Open Discussion: Week of April 29, 2019

The week started poorly with two bad losses to the Mets (1-5 and 0-9).  They rebounded to win the final game of the series (6-0), but then came home to drop the first game of a four-game series with the woeful Marlins (1-3).  (That’s 2 total runs in 3 losses.)  They bounced back again with 3 consecutive wins.  They got great pitching in games two and four from Jerad Eickhoff (seven, shutout inning in a 4-0 win) and Zach Eflin (complete game, 5-1 win).  Jake Arrieta battled and survived another bullpen implosion in Saturday’s 12-9 win.

Off days this week on Monday and Thursday.  The Tigers visit this week then the nationals are in town this weekend.

So, do you think we’ll ever see Roman Quinn in a Phillies’ uniform again?

Could Jean Segura be the most important addition the line up this past off season?

Has Nick Williams locked up the fourth outfield position ahead of Aaron Altherr?

Is Altherr a DFA candidate?

What happens to Gosselin and Rodriguez when Kingery and Herrera return?  They are both out of options.  A decision on Altherr would keep one of them on the major league roster.  But you can’t keep both.

The 40-man roster stands at 40, the entire organization stands at 350.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.  Still don’t want to hear about any mythical Trout trades.

Key Dates:

  • June 2, 2019 – DSL Phillies Red begins its 2019 season
  • June 2, 2019 – DSL Phillies White begins its 2019 season
  • June 3-5, 2019 – 2019 Rule 4 Draft
  • June 14, 2019 – Williamsport begins its 2019 season
  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies East begins its 2019 season
  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies West begins its 2019 season
  • July 31, 2019 – Non-waiver trade deadline
  • September 1, 2019 – Roster expansion to 40 players (for the last time)
  • September 17, 2019 – beginning of the Arizona Fall League
  • October 12, 2019 – Arizona Fall Stars Game
  • October 27, 2019 – Arizona Fall League Championship Game

The rosters and lists are up to date. 

4/28/2019 – 2B Grenny Cumana assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
4/28/2019 – Clearwater activated LHP Zach Warren from the 7-day IL
4/28/2019 – RHP Victor Santos assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
4/28/2019 – RHP Francisco Morales assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
4/28/2019 – Grant Dyer assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
4/28/2019 – Gustavo Armas assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport
4/28/2019 – Jhordany Mezquita assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
4/28/2019 – Dominic Pipkin assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
4/28/2019 – Seth McGarry assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
4/27/2019 – Phillies activated SS Jean Segura from the 10-day IL
4/27/2019 – Phillies optioned RF Dylan Cozens to Lehigh Valley
4/27/2019 – Andrew Brown assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport
4/27/2019 – Alejandro Requena assigned to Williamsport fron Clearwater
4/27/2019 – 2B Hunter Stovall assigned to Lakewood
4/26/2019 – Phillies traded LHP James Pazos to Colorado for 2B Hunter Stovall.
4/25/2019 – Phillies sign IFA P Fernando Lozano, assign to GCL East
4/25/2019 – RHP Michael Guzman assigned to DSL White from DSL Red
4/25/2019 – Phillies placed OF Roman Quinn on the 10-day IL
4/25/2019 – Phillies recalled OF Dylan Cozens from Lehigh Valley
4/25/2019 – LHP Kyle Dohy assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
4/25/2019 – 2B Grenny Cumana assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
4/25/2019 – Reading activated LHP Garrett Cleavinger from the 7-day IL
4/25/2019 – Reading activated 3B Jose Antequera from the 7-day IL
4/25/2019 – Damon Jones assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
4/25/2019 – Luis Ramirez assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
4/25/2019 – Luis Carrasco assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport
4/25/2019 – Alejandro Requena assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport
4/25/2019 – Ismael Cabrera assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
4/25/2019 – Keylan Killgore assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport
4/25/2019 – Phillies signed IFA P Douglas Mijares, assigned to DSL Red
4/25/2019 – Phillies signed IFA P Jonathan Petit, assigned to DSL Red
4/24/2019 – Phillies designated LHP James Pazos for assignment
4/24/2019 – Phillies optioned RHP Drew Anderson to Lehigh Valley
4/24/2019 – Phillies optioned 3B Mitch Walding to Lehigh Valley
4/24/2019 – Phillies selected the contract of 2B Sean Rodriguez from Lehigh Valley
4/24/2019 – Phillies recalled RHP Enyel De Los Santos from Lehigh Valley
4/24/2019 – RHP Kevin Gowdy assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
4/24/2019 – RHP James McArthur assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
4/24/2019 – RHP Francisco Morales assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
4/24/2019 – RHP Victor Santos assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
4/24/2019 – OF Johan Rojas assigned from DSL Red to GCL West
4/23/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Tyler Gilbert from the 7-day IL
4/23/2019 – RHP Luis Ramirez assigned to Clearwater  from Williamsport
4/23/2019 – RHP Gustavo Armas assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
4/22/2019 – Phillies optioned LHP Austin Davis to Lehigh Valley
4/22/2019 – Phillies recalled RHP Edubray Ramos from Lehigh Valley
4/22/2019 – RHP Andrew Brown assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
4/22/2019 – Julian Garcia assigned from Williamsport to Clearwater
4/22/2019 – Gregori Rivero released by Williamsport

216 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of April 29, 2019

  1. No, I don’t think we’ll see Quinn back.

    Segura has certainly shown to be THE premier bat in the lineup, which missed him more than any other during this run of injuries.

    By midseason, I think Altherr is DFA’d (likely sooner) and Williams will be traded (but only in a package and for what exactly, I can’t say).

    Either Gosselin (local kid) or Sean Rodriguez (Gabe’s old pal) will probably stick around until the bench is a upgraded later this season. I don’t have a particular preference.

    As for Cesar Hernandez….well, nevermind. Larry Anderson said all that needed to be said yesterday.

    1. Wait. We won’t see Quinn back, Altherr will be DFA’ed and Williams will be traded? I guess you expect more OF moves or the Phils will be rolling without any back-ups. Cozens is not an answer to any question worth raising.

    2. Segura i cant figure out why they trade him. Really good player, I Dont believe they for one minute, thought J.P.Crawford was going to be better.

      1. rocco…..”Segura i cant figure out why they trade him”…….hah.
        The GM did not want anymore boxing matches in the locker room.
        “On the main card tonight….Dee Gordon vs jean Segura”

      2. JP is hitting fairly well at AAA he’s still 24. Tim Beckham drafted 1st overall by the Rays in 2008. The Rays decided to give up on him at 27 and shipped him to Baltimore. Baltimore shipped him to the Mariners after a season and a half.

