2019 Phillies Top 30 Prospects (MLB)

I meant to publish this in one of my other posts.

MLB has published their top 30 prospects in the Phillies organization.  So, let’s see where they were wrong.  Here’s their top 30 and the Phuture Phillies top 30.  And just for kicks and giggles, I’ve included the end of season top 30 I submitted to the Reading Eagle.

MLB Phuture Phillies Jim’s (end of season)
1 ALEC BOHM 1. Adonis Medina 1 Adam Haseley
2 ADONIS MEDINA 2. Adam Haseley 2 Adonis Medina
3 ADAM HASELEY 3. Alec Bohm 3 Ranger Suarez
4 LUIS GARCIA 4. Luis Garcia 4 Spencer Howard
5 SPENCER HOWARD 5. Spencer Howard 5 Cole Irvin
6 ENYEL DE LOS SANTOS 6. Mickey Moniak 6 Mickey Moniak
7 JOJO ROMERO 7. JoJo Romero 7 Alec Bohm
8 FRANCISCO MORALES 8. Enyel De Los Santos 8 JoJo Romero
9 MICKEY MONIAK 9. Cole Irvin 9 Enyel De Los Santos
10 RANGER SUAREZ 10. Jhailyn Ortiz 10 Jhailyn Ortiz
11 JHAILYN ORTIZ 11. Francisco Morales 11 David Parkinson
12 SIMON MUZZIOTTI 12. Rafael Marchan 12 Luis Garcia
13 ARQUIMEDES GAMBOA 13. Ranger Suarez 13 Connor Seabold
14 RAFAEL MARCHAN 14. Austin Listi 14 Bailey Falter
15 MAURICIO LLOVERA 15. Kevin Gowdy 15 Dominic Pipkin
16 COLE IRVIN 16. Simon Muzziotti 16 Colton Eastman
17 KYLE YOUNG 17. David Parkinson 17 Deivi Grullon
18 NICK MATON 18. Dylan Cozens 18 Mauricio Llovera
19 RODOLFO DURAN 19. Mauricio Llovera 19 Cornelius Randolph
20 DANIEL BRITO 20. Kyle Young 20 Logan O’Hoppe
21 DAVID PARKINSON 21. Arquimedes Gamboa 21 Ben Brown
22 KYLE DOHY 22. Logan O’Hoppe 22 Carlos De La Cruz
23 DOMINIC PIPKIN 23. Darick Hall 23 Rafael Marchan
24 KEVIN GOWDY 24. Deivi Grullon 24 Jake Holmes
25 CORNELIUS RANDOLPH 25. Luke Leftwich 25 Keylan Killgore
26 JHORDANY MEZQUITA 26. Cornelius Randolph 26 Zach Warren
27 STARLYN CASTILLO 27. Matt Vierling 27 Ben Pelletier
28 EDGAR GARCIA 28. Dominic Pipkin 28 Abrahan Gutierrez
29 CONNOR SEABOLD 29. Rodolfo Duran 29 Kyle Glogoski
30 MANUEL SILVA 30. Ben Pelletier 30 Kyle Young


40 thoughts on “2019 Phillies Top 30 Prospects (MLB)

    1. Sorry, guys. I made the mistake of assuming the Phillies’ prospect link would be correct. Once I saw that Sanchez wasn’t #1, I went with it. I have the correct 2019 list edited into the article now. Thanks.

      1. Ya no biggy, hope you are enjoying spring training. Hope to get down either this spring or next.

  1. I would be very interested to see blurbs about players in your top 30 (Jim) for whom you did not already write summary blurbs for appearing in the Phuture Phillies’ readers’ voting results.

    1. You can get those in the third edition of A Fan’s View on Amazon. (Shameless plug) If I get time, I’ll post those for you. In our “middle of the road” organization (prospect wise), you can probably make strong arguments for and against anybody below the top five or ten.

  2. Here are the ones on PP list not on the MLB list,

    PP- Listi (14), Cozens (18), O’Hoppe (22), Hall (23), Grullon (24), Leftwich (25), Vierling (27), Pelletier (30)

    here are the ones on MLB but not PP,

    MLB- Maton (18), Brito (20), Dohy (22), Mezquita (26), Castillo (27), E.Garcia (28), Seabold (29), Silva (30

  3. The best tools grading seems about right:

    Hit: 55 — Adam Haseley (Alec Bohm, Luis Garcia)
    Power: 60 — Jhailyn Ortiz
    Run: 60 — Luis Garcia (Arquimedes Gamboa)
    Arm: 60 — Luis Garcia (Arquimedes Gamboa)
    Defense: 55 — Arquimedes Gamboa (Luis Garcia, Mickey Moniak, Simon Muzziotti, Adam Haseley, Rafael Marchan, Daniel Brito)
    Fastball: 65 — Spencer Howard
    Curveball: 50 — Spencer Howard (JoJo Romero, Ranger Suárez, Cole Irvin, Kyle Young, David Parkinson, Jhordany Mezquita, Connor Seabold)
    Slider: 60 — Kyle Dohy (Edgar Garcia)
    Changeup: 60 — Ranger Suarez
    Control: 60 — Kyle Young

      1. yeah… I also thought Zach Warren’s slider would at least get a mention but it looks like they only took their top 30 prospects and took the best tools from only the ones on their list.
        I mean who even has a stronger arm than Jose Pujols in the system.
        You seen both Garcia and Gamboa…and also Pujols….hands down Pujols has the cannon.
        So they are only taking the tools fro their top 30.

