Open Discussion: Week of June 18th

The Phillies were 1-6 last week.  The lone bright spot was their 1-0 victory over the Red Sox and Chris Sale.  Nick Pivetta laid out the blue print for the rest of the starting rotation – throw seven shutout innings and hope the bull pen doesn’t screw it up.  The Phillies were lucky that Pat Neshek and Hector Neris were able to close out the final two innings and the offense was able to scratch out a run.

After a day off Monday, three games at home v. the Cardinals and three on the road in Arizona.

The Phillies are still the worst team in baseball with a 22-46 record and .324 winning percentage.  Things get better when they face the  Red Sox and Diamondbacks.

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.

Key dates remaining:

  • June 19th – Williamsport’s season begins
  • June 26th – GCL Phillies’ season begins
  • July 31st – Non-waiver Trade Deadline
  • December 10-14th – Winter Meetings in Orlando
  • December 14th – Rule 5 Draft

Transactions: (includes roster juggling and paper moves)

  • 6/18 – RHP John Richy assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 6/18 – C Greg Brodzinski assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Phillies Ext. Spring Training. 
  • 6/16 – SS Angelo Mora assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils
  • 6/16 – Reading Fightin Phils activated 3B Harold Martinez from the 7-day disabled lis
  • 6/16 – 3B Jan Hernandez assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers
  • 6/16 – LHP Cole Irvin assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 6/16 – LHP Bailey Falter assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws
  • 6/16 – RHP Ismael Cabrera assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 6/15 – Williamsport Crosscutters released 1B Alex Wojciechowski.
  • 6/14 – RHP Jacob Waguespack assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Lehigh Valley IronPig
  • 6/14 – LHP Cole Irvin assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers
  • 6/13 – Phillies traded LHP Joely Rodriguez to Texas Rangers for Player To Be Named Later
  • 6/13 – OF Osmel Aguila assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils
  • 6/13 – LHP Tom Windle assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 6/13 – 3B Jose Antequera assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 6/11 – Phillies activated RHP Joaquin Benoit from the 10-day disabled list.
  • 6/11 – Phillies placed 2B Cesar Hernandez on the 10-day disabled list. Strained left oblique
  • 6/11 – RHP Sixto Sanchez assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 6/10 – Jacob Waguespack assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Clearwater Threshers
  • 6/10 – Colton Murray assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils
  • 6/10 – Tommy Bergjans assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Phillies Ext. Spring Training
  • 6/10 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 6/10 – Ismael Cabrera assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws
  • 6/9 – Phillies traded 3B Taylor Featherston to Tampa Bay Rays for cash
  • 6/9 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs placed LF Roman Quinn on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to June 8, 2017
  • 6/8 – Phillies designated LHP Joely Rodriguez for assignment
  • 6/8 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Casey Fien from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 6/7 – LF Jiandido Tromp assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 6/7 – 1B Brock Stassi assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils
  • 6/6 – RHP Ranfi Casimiro assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 6/6 – RHP Tyler Frohwirth assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers
  • 6/6 – LF Enmanuel Garcia assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 6/5 – Phillies optioned 1B Brock Stassi to Reading Fightin Phils
  • 6/5 – Phillies recalled RHP Nick Pivetta from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 6/5 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 6/5 – LF Cord Sandberg assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • 6/4 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs placed RHP Zach Eflin on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to June 3, 2017
  • 6/4 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs placed RHP Zach Eflin on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to June 3, 2017
  • 6/3 – Phillies recalled LHP Adam Morgan from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 6/3 – Phillies recalled RHP Ben Lively from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 6/3 – Phillies optioned RHP Mark Leiter to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 6/3 – Phillies placed RHP Joaquin Benoit on the 10-day disabled list retroactive to June 1, 2017. Left knee sprain.
  • 6/3 – LHP Hoby Milner assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 6/3 – LF Jiandido Tromp assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • The organization rosters are almost up to date.


201 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of June 18th

  1. This bullpen is an absolute mess. It took the Phillies so long to DFA Joely Rodriguez, not sure why they don’t do the same to Jeanmar Gomez.

  2. I thought the bullpen was the strength of this team. I was so wrong. Neris is better in eighth than ninth inning. Jeammar stinks.

  3. LHH are hitting .404 against Gomez , Mac has to know that.The 2 hits Gomez allowed were against LHH . There’s​ really no Bp help in AAA except Therrin . No else is on the 40 ty. The Bp can’t hold a lead or keep a game tied. Neris ,Gomez,Benoit, Fein, Morgan , Garcia, this isn’t there 1st rodeo . The Phillies should trade 80 % of there Bp . Trouble is the Phillies have nobody to come up.Brad Hand is available 27 yr old SanDiego could ask for an outfield prospect I’d do that in a minute.

    1. The bullpen stinks is the major complaint of the day, so you think we should trade them. Who do you think would have even the slightest interest in these guys? If they can’t stick with the worst team in baseball and are a big reason the Phillies are the worst team, then there is no place in MLB for them.

    2. I disagree that we have no one to come up. They may not be sexy, but give Milner, Beato, Venditte a chance. They can’t be worse than Morgan and Gomez. If they end up sucking, then cut them as well. Just do something different.

      I like Mac, but his faith in Gomez is absolutely baffling.

  4. We know the Phils are shopping at the thrift stores for BP help when they sign Casey Fein. I’d be looking to sign available free agents lefty Jon Niese for the pen and Henderson Alvarez for the rotation. Allow 5 weeks for extended spring training and stretching out with the idea of moving them to AAA, higher if/when performance merits.

    The old routine of off season free agent pitcher signings hasn’t worked out. Signings now are at a cost premium (< $2.5 M) and give them a chance to experiment now in this lost season. We likely know the 2018 rotation will have at least 1 vet, why not start on that now?

    The staff is thin and came into this season 'under-armed'. Still time to work on that and I hope they do.

  5. On the trade front I would think the Stanton trade rumors are false. The Marlins new Ownership when they do buy the team would want Stanton,Yelich etc.Btw I really don’t think the have any vets that will bring back more then a ptbnl or cash .

  6. I thought those predicting 78-82 wins were being unrealistic, but not terribly so. I had this squad pegged for around 72-74 wins, and with a few breaks, 78-82 wins were in reach.

    Call me a Homer.

    My god, now if they win 62, it would seem a miracle. At our current clip, we’d win 52?!?

    Trying to find a silver lining in the ptiching:

    Pivetta and Lively have shown they have a chance. Still hopeful on Nola.

    I’m not writing-off Ramos yet. Same with Velasquez–he’s only 25.

    Eickhoff has regressed, but he could rebound. Eflin and Thompson had small sample sizes, so hopefully there’s hope there.

