protect against 96 up, but the ball just didn’t go anywhere off his bat, and in an at-bat against a right-handed reliever, he got ahead in the count and then waved twice at 91-92 in the zone. He struck out again to end the game, although in that case the pitch was 99 mph. He’s a natural shortstop but played second base Tuesday. The Phillies do have a long history of pushing 18-year-old prospects who aren’t physically mature to full-season ball — Carlos Tocci and Daniel Brito come to mind — and Garcia seems to fit that category.

        * Lefty Jhordany Mezquita started for Lakewood and was ordinary, 90-93 with a fringy curveball and below-average changeup. Dom Pipkin couldn’t complete an inning of relief. He was 92-97 with 30 command, with a below-average slider, and failed to cover home on a passed-ball third strike that would have ended the inning but instead led to a runner scoring from second.

        * The Phillies’ last three first-round picks were all in the lineup that Garcia and two relievers no-hit on Monday, batting 1-2-3, and they … had no hits, as you might have guessed. Adam Haseley led off and was hit by a pitch, but Garcia then depantsed him twice, getting him on a fastball away followed by 95 up and in, then getting him to chase a curveball down, swing through 95 down the middle, and chase another curveball down. His one ball in play was a weak 1-3 when the pitcher jammed him on a mid-80s fastball. I’ve had concerns about Haseley’s ability to make hard contact or even catch up with good velocity with such a handsy swing and it looks the same as it did last year.

        * Alec Bohm batted second and probably looked the best of any of these guys, although that’s a low bar. His body is substantially cleaned up from last year, when he wasn’t heavy but just big; he’s probably a first baseman in the long run but at least he’s giving himself a chance to stay at third with improved conditioning. He also struck out twice against Garcia, but had better at bats, seeing 13 pitches between them, and fouled off some tough pitches, and hit one hard ground ball in his last at bat.

        * Mickey Moniak only struck out once but everything he hit in play was weak, and he didn’t look comfortable in right field. He and left fielder Cornelius Randolph, their previous first-rounder who played left and gave up on a foul pop up only to have it land fair, didn’t look good. * Neither did Trenton reliever Domingo Acevedo, 91-94 now with a delivery that still doesn’t allow him to repeat or throw strikes, stiff at release, with a low 3/4 slot and hard falloff. He throws like he’s throwing a pie, not a baseball, which is a waste of a good arm and of pie.

  57. Don’t think the Rangers would trade Pence and definitely not Minor when they have a better record/chance for making the wild card than the Phillies.

  58. Phillies approach vs. Vargas has been terrible. Slower he throws the harder they swing

    1. Biggest win so far this season. And it was gift wrapped by Mickey Callaway. Bruce’s addition can’t be overstated, both on the field and in the clubhouse. Let’s sweep tomorrow. No letting up with bags packed and the plane to Miami idling on the tarmac.

      1. 8 mark I love Florida, one of the best places I ever been to,. in fact I try to see different places, not go back to many places I have visited. but that Miami. Fort Launderdale area to me is the best. but I don’t like it in the summer. so dam hot good luck with the heat, and get us some victories,

        1. No I’m not flying to Miami, Roc. The Phillies are later this afternoon. My point was for them not to just mail in today’s game.

          1. Oh , I have had a problem reading lately, I am taking personal reading lesson from romus. and cant understand his irish accent

            1. Listen laddie……better to read without looking thru the bottom of the wine glass.

        2. You’re not wrong about it being hot. It was 90 degrees when I landed yesterday but felt more like 102. Nice view, though. And dirt cheap tickets for games.

  59. Haseley 3b, HR on rehab game tonight. Moniak another 3b (9) He’s a triple machine.

  60. So Moffo, riddle me this: How come the Phillies can’t hit a soft tossing lefty and our fire baller can only get two strikeouts (the opposing pitcher) and get knocked all over the block?

    Good win for the team. The bullpen has really been stellar these 3 games (SP not). Golden sombrero for Kingery. He looked like last year. Fooled by CUs and lunging at pitches.

    1. How is Vargas the next Cy Young and Cole Irvin is crap to people? CI is still viable.

      1. Vargas is left handed, left hander with there natural movement can have less velo, not the junk velo Irvin throws with his handing curves, Vargas is 36 yrs old and is 2 games over 500 and 4.59 era lifetime. not impressive numbers. a fifth starter and he does throw 92 to 94 some times with great change up. I really just don’t understand how anyone who saw Irvin cant see he is really short on all his pitches. The kid is trying and its a shame. but right now he isn’t a major league starter. imo.