        He came out like a lightning bolt this year at 29 but has since cooled dramatically.

        Tim Anderson was a stalwart prospect for the south siders for years they brought him up at 23 where he seemed to struggle for 3 seasons. He’s 26 now and breaking out.

        Segura at 29 owed $60 million thru 2022 is why you trade him. Seattle was looking to reset their window.

  2. Eflin and Eickhoff (and even Velasquez as #5) have been greatly encouraging. Arrieta is no surprise (nor disappointment) since we expect him to pretty much do what he’s been doing. Nola will come around although he won’t match last year’s performance. But I’m confident he’ll regain his ace form before long.

    Assuming one SP will either get hurt or regress significantly along the way, it’s still a good bet that Klentak acquires another one by the deadline.

    1. 8mark – Unless there’s a rash of injuries to the starting rotation, I disagree with the final paragraph. The Phillies have six pitchers (Irvin, Suarez, Romero, De Los Santos, Pivetta, and Anderson), who could fill in as the fifth starter. Granted. that’s if Velasquez, Eickhoff, and Eflin can continue at their current pace. We’ll know more by the end of May.
      As good as the offense has been, there’s still a lot of room for it to get better. With Segura back and Herrera and Kingery returning within the next week, the starting eight, and bench will improve. With the impending departure of Altherr upon Herrera’s return, Kingery can assume the role of both back-up IF, and 5th outfielder.

      1. Wawa, if this were 2 yrs ago under the rebuild, then yes I would have the young arms be given a chance to show what they have. BUT this team IS playoff relevant and needs to conduct business as such. Which IMO means go get that arm(s) to get us deeper into the post season. I like Irvin but I’m not inclined to trust his rawness at the big league level AND in the heat of a pennant race. With the recent success of Eflin, Eickhoff and Velasquez, I am glad but I won’t be deceived into thinking that we can coast the rest of the summer.

  3. I was happy to see McCutchen play center so well. Odubel May now be on the clock. Crazy how poorly Cesar is playing. I didn’t hear LA comment on him. I think he needs to be traded for an A ball prospect. Dumbest player I can remember

      1. Herrera is a great talent , but he is also a true test against War stat, so far he has made 2 bone head plays, on pace for 13, not including playoffs. You’d figure 2 of those mental mistakes could cost the Phils wins. In a tight playoff race… you can see the concern. Hopefully Herrera does more to help than hurt. Being a 5 war player would be nice

        1. If you strictly by WAR, OPS+, or wRC+ as a a measurement of production…Doobie is trending the wrong way over the last 4 years.
          Not a good sign.

    1. I truly don’t understand why people want to push Odubel out. He is just entering his prime years, is under a very reasonable contract, has put up a 3.8, 3.7 and 2.9 WAR year and all of the other replacements on the roster either stink or can’t stay healthy or both. It makes zero sense to keep up this constant push to get him out. He is a very, very good mlb player. not a star, but definitely someone to keep on the roster.

      1. Everything below the shoulders works well with me for both Cesar and Doobie.
        Obviously, I think most have been perplexed with their judgment at times.
        I do not have confidence in what they will do in September when things can get dicier if the Phillies are in a tight pennant race.
        That is just me. .

        1. Still doesn’t make sense. every player has flaws. some make mental mistakes. others just plain stink at hitting a baseball. you have to look at the total package. and the total package for both Odubel and Cesar is that they are both very productive players. not perfect. but very productive. and if you run them out, you better have a player better. there is no OF on the roster (besides Harper and Cutch) or in the minor leagues could come close to putting up the production of Odubel…maybe at any point in their career, but certainly not this season.

          1. That is correct, right now there are no other players that can replace them…though I believe Kingery, who seems to be turning the corner, could very well replace Cesar.

            1. Fortunately, Kingery can play 2b and CF. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him in both upon his return. Franco had bought himself more time as starting 3b, especially batting 8th. But I also have no worries playing Cutch in CF so long as this lineup is cranking out crooked numbers. The health of the first 5 batters is crucial to the success of the team.

            2. i think Kingery can play both second and center at the same time. he is greatest philie ever.

          2. People have selective memories. And some people need to complain about something regardless of how well things are going. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like the Open Discussion has been getting more negative as time goes on. It always felt like this was a place different to other Phillies outlets, where hope springs eternal because it’s focused on the future. I’ll admit to sharing in some of the blame because I tend to play devil’s advocate to further a conversation, and I don’t tend to post overly positive things often because I’m happy to just enjoy it rather than voice it. But something feels different these past few months; starting with the constant doubts of signing Harper/Machado and continuing with every slump or poor performance (and even when we’re winning).

            As for Cesar and Doobie, I’ve been a proponent of moving Cesar myself. But that’s just because I’ve been a believer in Kingery since day 1. Cesar has been, and will likely continue to be a good, but not great, MLB player. I think Kingery will be better than that and for less money. I’m with you on Doobie, though. Feels like every week I need to defend him, whether here or at the stadium. He’s not a star, but he’s way better than anything else we’ve got.

            Also, Cutch wasn’t playing CF that well. He made a few good players, but I feel like people are glossing over the fact that his sliding non-catch directly cost at least 1 run, maybe 2, on Saturday. A decent CF gets to that ball without sliding. If he had played it on a hop it’s a single that MAYBE scores one (although with the runner tagging and how shallow it was, I’m not sure they send him). Don’t get me wrong, I still like the Cutch signing. He’s doing a great job for us thus far. But he’s not a CF anymore.

            1. Dan – This site has the most “positive” posters. The “good Phight”, which I also enjoy, has many more negative posters, and allows insulting posts from time to time. I’m glad that Jim Peyton doesn’t stand for that.
              For many years, Franco was the team’s whipping boy. I felt like I was the only one who defended him. Hernandez is a nice player for a second tier team. Klentak could have traded him two years ago, but held out for a starting pitcher. Like him or not, Herrera is the best center fielder on the team or in the system. I would be disappointed if the Phillies traded Williams. My gut is telling me that he will break out once Altherr is gone. He could start a couple games a week in LF, with McCutchen sliding to CF, when Herrera goes into one of his slumps.

      2. v1 – I agree. It’s not like he’s holding a stud prospect back. I had hoped that Quinn could be that guy, but I’m doubtful now.

      3. Odubel is a very dangerous and complimentary player for this team. Even if he’s just as productive as he has been, he’s above average (first division regular, occasional all-star) and he lengthens the line-up and makes it much more dangerous. And if he ever hits his potential, you have a complete beast on your hands. I’m keeping him for sure unless someone makes you an offer you simply cannot refuse.

