Results of 2017 Phuture Phillies Top Center Fielder Poll

The winner of the Best Center Fielder Poll was Adam Haseley.  He had a considerable lead over runner-up Roman Quinn who had a small lead over Mickey Moniak.  Carlos Tocci was the only other player to receive a substantial amount of votes.

Adam Haseley was the Phillies first round selection in the 2017 amateur draft.  After a few games in the GCL, he spent the bulk of his first season in Williamsport before a promotion to Lakewood.   He posted a combined slash of .284/.357/.405/.761 that was greatly affected by his 7 for 12 in Clearwater.  Joe Jordan has already stated that Haseley will likely start the 2018 season in High A and implied that he will get an invite to major league spring training.

Player Votes Pct.
Adam Haseley (LAK, WPT) 117 31%
Roman Quinn (LHV) 86 23%
Mickey Moniak (LAK) 73 19%
Carlos Tocci (LHV, CLW) 64 17%
Zack Coppola (REA, CLW) 10 3%
Cameron Perkins (Phillies, LHV) 8 2%
Mark Laird (CLW) 7 2%
Dylan Cozens (LHV) 6 2%
Simon Muzziotti (GCL) 4 1%
Herlis Rodriguez (LHV) 1 0%
Malvin Matos (WPT) 1 0%
Keudy Bocio GCL 1 0%
Kevin Markham (GCL) 1 0%
Carlos Duran (CLW, LAK) 0 0%

Roman Quinn was on his way to a good season and a probable call up to the big club when he suffered an elbow injury sliding into a base.  Quinn is an exciting, top of the order player.  A difference maker.  He spent the summer rehabbing in Clearwater and is only just now playing in actual games as readies himself for winter ball.  You will all be happy to hear that Quinn looks great.  He’s making solid contact, driving balls, running well.  My primary concern is that he still slides head first.

Mickey Moniak had a disappointing season, I’m not going to re-visit dissecting it here. But, he is young and will probably benefit from his return to Lakewood for the start of the 2018 season.

Carlos Tocci excelled in Reading where he posted a .307/.362/.398/.760 with 2 HR and 48 RBI, and started off respectably in Lehigh Valley before a season-ending 2 for 21.  Tocci signed on August 23, 2011 and is Rule 5 eligible again this December.  Word is that he will be exposed to the draft even though the Phillies expect him to be selected.

Notes:  I saw Zach Coppola and Mark Laird in Clearwater.  They are essentially the same type of player – great defense, slap hitters, speed on the bases.  Cameron Perkins and Dylan Cozens showed that they can plug center field if needed but neither is a career center fielder.  Herlis Rodriguez is a free agent this off season.  And, Simon Muzziotti represents the next wave of great defensive center fielders coming through the system. The Phillies signed him after Baseball voided his contract with the cheater Red Sox.  He’s an exciting, young player who can cover center field and get on base.  He struck out just 8 times in 141 GCL plate appearances (5.7%).  He was promoted to Clearwater for a weekend series when the Threshers needed bench depth.  An injury afforded him the opportunity to play the Saturday and Sunday games.  He opened eyes going 2-7 with a stolen bases and 2 runs scored.  Kevin Markham covers a lot of ground no matter which outfield position he mans and is patient at the plate.


20 thoughts on “Results of 2017 Phuture Phillies Top Center Fielder Poll

  1. Given Tocci’s progress this reason, why leave him vulnerable to Rule 5, especially when they expect him to be selected.

    1. I agree. Tocci likely maxes out as 5th OF. But he is still young with potential to develop a little more power as other players have after a few years in the majors.
      With his 3 option years he could be useful shuttling back and forth to LHV. Or just as 5th OF this year since probably not much more learning he can do in minors.

      I’d rather protect Tocci than Pullin due to his versatility and that Pullin may not be selected. Also, Pullin would not be a free agent if not selected or returned.

