Open Discussion: Week of May 8th

Another disappointing week for die hard Phillies fans.  After a week opening win against the Cubs in Wrigley, the Phillies dropped 3 straight against the world champions.  They came home and dropped the first two games against the Nationals this week end.  Aaron Altherr’s eighth inning, pinch hit, 3-run HR extended Sunday’s game to extra innings.  Freddy Galvis’ SF salvaged one win in the series.

The Phillies went 2-5 during the week.  They are 13-17 this season and have dropped into fourth place in the division.  The Phillies get off days before and after a 2-game series against Carlos Ruiz and the 15-17 Seattle Mariners.  This weekend, they start a 10-game road trip in Washington.  The tough part of their schedule is behind them as their opponents are a little less tough after that.

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.

Key dates remaining:

  • June 3rd – DSL Phillies’ seasons begin
  • June 12-14th – Rule 4 Draft
  • June 19th – Williamsport’s season begins
  • June 26th – GCL Phillies’ season begins
  • July 31st – Non-waiver Trade Deadline
  • December 10-14th – Winter Meetings in Orlando
  • December 14th – Rule 5 Draft

Extra Innings

In their last ten games, the Phillies went 2-8 – 0-3 against the Dodgers, 1-3 against the Cubs, and 1-2 against Nationals.  They had just a -9 run differential over the 10 games.  They led the opposition in 9 of those games.

The Nationals are 21-9.  they are 16-5 against the rest of the league, 5-4 against the Phillies.

Transactions: (includes roster juggling paper moves)

  • 5/7 – Austin Davis assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 5/7 – Seranthony Dominguez assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Phillies Ext. Spring Training.
  • 5/6 – RHP Harold Arauz assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 5/6 – LHP Zach Morris assigned to Phillies Ext. Spring Training from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • 5/5 – Phillies recalled Jake Thompson from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 5/5 – Phillies optioned Ty Kelly to Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 5/4 – RHP Matt Hockenberry assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 5/3 – Clearwater Threshers placed LHP Tyler Gilbert on the 7-day disabled list.
  • 5/2 – RHP Tyler Viza assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 5/2 – Osmel Aguila assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 5/2 – Reading Fightin Phils placed 3B Harold Martinez on the 7-day disabled list. Lower back strain.
  • 5/2 – Seranthony Dominguez assigned to Phillies Ext. Spring Training from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 5/2 – Ranfi Casimiro assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 5/2 – Harold Arauz assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • 5/2 – RHP Felix Paulino assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/30 – Phillies optioned RHP Luis Garcia to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/30 – Phillies recalled RHP Nick Pivetta from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/30 – RHP Tyler Viza assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 4/30 – RHP Shane Watson assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/30 – RHP Blake Quinn assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/30 – RHP Ranfi Casimiro assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 4/30 – RHP Mauricio Llovera assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/30 – Lakewood BlueClaws released RHP Kenny Koplove.
  • 4/29 – Felix Paulino assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • 4/29 – Lakewood BlueClaws activated RHP Trevor Bettencourt from the 7-day disabled list.
  • 4/28 – RHP Mauricio Llovera assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • 4/28 – RHP Harold Arauz assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/27 – 1B Darick Hall assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/27 – 1B Alex Wojciechowski assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • 4/27 – Cole Irvin assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Phillies Ext. Spring Training.
  • 4/27 – Keudy Bocio assigned to Phillies Ext. Spring Training from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 4/26 – RHP Harold Arauz assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • 4/26 – LHP Ranger Suarez assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/26 – Reading Fightin Phils activated SS Jorge Flores from the 7-day disabled list.
  • 4/26 – RHP Shane Watson assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 4/25 – RHP Blake Quinn assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 4/25 – 2B Keudy Bocio assigned to Clearwater Threshers from DSL Phillies.
  • 4/24 – RHP Seranthony Dominguez assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/24 – Phillies placed RHP Aaron Nola on the 10-day disabled list retroactive to April 21, 2017. Lower back strain.
  • 4/23 LHP Cole Irvin assigned to Phillies Ext. Spring Training from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 4/22 LHP Ranger Suarez assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws
  • 4/22 RHP Felix Paulino assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/22 Phillies transferred RHP Clay Buchholz from the 10-day disabled list to the 60-day disabled list. Torn flexor tendon in right elbow.
  • 4/22 Toronto Blue Jays traded 3B Ty Kelly to Philadelphia Phillies for cash.
  • 4/21 LHP Joey DeNato assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/21 RHP Matt Hockenberry assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 4/21 Phillies activated RHP Pat Neshek from the paternity list.
  • 4/21 Phillies optioned RHP Ben Lively to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/20 – Seranthony Dominguez assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 4/20 – Franklyn Kilome assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/19 – Phillies placed RHP Pat Neshek on the paternity list.
  • 4/19 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs activated RHP Colton Murray from the 7-day disabled list.
  • 4/19 – Phillies recalled RHP Ben Lively from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/19 – RHP Felix Paulino assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • 4/19 – RHP Kenny Koplove assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/18 – Phillies placed LF Howie Kendrick on the 10-day disabled list retroactive to April 16, 2017. Right abdominal strain.
  • 4/18 – Phillies placed RHP Clay Buchholz on the 10-day disabled list retroactive to April 15, 2017. Torn flexor tendon in right forearm.
  • 4/18 – Phillies signed free agent RHP Carlos Francisco to a minor league contract.
  • 4/18 – Phillies signed free agent RHP Alexis Herrera to a minor league contract.
  • 4/18 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Mark Leiter from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/18 – Phillies recalled RHP Zach Eflin from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/18 – LHP Wander Perez assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 4/18 – Lakewood BlueClaws placed RHP Trevor Bettencourt on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to April 16, 2017.
  • 4/18 – LHP JoJo Romero assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • The organization rosters are almost up to date.