          1. With the strength of the lineup, you can afford to work herrera out. I was for trading him, because of the value he can bring back, also … the Phillies should have an internal candidate to replace him with their draft selections. Now, he is a great talent in terms of ability, for his mental mistakes, let’s not down play them. They are on par with his talent. He really worries me in the postseason, mainly because I don’t think he understands the game the way a professional should at his level. He makes you wonder if he had a mental mistake or he actually doesn’t understand what to do. A mistake assumes he knew what to do, I don’t think that is always the case. I can easily see him costing the Phils a game in a tight postseason battle. All that said, I’d try to work it out, and cross my fingers in the postseason .

            Herrera is the Mitch Williams of the OF…

            1. These neg takes on Herrera is just head scratching. There’s zero reason to talk about getting ride of him or phasing him out, zero.

            2. Eric D…….if you go by the metrics he has regressed each and every year.
              Analytics say his value has decreased over the last four years.
              So what do you do?
              His age, experience and contract are all favorable….but the numbers are declining

            3. @Romus, his numbers are declining, but he’s better than any other CF we can put out there. Not only that, since he’s on the decline, again we’ll trading him for pennies on the dollar and won’t get anywhere close to full value for him. So might as well put him out there and hope he gets back to his past form.

            4. Would you move Williams, Herrera and Irvin for Robbie Ray and David Peralta and trust Cutch to play a decent enough CF?

              I love Herrera and I am not eager to move him but there are deals to be made that would sure up this club for the near term.

            5. I’m fine with either keeping Doobie or trading him in a deal for a top arm. He’s not a building block but he has value as a complimentary piece in a good lineup. I’m on the record at the start of the season that his supposed recommitment to upping his game in the off season (per Kapler) was worth giving him a fresh start after I have bashed him in the past, and for good reason.

  4. @Jim
    At Quinn, I think he has 1 more shot, and needs to stay healthy for the rest of the year or they move on. He is 26, and set to be a FA at the end of the year if I’m not mistaken.

    Williams has jumped over Altherr imo. Altherr is expendable. He can have a nice few years starting for a rebuild or be a nice bench piece for a contender. Phillies already have Williams

    Segura has been overlooked, but Bryce is still the most important piece. He gets a lot of slop to hit, but segura has a serious hit tool. I hit the batting cages for the first time in 12-15 years. Will just say I have even more respect for mlb hitters, even those below the Mendoza line. 65mph … might as well been 100mph. I have a new challenge at least

    On SP, I don’t believe the Phillies need to look outside as of now. I’d be for a move if this team looks like a serious WS contender at the deadline. I can’t see giving up prospects just yet for an upgrade when we have Efflin and Eickhoff pitching the way they are. Even VV is showing signs of turning the corner, but I’m skeptical. Pivetta, dls, Irvin etc are capable of pushing VV to the pen if he vaulters. Even then, they may need to think what strengthens their team most, 5.0 inning VV vs a 6.0 inning Pivetta and 1.0 inning VV out of the pen… will see it will be interesting as the deadline approaches and the heat turns up!

  5. At 7.75M for Hernandez and 9M for Nicasio these players aren’t going anywhere this year until the trade limit date when somebody needed more becomes available.

    The Phils are going to get their money’s worth from both of them. Too bad with Nicasio to be giving a guy that much to mop up.

    1. Nicasio was a throw in as part of the Segura deal so the Phillies could take on some money to make the trade work for Seattle. I don’t think the Phillies expected him to be anything more than a long-man in the bullpen.

      Hernandez at $7.75 in 2019 was a must re-sign based on how poorly Kingery played in 2018. When Kingery returns from his injury I expect he will start taking away his playing time, especially since CeHe seems to be in a mental fog right now..

      As for Odubel, I don’t see why the Phillies would look to replace him. Batting in the 6th spot, he’s a good option at a reasonable price. His occasional mental lapses have become less frequent and are not a major negative in his overall play..

  6. I think Odubel is much more valuable than Cesar. Cesar’s D is not good, and getting worse. That means he is not a “good” player, merely a below average one. That is not being negative, that is my assessment of his play. We can classify him as “good” when his D is average, but it no longer is. I am afraid that the Roman Quinn fantasy is about to disappear, and AA is a good candidate to be DA’s, sooner rather than alter. I still think both a SP and a BP piece are added by the deadline. Again, not negative, but if we are looking like a Playoff team in mid-July, and I think we will, then adding Pitching for the strength is a positive thing.

  7. matt – More people have seen Herrera’s flashes of brilliance, which makes him more valuable. I agree that Altherr is as good as gone.. The Phillies will deal for the biggest need, be it bullpen, starting pitcher, every day player, or bench bat.

  8. I wonder if Altherr’s calling could be as a pitcher. He has the arm and he has the time these days to work on location and a second pitch. Before I give him up for literally nothing, I try him out as a pitcher/pinch hitter. Kapler likes versatile players and thinking outside the box. Altherr could be the poster boy for both.

    1. More than likely, he probably would be pitching on another team before he ever pitches for the Phillies…outside of a double-digit blow-out loss.

    2. Altherr as a pitcher is a pipe dream. If he’s still on the roster at the end of the year, maybe he can get sent to the GCL and work on it. Perhaps he can be on a ML roster as a pitcher in 3 years time. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

  9. @Jim

    I can see Quinn in a Phillies uniform again, but it is close to cutting bait time. If he can come back and stay healthy until the end of the year, he stays imo. Especially with the upcoming roster expansion. If he gets hurt, then yeah it’s not likely

    Segura is a very overlooked acquistion. This could be the steal of klentaks GM career. That said, Harper is still the most important offseason piece/part of lineup. Segura,Harper, and Hoskins are this teams core.

    No need to shop for SP right now, can slow play it and make an upgrade if the team is a serious WS contender. They have plenty of bullets to wait to see how the season unfolds.

  10. Hilarious turn of events from an armchair fan:
    I hit the batting cages for first time in close to 15 years. The avid fan I am, I tired to use my wisdom from watching decades upon decades of games. Well will just say, i stunk so bad I started to heckle myself. I was excited to foul a few pitches off. 65mph “fast” pitch, it might as well been a 100mph, I wasn’t touching squat. I have a new goal at least, lol, want to get back to making some solid contact on 80mph pitches before the joints start leaking oil. Luckily the driving range is much kinder.

    1. Try bunting… is making a comeback with all the shifting going on now.
      i think you will have more success…..and if that doesn’t work…once you swing and miss…hurry up and walk around the plate. It has to do something!

