2018 Draft Discussion: April 23rd

The Phillies have the third overall selection in the first round.  They forfeited their second and third round picks when they signed free agents Carlos Santana and Jake Arrieta.

Their total bonus pool is only $8,858, 500.  Their total was reduced by over $2.25M of slot money with the two picks they lost.

Their complete slot breakdown is as follows (round, pick, $) –

  •   1st:       3  – $6,947,500
  •   4th:   107 –    $522,900
  •   5th:   137 –    $390,600
  •   6th:   167 –    $292,700
  •   7th:   197 –    $228,000
  •   8th:   227 –    $180,600
  •   9th:   257 –    $153,600
  • 10th:   287 –    $142,600

The pre-season top 10 for prospects was –

  1. Brady Singer, RHP
  2. Ethan Hankins, RHP
  3. Matthew Liberatore, LHP
  4. Nolan Gorman, 3B
  5. Shane McClanahan, LHP
  6. Nander De Sedas, SS
  7. Brice Turang, SS
  8. Casey Mize, RHP
  9. Ryan Rolison, LHP
  10. Jackson Kowar, RHP

Nothing new here from me.  I can’t offer anything to the conversation that you can’t discuss better.  This is just a place to keep all draft discussion undiluted by other conversations.

The comments section in the weekly open discussion had become very large with multiple discussions going on at once.  So, here is a discussion thread for draft talk only.

84 thoughts on “2018 Draft Discussion: April 23rd

  1. Six weeks to go until the draft. From all the info I’ve read, it’s still likely the Phillies choose one of Casey Mize, Alec Bohm, or Nick Madrigal. It’s probably going to take an abnormal MRI or some type of injury for Mize to fall to 1-3. For a minute on Friday night, it appeared that might have happened. The Auburn stud RHP took a line drive off his right arm/wrist/hand. When he walked off the mound, took off his glove and began shaking his hand, I thought it might be something serious. However, he was able to throw another couple of innings before leaving the game. Kiley McDaniel was behind home plate, and got video of the incident.

    Bohm had a down weekend. He went just 2 for 11, 1 BB, 3 K’s and saw his Wichita State Shockers get swept at Houston. Bohm now sits at .340/.443/.576 for the season.

    And Nick Madrigal didn’t miss a beat after losing a month and a half with a wrist/hand injury. He returned for a weekend series against Oregon and went 5 for 11 (including a triple), 2 BB’s, 1 RBI, 3 R. For the season, Madrigal is now .528/.575/.806. He’s also 3 for 3 on SB attempts. For those who are worried Madrigal is too little (5’7″) to be an impact bat in MLB, watch him attack pitches in these highlights from this weekend.

  2. The Phillies still don’t have a second or third round pick. That could change if Matt Klentak deals an excess arm(s) and/or eats a bad contract for a competitive balance pick(s). If Klentak can’t acquire any extra picks, who could be options for the fourth round and beyond ?
    It probably won’t be any of the more highly ranked HS players because they normally demand well over slot money when drafted after the second round, and the Phillies are lacking that w/o two of their top picks. However, Johnny Almaraz does have a history of using his fifth round picks on LH prep arms committed to non-power 5 colleges. Think Bailey Falter (UC Santa Barbra commit) and Ethan Lindow (UAB commit). Almaraz also picked JC lefty JoJo Romero in the fifth round in 2016. Billy Price is a big (6’6″) HS lefty from North Jersey. He’s just 25 minutes from New York, and the Phillies have done well (Fanti, Young, and even Ben Brown last year) in that area in recent years. However, it might be too big an ask to buy Price out of a UVA scholarship. We’ll see. http://members.baseballfactory.com/player/billy/price/29efd76df8ee49969cff473d1acbaf85
    If Price is too expensive (no pun intended), maybe the Phillies look to a kid like Garrett McDaniels. McDaniels is a borderline top 100 HS prospect, and is committed to Coastal Carlolina.

    1. For the most part, Johnny Almaraz will draft college players on days two and three. Here are some possibilities for rounds four and beyond:

      * Bryce Montes De Oca … has always intrigued me. He has the arm (throws upper 90’s deep into starts) and the frame (6’7″, 260 lbs) to be a front line starter. However, Montes De Oca has the lack of control (6 BB/9 IP during his career at Missouri) that may limit him to a bullpen arm. Could be worth a pick if Almaraz believes the Phillies developmental staff can help him throw strikes.