192 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of May 8th

  1. Galvis has 5 game winning Rbi’5 this yr .looks like Altherr might be the real deal with Herrera one spot Mickey Mo spot for the furture outfield. All though the Phillies are said to looking for a 30 home run bat.

  2. The Phillies OF over the next few yrs will in my opinion be a very fluid situation. While we can project who might be the best talent to fill left, center and right, there’s no accounting for who gets traded, hurt, or lost in the mix.

    Altherr is currently opening eyes. He’s already the most polished glove and is demonstrating what a difference a mechanical change in his swing can make. He’s

    Herrera isn’t your most orthodox player but makes great plays while making easy ones look adventurous. With his team friendly contract it will be interesting to see how his value plays out in the future transactions page.

    Moniak is 3 yrs away. Nothing currently indicates he won’t be at least a good major league player. The fact that he’s a number one pick gives him the push for every advantage along the way.

    Quinn is as exciting as any OF in the organization. He’s probably the next one up from the ranks once the trade deadline clears some room.

    After those four, write the names of the rest on a piece of paper, toss them in a hat and hope one of them makes it. Otherwise, the FA market should yield a big bat by ’19/’20.

    1. Altherr looks every bit of a 25+ home run hitter if given the chance. His rise reminds me of a young Jason Werth a decade ago with only subtle changes. Ironically both had wrist injuries that derailed them early on in career only to come back in a flurry of hitting

      1. Come 2020, I’ll be thrilled if our starting outfield is Quinn-Moniak-Altherr as they currently project. At least until the Millville Meteor arrives in ’21!

        1. 8mark…..right now, Quinn does not project as a corner guy offensively. He just does not have enough of the power tool
          Can he turn into a Mookie Betts? Then that would be fine.

          1. He doesn’t but if Quinn gives us a .750 OPS with gold glove level defense, I’ll take that.

            1. You may have that now in Herrera his defense has been excellent. Herrera could put up 20 hrs 80 RBI seasons even 30 sb Quinn can’t. Herrera his tool is crazy good his power is good . Quinn has Speed plus but he has an avg hit tool that’s babip driven His power is avg his arm is above avg. the major thing is one more major injury Quinn will be behind the rest. 2 pt both Ceaser and Quinn are leadoff hitters only.3rd pt Williams will get 1st chance this is his 2nd tour at AAA and he has about 700 abats more then Quinn.Herrera just the Superior player

          2. Romus, ideally we want power from all corners but if we get the same from Alfaro (25), Franco (30+, or whoever our future 3b is), Hoskins (25+), and one OF like Altherr (25+). Quinn should be good for 10+. Moniak 15(?), Cesar or Jetpax (10?). We’re good.

            1. 8mark…..I am counting on Pavin Smith, at the Rule 4, 1.8, to be a corner with power!