        1. @moffo – FYI, Vargas never threw FB harder than 85-86 so that’s slower than the junk velo that Irvin you’re talking about. Vargas is success because he has an effective knuckle curve and a good CU.

          I like velo too but I’m more of a pitching mix and repertoire guy. To be an effective SP, you must have at least a decent velo but at least 3 average pitch that you can command, there should be a balance between velocity + command + pitch mix not just one or the other.

      2. Vargas had a monster change up working last night. It had late fade and the hitters just couldn’t recognize it.

      3. Difference is in location. Vargas doesn’t throw pitches in the middle of the plate and Irvin puts too many there. You saw the result when Vargas missed with a fastball to Segura that he crushed. If Irvin wants to have a big league career he needs to vastly improve the command of his pitches.

        The real advantage of velocity is that is allows a pitcher to get away with mistakes. Couple that velocity with command and you get guys like Verlander/Schertzer..

        1. SP arms with velo + command (the TOR type) don’t grow on trees and you cannot simply wish for them to appear, It is easier said than done. Both Verlander and Mad Max struggled in early in their MLB careers even the late great Doc Halladay (RIP) got demoted.

          These TOR are the cream of the crop because they are rare and not every team will be blessed to have one so having multiple is even harder.

          1. And to think 4 years ago I thought the Mets staff was going too dominate for a decade after they went to the WS…then Harvey falls vitim to TOS, Wheeler goes down with two TJs, Matz ends up with shoulder ailments, Thor has his own issues now….and only deGrom survived.
            So pitching also have to have some luck going for it.

            1. @romus – when the Mets made it to the WS, they scare the heck of me. Seeing Thor-deGrom-Harver-Matz-Wheeler almost 20 times a year and the Mets had a solid farm to boot.

              In most trade scenarios we have here in the forum, my inclination is always to keep the top arms as much as possible unless you will be getting a stud in return. Losing Sixto is hard but the Phillies got the best catcher in MLB who is young and under control so it’s worth the risk.

              Unless Klentak will get a Chris Sale type of a deal (a young pitching stud) – I prefer to keep the top arms as much as possible. I’ve been advocating calmness at the deadline since someone like Gerritt Cole will be available by the end of the season.

            2. In Cole you only lose a 2nd round pick and some inter. money…assuming the Astros QO him.

  61. Hope rumors are true that Stott signs on the dotted line today.
    Get him to Clearwater and get him going.

  62. With the Phillies having used 6 pitchers last night, it’s very possible that the Phillies will activate Tommy Hunter for the Miami series. I’m not crazy about Hunter, but he would be an upgrade over Ranger Suarez.

  63. Friend of mine asked me last night what we do with Haseley now. Simple he has to go back to LHV.

    Klentak has to find a way to move CeHe for something of value. As much as I value Cesar’s hitting Kingery needs to finally be moved to his long term home 2B and we need to get on with a proper rebuild.

    The Braves have us right now and I would be loathe to see us make moves to try and get a WC.

    As Catch has said many times we’re in an age where you can’t deplete your system for short term marginal gains like we did last year. Even if Kilome never becomes anything he’s better off in our system than 1/2 year of Cabrera.

    1. DMAR…speaking of Kilome, I think he is getting ready for some tossing.
      Will be interesting to see if the Mets protect him this November…they may not let him get much time long tossing so to ‘hide’ him more or less and leave him unprotected and save a 40 spot for someone else they deem worthy. The Mets prefer an 18 month rehabilitation for starting pitchers with TJ surgery, (Oct 2018 was his surgery) so he will not be ready to pitch again until late April 2020. At that time, he will be a soon to turn 25 year old who hasn’t pitched above Double-A, and he will have only one option year remaining.
      Maybe the Phillies ought to take a chance and leave a 40 slot open and take him if he is unprotected.
      It is a big risk however him being injured and all.

    2. I agree with you on Haseley. He had a taste of the big leagues, and did pretty well. Also, be reminded that Nick Williams is batting .419 for the Ironpigs. CeHe increases his value with every hit he gets. If the Phillies were to offer Hernandez, Williams, and a 10- to- 20 prospect for a rental, I wouldn’t complain.

    3. The Phillies are not rebuilding, they are trying to win. Unless the Phillies are out of it, Cesar is not going anywhere. No tanking team is going to trade for Cesar and his $10M+ salary.

        1. I’m saying we’re trying to win now. Cesar has 1.3 WAR now, 7th on the team. He’s helping the Phillies win. All this talk about trading Cesar should be left to after the season.

