2018 Draft Discussion: April 30th

One of the big scouting opportunities this weekend was undoubtedly the Auburn/Florida game Friday night in Gainesville.  I’m sure the Phillies were well represented at the game.

Aside from the game featuring two top programs and several top prospects, it also provided scouts with a head-to-head look at Casey Mize and Brady Singer.

Florida won the game, 3-1, on a 2-run HR in the first inning.  It is amazing how the game stats for the two pitchers are remarkably similar, other than the HR of course.

                                               IP   H   R   ER   BB   SO   HBP   AB   BF   FO   GO   NP    S      S%
Mize, Casey (L, 8-2)      7    4   3     3     1     10       1      25    27     7      4    110   71   64.5%
Brady Singer (W, 9-1)   7    4   1     1     2       8       1      24    28     5      8    108   79   73.1%

And now, back to my normal intro to this discussion.

The Phillies have the third overall selection in the first round.  They forfeited their second and third round picks when they signed free agents Carlos Santana and Jake Arrieta.

Their total bonus pool is only $8,858, 500.  Their total was reduced by over $2.25M of slot money with the two picks they lost.

Their complete slot breakdown is as follows (round, pick, $) –

  •   1st:       3  – $6,947,500
  •   4th:   107 –    $522,900
  •   5th:   137 –    $390,600
  •   6th:   167 –    $292,700
  •   7th:   197 –    $228,000
  •   8th:   227 –    $180,600
  •   9th:   257 –    $153,600
  • 10th:   287 –    $142,600

The pre-season top 10 for prospects was –

  1. Brady Singer, RHP
  2. Ethan Hankins, RHP
  3. Matthew Liberatore, LHP
  4. Nolan Gorman, 3B
  5. Shane McClanahan, LHP
  6. Nander De Sedas, SS
  7. Brice Turang, SS
  8. Casey Mize, RHP
  9. Ryan Rolison, LHP
  10. Jackson Kowar, RHP

Nothing else new here from me.  I can’t offer anything to the conversation that you can’t discuss better.  This is just a place to keep all draft discussion undiluted by other conversations.

The comments section in the weekly open discussion had become very large with multiple discussions going on at once.  So, here is a discussion thread for draft talk only.

103 thoughts on “2018 Draft Discussion: April 30th

  1. Not sure how J.P. Crawford fits in your list of bad draft picks. He was the 16th player taken, found himself on numerous top prospect lists as he rocketed through the system, and now is a big leaguer at the age of 23.

    The MLB draft isn’t the NBA draft, where there are a bunch of stars in the first round year-after-year.

    1. Giants are considering Stewart at 1-2. Their scouting director, Dick Tidrow, is a big Stewart fan. Stewart has been up to 96 MPH and features the top CB in the draft.

  2. Over the weekend, Jim hit on the biggest matchup (at least as far as draft prospects go) …

    * The HR Mize gave up was to Florida 3Bman Jonathan India. India is having a monster junior season (.401/.546/.810, 14 HR) and is now projected to go in the top half of the first round. According to Kiley McDaniel 6 GM’s and 60 scouts were in attendance. For the season, Mize now has registered 104 K, 7 BB, .170 OBA.

    * Nick Madrigal went 4 for 14 against Arizona State. Madrigal is now .455/.500/.636 on the season. He’s also yet to strike out in 55 AB’s. BTW … Gage Canning (potential day 2 pick for the Phillies) went 6 for 13 (1 BB & 4 K) for the Sun Devils in that series. Canning is now slashing .387/.436/.672.

    * Alec Bohm went 3 for 13 vs UCF. One of the three hits was a HR. He also committed an error, and should have been charged with another. For the season, the Wichita State 3Bman is .327/.431/.556, 9 HR.

    Last week, Keith Law mentioned Georgia Tech catcher Joey Bart as a possibility for the Phillies at 1-3. Bart is slashing .351/.460/.609. So far this season, he’s slugged 12 HR’s. Vinnie Cervino of Perfect Game was on hand to capture this extra base hit.

