Cameron Perkins, Hoby Milner Promoted; 6/20/2017

The Phillies made a roster move today that many thought overdue, and for which many have lobbied for.

The “who” is not so important as the fact that the Phillies moved some perceived dead wood from the 25-man roster.  Perhaps, you would have preferred the elevation of some other prospect to the major league club, but it is certainly good to see movement, finally.

Perkins has been leading off and playing center field for Lehigh Valley since Roman Quinn’s injury.  He has performed well and increased his productivity to a slash of .298/.388/.476/.863.  He has hit 6 HR and has 21 RBI.  Perkins has also drawn 27 walks in 241 PA (11.2 BB%).  His low walk rates had long been questioned by PP readers.

Milner was returned to the Phillies by the Indians who had selected him during the Rule 5 Draft.  He has a 1-2 record as a reliever at Lehigh Valley and a 2.60 ERA in 27.2 innings. Milner has walked just four and struck out 27 batters.  His low walk rate has contributed to his 1.01 WHIP.

62 thoughts on “Cameron Perkins, Hoby Milner Promoted; 6/20/2017

  1. Addition by subtraction, about time…

    Thought Williams would have been up, maybe when Kendrick gets dealtnext month

    1. Kendrick is playing 2B for the next month until Cesar comes back. Kendrick is not affecting what happens in the OF anymore.

  2. Good opening salvo heading into the 2nd half of the season. Saunders was a flyer for a veteran player that I agreed with. It didn’t work but I wasn’t a bad move.

    I thought they made a mistake offering Gomez arbitration during the off-season because his $$$ was going to be inflated by the save totals from the previous season. He is a perfect example of how relief pitchers can fluctuate season-to-season.

    Next salvo needs to be moving players like Hellickson, Nava, Kendrick, etc. for whatever lottery ticket prospects they can find.

  3. I’m torn I suppose. Nicky has the bigger upside but Cam has been a really good soldier so it’s nice for him to get his cup of joe.

    1. To me Perkins is one of those guy they need to evaluate to see what they have moving forward. Is he an AAAA guy or something more. At 26, it’s time to find out and now is a good time.

      Rest of the season should be about separating the prospects from the suspects in the upper levels..

      1. Perkins deserved his call up but I’m not even sure he’s going to start that many games since I think the Phillies want to continue to showcase Nava.

        1. Not sure that is a good idea. The more you play Nava the more you expose him for what he is. If they were smart they would let him sit on the stats he has now.

          1. Dmar i am sure by now the league knows nava. he is a veteran not a unknown player

      2. I just checked, Nava is starting in LF today. I’m guessing Perkins will get maybe 1 start per week, with some defensive replacements and PH spots.

      3. I am an iron pigs season ticket holder. Cam was my favorite.
        He is not flashy but hustles and has a good idea of the strike zone. He was even the emergency catcher.

        1. He will platoon. Once there’s a starting role open, Williams will get the call. They need to see what they have in Nava. Someone may come calling for him if he keeps hitting.

    2. All they need is that 43 days on the 25, and both good soldiers get their pension plan and lifetime healthcare coverage. They have earned that opportunity, with all their minor league time.

      1. That is an interesting fact that I never even thought about before. Thanks for sharing.

      2. Are you Romuse on lol that or you have a copycat because they said the same thing haha!

      1. I suspect he will be promoted to AAA as soon as they promote a starting outfielder (which is now looking like Williams) or as soon as they can get him regular at bats by a combination of DH and outfield. He was being blocked a little, but with Perkins up, he may be very close to a promotion.

  4. I agree with everything 3Up said. We have been asking for this for a while, and there will be those other moves come July. Who will play CF for LHV? Could it be Tocci? I don’t know how long Quinn will be out, and I know they still want to win at LHV. Tocci brings superb D.

    1. matt13….Quinn was pretty lucky, when you consider Gleyber Torres, Yankees top prospect, also slide head first into the bag and tore up his left elbow also….but he will require Tommy John surgery and will be out for about 9 months.
      As afr as the Pigs….Williams has played CF in the past and Pullin could be one to call up to play LF.

        1. Thinking so does Cozens so LV is set . I’m more excited for Pullin and Kingery going to LHV , then any LHV postion player going to Lvh . I do like the 2 moves and I think both could stick in the majors.

  5. Assuming Saunders isn’t picked up by another club, it’ll be him (rf), Williams (cf) and Cozens (lf) in the Pigs OF…..for now.