    But, collectively, talking about wishing on a dream…

    1. I said they would win in upper 70’s based upon my assumption the team would get better during 2nd half when prospects get promoted. Now they may get better during 2nd half but they have dug such a deep hole now that even 70 maybe a push.

    2. I said 70 wins. i might be high on my number .i Wish i knew how to find my prediction on wins i posted on here.

  7. Three things about a Stanton/Yelich trade:

    1) We’d be taking on what amounts to what for all intents and porpoises is a salary dump to facilitate the Marlins sale. It wouldn’t be anything like trading for Trout or Harper in a non-contract year.

    2) Yelich could still be flipped in another deal as an established major league player. He’d have more value in a package to acquire a TOR arm in a subsequent trade. That’s if they feel like Haseley, Moniak (or whichever lefty hitting OFs remain) are progressing and project as the future.

    3) This trade wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) preclude the pursuit of bigger fish like Harper or Machado in ’18.

    I would offer Herrera, Velasquez, Crawford, Moniak, Kilome, Knapp and Hoskins. (With an eye toward drafting Seth Beer in ’18 as either a 1b or LF.)

    And btw, Tim – the rumors are based on organization sources saying that it’s been discussed internally. That’s huge if the idea has any merit at all. The Marlins sale would give it urgency. Otherwise it wouldn’t even be a trade deadline possibility.

    1. *I should add that Stanton has an opt out clause after ’20. That would present some risk to the Phillies which would also affect the package going to Miami.

    2. I would offer kingery. thompson. herrera, moniak.franco. eickoff. and 5 million dollars to start.

      1. It’s worth looking at no doubt provided it is treated as a salary dump. The 2020 opt is actually good, does anyone want a Stanton in his 30’s with a big contract?

        How typical is it for a major professional team to be sold in-season? This would be a move for the off-season which is better timing for everyone involved. The team can make longer term decisions on Doobie, CeHe, ToJo, & the cluster of average pitchers.

      2. rocco….of that group…..three may only be needed to get him, Herrera would probably one of them for sure, a pitcher also…. ..especially if the Phillies pick up the next 10years @$250M of his contract.

    3. 8mark…..I think the new ownership….with one notable baseball player having less than 5% share, but a fairly loud voice….do not want anything to do with Stanton and that contract..10 more years at approx. $250M more to be paid.
      Then throw in his inability to play a full year…has missed approx 25% of all the games of the first 7 years so far, and you can understand their willingness to part ways with him. Now when he does play… his bWAR of 30 is very good.
      He turns 28 before next season so you may only get a few more pek productive years from him.
      If the Phillies were willing to pick up his contract….then they could probably get him on the cheap as far as resources are considered..

      1. Question is why would the Phillies want to pick up that salary for the next 10 years based on what you just stated. His injury history is not good and he’s barely a $25 million a year player when he is healthy.

        His deal has A-Rod/Ryan Howard written all over it with the team eating the last 4-years, $100 million for a non-producing player…

        1. Why…..offer relatively nothing.
          But it is just not Stanton that was reported in the transaction.
          Carfado reported the Phillies also wanted Yelich In the deal, that told me that the Phillies were willing to take that contract on with whatever was their original offer.
          Agree….sure it is a bad deal from that perspective with just Stanton coming over…but Yelich does make it more palatable.

          1. Yes, if Yelich is included that changes the dynamic somewhat. Still, I’m not a fan of them eating $100+million of a bad contract.

            Would certainly not give up much in exchange..

    4. Emptying our farm to acquire Stanton & Yelich strikes me as an AWFUL, TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE idea.

      this team is SOOOOO far from being good.
      – Our SP have the 3rd worst ERA
      – Our relief pitching has 8th worst ERA
      – We have the 2nd fewest runs scored in all of baseball.

      This team is 3-4 years away from doing a trade where it empties the farm for an elite talent. That’s if everything breaks right.

      Oh..and by the way, we are not signing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado either. We do not have more money to offer those guys than others and why would they join a team to lose a bunch of games.

      The only way to improve a baseball team is through the draft. You add elite players when you are close. We are NOT close.

    5. The guy from the Boston Globe is not a owners source. Again if I’m buying the Marlins I want Stanton and Yelich on the team. 2 yeah there giving you a RF and KF studs. So your giving them 2 CF which they have a stud CF. They don’t want Knapp they have Realmuto .786 Ops , Hechavarria ,Justin Bohr .978 ops ,Ozuna is a Altherr , Nick Williams​ ,Ortiz, Sixto, Medina, Kingery, Gowdy . Miami needs pitching , Altherr and Ortiz call help replace Stanton . What TOR Pitcher do you think your getting for Yelich . The concept of a trade is not what you want to unload on team. It’s what both teams needs are .

  8. Baseball’s punching bag has taken some heavy hits over the past couple of weeks. They have lost 11 of the last 12 and are playing at a .324 clip. Last year they started out 24-17. Since then, they are 69-120 which computes to a little over .36. Pretty woeful! I really thought they were turning the corner after that one game winning streak mid week.

    Their salaries amount to a little over 100 mill. I know they have plenty of money to spend but why throw it away on Buchholz, Saunders, and Gomez (as most on this site agreed were not so good moves)? That’s 26.7 mill. Toss in Hellickson and Benoit and that would be another 24.7 mill. I know this is all hindsight but if you are going to spend, spend wisely.

    1. Saunders and Kendrick were stop gap moves for a year or two, intended to make the Phillies a bit more respectable during their rebuild. Gomez really isn’t being paid all that much (around $4M, I believe), though it’s more than he is worth. The Phillies took a flyer on Buchholz, and the guy (Tobias) they gave up for him really had no long term future in the organization. Chances are that Buchholz won’t be with the Phillies for long. So, overall, the money are spending on these guys isn’t a big deal.

      The real problem the Phillies have is that many of the core of young guys they were planning the rebuild around (Crawford, Quinn, Williams, Alfaro, Velasquez, Nola, Eflin, Franco, Joseph) have some serious question marks about their viability as major league ball players. If these guys can’t cut it, the Phillies will be bad for at least a few more years.

  9. The major difference between today and 365 days ago was that last year in the first half of the season we won a ton of 1 run games, this year its the exact opposite.

    1. That’s what gives me hope is that we have guys at LHV that apparently know how to win.

  10. I didn’t think an improvement record wise over last year was impossible.

    The reality is that players like Doobie, Franco, Rupp, VV, Neris, Hellickson, & Saunders have all regressed over last year. That is a big number of players you thought would give more, in addition to some of the BP veterans brought in.

    Also, it appears the team has not responded well after Pete’s extension was announced. Not necessarily cause & effect, but evidence nonetheless.

