Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #18 – David Parkinson

David Parkinson was your selection as the #18 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Parkinson received 42 of the 191 votes cast (21.99%).  Dylan Cozens received 34 votes (17.80%).  Mauricio Llovera received 17 votes (8.90%).  Darick Hall received 12 votes (6.28%), and Kyle Young received (10 votes (5.24%).  Twenty-three guys shared the other 76 votes.

Parkinson was the Phillies 12th round selection in the 2017 Amateur Draft out of the University of Mississippi.  Her signed on July 5th and was immediately assigned to Williamsport.

In eleven 2017 appearances (3 starts), Parkinson posted a 1-3 record with a 2.48 ERA in 32.2 innings.  He walked 9 (2.5 BB9), struck out 42 (11.6 K9), and posted  1.194 WHIP.

Parkinson was part of an excellent Lakewood rotation in 2018.  He posted an 8-1 record with a 1.51 ERA in 17 starts.  In 95.1 innings, he walked 26 (2.5 BB9), struck out 115 (10.9 K9), and posted a 1.049 WHIP.

Parkinson was promoted to Clearwater and made 5 August appearances (4 starts and a relief appearance after a Jerad Eickhoff rehab start).  His Advanced numbers were equally impressive – 3-0 record, 1.24.ERA, 6 walks (2.8 BB9) and 26 strike outs (8.1 K9), and a 0.897 WHIP.

Parkinson racked up several in- and post-season awards.

  • Pitcher of the Week, 5/27/2018 (SAL)
  • Pitcher of the Week, 6/17/2018 (SAL)
  • Minor League full-season ERA leader (1.45, 4th lowest since 2005).  (link)
  • Left-handed starter on Phillies Organizational All Star team.  (link)
  • All-MiLB All Star team.  (link)
  • Baseball America Low Class-A All Star

With just one month at Clearwater, a return in 2019 is likely.  But, Reading isn’t necessarily out of the question.

The poll for the next prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for this poll.


20 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #18 – David Parkinson

    1. Plenty of past LHP minor league pitchers who figured not to translate to MLB levels… may sign with the Phillies soon for a boatload of $$$$.
      His minor league metrics:
      W27 L29 ….ERA 4.20….IP-501.0 Hits-508 …. WHIP1.224 …BB/9-1.9…. K/9-5.9
      Parkinson so far has relatively eclipsed those metrics in his short minor league career.

    2. Agreed. Let’s just hope his stuff ticks up a notch or he has a unique ability to get guys out despite not having top notch stuff. I would take Llovera over Parkinson every day of the week.

  1. Hall or Llovera. One of these two kids with double-L’s. Dylan Cozens is an engima, not a prospect. O’Hoppe also deserves consideration here.

    1. No he is, he’s just no longer a particularly attractive one due, mostly, to his bad platoon splits. If he can address those, he might have some type of a future. I will note that he did improve considerably between years 1 and 2 in AAA, although, admittedly, year 1 was a disaster. But his OPS against lefties last year was .517 (the year before it was .658 – still pretty bad) – it limits him so much as a potential major leaguer, even if he rakes against righties.

        1. Gamboa’s lack of hit tool and reportedly less than ideal attitude drops him on my list. Good glove no bat specialists grow on trees.

          1. But it felt like his bat was OK before–maybe it’s still in there? He seems to have good command of the strike zone as well, lately. I made a comment over on Matt’s page (still not approved right now) that I’ve had some prospect fatigue with Brito that I haven’t with Gamboa–and yet they’re the same age and will likely be at the same level to start 2019. SS vs 2B is a difference, for sure. And, the Phillies felt strong enough to lock up Gamboa on the 40-man and left Brito exposed–and unclaimed. Anyway, I’ve got Gamboa at 12 and Brito at 23 and I don’t feel great about either.

  2. I don’t know if it’s our prospects or this exercise(no insult to anyone – a top 30 is what it is), but after about 10 prospects this year, I lost any sense of excitement about the guys in our system. I hope we have some big surprises this year, but, man, I am not impressed with this list at all after about the top 10 (there are several potential gems in the top 10, however) and I’m NEVER going to get excited about a weak hitting, good fielding player. 99 times out of a hundred, that guy doesn’t amount to anything unless and until he becomes at least decent on offense.

    1. Can’t argue. After 10 (maybe?) it’s throwing darts with a blindfold on and fingers crossed.

      1. When it comes to positional prospects…I am excited about the catchers in the system….there might be 5, maybe 6 under 21 who have high ceilings and could be special at some point
        Heck we could have a top 30 next year with 20% being catchers..

    2. I agree . There are very few bats in the system. I voted for Cozens only because out of the players on the list he is one who actually has a chance to be a big league player. Of course he needs to make adjustments. And his future depends on his ability to do that. But out of the plethora of 165 lb middle infielders on the list how many actually have a chance to play in the majors? Very few will develop if any. Chicks dig the long ball. If cozens can make some adjustments, huge IF, but if he does he has a chance. Which is more then some of these other kids. I root hard for them all though and hope the Gamboa’s and Britos turn into something special

      1. That is what we said 9 years ago…..and look who made it…Freddy (16) and Villar(27)
        01. Domonic Brown,…02. Trevor May…03. Phillippe Aumont,….04. Tyson Gillies,…
        05. Anthony Gose,….06. Domingo Santana…..07. Sebastian Valle….08. JC Ramirez, ….09. Jarred Cosart…..10. Scott Mathieson…..11. Antonio Bastardo…..12. Brody Colvin…..13. Jon Singleton…..14. Justin De Fratus……15. Jiwan James…..16. Freddy Galvis, SS……17. Brian Rosenberg, 18. Vance Worley, 19. Mike Stutes,
        20. Joe Savery,21. Jon Pettibone, 22. Yohan Flande,23. Leandro Castro,
        24. Colby Shreve,25. Zach Collier,26. Michael Schwimer,
        27. Jonathon Villar, SS

        And in 2011….20. Cesar Hernandez,…Freddy dropped to 25

  3. No, he does not. I went through a pretty extensive process identifying who should be included in the poll. His name never came up. I’m not adding anyone now.

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