    The other college hitter I’ve always liked is Missouri State’s SS/3Bman Jeremy Eierman. Eierman is up to .321/.405/.570.

      1. Matt Liberatore’s velo is down a little.

        And Nolan Gorman has looked better.

    1. I saw liberatore video from some games. I like him a lot. but so scared to take a hs pitcher that high. But we could after all the bad top tens we have had, take a chance, This kid might be the next cole hamels.

      1. roxxo…did Cole Hamels reach those velos in HS….when he was healthy?
        I do not remember him being in the mid-90s at all.
        OTOH, Hamels had that plus change-up….Liberatore has an average CU.according to Eric L.
        IMO, Liberatore may be aligned with a young Bumgarner.

    2. From the article: “Despite the constant talk of caution and risk with high school pitchers, the number selected in the top 30 picks over the last nine years has been extremely consistent, with between five and seven high school pitchers being selected in the 1-30 range between 2009 and 2017. It’s certainly possible that there could be more than seven in 2018, though.”

  3. Haseley will be an excellent selection.
    Cannot believe the acridity and vitriol cynicism directed his way already..

    1. LMAO how do I answer you romus. with vitriol cynicism?? and acridity. I cant even spell those words. you know I went to Neumann not yale

    2. Excellent? I’ll settle for “solid” at this point, especially after watching the tire fire unfold that has been Randolph and MM.

  4. I believe that the Phils are ready to contend starting next year and I hope that the overall strategy to this draft is similar to the 2014 (Nola and Hoskins batch) — where the Top 10 should be College heavy.

    Mize is the only pitcher (college and HS) who is deserving of 1.3 so Johnny A. should just narrow down his list to Bohm, Madrigal and Bart (if Mize is taken) and the rest of the Top 10-20 should mostly start in LWD and ready for the majors no later than 2021. Johnny A. can a mix of Lindow/Falter-type somewhere in the Top 10 – but most HS lottery picks should be in the Top 21 to 40 similar to the Kyle Young’s, Fanti’s and Pelletier’s.

    The Acuna-type will be hard to get in the Rule 4 draft. Local prospects are heavily drafted so the Acuna-type will fall in the Top 5 picks which the Phils need to tank to get there. ATL and WAS acquired their potential 5-tool superstar (with modest signing bonus) via J2 signees. Sal A. will have the better chance to sign a Acuna-type than Johnny A.

  5. Question – how has Madrigal improved his standings on draft boards by more or less not playing this season?

    1. It’s his full body of work. He’s a .372/.432/.520 career slasher at OSU. Before that, he was one of the top prep hitters in the country. The Indians drafted him in the 17th round three years ago. It’s even more than just the bat. Here’s a blurb from a scouting report from Frankie Piliere (formerly of D1 Baseball.com, now a scout for the Mariners): “Madrigal is an easy plus runner who can flash 70 run times up the line, and he puts his speed to good use on the basepaths. Team USA coach John Savage said Madrigal has “the highest baseball IQ that you can find,” and one scout called his instincts “so freakish.” That savvy shows up in all facets of his game.”

      1. Hinkie….if he doesn’t play second base…where does he play?
        His arm, MLB.com, is rated 50 so the shortstop throw may be too much for him, though his glove plays well there.

        1. He’s played plenty of SS at Oregon State. He could also step in at 2B when Cesar’s arbitration years end after 2020, and let Kingery play the OF. Or … you let Madrigal tear up MiLB, and trade him for a missing piece to the MLB team. If he’s the player that I believe he is, he’ll be very valuable to the Phillies. Here’s a Madrigal web gem from this weekend:

          1. I read that his range is limited to 2B, although he could fill in at SS occasionally.

  6. The Haseley comments are really interesting . I mean he’s not even a month into his first full season . He hitting for avg and some power.
    When the Drafted Mickey Mo ,Herrera was a bit of a unknown.
    Now Herrera on the verge of being a top 5 CF in mlb. Mickey being 19 has plenty of time to going. Even if Mickey MO was hitting the cover of the ball there’s no way he’s replacing Herrera.

