2018 Phuture Phillies Pitcher and Position Player Polls

I’m going to include all the polls in one post rather than drag them out over several days. Based on the drop in participation in the recent James’ Award Polls, this seems prudent.

There are eleven separate polls.  Ten we had last year  – catcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, third baseman, center fielder, corner outfielder, left-handed starter, right-handed starter, and closer.  You can make THREE selections for each poll.  The eleventh poll is for relievers and has an explanation in the poll.  It’s not rocket science, but I will disregard it if it becomes too difficult to sort through the entries.

(Don’t forget to submit your top thirty prospect list by e-mailing it to prospectpoll@yahoo.com.  I have only received six so far.  After the top few positions, such a low number is really skewing positions eight thru thirty.)

The James’ Awards were for best pitcher and best position player in the 2018 season.  Here you get to recognize other players who had good years or you can simply vote on a player’s projection.  Your choice.

Each position player listed in a poll played at least 10 games at the position.  Some guys may show up in multiple polls.  Starters generally had at least two starts, more at the higher levels.  Closers had multiple saves at the higher levels, but a low number was not necessarily a disqualifier at the rookie levels.











This last poll is for pitchers who didn’t fit into a starter’s or a closer’s role.  Read the instructions in the poll and use the Other: box.

17 thoughts on “2018 Phuture Phillies Pitcher and Position Player Polls

  1. great job with this poll! I’m sure including Ben Lively and oversight. Let’s see how many votes he gets

  2. And the other amazing result is the 5 challenged individuals of the 8 people who responded to the Relievers Poll who proved themselves to be too dumb to sit at a keyboard. Four chose one of the six instruction rows, and one made up a name. And people wonder why I bother with this stuff.

  3. Thanks Jim for putting up this stuff. Sorry I haven’t had time to send my top 30 yet, lots of travel and I need my home computer.

  4. I tried not to vote for anyone twice. So if I voted for Haseley for CF, I didn’t vote for him for corner OF. That allowed a few extra guys to get votes.

    1. bellman, i had the same dilemma. In most cases I came down to saying “If I had a choice of a corner outfielder who would I choose” rather than trying to spread the joy around. So a couple of guys like Moniak got selected more than once. But other guys like Listi got selected at 1B but no corner outfield. My guess is that with enough participation, it will all come out about right in the final results.

  5. Wow, there is really no one in the 2B poll I think deserves a vote. I guess Plouffe is the most deserving. I am really disappointed in Brito’s and Gonzalez’s seasons.

  6. Ironically, there are guys at multiple positions, therefore skewing the poll altogether. But then we call people “too dumb to sit at a keyboard.” Insults from the administrator who doesn’t tolerate dirty words, hurling an insult himself. This is a great example of someone who is charge and continues to let you know about it. I’m sure my comment will be deleted and I will banned again from commenting.

    1. Yeah we should have someone more sensitive like yourself running the site so we can all feel better about ourselves and each other. Thin skins need not participate.

    2. Andrew,

      The amount of work that Jim does as a volunteer is enormous and the value of the information is great. There is nothing like PhuturePhillies anywhere. I’d say Jim is entitled to get a little frustrated sometimes trying serve and herd us cats.

  7. I voted for some people I didn’t think would win but I wanted to give some love to. Don’t know if that’s antithetical to our goal here or what, just my method.

  8. jim sent you my top 30. I can’t believe how few LV and Reading players I had. Thought the rebuild was closer.

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