              BTW…..if Jonathan Lucroy does not turn it around for the Rangers by July, I wonder if the Rangers may have some interest in local guy Cameron Rupp?
              Their top prospect is a year or two away in AA ball, and like Knapp, didn’t catch all three years in college and now needs more work.

            2. @8mark – yes, POWER in the corners (1B-3B-LF-RF) and DEFENSE in the middle (C-2B-SS-CF).

            3. @romus – i’m not sure if Rupp has trade value or than “Cash” or “PTBNL (org filler)”. Like Domo Brown, the Phils can kick out any stiff Cowgirl fans even for little or no return.

            4. Romus, I would have posted Pavin in LF if he were already in the fold. Just going with who’s ours for now. Check back with me on June 14, aye!?!?!

            5. 8mark….yes I an doing some wishful thinking with Smith as a selectee next month.

            6. KuKo….I do not expect a king’s ransom for Rupp…maybe one prospect or even international allocation money. But the value lies in the demand and the buyer’s need, and if Jon Daniels feels he has a need he may pony up with a decent prospect. Right now they are sitting at the bottom so they may be out of it by July, and then they may just play it out with who they have already.

            7. seriously speaking, TEX can be a good trading partner considering the Phils heavily scouted their farm 2 years ago. the Cole Hamels trade appears to benefit both teams so there’s no angst between the 2 trading parties.

              trade value is about all supply and demand. i think the Phils is ready to make the move from rebuilding to contending. Rupp is just not part of the movement to contention so he will be like an addition via subtraction and give way to Alfaro-Knapp catching tandem.

            8. Not sure if anyone else posted this already but the Good Phight just posted a piece on our carrot topped wonder boy Pavin. So far this season, 3.2% K rate and 12.9% BB rate.

            9. Yes for awhile he had more HRs than strikeouts.
              I hope he is there at 8, and the Phillies take him.

            10. 8mark… his three years at Virginia……9% Krate and 12% BB rate…..771PAs, and a slash line of 327/.402/.916.
              The guy is a pure hitter.
              I am afraid that someone will take him in the top seven.

            11. I just read were Texas might be in big trouble there 8 out without Hamels . They very well might be sellers by the tdl .

  3. Mickey Mo 19 playing in A ball he’s holding his own . Whoever deserves the the call its been that way . Right now it’s Nick Williams who’s walking more and hitting . Cozens showing power but nothing else. Quinn Hasn’t shown nothing his k% is higher then Nick Williams is batting .250. no way they trade Herrera until Micky MO ready. The trade deadline might pass , Kendrick , Sanderson one’s hurt the one is doing ok. It depends if a prospect is really raking or not that’s been the Phillies policy.

    1. Tim there u go with another negative thing on Quinn do u go to sleep with Quinn on ur mind even if his k is up he is a better outfielder than any of those u mention this is his first year in AAA he has to lean to adjust just like Williams have done and another thing look like all of the players have a high k ranking

      1. He can’t touch Herrera talent ,he’s not better the Altherr . He hasn’t hit for avg outside of Reading he can’t stay healthy all true . When he’s healthy for 500 at bats and Raking In AAA for a few months then I’ll talk better. But he’s still not in the Phillies future most scouts have him at a 4th OF. Stop stalking me it’s creepy.

  4. It was a terrible week for the bullpen. Not sure who’s the closer right now.

    1. If Neris gets smart enough to stick with his splitter, he could be fine for the time being.

      1. Neris’ arm might be broken (due to too many splitters) when the Phils needs an elite closer. Neris’ FB is as good as his splitter if he can locate it. Command of his 4S is really key for Neris so he doesn’t need to over rely on his splitter.

        1. This is why, if he gets on a role, I would try to flip him at the deadline considering how in demand relievers are. I don’t worry about losing Neris because we have plenty of starters at AAA and AA who will probably need to convert to RP at some point either due to no available rotation sports or ineffectiveness.

          There’s also rumors out there about the Phillies planning to go hard after Britton when he becomes a free agent, so that would solve the closer situation.

  5. I know the BABIP, ISO %, etc. for Maikel Franco are keeping his other numbers down thus far but I have got to think they will look for an upgrade there with Josh Donaldson being the lead guy to consider after the remainder of this season and all of 2018 for Franco. I know there have been several sources writing about Moustakas but to me he is the same type of mold as Franco, with Franco being younger, cheaper, and a higher ceiling. But a dude like Donaldson, albeit some nagging injuries, is a toolsy, cerebral professional who brings intensity night in and night out. I would put Franco on notice this winter and next season by at least making a serious effort for a 3rd base upgrade.