    The bigger question is how the team has utilized the extensive perceived organizational depth:
    -Pivetta, Efflin, Lively, & Thompson have all been given a shot with mixed results.
    -They passed on bringing in a veteran backup catcher to allow Knapp to play.
    -The BP hasn’t really been adjusted with other arms (ie: AAA BP Pitchers or underperforming starters).
    -The right backfill has been in the lineup when injuries have occurred (eg: Kendrick, Altherr, Lively, Pivetta)

    Other Considerations in the Baseball Season Lifecycle:
    1. Off-Season: Non-Tenders, Trades, & FA signings
    2. Spring Training: Prospects get a taste & are evaluated, Roster is set.
    3. Draft: Forecast & Planning of new players
    4. All-Star Break: Organizational reboot for 2nd Half of Season
    5. Draftee Signings: Organizational Re-calibration (promotions, waivers)
    6. Non-Waiver Trade Deadline: Re-calibration is completed at major league level
    7. Waiver Trade Deadline: Further Re-Calibration to get you through the end of the season (ie: minor league playoffs, contending team needs)
    8. September Roster Expansion: Final sit down of unwanted veteran players & reward to prospects

    1. We are between 3 & 4 above in a very long season.
    2. This team is now in tank mode & Pete is the perfect manager to continue the season while injecting younger players into the lineup after the all-star break.
    3. As a short term measure following his injury, I would like VV to be moved to the BP to work on his pitching & assure his health, while allowing Pivetta & Lively to continue in the starting rotation. No need for further injury.
    4. Kendrick, Saunders, Rupp, Hellickson, & Neshek should all be moved at the Non-Waiver Trade Deadline to make room for the prospects.
    5. Team performance through the end of the year will dictate off-season moves.
    6. Excited for the possibility of the # 1 draft pick next year.

  11. The coaching staff needs to be changed. Mackanin no clue, Mcclure look at the results and Bowa obviously not doing much to help Mackanin. I’m afraid young guys coming up will be poisoned with this losing culture.

    1. Bowa & Stairs alike, have made some individual players better (eg: Galvis, CeHe & Altherr). Others have not responded (eg: Franco & Doobie).

      At this level, I don’t know if McClure is trying to teach the pitchers or simply asking them to focus on their strengths. Either way, the results have been bad for him.

      Not sure how Bowa is helping in-game adjustments. I see Pete in a similar position that Bowa was in 2001-2004. A stop gap manager.

  12. I cannot wait for the changes to start. Yesterday was just another unbearable outing by the ‘pen. And, are all of you as tired as I am of hearing about 40 Man Roster issues? They can lose 4-5 today and it would not matter.

    1. I’m thinking Boston is the perfect place for Kendrick right here right now….and we all know Dombo isn’t afraid to deal prospects 🙂

        1. I’m curious about this as well. Maybe a flyer like Henry Owens from Boston? Looking through that Red Sox system . . . whew, is it bad after the top couple. I don’t pretend to know their system well, but based off stats and ages, etc, it’s pretty rough. Maybe Darwinian Hernandez or Callahan?

          Yankees – maybe Domingo Acevedo or Ian Clarkin?

        2. I thought there were a few pitchers that we might target. I like Nogosek or even Beeks

      1. I would happy with a chance with Bobby Dalbec…..just not sure how defensive reliable he would be at sticking at third base. If he can’t then he only has first base left and Hoskins would seem to be the Phillies guy there.

    2. I agree 100% on the forty man roster. When you are this bad who are you protecting? Contracts aside I don’t think losing anyone but a couple of guys really matters.

  13. For the Stanton/Yelich talk, I think the Phils should absolutely consider this for a few reasons.

    1. Attracting other top flight FA’s – If the team spends next year continuing to develop its own young players, like this year, and they improve to an 81-81 mark going that route (unlikely), even that significant improvement I don’t think is enough to convince a Harper or Machado to seriously consider Philly at this point. Make this trade with Miami, coupled with a couple of other moves, could move the Phils into the 81 win range and with two big names like that in the lineup, the others could be more easily recruited.

    2. The 2020 Opt Out – I personally think Stanton would put up some big numbers in CBP and he would seriously consider opting out after 2020, which I think is great. I’m not sure the total salary he’ll earn in ’18, ’19, and ’20, but let’s say it’s $25 per year, I’d sign him in a heartbeat right now for 3 years and $75M. What I wouldn’t do is sign him for the next 7 years at $250+M so if he opts out, I’d be okay with that. Of course the risk is he sucks in the next 3 years, doesn’t opt out, and then the Phils are struck with the contract.

    3. Stanton’s Contract vs Harper/Trout/Machado’s Contracts – I think someone on here yesterday said this, but although Stanton’s contract seems high now, it will likely look much better after the others sign and by 2025, is $25-30M really going to be the same as it is today?

    4. This team needs an identity – who is the face of this franchise right now? Honestly, I think it’s the Phanatic. The young core of position players that were going to lead the way potentially – Crawford, Herrera, Franco – not really stepping into that role. The pitching staff? There is nobody there. Heck, the Phils all star is likely going to be Pat Neshek. Comparing the Phils to other teams in town, they don’t have their Carson Wentz piece, or their Ben Simons / Markelle Fulz / Joel Embiid. Stanton in particular would immediately become the face of the team and make them more attractive to free agents.

  14. Scott Kingery, 2B, Philadelphia Phillies (Double-A Reading)
    The former second-round pick has used a great start to his second full season to put his name on the map as a possible contributor for the Philadelphia Phillies this season. As of now, Kingery is making a strong case to be the Eastern League MVP, batting .308 with an impressive 18 home runs through 62 games. While the increase in power is good to see, after watching him for a series last week, it seems that this recent surge might be more lightning in a bottle than anything substantial. There is no doubt that Kingery can hit. The second baseman utilizes a quick stroke and plus bat control in order to make frequent hard contact. Kingery is near picture perfect in his fundamentals at the plate and he is a smart hitter that will be a tough strikeout even at the highest level. He brings these fundamentals to the field as well, with enough athleticism to make the flashy plays when he needs to. He’s also a plus runner who hustles whenever he is on the diamond. With that being said, his smaller frame coupled with a lack of leverage makes me think that he won’t hit for even close to this type of power moving forward. He’s probably more along the lines of a 12-15 homer guy over the course of a full MLB season, on the back of his average pull-side power. Kingery plays as more of a contact guy who can hit any pitch anywhere on the plate. He’s easy to root for and brings a profile that projects him to be a first-division regular. The power he’s hitting for right now will probably just not translate when he does make the jump to the big leagues. —Greg Goldstein

  15. I doubt very much that either the Red Sox or the Yankees want Kendrick for third base. He just has not played enough at the position in his career for teams to feel confident.

    I’d love to see Stanton and Yelich to come play for the Phillies. That would be a treat! And RAJ would be really happy. Stanton was always his goal from way back when.