    1. 8mark…..does Saunders have to report to LHV after the ten day ‘grace’ period?
      I think it is if the player has five or more full years of major league service, he must give consent to be assigned to the minors. If Saunders withholds consent, the team must either release him or keep him on the major league roster, which they are not.
      So…. In either case, Saunders gets paid under the terms of his contract.

    2. Saunders will not play in LHV, he will clear waviers and a contender will sign him to a AAA contract, if he hits he will end up back in the majors in a pennant races

    1. Dammit, I knew something was up when he was throwing 87-89 in his last game.

      So our opening day rotation of Hellboy, Buchholtz, Eickhoff, VV, Nola, has degraded to the point where 4 of them has hit the DL at some point. That is crazy.

      Eickhoff is scheduled to pitch Friday. Technically, they could pitch Lively Friday but they will need a starter for Saturday for sure.

      I don’t think VV is ready. Does that mean Mark Appel is going to make his debut Friday or Saturday? At Chase field? Ohh, that place is a launching pad…

  6. Assuming Saunders isn’t picked up by another club, it’ll be him (rf), Williams (cf) and Cozens (lf) in the Pigs OF…..for now.

    And let Perkins start in Philly. No Nava or Kelly. We know what they are.

      1. Nava is playing decent when given the chance. I can see the Phils playing him as long as he can perform and flip him for as much as they can. If no takers by the deadline, Nava will not be blocking the prospects like Williams for promotion.

  7. I can’t believe they are ready to give Appel a start. But, I don’t know who else starts Friday unless it is a “bullpen” game, and they let Morgan throw a few innings.

    1. A bullpen game? We’re going to play at Chase Field this weekend. Something tells me we’re going to get some bullpen games whether we like it or not.

  8. Nava is being showcased a little bit for a trade. Perkins will get decent amount of starts.
    I doubt we ever see Saunders in AAA, I don’t think Phillies want him to occupy a spot there. I could see a Pullin promotion to AAA replace Perkins as both would be easy to send back down if the need arises

    1. I’m ok with Pullin moving up to Lehigh, but they can’t do that AND leave Kingery down in Reading. As good as Pullin has been at the plate, Kingery has done it all. That would be disheartening to Scott, upstanding good sport that he is.

      1. Kingery should be up real soon, right after draft there is always lots of movement. Its possible they wait till after the All Star games

        1. I think they may be waiting for him to be named to the All Star team; once that happens and he’s recognized they’ll move him up… I mean, what else could they be waiting on?

    1. I’d like to see him dominate for a few more starts before they try that. It wasn’t that long ago that we had written him off as a starter – he needs a little more time and success before we throw him to the wolves, but I agree this is probably the judgment year for him.

    1. Him as an effective starter, if you bring him up too soon and he gets crushed.

  9. I dont get Perkins over Williams. Even though i have seen them both a lot now. I still wish i could figure out perkins. He is one night harper the next saunders. hard to figure out. Williams is younger and i though would get first shot.

    1. Nava is the starter and they need a 5th outfielder, they will not bring up Williams until he is the starter.

    2. You don’t really agree with much…..
      Perkins will platoon. There is no starting role for Williams.

  10. Good call. Give Appel a little taste of the Show. Maybe it sparks him. Rather see him get knocked around than see Morgan get tattooed. And I was a big Morgan supporter way back when.

  11. Perkins (Rd 6) and Milner (Rd 7) will be the 1st in the 2012 Draftees that made the big leagues. Cozens (Rd 2) and Anderson (Rd 21) are already in the 40-man and Pullin (Rd 5) looks like he will make it in the 40-man. Watson (Rd 1) and Green (Rd 3) still have interesting tools to be relevant and possibly make the cut too.

    The forgotten 2012 Draft might end up as a decent draft after all.

    1. Pullin the one to watch out for if he rakes in AAA it will be him in LF come spring.

  12. Like the move, would have been nice to give Saunders a chance to warm up before the trade deadline. I guess moving Kendrick & Nava will be good enough.

    As for Perkins & Milner getting the call, eventually you need to see what you have. Williams will be playing everyday after Kendrick goes. Maybe Quinn gets more time too.

    It is a beginning & perhaps this can give a wake up call to Doobie, Franco, & others to play better.

  13. Damn, Perkins worked himself into a 2-0 count…and then went after a fastball just off the plate.

  14. The problem now is that both Beato and Venditte are walking 4+/per 9 at Lehigh.

    Edubray Ramos is walking 5+ guys and needs to be sent down to get that stuff in order.

    Pinto has transitioned to the bullpen very well, he hasn’t been scored upon yet in 6 appearances. At this rate, I’m willing to give him another shot.

    We need Therrien to get up here pronto.

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