    Although it can be painful to watch right now, most of these kids are earning valuable reps in the big leagues. But this team needs to start spending not only for us fans and viewing enjoyment, but to further help the young kids grow and gain a sense of comfort. Guys like Michael Saunders and even home grown TJ are flat out vanilla. I still think you’ll see 17-19 homers from TJ but his K/BB ratio doesn’t warrant waiting around for 15 homers.

    2017 winter: Push for Arrietta & Wade Davis or Danny Duffy (desparately needed LHP for rotation)

    2018 winter: Push for the likes of Donaldson, Machado, Harper (Call me insane butI’d rather have Harper, Donaldson over Manny). Fall back options with Charlie Blackmon/Hunter Pence/AJ Pollack (Pollack is a dude too).
    Cole Hamels could also be a free agent this during this winter. Pen options set to hit market barring extensions would be Brad Brach, Familia, Cody Allen, Ryan Madson. All back end upgrades for the dumpster fire pen the Phightins have gathered the last two seasons.

    1. I took heat last year when I stated that Franco isn’t a middle of the order hitter on a playoff caliber team but the same applies this year. They don’t need to spend big $$$ for a FA to replace Franco who is a good, young, inexpensive player at 3b but he should not be expected to hit 3rd/4th.

      Moving him down to the 6th spot in the order is a better spot. He can be a streaky hitter while still supplying power. His biggest issue today is that he’s being asked to carry to much of the offensive load due to a lack of other options..

      1. Agree….if Hoskins eventually ends up being in the majors, what he has shown to be up until now in the minors….he becomes the 4-hole guy. MF may not like it but he has to slide down the order and if the left-handed /right-handed preference is used with a lefty hitting in the 5-hole…then MF goes to 6th.
        Process of elimination ……he cannot hit in any of the top three spots, pushed out of the 4-hole…..5-hole culd be a lefty to break up the order, so Franco is left with probably 6th or 7th.

      2. His biggest issue is he just keeps moving his head off the ball. He is a fourth hitter or fifth, I watch a lot of this kid, He could be great, if he breaks the bad habit he is in. He has tremendous bat speed and power. He can be great if he really wants it, its up to him,

        1. rocco……after almost 1200PAs he just may be just a guy with the big power, 25/30HRs…..but a slash of what he has now …254/.310/.740.
          Isn’t that the same criteria we set up for Cody Asche after 1000PAs?

          1. Does any know Franco is tied for 12th in mlb with 25 rbis . He had 88 rbis last yr he’s on Pace for more then 💯 rbis he really hasn’t hit yet. The season early still he also needs help.

            1. That’s a function of where he’s hitting in the order and the players in front of him. His .205 average with RISP certainly isn’t the reason..

    2. Both Arrieta and Donaldson are 31 yo and showing good signs of physical decline. They will be an expensive secondary players when the Phils is ready to compete. Davis is also 31 yo. Bullpen arms are normally the last piece of the puzzle and teams normally spend big $$ (unless you’re the Yankees) on closers when they are one of the top contending teams. All 3 will be looking for their last big contract – i think that will not be a wise use of big $$ for the Phils.

      Machado on the other hand is only 24 yo and probably not reached his peak yet. Duffy can be a good sign but he is also will look for a big contract and probably the Phils will compete against a contending team for his services. Duffy is not the type of player you want to overpay.

      Harpen and Machado are the only players that you mentioned that the Phils should devote all their resources – as both are young, proven talent and elite players. The Phils can find alternative solutions to the other names. I like Cole Hamels to come back if the $$ demand is not crazy.

      1. While I would prefer Machado to Harper, for the Phillies pursuing Harper is actually the better fit. He would give the RF they don’t really have in the system and can be that 3-hole hitter they need.

        1. i agree with the fit (position and the LH bat) – but the challenge with Harper is the negotiations. buy i want the Phils to be one in the fight to acquire these elite players especially they have a lot of financial flexibility and ability. the farm is deep enough plus the holes, but the Phils need elite players.

          1. What about Nolan Arenado from the Rockies . They may have the best farm sys plus they can’t sign everyone. They just might win that division.