      1. Guru – Cesar at 29 years old still has about 4 years of peak productivity. The Phillies could easily afford to pay a large amount of his remaining salary.

        1. First, I disagree that Cesar has 4 more years of peak productivity. I give him 2 more years. And what’s his peak productivity? 3 WAR? He regresses a little bit and he’s under 2 WAR and he would be borderline replaceable.

          Second, besides the money he’s owed this season (about $3.8M), he’s under arbitration for next season. He’s already in line for at least $10M. If he goes bonkers, $14M. The Phillies will not pay that.

          Third, Cesar is still a decent player. If I’m tanking team, I want to lose. Cesar will actually help me win. Why would I want that? Or better yet, I’ll bring up one of my own guys from the minors to see what he’s got at 2B.

          So the only way I see Cesar getting moved during the season is if the Phillies are out of it. In that case, you can throw out trade scenarios every day.

          1. Stages of development

            Tearing it down
            Ready to Contend for WS

            Feel free to edit or redefine. I’m open but this team as it is constituted is not ready to contend for a WS.

            It’s way short in so many areas. No MVP type regular, no clear TOR, and a mediocre farm system.

            The time has come I believe to send Kingery to the spot he will be for the next 7-8 years and let him settle in. Haseley too. Enough of the square pegs in round holes.

            CeHe as much as I like him is clogging the whole process or impeding our ability to make that transition from rebuild to WS contender. Even myself a most ardent CeHe defender has come to that conclusion.

            1. @DMAR – ready to contend is still subjectively. In my view, any team that is expected to win their Division or go to the playoffs are contenders for a WS.

              If I can add another level – I will put “Retooling” between Rebuilding and Contending.

              Tearing it down and Rebuilding teams are not playing to win while Retooling and Contending are.

            2. LOL I’m glass half full normally Wawa Mike honest.

              @Kuko I agree WS contender is subjective but by any metric you can’t look at our club and say we are even a division favorite.

              That should dictate the moves we make. We have to find building blocks not band aids.

            3. DMAR…Harper was a MVP in 2015
              Nola was third in the Cy Young as a TOR….and the farm system is still a 13-17 range system…..but pitching is the only thing that is needed from the system at this point…Bohm, Moniak, Stott, Garcia, Ortiz et al seem to be positional regulars that are expected to reach their apex withing 2 years.

            4. @DMAR – win projection is a good metric since historical numbers are available to gauge the win column on a playoff team (subject to certain outliers i.e. injuries, trades, etc).

              With the offseason moves, the Phillies are definitely playing to win in 2019 so they are not tearing it down nor rebuilding. The win-loss projection also points to a team that is close to a playoff team.

              I will say that the Phillies are not the “favorites” to win the WS but they certainly “contenders” for the WS. Certain players, particularly the rotation, are just under performing, thus, they are behind than their original projection.

    1. the surprise here is that Stott is signing underslot at $3.9M. then why the delay? being friends with the Harper family and a $4M price tag, the signing was never a concern with me.

  64. Realmuto will probably get the day off today. Other than that, don’t change the line up, Gabe.

  65. The Phillies have gotten so-so starting pitching for the past three games, but the offense has bailed them out. It would be great today for the Phillies to put both pitching and offense together, and blow the Mets out of town.

  66. Nola is still a TOR type for me but he really needs to give away big innings. In certain games, Nola can breeze thru 4-5 inning then wham!!!! — will lose command and give up back series of hits followed by a blaster.

    I liked Nola ever since because of his Hamel’s like demeanor in the mound. In a must win game (i.e. WC), I still believe that Nola can get the job done!

    The biggest fix that the rotation needs to do is to stop giving up long balls especially to the garbage players!

  67. The season is half over (almost), and the Phillies are on pace to win 84 to 86 games. This is about what most of the “experts” predicted. The way that I see things (optimistically), 42 wins is pretty damn good considering the devastating losses of McCutchen, and half of the bullpen. The starting pitching has under performed, the offense has under performed, and the bench has under performed. The only aspect of this team that has over performed is the bullpen, despite the injuries. Perhaps these past three games are an indication that the Phillies are finally beginning to fire on all cylinders. Currently, the Phillies are in a three-way tie for the two wild card spots. Fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for an exhilarating second half of the season.

    1. Matt Klentak will have a large say in whether or not the Phillies make the playoffs/win the division. Who can he add to the roster?