    2. I tried it last season, i was so bad, they were laughing at me , was on the 90mph machine

        1. Lol@ 8mark

          @Romus – no need, air traffic control kept me grounded the way I was swinging. I started to heat up around pitch 42, I got a piece of two before going into witness protection lol

          @rocco – probably would’ve broke my arms trying to swing at 90mph pitches

          In my defense, pretty sure the pitching machine was mixing in a nasty slurve!

      1. I don’t think people realize what 90mph actually looks like. The first time I ever saw 90MPH was as a Soph in high school against Matt Sweeney (11th round pick by the Phillies 2001), I literally had to start my swing as he was releasing the ball, it gets on you THAT quickly. Can’t even imagine what 100 must look like. Crazy thing is Sweeney wasn’t even their number 1, Steinert High School had their 1-3 drafted that year. Insane for a public school.

        Matt Sweeney 11th round
        Chris Neylan 17th round
        Michael Rogers Full ride to NC State, 2nd round

        1. 90 is so hard to hit But the pitch that made me go to softball was the curve. i couldnt touch it when i played.,

        2. Eric – yup … even when it is a bright orange golf ball (batting cage ball) I can’t see that thing coming by. It’s fine to try, I’ll stuck to getting mad when our players swing and miss at balls down the middle lol anything I hit from here on out is a combination of a pure guess and luck

  11. I don’t wish to get into juggling line-ups again but wondering if Harper in the 2 hole and Segura in the 3 Hole might produce more runs.

  12. The Rangers are running some really poor catchers on the 25 man and not a single C in their top 20 prospects

    What am I saying….go get me Mike Minor

    1. Right on. Send them one, along with Nicky Dubs, Cesar and any young pitcher (not named Spencer Howard) for Mike Minor. If that seems like too much, bear in mind that other clubs will also be after a top 3 lefty arm. My offer may not be enough, but it’s a start. Not sure if Texas needs a 2b, either. Just threw Cesar’s name in.

      1. Here we go again. Mike Minor has 1.7 WAR in the AL. The dude is killing it. Somebody will pony up a top 50 prospect for that guy. Your offer is NOT a start. Adonis Medina and Grullon is a start. And even then, you’ll probably have to throw in another pitcher like Cole Irvin or DLS.

        1. I’m in, Guru. I didn’t say not to include Medina or Grullon. I’ll drive them to Texas. Irvin and/or DLS? Sure, why not.

          1. If that’s the case, I don’t see how Texas says no. They’ll be getting a top 50 guy and 2+ MLB ready players…

            1. I was thinking more Grullon Williams and Irvin and maybe take back Choo and some of his money…

              Choo would be a nice veteran bat to bring off the bench and I would get him a couple starts in LF each week to keep Cutch fresh.

            2. Minor looks like he would be a nice pickup, Choo has a lot of money on the books between this year and next, what about bringing Hunter Pence back if Williams is going the other way?

      2. 8mark – I know that I sound like a broken record, but why would you make a deal? We’ve won 3 in a row, are getting healthy again, and we’re in first place. Unless the status quo changes, do nothing.

        1. Like I said the other day, Wawa – this is the time. I would not trust my untested young arms down the stretch of a playoff run. An injury or 2 is probable along the way and a proven major league arm is exactly what the doctor prescribes for any contending team. I cannot say with any level of confidence that Eflin and Velasquez will sustain their current success, while Eickhoff has my confidence but also has that health question hanging over us for now.

  13. Just a thought…I wonder if Herrera is actually ready to return, but the brass wants to give Williams more reps to increase his value. The two days off this week (Mon, Thu) may allow Doobie to get extra rest before returning this weekend vs the Nats at home.

    1. 8mark – One report that I read had him returning last Saturday. This decision should have been made weeks ago. It’s obvious to me that Williams is more valuable to the team right now. If a need should arise further down the road, then he can be dealt.

      1. I doubt it. Williams is what he is. Not only that, but this is a team that could win the division or wild card by a game or even a playoff – they don’t have throw away games to put in guys just for training purposes. This is win now territory.

  14. So glad we passed on AJ Pollock. He’s on the IL again with the same right elbow issue he’s had in the past. Can’t remember the injury rate throughout MLB being so epidemic. Seems every day when I check MLBTR, there’s at least one impact player going down. Crazy. I’m surprised that guys like Steve Carlton and his peers haven’t lost their pitching arms after logging 300 innings for so many years, so many years ago. He was a fitness beast while Wilbur Wood never missed a meal and threw that funky knuckle ball. I guess every body is unique. And every generation has its health culture. But the current one hasn’t found a way to keep certain players on the field.

    1. In terms of injuries, I feel for Quinn. His fault or not, I’d be interested in his routines, workouts, injury prevention, diet etc … he unfortunately seems like a case study. A near 5 tool player made of glass, never seen anything like it. Pollack seems to be a step up from Quinn, but imagine having an OF counting on those two? Good luck

      Really interested to see how Quinn prepares himself, it has to be insane and he is still getting hurt

    1. Historically, Florida teams rarely draw well….no matter how well they play and who their superstars are on their 25.
      Giants may be up against the Warriors right now for local SF charm…but 32K per night isn’t really that bad.
      i wonder how the MLB teams will do in the middle of the summer.

    1. There’s no demand for a 29 year old light hitting 2B who’s making $7.75M with error issues. He’s a candidate to get released at the end of the season.

      1. Now that very well could happen….he is a free agent in 2021…so maybe Matt Klentak can get something of value for him.

      2. The Guru no disrespect but that is the stupiest comment on here ever. He is 270 hitter with a 359 obp that isnt light hitting. maybe in your world but not in the baseball world. His fielding has been horrible. but i glad your not the G,M release him????

        1. rocco…actually Freddy G. is FA next year….and Freddy can play everywhere …maybe even pitch.
          He could, the irony of it all since they are BFFs, replace Cesar on the 25
          Cesar is limited to 2nd base which really hinders him

        2. A few days ago laid out where he ranks in offensive categories among MLB 2B . . .

          He’s hitting .277/.337/.415 (a few days old)
          2B MLB ranks
          Runs: 6th
          Hits: 4th
          Doubles: 4th
          BB: 6th
          BA: 8th
          OBP: 12th
          SLG: 15th

          Theres NOTHING wrong with that production considering the other pieces around him.

  15. Rhys is just not a very good defensive player, but he is worth it for his hitting and leadership. And, he may get better. A vast improvement over LF though. I didn’t see Segura on the list. How does he fare?