    3. Donaldson is to old
      Arietta already trending downward losing velocity
      which 400 million dollar player do you want Harper or Machado,
      I doubt the Phillies get either
      the Yankees want Machado and that doesn’t bode well for the Phillies, and I think the Gnats don’t let Harper go , I wouldn’t be surprised if they make him the highest paid player ever by the end of this season.

    4. I am not in favor of spending big money because the owner can afford it.

      Arrietta & Donaldson are too old.
      Cole would be interesting on a 2 year deal, but the years of 200+ innings pitched will eventually catch up with him.
      Giving money to burnt out BP arms is too risky.
      I do agree that signing an Ace should be a priority with the lineup projection over next few years. There will be plenty of options & hopefully the GM doesn’t bid against himself, like previous did in the past.
      Not convinced giving Machado or Harper $40M+/year would be good for a rebuilding team.
      The Yankees tried to buy their way to a title after 2000 & only yielded one in 2009. Bringing in a mix of veterans on reasonable contracts while continuously producing prospects will provide sustainable winning. The Cardinals are a good example of this approach.

      1. I would absolutely go after Harper. $40 million on a team that can afford a $190 million + payroll isn’t all that much and I’d imagine their payroll capacity will grow with the luxury tax in upcoming collective bargaining agreements. They shouldn’t be rebuilding in 2019, 2020, 2021, they should be challenging for playoff spots or someone in the FO will be out of a job.

        1. Keep in mind also, Harper’s going to probably end up with an opt-out at some point so in theory they could have him for 2-3 years and let him walk if he produces up to his contract.

  6. I like how the team is coming together & progressing despite the recent losses:
    -Came out hot the first game against the Cubs, after the terrible loss against the Dodgers.
    -Finished strong against the Nationals – having beat them 4 times this year overall.
    -Losing close games, but it is part of learning how to win.

    As for the players:
    -As much as we are waiting for JP, Galvis plays with guts & is a positive leader for the team.
    -Franco continues to be a feast or famine type hitter, disappointed by his lack of progress.
    -Cesar makes the occasional mistake, but is playing great & has earned the right to stay on the team.
    -Would like ToJo & Rupp to get more AB’s before casting them out, but the call up of Hoskins & Alfaro are inevitable. That said, they need to get consistent chances through the trade deadline.
    -VV appears to be what the Astros already knew. Electric stuff & no control. Could be a candidate for BP or a later bloomer. Still only 24, I prefer to give him time.
    -Efflin has been impressive
    -Would like to see Pivetta get more starts, can we do a 6 man rotation?

    I am hoping for positive outcomes at the trade deadline to take advantage of the increased value of players. But the way things are shaping Hellickson (SP surplus), Cesar & Galcis (JP & Kingery need more time) will all be here.

    As for the others: Rupp (darkhorse for a contending team in need of catching), Saunders (ditto Rupp), Kendrick (odd man out, could stay if Saunders is traded), veteran BP arms will need to prove value first first, but will still be needed for next year anyway.

  7. John,

    Good summary.

    Galvis might be the least appreciated Phillies starter so far. He’s been clutch, for sure. He’s also a cheerleader. My feeling for a while now is that he’s the next super sub, the next Andres Blanco. That assumes JP becomes the starting shortstop. And Galvis could get a lot of playing time in that role if the Phillies would be willing to give him starts at 2B, SS and 3B.

  8. Werth himself said that he sees a resemblance with Altherr including the nagging wrist concerns. Altherr is a type of a player that the Phils can be excited about as Altherr can do almost everything – the swing and miss tendency is still a concern as the offensive tool can cannot play out if he will to strike out. While the adjustment made by Stairs to shorten the swing might sacrifice some of the power, the increase in contact might be better long term as Altherr has the raw power to drive any ball out of the ballpark if he can hit them.

  9. To John – and SWFL….couldn’t agree more about Galvis. Yesterday when the game was up for grabs and Freddy was coming up I knew he would most likely win the game. He is the one player in that spot – more often than not – comes through. He does play with guts and I don’t care what his OBP is – the guy wins games with hits in the key spots. I would love to see an analysis of how many games he has personally won with a hit in the last 2 – 3 years. I am not sure what is wrong with a .290 OBP, 20 homer, gold glove SS who hits in the clutch ?????

    1. Freddy hitting in the 8-hole with those metrics is fine… is when he is moved up to the 2nd hole that things can become a little dicey offensively for the team..
      I do not think anyone is complaining about him hitting in the 8-hole with his production.

