2017 Post Draft Discussion; June 21, 2017

This is a continuation of the 2017 First Year Player Draft thread so we can consolidate all of our draft talk.  I will continue to look here for any information on signings that you find.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

I have a lot of new information.  I have seen the following guys in Clearwater –

  • #8 – Jhordany Mezquita
  • #9 – Jack Zoellner
  • #10 – Connor Brogdon
  • #14 – Zach Warren
  • #15 –  Alex Garcia
  • #16 – Kyle Dohl
  • #17 – Austin Listi
  • #19 – Addison Russ
  • #21 – Jakob Hernandez
  • #22 – Brian Mims
  • #24 – Kevin Markham
  • #25 – Jesus Azuaje
  • #27 – Yahir Gurrola
  • #31 – Danny Mayer
  • #32 – Santi Santa Cruz
  • and a player named Moore (ndfa?)

That would be Kipp Moore (thank you, Matt)

The pitchers took PFPs with the GCL pitchers already in camp.  The position players watched a scrimmage/practice.

This and other draft information have been added to our 2017 Draft Tracker. As more signings are announced, the tracker will be updated.  Be sure to share any information and I will incorporate it into the tracker.

Of course, all draft talk is encouraged here.  I will start new threads if/when the number of comments becomes too unwieldy.



96 thoughts on “2017 Post Draft Discussion; June 21, 2017

  1. Waiting for Long Island 33rd rounder RHP Big Ben Brown to make his decision.

    Along with fellow Long Island pitcher in the 35th round Brian Morrell:

    Not major college commits and could be signed.
    Phillies trying to keep the luck going in that New York area..Fanti and Young are from around there also.

    1. Romus,
      Morrell is a strong ND commit. He’s there now attending a baseball camp. I heard Brown has made his decision. Only have one source, and haven’t been able to confirm, but what I’ve heard is positive.

      1. Thanks Jim….not sure why I thought ND was a not a major college commit…probably thinking football too much when it comes to them..

      1. I’d say it is a reasonable request, and I don’t think Andy or any of us have a problem with reporting the BA and MLB rankings to Jim, but the tracker is read only so we still need some help.

        Good one though

      2. MLB rankings
        Jake Holmes – 132
        David Parkinson – 152
        Colby Fitch – 145
        Drohan – 80
        Hurt – 78

        Not sure how to get BA rankings. (That’s one reason I asked.) But thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Haseley signed for more than Pavin Smith, who was drafted right before him. I was surprised by that. So either Haseley thought he should have gotten more than Smith or the Phils want everyone to know Haseley is, was and always will be their man

    1. The second reason above would be maybe the dumbest reason ever to sign a guy over slot. I doubt even the Phillies front office would be so dense.

  3. Have been watching Dalton Guthrie the past couple of games. Looks like he can play shortstop in the big leagues right now. It would be great if he could hit a little throughout the lower levels. Wasn’t Emmanuel Marrero a college player, too?

  4. Just a couple of opinion questions for everyone. Once the Phillies complete their signings, does anyone after Haseley, Howard and Seabold slot on the team’s top prospect list? And which former draft picks get DFA’d to make room for the new players?

  5. Your weekly AJ Puk update:

    He made his first start in AA on Monday

    7 IP, 4 H, 2 BB, 7 K

    His combined stats on the season are now:

    68 IP, 48 H, 25 BB, 105 K and only given up 1 HR

    The regret grows daily…

      1. Oh I didn’t know you were in charge of this website. I thought Jim Peyton was.

        Go away loser. See you next year when you come here for a week after the draft to give bad opinions

    1. Why are you even posting this? The nature of the draft is that we’re going to hit on some, we’re going to miss on some. Let it go man.

      1. Because we are talking about the Phillies draft.

        And he was one of 2-3 players the Philleis were going to draft last year with the FIRST OVERALL PICK.

        Are we not allowed to critique the effectiveness of the Phillies front office in their drafting?

        Isn’t it useful to look back in the past to see how the team has done drafting? Doesn’t that help us evaluate the front office moving forward?

        The question shouldnt be why am i posting this? The question should be why are people getting mad I am posting it? Is it because they don’t want to face the fact that the Phillies may have screwed up taking Moniak over Puk? Why would that bother people?