      1. Romus, I count on you for this stuff. I don’t understand how an oWAR of 6.4 and a dWAR of -1.1 equates to a WAR of .8. I am not challenging the numbers, I am saying that Rhys is much better than less than 1 over a replacement player. That is just wrong. Does his D hurt his overall value? Certainly, but his offense makes him much better than a replacement level player. What number? I have no idea, but certainly more than .8

        1. matt13……first thing, the relationship between dWAr and oWAR is not a one plus one equals two.
          Each does effect the overall WAR but not in that simplistic way. I cannot even give you the formula for that relationship…and Fangraphs, BP and Baseball Reference all have their own unique minute variation of that relationship

          Now remember WAR also has, as one of its factors, longevity built into its results.
          Hoskins’ WAR of .8 over 28 games, projects as a 4.6WAR player over 162 games.

            1. matt13…Trout sits at 2.4bWAR after 27 games….can you imagine him at a 13/14WAR season!

            2. Romus, too bad. All that Trout WAR for a crappy team and a poor organization that’s going nowhere fast. What a waste!

            3. Yeah…what can you do.
              Mike T. may get lucky and only get to play on one WS team over the next decade. You can bet Yankees and Boston will be there every year….then there are the Astros for the next 3/4/5 years for sure. And the Indians look to b hanging around.
              His choice to re-sign.

  16. Heard a great stat from Franzke on Sunday. Hoskins (23), Franco (22) and Harper (20) RBIs – the first time in franchise history that 3 Phillies had 20+ by the end of April. JTR has 18 entering tonight’s action. A 2 run dinger by him would make it 4. Pretty impressive.

        1. aron your right i dont remember seeing him, Was he Worst? hard to believe

          1. rocco…come on man….you don’t even remember Dr Strangeglove….Man With the Iron Glove….from the 60s! 🙂

    1. 8mark,

      It’s a long history, which makes that stat sound impressive. But they didn’t play a full month of April until very recently.

  17. VV’s last start 66 pitches after 3. This start 74 pitches after 3 innings. Guys, I know this isn’t isn’t popular with a lot of you, but he isn’t a starter. He is not going to get better at this. This is who he is,

      1. I’m just about there… 2 more starts and I’m finished, to the pen! DLS is on the roster. Looks like Pivetta will be back soon enough

    1. I recommend listening to Velasquez’s starts on the radio….the excruciation is less severe, even when he is successful.

    2. All together now….
      Velasquez is NOT a starting pitcher.
      Velasquez is NOT a starting pitcher.
      Velasquez is NOT a starting pitcher.

      But seriously, yes he had a good month of April.
      But now we have 5 more freaking months to watch this kid labor from batter to batter – 5, 6, 7 pitches per at bat??? No thanks. There is no way he could sustain the success he enjoyed up until tonight. And I don’t care that he’s only a #5 guy and we should be thrilled with whatever he gives us.

    3. My dad when I was a little kid used to say to me “son do I need to hit you over the head with the 2X4 for you to figure out that its going to hurt”

      For years I didn’t understand the point he was trying to make….

  18. I looked at his stats for the year, he is averaging 90.1 pitches per 5 innings pitched. Tonight in 3.6 innings he tabbed 99 pitches.

    1. Apparently Pivetta is being discussed for a bullpen option after his 14k performance … cough cough VV

  19. Hey how about we discuss minor leaguers? We should create a site just about minor leaguers for the Phillies. That would be great! Oh yeah its been created and this is it. Not that you could tell from the discussions.

    1. How about Bohm getting 2 knocks and a BB in his Clearwater debut tonight!!

      Or does this comment belong in the other thread?

    2. Catch is like the little kid we all had, in our classroom when we were little. Hollering to the teacher, LITTLE BOBBY ISNT SHARING WITH ME..My god lighting up

      1. Didn’t know people weren’t enjoying talking about both. I get that its “PhuturePhillies” but I always thought the general discussion was good for all Phillies talk. The box scores seems like the most logical place to go if you aren’t happen w the general discussions. It’s nice that we can talk about both.

        1. Eric, yeah, they can, I get it and the general discussion is the right place to do it. However, the general discussion used to be dominated by prospect talk and that has changed over the last 3 or 4 years. This is where I go to read about prospects, not how much people love or hate Cesar Hernandez or where Bryce Harper should bat in the big league line-up – I can watch the games, read fangraphs and follows the box scores and draw my own conclusions about Cesar and there are plenty of sites that focus on that type of chat. It is what it is, but it’s disappointing for me.

  20. Somebody has got to catch that blooper to right field The Tigers announcer said that Uncle Caesar called for it all the way. If that ball is caught, chances are no runs score that inning. In any event, kudos to the bullpen last night (one hit). Even Nicassio gave them two good innings.

    1. That wasnt Cesar ball, i know his defense has been bad but he was on the other side of second, the ball landed behind Hopkins. The new name of this site is blame cesar.

      1. Rocco, cesear’s time looks to be about up. If Kingery comes off the dL the way he went on it, he takes over job imo. Reason, it improves the team. Now if Kingery reverts back to last year then cesear has an opening to take the starting gig back. If Pivetta can lose his #2 spot in the rotation before May, I think the same can apply to 2B. Cesear to the bench can strengthen the team. A ph who might actually get a timely hit, I can see cehe doing that

        On bohm, I’ve heard possibly replacing Franco in 2021, I would say we are underating Franco’s defense. As of now, that DH can’t come fast enough, sorry im a converted purist. At this point, Hoskins maybe in the lead for it

        1. Wow I’m not looking to be anyone’s apologist but y’all do realize whats going on in Venezuela right now? I mean do you think because Cesar is here and his is a million dollar athlete that his family there he is immune?

          Bottom line is they scored 1 lousy run and gave up just 3. Holy Cow

          1. My assessment of Cesar’s job security is not based off 1 game. 2B is a position that can be upgraded on this team, as well as the bench and bullpen.

  21. I am hoping Bohm moves up fast, That he can play first. Hopkins is a D.H. it was his ball last night and he has so far lost us at least three games, with errors.

    1. My draft comp for Bohm for better or worse has always been Kris Bryant based on position, draft spot, size etc…

      Kris of course was the better player and came up at the age of 23. If Bohm finishes his age 22 season at Reading and plays a full season at AAA at 23 I’d be happy with that.

    1. Look at you Rocco posting videos or did you get your grand kids to help you with it?

    2. That was nasty, similar to Arrietta’s spring training pitch, minus the 100mph part. I’ve heard that the humidity in the air can help bend a pitch more, wonder what the weather was that night/had a role in it. lol is he available for Ramos, straight up?

    1. If Odubel does in fact return on Sunday, let’s give Aaron Altherr a fond farewell. Shame it hasn’t worked out for him. But seems like an fine young gentleman, all the same. Wish him well….unless of course we suffer another injury in the outfield.