    2. Ty that’s what I’ve been saying for a while. I think he ups it too 25 hr 30 doubles.

    3. Gotta give props to Freddy. He’s been hearing about how JP is going to take his job for the last 2 years and it hasn’t bothered him at all.

  10. BTY – I have seen JP play several times and while he is smooth as silk in the field, he does not play with the same energy as Galvis. Just saying, numbers are numbers but sometimes seeing the player says almost as much. That is not a knock on JP – he is just a different player than Galvis. Let’s not forget that we Phillies fans are somewhat spoiled by the shortstop we had for the last 15 years !!!

    1. Phillies fans for many years also complained about the shortstop they had for the last 15 years because he was too j-smooth…

      1. I always thought that was the funniest knock on Abreau: he made it look too easy.

        Not that he was ever a great defender–though somehow he won a Gold Glove?!?–but he fielded so effortlessly, it could appear like he wasn’t trying.

      2. The only complaint I had with Jimmy was that he popped up too much. I felt that he was trying to hit HRs too much. Defensively he was outstanding.

      3. I love JRoll, but he fell in love with his power (which he did have). His career BA should be much higher than .264. He could have bunted more, hit more line drives. Look at Cesar’s career BA, it’s more than 20 points higher.

        But in the end, he’s still the best SS in team history.

  11. Stassi looks lost at the plate. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Phils kept the extra pen arm and sent Stassi down when Kendrick comes back next week.

      1. Actually, considering that some of their bench players are developing players, their bench is fine, even if a guy or two is struggling. The bullpen is not very strong – better than last year, but not strong.

    1. This is what I would do. He doesn’t really serve a purpose on the team. Nava is clearly the superior reserve outfielder and Kendrick gives them the flexibility to use Blanco more as a pinch hitter.

    2. Murray,

      I would not be surprised to see Stassi sent down and, as much as I like him and his story, would have no problem with that.

      However, he has struck the ball hard in some clutch situations and hit into tough luck.

  12. Completely slipped my mind but the draft is less than a month away. Wish we had this years 1-1.

    1. Can anyone with knowledge give a top 10 with some brief scouting? Haven’t really been paying attention to the draft this year. I feel like we need an arm.

        1. Romus, I like the RHP from Oregon State that BA ranked #85 as a 3rd round pick. Talk about confusing our people on this site.

          1. 9mark….if that happens, your mock would prove prophetic. But that would something. And both in the same rotation, and probably no relation, …could be a first.

  13. Believe it or not the Phillies look to be in incredible shape right now. When I was bored at work I did a little exercise guessing the starting position players and their triple slash if they play a full season of around 550 PA in 2018. We could potentially fill a lineup with major league average (or better) starters! This was just for fun so keep an open mind:

    1. Cesar Hernandez (2B) (S) .280/.350/.410 10 HR 20 SB
    2. J.P. Crawford (SS) (L) .240/.310/.380 6 HR 10 SB
    3. Aaron Altherr (RF) (R) .250/.340/.450 20 HR 20 SB
    4. Maikel Franco (3B) (R) .260/.330/.470 25 HR
    5. Odubel Herrera (CF) (L) .280/.350/.400 12 HR 20 SB
    6. Rhys Hoskins (1B) (R) .240/.320/.430 25 HR
    7. Jorge Alfaro (C) (R) .260/.300/.400 15 HR
    8. Roman Quinn (LF) (S) .250/.310/.390 8HR 30 SB
    9. Pitcher

    As you can see we could potentially round out a whole MLB team of starters! Now of course this is the rookie year for many of these guys and not everyone will do terrific. This probably isn’t a playoff team. This, however, is where free agency and trades come in. With a solid pitching rotation and a star position player, we have ourselves a playoff team. we have the complimentary players already. We have the depth for trading. Perhaps now is a good time to trade for a guy like Giancarlo Stanton for a Moniak, Sixto, Kingery deal?

    Point is, we’re in a good spot despite the negativity surrounding our recent losses!

      1. I tried to keep in mind that it would be Hoskins rookie year. Also eventually pitchers would learn how to pitch to him and he would need to adjust.

  14. Ryan Howard released by the Braves. Godspeed to him. Unfortunate end to his career.

    1. John,

      Thanks for sharing the bad news. It’s almost like a death in the family and somebody has the honorable duty to report it.

      Hopefully, Ryan can now accept a post-playing career with dignity.

