Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #21 – Kyle Young

Kyle Young was your selection as the #21 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Young received 109 of the 228 votes cast (47.8%).  Arquimedes Gamboa received 34 votes (14.91%).  Darick Hall received 14 votes (6.14%).  No one else reached double digits. Twenty-one guys shared the other 71 votes.

The Phillies selected Kyle Young in the 22nd round of the 2016 Amateur Draft out of St. Dominic High School (Oyster Bay, NY).  He signed on June 28th.

Kyle Young is a 7-foot, left-handed pitcher.  He was “only” 6’10 when he was drafted.  But, for such a tall pitcher, Young has a compact, easily repeatable delivery.  He has an upper 80s fastball that sits 87-90 mph.  But, he has an off speed pitch he described as a slurve that was virtually unhittable at the lower levels.  I once saw him strike out the side on nine pitches, no foul balls or foul tips.

Young has since refined his slurve (slider movement, curve ball speed) into a true slider, added a change up, and a curve ball.  I had noticed last summer that he was extending his step toward home plate.  This should add the perception of increased speed on his fastball as his release point will be closer to the batter.  Even just a couple mph added to his fastball will make his off speed pitches that much more effective.

Young was brought along slowly his first season in the GCL.  He never reached 5.0 innings in any of his 9 appearances.  He posted a 3-0 record and 2.67 ERA in 27.0 innings, walked 2 (0.7 BB9), struck out 19 (6.3 K9), and had a 0.926 WHIP.

Young pitched at Williamsport in 2017.  He posted a 7-2 record and 2.77 WHIP in 13 starts.  In 65.0 innings, he walked 15 (2.1 BB9), struck out 72 (10.0 K9), and had a 1.123 WHIP.

Young began 2018 in XST and wasn’t assigned to full-season Lakewood until May 18th.  He made 8 starts before going on the DL on July 15th.  Six weeks later he began throwing in 3 GCL rehab appearances (4 IP) and a Williamsport start (3 IP).  He returned to Lakewood for one, four-inning start in September.  He finished his Lakewood season with a 3-3 record and 3.10 ERA in 9 starts.  In 52.1 innings, he walked 7 (1.2 BB9) and struck out 44 (7.6 K9) with a 1.103 WHIP.

I expect Young to start the season in Clearwater.  I spoke with him earlier this week.  He feels good and can’t wait to start throwing from the mound.  He’s scheduled to begin on Thursday, the 31st.

Note that Young is part of a Long Island pipeline of prospects that the Phillies have exploited.  Along with Young, the Phillies have plucked Nick Fanti, Ben Brown, and Logan O’Hoppe from the high school ranks.  They all come from within a very small radius on the island.

The poll for the next prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for this poll.

20 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #21 – Kyle Young

  1. Friends, as we move into the last third of this exercise, I implore you to take care in your selection; don’t just vote for the next guy with the most votes. There are some incredible talents still remaining (ex, Gamboa) but there are also some young men who’s time may have past or others have superseded them.

    My message is that it’s going to take work to make these last ten spots meaningful. Please take your time and perhaps do some independent investigation.

    I hope I’ve not offended anyone. This community is knowledgeable and often has keen insights and wonderful opinions. Let’s debate and share…it’d be cool if we could identify and elevate a player (Starlyn Castro?)…that many cookie cutter sites have given little or no consideration to.

    Happy voting!

  2. Looking like Gamboa will be selected next. Unfortunately. 2019 should be his “show us something” season, otherwise he is another generic all glove, weak bat profile. Certainly not worthy of top 30. Along with questionable character from several reports I have read. I see much more promise in guys like Pipkin or Vierling whom I would place in this range of the rankings.

    1. The Phillies thought enough of Gamboa to put him on the 40 man. Matt wink has him ranked 12th overall. Ranking Gamboa in this slot is fine, certainly in the top 30.

      1. That’s your criteria? Somebody else ranked him highly? I watched Gamboa all last season. In person. Very disappointing season. He didn’t make my top 30 when I was asked to submit one to Mike Drago at the Reading Eagle when he ran his post-season top thirty.. Admittedly, I am probably in the minority on Gamboa. The other 15 respondents had him ranked 15th. But, anyone who thinks he doesn’t deserve such a lofty ranking, certainly has good reason to think so.

        1. Well yes someone else being a few analysts and the Phillies themselves who put him on the 40 man….yes that’s my criteria.

  3. Like to see the Phillies explore the idea with dropping Kyle Young’s delivery a little to the side, a little less than over the top… more 3/4, almost close to what they did with Jake Diekman about 8/9 years ago when he was at CLW.

    1. Isn’t this similar to what the Blue Jays did for Halladay at the beginning of his career when they sent him to A ball?

      1. Yes it was:
        “.On his path back to the majors, Halladay worked with Jays pitching instructor Mel Queen, who suggested that Halladay drop his arm path from over the top to more of a three-quarters delivery. That helped add movement to Halladays fastball, an important step in the evolution of what today is one of the best sinkers in the game.
        Halladay made it back to the majors in July 2001.”

  4. Gamboa and then Castillo sounds good to me. Young needs to throw more innings to show that he deserves this high a ranking.

    1. I’m still with Pujols at this part of the poll.

      He improved significantly last year, including cutting down his K rate, though at 33 percent at Clearwater and 34 percent at Reading still too high, but trending in the right direction.

      I like Pujols for his power and ability to nail base runners with his strong right arm.

      He performed well at Clearwater, then appears to handle promotion to Reading well, generating a 792 OPS in 104 plate appearances.

      In the discussions here, we talk floor and ceiling and proximity. Pujols has ceiling. I would not be surprised to see him stall here, but we’re at the bottom third of our Top 30, and I think he belongs here. And he might surprise to the upside again this year.

      1. I could see Pujols here although I went for Gamboa, again. Middle infielders are tricky to judge but a glove like Gamboa can play in the majors right now and he does look good with the bat at times, just not consistently. I feel the same way with Brito but he’s over on 2b now which isn’t as valuable as SS.

      2. Frank…I can see Pujols in the same mold, or close to it, as Dom Santana when he left here for the Astros org.
        Big athletic, power bat guys with power arms and a propensity for the swing and miss.
        Both play an above average to plus defense in RF with Pujols having probably the strongest arm in the ingratiation….maybe Cozens can give him a close run.
        He will need to make his mark in the majors with another team it would appear now who have opportunities for young OFers.
        He will be a minor league free agent after this season so someone will sign if the Phillies do not put him on their 40 in November.

  5. I’ve been voting Nick Maton for over a week now. He’s probably the most under appreciated prospect in the Phillies farm system IMO.

      1. At this point, I don’t see any major league starters. Things can change however. Who saw Hernandez being a major league starter 5 years ago.

  6. Perhaps with a change in developmental philosophy, some of the players in the bottom third will take steps forward. The Phillies seem to have identified development as the issue, as seen by the replacement of Joe Jordan. If it’s not that, then it’s talent identification, which is a bigger problem in my opinion.

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