2019 Post Draft Discussion; June 10th

As we have in past years, Phuture Phillies will continue posting a 2019 First Year Player Draft thread so we can keep all our draft talk in one place.  This is where I will look for any information on signings you uncover and post in the Comments Section.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

So far, I have heard/read the following –

  • #29 Micah Yonamine, a C from Iolani HS, has been reported on social media to have signed for $280K, considerably over slot
  • #35 Michael Prosecky, a LHP from Nazareth Academy, has announced his intention to honor his commitment to Louisville
  • #5 Gunner Mayer, a RHP from San Joaquin Delta College, has indicated via social media that he is a member of the Phillies organization
  • #13 Hunter Markwardt, a CF from Oklahoma Christian, has indicated via social media that he is a member of the Phillies organization
  • #22 Tucker Maxwell, a CF from Georgia, has indicated via social media that he is a member of the Phillies organization, his college coach also indicated that he will sign
  • Steve Noworyta, Special Assistant to Josh Bonifay, the Director of Player Development, indicated in an interview that over two dozen drafted players are in Clearwater taking physicals.  I’ll nail down the names of any who are there this week

The Phillies draft signings are being tracked on our 2019 Draft Tracker. As signings are officially announced, the tracker will be updated.  Be sure to share any information and I will incorporate it into the tracker.

Of course, all draft talk is encouraged here.  I will start new threads if/when the number of comments becomes too unwieldy.  Last year, that was weekly.

I should be able to confirm a lot of signings before the Phillies announce them.  As in previous years, I expect players to arrive at the Carpenter Complex well before any official announcements by the Phillies.

The one signing that I have verified was that of a non-drafted free agent, RHP Connor Hinchliffe, from LaSalle University. (Link)  Here’s his career bio.


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  1. Assume Erik Miller should be reporting to the Complex soon, his last game as a Cardinal was not what he wanted to go out with the loss to Miss State in the college play-offs but looks like now it is professional baseball time for him.

    1. Miller’s last game is a perfect microcosm of him as a prospect. 2.2 innings, 5Ks, 4 walks, 4 ER. Power arm, 30 grade command. Hopefully the Phils see something that they can clean up.

  2. Is there an alottemtn for guys like Yonamine? If so, where does it look like we save money to sign him at more than 2x slot?

    1. You can go over your total pool by 5%. The Phillies also are likely to save about $280,000 between Rudy Rott (9) and McCarthy Tatum (10) that will cover the $155,000 that Yanamine will count against the bonus pool

  3. While we wait for word on signings, here are run downs w/video (for most) of the Phillies 39 picks.

    ROUND 1 Bryson Stott (SS UNLV) … 1st team All American, member of US Collegiate National Team. Slashed .356/.486/.599, 10 HR, 16 SB, 57 BB/HBP, 39 K this year.

    ROUND 3 Jamari Baylor (SS Virginia HS) … similar to (but not the same track record as) 2018 6th round pick Logan Simmons (plus bat speed/power and strong arm). The Nationals were the other team that had recently worked Baylor out/shown mucho interest.

  4. ROUND 4 Erik Miller (LHP Standford) … big and sturdy (6’5″, 220) “lefty” with a 89-93 MPH FB (up to 97 on the Cape last summer) and CB that induces mega K’s. Went 67.2 IP, 56 H, 36 BB, 80 K in 2019.

    ROUND 5 Gunner Mayer (RHP San Joaquin Delta JUCO) … former 1Bman who is a recent convert to the mound. He’s absolutely raw, but has a great pitcher’s body (6’6″, 190), and already throws in the low 90’s with two good looking (yet inconsistent) breaking balls. Went 37.2 IP, 24 H, 25 BB, 48 K, 4.78 ERA.

    1. Miller and Mayer are probably my two favorite picks. Huge risk, with potential huge upside. Big kids with big fastballs that need a lot of development. Exactly whom I like drafting. The opposite profile that we had taken in the past of the polished college junior with great command that throws in high 80s/90. Those prospects look great throughout the minors and then get crushed in the majors.