      1. Could use a LHP in the rotation.
        But guys like Boyd, Bum, Minor and even Duffy could be prospect costly.

      2. If the Phillies are still in it, I’m thinking Mike Minor. He checks off a lot of boxes.

          1. based on what I saw last night we’d be foolish to trade what 7+ years control of Medina for 2 of Mike Minor.

            I’d trade Matt Klentak for Jon Daniels…

        1. Wait a second, the Rangers have a better record than we do! Mike Minor is going nowhere.

          1. 7 of their next 11 on the road….Tampa Bay and Minny… they could fall quickly if they do not keep it up.
            Their home and away splits are Home: 28-15…Away:16-21

    1. No shocker there. Kingery, Nola, Hoskins, and Eflin are all slightly older than 25. Seranthony is 24, but he’d have to be dominant for consideration as a reliever. Haseley hasn’t played enough in the Bigs to make the list.

  68. Good news from the GCL game this morning..Spencer Howard….3 innings…5 Ks, 1 BB, 1 H.

      1. Hopefully Stott follows Haseley’s same career path from 2017…GCL for a few weeks of acclimation, onto Williamsport and finish up at Lakewood….hitting at all the stops along the way.
        I think Bohm was on the same trajectory last year but the injuring to the calf in Williamsport put an end to that.
        And once Stott gets into the FIL this fall, he can stay at Clearwater up to next season.

        1. I will not be surprised if the Phillies will try Stott at 3B or 2B on his way to the Phillies. Bohm might eventually out grow 3B leaving it to Stott or Kingery and Bohm moves to LF since Hoskins will man the 1B for a while.

    1. Great day for Phillies baseball. I’ll just enjoy it, and keep the cynicism for another day

  69. win or lose a great outing by Nola. hopefully the foreshadowing of things to come

      1. The problem is, we got nobody else. Nicasio has been good lately and he used him in the 8th. Neris will almost certainly not be available tomorrow. If Hunter/Robertson/Dominguez were healthy, they would get it. I hope Hunter gets activated tomorrow.

  70. Gabe does NOT have the pulse of his bullpen!!!
    What else is left to say?? Analytics does not tell you when your reliever is gassed from overuse!!!
    The Phillies will never be great with him as manager,it doesn’t matter how many good players he is given.

  71. After today’s win, I need to get bamboo and/or a lotto ticket. They scored 5 runs off Edwin Diaz.

  72. Sweep complete!
    I gotta play the lottery.

    Btw… watch the Mets take 2 out of 3 from the Braves this weekend.

    1. The Mets should be pissed and rightly so. Not only that, you have to figure that Mickey Callaway won’t last until August at this rate.

      1. You know, as much as I hate to admit it, the Mets really aren’t that far away from being a good team. They have a lot of good young hitters and there are some dominant arms. They need a good manager to smooth things out and get guys to perform and a GM to bridge the gap with player acquisitions – there’s a lot of talent there, but they just look out of sorts.

    2. play seguras number with francos.and harper 273 and put a 4 in four digit for the sweep

    3. Hinkie, great work on getting us Harper and now a sweep of the Mets. Can you please predict a Butler and Harris re-sign with the Sixers and a Ben Simmons jump shot while you’re at it?

      PS – Not going to mention that I sure am glad we didn’t get Edwin Diaz included in that trade over the winter.

    4. Hinkie, Hinkie, Hinkie. The Nostradamus of Phuture Phillies.

      I’m sure when it was 3-1 Mets, you were cool as a cucumber.

    1. Kimbrel with the save…almost blew it were it not for Rizzo’s heroic lunge to get Freddie at first.

  73. Bottom line – score runs. The Phillies are 39-9 in games they score 4+ runs. That’s 3rd in MLB behind only LAD and HOU. That’s our meal ticket. Score!!

    ….but let’s still get that big arm for the stretch.

    1. Sarge always told me, “if we score more runs than the other team, we will win the game”.

  74. I saw some of the replays on the Mets SNY feed, Keith Hernandez was distraught! They blew multi run leads in 5 straight, their bullpen has crumbled (even from their 2 top relievers), and that this loss was the “abyss”.

    I have to admit, this loss was as bad as when Neris gave up 3 straight HRs on the road to the Dodgers to blow the save last year. It’s as bad as it gets for the Mets.

  75. What a difference a week can make. Note to self resist the urge to over react. I’m still of the belief that we should not trade any big prospects for a starter unless said starter is of the caliber of Chris Sale with same number of years control.

    My untouchables are still: Howard, Bohm, Medina and Stott

    Which probably means I am not going to get a starter the caliber of Chris Sale and I am ok with that.

