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2018 Gulf Coast Phillies Recap, Part Two (West)

Gulf Coast Phillies West

In their initial season, the GCL Phillies West posted a 30-24 record and finished second in the Northwest division, seven-and-half games back under manager Nelson Prada.  They remained in contact with first place Tigers West as they steadily increased their lead and weren’t officially eliminated until the day after beating the Tigers and pulling within five games with five games left in the season.  Their highlight may have been their 5-2 record against Phillies East which included a 19-1 drubbing in the last game between the two teams.  West flirted with batting over .300 as a team for a good part of the season.  In addition to Prada, the staff included hitting coach Chris Heintz and pitching coach Matt Hockenberry. Continue reading 2018 Gulf Coast Phillies Recap, Part Two (West)