      Prospects like Miller or Mayer could very possibly never get above AA. Or they can be stars. That is exactly whom we should be drafting. Love it!

      Mayer in particular is the type of prospect that might surprise. I don’t think that he pitched a lot. His prospect video for college was of him as a hitter. I think that he was just a big, strong athlete that needs to learn how to pitch.

      For those who don’t know, Jacob DeGrom was a weak hitting shortstop in college that only pitched one year, his junior year. He only threw low 90s, but clearly had mechanical adjustments that could improve his command and velo. A kid like Mayer could be that type of pop-up…and NO, I am not saying Mayer will be a cy-young winner or even 80% of DeGrom. I am saying, prospects who are just big strong athletes who throw hard but haven’t developed, have real upside.

      1. The one major issue DeGrom is he was a good athlete hence he played ss. Some of these guys scouting reportsI’m see as far as delivery goes ie stiff , head wack, violent are being mention. These kind of pitches are more likely to be injured. SD had the same problem violent Delivery thats why he was made a RP. Good luck to these players . I dont think the Phillies change the way of drafting . This yr was very thin for college pitching.

        I think the phillies went for RP mostly.

  5. ROUND 6 Andrew Schultz (RHP Tennessee) … was probably the hardest thrower in the draft. The 6’4″, 190 lb reliever has hit 100 MPH on multiple occasions this season. He’s got high K and BB rates. In 2019, Schultz is 22 IP, 16 H, 16 BB, 35 K.

    ROUND 7 Brett Schulze (RHP Minnesota) … Another BP arm. The 6’2″, 165 lb RHP has real good life on a mid 90’s FB. His second best pitch is his CB. This season Schulze totaled 38.2 IP, 31 H, 14 BB, 51 K.

    1. IMO, Andrew Schultz either becomes Josh Hader or never learns to throw strikes and doesn’t get out of AAA. which is exactly the type of prospect we should be drafting.

  6. Are they really going to give Gunner Mayer $350K?

    They must see something I didn’t from those 6 minutes.

    1. Seriously? The Phillies actually have scouts that go and watch these guys play numerous times. They don’t watch youtube videos.

  7. There were about 30-35 guys being walked around the Complex today, I expect a few were coaches/scouts, etc.. Heavy rain sent them indoors. The following were seen AND identified – #3 Baylor, #5 Mayer, #6 Shultz, #7 Schulze, #10 Tatum, #13 Markwardt, #16 Cornelius, #18 Lackney, #19 Van Scoyoc, #21 Dyar, #22 Maxwell, #24 Ulloa, #26 Hearn, #29 Yonamine, #36 Beauchamp, #37 Bell

    1. Assume Miller will also be there in the next few days.
      They must have got back to Stanford, CA early today.
      Clean and clear out his locker, dorm and school things, and then head on down to Florida.

  8. NDFA on hand include LaSalle’s Hinchliffe, somebody named Gozzo (Gozzo twins SS Sal – Tulane or C Paul – UCONN), and a guy named Burch (maybe INF Matt – ODU or LHP Jeff – WMU?)

  9. And some Twitter NDFA

    1. Jim do you ever remember any of the undrafted guys making it to he big team>

      1. rocco…how about this list of UDFAs:
        Larry Walker…Kirby Yates….Bruce Sutter…Dan Quisenberry….Yanks Jim Leyritz….MLB Network’s Kevin Millar….Bpbby Bpnilla…..TJ rivera…..Dannt Darwin…ans Phillies own…Larry Bowa.