    1. I’d be willing to part with Medina AND Stott for a player of the caliber of Sale that has control beyond this year. Especially if the players traded occupy the same role we are receiving (trading Medina for an Ace doesn’t hurt as much because we’re hoping Medina turns into an Ace. A trade for one effectively does that at an accelerated timeline). Although I think Howard is completely untouchable and Bohm close to it.

      But I’m not interested in trading any of them for a rental or a mid-rotation upgrade. Frontline starter or Allstar 3B or OF. That’s the only thing getting one of our top 4 in return if it were up to me.

  76. Great win yesterday! The guys kept battling and pulled it out.
    I still can’t give Gabe a break for bringing Hector in on a 90 degrees day game after he pitched the previous two games.I do realize that he didn’t like his other options…but…
    It was the Mets,don’t know if they could’ve pulled it off against better teams.Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the moment and we’ll see,maybe this is the start of them playing up to their abilities.
    I would NOT trade an A level prospect for a rental this year,I feel compared to the better teams they’re still a few key pieces away.If Bohm keeps playing well and getting better,he actually Could be the full time third baseman next year.He hits to all fields,appears to have a good idea of the strike zone,(walks) and looks like he’s making strides defensely!
    Fingers crossed on Spencer Howard,hoping that he can stay healthy and be in the rotation sometime next year.
    Sign Gerrit Cole or some other good starting pitcher this winter and this team will look like a true contender.

    1. I love it. People were mad because Neris was brought in. If he hadn’t been brought in and another guy was hit hard people would have been screaming because he wasn’t brought in. Sometimes Kapler is in a no win situation.

      1. Klentak may have told Kapler that he’ll need to tread water until reinforcements come off the IL, and trade acquisitions bring relief closer to the deadline. Meanwhile, both have one hand tied behind their back.

      2. I don’t think we would have blasted him for not using Neris for a 3rd straight day honestly…

        You have to admit he really doesn’t have a good feel for using his BP. You can argue he doesn’t have the tools at his disposal and I’d buy that.

        1. We (this board, not me personally) have already done so this year. People only backed off him a bit after he mentioned that he chose the way he did because his “better” options weren’t available.

          I disagree that he doesn’t have a feel for his bullpen, to be honest. Look at what he’s got and what they’ve done. He has 3 (THREE) ‘pen pitchers with an ERA below 3.50; Hammer, Neris, and Morgan. Guess who has the most appearances? Neris.

          Morgan is fourth, but remember he was injured for a couple weeks. Hammer is lower, but 1) his performance seems to be smoke and mirrors and 2) he didn’t start the season in the majors.

          And actually, if you look at number of appearances, they pretty much have a direct correlation to performance. As the number of appearances go down, the ERA goes up. The only aberrations are the pitchers who have been injured or were promoted after the season began.

          It’s actually kind of nuts how accurately ranked the relievers are in terms of appearances. Dude is a magician.

  77. Barf – If yesterdays game had been a couple of days later, we might have seen Hunter in the 9th inning.

    1. Sixto also made it.

      Medina played in it last year, and as far as I can tell they try not to re-use prospects year-to-year. I also wonder if Moniak might have made it if not for the rule that requires every team be represented. Trammel is the Reds’ only player and he isn’t hitting quite as well as Mickey. Granted, he does have exciting speed.

      1. I do however think last year, Medina was selected as a sub replacement.
        He was not the original selection, but the original guy , Philies own Enyel DLS… the call to replace Zach Eflin…..and Enyel faced the Mets in his first game.

        1. Yeah, but I dunno how they treat situations like that. All I really know is the vast majority of players only go to the Futures game once, and of those that go multiple times it seems to be after they’ve been traded to another organization, or they are the team’s only representative the next year.

          Could be a coincidence or just a guideline, but I think it has something to do with it.

  78. Nats optioned Michael A Taylor today to make room for Ryan Zimmerman returning from IL. Question to all – would you rather have Quinn or Taylor?

    1. Wow.. Tuffy for sure.
      Two defensive whizzes.
      But one who gets on base but rarely plays….or one who plays but rarely gets on base.

  79. Salas DFA’d to make room for Tommy Hunter. Haseley reinstated from IL but optioned to LHV.

    1. As time goes on, I’ve come to understand and appreciate Trout’s decision. As fans we rant and rave over the situation with our red pinstriped glasses. But really – let’s be honest – he had little to gain from coming home to be a professional athlete in a sports town that can be defined as a glorified fish bowl. Because he would be so beloved and embraced as one of our own, there would be no where to go for him but down. His sky high approval rating would be little more than a hot air balloon waiting to be shot at by the sensitivities and misplaced passion of the so called fan base. At the end of the day, I can’t and don’t blame him and his family for his decision to stay in Anaheim where there’s but one way – UP.