        1. Because this is the 2017 DRAFT Discussion! No one is mad, probably just annoyed that you seem to be dwelling on the past. Moniak is doing just fine and he is younger.

          1. “doing just fine” is not the ideal description for my #1 overall pick.

            Maybe my expectations are higher than everyone else here. I dont know.

            As long as Moniak is “doing just fine” I guess I dont care if Puk is trending as a top of rotation starter or that Senzel is having a really good year at a higher level. That’s what everyone seems to be telling me.

            1. I’m fine with hearing about Puk and the road not taken. I see drafting history is relevant to an understanding of the 2017 and future drafts.

            2. the 2016 draft is only 1 year away and most prospects debut within 3-4 years from being drafted and probably another 3-4 years to determine if a prospect is a bad, good or excellent pick.

              don’t you think it’s premature to conclude about the 2016 draft? i have a lot of criticism about the McKlentak regime but I’m still withholding my opinion on the 2016 draft.

        2. TG you are a cantankerous fellow aren’t you. I think you are unequivocally right that we need to keep tabs on this draft as a measure to hold accountable the amateur scouting but…

          I think where you might be rubbing some the wrong way (not me I am entertained by it) is that when drafting at 1 you’re more apt to look foolish than most any other spot in the draft.

          it’s like playing a horse race sort of. You can play the favorite or take a field of 4-5 long shots what should you do?

          I’m not just watching Puk but I’m watching several other players from that draft.

          1. Me too.

            Senzel for sure, and Kyle Lewis in his short stint also looking better than Moniak.

            Thanks for pointing that out…

            1. NP but that said it probably is more appropriate in the open discussion thread since this one is for 2017 draft talk.

        3. He had so many red flags. I would say the fact he’s kept his walk rate so much lower than in college thus far, while keeping his k rate high, is rather fortunate for the team that drafted him.

          And it’s not like we were the only “stupid” ones. He was drafted 6th, so 5 teams passed on him and his risk.

        4. Tommy is a bit bombastic, but (so far) he was right on with his opinion of AJ Puk. I was in favor of drafting Cal Quantril at a discount. He’s been pretty good in his first year out of TJ. However, it’s still early. Mickey Moniak is in his age 19 season in A-ball, and is doing fine. For me, the fun of the draft is having opinions of prospects and following their progress. Another guy I touted on here before last year’s draft was AJ Alexy (pitcher from Twin Valley HS). The Dodgers drafted him in the 11th round. He is killing it in A-ball as a 19 YO. I’d love to see the Phillies send Pat Neshek and Howie Kendrekto LA for Alexy and some J2 money.

          Also, I would be schocked if Ben Brown doesn’t sign with the Phillies. http://tbrnewsmedia.com/ward-melvilles-ben-brown-drafted-by-philadelphia-phillies/

          1. Hinkie…Big Ben could be a real steal. he has an opp to really get stronger and elevate his velo…he came on strong thru the spring. i know that the Long Island/NY metro area is not considered a hot bed of baseball talent….but maybe the Phillies have discovered a gold mine in that area.

            1. After they get Brown signed, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make one more run at Billy Sullivan. I get the feeling they may still have a shot at him. He’s a local kid and they met with (and worked him out) before the draft. They must have a had a feel for how strong his commitment to U of Delaware was.

        5. If you want to play hindsight drafting, you’re going to be disappointed EVERY year. If you’re picking early, there’s almost always going to be a better player drafted after the one you picked. You make your choice, you live with your choice, and then you move on. If you want to play this game, I suggest you keep a list of the player you want drafted, and then in 3 years time, if you were right, then you can pat yourself on the back then.

        6. I don’t know you from Adam (or Eve, but I’d give long odds that Adam is correct) and I am not here all that often, but I might venture a guess that the reason people might seem hostile is the tone of your post, which is far nastier than there is any reason for. You might want to ask yourself why Jim felt it necessary to make his 10:49 am post.

    2. Wasn’t a huge proponent of Puk, but it would have been interesting if we drafted him, took Faedo this year, and Singer next year.

      1. DMAR…remember the Seinfeld episode when George’s dad complained to the Yankee official,….WHY DID YOU EVER TRADE JAY BUHNER!

  6. Anybody see Seabold pitch in College World Series? Looks very average to me. 88 – 91 can be found anywhere.

    1. Jeff…my understanding they may compare him to Tom Eshelman and his command and being able to effectively locate his FB.

  7. From Frankie Piliere (D1 Baseball.com) … says the 2018 draft will feature loads of hard-throwing HS pitchers. Probably a good year to have one of (if not) the biggest draft budgets:

    “The excitement of the 2017 MLB Draft may have just ended, but only days later the scouting world turned its attention to Fort Myers, where the Perfect Game National Showcase was held this week. A six day event showcasing the top high school players in the nation, the PG National once again acted as the unofficial kickoff to the 2018 MLB Draft scouting season.

    There was a distinct theme to this year’s proceedings, and given the current landscape of baseball at its highest level, perhaps it should not come as a surprise. That theme was velocity. A total of 22 pitchers topped at 94 mph or better. Throughout the week, a parade of tall, projectable arms in the 6-foot-4 or more range were marched to the mound, and while it’s early it certainly looks like we are in for a potentially outstanding group of high school pitchers to look forward to in the 2018 draft.”

    1. One of those pitchers attends the high school where I work. Perfect game paid for his flight and hotel. He went down threw 2 innings, 6 Up, 6 Down with 5 Ks. Sign him up!

  8. I have some thoughts here. Not to dredge up the mud on the 2016 draft, but the above comments deserve some commentary.

    First of all, Puk was the slam dunk 1st overall pick until his final starts at Florida. He was absolutely awful in those starts, not to mention he’s a tall lefty and scouts had concerns regarding his fastball. They didn’t believe going forward his delivery would allow for downward plain on his fastball. Also, he was asking for more than the Phillies were willing to go. I’m sure if he took a discount, the Phillies would have jumped all over it.

    Secondly, how on earth is Moniak considered a bust? Were there better options on the table? Yes, Senzel in his current form was better than Moniak, but we’re also talking 2 and change more years of experience. People forget Moniak has a raw profile. He’s only 19 years old. The kid is hitting .270 with 15 doubles in his first full season. He’s making solid contact. He’s learning how to deal with the everyday grind of Milb life, while also being mindful of the pressure. Moniak is no where near his potential ceiling.

    1. I’ve never come close to ccalling Moniak a bust. Not even close.

      I have said repeatedly that I thought Puk was the pick, and that Puk is performing at a much higher level than Moniak and that I rgret taking Moniak over Puk.

      But I certainly never called Moniak a bust.

      In fact, you can back and check the weekly Draft thread from the last few weeks and you will see that I’ve said more than once that I like Moniak.

      The problem here is that if you state an opinion that is in opposition to the echo chamber of this website, you are the bad guy and everything gets exaggerated, such as this idea that I called Moniak a bust….

      1. This forum is far from an echo chamber. Huge difference of opinions for tocci, nick williams, alfaro, now even crawford, cozens, our endless stream of #5 starters, etc.

        And lots of people didn’t like this year’s pick either.

        1. I don’t think this site is an echo chamber at all. I just think there needs to be some decorum in the way you disagree with a post or a poster.

          1. Absolutely. It’s rarely a problem, though, but sometimes things get a little too heated.

            But disagreement is paramount to a website like this. How else do we manage 50 comments on daily box score posts, and hundreds in weekly discussions? Only because we have such varied and intelligent commentary from the readers.

      2. Tommy,
        Perhaps an element of truth in the “echo chamber” comment, but not a lot IMO. In my experience here, the board seems pretty tolerant of diverging opinions.

        Part of the backlash (which really wasn’t all that harsh) is the repetition of the Puk progress reports. Pretty sure that most here understand your position by now.

      3. Wait a second here. You might night have explicitly stated that Moniak is a bust, but saying he’s not living up to expectations certainly implies that, right? You’re not a bad guy, I just wanted to provide perspective. There’s no finger wagging on my end. Just want to have a discussion, is all.

  9. Tommy Gunn was all on board with Puk, and an awful lot of us were also in love with Jason Groome. I remember the discussion going on for a long while. I recall hearing that Puk would end up in the ‘pen. The point being that I hope Moniak becomes a star player and now we have Haseley to hope on also. The draft is a crap shoot unless #1 is Bryce Harper or Strasburg and the Nats got lucky to stink at the times those 2 guys came out. Maybe 5 years from now Puk is in the ‘pen and Moniak is the Phils starting CF? That would be something!