      * Hogan Harris … is a LHSP from Louisianna Lafyette. There’s just a borderline chance he makes it to the fourth round, but if he does, he’d be a guy to consider. Harris features a low to mid 90’s FB (and hit 98 earlier this year in his one appearance out of the bullpen). He’s got a big CB and solid slider. He was also very good on the Cape last summer.

      * Brady Shanuel … needs to be mentioned because Almaraz liked him enough to draft him in the 20th round last year as a second season juco RHSP. Shanuel decided to enroll at U of Iowa when the Phillies wouldn’t/couldn’t meet his asking price. This season with the Hawkeyes, Shanuel (42.1 IP) has had no problem racking up K’s (54), but has also had no problem racking up free passes (34 … YIKES !)

      * Eli Lingos … is the funky LHP from Arizona State that I’ve mentioned a few times. He actually stands nearly backwards on the rubber before delivering his pitches. He’s only got average stuff, but he’d make a nice senior sign to save the Phillies slot money.

      * Kyle Isbel (UNLV)
      * Gage Canning (Arizona State) … both of these players are suspects because it has been reported Johnny Almaraz showed up to a Runnin’ Rebel – Sun Devils game a few weeks ago. Both of these kids have had great seasons. Isbel is .360/.446/.657, 16 doubles, 3 triples, 10 HR’s. Canning (who reminds me a little bit of Lenny Dykstra) is up to .387/.438/.696, 13 doubles, 9 triples, 7 HR’s. You wouldn’t think these two would last until the fourth round, but D1 Baseball.com has them going in the 5th and 6th rounds, respectively.

      * Ashton Bardzel … is a jr RH hitting OF’er from Hartford. He may be best known for tying Mike Trout’s single season HS HR record in the state of NJ. In his two and a half seasons at Hartford, Bardzel has hit 20 dingers and owns a .315/.426/.556 career slash line. Rob Ozga (The Baseball Draft Report.com) says this about Bardzel: “He may get dinged by real scouts for the lack of a true carrying tool and underwhelming college competition, but that’s an evaluation that focuses on what he doesn’t do all that well as opposed to zeroing in on what he does really best. I’m not about that. When I look at Bardzell, I see an athletic outfielder who can play all three spots, hit for above-average power, post above-average to plus run times, and throw with the best of them. As importantly, I see a guy who has flat out raked over three years at Hartford.”

      * Andrew Moritz … hits left-handed, plays CF for UNC Greensboro, and puts up video game-like numbers for the Spartans. This season, he is slashing an eye popping .430/.506/.642. He has 7 doules, 8 triples, 3 HR’s, and is 11 for 14 in SB attempts. Frankie Piliere (formerly of D1 Baseball.com) had this in Moritz scouting report last fall: “his combination of line drive stroke and defensive prowess in center field will make him a compelling draft prospect this coming spring. He’s a disciplined hitter who rarely expands the zone, and his plus speed will always make him a valuable asset at the next level.”

      * Kyler Murray … is a guy I wanted to mention because I know the Phillies previous front office (RAJ and Marti Wolever) had major interest in him when he was a two sport star in HS. Murray ended all that when he removed his name from the draft and declared he was headed to Texas A&M to play QB. As it turns out, it didn’t work out for Murray at A&M. He transferred to Oklahoma, where he has backed up Heisman winner Baker Mayfield on the gridiron, and has played well for the Sooners baseball team. This season, Murray is at .279/.387/.500, 8 doubles, 2 triples, 6 HR’s. He strikes out way too much (25.34%). D1 Baseball has him rated as a second round pick, and Keith Law ranks Murray as the 36th best prospect for the draft. However, I don’t know if a team would draft him that high knowing Murray is planning on starting at QB for Oklahoma this fall. If he excels at it, he may opt for the NFL long term.

  3. I don’t follow the draft process very closely but I just can’t see a guy like Madrigal going 1-3. Not for my money. Where’s the upside? Is a future #3 hitter? I dont see it.