        1. So what exactly do you take issue with? My post or the article Romus posted? Or are you just proving my point? A critic usually gives reasons for what they dislike and why. Don’t rush your answer, Rocco. Think first. Try it.

      1. 8mark…very well put…the balloon could eventually tumble from the skies.
        As George Costanza once said….’you do not want your worlds colliding’

        1. Thanks, Romus. I thought the article was well written. It was too good to be true that he would ultimately land here. He wants to be a fan when he comes home. I get it.

      2. Anaheim is a toilet. homeless all over the place. If your great like he is, you want the challenge of helping your home team. So called fan base? This city deserve better results for being loyal, If I am not mistaken we were one of the original 8 teams back in 1870. 2 world titles and you call us misplaced passion an so called fan base, I called this city the most passion fans and intelligent. they know when guys are not hustling.. and let them know, truth is he likes California better for his family he spends 4 month most here, believe what you want.

        1. Rocco … wrong. Mike Trout likes California better for his work. He likes Millville better for his family. When he eventually retires, he’ll be moving back to Millville.

        2. Spoken like someone that has never been to Anaheim. Philly doesn’t have any homeless people, huh? Anaheim is a toilet that millions of people visit each year because, I don’t know, they want a whiff of that toilet?

          And you talk about being loyal, yet bash Trout for staying loyal to the team that drafted and helped develop him? Yes, believe what you want. You obviously are the most intelligent fan in Philly.

  80. Typical VV start, how many times do you think we will have to endure this in the course of this season?

  81. Walked the Pitcher to lead off tge inning. No excuse, puts himself in a hole, his command is so challenged. This should be the last time he starts.

    1. He’s a better hitter than a pitcher. This is like a bad song on a scratched 45 that keeps skipping. Uncle!!

      1. Guys – I think that we’ve seen the last of Velasquez as a starter for this year. He may get an emergency start, but that’s it. In a couple of bullpen appearances this year, he’s looked okay, and in hindsight the Phillies should have left him there. Adam Morgan was a bad starter, but has saved his career in the bullpen, and I wish the same for Vince.

    2. That start yesterday was vintage VV and not in a good way. I swear, he has no idea where his fastball is going. Gave up that double when he threw a fastball middle in, gave up that HR on a hanging slider, then walked the pitcher when his fastball went all over the place. The Phillies give him so many chances because he has so much talent, but all he gives back in return are short, poor outings and ulcers for everybody. VV is so lucky that Eickhoff/Irvin/DLS/Suarez are worse. Damon Jones or Medina can’t get here fast enough.

  82. The most exciting Phillies game of the year (Thursday) followed up by the most boring tonight. I was having a hard time staying awake.

    1. And let’s 86 the bamboo talk if you’re going to lay an egg like tonight, no effort, no life, and especially after the Marlins swept you last weekend, you’d think there would be some fire in the belly. Nothing. And the only offense was your starting pitcher who should never start another game in a Phillies uniform. Period. Let’s move on!

  83. Evidently the Phillies booth was talking about me at the game. I was interviewed by Fox as well and got to see that after the fact, but I have no idea what the Phils broadcast was saying.

    Anyone catch it? (I was the one with the sign)

    1. LOL! I saw you, Dan. The TV guys were going over your itinerary (starting in the southeast [Florida & Atlanta] then heading to Texas). John Kruk asked if you had to keep the sign clean for the whole trip.

      1. Was Eickhoff sent to AAA (he’s not listed on the Pigs roster), or did the Phillies come up with an imaginary injury for him? The reason I ask is that I would give VV’s next start to him if Klentak hasn’t made a move by then.

        1. Wawa, Eickhoff is on the IL with some issue, I forget which. Don’t expect him to return anytime soon.

        1. Thanks. I wasn’t expecting to garner so much attention, especially not so quickly. Hopefully I can talk to the Philly guys in Atlanta on the fourth (and maybe the Phils will play decently).

      2. Ha! If he gets ahold of me I’ll have to let him know I have to try, but I do have one spare sign. Just in case.

  84. I am a big JT Realmuto fan, and I love that we got him. But, his hitting is way off, 50 points and many XBHs lower than this time last year. What bothered me last night was he struck out 3 times, that I saw, on pitches well over his head. He kept swinging with no chance of hitting the ball, and I don’t know what happened to his approach.

