2019 Post Draft Discussion; June 24th

The 2019 Draft Tracker is up to date.  All signings and bonuses that have been reported have been recorded.  This is where I will look for any information on signings you uncover and post in the Comments Section.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

As signings are announced, the tracker will be updated.  I won’t post signing bonuses until they are official.

I have all bonuses but Little and Beauchamp

The Phillies have signed seven of their nine top ten picks.  We are still waiting on #1 Bryson Stott.  They were over slot by $270.6 K on Jamari Baylor and Gunner Mayer.  They were under slot on their remaining top ten picks and saved $491.3 K, leaving them with $220.7 K plus $323.790 from the unpenalized 5% overage.  (+$544.49 K)

Some of the above savings was applied to the signings of over slot signings after the tenth round – Leverett, Milam, Dyar, and Yonamine.  That lowers the available under slot money to $360.49 K.  (Any over slot for Little and Beauchamp would of course lower this amount.)

The amount slotted for the first round pick is $4,036,800.  Assuming he eventually signs for slot, the Phillies could target as many as three additional picks.  All along, people have expected #11 Marcus Lee Sang and #12 Jadiel Sanchez to be the first targets.  I think Shane Murphy and Logan Koester might also be targeted.  Murphy’s social media account seems to indicate a willingness to sign, and Koester is from Long Island and we have had luck signing prep players from there.  Plus they are both pitchers, and I would think that would further pique the Phillies’ interest.  Anyway, getting 2 or 3 of these guys would be great.

In addition to the new draft picks, the Phillies have signed over a dozen young free agents.

  1. NDFA – Connor Hinchliffe, RHP, LaSalle
  2. NDFA – Tyler Burch, RHP Lewis-Clark State College (Connor Brogdon’s school)
  3. NDFA – Albertus Barber, RHP, Oklahoma Baptist (2018)
  4. NDFA – Brian Marconi, LHP, George Mason
  5. NDFA – Sal Gozzo, SS, Tulane
  6. NDFA – Riley Wilson, LHP, UVA (2018)
  7. NDFA – Brenden Kudlinski, LHP, College of Central Florida
  8. NDFA – Aiden Anderson, RHP, McNeese State
  9. NDFA – Olvis Genao, LHP, New York Nines, (Carlos De La Cruz’ club)
  10. IFA – Josh Gessner, RHP, British Columbia, Int’l FA (to GCL West)
  11. IFA – Samuel Aldegheri, Int’l FA (to GCL West)
  12. IFA – Jhorjan Guevara, Int’l FA (to DSL Red)
  13. IFA – Uziel Vilora, Int’l FA (to DSL Red)

Some of these guys may have been signed to futures contracts.


53 thoughts on “2019 Post Draft Discussion; June 24th

    1. Not concerned. IMO, it is extremely unlikely Stott passes up ~4 million dollars to either go back to college or play in Japan.

    2. No. Five of the first ten picks haven’t signed yet.

      And, while it does prevent the Phillies from committing to their other picks, that is not his or his agent’s responsibility. That is the fault of the Phillies and MLB who set up the draft rules.

      If the Phillies really want to sign any or all of their other picks, they can. Sure there are penalties, but those were self-imposed by baseball to save money, not spend it.

      Think of the absurdity of a multi-billion dollar industry, drafting kids in the first ten rounds so they can offer them contracts of 5 or 10 thousand dollars to save money to spend on kids in later rounds. Or putting limits on how much money a business can spend on hiring new employees.

      The draft was set up to benefit the MLB. If kids want to take their time selling their life away, let them. It’s the last time they can exercise any power over their careers until free agency.

      1. There is equal blame between MLB and the Players Union. They both negotiate and agree to these rules.

          1. Once again 40 man SS cannot turn routine double play to help struggling pitcher get out of the inning and qualify for pitching into the 5th, and additional pitches.
            4 straight w/o SS and good defense. Oops, Development

  1. On the bright side … the Phillies 2020 pick is moving up towards the top half of the draft “with a bullet”. As of this morning, the team sits at 1-16, and are only 2.5 games out of the 1-8 selection for next June’s event.

    1. Hinkie, I get the feeling you will have a lot of scouting for the 2020 draft the way the Phillies are playing.

    1. It was unprofessional to talk about him and his views that way, but his views are also a bit absurd.

      For one thing, if the paycheck is all that motivates a player to make the Bigs, that just means they’ll stop working hard once they get there. I’d rather they be complacent in the minors where they don’t negatively impact the major league team than to have them become complacent for the major league team. A player should strive for greatness for the sake of greatness, not some external motivation.

      But the article does also bring up the point that he’s talking about luxury, not basic standards of living. I’ve never seen anyone suggest minor leaguers should be making 200k a year.