  16. There’s no way the Marlins trade Stanton or Yelich within the division. Zero, zip, nada…chance of that ever happening. The Phillies are banking on the kids panning out so that in two years, Harper might be a legitimate option. You need enticing pieces to lure a guy like Bryce. As you view the Phils system, there’s help on the horizon. Granted they desperately need a pitcher and that’s where a guy like Gerrit Cole might come into play. Trade 3-4 decent prospects and still keep your best. I’m just spit-balling here, of course, but help is needed

    1. Now let me get this straight…..there is no way the upcoming new ownership in the Marlins will ever dump a 10year $250M contract of a 28-year old within the division, to a team that actually may want to take that contract off their hands…with stipulations of course being Yelich, but probably the best positional player in the league not named Trout, who will ask for $400M , Bryce Harper, coming to Philly is a legitimate option.
      If the second part of that equation ever happens I will be the first to admit I was wrong.

      1. Romus i never know what to suggest for trades. Its hard for me to judge true value. Like a moniak. in his second year , high draft choice. . but to others who would make the trade after seeing him play. Maybe not a lot. I kid about the marlins trade. I dont see it. I Dont see a blue chipper in the mold of Stanton to give them back. Not every team gives away studs like us , example Hamels ,Lee. and gets back. back end starters , and 4 or 5 outfield prospects. Bryce Harper coming here is a long shot. He wants to win and there is Chicago Cubs which he has stated he would like to go to. Phillies arent attractive to fa. The farm system isnt imo as great as people said. Seems when they get to triple a they get exposed.Ex. alfaro. thompson crawford. . to name a couple. even williams his numbers arent mind blowing 280 with 314 obp in minors isnt off the chart .its okay

  17. Hey all, No worries. Mini Mart was released today. We can pick him up to help us get to 72+ wins. woohoo

  18. Just a heads up, the season opener for the Crosscutters is on tonight. Just about to start.

    1. Stobbe and Pickett with HR’s, Ortiz’s double hit off the wall i believe (poor quality webcast).

      1. 3 walks for Jhailyn “Hawkeye” Ortiz tonight. Nice middle of the lineup for the Cutters – Ortiz, Pickett, Stobbe did damage.

  19. Appel nice start . . . Don’t knock my under 5.00 ERA prediction, it’s coming. I actually think he’ll get a September call up and never look back. It’s a hot take, I know.

  20. And a nice little start to the season by Kyle Young . . . The Skyscraper is going to be the steal of last years draft, I’m trying to tell you.

    1. Young is going to have to gain about 4 mph on his fastball if he is going to be a remotely legit prospect. He topped at 89-90 last night.

  21. If the Phillies are undergoing a rebuild while the major league club has imploded, the 40-man roster will have to be deconstructed. I count 16-20 players currently on it who will more than likely be moved from it by year’s end. 7-10 big league players will be gone by August 1. That’s something to look forward to.

    1. Does that include the ones that are hurt. I do think Gomez , Garcia, Fein, Morgan,Ty Kelly,Benoit, Neshek , Kendrick. That’s 10 off the major league club.about 90% of the Bp. Now replacing 90% of the bullpen might be a bit of a challenge.Venditte, Ramos, Beato , Therrin, Pinto. Ceaser Should be back by then which leaves a bench spot. Unless Phillies trade for some Bp help and trade some prospects.

  22. I don’t think there is ANY chance that Staton and Yelich come to Philly via trade but lets imagine that it does/could happen . . . What would be the line up for next year and the following . . . best guess that is

    Again I don’t think there is any chance and not only that but I think it would take something like Herrera, Altherr, Crawford, Kingery, Kilome to get it done and I dunno that I would want to move Altherr, Kingery or Kilome right now . . . this is a huge change from me who would have traded Altherr and Kingery in a second 2 months ago.

    1. I agree there’s virtually no chance it happens. But I doubt it would have cost as much in prospects since a) is a salary dump to a large extent and b) We’d be taking on Stanton’s injury risk as well as his opt out in 2020.

      But yes he’d probably block the trade if both clubs were so inclined.

  23. If the Phils decide to make a roster shake up – i prefer for the FO to make changes with upside. Venditte, Beato, Ce Ramos, etc. might be playing well in the upper minors, they should not be considered as potential promotions unless they can be traded. I prefer to see the potential 40-man additions in Arano, JDT, Austin Davis and even Milner (not sure if he will be protected) to be promoted to the bigs and let the AAAA veterans stay in LHV.

    1. There not going to double jump A Davis,Arano just started pitching. Youth doesn’t equal success at first there’s a growing phase. Some fans think that by bring up all rookies the Phillies will be better . They going to be worse for a while, way worse.

  24. If the Phils will offer multiple top end trade assets (which includes Kilome, Moniak, VV, Kingery) – they should just shoot for the best out there — Mike Trout (and take that Pujols contract if needed)!!! I’ve been collecting thumbs down and flak about this pipe dream — Mike Trout likes to be a Phillie and nothing is better than the best player who wants to play for the city.

    Stanton should not require a king’s ransom due to injury risk and size of the contract. This is a buy low opportunity and nothing else. Yelich should not drive the Stanton sweepstakes tenfold. The Phils utilized 1.8 pick for a CF who is expected to climb up fast and the Phils have a lot of good options in CF with Mickey Moniak in 2019/2020 or Trout in 2021.

    Also, Stanton is backloaded and is owed $320M after this season. the option kicks in on the years when Stanton is to be paid high so don’t expect him to opt out. $320M will already give you an ace in Otani and add some more that will give the Phils Machado.

    Pujols is owed $114M after this season (and only until 2021). If the Phils decides to trade high end prospects and absorb contracts for talent — Mike Trout and Pujols is my preferred way. I’ll start by offering – Moniak (or Haseley), Kilome (or Sixto), VV, Appel, Doobie and ToJo.

    1. Why would the Angels trade Trout? He’s one of the greatest players ever in the middle of his prime, and he’s locked up through 2020. The Angels don’t have any other bad contracts after this year. The Pujols deal isn’t going to kill them.

      1. TRADE = is a balance of RATIONALE (or REASON)/MOTIVATION + PRICE + OPPORTUNITY. Casual fans normally looks only one aspect of it, a smart GM considers all the aspect particularly the opportunity. For those who wins, they will tell you that they focus on opportunity and not on the reasons why things cannot be done.

        Elite players are traded mostly for the following reasons: a) pending free agency and inability to resign; b) change of scenery as player swap for another elite player; and c) re-stock and reload.

        LAA has one of the worst farms and if you take Trout out of the roster, LAA will probably one of the bottom feeders in the league. LAA doesn’t look like a team that will be a serious contender during Trout’s prime – so there’s reason and opportunity there.

        1. Except Trout isn’t your typical elite player. He’s literally been the best player in baseball history through age 24, and he was even better this year until he got hurt. He’s been as valuable as Willie Mays and Lou Gehrig COMBINED through age 24 seasons.

          Trout is so good that it’s makes it almost impossible to get back fair value. And if he were to go on the market there are teams with much more to offer than we can. Also, LAA is one game out of the wild card spot. It’s not like they’re buried in last place.