      1. Aaron Altherr is a good guy and good player – he just doesn’t make enough contact for his other physical skills to shine through. I hope he can figure it out and make a go of it somewhere else. He reminds me in so many ways of John Mayberry, Jr. – very similar players, although, actually, I think Altherr has and had the higher upside.

        1. Agree. Mayberry played with that ‘deer in the headlights’ lack of confidence. Altherr is probably the most athletic looking player to come through town since I can remember but baseball requires more than athleticism.

  22. See CSN for a story on Utley’s NY sports radio appearance. A female fan of the Mets tried to get some cheap jabs in …. would be so classic if Utley responded to her with 4 free Mets tickets … position in Utleys corner! I think that’s what the kids today would classify as “savage”

  23. Great night at the plate for Cutch tonight. If he gets cranking, look out. And Bryce also struck the ball well with nothing to show for it. Good sign nonetheless.

      1. Rocco, Can’t believe you missed it. Your guy was three-for-four with two runs scored, an RBI and, get this, no mental mistakes. An all-star performance. Kidding aside, I hope he’s out of his funk and back to being the Cesar that you know and love.

  24. Looking forward to getting Odubel and Kingery back, time for a lineup reshuffle.

    1 Cutch LF
    2 Herrera CF
    3 Segurs SS
    4 Hoskins 1B
    5 Realmuto C
    6 Franco 3B
    7 Harper RF
    8 Kingery 2B

    1. I cant believe i am saying this but like kingery second if he is playing. I would never bat harper seventh,

    2. Not a very compelling lineup – you don’t want Segura hitting third or Harper hitting 7th. Franco should stay right where he is now.

      1. Why don’t you like Segura hitting 3rd? I’d actually like to switch him with Harper. Harper sees more pitches takes more walks and Segura well he just hits the ball all over the diamond and doesn’t K as much.

        1. That’s a good point. I’m okay with switching Harper and Segura. But Harper batting 7th is absurd. That was obviously a suggestion based on dislike for Harper.

  25. Phillies get to see Patrick Corbin Saturday night….ought to be a good match-up with Jake Arrieta.

      1. roc…sounds good…Popis?
        …was there last week before the Marlins game.

  26. I feel like I say this each week . . . Maikel Franco .262/.344/.515 7HR 25RBI with more walks than K’s, basically all outta the 8th hole . . . still at a negative WAR (I know Romus it’s his D). Just don’t get it.

    Hernandez WAR sitting at .5 . . . what does that project to over a full season? looking at you again Romus, you’re my WAR guy.

      1. Yes for now but even Kapler said this morning, check back later in the season.

    1. I don’t get defensive WAR, at all. Franco’s fielding average is .985. He has made 1 error and has 50 assits.

        1. As a famous man War, huh, yeah
          What is it good for
          Absolutely nothing
          War, huh, yeah
          What is it good for
          Absolutely nothing
          Say it again, why’all said

          1. Now THAT’S classic, Roc. Funniest post in quite some time, thanks for making my day. HUH!

      1. For a 3B, defensive WAR takes into account his range. So Maikel’s range might not be as good as say Placido Polanco, when he played at 3B. Obviously, his defensive WAR would improve if he was able to make a spectacular play like coming hard on a bunt and throwing the guy out at first. Also, if he bobbles a ball on a double play ball and only gets 1 out, it’s not an error, but defensive WAR would get impacted for sure. It’s stuff like that, besides the errors.

        1. Positional adjustments are also made. Obviously, third basemen will not have the same value as catchers/shortstops.
          And like the articles referenced….dWAR are measured vs the ‘average’ fielder.

    2. EricD…..sorry for the delay…echocardiogram this morning… Cesar…approx. 2.8WAR for the season.

    3. I tend to think if you watch a guy night in and night out you get rate him defensively as

      Below Average
      Above Average
      Gold Glove

      I’d give Franco an above average rating for his defense.

  27. Franco has been terrific, whatever his WAR is does not do him justice. He hit that 2B to right center, and has been doing that all year. Keeping himself square to the Pitcher and, so far, has eliminated that “foot in the bucket, head flying left” that he used to do. So, kudos to him. Cutch is a real professional player, and I was thrilled that we got him from the day of the signing. Nola needs to stop giving up on his FB. He needs it to make his other pitches even more effective. He gave up too many hits, and we need him to be an Ace.

    1. I don’t think Nola is giving up on it, I’d have to watch if Nola is shaking him off constantly, I don’t think Realmuto is calling quite the right games for Nola. Although the metrics love what Realmuto is doing and he’s been an excellent addition and stabilizer for this team.

      1. Andrew McCutchen used to be one of my favorite players not on the Phillies and now he’s one of my favorite Phillies. He’s just a quality player and person – I love the guy – and he’s a complete winner. Sort of the Alshon Jeffrey or Brandon Graham of the Phillies.

  28. Phillies have an off day today but there’s plenty to root for (or against)….both Mets and Braves play at 12:15 and Nats at 4pm.

    1. I sincerely wish JPC well. There is SO MUCH to be tapped into with him. I understand there were apparent issues here regarding his motivation to apply himself but I heard more reports of his character and personal battles with adversity. End of the day, I’m still glad we have Segura.

  29. The Kluber injury could prove to be a huge factor at the trade deadline. The Twins appear to be for real. The Tribe may be selling. Bauer is a nut job but one hell of an arm. I don’t suggest we pursue him BUT it opens the market for other attractive and available TORs. Gonna be interesting….

    1. The Blue Jays are the team to follow. It’s a given than Stroman and Sanchez will be on the trade block but they want young pitching prospects back. Adonis Medina is not going to get it done.

      1. Rangers as well as Minor looks like he would be a nice fit with another year on his deal and we could take back some salary to get some OF depth since Williams would likely be included in the package, Quinn can’t be counted on to stay healthy and AA can’t outhit most of our pitchers.

        1. I don’t think the Rangers have a pressing need with salaries as you might think they do. The Rangers team salary is about $120M. Choo is only owed about $30M if he gets moved at the deadline. Choo is actually hitting so there might be a market for his services anyways. The only other player with some money attached to him is Elvis Andrus, about $50 over the next 3.5 years. Not crazy money by any stretch for both players. So if I’m the Rangers, I want prospects over salary relief, that’s for sure.

    1. Yeah…he came on finally last year. Still walks a little too many for a reliever.

      1. I watched him pitch last night he only has a WHIP of 1.02 so while the walks are high he isn’t giving up many hits yet. He has a really slick knuckle curve.