    1. I find it interesting that Adonis Medina is consistently referred to as having the best pure stuff among the pitching prospects, yet none of his pitches grade out among the best in the system.

  4. Great to see the love from Jim for Carlos De La Cruz (#22).
    For me, DLC has the highest offensive ceiling in the system. He’s #24 on my list after the Marlins trade.
    Also like Maton a lot. He’s up to #18 on MLB pipeline.

        1. I find DLC intriguing. But a 34% k rate in the GCL is alarming. He has a long, long way to go.

          I am sure he looks awesome in BP. But it is extremely hard to hit good pitching at 6’8”. What Judge is doing is unbelievable.

          As a benchmark, in Rookie ball his draft year, Judge posted a 21% K rate and a 14% walk rate. The next year in the FSL, Judge had a K rate of 25% and a walk rate of 17.5%.

          But I am sure that he is fun to watch play and I hope to see video of live at bats this year. A nice lottery ticket for sure. But too high risk for my top 30.

  5. On MLB’s list they have 10 of the top 15 are international signed players, thought that was interesting.

  6. Jim. Your list fascinates me. It is very against the grain. Very different then any other list. I would be very interested to hear your rationale for the placements.

  7. Finally, no Jose Gomez in the MLB rankings!! I can now view the site with some credibility.

    Here are some of the my thoughts on the MLB rankings:

    #16 Irvin vs #10 Suarez — I have Irvin as my #10 and believe that he’s the better prospect that Ranger. I view Irvin as as LH handed version of Eickhoff while Ranger is the LH version of Severino Gonzalez.

    #28 Edgar Garcia vs #15 Mo Llovera – I’ve been very high on Edgar Garcia since 2 years ago. Edgar Garcia has a legit 2 plus pitch (FB-SL) while Mo is mostly a FB guy. Edgar Garcia is also young and already in the 40-man.

    Luis Garcia, Howard and Marchan deserve the big jump in the rankings and I’m glad that Manuel Silva is finally getting the recognition. I believe that Silva has the better stuff than Mezquita who is ranked 4 spots ahead.

    1. KuKo….I think Garcia will be in the Phillies pen after the all-star break..if only to replace someone who may be on the IR..

      1. I would love to see Edgar Garcia at some point. Unless he outright dominate AAA, we might see him in September since the line is currently long.

        The Phillies might employ a 8-man pen of Robertson, Nicasio, Neshek, Hunter, Neris, Morgan, Seranthony and possibly another lefty in Alvarez.

        I expect 2-4 fungible pen arms will be traded/DFAd mostly from the pen – so the next batch will Pazos, Ramos, Rios, Davis, Arano and Anderson and Ranger transitioning into the pen if they survive the purge.

  8. On Jim P’s ranking – Logan O’Hoppe. Ben Brown, Keylan Killgore and Bailey Falter are some of the prospects that I get excited.

    I’ve been talking highly of O’Hoppe from the time he was drafted and Killgore to me is one of the fast rises and will eventually become of the best lefty pen arm in 2019.

    At 6’6″ and 19 yo, I’ve seen a write up before that Ben Brown can throw up to 93-94mph on his FB and developing a couple of secondaries.

    My love for Bailey Falter is similar to why I like Cole Irvin —- pitchability!

    1. O’Hoppe was a real eye opening pick. Sometimes really young players are not properly scouted or improve quickly and just way outplay their draft rank. He might be such a player. It always reminds me of Albert Pujols, who somehow lasted until the 13th round of the draft.

      1. Sal A. has a baseball clinic in Long Island area so the Phillies really have a good eyes on that part of the country — Fanti (2015), Young (2016), Ben Brown (2017) and O’Hoppe (2018) are all Long Island finds by Sal A. that he recommended to Johnny A.

        Sal A. has been showing good success in finding gems so I hope that the Long Islands gems he found can be the same.

  9. I like Irvin. I read a story on him today, and he seems like a really smart Pitcher. He is like Eshelman in that he relies on command, but I think his stuff is much better.

    1. matt13…..this season at LHV will be a good test for Cole irvin.
      He will need to repeat his effort against some of the same hitters who saw him last year, plus the up and coming prospects teams will throw at him.

      It did not work well last year for Eshelman, I will be watching with interest how he does this season.
      And also applies to DLS to see if he can sustain his success from last season.

        1. Nothing really….but since he is going back there again….unless he is traded….he probably will need to show he is a consistent pitcher that can do it again at the highest minor league level…..if not he will be in the Eshelman boat.

  10. Big year coming for Adam Haseley. He has a very nice swing, and one that nobody is trying to change! He impressed Kap today.

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