Box Score Recap – 8/13/2017

The affiliates have been emulating the parent club lately.  Sunday brought another day of multiple losses and a single victory.  Wiilliamsport had the distinction of winning although Ramon Rosso’s debut as a starter was sketchy.  The rest of the organization lost.

Lehigh Valley (69-52)  lost to Charlotte, 9-4.

Brandon Liebrandt had his second clunker in two starts, giving up 7 runs in 4.2 innings. Cesar Ramos (3.84) stranded 2 inherited runners but gave up 2 additional runs in 2.0 innings.  Michael Mariot (4.56) didn’t allow a run in 1.1 innings but did allow an inherited runner to score. Colton Murray (6.03) mopped up.

The IronPigs scored 2 first inning runs on Brock Stassi’s RBI double and Pedro Florimon’s RBI triple.  They scored 2 more runs in the fifth on a ground out and a Stassi RBI single.

Stassi (.295) went 2-4 with a run scored, double, and 2 RBI.

Liebrandt picked a runner off first base.

  • #3: Kingery (.299): went 1-4 with a run scored
  • #4: Crawford (.239): went 1-3 with a run scored, BB, K
  • #5: Alfaro (.241): promoted to Philadelphia
  • #6: Hoskins (.284): promoted to Philadelphia
  • #8: Williams (.280):  has exceeded the 130 PA limitation for prospect status
  • #11: Cozens (.218): DNP
  • #12: Quinn (.274): 7-Day DL
  • #17: Pinto (5-3, 4.11):
  • #28: Lively (7-3, 2.62): (39 days/42.2 IP w/Phils) 
  • Pullin (.229): went 0-4 with a K
  • Eflin (1-3, 4.10): promoted to Philadelphia
  • #31: Eshelman (8-3, 2.78): 
  • Leibrandt (4-2, 4.15): 4.2 IP, 9 H, 7 R, 7 ER, 3 BB, 5 K, 94 pitches
  • Therrien (0-0, 1.57): promoted to Philadelphia
  • Taveras (1-0, 0.00):

Reading (62-57)  lost to Richmond, 3-0.

Tyler Viza (8-8, 5.19) gave up 3 runs on 3 solo HR in five innings.  Garrett Cleavinger (6.34), Ranfi Casimiro (4.36), and Victor Arano each pitched a scoreless inning in relief.

Zack Coppola had an outfield assist (home).

Clearwater (61-59)  lost to Lakeland, 6-3.

After a 3-run first inning, Harold Arauz held the Tigers to 3 base runners and struck out five over the next five innings.  Unfortunately 3 runs has been enough to make the Threshers losers the past few games.  Casey Fien pitched a scoreless rehab inning.  J.D. Hammer (1.50) gave up an important insurance run in one inning.  Trevor Bettencourt (1.93) gave up 2 more runs in the ninth inning.

The Threshers played small ball to get a run back in the bottom of the first on Jose Gomez’ lead off single, Mark Laird’s sacrifice, and Cornelius Randolph’s RBI single.  They crept within one run in both the sixth and eighth innings on Edgar Cabral’s two-out, RBI double and Wilson Garcia’s solo HR (11).

Lakewood (62-58) lost to Delmarva, 6-4.

Adonis Medina threw 67 pitches in three innings of work.  He walked none and struck out four, but a couple errors extended innings.  Six hits, a hit batter, and 4 wild pitches led to 5 runs and (amazingly) only two earned runs.  Casey Brown (2.88) pitched four innings and gave up one run on fours hits.  Tyler Hallead (5.64) struck out two in one inning.

The BlueClaws scored a run in the third on Daniel Brito’s two-out, RBI single.  They added 3 runs in the eight to make the score respectable on Colby Fitch’s two-out, RBI double and Darick Hall’s two-out, 2-run HR (24).

Williamsport (25-24)  beat Tri-City, 5-2.

Ramon Russo made his Williamsport debut and pitched three innings.  He didn’t allow a run but gave up 3 hits and walked 4 batters.  He also struck out four.  He was yanked early after throwing 70 pitches (36 strikes, 51.4%).  David Parkinson was charged with an unearned run in two innings, but got the decision.  Damon Jones gave up 2 runs in three innings and struck out four.  Randy Alcantara (1.76) pitched a clean ninth inning for his third save.

Williamsport took an early lead with a run in the third inning on Adam Haseley’s SF.  After the ValleyCats tied the game, the Cutters took the lead for good with 4 runs in the fifth on Haseley’s bases-loaded HBP, a bases-loaded walk to Greg Pickett, and Josh Stephen’s 2-run single.