    1. I understand where you are coming from, but let me be Devil’s advocate..

      If Altuve or Pedroia we’re available at 1.3, would you take them? Indeed you would…

      Wonder how much money those players have made for Madrigal? Certainly there is a bias against him (and to Murray’s sentiment, probably justified for all but a tiny few exceptions), but the recent performance of these 2 players I think gives GM’s reason to pause to discount them as an early 1st round pick.

  4. Understanding you always take the best player on the board especially in baseball draft, I would like to see them add as many quality bats as possible in this draft given that , after graduations to the big league club, the pharm system has a lot of arms and very few high end bats.

  5. but please, for the love of god, no high floor , low ceiling, hit tool speciality Ofs with the 3rd pick

    1. And the worst thing about his top picks is that aside from the low ceilings, they often don’t even hit!!!! I can tell you for sure that this missing on high draft picks will not sit well with John Middleton or the others in FO. A big miss this time could easily cost him his job.

      1. I could see at 1-3 someone who may move quickly thru org. The team is moving on from rebuild to potential contender as early as this year or next year. Finding someone who could at least start out in A ball and possibly move up a level or 3 this year would work for the Phils timeline. This type of pick would not surprise me. But none the less pick the best player available

  6. Hinkie…good work and analysis.
    When you get a chance, can you see what the analysts, e.g., Heyman, Law, Longenhagen, McDaniel, Morosi, Mayo and Callis (MLB), and the BA crew, are saying about how the Tigers and Giants are leaning, based on need or wants, and who they may select in the draft?

  7. i wanted to post this video because a lot of our discussions end up dealing with the pros/cons of drafting high school vs. college players. While everyone has their opinion, and there is no definitive rule of thumb, I thought these insights from a former MLB player (one drafted both out of high school and in college) offer some perspective on the more intangible aspects of each outcome, ones that don’t always show up in the box score:

    1. For some players, they’ve always had the dream to play for a certain college (maybe their parents went there and they’ve grown up a fan). A few might feel they’re not mature enough to be on their own. However, for the vast majority of HS players, it comes to economics. Is that kid being offered the amount of money he and his parents and adviser feel is enough? If not, the player will usually head off to school and look to better their draft position in three years.
      Just a note on playing baseball in college. Most players don’t get full scholarships. Some do, but most are on partial scholarship. I think the NCAA might allow 12 scholarships per school. College coaches may split a scholarship in half between two players or split a scholarship in thirds between three players.
      Unless you’re among the most elite HS players in the country, I think a good rule of thumb should be … sign (out of HS) if offered at least 600 thousand dollars.

      1. Do I recall that either MLB or individual teams can offer tuition assistance in the event that a player does not make it to the majors? So, something to the effect of “hey, we will give you a $500,000 signing bonus to pass up college, and if you do not make it to the majors within x years, we will pay up to x thousand dollars for you to go to college?

        I saw a reference to this, but it was “for players drafted prior to 2007”. This still around? Is this a negotiated part of a contract?


    don’t over think it. we need top end pitching. the last three drafts prove that Almaraz can’t project hit tool well.

    growth the arms…buy the bats. Don’t over think it.

    1. I think this flawed projection of hit tool is prevalent throughtout the evaluation process in baseball because, if memory services me, Randolph was supposed to have the best high school bat in the draft and Haseley went exactly where he was projected to go in the draft
      only moniak was really a reach

    2. Best Player Available at 1-3.
      #1 Casey Mize if he somehow makes it (iffy MRI) to the Phillies
      #2 Nick Madrigal
      #3 Alec Bohm

      For me, you are overthinking it by eliminating a near MLB ready bat for a pitcher ranked further down your board.

      1. I guess the best way to put it is … you start overthinking things when you pass on the BPA for any reason other than injury/fear of future injury. If you skip the best player because he doesn’t fill a position of need or you can get another guy at a cheaper price, you are overthinking.
        TBH … at this point, the Phillies farm system has a more healthy flow of arms than bats, anyway. You can make the argument only one (Sixto) has “ace” potential. But … none of the draft eligible guys (other than Mize) screams “ace”, either.

      2. I for one would keep just Haseley of the three.
        Allard has had two back procedures or surgeries prior to the draft…..backs, like shoulders, can be pitcher killers.
        That is one of the reasons Allard fell further down the draft board.

