2019 Amateur Draft and J2 Discussion, February 11, 2019

As promised, here is a thread for discussion of the amateur draft and J2 signing period that are about 4-5 months down the road.   I’m providing this space for those who are ready to enter discussion about this year’s crop of prospects.  You can place video, scouting reports, or just comments here.  I’ll create a menu potion above to collect these articles all in one place for easy access through the spring.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t clear.  This space is for the discussion of prospects in the upcoming draft and J2 signing season.  This is NOT a space for you to continue complaining about past picks and the past/current draft philosophy.  That horse has been beaten to death in  weekly open discussions.  If you must, keep it there.

12 thoughts on “2019 Amateur Draft and J2 Discussion, February 11, 2019

  1. Last week, BA said the Phillies are linked to a CF from Venezuela. Anybody have a scouting report or expected bonus?

    1. That’s a good question, BPS. I just know his name is Yhoswar Garcia. He is a 6-foot tall, RH hitting CF from Venezuela who comes with plus-plus speed and a strong arm.
      I’ve looked, but haven’t been able to find any video of him.

        1. Another Garcia…Phillies are flooding the market on Garcias.
          Hopefully he is a quality OFer in the mold of Robles/Soto/Jimenez/Acuna.

        2. Hinkie….he is a write up on him …in English from BA

          Yhoswar Garcia, OF, Venezuela
          Team: Phillies

          Garcia has an exciting tool set in a lean, athletic 6-foot frame. He’s a plus-plus runner who defends his position well in center field with a strong arm. He’s a righthanded hitter who has also performed well in games against professional pitching, with a hit-over-power offensive profile. If he retains his speed and keeps hitting the way he has recently, he could develop into a player along the lines of Nationals center fielder Victor Robles. Garcia trains with Roberto Vahlis.

          1. Thanks for that, Romus. The Victor Robles comp is definitely encouraging. Hopefully, Yhoswar turns into the same kind of prospect as the last highly ranked Garcia (Luis) Sal A signed in the J2 market.

          1. Hope he is more than Carlos Tocci.
            They seem to think he is a 7 figure signing.
            My guess around $1.5M…for reason unknown only to MLB, on a whole, Ven kids sign smaller contracts than DR kids.

  2. I just mentioned Jackson Rutledge in the open thread. He’s a hard throwing RH JUCO pitcher available in this summer’s draft. He’s a big kid (6’8″, 240 lbs), and he throws hard. He attends San Jacinto JC in Tewas.


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