    2. Eton is an idiot..These kids get $1100 a month for just the months they are playing. Imagine rent being as low as 500 but that is some roach motel, eating at $15 per day for the month ($5 per meal for a professional athlete is absurd) is another $450. That is $950 of your $1100 accounted for. Then there are required club house dues ($150-$200) and perhaps taxes. Heaven forbid you have a car (with insurance) or a marriage and a child. They better not eat for more than $15 dollars for one day or they have to skip a meal or 2. These kid play for the love of the game. Who else would work for less than minimum wage when they can go to college or finish their college degree and make a ton more. Its stupid to suggest that you test their commitment to their profession by having them worry about basic nutrition and shelter while still trying to focus on training during the offseason when they have to secure part time jobs to not starve to death. For an industry that make billions, why shouldn’t they invest at least minimum wage (20k-25k per player) so that the future of the game isn’t eating fast food and living out of a box and not training because they are working at McDonalds in the off season to make ends meet.

    3. Eaton is entitled to his opinion. But, he deserves to have the writer of the article rip into it. His assumption that complacency would set in is ludicrous. A minor league ball player’s goal is to make it to the major leagues. And, even if complacency were to set in, there are over a thousand new players entering the work force each year who would love to take their spots. Some of his statement sounds as though he could manage one of Cathy Lee’s sweatshops. Here is his statement.

      “If you do, complacency sets in,” Eaton says. “I think it’s difficult, yes, and it’s easy for me to say that because of where I am, but I wouldn’t be where I am without that … If I financially am supported down there and financially can make a living and not have to get to the big leagues, I think I’m a little more comfortable. I think that I might not work as hard because I know I’m getting a decent paycheck every two weeks, and may not push myself nearly as hard.”

      “I don’t disagree with [the notion] that they’re being exploited, but I think it’s for the betterment of everybody,” he adds. “I know it sounds crazy … I think there’s a middle ground … There’s ground to be made up, but I think it still should be rough.”

      And what makes major leaguers exempt from becoming complacent when they start making their exorbitant living wages???

      1. I think the Blue Jays are taking an initiative to increase salaries and/or perks for minor leaguers.
        It would behoove all the MLB teams to do something more to aid their minor leaguers in expenses.
        Maybe something along the lines of a ‘means’ standard.
        Certain high bonus guys may not need as much financial support or a safety net as others.

    1. Thank the gods!!! I heard something that troubled me today at the Complex regarding the Stott negotiations (and on other days from multiple sources). I hope this MLBTR story is true, Troll. And I hope he signs quickly. I don’t want to have to worry about all that other stuff.

      1. When it comes to Phillies, we need good news! Hope the report is true as well. Came from Todd Zolecki.

      2. Heard Stott will be signing Thursday and Sang will be signing Friday. Haven’t heard about the #12 pick

          1. Matt Breen is reporting a source told him Stott is in Philly for his physical.

  2. Here’s a name to know for the 2020 draft: Blaze Jordan has reclassified from a rising HS junior to senior. This kid has been on the radar for a few years. He was bashing 500 foot HR’s (in showcase events) as a 14 YO. Watch the two videos I’ve attached, and see how he’s worked on his body. He’s really slimmed down, and the weight loss has had no negative effect on his 80 grade power. Jordan will be very young (maybe the youngest player available) for the 2020 draft at just 17 years and 6 months.

    Here’s Blaze Jordan as a 14 YO:



    … and here’s Jordan today:


    Looks like the 2020 draft will feature college arms and prep bats.

  3. What’s the deal with the Phillies international class? Why no top prospects?

    Kiley McDaniel: Been getting this question a lot, about different teams. The yearly reminder:

    Kiley McDaniel: Lots of top int’l prospects don’t get much of a bonus and some orgs are good year in and year out at turning low bonus guys into prospects, with PHI maybe one of the best. NYY gets attention for the seven figure guys but their team list is littered with guys that signed for anywhere from $10k to $200k

    Kiley McDaniel: Sixto Sanchez was $60k

    Kiley McDaniel: So, while it’s becoming more common for top J2 prospects to then become top MILB prospects and then be 21 year old MLB stars, it DOES NOT mean you team is dumb or lazy b/c they don’t have a player in our top 40, however much you want to believe it. They may still be dumb or lazy, but that’s not the way you can tell these things

    Kiley McDaniel: and PHI specifically was locked onto Yhoswar Garcia early, who we had 6th in the class and later was suspended a year for falsifying his identity, so they actually were set to sign one of the guys you wanted them to get. We’ve heard them tied to the Taiwanese prospects as well. PHI signed an Aussie RHP for high six figures a few weeks ago and are pretty active in the Pacific Rim.

    1. I knew it would be below slot because it would take a lot to sign the 11th and 12th round picks because they are HS players. If it was for slot, then there would be no delay in getting Lee Sang and Sanchez signed all along. Now after seeing how little below slot Stott signed for, its likely only one of the HS players that gets signed otherwise one of them could have signed already for slot or slightly above slot. My guess is its Marcus Lee Sang since there is a story out there where he expected to sign and I heard he will be signing tomorrow. It will likely take 3-5th round money to get him but he maybe worth it. I am glad its him because from what I found on him from videos, articles and what he did at Area code games last summer. He flashed 5 tools at the AC games and threw 90 as a left handed pitcher as a HS junior at Perfect Game. I don’t know how hard he pitched as a HS senior but if they want him as a hitter/CF instead of a 18 year old 90+ lefthanded pitcher, he must be an outstanding hitter.