      3. First, I’ll start by saying I was in favor of pitchers in 2016 (Cal Quantril at 1-1) and 2017 (Shane Baz if Pavin Smith was off the board [and he was]). We have no idea if the Phillies ranked Allard, Anderson, and Baz as the top pitchers available when they were selecting. Ian Anderson was definitely picked because he agreed to a way under slot deal with the Braves. You are using a very SSS of HS pitchers picked with high first round selections. I could throw out names like Mark Appel, Kohl Stewart, Trey Ball, Brady Aiken, Tyler Kolek, Dillon Tate, Tyler Jay, Riley Pint, and Braxton Garrett; all were top seven picks over the last five years who have done/are doing nothing. Also, do you think the Pirates are satisfied with their selection of Jameson Tailon one pick in front of Manny Machado? Sure, you can pull up instances where choosing an arm turned out to be a better option than the bat selected. But … I believe the record is clear. Overall, bats picked near the top of the draft do better than arms picked near the top of the draft.
        Anyway, I always respect your opinions, v1. On this, however, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  9. So Mize is the top pitcher by a mile so far.
    1. Do the Phillies reach for a pitcher @ # 3.
    2. The like pitchers in Brady, Rolison, Gilbert .
    3. Shane McClanahan scares me 1 . He’s has tj surgery already 2. His control ,command is worst this yr .
    4 . Gilbert really did good in the cape Cod. Rolison did too and he’s the only LhP .

  10. this is tough as a fan with Phils and Eagles both without second and third round picks at the moment, but at least they were used for guys that have helped the teams improve.

  11. Lots of anti Johnny Almaraz posts lately. I wanted to post this last week. I never got around to it. I’m not saying Almaraz gets a pass on his first round picks (Randolph, Moniak, Haseley), but I am saying sometimes the old saying “Too many chefs spoil the broth” rings true. The truth of the matter is those high first round selections have been more of a team decision, instead of a Johnny Almaraz decision. The Phillies got all kinds of FO people involved. We know (at least) Klentak, Gillick, and Manuel were all involved in the Moniak and Haseley picks. RAJ had a hand in the Randolph pick. The record shows Almaraz has a solid drafting record for the second round and beyond. The list of guys he has brought in to the organization includes Scott Kingery, Bailey Falter, Nick Fanti, Ben Pelletier, Edgar Cabral, JoJo Romero, Cole Irvin, Grant Dyer, Darick Hall, Kyle Young, Spencer Howard, Ethan Lindow, Nick Maton, Jhordany Mezquita, David Parkinson, and Jakob Hernandez. Kingery is already a core piece of the big league club. I have high hopes for a couple/few of the others on the above list.

    1. I agree with you that the “too many chefs” thing could have been a problem. A bigger problem would be that, due to so many voices in the room, rather than going with the guy the personnel person wanted, they went with a consensus or a vote – a bad way of picking players I think.

    2. Hinkie – to your point – I distinctly remember reading in either BA or some other spot that none other than Pat Gillick scouted Mickey Moniak personally and gave his stamp of approval on that pick as “an all around talent with a strong bat worthy of the # 1 slot.” Or words similar to that…..That pick was truly an organizational pick and everybody in and out of the kitchen was wearing the chef’s hat.

      Incidentally – thank you for the prospect review !

      1. for the last 5 years, i no longer trust Gillick and Cholly when it comes to scouting players. McPhail and Klentak should know better. The Phils will do better in trusting the national rankings than rely on Gillick and Cholly to draft the 1.3 pick.

        Johnny A. appears to do better in the back end of the Day 2 and the whole of Day 3 of the draft.

    3. His 2016 draft alone is a fireable offense – so let’s not act like the anti-Johnny posts are unwarranted.

      1. Nobody is disagreeing that these picks have, as a group, looked dreadful so far (jury is still out on Haseley whose start has been mediocre). That said, the Phillies have to fix their process. If those guys were not Johnny picks, but were FO consensus picks, then maybe he’s not as much to blame as we think – but we just don’t know.

        1. You’re absolutely right. But here’s the worst part of your post – Haseley has indeed been mediocre, and he’s the best of the lot.

          2016 could go down as an all time awful draft class. They certainly need to bounce back from that in 2018.

