Box Score Recap – 8/24/2017

Here is the box score recap.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB..

Lehigh Valley beat Syracuse, 5-1.  Brandon Leibrandt (5-3, 4.01) tossed six shutout innings. Rehabbing Casey Fien (1.38) pitched two no-hit innings.  And Joe DeNato (5.40) gave up a run on a solo HR in the ninth.  Leibrandt picked another runner off first base.  Dylan Cozens (.218) hit 2 HR (25), his first since July 22nd.  He had 3 RBI (69).  The 5 RBI he had the past 2 nights were the first since August 10th (which was his only RBI since July 22nd).  Carlos Tocci (.250) and Brock Stassi (.278) also had 2 hits each.  Scott Kingery (.306) extended his hitting streak to 22 games.  J.P. Crawford (.241) had a hit and 2 walks.

Reading rode a 3-run HR by Damek Tomscha (4) in the first inning to a 4-2 victory over Harrisburg.  Tyler Viza (9-9, 5.48) allowed one run in six innings.  Tom Windle (4.53) gave up a run and struck out three in two innings.  Victor Arano (4.67) picked up his 8th save. Tomscha (.317) and Zack Coppola (.257) had 2 hits each.  Coppola stole his 27th base.

Clearwater came from behind to beat Fort Myers, 8-5, but Dunedin rallied in the ninth to keep pace.  The Threshers need to gain a little on the Blue Jays so that their season-ending 4-game series means something.  Edgar Garcia (4.52) was ejected in the third inning after he hit a batter with a 94 MPH fastball one out after giving up a 2-run HR.  The pitch was up and in.  Tyler Gilbert (1-6, 3.16) earned the win with three one-hit innings.  He struck out three while allowing an unearned run.  Luke Leftwich (2.70) struck out six in three innings. Seth McGarry (2.10) earned his 18th save.

The Threshers rebounded with 2 runs in the bottom of the first to take a 2-1 lead.  Mark Laird (.286) tripled on the first pitch to right center field.  He scored on Jose Gomez (.242) infield single into the 5-6 hole.  He moved to second on Cornelius Randolph’s (.251) single and scored n Jose Pujols’ (.196) RBI line drive single to right field.  After the theatrics in the top of the third, the Threshers took the lead for good with 5 runs in the bottom of the inning.  Wilson Garcia (.268) tripled to start the third and scored on a ground out.  Jose Pujols tied the game with a blast (8) into the bullpen.  Austin Bossart (.247) and Grenny Cumana (.246) singled and Emmanuel Marrero (.255) walked to load the bases.  Laird and Gomez hit RBI singles and Garcia was hit by a pitch to account for the next three runs. Bossart’s bases loaded SF in the sixth tacked on the seventh and final run.

Gomez had 3 hits (2 infield).  Laird, Pujols, Bossart, and Cumana had 2 each.  Pujols (28) and Gomez had 2 RBI each.

Garcia had only thrown 39 pitches when he was ejected.  He threw three 3-ball counts and walked all 3 batters.  He thre 22 strikes (56.4%).  Except for the 3 at bats where he walked batters he had decent control, throwing 10 of 14 first pitch strikes.  He threw 27 FB.  They ranged 91-95 MPH.  His FB sat 92-94 MPH.  He hit 95 once in the first inning, on his 5th pitch.  Both of his strike outs came swinging at off speed pitches (84 and 85 MPH).  In fact, all his swing and miss came on off speed pitches – the two above plus 3 more at 84, 87, and 85 MPH.  His FB was hit hard for 2 doubles, a triple, and a home run.

Lakewood collected 12 hits but lost 11-5 to Hagerstown.  Three BlueClaws pitchers were pounded for 11 runs before Jake Kelzer (3.86) pitched a perfect inning.  Austin Listi (.247) had 3 hits and an outfield assist.  Darick Hall (.273) hit his 27th HR and had 2 RBI (95). Gregori Rivero (.250) and Raul Rivas (.283) had 2 hits apiece.  Adam Haseley and Mickey Moniak each had a hit.