      2. Rocco,

        On June 22, 2015, the Phillies signed non-drafted FA RHP Jacob Waguespack, Aaron Nola’s third cousin. He worked his way through the organization until he was traded to Toronto on June 22, 2018 for LHP Aaron Loup. Waguespack had his contract selected by the Blue Jays prior to the Rule 5 draft and was placed on gtheir 40-man roster. He was optioned during spring training, recalled on May 26th, and made his MLB debut on May 27th. Two days later he was placed on the 10-day IL.

        1. LHP Josh Taylor was signed August 12, 2014. Was traded to the Diamondbacks for the international slot money that would be Jhailyn Ortiz and Rafael Marchan. Was eventually traded to the Red Sox and recently made his debut

  10. Jim – You don’t need to be so condescending. I realize these guys know what to look for but “those 6 minutes” don’t show a really high priced draft choice. Excuse me for offering an opinion.

  11. ROUND 8 Nate Fassnacht (SS George Washington University) … is a life long Phillies fan from Lancaster. The 5′ 11″, 180lb MIF was the Atlantic 10 POY in 2019 (.369/.452/.658, 23 doubles, 11 HR, 12 SB, 36 BB/HBP, 22 K).

    ROUND 9 Rudy Rott (1B Ohio University) … All time hits leader at Ohio U (Mike Schmidt’s alma mater). Owns a .337/.423/.553 slash line in his four years. Rott may have been drafted in the ninth round, but he flashes a first round bat flip.

  12. ROUND 10 McCarthy Tatum (3B Fresno State) … The big (6’6″, 210 lb 3Bman slashed .353/.397/.601, 14 HR in 2019 after three lousy seasons at Fresno State.

    ROUND 11 Marcus Lee Sang (CF Maryland HS) 6’0″, 200 lb two way player in HS. Phillies project the LHH prepster as a CFer.

    ROUND 12 Jadiel Sanchez (RF Puerto Rico HS) … Good sized (6’2″, 185 lb) switch hitting OFer from the island. Turned 18 a month ago. Cannot find any video of him.

    1. Let’s call the kid Mac Tatum. I don’t know. Something about “last name” first names that don’t wear well.

  13. ROUND 13 Hunter Markwardt (CF Oklahoma Christian University) … He’s 6’1″, 185 L/L. Markwardt slashed .375/.455/.551 this season in DII.

    ROUND 14 Chris Micheles (LHP Univ of Washington) … 6’1″, 180 lb southpaw put up good numbers in one of the top conferences (PAC 12) in america this season: 51 IP, 37 H, 28 BB, 74 K.

  14. Hinkie….I assume West Chetser U.’s Jared Melone has not signed on with any team yet as an UDFA?

  15. ROUND 15 Adam Leverett (RHP Gordon State College) … Showed enough in predraft work in front of Johnny Almaraz at CBP to get picked in the 15th round. The 20 YO 6’4″, 190 lb RHP totaled 71 IP, 57 H, 31 BB, 83 K, 2.79 ERA.

    ROUND 16 Chris Cornelius (SS Missouri) … He’s 6’0″, 180 lb, and slashed .327/.387/.475, 7 HR this season. Looks to be a slick fielder.

  16. ROUND 17 Hunter Milam (LHP Gulf Coast CC) … Was the 7th ranked prep player in Alabama in 2018 when he was picked in the 22nd round by the LAA. The 6’1″, 200 lb “lefty” went 52 IP, 50 H, 39 BB, 62 K, 4.50 ERA this season.

    ROUND 18 Nick Lackney (LHP Minnesota) … A 6’4″, 195 lb senior LHRP.

  17. ROUND 19 Spencer Van Scoyoc (LHP University of Central Oklahoma) … This is the second time he’s been drafted in the 19th round. Toronto took him in 2016 when he was a top 50 prep player. The 6’4″, 200 lb southpaw turned down the Blue Jays and enrolled at Arizona State. He fell from Friday night starter to bullpen arm to ex-Sun Devil because he forgot how to throw strikes (averaged a BB per inning). Van Scoyoc had no better luck at Central Okla this season (39.1 IP, 27 H, 44 BB, 42 K).