  10. Matt after all i read about puk and seeing him pitch. I was not in favor of him. So put me in the wrong category about him, if guess. I thought he was really wild , which scared me.

  11. Got you on that one, Rocco. I was on the Puk train all along. I actually thought he could start in A+ which so many told me, rightfully so, was preposterous. I felt the Phillies were in dire need of a starting TOR high K southpaw.

    At the same time, I realized that the team wanted a guy (kid) that they could save $$ on and feed it to their #2 pick. I pushed for Puk all through the process but now I know we all have to live with the pick and hope Moniak makes it.

  12. Saw this on another site:
    … comp stats on Haseley:
    Last seasons of each at Univ of Virginia:
    Ryan Zimmerman – .393/.469/.581
    Pavin Smith ——– .342/.427/.570
    Adam Haseley – —-.390/.491/.659

  13. Kyle Hurt just watched video on him .Young kid with 94 mph fastball and a really good changeup. i want him to sign

  14. Jim Callis‏Verified account @jimcallisMLB 21m21 minutes ago
    4th-rder Jake Scheiner’s bonus w/@Phillies = $375k (pick 113=$473,200). Houston SS, huge 1st half of season, quick bat. @MLBDraft

    1. Good under slotting…$100K.
      dang…..cannot understand why they could not get Haseley for less than $5.1M.
      LAst year Moniak was a huge savings as a HSer and this year haseley as a college guy at 8….was a significant overslotting.
      Does not make any sense to me….Haseley should have been an easier sign at $4.5M or even a few sheckles less.

      1. you might not like this one thoughJ@jimcallisMLB 11m11 minutes ago

        7th-rder Nick Maton’s bonus w/@Phillies is $353,400 (pick 203=$208,500). Lincoln Land CC SS can do a little of everything. @MLBDraft

      2. Romus … the extra 320-thousand dollars given to Haseley is probably going to cost the Phillies the chance to sign Brady Shanuel (20th round) and Billy Sullivan (28th round). That said, I knew they weren’t going to save any money on Haseley when I saw the Braves go 1.3 million dollars over slot to ink Kyle Wright at 1-5.

        1. Hinkie/RAEF715…I am just not understanding the complete process with Haseley’s overslotting…maybe they tried and his agent didn’t budge. But yuo may be correct….Sullivan and Schanuel may not be signed

        2. I figured the Phillies would sign Haseley at slot. Didn’t understand why some (like John Y.) thought the Phillies would save money with Haseley, who ended up as an overslot guy by $320k or so.

          1. Probably the thinking is that a college guy has less leverage, unless they want to go back for their senior year and risk injury.
            Appel did it , but a lot prefer to make the pro move rather risk another year.
            What were the other college guys in the first round?
            Slot…under…or over?

  15. thinking about the emphasis of the Phils in drafting hitters who have strike zone discipline, and pitchers who already have command. Are the Phils simply saying that it’s really tough for a player to improve in those areas after they become a professional, or are they admitting that they don’t have the ability throughout their minor leagues to develop players like that?
    If they had drafted a Puk in round 1 or Alec Hansen in round 2, is there confidence they would have made the same progression with the Phils that they apparently are making with the A’s/White sox?

  16. and one more
    3rd-rder Connor Seabold inks w/@Phillies, $525k (pick 83=$676,900). Cal St Fullerton RHP, VG control, touched some 94s late in yr. @MLBDraft

    1. Well, an overslot of $150K…. the Phillies are making a lot of drafted kids in their top ten rounds happy.

        1. Oh yes….good catch…I am getting so used to the Phillies paying out more than slot ,my brain registered the ‘bizarro’ logic. So there was a savings.
          My bean counting days are over it appears.

        2. 8mark….actually I misspoke….misprinted…..the Phillies are doing rather well in the top ten with the college guys….sans Haseley.
          According to Jim’s tracker still have over a million to play with…..and once they get Lindlow and Guthrie they may be in good shape to get some of the HSer in the lower rounds.

  17. Dalton Guthrie had to be removed from Florida’s CWS game tonight in the third inning with a back injury.

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