  7. Off the subject. Has anrone else wondered if the sabermetrics people deem it old fashioned and/unecessary overexertion to run out
    third strike swing and misses that are in dirt or past the catcher, in addition to “routine” ground balls? Seems we are seeing it a lot more often. May be statistically you have a better chance of being injured running than beating out a bad throw. Just wondering

    1. Yes, momentarily, and then I throw that idea out of my head. Trying hard is the essence of sports. The moment you don’t try hard to do your best, you start falling down a slippery slope. In my view, it’s a non-negotiable item.

  8. I do t want Madrigal, I’ll take my chances on a larger body at 1-3. I still like Gorman and Singer.

    1. Murray … have you given any consideration to Jeremy Eierman ? IMO, he should be an option at 1-3.

    1. He references the Phillies and Brady Singer at the 3 selection….as ‘unlikely as that may be in reality”.
      Phillies sure better not get this one wrong.

  9. Wow second time I read Jonathan India was coming on strong. He a 5 tool player not as much power as Bohm but alot better defense. Hmmm Bohm right now 1A ,India 1B.

  10. Hinkie The Rams drafted a OT from Vineland named Jamil Denny. Since your Vineland ever hear of him just asking.

    1. He went to school with my daughter. His father works with my wife. Good kid. Everybody is rooting for him here.

      1. Ty I’m a Rams fan I look at his home town . I think he’s going to try him at gaurd.

        1. Yeah, he’d make a better guard. Not sure he has quick enough feet to play tackle in the NFL.

  11. I like Singer a lot! I think that he has that “it” factor. The moment never seems to be too much for him. And as much as we talk about stuff (and from the reports I read his stuff is really good), mental makeup is still a huge factor. His strikeout to walk ratio is Elite and improved each of the last two years. He has dominated the best conference in all of baseball for two seasons. He clearly knows how to pitch, not just throw. But he sits 92-93 with good breaking stuff. He would be my pick.

    1. v1 … there is a recent history with Florida pitchers. For the past three years, a Gator hurler has been the preseason #1 draft prospect. In 2016, AJ Puk slipped to 1-6. In 2017, Alex Faedo tumbled to 1-18. In MiLB, both Puk and Faedo have pitched mostly like the 1-1 prospects they were originally projected to be. Both are top 50 prospects now (even though Puk has hit a bump in the road with TJ).
      So, your choice makes sense. I’m on record as saying I’d draft Madrigal.
      Who would everyone else pick (one month out from the draft) ?

      1. I wouldn’t touch a right handed at three who is 92 velo. too many low velo right-handers don’t make it. especially that high. But that is just me.

        1. So … rocco … are you saying you’d pick Matt Liberatore ? If not Liberatore, then who for you ?

          1. Hinkle I like Liberatore. but I haven’t seen a lot of the guys. picking that high I want a tor arm or a good power bat. I Just don’t like lower velo right handers.

        2. That is exactly where Aaron Nola sat in college. Cole Hammels threw a tad lower before being drafted. Sitting 92-93 is fine for a SP if he has the other stuff. Also he is 21. He will get stronger.

          1. Singer’s secondary is plus across the board…that is, his slider and change-up….to go along with his control.
            Mize may be “A” at the top for college RHPs in this draft, but IMO Singer is “1A”.
            Once the SEC playoffs and then the CWS starts up…..it will be interesting to see how he does the second time around. The SEC batters will have faced him numerous times over their careers and if he can shut them down, his stock goes further up the draft board.

            1. I’ll pass on a righty that throws 92 or 93 as a 1/3. No thank you.

          2. @v1 – we are starting to find a lot of common ground. I do like velocity but command and quality of pitches are a must for me – with the caveat that the velocity is not uber slow (i.e. <90 4S FB RHP, <88 4S FB for LHP).

            Nola has been tagged as a slow tosser, but this year, his average 4S FB is 94.XXX which he can locate well.

      2. @Hinkie, early in the this year I’ve said here that I like Singer if the projection points towards Nola (who most here know that I liked a lot) 2.0. With the team nearing contention, I think it make sense to go college heavy. Mize, Singer, McClanahan and Rolison are the prospects I like but Mize is the only pitcher valuable enough at 1.3 so it make sense to draft whoever is the best college bat available at 1.3 — who might turn out to be Bohm or Madrigal.

        1. rocco….maybe the Phillies should draft a CFer like Swaggerty next month! 🙂

          1. Romus at three he has to be someone who projects as a above average starter. I don’t want another mm. to save money to draft a gowdy who is hurt. Take the senzel if he is there type. tired of the bad first round choices. especially in the top ten of draft

          2. rocco…..IMO, the college pitchers who equate to what you want maybe are Mize, McClanahan, Singer, Rolison….but you never know what the end results will be.

        2. @roccom – the Phils will contend on a strength of $$ and some premium talent and I can see them contending in 2020 – I consider 24 months as near, I’m not sure what’s in you calendar.

          The Phils will contend on the strength of FA signing and some good young talent. A team doesn’t need to fill all position with All-Stars to win. A core group of young talents, proven veteran FA signing and some complimentary players with good coaching will make any team a solid contending team.

          For more than 2 years now, my eyes are set for the 2020 run — so i don’t see the old 1B, problem 3B, etc that you are looking at. I look way further than you.

    2. I am starting to agree with you. If Mize goes first Singer may just be the next best college pitcher and in the MLB in less than two years

    1. matt … that was a good comp coming into the season, but the way Albies has been hitting HR’s so far has pushed him to an all new level. I can see Madrigal as a .300/.390/.440 slasher. He’ll hit lots of doubles and triples, maybe 10 to 12 HR’s per year (Albies has 9 already).

      1. BTW … Madrigal will probably have similar BB rates to Albies, but will probably have lower K rates. So far this season, Madrigal has 0 K’s in 60 PA’s.

        1. rocco … Mickey Moniak was a HS prospect. He did get high marks for his advanced bat (but again … he was a HS prospect). Madrigal, as a college player, has a longer record of success, and has done it at a more advanced level. In three years at Oregon State, he’s slashed .370/.428/.513. As a comparison … Scott Kingery, in 3 years at Arizona St. slashed .351/.425/.484

          1. Makes sense Hinkie. How good is the completion that Oregon plays??? I know little about that program,

            1. rocco…they are in the PAC-12…..that conference along with the SEC, Big 12 and ACC are probably the top four in the country. The Big Ten is hot and cold every year.

  12. Madrigal plays in the Pac 12. It’s one of the power 5 conferences (probably second or third best in America). Oregon State has been one of the top teams in the country the past two years. He excelled in the post season last year (.361 BA, .452 OBP in the regionals, super regionals, and College WS) when he was playing against the best teams in the country.

    1. Bart is in the mix, according to Keith Law. He’s also under consideration by the SFG for 1-2.

      BTW … Madrigal suffered through his worst game of the season (maybe worst game over his last two seasons) last night. He went 0 for 5 against Oregon. He popped up twice, grounded out twice, and struck out for the first time this season (65 PA’s).

      1. Hinkie…I am so done with Madrigal now……who’s up next on the board! 🙂

          1. Stay away from Kumar. He will be the pitching prospect version of Dylan Cozens.

  13. Doesnt matter who they draft at 1-3, it’ll be a bust like Moniak, Randolph, and Haseley. Scouting Department is why the Braves will dominate for the next decade.

    1. Omg WAY too soon to label busts on Moniak & Haseley. If Randolph continues to labor through Reading and that hitting environment all summer you can pin that on him. Moniak was promoted way prematurely. And you keep your $ on the college kid to be able to adjust and figure out his level. Who’s busted is player development and player evaluation. Joe Jordan, JA, even Klentak. Point of emphasis is to stay away from HS bats unless you get a true generational talent that falls into your lap.

      1. Maybe it’s a little too soon on Haseley (although he’s showing almost no power and almost no plate discipline – if he was showing one but not the other I might feel better), but Moniak is really in deep water right now. So early judgments about how it’s going are not premature – it’s going very poorly for Moniak especially.

        1. Haseley’s BB rate is low….unusual for him…his three years at VU (13%) and his brief time last year as a pro (almost 9%) it was normal.
          This may just be an anomaly for him. His k rate at 17% is good.
          But overall, his total plate package would be a lot better if his ISO was a 100 points higher.

  14. From Kiley McDaniel chat today …

    In the past, you’ve mentioned Alec Bohm and Nick Madrigal as the two most likely targets for the Phillies at 1-3. Has Joey Bart entered the mix for that pick ?

    Kiley McDaniel
    Have not heard that specifically, but he is in play for 2/SF and 5/CIN and 6/NYM so that wouldn’t be shocking. Still hearing Bohm is the preference for 3/PHI and they had some heat in this weekend to see him at UCF (I was there) after they had some heat at Singer/Mize on Thursday

    1. If the Tigers pass on Mize…then he may fall to the Phillies. But, if not, Bohm has attraction for me.
      Phillies could also select Madrigal and start a merry-go-round among the middle infielders.

    2. That Auburn-Florida game Thursday night not only featured Mize and Singer, Jonathan India is having a great year, and is flying up draft boards. The Gator 3bman homered off Mize that night. Phillies could also be interested in Gators’ catcher JJ Schwartz as a possible 4th round senior sign. Auburn also features Edwuard Julien (2B/SS/DH). Almaraz drafted Julien last year as a Canadian prepster (obviously, he didn’t sign). He is not eligible for the draft this year.

  15. i agreee with 08Phils. the braves look absolutely stacked for the next number of years with their prospects. Phils are way behind. a 20 year old stymied the mets last night. WOW. Great for them. i was going to say, big year for Almaraz this year. but he has a big time excuse because of the lost 2nd and 3rd. hopefully klentak can get one of those competitive balance picks from someone to increase the draft amount and a potential decent player. he can’t sit still.

  16. Alec Bohm’s Wichita State Shockers play in the American Athletic Conference (as does Shane McClanahan’s USF Bulls). Guess where the AAC is holding their conference championship? The American Athletic Conference Championship is taking place at Spectrum Field in Clearwater the week before the draft. I’m pretty sure the Phillies have analytical tools (Trackman, I think) at the stadium so that could/should give them an advantage in scouting Bohm and McClanahan.

  17. The long awaited Keith Law mock draft is up on ESPN for Insiders http://www.espn.com/blog/keith-law/insider/post?id=8328. He starts off by noting that it’s not a ranking of the players. It’s his best guess at what prospects teams mat take.

    1. Tigers …. Casey Mize
    2. Giants … Brady Singer
    3. Phillies … Alec Bohm “I’ve heard they’re primarily interested in college bats, including Bohm and Bart — but not Nick Madrigal.”
    4. CWS … Joey Bart
    5. Reds … Nick Madrigal
    6. Mets … Jonathan India
    7. Padres … Carter Stewart
    8. Braves … Nolan Gorman
    9. A’s …. Travis Swaggerty
    10. Pirates … Matt Liberatore

    1. Some other notes from Law:

      * It is entirely possible the Tigers don’t take Mize, cutting a deal with someone else, but at this point there’s no real indication they’re taking someone else.
      * Also heard the Giants associated with Shane McClanahan, Joey Bart and Carter Stewart.
      * If someone wanted to jump on a prep arm in the top five, my guess would be the Reds pick Matthew Liberatore.
      * Also heard the Padres associated with Liberatore, and saw A.J. Preller at starts by Ethan Hankins and Ryan Weathers.

      Here’s a few other notable picks:

      11. Orioles … Logan Gilbert
      12. Blue Jays … Shane McClanahan
      14. Mariners … Ryan Rolison
      15. Rangers … Jarred Kelenic
      20. Twins … Jackson Kowar
      21. Brewers … Ethan Hankins
      22. Rockies … Kumar Rocker
      26. Red Sox … Brice Turang

  18. Eric Longenhagen chatted today and got some draft questions.

    Joe: What % chance do you give Mize going 1-1
    Eric A Longenhagen: 75

    Larry: Is Brady Singer trending back up?
    Eric A Longenhagen: His start against Mize was great and he’s the name we keep hearing that teams in the top 10 would run to for safety if their board blows up.