    ROUND 20 Keaton Greenwalt (CF Lubbock Christian Univ) … Greenwalt is 6’4″, 200lbs and batted .361/.422/.580, 8 HR, 12 SB in 13 attempts for the DII school.

  18. ROUND 21 Hilton Dyar (RHP Mississippi HS) … He’s 6’2″, 170 lb, and young for the class (Still 17 YO for another month and a half). Dyar throws 91 MPH, according to Perfect Game. Should be an easy sign. He’s uncommitted to play college ball. He’s another kid I’m unable to find any video of. This is the link to his Perfect Game page https://www.perfectgame.org/Players/Playerprofile.aspx?ID=501234

    ROUND 22 Tucker Maxwell (CF Georgia) … Maxwell is old for the class (23 in September). The 6’0″, 170 lb OFer slashed .239/.371/.484, 10 HR, 19 SB this season.

  19. ROUND 23 Herbert Iser (C Dallas Baptist) … is a soph eligible prospect with a strong pedigree. Iser was rated the No. 7 prep catcher in the nation as a senior in 2017 by Perfect Game. He went the JUCO route as a frosh and dominated there (.322/.352/.567, 11 HR). This season, the LHH backstop slashed .295/.359/.517, 7 HR at DBU. His 30% K rate does, however, need to be lowered.

    ROUND 24 Jose Ulloa (RHP ASA College Miami) … During two JUCO
    seasons, the 6’3″, 200 lb RHP has totaled 48.2 IP, 48 H, 34 BB, 53 K.

  20. ROUND 25 Jamie Sara (RHP William & Mary) … Sara is another hard throwing reliever with control issues. This season, Sara totaled 15.2 IP, 10 H, 19 BB, 22 K. The 6’3″, 200 lb RHP was drafted by the Padres in the 12th round three years ago, but turned them down. This time as a college junior, there should be no signing concern.

    ROUND 26 Hunter Hearn (CF Sam Houston State) … The 6’2, 200 pound senior slashed .336/.382/.593, 11 HR this year.

  21. ROUND 27 Tyler Adams (LHP Indiana University of Pennsylvania) … The 6’1″, 200 lb southpaw piles up lots of K’s (14.6 per 9 IP), but (unfortunately) piles up almost as many BB’s (14.3 per 9 IP). He sports a three pitch mix (low 90’s FB T96, low 80’s SL, and upper 70’s CH). This season, Adams totaled 27.1 IP, 17 H, 41 BB, 38 K, 6.26 ERA, .179 OBA

    ROUND 28 Carlos Francisco (RHP, Hillsborough CC) … The 6’4″, 200 lb RH thrower went 41 IP, 34 H, 25 BB, 53 K, 5.27 ERA in his first JUCO season. I believe this is young Carlos throwing 93-94 MPH.

    1. Jim has Francisco as signed.. I like this video. Kid throws very hard. You don’t need a radar gun to see that. He does seem to have a violent throwing motion. Hopefully he stays healthy over the long haul.

  22. ROUND 29 Micah Yonamine (C Hawaii HS) … looks like a big, powerful RHH masher. The 6’4″, 210lb backstop led the 50th state in HR’s (11) this season, while also batting .500. Away from the field, Yonamine may have psychic abilities. He reportedly predicted, while in the second grade, that he would one day play for the Phillies. Yonamine has reportedly walked away from a college commitment to Illinois State and has agreed to a 285 thousand dollar signing bonus with the Phils.

    ROUND 30 Dylan Castaneda (RHP Connecticut HS) … He’s got pretty good size (6’2″, 190 lbs), and (according to his HS coach) gets by with two plus pitches: low 90’s FB & “wipeout SL”. Casteneda is also young for the class (still 17 for another month). He has a college commitment to Michigan.
    I found this video of Castaneda working as a closer from 2018. Fast forward to the 2:07:40 mark.