  25. Michael Saunders and J. Gomez DFA’d…

    Holby Milner and Cameron Perkins called up…

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    1. Wow, impressed they did this. Expect some promotions up the line to fill spots. Finally an Andrew Pullin promotion? hmm

      1. It was only a matter of time. Not surprised about Gomez who has stunk from the get go. Mildly surprised about Saunders since they’re eating a decent chunk of cash and could have waited.

        Let the record show that both Milner and Perkins DESERVE their call up. So now, it’s on Cozens and Williams to get their OPS as high as can be for the next OF call up.

        1. Where are you putting Nick Williams and Cozens . There not going to bring rookies up to put on the bench.

          1. Spots will free up with trades of the Neshaks, Kendricks, and other veterans of the roster. Also a Perkins add to 40 man roster means that if he doesn’t show something special he could be exposed to waivers when and if the spot is needed.

  26. Kuko the Angels would laugh at that offer . How about Sixto,Medina , Ortiz, Alfaro, VV,Altherr , COZENS, and , Kingery.

    1. I have to agree here. If the Angels were serious about trading Trout, they would be looking for high ceiling guys. So the list would be everybody in the Phillies top 10.

    2. Any trade for Trout would START with 2 MLB players as well as 3-4 top end specs. Think Nola, Franco(let’s pretend we are living a world where Franco is living up to his potential) and then Crawford, Alfaro, Hoskins and Kingerly.

      That’s what a trade would start to look like.

      1. Substitute Franco for Altherr, Moniak for Crawford, and add Sixto and maybe the Angles GM will take your call.

        1. LAA may want a catcher in the return. Since they only have Ward in their system and he is 2/3 years away and their coach relishes good catchers…so he may want Alf. And also, all GMs want pitching.

      2. Herrera and Hernandez (Cesar) would probably be a good start for a very expensive trade

      3. I think a trade for Trout would look like Judge, Severino and Torres. Or Bryant, Rizzo and Happ. (But I do get a kick out out of the Phily names floated. This board is better than that. I think it’s the helium coming from the Sixers’ Fultz trade).

  27. Then, the Phils will have Trout in the same position he was in with the Angels. We will still be a bad team. How does that help?

  28. Wow, Ramos comes in and throws 9 pitches before he’s yanked. 8 balls, 1 strike. I swear if I was the manager, I wouldn’t make it past 50 games. I would have had a heart attack way before that.

    1. Brad Hand SanDiego 2 prospects, 27 yr old vg relief pitcher. Would you do it most likely prospects.

      1. At this point, I wouldn’t. We can still give a shot to Pinto, Leiter, even Michael Mariot.

  29. Casey Fein next to be DFR , I Like the Phillies new style if you don’t produce your cut.


    I’m going to make a strong statement that may not be popular but anyway….

    The two elephants in the clubhouse are Herrera and Franco. Even though they’re playing a little better of late, they are cancers and while nobody in the FO will announce it with a bull horn, they know it as well. If only they can redeem their value but they may have to sell low on both. Herrera’s contract is attractive. Franco’s upside is still considerable. But it might come to simply getting what they can like Gillick did in ’06.

    I wouldn’t want my younger teens to hang with older teens who are still immature but yet influential on the younger kids. Why would MacKlentak be eager to call up Williams, Hoskins and company while this toxic element remains.

    1. 8mark, I agree with a lot of what you posted. They both can be dogs by not running out grounders and not even running hard on double play balls they have a chance of beating out. Herrera is particularly galling to me considering he was a Rule 5 guy that would have spent st least one more year if not two in the minors if not for the Phillies.

      OTOH, the Phillies have so little talent that they just can’t give those two away for the sake of just getting rid of them. Particularly Franco since there is nobody behind him. I also feel Franco has more long-term potential and is the more redeemable of the two.

      So it is a quandry.

    2. Wow 8mark that is a strong statement and I’m not sure if I agree or disagree I just don’t know the facts on how the clubhouse truly feels about those guys.

      I do know many lamented Jimmy for many years and he found his way into the dog house a couple of times. I do know Williams and Crawford both had to be dressed down last year for perceived hustle issues.

      ….And I do know many teams carry certain players with immense talent on their rosters who many on the surface would say the same.

      Hang out with a few big leaguers and a bunch of former big leaguers and listen to their stories and I think you will find over the history of the game there were quite a few characters in the game of baseball and many of them you wouldn’t want dating your daughter if you have one or having your sons look up to.

    3. Thinking this is part of the Mike Schmidt comment from last week that created the dust-up.

      I agree with you that your team leaders need to set the right tone I just I don’t know that Franco/Herrera are the leaders on that team. I suspect that part of their problem right now is that they don’t really have any real leadership on the team.

      If you are correct and Herrera/Franco are the leaders, then the Phillies need to either move them or bring in some veteran talent to take over that role…

      I know everyone keeps pointing to 2019 as the big FA year but I really think the Phillies need to hit the FA market this coming off-season a start creating the atmosphere that will attract a top FA in 2019/2020….

      1. 2 words that might light a fire under Franco – Mike Moustakas.

        Not that I’m a big Moustakas guy but he’s a viable FA option to pursue if you can get him at a bargain. The words ‘Manny Machado’ evidently haven’t reached his ears yet.

        1. looking at the list of available FA’s in 2018 isn’t pretty but Moustakas is one name that does stick out… Don’t know that they need a star player but they need to start building a winning environment..

    4. I Just dont know if its true. Your statemen is your opinion not facts or am i wrong?

  31. Baseball America ranked the Clearwater HS team where Doc Halladay coaches as the nation’s #3 high school team. They were 30-0 for the season. Let’s get him on the big league staff pronto. These young arms like Pivetta, Nola, Velasquez, etc would benefit from learning how to think not only on the mound but off as well in preparation. Doc and his Harvey Dorfman mind might go a long way to help these guys succeed beyond their stuff. McClure apparently doesn’t.

    1. love the idea but im guessing a guy who made 148 mil in his career might be content to live in Florida year round, coach his kid, and just help the Phils out a few days in spring training every year.

  32. Edubray might need to be sent down to work on things, especially his confidence. Let him close again in AAA, DFA Fein and bring Beato up.

    Many of the Latin players are flamboyant. I may be dating myself, but we used to call guys like Herrera “hot dogs”. I’m tired of watching him play.

    1. In your book Doobie has gone from ‘el torrito’ to ‘el perrito caliente’ .

      1. Ok new topic but timely….

        Mark Appel doesn’t necessarily “deserve” to get his major league debut this weekend based on the excellent outing he pitched the other night. But the question begs – should the organization give him a nudge and once and for all find out if he’s a starter by bringing him up to pitch in Phoenix?

        The reason I suggest it is that this might be the best time to “give him one last shot” as a starter. It might be the bold move that stirs things up on the major league roster. If he fails, so what. Send him down to transition as a reliever or cut him loose.