Williamsport rallied to a 6-4 victory.  Will Stewart (4.44) struck out six in five innings but gave up 4 runs.  Connor Brogdon (2-1, 2.67) got the win with five strike outs in three shutout innings.  Luis Ramirez (2.08) picked up his 10th save.  Cole Stobbe (.203) had 2 hits including a triple and scored two runs.  Rodolfo Duran did the same plus an RBI.  Jesus Azuaje went ohfer but had 2 RBI.

The GCL Phillies lost to the GCL Pirates again, but the GCL Blue Jays also lost again.  So the Phillies still hold a one game lead in the division race.  They play a home-and-home series with the Jays starting tomorrow in Dunedin.  Jose Jimenez (2-2, 5.89) gave up 7 runs and Robinson Martinez (3.68) gave up two before Justin Miller (5.21) pitched two shutout innings in Bradenton.  Ben Pelletier (a little late, but pronounced Pell-te-ay) had 3 hits and raised his average to .335.  Keudy Bocio (.299) and Kevin Markham (.231) had 2 hits each.


  • 8/24 – Phillies optioned RHP Ricardo Pinto to Lehigh Valley 
  • 8/24 – Phillies recalled RHP Jake Thompson from Lehigh Valley
  • 8/24 – Reading activated 3B Mitch Walding from the 7-Day DL
  • 8/24 – RHP Mauricio Llovera assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
  • 8/23 – Phillies optioned RHP Nick Pivetta to Lehigh Valley
  • 8/23 – Phillies optioned CF Cameron Perkins to Lehigh Valley
  • 8/23 – Phillies recalled RHP Drew Anderson from Lehigh Valley
  • 8/23 – Reading sent RHP Alberto Tirado on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies
  • 8/22 – Phillies placed RHP Zach Eflin on the 10-Day DL. Right shoulder strain
  • 8/22 – Phillies placed RHP Vince Velasquez on the 60-Day DL. Right middle finger
  • 8/22 – Phillies recalled Nick Pivetta from Lehigh Valley
  • 8/22 – Phillies recalled Yacksel Rios from Lehigh Valley
  • 8/22 – Reading sent 3B Mitch Walding on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies
  • 8/22 – Lehigh Valley activated SS Matt Williams from the temp. inactive list
  • 8/22 – RHP Drew Anderson assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
  • The organization’s rosters are up to date.
  • The organization’s injury list is as up to date as I can make it.
  • The organization’s Rule 5 eligibility list is as accurate as I can make it based on the information I was able to find.

90 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/24/2017

  1. Good morning Mr. Cozens, we’re so sorry to wake you but now is the time to help the Iron Pigs. Plus yesterday was the 1st game, where he played the whole game and he didn’t strike out, since July 14. He did pinch hit on August 21st and he was intentionally walked.

    1. It’s the same for Pujols. He’s hit in 9 of his last 10 games — a .316 clip. He has 3 HRs and 7 RBIs but his 17 Ks are downright scary. He’s only 4 points away from .200. It’s a go to break the Mendoza line

    2. You have to wonder how losing your security blanket of a season and a half effects one on their trek to the majors (cozens/hoskins)

    3. Cozens is such an intriguing prospect due to his raw power. clearly needs more time in AAA. Hope he can get to the point where he is atleast a tradable asset as the major league team clearly needs starting pitching until the younger pitchers from single A start showing up in 2019-2020

      1. srussell….if I were to put a label on Cozens….he would be the next coming of Russell Branyan.

        1. That’s a very good comp – I’m not sure you can find one better. Branyan’s age 23 AAA season was much like Cozens’ 2017 season. The lesson I take from guys like Branyan is that, in the long run, these players either usually fail or produce little value. I think they need to bring him back to AAA for 2018 to see what he does, but we need to have realistic expectations for him and his career – those expectations should be modest and, frankly, it’s hard to see where he fits in as an outfielder on this team in the long run. If the NL had a DH, it would be different, but it doesn’t.

          1. For me, his high-water mark is probably Joey Gallo. Gallo had a bit higher walk rate at AAA and is about a year younger but their other AAA numbers are fairly close.