    1. I’ve been hoping that we would see this from Eshelman – if he can develop solid breaking pitches, he has a really nice upside (solid 3). I’ve commented on this before, but Eshelman’s background and developmental curve are not typical. Eshelman has 80 command of his FB. Because he could put that pitch anywhere he wanted in college, he essentially never had to throw anything else. As a result, he has had to really learn how to throw breaking pitches in professional ball – obviously, that takes some time. My view was that if he could learn to throw some decent breaking pitches and develop command of those pitches, he could develop into a true mid-rotation starter – but it would take some time. Now, it looks like he is turning the corner. I’ll probably watch some of his start in to see how he looks, but I’ve very encouraged.

  15. Also, Tocci 3 for 3 on the evening so far. I’m starting to think of him as our own version of Ichiro Suzuki. Single, single, single, single…. Personally I don’t care if he ever develops power or not, as long as he keeps hitting and getting on base he’s got a chance to be a real good player.

  16. The Mets are fading fast Harvey golfing while a ball game is playing. Maybe he was with Trump. They just called up Tommy Mi!one ouch. The Phillies might be second in the division by the end of the season. Marlins have no rotation at Al!.

  17. Tim second in a really bad division?? We are so far behind the nationals. its scary.

    1. Funny how the Nationals ascension began with Jason Werth’s signing and the culmination of getting Strasburg and Harper and here they are after this season having the potential to lose them both to Free Agency.

      The Phillies aren’t that far behind. It can all turn around for them with just 1 really key FA sign.

      1. that back-to-back Strasburg and Harper picks is a gift from heaven to the Nationals. If I’m a Nats fan, I will be expecting more from what they already did. I think the Phils will catch up with them in 2 years.

        1. Nats got crazy lucky with Strasburg and Harper. They were were the consensus #1 picks that year and it wasn’t even close.

  18. True but the wild card teams like the Reds , , Zona , the Brewers aren’t so good. The can keep beating up the Braves ,Maimi and the Mets. SF stinks this yr and the Pirates are hurting too.

    1. There were two ways to look at the Phillies’ recent series with the Nats and Dodgers.

      On the one hand, they lost a lot and the bullpen didn’t fare so well.

      On the other hand, they stuck with both of these teams for the most of the series. They got guys on base constantly, especially at the top of the order. If they had some guys who could hit in the middle of the line-up and a bit better pitching, they could have won about half those games.

      I choose the latter approach. This team is one or two effective middle-of-the lineup hitters away from being a nice offensive team. If Hoskins hits the ground running, Altherr stays in the line-up and they get production from just one other middle-of-the-order hitter, this team is going to put up some crooked numbers. And the young starters, as a group are encouraging. This team is now watchable – something that wasn’t true for the last 2 or 3 years.

      1. Excellent analysis Catch. I’ve always subscribed to the logic that while rare there are certain guys that when you bring them in they just make everyone around them better

        1. They have the talent
        2. They have the presence
        3. The game slows down for them in big moments instead of speeding up

      2. while the bullpen cost the Phils a win or two, the LAD, CHC and WAS are just the better team both in pitching and batting. i’m actually happy to see the Phils stood blow by blow with the big boys. The Neris back-to-back-back somehow affects the composure of Game 3 with LAD – the Phils’ should be 1-1 with momentum heading into Game 3 (of 10) which could have carried over the rest of the 10-game series since they won big in game 4.

  19. The cold in Chicago was a factor really don’t play​ baseball in the 30ies to often. The Bp killed us too I think 3 times .

  20. I’m hoping Eshelman is a success. I like his control a lot. But how is he any different than Alec Asher? Can someone explain it to me?

  21. Jeanmar on the DL. They recall Ty Kelly and trade for a journeyman reliever from Seattle and send him to AAA.

  22. Pete has 2 lefties batting in the middle of the lineup vs a lhp. What can you tell me about Ariel Miranda, Romus?

    1. Throws his FB @ 90-92T93…not bad tonight for a lefty.
      I left early tonight…Dollar Dog night got the best of me, plus the free Hatfield samplings…..if you know what I mean..

      1. I ate 9 hot dogs one Time and 1 naco . I walked around the stadium between every ing to make room for the beer.

      2. We weren’t getting the Gun readings on the broadcast last night wondering if they were working in the stadium?

  23. Here is what I’m thrilled about; With Herrera and Altherr in the OF together, they cover so much ground that almost no fly balls fall for hits. