Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #5 – Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia was your selection as the #5 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Garcia received 97 of the 222 votes cast (43.96%).  Spencer Howard finished second with 80 votes, 36.04%.  Nineteen guys shared the remaining 45 votes, none more than six.

The Phillies signed Luis Garcia as a 16-year-old, international free agent out of the Dominican Republic on July 2, 2017.  He signed a future services contract and sat out the summer at the Phillies Dominican Training Facility.

Garcia began his professional career as a 17-year-old, switch hitting shortstop in the 2018 Gulf Coast League.  He posted a league leading .369 batting average.  His full slash was .369/.433/.488/.921.  He also led the league with 62 hits and was fourth in runs scored with 33. In his 187 plate appearances, he walked 15 times (8.0%) and struck out just 21 times (11.2%).  His first season culminated with his selection to the GCL Post Season All-Star team.

I expect the Phillies to jump him to Lakewood to start the 2019 season.

The poll for the #6 prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for the #5 poll.

Luis Garcia 97 43.69%
Spencer Howard 80 36.04%
Jhailyn Ortiz 6 2.70%
Mickey Moniak 5 2.25%
JoJo Romero 5 2.25%
Enyel De Los Santos 4 1.80%
Darick Hall 4 1.80%
Cole Irvin 4 1.80%
Dylan Cozens 3 1.35%
Austin Listi 3 1.35%
Daniel Brito 1 0.45%
Kyle Dohy 1 0.45%
Tom Eshelman 1 0.45%
Kevin Gowdy 1 0.45%
Mauricio Llovera 1 0.45%
David Parkinson 1 0.45%
Jose Pujols 1 0.45%
Cornelius Randolph 1 0.45%
Connor Seabold 1 0.45%
Mitch Walding 1 0.45%
Kyle Young 1 0.45%
Drew Anderson 0 0%
Colton Eastman 0 0%
Arquimedes Gamboa 0 0%
Edgar Garcia 0 0%
Jose Gomez 0 0%
Deivi Grullon 0 0%
Rafael Marchan 0 0%
Nick Maton 0 0%
Jhordany Mezquita 0 0%
Francisco Morales 0 0%
Simon Muzziotti 0 0%
Dominic Pipkin 0 0%
Ranger Suarez 0 0%
Matt Vierling 0 0%
222 99.98%

4 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #5 – Luis Garcia

  1. We have discussed Garcia a lot relative to the last 2 picks, and I think it is deserved. Congrats to Spencer Howard for a great showing!

    1. I have Garcia as my #5 but I have Bohm lower on my list and have been voting for De Los Santos for the last couple of picks. Jim wrote about Garcia a couple of weeks ago saying he was a bit overrated at this juncture in his career. It swayed me a bit but not enough to move him off #5. I still see a lot higher upside from Garcia than Bohm. He won’t out-homer him but Garcia can do a heck of a lot more with the bat and in the field. De Los Santos is knocking on the door and will see more Major League action this season.

      1. They talk about DeLos Santos being a reliever at the major league level. That has me lowering him a little bit on this list. Howard should win the 6 spot easily. Then the picks should open up.

  2. I have Luis Garcia at #5 by season end but moved him up to #3 ahead of Bohm and Haseley due to higher ceiling — but #5 seems to be fair as well.

    IMO, the #6 spot will be a battle between JoJo and Howard. Howard is my breakout pitcher in 2018 and I will have a slight bias towards him over Jojo. But I ranked Jojo slightly ahead due to success in high minors vs Howard. I have Jojo at #6 and Howard at #7.

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