            1. I guess we all know what to expect from a Dylan Cozens….hopefully he surprises us and this time next year, we are talking about him like we are talking about Hoskins over these last two weeks

            2. Gallo was considered a much better prospect. He has more power and walks more than Cozens.

            3. If Cozens is going to be as good as Gallo is now, he’ll have to do it a different way. He doesn’t have the same power and doesn’t draw as many walks, so he really can’t afford to strike out as much as Gallo does.

            4. In his 2016 season in AAA Gallo hit 25 HR’s with an ISO of .209 and walked at a 16% rate..

              This season at AAA, Cozens has hit 25 HR’s with an ISO of .209 with a walk rate of 10.3%..

              I would say they have about the same power. Gallo increased his walk rate from his first year in AAA from 11.8% to 15.7% the next year.

              Can Cozens increase his rate by 4% from one season to the next?

            5. Cozens’ walk rate is almost as high as it’s ever been. Gallo’s rate in his first AAA season was low for him and rebounded the next year. Basically no, I don’t think cozens will ever walk as much as Gallo.

        2. ugh, sadly, you’re probably right. Always wondered why its so hard to teach cutting down on a person’s swing with 2 strikes and just putting the ball in play

          1. People forget that Cozens knows how to cut down on his swing. He was told to do so in Clearwater in 2015. The result was a .282/.335/.411/.746 slash, 19.89 K% (79K/397PA), but only 26 walks (6.5%) and 5 HR (1 every 79 PA).

        3. only difference is I do think he’s a little more athletic than Branyan was given his football background

          1. Ironically…Mike Schmidt says the same thing about the two-strike approach…’choke and stroke”….but when he played he led the league in strike-outs 4 times and ranks 10th on the all-time list.
            So it must be easier said than done.

        4. Russell Branyan was by no means a good major league player, but I have one great memory of his Phillies career – watching him bury the Nats in a game in an important series around this time of year in 2007, This was back when it felt like the team was never out of a game and would always seem to come back and make it close at the end of a game no matter what.

          Branyan had 9 ABs for the Phillies that year and 2 HRs, ha! I hope Cozens’s Phillies career is better, to say the least.

  2. What a treat to wake up and see the old box score recaps are back. Thanks so much for your hard work Jim! Hopefully the negativity and trolling stays out of the comments!

    1. I don’t want to make a big deal out of “negativity” but voicing concern, anguish or just plain old disappointment is fine on this site. Someone, almost always, comes back with a counter-argument and the chase in on. It gets boring after a while but I just glance through these types of things and try to find the next thread. A lot of “negativity” is never good but a lot of “positivity” (is that a word?) can be just as bad. When I was a kid my father loved to watch Sunday afternoon football. He’s sit down with his glass of Ballentine Ale and get ready for football. He would always get angry when Al DeRogatis was the football announcer. He’d always say this guy would say after every play that this running back was great or this quarterback was the best.. Every player can’t be the best. He didn’t care if he just said what was happening, but then to add that this was the greatest 4 yard carry he’d ever seen, just made him angry. To just hear that Hoskins is the best 1st baseman ever or Kingery will be in the Hall of Fame etc etc, is not what I want to read. It’s the warts on these guys that make for some interesting conversation. I’ll admit, it gets out of hand once in a while but that’s baseball.

      1. Bellman – nobody knows how good Rhys Hoskins will be in the long run, but can you just let us enjoy the moment? We don’t get too many of these as Phillies fans.

        Look I agree with you that reading a ton of Pollyanna comments about players can be annoying, but what we’ve seen from Rhys provides real hope. He’s not a perfect player, but he appears to be pretty darned good.

        1. I think he’s saying that pointing out how poor Randolph and MM have been doesn’t mean that person doesn’t like them or want them to succeed. People are just being honest.

        2. Nobody is saying anything bad about Hoskins though. If he were hitting these home runs with a 30% k rate and 5% walk rate, I’m sure someone would bring it up. Justifiably.

          Luckily, he’s killing it from whatever angle you look at so we don’t have to worry about that right now.