        Redeem this time in Phillies never never land. Who knows….???

          1. 8mark……the one team that could really be in a pickle, believe it or not, is the Cubbies. If Arrieta and Lester….both over 30 now, and Lester approaching mid-30s, incur any injuries or fail to produce as expected, they will need some pitching to back them up in their rotation. The bats have slumped a bit also so far this year.
            And their system does not have much as far as pitching prospects are concerned….with Dylan Cease the best and a few years away.
            Theo may want be interested in a few of the Phillies young arms, since there are plenty..

        1. I favor any innovative or aggressive moves involving on the 40 man roster. That could mean bringing up Appel as a starter, fast-tracking Pinto as a reliever for the big team, promoting Drew Anderson to AAA. Maybe giving Thompson innings as a middle reliever.

          In a season where only modest goals appear achievable, road-testing guys on the 40 man roster to get a better sense of the keepers seems worthwhile and doable.

  33. Where is the guy who kept putting Asher on here as a mistake. Which i said to him is a joke. well last 24 innings he has given up 20 runs .Romus looked i used a stat to prove a point.

  34. If the Phillies are actually interested in trading Kendricks then they better do it ASAP. He is white hot. Eventually he will go into a slump and with the Phillies luck it will be two weeks before the trading deadline. They need to get a good prospect but not being a pig about it as they get stuck with Hellickson that way last year. You hate to trade a guy who is your best player by far but he was signed to be traded.

  35. I said it might’ve been a mistake to let Asher go. You were right again, Rocco. I’m sure you loved reading this.

    1. I just couldnt see him being effective.I misread what you said i thought you really said it was a mistake to get rid of him. Not might have been, so my mistake’

  36. Well, they did it again. Benoit (I have to pitch the 8th inning) and Neris gave it up once more. I really believe this is getting way too old.

    1. I never believe that a guy was better as a eight inning guy then a closer. but neris is making me a believe its true. He was so much better in eight inning it seemed. last year, then as a closer this year.

      1. rocco….Philies will be back…happens all the time…baseball cycles.
        Middleton just does not want these 5 plus year stretches from ’13 to present in the future. Remember the five year strategy he wants the Pres/GM to employ…meaning maybe moving a key player or two at the peak of their careers..

        1. i Hope your right I just am not sure Matt k is the right guy to get us there. Romus i am more angry at how wrong i was on Franco. he is not the guy i watch and raved about for two seasons. I believe its in his head, he has the physical tools IMO to be really good. I am starting to lean in favor of a lot of guys who here who suggested the coaches in minors arent that good. Most times i look at obp it seems and maybe i am wrong. but guys we pick up from other teams have good obp mostly. Where except for a couple of guys like altheer we dont have those guys.

    2. The shame of it was Pivetta was Outstanding for the second outing in a row…I don’t care what anyone says starters like to see W’s next to their name.

  37. Man , the Mets are worse losing 12 zip and 8 _ 2 to the Dodgers. They do have alot to sell Jay Bruce having a great yr , Ganderson, Duda,etc .

  38. Well, just you wait – somebody is going to pay for all these ugly losses….US!

    And Pete trying to polish this turd by minimizing Herrera’s brainlessness as anything other than stupidity is insulting to the anyone following this dreck.

    “But he’s emotional guy and wanted to win the game….I’m not happy with those mistakes but it’s not like we make them every night.” – Pete Mackanin

    It sure seems like you do, Pete.

    1. Nah, not every night. Sometimes they’re day games, and sometimes there are off days.

      1. Rei….at least Doobie did not run over Sammy at third base.
        It looks like Doobie has more athleticism than Hunter.
        Now, 18 one-run losses this season so far.

  39. Ok 5 0 lead both Benoit and Neris give up Bombs ,then Ramos throws the baseball in the 3rd row.

  40. Could Kruk and TMac have come up with some better questions for Haseley sheesh….they did nothing to bring out the kids personality.

      1. Better be possible.
        Beer , IMO, one of the best hitter since Harper in ’10 got drafted.

        1. I concur Romus truly a rare cat that could be in the bigs within a year of being drafted.

  41. That game last night was awful. The fundamentals of most of this team are terrible. I have always liked Pete, but the constant excuse making has to stop, We need to trade Kendrick asap before the inevitable slump occurs. He looks really good, and should bring something of value, not the usual lottery pick. Neris and Ramos need to go to LHV today. Both are completely lost out there. Romus, we need Beer to be Bryce Harper because that is the only reward for watching this team play.

  42. This is getting more and more absurd!

    Not only is Odubel in the lineup today, HE’S BATTING 3RD!?!?!?!

    Great message you’re getting across, Pete.

      1. The Cubs are scrambling – Schwarber has been optioned to AAA and Heyward was placed on the DL. Who might we get for Double Otrouble?

            1. Haha, good one, DMAR.
              Actually I like the kid. Can’t you tell. Just keep him away from my daughter.

              Meanwhile a smart ballplayer like Kingery waits at AA for no apparent reason. Ugh!

            2. 🙂 you’re awesome eight I understand what you are saying but the reality is you want to get him going and looking good now is not the time to de-value him if you seriously want or need to trade him.

    1. I hate picking on Doobie, but how do you get picked off 3rd? For that matter, they teach you to run with your head up in Little League. And, even more than Doobie. Mackanin rewards that blunder by moving him to 3rd in the lineup. I don’t reward him, I try to teach him. Aside from Bowa and Cesar last year, what teaching is going on here?

  43. Keith Law was in to see Reading this week. He’s always liked Scott Kingery, and is still very high on him. Law also believes Andrew Pullin will hit his way to an average every day LF’er.

    “Before the season, I ranked Scott Kingery No. 6 in the Philadelphia Phillies’ system. He was the Phillies’ second-round pick in 2015 out of the University of Arizona, but I had the second baseman ranked as a first-round talent because of his plus speed and defense and his outstanding contact skills. He performed well his first year in pro ball, but it’s what he’s done this year for Double-A Reading — slugging .604 with a .979 OPS — that really defies anyone’s expectations for him before this season.
    2017 MLB Draft

    Kingery looks a little bit different at the plate, but there is not a substantial change from his swing in college. He’s loading his hands a little deeper and he’s a little more rotational, getting more power from his hips. That’s enough that I would expect him to hit a few more home runs, but not enough to explain going from five in 131 games last year to 18 in 65 games so far this year. He can still turn on a fastball, and he’s still a 70-grade runner on the 20-80 scouting scale and a 60 or 70 defender at second — I’m inclined to still say 70, but he didn’t have any difficult plays on Tuesday.

    I’ve always thought he’d be a regular, given his contact skills, speed and defense. With the power surge I’d probably upgrade him to an above-average regular, but I can’t buy into him as a 25-plus homer guy in the majors.