  19. Thanks for the updates, Hinkie. Are you still on Madrigal? What are your top 3 guesses for the Phils?

      1. BTW … They are my top four. My guess is the Phillies would take Mize if he falls. Sounds like they’d take Bohm if Mize is gone. I say this w/o knowing what their signing demands are.

  20. Bohm reading about this kid. Problem I see is he doesn’t seem to have a postion, not enough range for third. but sound like to me, on the law write up another Hoskins type, work the zone, which would be great.

  21. 1 month until D-Day!
    Can Klentak get us at least one comp pick beforehand? Hinkie, who can we deal with to accomplish this objective?

    1. 8mark….not Hinkie here….but will tell you the Os could use a pitcher or two …MLB ready , that would spur their interest.
      It is mid-30s I believe.
      They are falling fast and need some ready made arms for their immediate future to generate some fan interest…..and then Manny’s impending exit will also be a blow to them.

    2. I would offer the below to the Os and see if they are interested.
      One of these four would probably get the pick.
      Enyel De Los Santos
      Seranthony Dominguez
      Tom Eshelman
      Cole Irvin

      One of these six may, but leaning it will not..
      Brandon Leibrandt
      Jose Taveras
      Drew Anderson
      Jake Thompson
      Jacob Waguespack
      Austin Davis

      1. I wouldn’t trade either De Los Santos or Seranthony for a comp balance pick. The others I would.

        1. Trading Enyel is essentially the same as trading Galvis for a comp pick. And Seranthony is in the discussion for a back of the bullpen arm.

          1. I do think two of the latter six would get the pick….heck even Drew Anderson straight up could, if he continues healthy on his return to duties.
            But have to remember with that 33rd pick comes the alloted money, so the more money the better chance of getting quality draft players latter in the draft.

            1. The thing you gotta’ remember is … whether Klentak trades for a comp A pick or comp B pick, the end result is the Phillies recoup their third round pick. The Santana and Arrieta signings cost them their second and third highest draft picks.
              With that said, Klentak should look to give up less for a comp B pick. I’ve always felt the Marlins make a great target. They have a comp B pick (69th overall and worth $894,600 slot dollars). Jeter might deal that for Klentak eating some bad money (Brad Ziegler 1 yr @ 9 million, or Junichi Tazawa 1 yr @ 7 million). There is precedent for this type of deal. Off the top of my head, I know the Orioles have given a comp B pick twice for some salary relief. If I do the research, I’ll probably find other examples.

    3. Before 2017, the Orioles traded the pick they were awarded in three straight drafts:
      So there is a history they may do it again.

      2014 – #37 overall pick (Round A) traded to Houston in the Bud Norris deal. Houston used the pick on outfielder Derek Fisher.
      2015 – #74 overall pick (Round B) traded to Los Angeles Dodgers in Ryan Webb salary dump. LA used the pick on DC-born pitcher Josh Sborz, who spent 2017 in Double-A.
      2016 – #76 overall pick (Round B) traded to Atlanta in Brian Matusz salary dump. Atlanta selected catcher Brett Cumberland with the pick.
      Os took Zac Lother last year…surprise….with the pick
      Next month I think it is the 33rd pick.

  22. Some draft stuff from Keith Law’s chat this afternoon …

    What are your thoughts on Matt Klentak? It seems like he’s really struggled with his first two drafts
    Keith Law
    He doesn’t run the draft; that’s Johnny Almaraz, their scouting director. This is a bit like that tweet I responded to a week ago, where Frank Wren was trying to take credit for Ronald Acuña – no GM sees the $100K kid his international director signs in Venezuela. That’s absurd. I think the Phils’ rebuild is very much on track, and I think it’s fair to say the Phillies have struggled badly with their last few first round picks, even predating Klentak – Cornelius Randolph doesn’t appear like he’ll ever justify going 10th overall, and Moniak and Haseley have been an unnatural disaster in Clearwater (Moniak .218/.231/.257, Haseley .271/.284/.355, a combined 4 walks and 46 K for the two of them).