      2. Agreed. The worst day here will always beat the best day on I find the “negativity” here usually fuels passionate discussion and debate and is almost always respectful.

        1. Honestly I have never ever been on that site. I found this site when James was running it stuck with it through the winkleman/brad era and never thought of ever going anywhere after Jimmy took over.

          I’m proud of that…

          1. DMAR – if you are ever have the best day, don’t go to because the amount of negativity on the site is enough to ruin the happiest of persons day.

      3. The inflammatory, negative comments are an invite to the trolls from other sites to come and infest our board, IMO. Plus, you only see some of the negativity. The worst of it gets trapped by the language filters. Case in point, this from a new commenter –

        “If the current site runner doesn’t have the time or motivation to actually create content, then he should pass ownership of the site to someone who does. He wasn’t the originator of the site in the first place, and while he deserves credit for the time and effort he has put in over the years, he doesn’t have the right to let the site crumble into a useless shitpile.”

        The language and sentiment in others has been much worse.

        Now, he is right, I did not create this site. But, I did “create” the format I use for the Box Score Recaps. Brad did the Box Score Recaps until he left in 2014. He opened with a brief introductory paragraph and cut and pasted the org box score lines. He very graciously offered to give me his procedure, but I didn’t have the necessary application at the time to produce the same product. So instead of Brad’s 10-minute procedure, I “created” a lengthier process to try and duplicate his output.

        I investigate all the commenters who find themselves in the Pending Folder after the filter puts them there. Those with a history of commenting on PP get a much longer leash and survive the process. New people can find and have found themselves blocked.

        1. It’s amazing the garbage people write – as if you are there to take their abuse or follow their instructions. I feel sorry for the family members of people like that – what nerve!

          1. To me it’s more the misplaced sense of entitlement. If this or any other reader doesn’t like the format, content, etc. of the site, they are certainly free to start their own and do it better.. Just build it and they will come…

            Jim, as the person who took on the massive responsibility to keep this site going you do not need to justify your effort. If other want to create expanded daily box scores, go for it.

            On a separate note, I wanted to acknowledge John, V1again, and others who have offered up additional content…

        2. Jim –

          Please consider blocking the IPs of commentators that do not provide productive conversation. Thanks again for everything you sacrifice to keep this place running.

        3. Jim – I look forward to these write ups and conversations daily. This site is my main source of Philly baseball knowledge as I am in OK and they don’t cover the Phightins. So again, thank you for all you do.

        4. Jim … sorry you have to deal with people like that. I, like 99% of the people on here, appreciate all of your hard work.

        5. Jim, I certainly understand your perspective and as everyone else has stated so eloquently, I appreciate your commitment and dedication to making this site what it is over the past few years. You are a true professional and more in how you handle this in every way. If there is anything that can be done to save you time on the filtering aspect of this, I know I and I’m sure many others would be more than happy to chip in some money to help in whatever way we can.

            1. BB and Romus,

              Agree, also. I’m ready to write a check anytime Jim asks for help.

              Or, if a piece of software or equipment costs a certain amount, we can open a GoFundMe account and raise the amount needed.

        6. Jim…don’t feel obligated to defend yourself. What provide is a gift.

          If people want to help, let them volunteer to support, provide content, offer funding, etc.

    2. Him does a great job. I don’t know that I’ve seen anyone bad mouth him or troll him on here. Could have missed it tho.

  3. Cozens got me excited but D Hall is an amazing story too, he’s about to have 100 RBIs. Very impressive. Nice to see Pelletier keep hitting, he’s put himself on the prospect list. Kingery with a solid game at SS reportedly while he’s up to 22 games. Future is bright for this kid.

    1. Pelletier can hit…..and once he can increase his BB rate from 5% to close to or up to double digits, he could draw even more prospect notice.

      1. Pelletier and Picket have me pretty excited as position players low in the system levels that might really take off as they continue upward…

    2. I must be in the minority b/c Cozens doesn’t get me excited in the least bit. Does he ever become a ML regular? With his swing and miss rate and flaws against LHP I can’t see that happening.

