Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #10 – Cole Irvin

Cole Irvin was your selection as the #10 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Irvin received 52 of the 177 votes cast (29.38%).  Jhailyn Ortiz received 41 votes (23.16%), Kevin Gowdy, Francisco Morales, Austin Listi, and Ranger Suarez received 9 votes each (5.08%).  Twenty guys shared the remaining 48 votes.

The Phillies selected Cole Irvin in the 5th round of the 2016 Amateur Draft out of Oregon.  He signed an over slot contract on June 23rd.  The LHP had been selected by the Blue Jays in the 29th round in 2012 and by the Pirates in the 32nd round of 2015.

Irvin posted a 14-4 record with a 2.57 ERA in 25 starts, 161.1 innings for Lehigh Valley.  He walked 35 (2.0 BB9), struck out 131 (7.3 K9), and a 1.054 WHIP.

After his freshman season (2013), Irvin was named on several freshman All-American teams – Louisville Slugger (1st team), Baseball America (1st team), Perfect Game (1st team), and NCBWA (2nd team).  He missed his entire 2014 season after a preseason elbow injury and having Tommy John surgery.  He returned to throw 79.0 innings in his 2015 season.  And, earned All-Pac 12 honors with a 6-4 record and 3.17 ERA in 105.1 innings in 2016.

After signing, Irvin was assigned to Williamsport where he posted a 5-1 record and 1.97 ERA in 45.2 additional innings.

In 2017, Irvin posted a combined 9-9 record and 3.39 ERA at Clearwater and Reading.  His career walk rate hovers around 2.0 and his career strike out rate is slightly above seven.

The poll for the #11 prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for the #10 poll.

14 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #10 – Cole Irvin

  1. Okay, my Top 10 is almost exactly the group’s Top 10 with all the same names and almost in the identical order, so it’s time to be bold.

    I was going to go with Jhailyn Ortiz at 11, but decided to move Dylan Cozens up on nothing more than a hunch that the guy will work so hard on his shortcomings to catch back up with his Reading/Lehigh Valley buddies that he will be much improved. Of course, that assumes he can improve.

  2. Gowdy got 9 votes? Some people must have a lot of faith that he’s ready and will hit the ground running. He hasn’t pitched in 2 years. I’ve been hearing, on this site, that he was pitching again but I need to see or hear about some game action before I sound the all clear on him.

    I voted for Suarez at #11. He could and should pitch some in the Majors this year. I think he learned a lot from his brief stint last year. Fingers crossed.

    1. After viewing countless Mythbusters episodes during the Science Channel’s Christmas Mythbusters’ Marathon, I know that the idiom “hitting the ground running” was busted. So, let’s hope that Gowdy is ready and can “run from a standing start” at the beginning of the season. 😉

    1. I like Morales here a lot too. He improved a good amount towards the end of the season, walking fewer guys. He’s 19 and throws hard. I’m excited to see if he can keep the momo going in Lakewood.

  3. I also like Marchan. 19-year-old catcher who hit at an above average rate at WPT. No pop, but he also doesn’t strike out.

  4. I agree with Bellman. Gowdy has not enough experience or shown that he can produce. Dohy is getting votes because of Draft position, his 28 innings, 7-9 w/L AND 2.54 ERA IS NOT ENOUGH TO WARRANT.

  5. I the same 9 (of 10) prospects in my Top 10 – with Morales vs Moniak as the difference. I’m glad that MickeyMo is trending up again. However, I ranked Morales higher than him because of higher ceiling. Morales projects to a ToR or at least a closer type with his potential plus FB-CB combo. If Enyel looks big in the mound, Morales is bigger and he is only 19 yo!! If we like Spencer Howard now (velocity is up although command is spotty), Morales can be like than 2 years from now. I’ll vote Morales next!!

  6. Player 1:
    176G; .298/.360/.424; 117K/57BB
    Player 2:
    176G; .296/.383/.486; 140K/74BB

    Player 1 is already off the board. I go player 2 here. I also know I’m going to be the highest on him. I also know he doesn’t really have a position. I just think he can hit like crazy. I might be wrong.

    But I give you: Austin Listi is my #10

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