          1. Well, in my view, in 2016 a pretty bad draft class (there will be a ton of busts in that draft – so it’s not entirely the Phillies’ fault, but they didn’t help themselves) combined with a few egregious errors to make it a near disaster that is on the verge of becoming a full blown disaster. Here are the mistakes as I see them based on my assumptions of their thinking and their operations (which, admittedly, is semi-informed speculation on my part):

            1. Not going out and getting the player that they, in their hearts, believed was the best player. Rather, they were trying to be too smart by half – trying to get someone they believed was one of the best players, but who could save them draft money so they could get another player they liked in the second round. That’s a failed strategy. Get the best damned player and let the board come to you in subsequent rounds. BPA. BPA. BPA. Did I mention BPA?

            More in the next post (my posts are blocked if they are too long – not sure why – but it’s a computer glitch)

          2. 2. Drafting a skinny high school outfielder who was toolsy. This is a mistake that the Phillies have been making for 30 plus years. Go back and look at our cruddy draft picks and you find, again and again and again, that the worst draft picks we made were toolsy first round high school outfielders. It’s so bad it’s almost funny. I think it’s incredibly difficult to know if a high school kid can hit advanced pitching – it’s almost a pure guess. Add to that that Moniak was slightly built so in addition to the risk of a high school hitter, you add to it the risk of how a player would fill out. For a 9th round pick like Altherr and Dom Brown it makes sense – for a 1/1 – it borders on insanity in my view.

            3. Too many chefs. I think a lot of our recent first round picks, but especially Moniak, were consensus FO picks. You need to hire someone and trust that they will make the right picks, although you certainly want other people not to actively disagree with the pick. If the person consistently brings bad picks to you, you need to replace that person. But this group voting thing seems to be a bad idea. And, I will note, that JA seems to have done okay past the first round and his second round picks look really good on the whole – maybe even great. So maybe it’s not all JA – who knows?

        2. Haseley as starting mediocre……what synonym is that you are referring to?
          His slash for his first 319 PAs in pro ball, which seems to be enough for a good sampling, is 280/341/395.
          K rate-17%….BB rate-8%….not great, but not poor or below average.
          IMO, of the three first round OF picks these last three years….he has the best chance to crack the current lineup.
          And in 2019 sometime.

          1. Yeah, he’s been mediocre (.654 OPS, 2 walks in 73 plate appearances), but he’s jumped a few levels. The jury’s out and he could improve immensely over the year – we just don’t know yet. Is it average? Yeah, for a regular hitter in high A ball. But for a top 10 pick from college – let’s be honest, so far it’s mediocre. We’ll see.

            1. Catch,

              Haseley is hitting 310 in the past 10 games. Maybe he’s warming up.

              He was a touted bat in a major college program. I’ll be patient with him awhile.

              Having said that, I agree with your analysis overall.

            2. Haseley A top 10 pick college hitter who pitched for 3 yrs in college. He really only took off last yr . He was 18 -5 2.51 era in college as a pitcher. I think with Haseley it’s just seeing pitches. How really knows what some off these players are working onvat the start of the season.

            3. Wow we are a tough crowd sometimes. If we can forget for just a bit that Haseley was a high first round pick (look at what Pavin Smith is doing right now) and compare him to Kingery then we might find some room to let him grow and progress a little more.

              Moniak is such a different story because there you had the pick of the litter as they say and there were definitely 2 very strong college bats you could have went with (Lewis/Senzel)

              And absent a Bryce Harper, Carlos Correa 1:1 is a death trap historically. Just look at a handful of consensus best players or recent MVP candidates and where they went in the draft.

              Very few were 1:1 heck Mike Trout wasn’t even the Angels first pick when they had 2 picks in that 1st round. They took Grichuk with their first pick.

          2. Not a ringing endorsement of the current drafting strategy that out of 3 straight Top-10 picks we have 1 who “might” crack a starting line-up.