  • #7: (#1) Haseley (.270): went 0-1 with a run scored, 2 RBI, BB, SF, HBP
  • #13: Gowdy (still in Clearwater)
  • #15: Stobbe (.171): went 0-4 with 2 K
  • #22: Ortiz (.275): went 0-4 with 4 K
  • #23: (#2) Howard: (0-1, 3.57):
  • Pickett (.274): went 0-2 with an RBI, 2 BB, K
  • Stephen (.257): went 1-4 with 2 RBI, 2 K
  • (#4) Scheiner (.234): DNP
  • (#6) Guthrie (still in Clearwater)
  • (#7) Maton (.269): went 2-5 with a run scored, double, K
  • (#13) Fitch (.350): promoted to Lakewood
  • (#17) Listi (.293): promoted to Lakewood
  • (#22) Mims (.220): went 0-3 with a run scored, 2 K, HBP
  • (#25) Azuaje (.200): DNP
  • Young (5-0, 1.81):
  • Stewart (4-1, 3.20): 
  • J. Garcia (3-3, 3.21):
  • Carrasco (2-0, 2.61): promoted to Lakewood
  • An. Brown (2-3, 3.32): 
  • (#3) Seabold (2-0, 0.90):
  • (#10) Brogdon (1-1, 3.60): 
  • (#12) Parkinson (1-1, 2.84): 2.0 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 K
  • (#14) Warren (0-3, 5.28):
  • (#16) Dohy (1-1, 3.48):
  • (#18) Jones (0-2, 3.86): 3.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 4 K

GCL Phillies (25-16)  no games scheduled on Sundays.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.


49 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/13/2017

  1. Cole Stobbe is my biggest disappointment this year. Even with Crawford, Randolph and Moniak underperforming a good portion of this year, Stobbe still tops my list. He started with an uneven.220/.333/.463 in June. He hit 3 HRs and had 7 BBs in 11 games. It looked like something to build on but there was a big red flag: 18 Ks in those 11 games. July showed that the 18Ks from June was going to be more the norm than the exception. He hit .173/.239/.333 in July with 23 Ks and only 3 BBs spanning 21 games. August has been worse. He’s hit .111/.158/.194 with another 18 Ks over these 10 games. The former 3rd round pick from 2016 was rated 23rd in our top 30. He clearly isn’t top 30 now. He might not be top 50 right now. Some guys might point out that he’s transitioning to 3rd from SSand that he’s 19 yo. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bath water but you need an Electron Microscope to even see anything good in what Cole’s done this year.

    1. My disappointment is Josh Stephens, I Really thought he would take off. Also I cant believe how wrong I was on franco. he just is doing the same stupid things all year. In the minors he made the adjustments, but now he isn’t and a big big reason this team is so bad.

  2. Good numbers totally under the radar for Arauz. 9.5k/9, 1.5BB/9, ERA 2.15, and WIPH 0.90.
    It seems that he will only need a tick or two on his fb to make some noise. Apparently his secondary pitches are carrying him.

    1. You only seem to comment when you have the opportunity to point out Moniak’s “failure”.

      1. Or maybe Moniak fails alot. And I comment on it sometimes.

        Dont take out your Moniak anger on me. I’m not the one hitting .248

        1. Yeah it bugs me that an 18 year old has a repetitive motion injury
          Oh and Trolls bug me too

          1. Just don’t get how an injury that someone couldn’t help could bug someone else? It isn’t your career. Stuff happens. Sorry if speaking the truth is trollin’.

            1. Ha ha, nothig you just said is based in truth, why don’t you get that something’s can bother other people and not you. I don’t understand that, sorry if you don’t get that not everyone is gonna agree with everything you say but it happens.

            2. Also it’s Not Gowdy not pitching that bothers me it the plan the Phillies took that hasn’t worked out so far that bothers me

  3. The Threshers promotional birthday celebration of Tim Tebow tonight has got to be one of the most absurd and desperate I have ever seen. What a slap in the face to their own players. I have never seen them do anything for their own players, but hey let’s actually have a promotional night for an opposing player. Huge fail.

    1. That is asinine. I would not buy tickets just to avoid it. No offense to Tim Tebow (I have no bone to pick with him in particular), but he’s barely a baseball player and he’s not our player. What a stupid promotional idea!

    2. Yes, it’s embarrassing to the organization. I know that minor league teams will do almost anything to fill seats but the big league club should throw cold water on this one.

      Doesn’t matter who the player is, you don’t create a gimmick promotion around other teams players.

      1. Devils advocate: if you ask the players would they rather play a game in front of a packed house or an empty stadium they would all say give me the packed house.

        Additionally how many times have we heard that a player was discovered when scouts showed up to see someone else. So I’m kind of neutral on these MiLB promotions.

        1. I completely disagree. I guarantee these guys would rather play to an empty house than have their own org celebrate an opposing player’s b-day. This is baseball .