  2. Tocci should obviously be protected. His avg & on-base plus defense is what the young Philadelphia team needs off the bench or for the depth with injuries. He’s still young as he just turned 22 end of August to fill out more just as Scott Kinger did last off season.

  3. I like to think Simon Muzziotti will be a future player in the mold of an Enders Inciarte.
    Sox scouts had him profiled as a Jacoby Ellsbury type player when they signed him..

  4. I love Quinn’s ability to change a game. He’s unique and I expect/hope he makes the team as the 4th OF next year. His health will determine how much he plays in the next few years. Haseley had the look of a future starter in late 2019. Let’s hope. As for Tocci, he’s someone that has stirred more debate here than anyone. Does he have the look of a future starter? Not to me. Does a possible 5th OF get selected in rule 5? Maybe, maybe not. The 40 spots aren’t finalized yet but I would protect pitching before him. As for Moniak, we all hope for a bounce back year but it’s pretty discouraging so far. Muzzioto could turn into a very good player.

      1. jeffo,

        Cozens is polarizing.

        There are mixed feelings about the others, but there seems to be general consensus about them:

        Quinn, a great prospect if he can stay healthy
        Tocci, a fine prospective defensive reserve but he needs more bat power
        Moniak, disappointing season, but fingers-crossed he was just tired from his first full season of pro ball.

        1. Tocci was polarizing when some of us (including myself) thought he would add weight.

        2. I think consensus on Cozens is he could be a good major leaguer if he struck out a lot less.

  5. Quinn, if he stays healthy is a guy that would help any team. Cozens is big and fast but if you strike out half the time you are not going to help anybody. Pullin, admittedly my favorite hits with power. He was a leader in just about every stat except strikeouts for all of minor league. I wonder where he would be progress wise if he had stayed at 2nd base. A line driving 2B has some value. To early on Moniak to tell, but did not look all that good this year. Going to be interesting to see if Tocci has any interest from other organizations. Who needs a single hitting outfielder? JMHO 🙂

    1. If Pullin is your favorite…here is a fun comp you may like.
      Pullin age23 season at AA and AAA: 550 PAs
      43 doubles 3 triples 20 HRs 69 RBIs .272/.327/.488

      Daniel Murphy age23 season at A-AA-AAA: 426 PAs
      26 doubles 1 triple 13 HRs 69 RBIs .315/.379/ 493

      But also their respective K and BB rates.
      Andrew Pullin…..K-17%…..BB- 6%
      Daniel Murphy….K- 11%….BB- 9%

      We all know projections based on comps are not indicative of future predictive accuracy.

    1. See Honcho below’s link on Inciarte.
      Tocci is the type of player, OFer, that only parcels in as a CFer.
      As a corner he has little SLG/ISO, so it will depend on what team will have a need for him as a CFer or a 4th/5th oFer perhaps.

  6. Phillies are one of the worst teams in baseball. If we selected Carlos Tocci to be on our 25-man for a full year, I would be pissed. I’d rather have someone with more potential than him. What really is his ceiling? .280 hitter with zero power, few walks, 10-15 steals, and maybe 25 doubles? That’s not a major leaguer. Let him be exposed. Hopefully the mets take him and he dies there like all great promising players, lol.

    1. I feel the same way about Quinn. Though I do think his game may play well off the bench.
      Today’s game is a power game especially at CBP.
      How can the Phillies expect Quinn to take a regular outfield position when he’s hurt all the time and has little power?
      Now off the bench as a pinch runner,defensive replacement,or to lay down a bunt that might be a different story.He also has some infield experience so that could pay off.

  7. I’m still a big Cozens booster — big in-game power. I’m hoping he just needs more time to adjust to AAA-MLB level breaking balls and command. But really, how can he get 6 votes as our best CF prospect. Cozens has never been able to play CF and he isn’t going to get any faster.

    My greatest CF hopes are riding on Moniak.

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