Some Pre-Spring Training Videos, Feb. 26, 2018

With the Phillies playing a night game, the early reporting  minor league players got to take to the fields before noon.  There are a lot here.  New faces include Darick Hall, Quincy Nieporte, Danny Meyer, Nick Maton, Gunnar Buhner, Ben Pelletier, Yahir Gurrola, Connor Seabold, David Parkinson, Kyle Martin, and Josh Stephen among others.  

After loosening up in left field of Roberts Field, position players remained to run through some defensive drills while the pitchers split into two groups – some long-tossed in right field on Carlton Field and a few others pitched from the Seven Mounds.

During the infield drills, Buhner was at second; Drew Stankiewicz and Maton at shortstop; Zach Green, Cole Stobbe, and at third; and Meyer, Nieporte, and Hall at first.

Here are some BP videos

I was going to delete this because of all the pitchers crossing in front.  But watch the reaction of the last few (starting with Aaron Brown) as they follow the flight of his last swing which did clear the fence by a good margin.

It’s early, but his swing looks quicker through the zone.  It also seems longer and has a more pronounced launch angle from what I remember.  You can’t tell from this angle, but he is broader across the shoulders.  And his arms look bigger.

Sorry, I was distracted and kept filming from one to the other.  De La Cruz’ big leg lift was incorporated this spring, by Charlie I think.  Stobbe looks like he is completing the transition from shortstop to corner infielder.  He is starting to show big power.

This is Abrahan Gutierrez.  A young catcher with easy power.  As I watched this and successive at bats, I thought “what a steal”.  His physique reminds me of Jhailyn Ortiz. (Gutierrez 6’2, 214; Ortiz 6’3, 215)

Darick Hall’s first BP.  Broke Lakewood records for HR and RBI in a season in 2018.

Josh Stephen.  Only a few swings, but he looks like he has a different approach, too.

And, here is the schedule for the next week –

  • February 27: Athletic Training and Strength & Conditioning Staff arrive in Clearwater
  • February 28: Minor League staff arrives in Clearwater
  • March 1: All players arrive in Clearwater; check-in to team hotels
  • March 1: Staff physicals and meetings
  • March 2: Player physicals begin
  • March 3: Player physicals continue
  • March 4: FIRST FULL SQUAD WORKOUT (Sunday)

13 thoughts on “Some Pre-Spring Training Videos, Feb. 26, 2018

    1. you might be on to something, Walding had a hard base hit last night with the big club vs Yanks

      1. Walding is very athletic. Walding has a great a swing. Walding can field. Walding has genuine power. Walding draws some walks.

        But Walding has a lot of difficulty with pitch recognition, hit tool and hitting breaking pitches and, due to these issues, it’s not clear he can succeed in AAA, let alone the majors.

  1. Looking forward to being there next week. Any ideas for 3/6 off day. Is there a B game that day? Intrasquad game at the complex? thx as a;ways for your reports.

  2. It’s hard to look away when De La Cruz is in the frame. This kid is huge. If you stood and talked with him and Young, you’d never see the sky, let alone the sun.

  3. Stobbe looks so much bigger, Moniak too. You forget how young these guys are and how easy it is for them to add muscle with a good off-season. Hall is huge and has legit power. Recognizing off speed pitches and keeping their weight back will determine the future of all these guys. Lots of upper cuts in those videos. Swing paths have certainly been worked on to increase lift.

  4. Gutierrez looks like a gamer with his size already and swing.
    Braves seem to come up with their share of quality Latin hitters..
    Perhaps another Gary Sanchez power catcher.

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