Phuture Phillies: James’ Hitting and Pitching Awards Polls, 2018

With the end of minor league ball for the Phillies’ affilates, we can begin the Phuture Phillies’ polling season.  We’ll start off with the second annual James’ Minor League Hitting Poll and James’ Minor League Pitching Poll.  Both are named after Phuture Phillies’ founder and benefactor, James.  

Had we not had four teams involved in post-season play, I would have run these when the regular seasons ended and before the Phillies announced their Paul Owens’ Award winners – Austin Listi and David Parkinson.  Hopefully, those award announcements won’t influence the voting here.

I also don’t want to unduly influence voters with the players I would use to populate the poll. So, I’m just going to randomly plug three names into the poll (alphabetically) to meet the minimum required by the polling software.  You should take advantage of the write-in feature to cast your vote.  I’ll tabulate all the votes and publish the results in a week to ten days.

I have blocked repeat voting.

I have hidden the results, so that voters won’t be influenced by the early returns.

I have turned off comments, so that early voters can’t influence later voters or campaign for their own pick.

Save your comments for the discussion when I post the results.