        The South Siders are showing signs of life. Jerry Reinsdorf might be the most loyal owner there is. Only a handful of the peeps I know in that org are still there and that is quite amazing.

        Their patience with Anderson and Moncada is starting to show fruit. Rodon as an ace never materialized nor has Fulmer. Giolito and Lopez same.

        1. DMAR…Rodon may go under the knife again…..uggh
          Giolito still could come around…then there is Cease….do not know anything about Carson Fulmer .
          Young arms all over are running hot and cold….look at the Braves yuong stable of arms.
          Then there is the Padres and they get something out of all their prized yuong arms, Chris Paddock….who would have thought.

  30. Mike Trout is not human. It’s May 3rd and he as an OBP of .492 and his WAR is 2.7! Seriously 2.7? It’s only May!

    1. Imagine if he was on a good team. How far out in 1st place would they be?

    2. Trout is still second in the MLB …behind that red hot Bellinger.
      1. Bellinger • LAD 3.8
      2. Trout • LAA 2.7
      3. Yelich • MIL 2.2
      4. Baez • CHC 2.1
      5. DeJong • STL 2.1
      6. Polanco • MIN 1.9
      7. Dozier • KCR 1.7
      8. Alonso • NYM 1.7
      9. Tatis • SDP 1.6
      10. Chapman • OAK 1.6

      1. Yes, bellinger having an unreal start to the season. lol and some dodgers fans wanted to resign Machado! Calling the dodgers cheap. Not all, but enough loud mouths to let it be known

        Is there a War stat that takes out stolen bases? I feel like this could add some fluff to the war number.

        On trout, it has to hurt looking up in the standings to see the Mariners rebuild has eclipsed the Angels. That farm team better start producing.

  31. 2.5 games in 1st place! I can’t say that I felt any better at any time last year when we were on top. This division is ours for the taking, all things considered. And what an opportunity to bury the decimated Nats.

  32. Altherr has been DFA’d today to make room for Odubel’s return. Now what to do with Williams who’s also displayed virtually no value whatsoever. Klentak needs to shop for a 4th OF. This cupboard is bare.

    1. I think when Kingery is ready I would send Williams to the Pigs to get starting at bats. At some point when Quinn is healthy I’d try and trade Herrera ( when he is on one of his good stretches and platoon Williams and Quinn moving Cutch to center when Nicks in.
      He needs more playing time.

  33. I’m a lot concerned. A lot of players are not cut out for bench roles and need to play every day. I really think Altherr, and Williams need to play most days to be any good. I think we will be regretting that we did not trade Herrera and started a Altherr in center this year.

    I’m guessing they could not get any value for either in the spring and now it’s to late. I get it but think they made the wrong commitment. Ultimately I think Altherr will be better than Herrera. Hope I’m wrong.

    1. Altherr is a fine athlete and very good defensively, but what makes you think he will ever be a proficient hitter? He’s had some chances to prove himself as a hitter and doesn’t have much to show for it.

      That said, I agree that Altheer doesn’t have much trade value.

      1. Phillies might get something, like the Sox did with Swihart.
        Giants or Marlins may make stake a claim.
        I do not see the Reds doing it….though Kemp was just let go, so who knows.

      2. In 2017 when he played regular dud good. Last year they tried platooning him and it did not go well. Again, it’s to early to tell I just think a year or two from now we will have wished we started him and traded Herrera. No sense debating. Let’s talk during the 2020 season.

        1. I have no idea why you think Altherr can be a better CF than Herrera. The numbers don’t bear that out at all.

          Giving a person ABs doesn’t mean an average player turns great. Whether an average player gets 200 ABs or 600 ABs, that won’t change the fact that he’s just an average player. Altherr is what he is. He is a backup OF who’s having an awful start to the season.

          1. Not going to argue Guru I disagree I think he will turn out to be a better player than Herrera. He already is supperior to him in every phase except with the bat for the past 12 months. And Herrera really do not tear it up for the last 12 months either. Again Guru let’s have this conversation in July 2020. I hope your right and he does not come back to haunt the Phillies.

            1. Look, you’re entitled to your opinion, but when you’re saying that Altherr (who just got DFAd for good reason) is going to be a better player than Odubel Herrera, you’re going to get a strong reaction. So I think you need to back up your argument instead of saying stuff like wait until next year. Otherwise, it just sounds like you’re trolling.

            2. Guru having some internet issues due to the weather (satellite)this will be my last post.

              Your right it’s all just opinion on Altherr and Herrera at this point. Also at this point I agree with the move. It’s just my opinion based on Altherr’s hitting in 2017 and having a lot of other things going for him besides hitting. I think he may and again I say may end up having a better career going forward than Herrera.

              I don’t have anything to back up keeping Altherr, Herrera, Quinn, or Williams other than they have shown signs in the past of being good hitters and in the case of Altherr he does everything else better than Herrera.

              Also as I said before it dnot like Herrera has been tearing it up last season or this. My back up is going forward because based on the recent past neither player has much trade value.

              Have a good Sunday.

        2. You are severely mis-remembering what happened. They didn’t platoon him to begin with last year, he was a starter. He got relegated to a platoon role because he hit .174 with 15 total extra base hits and 2 CS to 1 SB. Also 79 K’s versus 33 BB’s.

          Basically, he was worthless at the plate. Actually, that’s being generous. He was actively helping the other team at the plate. It’s not a side effect of inconsistent playing time, it’s a side effect of an inconsistent player. He had a good run in 2017, and then pitchers adjusted to him. He hasn’t hit the ball since. The end.

          Could he end up being a decent MLB player? Anything is possible. Would you get laughed out of the room if you suggested to the Phillies that they trade Doobie in favor of Altherr? Absolutely. You may as well bet on the Marlins to win the World Series this year.

          1. Those stats were in the first half, by the way (which accounted for 245 plate appearances in 87 games, an average of 2.82 PAs per game).

          2. Dude take a chill pill. I never suggested they get rid of Herrera now. And my memory is fine. You are severely extreme in your tone. I didn’t say they patio Ed him all year I just they did. Calm down.

            Again let’s have this conversation in July next year. Again I hope I’m wrong. So go to sleep. You need a nap or something.

            1. You implied his struggles are due to inconsistent playing time, but he’s been struggling since before he became a 4th/5th OF. You also said you would trade Herrera once Quinn is healthy (which is also way too bullish considering you now have no back up for when Quinn gets hurt again), and that you think Altherr will end up being the better player.

              You’re making outlandish claims with nothing to support them. And you may not take it as an insult to Herrera that you think these things, but suggesting that he’s not going to be better than a career .223/.312/.407 hitter IS pretty insulting. Especially for a guy who’s been to an All Star game and is capable of putting the team on his back for stretches of time.