      1. Rick – Cozens’ raw power and athleticism are exciting. However, his contact issues and K rate are big red flags. I think he would really struggle against MLB pitching and agree it’s unlikely he ever cuts it in the majors. I would love to be wrong and there is a chance he can improve, but it’s a long shot IMO.

        1. Pertaining to Cozens what we don’t know is if his K problem is just mental or is it physical.

          Obviously if he just physically cannot recognize pitches well enough to cut his K rate than no he is not going to be a big league player.

          If he is just too amped up and being too aggressive then maybe he has a chance. In his CLW season he had the rate as low as 20% and even his LKW season was a manageable 26%

          I’d want to ask him the question what changed?

          1. Is it Cozens that’s changed or is it just that he’s facing more advanced pitching and they’re exploiting the huge weaknesses in his game?

            1. Some of both naturally but I think he started selling for the power but I don’t know. I’d love to ask the question of someone who has seen him every night someone who knows what the conversations are surrounding his development to this point.

  4. Interesting stat on Hall and the LKW Park Factor:
    -20 of his 27 HRs are on the road.
    Next season in CLW or maybe later at Reading… he should rather easily top the 30 HR mark.

    1. Hall is the type of minor leaguer I look at like Tocci. You hope that they continue to show enough to have trade value. Hard to see Hall’s role in philly ( granted he’s only at Lakewood now) if we are all right about Hoskins.

      1. He’s had a great year. Imagine how much better his stats would be (and team records), if he didn’t miss those early season games with high ankle sprain.

      2. rrussell,

        One thing we don’t know is who the Phillis will lose in future trades. It doesn’t appear as of today that Hoskins will be traded, but, who knows? Or Hall himself might be valuable in a trade.

        It’s kinda like Hernandez-Kingery and Galvis-Crawford. Lots of options for the Phillies to take advantage of the talent beside playing one or the other.

    2. Romus, I have talked to Hall. He is a BIG man with great personality. A friend kept in touch with him during the season. I’ve heard he is extremely discouraged to still be in Lakewood.

      1. Yes, surprised he hasn’t moved up with all of the other post-draft shuffling. Not like he’s blocked by anyone above him at this point.

      2. That’s actually the most surprising non move of the season in the system. They kept him there to protect MM in the lineup I think. It’s not a good enough reason to me. The kid is 22 and needs to be at Cwater. All he can do is put up numbers so that’s what he’s doing.

        1. I’m a big believer in giving someone a trial at the next level when they have had a productive year so they can start developing a comfort level at that higher level, know what to expect and have a sense of what to work on in the off season. Agree Hall should be at Clearwater

      3. Jim……yeah, I guess it is discouraging.
        Hopefully he can get into a good winter ball gig.
        If the Phillies want to show some appreciation to him….he should be nominated for the AFL, play ball there in Arizona and still be there with the family while doing it.
        if not then the PR or DR leagues
        I think the Aussie league (ABL) closed their doors to American players, I am not sure.

      4. Jim,

        I remember reading a Joe Jordan interview several weeks ago in which he — at least to me — all but announced that Hall would soon be promoted. Wonder what happened?

      5. I think everyone is making much to much over Hall’s non-promotion. He will end up at the right level in no time. This is much ado about nothing.

  5. Iron Pigs; 8-24-2017

    Crawford @ 3B; Made a spectacular play (laying out) for a line drive to his left that was smoked and had LF written all over it. One throw to 1st was high and off target, but Stassi with fancy footwork redeemed him. At the plate a single and 2BBs.

    Kingery @ SS; Handled everything adequately. He had two really nice plays in the field, flashing really good leather and turning a hard hit ball into a double play. Kept his hitting streak alive by hitting a “dying quail” in “no mans land” between the CF, RF and 2B. I would have liked to see Scott go into the hole between short and 3rd and make the long throw, but the situation did not present itself.

    Mora @ 2B;

    Stassi @ 1B; had a nice game in the field, 2-4 at the plate.

    Perkins 1-4 at the plate.*

    Tocci 2-4 at the plate, average up to .250.