  23. ROUND 31 Shane Murphy (LHP Arizona HS) … Big (6’5″, 225 lbs) LH prep pitcher. Velo (mid 80’s) doesn’t currently match Murphy’s size. This season, he totaled 58 IP, 37 H, 11 BB, 66 K. Murphy has a college commitment to Grand Canyon Univ to play in the WAC.


    ROUND 32 Logan Koester (RHP New York HS) … You knew it was going to happen … it was just a matter of when Johnny Almaraz was going to draft a prep player from Long Island. The 6’4″, 190 lb RHP had a 7-0 record and a 0.44 ERA with 53 strikeouts in 46 1/3 innings this year. Koester is the Phillies youngest drafted player last week (won’t turn 18 until almost Thanksgiving).

  24. ROUND 33 Thomas Little (LHP Canadian HS) … This kid is long and lean (6’7″, 200 lbs), and the second youngest player drafted by the team this year (won’t turn 18 until almost Halloween).
    Little is from Alberta, Canada and has a commitment to play for an Oklahoma JUCO next season.

    ROUND 34 Jalen Battles (SS McLennan CC) … The 6’2″, 195 lb SS slashed .320/.433/.532 in his first JUCO season this year.

  25. ROUND 35 Michael Prosecky (LHP Illinois HS) … This kid is 6’3″, 205 lbs, is ranked the #151 draft prospect, and has a college commitment to Louisville. All this adds up to a kid the Phillies won’t be able to sign.

    ROUND 36 Cam Beauchamp (LHP Indiana) … He was one of the better prep pitchers in Indiana in 2016. The 6’2″, 221lb LH thrower has split time between the bullpen and the rotation at Indiana. His 2019 was limited and not good (15 IP, 20 H, 14 BB, 14 K).

  26. ROUND 37 Brenden Bell (RHP Central Florida JUCO) … He’s not a big guy (5’11”, 175 lbs) but according to Kyle Peterson of Prospects Live, Bell’s got good stuff.

    ROUND 38 Josh Hendrickson (LHP University of San Diego) … He’s a soft tossing Aussie who has spent the past two seasons throwing in the US. The 6’4″, 215 lb left hander was drafted by the Royals in the 20th round last year after compiling very good numbers in JUCO (96 IP, 79 H, 20 BB, 125 K). He pitched in DI ball this season to the tune of 39 IP, 47 H, 12 BB, 28 K.

  27. ROUND 39 Austin Crowson (LHP Western Oregon University) … He is the 12th and final LHP drafted by the Phillies this year (they only picked two in 2018). Crowson (like many of the others) is long, lean, and projectable (6’5″, 210 lbs). This is not the first time Crowson has been drafted. The Yankees selected hm in the 26th round two years ago while he was in JUCO. This season, Crowson totaled 39.1 IP, 32 H, 16 BB, 46 K, 3.66 ERA, .211 OBA in DII.

    ROUND 40 Vito Friscia (C Hofstra) … He’s a senior backstop with a great name, and good soze (6’3″, 225lbs). Vito is another Long Island kid. He’s also been a productive player during his four years in the Colonial Athletic Conference (.308/.418/.479, 25 HR caeer slash line).

      1. Sorry that it took so long to post those. I started running into technical difficulties. Many thanks to my youngest daughter/IT gal who straightened everything out for me after she got home from work 🙂

        1. Hinkie, Thanks VERY MUCH for posting these. I really like Marcus Lee Sang from this brief glimpse. When the Phuture Phillies Hall of Fame is inaugurated, you will be a first-year inductee.

        2. Hinkie, please know your research, insights and especially your passion are appreciated! Thanks.

  28. Here’s another non drafted free agent. This is probably where the Eshelman money went.


    1. Good find Jim!
      Love the growing Aussie/NewZ connections! Phillies seem to be pioneering this new frontier.

  29. Hinkie, Who is the best late rd pick that dropped because he was considered a tough sign that we may be able to sign?

