Results of 2017 Phuture Phillies Top Right-Handed Starting Pitchers Poll

Sixto Sanchez was selected the Best Right-Handed Starting Pitcher in the Phillies minor league system by Phuture Phillies readers.  Franklyn Kilome finished second, Tom Eshelman third, and Adonis Medina fourth rounding out the group of pitchers who received at least 10% of the vote.

Sixto Sanchez has the skills to be the top of rotation pitcher that Phillies fans long for he has a “big arm” and the ability to throw his upper 90s fastball for strikes.  He has been improving all of his off speed pitches – change, curve, slider.  Sanchez was dominant in Lakewood with a 5-3 record and a 2.42 ERA.  He had a 1.2 BB/9 and 8.6 K/9 in 67.1 innings. He limped to an 0-4 record in 5 starts in Clearwater.  He walked as many batters (9) in 27.2 Advanced A innings as he had in Lakewood.  He looked strong in Instructs as he worked on improving his curve and change.

Player Votes Pct.
Sixto Sanchez 131 18%
Franklyn Kilome 95 13%
Thomas Eshelman 85 12%
Adonis Medina 71 10%
Seranthony Dominguez 64 9%
Nick Pivetta 48 7%
Drew Anderson 40 5%
Jose Taveras 35 5%
Francisco Morales 28 4%
Ben Lively 22 3%
Zach Eflin 22 3%
Spencer Howard 21 3%
Jacob Waguespack 15 2%
Harold Arauz 10 1%
Jake Thompson 7 1%
Mark Leiter 5 1%
Alejandro Requena 5 1%
Mauricio Llovera 4 1%
Mark Appel 3 0%
Felix Paulino 3 0%
Tyler Viza 2 0%
Edgar Garcia 2 0%
Ramon Rosso 2 0%
Julian Garcia 2 0%
Andrew Brown 2 0%
Henderson Alvarez 2 0%
Tommy Bergjans 1 0%
Luis Carrasco 1 0%
Sandro Rosario 1 0%
Gustavo Armas 0 0%

Franklyn Kilome pitched at 2 levels, ending the season with 5 starts at Reading.  He went a combined 7-7, 2.83 in 127.0 innings with a 3.7 BB/9 and a 7.3 K/9.

Tom Eshelman pitched at 2 levels, ending the season at Lehigh Valley after 5 starts at Reading. He went a combined 13-3, 2.40 in 150.0 innings with a 0.8 BB/9 and a 6.1 K/9.

Adonis Medina made 22 starts at Lakewood.  He went 4-9, 3.01 in 119.2 innings with a 2.9 BB/9 and a 10.0 K/9..

Seranthony Dominguez got off to a great start in 2017, and may have pitched hurt the two starts before he went on the DL.  He returned (early, I thought) and struggled with his command.

Drew Anderson made 21 starts for Reading, made 2 appearances with the Phillies, and finished the season with one start for Lehigh Valley.  He went 9-4, 3.59 in 107.2 innings in Reading with a 3.3 BB/9 and 7.2 K/9.  He pitched very well in 6.2 innings with Lehigh – 1.35 ERA, 2.7 BB/9, 9.5 K/9.

Jose Taveras pitched for 3 affiliates in 2017.  He started 16 games for Clearwater, 2 games for Reading, and 7 games for Lehigh Valley.  He accrued a combined 9-6, 2.22 in 154.1 innings.  He had a 2.3 BB/9 and an 8.1 K/9.  Taveras looks like he is using minimal effort when he throws a pitch.  He throws 89-91, touching 92-93 but he moves the ball around the strike zone and gets people out.

Francisco Morales went 3-2, 305 in his first season in the GCL.  The 17-year old threw 41.1 innings walked 20 (4.4 BB/9) and struck out 44 (9.6 K/9) in 10 appearances (9 starts). Morales already has a low 90’s fastball and can get it up to 95, 96.  He has an athletic body, stands 6’5, and weighs 224.  He sometimes has trouble being consistent in the strike zone, but he’s young and has time to develop.

Harold Arauz started the season in Lakweood again, but finished in Clearwater and even had an auspicious debut in Reading.  He was a long man for most of the year, but made 4 of 6 quality starts for Clearwater.  He finished 5-6, 1.97 in 96.0 innings.  Arauz throws his fastball in the high 80s but still manages to control the strike zone with a 1.5 BB/9 and an 8.7 K/9.

Edgar Garcia started 15 games for the Threshers.  He posted a 3-4, 4.47 in 88.2 innings.  He throws his fastball in the low to mid 90s and had a 3.1 BB/9 and 9.0 K/9.

Notes:  Ramon Rosso pitched well enough in the DSL to earn a promotion stateside.  After 2 appearances for the GCL Phillies, he was promoted to Williamsport.  He gave up one earned run in 9.0 GCL innings and looked too god for the league.  Ben Brown was the Phillies 33rd round pick in the 2017 draft as a 17-year old out of high school (from the same part of Long Island that gave us Nick Fanti and Kyle Young.  He’s 6-6, 210 with decent velocity and a feel for pitching.  Henderson Alvarez was DFA-ed and elected free agency.

7 thoughts on “Results of 2017 Phuture Phillies Top Right-Handed Starting Pitchers Poll

  1. There are some potential top of the rotation guys here. Sanchez and Kilome are very solid. Medina is another guy who could be very special. Morales is so far away but we’ll be talking about him as a potential TOR guy for a number of years.

  2. Solid ranking. Taveras and Eshelman are growing in me more than any other prospects. I see Sixto a bit raw still but the triple digit fb is something to look at (potential luis severino). Kilome just need to address is control a bid and is ready to move up. Good strikeout rates for several guys.
    Waguespack and Arauz are pleasant surprices. Wagy moving fast with a good and durable frame and Arauz with numbers like Kyle Hendricks in the minors.
    Sorry for Appel, I hope he makes something out of the pen.

    1. Who would have thought, that almost after two years, the two names that could possibly stand out from the Giles trade would be Eshelman and Arauz!.

      1. Guess that’s the benefit of taking the shotgun approach to getting back prospects in a deal. Hopefully one or two of them pan out and make the deal work…

      2. No one in lightyears. But, thinking about it more carefully, Eshelman and Arauz seem to have outstaning control and repeatable delivery. So fb velocity in some cases might not be the key indicator to assess a prospect. Unlike Appel who could not repeat his delivery. But again, that is just in some rare cases.

        I have the feeling that the phillies will trade several of the pitchers in this list, and may loose some to the draft.
        Romero, Wagy, Kilome, if unproteced could be drafted.

        1. Phillies aren’t going to let Romero or Kilome be drafted. No way they protect Wagy. Romero certainly not draft eligible this year. I don’t think Wagy is either, this is only his 3rd season..

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