Results of 2017 Phuture Phillies Top Corner Outfielders Poll

The top vote recipient for the Best Corner Outfielders Poll was Jhailyn Ortiz.  Top center fielder, Adam Haseley, finished second.  Cornelius Randolph was right on his heels in third position.

Jhailyn Ortiz led the Crosscutters offense with a .302/.401/.560/.961 slash, 15 doubles, 8 HR, and 30 RBI.  He was hit by opposing pitchers nine (actually ten) times and was successful on 5 of 6 stolen base attempts.  The big guy covers more ground than you would expect in right field and has a strong arm that he likes to show off.

Player Votes Pct.
Jhailyn Ortiz (WPT) 122 22%
Adam Haseley (LAK) 89 16%
Cornelius Randolph (CLW) 86 16%
Dylan Cozens (LHV) 58 11%
Andrew Pullin (LHV, REA) 38 7%
Carlos Tocci (REA) 37 7%
Jiandido Tromp (REA) 35 6%
Ben Pelletier (GCL) 30 5%
Damek Tomscha (REA) 10 2%
Cord Sandberg (REA, LAK) 7 1%
Cameron Perkins (LHV) 6 1%
Zack Coppola (REA, CLW) 5 1%
Jesus Alastre (LAK) 5 1%
Josh Stephen (WPT) 4 1%
Herlis Rodriguez (LHV, CLW) 2 0%
Jose Pujols (CLW) 2 0%
David Martinelli (LAK) 2 0%
Austin Listi (LAK) 2 0%
Juan Luis (WPT, LAK) 2 0%
Malvin Matos (WPT) 2 0%
Danny Mayer (GCL) 2 0%
Kevin Markham (GCL) 2 0%
Brock Stassi (LHV) 1 0%
Jan Hernandez (CLW) 1 0%
Yahir Gurrola (WPT, GCL) 1 0%
Carlos Duran (CLW, LAK) 0 0%

As I mentioned in the results of center fielders poll, Adam Haseley posted a combined slash of .284/.357/.405/.761 across three levels.  He will likely start the 2018 season with the Clearwater Threshers.  If he does, he will also likely be playing in center fielder.

Cornelius Randolph played the entire 2017 season with Clearwater.  He reported in the spring with an eye infection that forced him to play wearing glasses for the first time in his career.  In addition, he was asked to alter his swing to increase his power.  The effects were a lot more of his at bats ended with balls hit hard to his pull side. Randolph showed steady progress and finished with a .250/.338/.402/.740 slash with 13 HRs and 55 RBI.  His use of glasses resurfaced a couple time during the season.  Randolph is expected to start the 2018 season in Reading.

Dylan Cozens followed his 2016 campaign with 27 HR and 75 RBI at Lehigh Valley.  Good numbers until you look at his slash of .210/.301/.418/.719 and his 194 strike outs in 542 plate appearances (35.8%).  Cozens will need to exhibit the plate discipline he showed back in Clearwater when he had a K-rate of 19.9%.

Andrew Pullin had a great half-season at Reading (.308/.368/.556/.925 with 14 HR, 46 RBI, 43 K in 296 plate appearances, 14.5%), but struggled in his second half at Lehigh Valley.

Notes:  Among the rest, I saw several who played at the lower levels.  Damek Tomscha is a 25-year old who completed his 4th season with the Phillies.  He has put up respectable numbers in each of his three, full season years.  He hit above .300 at both Clearwater and Reading in 2017.  Jose Pujols looked bad for most of the 2017 season.  His inability to hit or lay off, off speed pitches led to a steady diet of them.  After being relegated to fourth outfielder, He started to show a glimmer of what he needs to be at the plate late in the season.  Danny Mayer (.255/.342/.396/.738) and Kevin Markham (.250/.369/.357/.726) had similar seasons with the GCL Phillies.  Mayer took balls at first base during Instructs.  Markham showed the speed to play all three outfield positions.  Jan Hernandez was moved from third base to right field and didn’t embarrass himself.  And, Ben Pelletier and Yahir Gurrola led the GCL Phillies with their .333 batting averages.  Pelletier has come into his own as a hitter, and was second on the team with 3 HR and 26 RBI.  Gurrola, drafted in the 27th round, impressed with his ability to get on base (.437 OBP) and his speed on the bases.  His numbers dipped when he went to Williamsport.

8 thoughts on “Results of 2017 Phuture Phillies Top Corner Outfielders Poll

  1. It’s a good thing that Ortiz is there because he far and away the best prospect of all of them. Still waiting for Randolph to exhibit the stroke that made him a first round draft pick with or without spectacles. He will have to fill the LF position due to defensive questions. Haseley along with Moniac will contend for the CF position. None of the other OFers seem to carry any special promise, IMO, which seems to justify the recent strategy of picking outfielders so high in the drafts.

  2. I’m very curious to see how “C” fares in the Arizona Fall League. Followed by a good season at Reading and we might have another legit left fielder prospect (or a valuable trade chip).

    1. Got off to a rough start yesterday…0-3 with 2 Ks and a walk.
      But those Braves prospect pitchers were lights out with plenty of Ks…especially Fried with 7 in three innings.

    2. “C” may end up as a really good hitter. I saw him hit a ball out of Clearwater’s field to right center over the fence, over the berm, and over another fence – so he has some legit power. I saw him in 2 games and he had at least 3 line drives (2 for hits) and a walk. He does work the count and struck out twice once because he was working the count the other was due to bad swinging which was the only at bat in those 2 games he did poorly. Keep an eye on him as if he starts in Reading he is only a promotion away from AAA and then enters into the discussion of being a possible candidate for the Phils ML outfield as a September call up or 2019 roster.

  3. I don’t think there’s been a prospect of Ortiz’s calibre in this system in quite some time. Ryan Howard didn’t blossom until his early 20’s before debuting in MLB at 25, and he wasn’t a mobile player like Ortiz is showing already as a “big man”. What’s most encouraging are reports that he’s progressing with uncommon plate discipline for a 19 year old. We’ll gladly accept a K rate of 20% if the rest of his profile/projection comes to fruition.
    2018 Lakewood, Clearwater later
    2019 Clearwater, Reading later
    2020 Reading, Lehigh Valley midseason
    Here’s to a MLB debut in Sept 2020 at age 21!

  4. Adam Haseley might be their second best OF prospect overall but I don’t see him having/developing enough power to play a corner position. His path to the majors is solely in CF…

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