    1. matt … the one guy I’m sure they won’t be able to sign is Prosecky (35th round). The guy I like who will probably be a tough sign (going to cost probably 250-ish thousand dollars) is Herbert Iser (25th round), who is a sophomore eligible kid. Not only does he have a very good pedigree (was the #7 prep catcher in the nation in 2017), he’s also had two good/very good college seasons, and would only have to wait 12 more months to be drafted again (as a college junior). Iser has some plus power, but it’s limited due to a 30% K-rate. He also does a very good jon with the DBU pitching staff (one of the best groups in America).


      The Phillies most “under the radar” pick (IMO) may be Brett Schulze (7th round). I think he could be a fast mover.

      1. Prosecky already announced his intention to honor Louisville commitment. But, you never know. Last year, Jake Kinney announced his intention to go to Florida and changed his mind.

  30. That’s a little more than I thought he was going to get.

      1. Iser has been reported as signed on Phillies Phans. They have a picture of him signing his contract in Clearwater.

  31. 28 players have signed, I have updated the Draft Tracker, but haven’t gotten many of the $$$ yet. 8 non-drafted free agents have also signed, I have added them to the bottom of the Tracker. All 36 are at the Complex. Five additional players are expected to sign. I would expect Stott, Miller, Sang, and Michelles to head that list. That would leave Sanchez or Battles as the possible fifth guy.

  32. While I was at the Complex, the following took part in PFPs, Batting, shagging –
    Catchers : Friscia and Iser
    First Base: Rott
    Second Base: Gozzo
    Shortstop: Cornelius and Fassnacht
    Third Basde: Tatum
    Outfielders: Greenwalt, Hearn, Markwardt, and Maxwell
    Pitchers: Adams, Baraber, Bell, Crowson, Hendrikson, Kudlinski, Lackney, Sara, and Ulloa
    The following were called in to sign while I was there: Schultze, Schulz, Milam,
    Still waiting when I left: Baylor, Beauchamp, Burch, Dyar, Francisco, Hinchliffe, Leverett, Marconi, Mayer, Wilson, Yonamine

  33. Anybody have any thoughts on Chris Cornelius? When I watched him this year in the SEC I thought he looked pretty good. Frankly I thought he hit better then his teammate Misner.

    1. There’s no hold-up. 22 of the 41 players taken in the 1st round and supplemental 1st round haven’t signed yet. It’s been a week…

  34. @jimcallisMLB
    7th-rder Brett Schulze signs w/@Phillies for $175k (pick 210 value = $213,300). Minnesota RHP, bulldog reliever who’s effective mixing 93-96 mph fastballs with downer curveballs. @MLBDraft

  35. The Josh Gessner signing counts against the IFA (not Rule IV pool). Reported that he signed with the Phils for $850K this weekend. So Tom Eshelman was traded for Gessner + some LA lottery picks.

    1. The Phillies got $1M for Eshelman so they still have at least $150K to sign other LA picks where the Phillies developed players like Sixto, Medina and others for this amount of IFA $.

      1. Don’t they have the 150K from Eshelman plus the rest of their original international allotment which was reduced by 500K for the Bryce signing

        1. The Eshelman counts for 2018 J2 $$ while the Harper penalty will be counted against 2019 J2 $$.

          Before the $1M, it is reasonably to assume that the Phillies used their 2018 J2 $ since they have 2 DSL teams to fill. So if ever, they only have $150K left to use I think until June 15th.

    2. Gauging on the $ – $850K is equivalent to Rule IV slot money for #74 pick ($844.2K slot). So basically Gessner is like MLB Top 100 prospect. Gessner is in the small side (6’0″ 170 lbs) but given his age and reported as throwing a hard FB (and a workable SL) — he is a pure projection and has high ceiling. I’m more excited about Gunner Mayer due to his physicality (6’6″ 190 lbs), but if the Phillies are willing to pay Gessner more, it means they see something really about this prospect. We’ll possibly see him in one of the GCL teams.