    • Outfielder Andrew Pullin was the Phillies’ fifth-round pick out of a Washington (state) high school in 2012 and has carried over his breakout second half from last year with Reading, as he’s currently second in the team in pretty much every category to Kingery. He goes up there to swing, seeing just six pitches in four plate appearances on Tuesday, attacking pitches with a short swing with minimal load where he looks more like he’s reacting at the last second before shooting the bat forward at the ball.

    I’m surprised given the swing how much power he’s produced this year — with nine of his 14 homers coming away from power-friendly Reading — but I do think he’s going to hit enough to get to an average regular in left field. That said, he won’t walk much and I think the defense might just be fringy because he’s not fast.”

    1. I saw Scott interviewed where he said the additional power comes from a small adjustment he made whereby he maintains more weight on the back foot longer. I think it was done with Marshall Harris you might find it on the splinter net somewhere.

      1. Kingery has also gotten quite a bit stronger and the strength is in all the “right” places – bigger forearms, stronger legs – strength that helps generate power.

        I love this kid – I’m very comfortable ranking him as the team’s best prospect right now and that’s not taking anything away from the other prospects – he has separated himself from the pack.

  44. Amazing the domino effect when you release under performing veterans. Pullin promoted to AAA with the Perkins in the majors.

  45. Great call ups Pullin has walked much more this yr , that with his swing change and more Muscle his power increased. H Rod was hurt last yr after having a very good Lakewood yr. Kingery too more muscle ,swing change boom .

  46. Ken Rosenthal reports that the Gnats are interested in Neshek. Let’s fleece ’em!

    I also think that the Phillies will be compatible trade partners with the Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox.

  47. remember Neshek can only go 1 ing and is 36. Marlins just put there bull pen up for sale. I don’t think anything the Phllies have other then there prospects will return much. A ptbnl or cash , I hope they can get young mlb level bp piece. At some point there going to go after major league talent . They need to stabilize that bp.

  48. You know if Zona and the Rockies keep up there Pace. The NL WC is a joke the Cubs are 8.5 back there 3rd place . Teams like the Mets, Marlin’s, S.F , Alanta,Pitts, and Cicny will be sellers. The last WC sport in the Al has 8 teams going for it.The Blue Jay’s , White Sox , A’s , etc are also sellers. Wierd yr in baseball.

  49. Phillies win a game! One game winning streak. Woohoo! After Blanco dropped the pop up, if he didn’t get the runner at third, the entire complexion of that game would’ve changed.

    If the boys win 30 of their next 35 games (make that 40 of the next 45), they’re right back in the wild card hunt. You’ll have to excuse me. I’m due back on planet earth now.

  50. Yesterday Jon Heyman posted an excellent article breaking down the 13 teams on the buy/sell fence. Highly recommend it as a resource for anyone interested.

    Baltimore, LAA, Seattle, and Milwaukee could use both a SP and bullpen help. I think Hellickson and Neshek would make a good package to get something in return. The Angels could also use another bat to fortify their lineup. Kendrick? So could the Cardinals.

    If they decide to go for it, Detroit needs an centerfielder.

    Toronto will likely be buyers in an up for grabs AL east. They could use an OF and pen help. The Rays and Mets also need bullpen help if they decide to stick in the WC races.

    1. The Mets are 12 out of there div and 14.5 games out of the WC . They just put Everyone up for sale. Check mltr Tigers gm AL Avila Twitter links has begun listening to trade offers for his players.

  51. Spitballing here as I look ahead over the next few years. My sense is that even though the Phillies will be actively pursuing big fish FAs like Harper and Machado, realistically they won’t land them. I do think they will acquire a TOR arm or two, either this off season or the big one in ’18/’19. Meanwhile, I will throw this lineup for circa ’19/’20, pre-Trout.

    1 Haseley cf – either he or Moniak may eventually be included in a trade package, but I’ll lean toward the older prospect since he should be in the show sooner. I like his OBP base line more as a hitter. So does the FO.

    2 Kingery 2b – it’s already been said.

    3 Beer lf – in lieu of signing the elusive Harper, this kid could be that “IT” guy in the lineup.

    4 Hoskins 1b – solid, steady middle of the lineup fixture.

    5 Moustakas 3b – based on the organization’s desire to build the 25man roster with ballplayers, he’s not a superstar but somebody who I can see at the hot corner here. Besides, I’m just not feeling Franco.

    6 Altherr rf – he’s still finding his way at the plate but as long as they stick with him, he’ll be no less than a strong platoon option. All the tools.

    7 Crawford ss – as long as there aren’t any other options arising, I’m sticking with JPC, even if it takes another year in Lehigh.

    8 Alfaro c – ditto. Catchers typically take longer to develop and players with his skills don’t grow on trees.

    Right now, this is the fun part of being a fan.

    1. I do not see Doobie’s name, El Torito, anywhere on your list above.
      Is that an oversight on your part?
      Nor Cesar, Andrew Knapp, Nick Williams, Dylan Cozens or even Carlos Tocci.
      You may have rushed thru the process and just overlooked those key assets :).

      1. Sorry Romus. I neglected to mention those prospects who might very well be traded. I wasn’t about to include every possibility. Again, from what I said at the jump – I am spitballing.

        I do however look most forward to seeing what we have (or don’t) in Nick Williams within the next 6 weeks.

        …oh, and were you trying to reel me in with Doobie? (ha!)

    2. 5 stinks he’s 29 at the end of the yr will 1 and a half good seasons. 10.5 war in 7 seasons never hit more then 22 homeruns or 85 rbi’s. Todd Frazier had a better carrier then that.


  53. TIM I really hate hockey. Rather watch wwe which is fake then that stupid hockey

      1. I have tried to like it. but just cant. i used to get great seat and though that would help but still hate it. not my cup of tea.

  54. Kudos to Leiter Jr. He really showed a lot of moxie. I thought he was going to get pounded. Glad I was wrong. His change up (?) was really diving down.

    Two in a row. Thirty nine of the next forty four and were right back in this thing! Herrera made a nice throw but it was Altther’s ball as he was facing third.

  55. NYY DFAd Chris Carter. Word is they prefer a lefty bat but maybe TJ would be a fit since Bird isn’t close to returning. I would offer Joseph, Hellickson and Neshek for one top 10 and 2 lower level prospects.

    The O’s may be interested in Hellickson if they decide to buy. Maybe for a midlevel prospect.

    I think Kendrick will join the Red Sox as a super utility guy. We should get 2 lottery tix for him.

    1. 8mark….I think you are onto something….if TJ is moved….Hoskins comes up. TJ with 33HRs in his last 555PAs is enticing to say the least.

    2. I love this Duda , Adams , Alonso all left handed 1 St baseman all on The block. I didn’t hear that The Philliies are teaching Tojo how switch hit . But wow Tojo would be nice in that young very productive lineup. I say 45 hrs 120 RBIs about .270 . I mean the Phillies really don’t have a 5 hole hitter , Sanderson was supposed to help with the middle. It’s nice to have Cozens in front of behind you in the line.