              I don’t mind people liking players and dreaming on potential. But I do mind misinformation being spread, and I will correct people’s faulty memories. And on that note, Altherr doesn’t do “everything else better than Herrera.” It’s arguable who is actually the better CF, but even if we give that to AA, Herrera is indisputably the better base runner.

  34. The Reds released Matt Kemp. As a 4th OF, I would snap him up in a New York minute….before NY does.

    1. If you want Kemp to be strictly the RH pinch-hitter, I guess he has some value on that, based on history. But he cannot play in the OF at all. He makes Nick Williams look like a gold glover by comparison, that’s how bad he is in the field. He has absolutely no range.

  35. Had high hopes for the launch of the Rhineland Rocket back in 2017.
    Unfortunately his trajectory went off-course.

  36. Don’t comment on Phillies games, but have to make this an exception:

    Loss is on Kapler. He brought in Nicasio who has been a disaster all season and shouldn’t be on the roster any longer. Then, he brought in Morgan who has been pitching way over his head all season and was due to be hit. Better to leave Neshak in the game. He’s not a gopher ball pitcher.

    Finally, quibbling maybe, and I love Cutch, but he should have let Harper handle the fifth inning fly ball where Harper was in much better position to charge the ball and throw to home, plus he has a better arm.

    As Thomas Paine might say, these are the games that try men’s souls.

    Oh, well, at least Vierling, Bohm, Muzziotti and Scheiner keep hitting at A+

    1. Kapler definitely mishandled the bullpen merely out of the irresistible impulse to make a move for the sake of it by taking Neshek out with 2 outs. Without defined roles, he just goes with the apparent hot hand. But Morgan is not nor never has been a late inning, high leverage arm. That was poor managing last night.

      1. ….and taking Arrieta out too early, then using an ineffective Nicasio in the 7th was just plain stupid.

      2. 8mark I think kapler is a bad manager. But last night you cant blame him. This G.M. build a team without a bullpen. The G.M. when he gets 330 million can get a player, but he has failed to get us the relief pitching we need. There isnt one guy in that bull pen, that you can trust. Terrible job of building a bullpen. so blame kap but your dead wrong. He has a gun with no bullets.

        1. roc…..”He has a gun with no bullets”…hah.
          Maybe there are bullets in the gun…just blanks.

          Then again maybe it is time for some of the minor leaguers to come on up and provide an adrenaline rush….until their hormones stabilize, maybe the Phillies can get some positive results from them.

        2. rocco,

          Maybe bad luck. He has two veterans relievers on injured list. Plus, Kapler still made dumb choices last night.

  37. If ever there was a series that the Phillies should’ve swept from the Nationals, this was it. They don’t have to face Scherzer or Strasburg and the Nats are without Turner, Rendon, Zimmerman, and Soto.

    1. Agree……their top 4 hitters….similar to if the Phillies were without Cutch, Segura, Harper and Rhys at the top of the lineup….very disheartening loss.
      Also a large momentum booster for the Nats for sure.

  38. How can anyone say Klentak didn’t build a bullpen? Robertson and Hunter are high dollar signings on the DL, along with Arano.

  39. Really eagles your serious? first hunter stunk before hurt and robertson was getting hit. And how can you mention Arano? I really cant believe you are trying to defend This G.M on the way he has handled bringing bullpen guys.i hope your kidding,

  40. I think you’re seeing this throughout baseball. The over reliance of bullpens is causing meltdowns throughout the league. Martinez pulling heilekson the way he was dominating on Friday night was managerial malpractice
    I think Kaplers mistake was that neishtak against the rookie Stevenson was a safer match up than Morgan against the righties.

    1. Sr, Agreed. Too much bullpen use. You can only play Russian roulette so often before you get the chamber with the bullet in it.

      I think none other than John Smoltz has said that.

      Instead of expanding the rosters to 26 players next year and giving managers even more reasons to tinker, I’d like to see them limit the number of pitchers to 11. Let the starters pitch.

      1. Frank…spot on with the seemingly latest MLB trend of the overly aggressive use of bullpen arms. Burning many arms out also.
        Use to be a good or TOR starting pitcher was expected to go 200 innings a year….now 180 is the new norm.

        And now the latest trend….with the advent of the 95+ mph velo relievers….upwards to probably 100 or more in the majors now…every team has at least 3 or 4….the starters who’s velo was 95/97 gets hit more so now since MLB hitters see that velo more often and adapt.
        And with the current TTO philosophy adapted by hitters…..the soft-tosser (88/92) starter may be getting more play.

    2. SR that was Kapler’s main failure. Have to know what the opposing manager will likely do and he allowed him to use their hottest hitter against Morgan Rather than Neshak against a guy just called up. He didn’t thing the Nats would make that move?

  41. That being said, they will definitely need bullpen help as season goes along. More than a starter I think

  42. Am I overreacting or is anyone else concerned about the mental toughness/ focus of this team? They really seem to struggle in tight games scoring late and in extra inning games.

    1. I am, I think DMAR mentioned that they lack “grit”! I think they lack that killer instinct. When the opposition gives you opportunity and you don’t capitalize on it, it usually comes back to bite you. We had Sanchez on the ropes early and then let hang around. Yesterday, we had them down 8-5 and let them back in the game.

    2. Little bit of an overreaction. The did put together a rally to take the lead before the bullpen failure

      1. Well, that’s what I’m talking about. The bullpen is part of my team, and IMO I think the team lacks tenacity. If it can be characterized, Segura has it.

        1. Well, Jean certainly did display that tenacity last Sept in the Mariners locker room.
          Cannot question his passion.

  43. The Phillies optioned pitcher Enyel De Los Santos back to Triple A….look for someone to be brought up….maybe Edgar Garcia?
    If it is relievers Gabe wants…there are also Austin Davis, Jose Alvarez or Yack Rios

    1. Romus – Three tough games against the Cards. With Velasquez starting game 1, the could promote Pivetta.

      1. I honestly considered this next move before last nights game. DFA Nicasio and promote Suarez.

    2. Alvarez is already on the 25 man roster.

      Would be nice if they brought up another Seranthony, meaning like the early 2018 nasty version. Relievers have become like raffle tickets. You might find a winner if you have enough of them. That certainly seems to be the way clubs are building their bullpens these days. Flavors of the month. Reliability and availability are rare and we all better get used to the turnstile management of the pitching staff.

      1. Bullpen pitchers have always been that way. Name a reliever who is both good and consistent over the past 30 years. Now name one that isn’t a hall of famer.

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