Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #11 – Jhailyn Ortiz

Jhailyn Ortiz was your selection as the #11 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Ortiz received 67 of the 206 votes cast (32.52%).  Francisco Morales received 22 votes (10.68%), Ranger Suarez received 19 votes (9.22%), Kevin Gowdy received 12 votes (5.83%), and Simon Muzziotti received 11 votes (5.34%).  Twenty-four guys shared the remaining 75 votes.

The Phillies signed Jhailyn Ortiz as an international free agent out of the Dominican Republic on July 25, 2015.  He signed a future services contract and didn’t begin his professional career until the 2016 GCL season.

Ortiz slashed .231/.325/.434/.758 as a 17-year-old in the GCL.  He was 2.6 years younger than the league average.  He was third in the league with 8 HR and second on the team with 27 RBI (behind Mickey Moniak’s 28).

Ortiz played as an 18-year-old for Williamsport in 2017.  He was 3.1 years younger than the league average but posted some solid numbers.;  He slashed .302/.401/.560/.961 with 8 HR (third in the league) and 30 RBI (team leader).

Ortiz spent 2018 as an 18-year-old in Lakewood.  He slipped to .225/.297/.375/.673 with 13 HR (second on the team behind Rodolfo Dugan’s 18) and 47 RBI (third on the team).  Ortiz played in just 110 games as he was on the DL for 3 weeks early in the season.

Ortiz also lost time while at Williamsport.  He was hit by a pitched ball 3 times in one game, the third injuring his wrist.  He missed about 5 games.  Note that his game stats will only show 2 HBP.  But he left the game during his last at bat after being hit for the third time but was not awarded the base.  He gets hit a lot.  Seven times in the 47 GCL games, 9 times in 47 Williamsport games, and 9 times in 110 Lakewood games.  He has 29 career HR and 25 career HBP.

Clearwater should be his 2018 assignment.

The poll for the #12 prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for the #11 poll.

15 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #11 – Jhailyn Ortiz

  1. Darick Hall was garnering more than a few votes a couple of slots ago but now he has 2 votes. Are people being fickle and voting for whomever whenever?

    I’m going with Suarez again but Morales is right behind him for me.

    1. I am still high on Hall…..coming out soon on my list.
      Though many may be turned off by the Fangraphs and others who do not have him in their top 50 or 60.

  2. I have been voting for Listi for a while. He should have a break- out Year at Reading. I’ll stick with him this time.

      1. Haseley is 22, Listi is 25. Haseley plays CF, Listi plays 1B. Haseley outhit Listi at AA. I find Listi’s story incredibly compelling, but they are not comparable at all.

        1. They’ve played the exact same number of professional games. Haseley might not stick in center field. I know I’m WAY high on Listi, but just looking at the numbers and with Haseley long-gone from the board–all I’m saying.

  3. I’m continuing to go with Muzziotti based solely on the scouting reports. I also think Morales would be a good pick here. Ortiz has power to dream on, but I think it’s far likely both of the above-mentioned players will advance to the big leagues, even if they don’t have his high ceiling.

  4. Morales is undoubtedly next. And Hall likely to follow. But my instincts are telling me not to ignore the prominent pro start by O’Hoppe and Grullon’s resurgence at Reading (Yes I know it’s Reading but Randolph and others didn’t hit 20 bombs). I’ll be voting these two catchers heavy after Morales. Grullon is close to being a better option than Knapp IMO.

  5. If you knew nothing about his signing bonus, this is an overweight 19 year old that just OPS’d .673 at Lakewood. Has a lot of power though.

    1. Agreed, he hadn’t shown me enough yet. I’m sticking with Suarez, who I think is much better than what he showed in his brief call up to the Show.

  6. I am intrigued by Marchan though, I need to reconsider his spot on my list. Maybe higher is right.

    1. I think Marchan belongs somewhere around here. He had a wRC+ of 110 at 19 in the NYPL. Also, apparently he can defend pretty well. He doesn’t strikeout much. All that said, he has no pop. Still, I think he has that right combination of age and performance to be a top-15 guy.

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