    3. Is that a record for an Aussie? Did they do that to buy him away from college? I love it, I was one of a handful that bemoaned the Phils when they refused to go over Selig’s head and funnel $$$ into LA prospects even though there were zero consequences for doing it, well except for making Bud frown.

  36. That’s a lot of money. Might make up for a lack of a second round pick. Looks like he sits at 90-91 with a peak of 92 based on these youtube videos.

    There are other you tube videos i didn’t watch.

    1. Well the Phillies got their Japanese pitcher…in a way….Josh Gessner’s mother is Japanese and he picked up his love from baseball when they lived in Japan before moving to Australia..

  37. Tracker updated. Phils went over-slot for #5 Gunner Mayer (by $242, 900), but save on #6 thru #10 (total of $441, 300). $155,000 of the savings went to #29 Micah Yonamine

  38. All i hope now is they sign Marcus Lee Sang. There was a article after the draft where he said he expects to sign but so far he is not listed. I like what i see from that brief video tall projectable body, and looks to have some power to his swing which could be exciting if he sticks in center. The Phillies have already signed CF’s Markwardt, Greenwalt, Maxwell, Hearn. I hope that does not mean they will not offer Sang.

    1. Sang is almost certain to sign. Teams have all night (and morning) to speak to and work out signing numbers with their 11th round picks.

      1. Sang is an 11th round HS OF like Josh Stephen in 2016. Stephen signed for $600,000. I don’t think Sang has Stephen’s pedigree but the circumstances are similar.

    2. Just noticed he is only 6’0 for some reason i thought he was 6’2 6’3 so maybe not a “tall projectable body” but i still hope he signs.

    1. Interesting as he just graduated high school. Cant find much on his aside from the little bit of info on perfect game. 19 year old LHP 5’11, 89 MPH Fastball.

      1. I think those readings (velo) were done in Sep/Oct 2018 at the Zoom Baseball Academy as it is listed at the bottom of the page.
        I like to see what they are now after he completed his HS season.

    1. Thanks for linking that, v1. Excellent read.
      I’m really high on Brett Schulze (round 7). I think it’s interesting his area scout thinks he can start.

    1. This seems overpayment to me. Maybe because I like Jack Kochanowicz at 3.92 than Baylor who give me some eerie feeling of Cornelius Randolph 2.0. Yeah you think that Almaraz is smart to overreach for this guy but turns out to be a wasted pick. I hope I’m wrong.

      1. Randolph was always “great bat” though right? Baylor it seems like has other tools

      2. KuKo…Baylor was tabbed as 7th ranked HS shortstop by MaxPreps:
        Jamari Baylor, Benedictine (Richmond, Va.), 5-11, 193
        Baylor has been a quick riser among the national rankings for shortstops and his success on the field and at the plate is one reason Benedictine won the VISAA Division 1 championship. Although it’s possible he could move to third base, Baylor is athletic and has good power at the plate. Baylor hit .417 with six home runs and nine doubles during the season.
        Draft prospect: Not many mock drafts have Baylor listed among the top 10 rounds, but with this stock rising at the end of the season, don’t be surprised to hear his name during the second day of the draft.

        He was behind the following:
        1.Bobby Witt Jr., Colleyville Heritage (Colleyville, Texas),

        2.CJ Abrams, Blessed Trinity (Roswell, Ga.),
        3.Rece Hinds, IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.),
        4.Anthony Volpe, Delbarton (Morristown, N.J.),
        5.Gunnar Henderson, Morgan Academy (Selma, Ala.),
        6.Connor Walsh, Niceville (Fla.),

    1. Hinkie watching the tape On Gunner Henderson. I love his swing, how he pulls his hands in to handle a inside pitch. All I can go by is his tape, But like the little I can see on him.

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