      2. Tebow took one of our players #15 from him and never threw him a bone.He’s greedy, taking up someone else’s chance at there dream,a person who cares only about himself, no matter what. He never said Thankyou.

  4. 2016 draft class +1 year first 3 picks results are bad to awful. Romero as our #4 pick is pitching very well. Irvin has had a solid season but 6th round pick Martinelli is also having a bad year. It’s just 1 year but this year has been very under-whelming.

    1. While the success of the early picks is the measuring stick of the draft – Johnny A.’s philosophy is to spread resources across the class and focus of certain skill set – ability to control the strike zone. So I’m evaluate the draft class as a whole rather than focus on the early picks.

      Between 2015, 2016 and 2017 – I still think that the 2016 will come out as the best draft class among the 3 Johnny A.’s draft class.

    2. We’re banking on 6th round picks? You know that if you get 1 decent player in a draft, it’s a success right?

      1. If you are happy if the Phillies get one decent player per draft how do you expect them to win a World Series? The Phillies would need one great GM engineering unbelievable trades and signing great FA’s to accomplish winning a World Series with only getting one decent player per draft. I’ll even add one decent LA signing per year. Do the Phillies currently have such a person?

    1. Now the debate begins how to play Hasely and Moniak together.

      I’m sure I’ll get attacked for this, but I would send Moniak to Clearwater for a week or two to rest/get his head right and then bring him back to Lakewood to split CF/RF/DH with Hasely.

      I think he actually deserves to be demoted to Williamsport for rest of season but I don’t think they risk messing with his head like that….

      1. As subpar as Moniak has been, there’s no way they demote him. Haseley will play left and Moniak in CF

      2. Agree with you there on the CLW rest period…..but season is over in 3 weeks anyway, so might as well let him stay there..
        Then again they may just let Haseley take some games in one of the corners if MM is left to stay at LKW.
        As far as Haseley is concerned….looks like the Phillies may be closely doing the ‘Benintendi/Conforto model’ trek to the majors.
        I am just not sure he will be ready to man the CBP OF in a year from now, like they were both doing after their respective draft years..

        1. Note that Benintendi and Conforto both have a career .900+ OPS in the minors, so their promotions were warranted.

          If you can hit, you’ll go up, whoever you are.

          1. Conforto was alway the masher…even as a freshman in college.
            Haseley and Benintendi are similar type hitters.
            The one factor that pron=balt slowed Haseley’s development these last trees years at VU was the fact that Brian O’Connor had him pitching also.
            At least that will change….and I assume, he should be at the Clearwater complex thru the whole winter working out, since his folks only live a few hours up I-4 outside Orlando.

          2. Not true for Kingery and the biggest reason I see given is the 40 man which is the same reason that could be given for Haseley. I personally think it is ridiculous that Kingery is losing out on valuable MLB experience so Ty Kelly or the like can have a 40 man spot.

            1. What’s wrong with Kingery? He was mediocre his first 2 years, and he jumped a level already this year. He’s at Lehigh in his 3rd season. That’s pretty good already. You would have more of an argument if he raked from the start.

            2. Yes, Ty Kelly has it now but during the Rule 5 draft it will be filled by an important prospect! Once you put Kingery on the 40 you can’t take him off.

          3. If Haseley becomes comparable as a hitter to Benintendi or Conforto, that pick will be a huge success.

            1. They ended their college careers at all about the same production level at their respective schools. But obviously, that is no guarantee of future success for Haseley..

      3. You won’t get attacked for your opinion. Just maybe comment a bit more than when it comes to Moniak “failing”.

  5. Romus, How do Haseley’s numbers stack up vs. Conforto and Benintendi right after they were drafted?

    1. I guess that you don’t care what I have to say about this Matt, but a don’t believe he was comparing Haseley to either of those players, just saying that they made a quick trip through the minors, which is what he thinks that the Phillies are doing with Haseley

      1. Exactly.
        Phillies are not wasting time so far with Haseley.
        Mets waited the following year to push Conforto up thru their system.
        The Sox did it both his draft year and then again the second year.

      2. I apologize Jeff, I am used to Romus having numbers handy and meant no offense whatsoever. My bad!

    2. matt13:
      Only NYPL in draft year…..331 .403 .448
      Two leagues…NYPL and SALLY…..313 .416 .556
      So far, the two,GCL and NYPL……295 .374 .416

  6. My favorite argument on is that the Phillies don’t have anyone worth a damn down in the farm LOL Top 5-7 farm for a reason. Phillies will trade for the big pieces.

    1. there’s actually some sense and truth in this argument. the Phils may not to trade some of the prospects for a legit star.

      1. It’s quite interesting. I firmly believe there is a big trade coming after the season.

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