      2. Rick … maybe you have problems with comprehension (not sure), but I mentioned in my post that I’m not giving Johnny Almaraz a pass. The whole point was those first round selections should be viewed more as Phillies FO selections. Almaraz gets good marks for his second round picks. Scott Kingery was a HR selection. Spencer Howard is very promising. Kevin Gowdy is TBD. I haven’t given up on him. Gowdy is still just 20 YO for this entire season (he’d still be a soph if he had gone to college). It wouldn’t surprise me if Gowdy has a Jesus Luzardo outcome.
        Beyond the second round, Almaraz gets a solid drafting grade. I listed some of the prospects he’s brought in to the organization (above post) as guys who may either one day play for the Phillies or be used as trade pieces to bring in MLB talent.

        1. “The whole point was those first round selections should be viewed more as Phillies FO selections.” I’ve raised that as a possibility too, but you don’t KNOW that – none of us do. And even if it’s true to an extent – JA is the guy in charge of the draft so over a period of years, that responsibility will fall on him whether we like it or not.

  12. It is really unlikely that BPA is agreed upon by all the experts.
    Especially new age GMs, will pick BPA since they are all about ‘value’ and understand time for development and control. However, each team’s board will be different.

    I think lower ceiling often applies to college players but floor is better understood. Given the possible low upside realized this far on Randolph and Moniak, I would will expect Phillies to go with college player.

    1. Let’s hope Yusei Kukuchi (Seibu Lions) is a big Phillie Phanatic fan ! He’s my #2 FA target for the Phils this winter !

        1. 26 YO, LHSP. Throws up to 96, Average to plus splitter, slider, and CB. Because he’ll be older than 25, he’ll be a true FA (no J2 restrictions).


          I’m pretty sure MacKlentak will spend some of Middleton’s money on LH arms. Kikuchi and Patrick Corbin will be the two best options this winter. Zach Britton, Jake Diekman, and even Andrew Miller could be targets for the bullpen.

  13. I am with you there Hinkie, LHSP is a real need and this guy seems like a perfect target. Corbin, in a SS so far, has pitched himself into a big pay day.

  14. The kid from my HS where I teach that I mentioned before pitched yesterday:

    5 IP: 0 R, 14 K, 2 BB (which are rare for him). Only one ball in play which was a routine ground out. He reached 98 and regularly was clocked at 94-95. He’s apparently flying up the draft rankings- Linares (Lenny Torres)..

      1. Our baseball coach is my best friend and i can confirm the Padres are very interested in Torres. Wish the Phils could somehow get him so I could get some inside scoop for us on PP!

  15. Alot is being said about the Phillies last 3 first Rd picks.so the current Phillies roster.
    Knapp 2 nd Rd 2013
    Kingery 2nd 2015
    Hoskins 5th rd 2014
    Jp Crawford 1st rd 2013
    Altherr 9th Rd 2009

    Nola 1st 2014
    Mark Lieter 22 Rd 2013
    Adam Morgan 3 Rd 2011
    Yasksel Rios 12 Rd
    Also Quinn, Cozens, Milner, liebrandt, Austin Davis , Pulling ,Irvin, all at AAA some drafts are because the Phillies hit on players in the later rds.

    1. With the exception of Kingery, all of these guys were chosen by Marti Wolever and his team. At some level, I do like JA’s emphasis on strike throwers (Howard, Romero, etc. . . ) so long as those pitchers also show decent velocity. Marti had his flaws but he also didn’t have top first round picks for years (and some years none at all) and three of the better picks he had (Nola/7, Crawford/16 and Hamels/17) he really nailed. And of course there’s Rhys, who will probably end up as the best value pick (and one of the best overall picks) in the 2014 draft.

      1. I’m remember the 2014 draft everyone was yelling all college players no HS players.yet looking at it Nola, Hoskins maybe Austin Davis , Liebrandt would make that a good draft. Drafts take 4 to 6 yrs to mature more even so if there he players.

        1. Very true. I viewed it as a desperation draft (and it was!!), but it turned out very well. Two stars from a draft, standing alone, is a HUGE haul. If we got two stars out of every draft we’d be playing in the WS every year.

  16. According to Eric Longenhagen (today’s chat) SFG now more likely to draft Travis Swaggerty. That means the Philles would have their choice of Bohm or Madrigal.

    Any new draft buzz in the top 10 since your updated list and mock?
    Eric A Longenhagen
    I think we’d mock Swaggerty #2

    1. In the above scenario, EL believes the Phillies would take Bohm:

      If Swaggerty went 2nd, and Madrigal 3rd, would the White Sox target Bohm or Kelenic?
      Eric A Longenhagen
      If Bohm is on the board I think PHI takes him. I think CHW takes the college hitter who is left for them.