    Cozens 2 HRs, 3 RBI, 2nd home run was a laser shot that hit right on or a little below the “its outta here” sign in RF.

    Liebrandt 6 innings of good work, got out of trouble when he needed to do that. The fastest pitch I saw was 90 very early in the game. Most were 88-89. Off speed stuff was 77-83. I think he could put on about 20-25 lbs.

    Fien did a good job for his 2 innings.

    DeNato gave up a HR in his inning of work.

    * I think Perkins would be more successful if he would stop the aggressive bat wagging prior to the pitch. Some will say he stops it when he loads, but I have seen him get caught in-between so to speak as the pitcher is delivering the pitch. When I look at the successful guys they seem to have a much more quiet bat before the swing.

    1. I’m not giving up on Brandon Leibrandt for one fundamental reason – he sounds like the exact replica of his father – another lefty who sat in the high 80s and touched 90 with a steady diet of difficult to hit breaking stuff that broke just out of the strike zone. He’s going to get all of the advice and coaching he needs from the man in whose foot steps he walks. We should keep an eye on him.

      1. LOL, I only wish he pitched in the era where a lefty could throw a pitch 6 itches off the plate and get a called strike like when his father pitched.

        1. I don’t think the difference is as profound as you suggest that it is. Most of the outs were from guys chasing pitches just outside of the zone and rolling them to the infielder.

          1. I agree. I look at someone like Leibrandt as a bonus. A below the radar prospect who if he contributes in any way at the major league level whether at back end of rotation, bullpen or trade is a pleasant bonus to the major league rebuilding. Got to have those type of guys

          2. But there is a profound difference in how hard guys throw now. The average starter’s fastball in 2002 was 88-89 MPH. Now it’s a little over 92. I think it’s probably fair to assume the average FB in the mid 1980s was somewhere in the 85-87 range.

            If Brandon had even an average FB like his father, I’d agree with you, but a starter who can’t hit 90 these days is basically a non-prospect.

            1. For righties, that’s almost always true, but there’s always an exception for lefties. I think Tommy Glavine would still be great today and Charlie Leibrandt wouldn’t be bad either.

        2. It wasn’t just lefties. I remember some of the late season and playoff games that Orel Hercsiser pitched. Great pitcher, but in some of those games he was consistently getting called strikes on balls 4-6 inches off the plate outside. Made it very difficult for the hitters.

      2. but I agree in that we have seen that guys who know how to pitch, Lively, leiter jr , maybe Leibrandt can atleast be contributing major leaguers for us while we wait for higher end guys to arrive or see the light ( ie Pivetta)

      3. Perhaps, Leibrandt and his father’s tutoring will bring similar success so far, as has Leiter and what his father Mark has taught him.

          1. The kid who got picked off last night had the look of a deer in a cars headlights. Liebrandt froze him, Stassi had the ball and there was 3 feet of space between the bag and the runner.

          2. I believe it is 10 pick-offs (PO) in 24 games pitched to date.
            The CS totals are already tabulated into the PO totals.
            But…that is still one heck of a statistic he can hang his hat on.

    2. I wish Perkins would wear batting gloves just one game and see what happens.
      I do not think they are made out of latex!

  6. Stobbe for me really needs to come on strong to finish the year it’s nice to see he may be heating up. I just want to see something positive from the top of that draft class, it’s been really discouraging this last month +

  7. Hoskins with another HR. Absolute laser to left field off of Quintana.

    It will be really interesting to see where the national publications rank him after the season given his brief audition in the bigs.

    1. Hoskins is more than half-way to losing rookie and prospect status. Thru 16 games he has 68 plate appearances. Once he surpasses 130 PA, he will be dropped from most national lists. So unless they shut him down, which seems very unlikely, Hoskins will probably not be on prospect lists after the season.

  8. Jim, we owe it to you. Keep the good work whichever way you deem fit.
    Today we have an intereting double header for Clearwater. We got the flame thrower Sixto Sanchez and the king of finnesse Harold Arauz. We got 12mph difference in their fast balls. I will look in the the scoreboard tomorrow to see how it all played out.

    Thanks jim again for keeping the good work

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