  4. Phillies can now sign more HS guys with the savings from Stott. Wonder what the hold up was.

    Jim, can you let us know the rumors on why there was fear this wouldn’t get done? If not, I understand. Interested to hear how this all transpired

  5. The only fear was from among fans who wanted the instant gratification of the first round pick signing as soon as his name was announced.

    If any of the reasons I’ve heard, and there is probably only one that I will be able to corroborate, come to fruition, I’ll consider posting if it won’t burn a source.

  6. This leaves nearly 500 thousand dollars ($497,290.00 to be exact) left to sign:
    11th rounder Marcus Lee Sang
    12th rounder Jadiel Sanchez
    30th rounder Dylan Castaneda
    31st rounder Shane Murphy
    32nd rounder Logan Koester
    33rd rounder Thomas Little
    34th rounder Jalen Battles
    35th rounder Michael Prosecky
    36th rounder Cam Beauchamp

    Prosecky is unsignable.
    Beauchamp is almost certainly not getting additional slot money.
    Little is already signed. Still no word for how much.
    Sang and Sanchez will agree to terms.

    Here’s my guess at how the 497 thousand dollars left will be spread out:
    * Sang gets 325 thousand (200 thousand over slot)
    * Sanchez gets 150 thousand (25 thousand over slot)
    * Little gets 200 thousand (75 thousand over slot)

    That would still leave 197 thousand dollars. Castaneda will probably go to school (Michigan). Murphy (Grand Canyon U) and Koester (George Washington U) are committed to smaller baseball programs. Johnny A should be able to sign one of the two away from college. Battles can stay in JUCO and be eligible to be picked again in 2020.

    1. $497 left but your tabulating bonuses of $675 for the three draftees above… Are you suggesting the Phillies will exceed their bonus pool?

      1. The slot for day three picks (after round 10) is 125 thousand dollars. Anything above that counts against your bonus pool. For example … if you sign a day three kid for 225 thousand dollars, 100 thousand comes out of your bonus pool.

      2. For Day 3 draftees, only $ in excess of $125K are counted against the pool $ (+5%). In Hinkie’s assumption of $675K is the total $ that the Phillies will pay to the 3 prospects but only $300K ($200K + $25 K+ $75K) counts against the slot not the whole $675K leaving the Phillies with $197K left ($497K-$300K). With $197K, the Phillies can sign a prospect for $322K ($197K + $125K) without getting penalized.

    1. I think he follows the Haseley career path and Bohm, except Bohm got hurt last year at Williamsport.
      A few weeks at the Complex and GCL, then Williamsport and finish at LKW…hopefully hitting at all stops.

      1. i like to see him go to Williamsport if he hits. skip LKW and go to finish at clearwater,

        1. rocco….you know, come to think about it, Bonifay may have his own protocol for development.
          Haseley and Bohm were both under Joe Jordan’s plan.
          Stott nay indeed skip LKW or maybe even Williamsport.
          But do see him at the Complex for a week or two to get know everyone and gets some ABs in the GCL…I suppose he could get ABs also in the FSL if they want to be ultra aggressive with him.
          Depends on how the staff and Bonifay see how he handles himself.

    1. Let’s ask Rocco to translate. He speaks every language….except English. Oh, wait….

      1. I totally agree. I saw that Trout post by you, and realize I must speak a different language. That was so off it was funny

      2. The article says …

        Juicy bonus for Puerto Rican outfielder Jadiel Sanchez.

        The young ballplayer agreed to a $300,000 bonus after being picked in the twelfth round of the MLB draft by Philadelphia.

        Outfielder Jadiel Sanchez agreed to a much higher bonus than what is projected for twelfth round picks by signing for $300,000 with the Philadelphia Phillies.

        The information was provided by his agent Willie Joe Ronda,

        Sánchez, a native of Arroyo, was selected with the 360th pick, when the value of the picks from the tenth round amounts to $125,000.

        “That’s fifth or sixth round money. He was super good. He’s a kid with tremendous talent, and the industry recognizes it. He’s a well-projected outfielder,” Ronda told the New Day.

        Ronda took the opportunity to highlight that Sanchez got the juicy over slot bonus without any high investment in exposing his talent to major league organizations.

        Ronda understands that there are currently parents of teenagers on the island investing a lot of money in tournaments in the United States.

        “Jadiel only went to one showcase in the United States and they gave him a good bonus. Right now we’re seeing parents spending a lot of money to get their kids to go to Perfect Games from the age of 14 and 15, and that’s not necessary,” Ronda said.

        “There are about 500 Perfect Game events and only three or four are the important ones. I think parents should be oriented well. You have to be more selective for the sake of the children.”

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