    Adam D.
    With the full understanding that it’s way too early to be sure about anything, what level of confidence do you have that Singer is the pick for the Giants at #2? I am not enthusiastic about it, as you might have noticed.
    Keith Law
    I have heard them with four players; he and Bart are the two most likely, again, given what I’ve heard from #sources.
    I share your lack of enthusiasm. I have never understood the fascination with Singer. There are guys with better stuff, and better deliveries, and better command in this draft.

    You mocked Gorman to the Braves at 8. Do you think n he is the highest upside power hsbat in draft? And would you take him that high?
    Keith Law
    He has the most raw power in the draft, period. I would not take him there, because the hit tool really worries me, but that’s not to say this is a bad pick.

    I see a lot of Joe Panik in Madrigal, albeit from the other side of the plate and with more speed. Is that a fair comp?
    Keith Law
    I like Madrigal’s bat a lot more than I liked Panik’s at the same age.

    How does Casey Mize compare to Kyle Wright as a draft prospect?
    Keith Law
    Mize is way better.
    Wright had size. Mize has better stuff, better command/control.

    Team needs or drafting philosophies notwithstanding, would it be a bad choice to take Madrigal 2nd after Mize? Reading through your mock, it seems like he has the best chance to be a productive big leaguer from the rest of the pool.
    Keith Law
    I think that’s a high floor and very limited ceiling pick. If you do that, you had better save enough to go well over slot in the second round.

    Hypothetical- If something happened to Mize (injury, bad medicals, whatever), who do you think Detroit would go with at 1-1.
    Keith Law
    Entirely fair question. My guess is they would shop a deal to 3-4 players, probably including Stewart, Singer, Bart, maybe Liberatore. Most folks I asked for that mock just assumed they’d take Mize, so I’m a little light on other info there.


    BTW … I disagree on Law’s excusing Klentak for any blame with the recent 1st round picks. For me, the MM and Haseley selections were FO decisions. I’m talking Klentak/Gillick/Manuel/Almaraz collaberations.
    Also, a questioner mentioned Nick Senzel has a history of vertigo. I had never heard of that before.

    1. I was wrong on the O’s CBA …it is the 37th pick ….still Matt K should try to grab it.
      It is worth $1.9M slot.

      1. Romus … I mentioned above the Phillies have forfeited their first two picks because of the Santana and Arrieta signings. If Klentak deals for the O’s comp A pick, the Phillies would lose it along with their own second round pick. It would allow the team to regain their third round pick (#80 overall) worth $738,700. I misspoke above. Any single trade for a comp pick (doesn’t matter if it’s an “A” or a “B”) would net the Phillies their third round selection. I posted earlier a deal with the Marlins would mean the Phillies would get the 69th overall pick, worth $894,600 slot dollars.

        It would take Klentak dealing for two comp A picks (not gonna’ happen) just for the Phillies to regain their own second rounder (#46 overall).

        1. Hinkie…..thanks for that information….did not realize that.
          Thats a real bummer.

  23. Mize, a 6-foot-3 junior, tied a school record with 15 strikeouts last night in Auburn’s 4-1 win over Vandy. Mize went the distance allowing just four hits, one earned run and no walks. He struck out 15 on 110 pitches, throwing 81 for strikes.
    Mize is now 9-2 with 119 strikeouts in 84 innings. He’s allowed just 50 hits and seven walks, His 17:1 strikeouts to walk ratio is impressive against any level of competition, let alone the SEC.
    If, by chance, both the Tigers and Giants both pass on him…the Phillies would be wise to select him.

  24. If Mize gets past Det,SF drug testing should be approved for mlb GM’s.
    Bohm did go 2 for 5 home run , double 4 RBIs.

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