      1. Tim….time for re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere.
        Teaching players to switch-hit….that may have been a past regime’s philosophy….Quinn may have been the last. Unless the kid is already switch hitting, like Bray Gonzalez, they may be more inclined not to pursue that anymore.
        That is just a guess on my part.
        And Sanderson?
        Hope you mean Saunders…and not Kendrick?

        1. I was making fun because the Yanks want a Lh bat . Kendrick isn’t a middle of the order hitter . Franco is showing signs of coming out of his slump. I just have a little trouble with Hoskins over Tojo when Tojo putting up great numbers .I Mean what does fans expect from. Hoskins to Smash .330 with 45 hr 120 RBIs in his rookie yr. I mean look at what Tojo doing in this first 600 Ab 33 Hr 27 doubles .270 he can walk plus he’s still learning.

  56. Matt Gelb today points out that Freddy Galvis is a FA after ’18. Get more for him this deadline than next year’s. Dilemma for the FO. Marlins are shopping Hechavarria who has similar profile but Galvis has much more pop. Rays and Cardinals are 2 teams in need.

    If Crawford can continue his current uptick, especially over the next 5 weeks….???

  57. Phillies have a standing trade offer for Nestek there waiting to see if they get a better 1. That’s risky you have a 36 yr old who is doing good.

    1. Tim…I think Klentak may have learned his lesson from last year and the Hellickson situation. At least I hope so. Better to strike while the iron is hot.
      IMO, both Neshek and Kendrick would be moved before July.
      Hope Hellickson redeems himself a bit to get a lottery pick in A level.
      And also start to shop ToJo….33 Hrs in the last 560PAs or so, is something that some AL teams may desire from a DH/1st baseman.
      Time for Hoskins to get promoted.

      1. Mack said something in a article I just read . He was talking about the change in roster after the trades. He said it depended on who they get back in the trades. Which inclines that the Phillies may trade for mlb players not lottery tickets.

  58. I Know if i am Sheldon I make the Hellickson trade. along with Neshek. Obbie goes. tj goes. freddy goes Kendrick goes. and only guy i keep right now is altheer he maybe something to keep. I unload every pitcher i can. none of them are top of rotation guys. You can find these type in every draft or free agency. Sheldon should be very active if teams are willing.

    1. That would become a another 5 yrs because if rebuild rookies are not going to up and start mashing the ball. Plus to get a full pitching staff probably another _ 4 yrs.

      1. It wouldnt have to take 5 yrs. if Hopkins is better than tj. and Cozens gives up 25 pl homeruns. kingery is the stud people think. then add in a Donaldson or Harper. or mac-ado. plus a top of rotation starter along with two bullpen arms and we arent that bad.

        1. How much better is Hopkins over Tojo first 162 games ,only 4 Phillies hit 30 hr or more in there first 162 . Tojo , Klien ,Howard, I forgot the last Harper’s going to 400 mil , Mac mght the same , Donaldson at least 150 mil. That will hurt the salary cap . What young TOR are bring in . The Phillies bring in JD Martinez , Harper , trade for 2 bp pieces.

          1. How about we just call him Hoskins? C’mon guys he’s one of our best prospects and has been around for 4 years now. It’s Hoskins and yeah, I’d be willing to risk trading Joseph to give him a chance because I don’t think Joseph can be anything more than average (whereas I think Hoskins has a chance to a first division regular – a really good hitter) and we can always get an average first baseman.

            1. Honestly, I’m looking at the handling of Tommy Joseph as a barometer for this team. If Joseph keeps this up another month or so his trade value will be up and they need to flip him then if they get a good offer. One of the more successful aspects of the Sixers’ rebuild was identifying younger players who had hit a plateau and whose value had peaked and they flipped those guys at the right time (MIchael Carter Williams). If they keep Joseph around, I doubt he’s going to get much better (look, he IS okay, but I don’t think he’ll improve much from here) and it is really going to gum up the works in terms of getting Hoskins the chance he deserves. He is a near-elite hitting prospect. He’s led the IL all year in OPS and has show tremendous ball/strike judgment. His approach at the plate is clearly major-league caliber and he a tight power stroke. He is going to need his chance and fairly soon.

            2. Have to agree.
              ToJo does have the power bat, however his overall slash, especially the BA/OBP portion will not translate to anything higher than mediocre at the major league level…..was that way thru out his minor league career.
              IMO, cannot expect it to drastically improve.
              Hoskins on the other hand has proven thru-out his minor league career to maintain a better overall batting tool.
              Hoskins is at the right age also for the promotion.

  59. Be careful about trading Galvis. You need a replacement. If Crawford is hitting .210 with 10 errors in AAA what is he going to produce is MLB. Is that a good business decision? Just saying.

    O. Herrera was benched last year for not hustling. Supposedly got the message (he still loafs down the line when he figures it’s a sure out. Watch him bust it if he thinks it’s a hit). This year he is not advancing on fly balls, running through stop signs and getting picked off bases. Can’t sit because the team has few offensive choices. Can’t send to LHV. PM and MK are out of patience and options. For the first time, I believe he will be traded either this July or in off season.

  60. I love to know why not one of our coaches can get thru to Herrera. it is nuts to me.

  61. What gets through to Herrera: a healthy Roman Quinn called up. That’s what happened last year, which is why I keep saying Herrera should not have received a long-term contract until it was 100% that the attention switch was stuck at ON. (For the record, I don’t believe in running out every ball full speed, but I do believe getting picked off is unforgivable).

  62. According to Nick Cafardo, Franco is “more than available.”

    My guess is the standing offer for Neshek is the Nats.

    Let’s hope Kendrick doesn’t wind up on the DL with this hammie.

    1. Profar from Texas may be in need of some new scenery. Would anybody exchange Franco for him?

    2. The same Boston Globe writer that said the same the Marlins trade last WK. But if tap into his name the Boston Globe wants a fee for a prescription . True look it up.look up Profor too not good.

  63. Agree,trade the whole roster, keep altherr. Would the Phillies lose more games if LHV was brought to Philly? Another poster wrote that the slogan for this season is “Beer next year”. Go Phils, whether 100 wins or 100 losses!

  64. Herrera is a hot dog. He’s not going to change. He also needs to defer to left and right when they have a better angle on a throw.

    The Fightin’s are at Donut Park the end of July and the third week of August. Just my luck, they finally come in but minus Pullin and Kingery.

    In two weeks, Williamsport comes to Dodd Stadium for a three game set. I’m hoping that the college pitchers they drafted and maybe Haseley are there.

    Finally, bring back Jonathan Pettibone (no, not Pappelbon). He’s pitching for the New Britain Bees and he’s doing really well (2.65 ERA). Hope he gets another chance.

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