  17. I think the Phillies will pick Bohm depends on SF , Detroit.however is one of the Pitchers start pitching like Mize it could change.

  18. Well Hinkie, If it is Bohm vs. Madrigal, I leave it up to you. You had me convinced Madrigal has the legit Hit Tool, unlike some previous signings that were bogus hit tool players. Where are you on our pick or do you think it will change much by June?

    1. For me, it’s still:
      1. Mize
      2. Madrigal
      3. Bohm

      I won’t be punching walls if they pick Bohm, but IMO Madrigal is the more sure thing. As a matter of fact, Madrigal is a more sure thing than Mize. However, Mize’s ceiling as an “ace” makes him #1 for me.

      1. Johnny A. should be prohibited to draft HS prospects or any LH OF at 1.3. Once he do that, there’s a big chance that his pick 1.3 will not be a bust.

  19. Keith Law has thrown a new name into the mix for the 1-3 pick … Georgia Tech catcher Joey Bart. From KLaw chat today:

    Q) Any early buzz about who the Giants might take at #2? I would like to see an upside play like Stewart, but it seems like the general strength of the college players near the top, combined with their refusal to play the rebuilding game makes them likely to go that route. Thoughts?
    A) The current buzz is that all or at least five of the top six picks will likely be college guys. I wouldn’t rule out Stewart – Dick Tidrow, whose opinion really matters in the Giants’ draft room, saw Stewart’s best outing – but I could see the picks going Mize (1), McClanahan, Bart, Bohm, Madrigal, India, or something similar to that. Bart could go anywhere from 2 to 9, Madrigal maybe 5-9, Bohm 3-6. Mize is atop just about everyone’s boards, even guys who don’t like the delivery.

    1. Hinkie….A Bart selection means Alfaro stance with the team may be in question.
      And he may be another Alfaro at the plate-a power guy with some swing and miss faults…..he has a career 22% K rate in the AAC but carries a 10% BB rate. His power is plus.
      I really prefer Bohm or even Madrigal is it comes down to a positional player.
      Their overall hit toll is graded higher.

      1. Yeah, Romus. Catchers are almost as risky as pitchers. Give me Madrigal or Bohm if Mize doesn’t fall.

  20. Got a question in to Kiley McDaniel today that might be of interest to those of you who argue about not drafting BPA:

    To the best of your knowledge, do the Phillies still rank the top 3 college bats as: 1. Bohm, 2. Madrigal, 3. Swaggerty ? And do they put Bohm in front of Madrigal more because of organizational need, or do they believe Bohm is just a better prospect than Madrigal ?
    Kiley McDaniel
    To our knowledge, yes. No, purely on the eval. It would be insanely dumb to draft for need that high. Just get the best player and hope you have to deal with the problem of having too many good players. The 3rd and 7th best players in the draft may have a market value difference of $10 million or more within a year, so saving a little money on draft day should be a tiebreaker at most.

    1. McDaniel also answered this question:

      Between Swaggerty, Bohm and Madrigal, who do you think has the highest floor and highest ceiling?
      Kiley McDaniel
      Floor is Madrigal, ceiling is probably Bohm but it’s pretty close between the three

        1. rocco … just depends on your point of view. If you’re 5’6″ on shorter, Madrigal is not a small guy. Otherwise … yeah, he’s small.

  21. Eric Longenhagen has one eye on the MLB draft, and his other eye on the NFL draft.

    BTW … the Eagles first pick will be Michael Gesicki. Just throwing that out here.

      1. rocco … I knew they wanted a TE with their 1st pick. Gesicki didn’t make it to them, but Goedert is just as good. They’re going to kill defenses with their two TE sets.

  22. Big College Baseball Game Alert … Casey Mize and Auburn vs Brady Singer and Florida on ESPN U right now. Gator 3Bman Jonathan India (lock to be a 1st round pick this year) hit a 2 run homer off Mize in the 1st inning. Gators lead 2-0. Mize 3 K’s thru 2 IP.

    1. Wonder if MacPhail, Klentak, and Almaraz were in Florida tonight ?

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