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Around the System–Corner Infield

A second look at corner infielders.

Lehigh Valley

Hector Gomez, 29, Signed as a free agent in 2017; .252/.282/.490 in 147AB; 7 HR 22 RBI; 4%BB/14%K; .222 vs LHP; .265 vs RHP; .315 last 30 days; 41 games at 3B with 7 errors (.921); Gomez has become the regular 3B with the departure of Taylor Featherston and has done a real nice job since receiving more regular playing time.

Rhys Hoskins, 24, Phils 5th round pick in 2014; .294/.389/.593; 17HR 55RBI; 14%BB/15%K; .272 vs LHP; .305 vs RHP; .265 last 30 days; 68 games at 1B with 2 errors (.996); Hoskins excellent first half has been well documented; He has struggled just a bit of late but has hit for power and average consistently.  Excellent BB/K rate for a power hitter.


Kyle Martin, 24, Phils 4th round pick in 2015; .187/.287/.397; 13HR 35RBI in 214 AB; 1SB; 11%BB/29%K; .160 vs LHP; .203 vs RHP; .191 last 30 days; 58 games at 1B with 4 errors (.992); It has been pretty much a disastrous transition to AA for Martin, albeit while showing some power.

Harold Martinez, 27, Phils 2nd round pick in 2011; .239/.329/.358 in 67AB; 1HR 4RBI; 12%BB/22%K; .276 vs LHP; .211 vs RHP; 11 games at 1B with 2 errors (.976); 3 games at 3B with 1 error; Martinez has spent a good deal of time on the DL thus far this season and has produced little while healthy. Continue reading Around the System–Corner Infield