Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #17 – Simon Muzziotti

Simon Muzziotti was your selection as the #17 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.  It was another close race. But, the top 3 vote recipients accounted for only half of the votes cast.

Muzziotti received 33 of the 178 votes cast (18.54%).  Dylan Cozens received 30 votes (16.85%).  Paul Owens Award winner David Parkinson received 26 votes (14.61%).  No one else reached double digits.  Twenty-four guys shared the other 89 votes.

Muzziotti was signed as an international free agent by the Boston Red Sox on July 2, 2015.  It was a future services contract and Muzziotti wasn’t placed on a roster that year.  His contract was voided by Major League Baseball due to international signing irregularities by the cheatin’ Red Sox, and he elected free agency on July 1, 2016.  The Phillies signed him July 5, 2016.

In 2016, Muzziotti tore it up in 17 games with the Red Sox DSL team .317/.354/.383/.737with 4 walks and 6 strike outs in 65 plate appearances.  After signing with Philadelphia, Muzziotti regressed to .231/.286/.273/.558 in 37 games, 156 plate appearances.  He walked 11 times and struck out 10 times.  He was a combined 8 for 12 stealing bases.

Muzziotti came stateside in 2017 and attended extended spring training.  While waiting for the GCL season to start, he was pressed into service as a call up to the Threshers.  He held his own in the two games he started.  He went 2-7 with a stolen base and scored a run in each game.

Muzziotti raced out to a quick start in the GCL season, maintaining a .299 average as late as July 27th.  He tapered off over the next two weeks to a .286 average.  He was side lined with an injury on August 10th and missed the next three weeks.  He returned to play in the final games of the regular season, going 0 for 8 in two games.  He went 0-4 in the playoff game. He finished the season with a .269/.305/.388/.693 slash in 141 plate appearances with 7 walks, 8 strike outs, and 9 steals in 12 attempts.

Two weeks into Muzziotti’s 2018 season with Lakewood, he went on the DL with a finger injury.  He had been in the midst of an 8-game hitting streak where he went 13 for 34 (.382).  He missed about 6 weeks of the season.  He returned on June 28th.  He finished the season with a slash of .263/.299/.331/.630 in 299 plate appearances.  He hit his first, and only, professional HR in 2018.  He stole 19 bases in 23 attempts.

Looks like Muzziotti will start the 2019 season in Clearwater.

The poll for the next prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for this poll.


17 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #17 – Simon Muzziotti

  1. Yesterday I mentioned that Cornelius Randolph wasn’t among my top 10 OFs in the Phillies system. I was mistaken. He is actually #9….I personally don’t consider Dylan Cozens a prospect any longer, but if so, Randolph would be #10.

    1 Adam Haseley
    2 Mickey Moniak
    3 Jhailyn Ortiz
    4 Austin Listi
    5 Simon Muzziotti
    6 Matt Vierling
    7 Jose Pujols
    8 Ben Pelletier
    9 Cornelius Randolph

    I went with Llovera as prospect #18 here.

    1. I realized that I forgot Llovera in my top 30. I had him on my original pull of the top 50 but somehow missed him when I put my top 30 together. He is definitely in the top 20 and now I’m in a quandary. I already submitted my top 30 to Jim. Should I be tried and true to it or should I slide Llovera in within the next couple of picks?

    2. I understand your reasoning but did you take into account their ages and how ‘C’ finished? Randolph is a year younger than Vierling and 2 levels higher. Pujols and ‘C’ finished in Reading last year. I admit Randolph was terrible in April – June. There was no redeeming stat I could find for those 3 months. but in July and August something changed. He hit .352/.441/.489 in July and .291/.356/.405 in August. In July and August he had 28 Ks and 20 BBs. Maybe the light bulb went off or maybe he changed something. I realize that defensively he’s mearly a LF’er but this year he’ll need to start hot and stay hot. He’s very young and showed me something in the 2 months. I have him higher than Pujols, Vierling, Pelletier and even Listi. Listi was pulled down by his lack of a position but his bat is for real. AAA will be the stop that will make or break him. If his bat continues in AAA, they’ll have to find a spot for him or figure out how he can enhance a trade.

      1. Good point, Bellman. But in the end, I still don’t see how Randolph fits a major league roster as more than a LF/DH without much power. He would have to bat .300 to justify playing regularly.

      2. Randolph (who was drafted in the 1st round of 2015) could have some extra motivation this season. Three outfielders drafted after him were invited to major league spring training – Mickey Moniak 1st round, 2016), Adam Haseley (1st round, 2017), and Austin Listi (17th round, 2017).

    3. I think Llovera is being a tad underrated. He struck out 27% of batters and only walked 7%. This is while throwing in the upper 90s. I think the knocks on him are that he is 22 and only in A+ and he gave up a few too many HRs. Still, at #18, he looks really really good.

      For what it’s worth, Parkinson is about five months older and throws much less hard. I’ll take Llovera.

  2. Llovera again. Love the live arm. And the double LLs at the beginning of his name. Like llamas. Much better than alpacas for that reason.

  3. Am I missing something or should Falter be discussed here? His lifetime numbers are excellent and I know it’s now big time stuff but he is lhp. Just curious

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