    1. It’s concerning because he didn’t show this lack of discipline when he was in a Marlins uniform. He’s been way too aggressive. Pitchers getting him out with high fastballs AND breaking stuff outside. JT needs to calm down.

  85. Matt…Jt Realmuto,agree was glad that we got him….very disappointed with his numbers so far as well.You would think the Citizens bank park would HELP his numbers.
    We can’t blame everything on Kapler,but when ball players don’t perform up to there career average here and then some do Better After they leave,something is off,maybe it’s not Kap’s fault and some other organization issue..
    I would like to see everyone of these hitters go on a tear for about 3 weeks,Harper gets paid like a star,but how many more no name players have many more homeruns than him?

  86. 4 straight to the marlins …for f – – – sakes
    50% of the marlins wins have come off the Phillies

  87. What a circus MLB brought to London!?!?!
    20 runs scored, only 4th inning. Ridiculous. Ball park must be a joke.

  88. It’s not the park. It’s the poor pitching. The ball is carrying, though.

    Judge hit a beautiful HR to the opposite field. I wish Hoskins would do that once in awhile….like he used to do.

  89. Kapler’s use of the bullpen…. I do realize that the game isn’t over yet…
    Hinke,did you predict that the phillies get swept this weekend? Looks like the Nats will be ahead of them soon,without Harper!

  90. When the Phillies have an off day, they set up their bullpen. They pull their starter regardless of his pitch total. That’s what they did with Eflin today. It didn’t work out.

  91. What is it with the Marlins? Why are they ripping us like that?

    We know that Nicasio is hot and cold, but Adam Morgan has come crashing down to earth in a hurry. He’s getting lit up like a christmas tree.

    1. Geez, good thing we got Tommy Hunter back….if he ever pitches. Is Gabe waiting for a better opportunity to use him?

      1. I have no beef with Gabe getting Eflin out of the game when he did. Eflin was getting hit hard in the sixth inning. What I do find head scratching is that they wanted to get Hunter into the game last night down 6-2 in the 8th inning. That appearance then makes him unavailable for today’s game, when they actually needed him.

        And … how about Adam Morgan coughing up two hits to a couple of guys with batting averages below the Mendoza line. Terrible.

  92. 4 game exceptions are going to happen now and then, but two things will never change in the bigger picture:

    1) All / almost all young players under Gabe have stalled development and almost all / all veteran players regress.

    2) Gabe has absolutely no ability to manage a pitching staff over the long haul of a season. He doesn’t do very well game by game either.

    This team is destined to consistently underperform under this manager and coaching staff. Can only hope Klentak wakes up one day and realizes the manager is making his good moves look bad by killing player performance.

    1. My only concern and fear..Gabe will once again convince Klentak to go vulturing after veteran players in the next two weeks, like last July and first part of August….like that will solve the problem.
      If they start that nonsense again then season is probably a wash.

  93. If we get swept out by the Fish, we might as well just put up the white flag and start taking offers on Arrieta, Nicasio, Tommy Hunter, Cesar.

  94. Here is what we do, pick the 3 best relief
    pitchers include Neris in the 3, go out and supplement our 5 starters with 5 more starters, don’t remove a starter from a game until he has accumulated 85 pitches, doesn’t matter anyhow with the current manager. Designate 1 starter as the long man for the week. Rotate the starters “as next up” as required.

    Do what is convenient with the relief pitchers you need to jettison.

    Don’t bother to rebut this, Famous Grouse made me say it!

  95. I’m sure glad Nicasio got credit for his 8th Hold of the season tonight with his 3 ER in 0.1 innings.

    Hinkie, your point on using Hunter last night is spot on.

  96. Is this out rock bottom point of the year-old 6-1 and losing. Time for a GO or Manager change?

    1. philabaltfan…I think you hit the wrong key….G ilo of F?

      But looks like the changes will be after the season apparently…..unless Middleton moves on with MacPhail or Klentak.

      1. Romus, I would like to see more of a balance between analytlcs and baseball common sense in our new Manager, GM and Front Office. It seems like we are trying to outsmart ourselves all the time.

        1. Yes that would be ideal….but I really do not know what they do or how they weigh common sense/gut feeling vs what the metrics dictate.
          About the only time you will get an idea of how it was done, is after the manger or GM are let go and the President or owner talk about what they expect from their new hire(s)….then you will know what the old guys did not do.

    2. No matter what happens, Klentak is going to get another year. Somebody has to be the scapegoat, and it won’t be Klentak.

      The only way Gabe gets canned in season is if by the trading deadline, the Phillies are under .500.

      If Gabe survives the trading deadline, he’ll get canned at the end of the year if the Phillies finish under 85 wins.

      If by some miracle (and it’ll be a miracle), Gabe survives to manage 2020, him AND Klentak would be on the hot seat. And it would be one of the hottest seats I have ever seen in my life.

      1. Klentak and Kapler only have one more year on their contracts.
        They better not panic and start to sell off prospects for a quick fix this year.

        Kapler will probably be shown the door if the team collapses like last year.

        Klentak will not get his extension and becomes a lame duck like Ruben was in 2015…but this team already has 4/5 of the key young position player pieces in play, so trading for a rebuild is not needed..

      2. If I was Klentak, if the Phillies lose tomorrow, I would can Gabe. The Phillies need to salvage the season, and they need new direction and a wake up call.

        1. Four days ago he said Kapler was here for the season….he cannot do that now.
          He will look like a real buffoon.

          He gives Pete Mack an extension that fires him upstairs to the attic…..then he says that early this week then cans Kapler.
          The media will make him look like a clown in a rodeo.

  97. This organization is not going to sell. Klentak and Kapler, and MacFail, know their jobs are on the line. They can’t justify trading away the farm so I suspect we’ll see the following:

    1) A rental starting pitcher that is just marginally better than VV or Nick.
    2) Another OF platoon type bat.
    3) 1-2 relief pitchers that don’t cost much in prospects that are marginally better than the Nicasio and Alvarez’s of the world.

    In a nutshell, similar to what they did last year. This won’t get them over the jump this year.

    The biggest problem here though is while young players in Atlanta, Washington, and to some extent New York are growing and developing, the Phils young talent is treading water at best and drowning in other cases.

    1. “The biggest problem here though is while young players in Atlanta, Washington, and to some extent New York are growing and developing”…I do not see that..Harper, Hoskins, and hopefully Kingery all 26 or younger have seemed to make their mark.
      JTR and Seguro 29 years old are in their prime for another few years.
      So maybe guys like Haseley and Bohm bring ‘it’ next year.

      It is the pitching that needs to be addressed IMO….a competent starting LHP

      1. Romus – Don’t get hung up on the lefty/righty thing. We need a competent starting pitcher … period!

  98. Braves and Nationals are beating up on the Marlins while the Marlins are beating up on the Phillies. Have got to admit that the Marlins have some really good young pitchers. Not so the Phillies. I’m getting to the point that I don’t even care any more and I’ve been a fan since 1963.

  99. During yesterday’s TV broadcast John Kruk made a comment in the top of the 6th inning that the 6-1 lead is not that safe (I’m paraphrasing) Marlins are playing good baseball. Never thought of Krukie as a seer.

  100. Always amazed at pitching stats. Saw in box score that after his horrendous outing, Nicasio was credited with a hold. What a bogus stat.

    1. Yep. That’s why a lot of people have stopped putting any value in the old pitching stats

        1. Does not go two days in a row I assume…pitched one inning , 14 pitches in the mop up on Friday night.
          Who’s call on that…Gabe or the PC…who knows!

  101. Just checked Seattle’s stats…JPC looks like he is coming around as the player the Phillies expected him to be at one time.
    After 138 PAs he is now slashing .309/.377/.480.
    Of course the Mariners are in last place and there is less pressure on them but still good results for JPC now.

    1. Has he started any clubhouse brawls yet? Seriosly, if he fully reached his potential this will haunt Matt Klentak forever. His handling of prior acquired players really confuses me.

      1. Why should it haunt Matt Klentak? It was a fair deal for everybody. If you want to blame somebody, blame JP for not hitting for the Phillies. Because if he did hit, he would still be here. If Jp is hitting for the Mariners. Good for him. But his success is not the Phillies concern.

  102. I’m a Cole Irvin fan. I realize he has had a few bad outings and is a soft tosser. He pitches really well at the AAA level. I advocate they reinsert him as the #5 starter and let him pitch through the rest of the season to develop confidence.

    I know, I know. A lot of people feel he has no future but I am the exception. He just might be able to do it if he’s not constantly looking over his shoulder. For what they are throwing out there now, the Phillies wouldn’t be giving up much.

    1. You are definitely a Cole Irvin fan. But the Phillies are trying to win games. We can’t afford to wait for him to adjust to MLB hitters. If he gets another shot, he better make it count. His numbers (era/fip/whip/war) are downright awful.

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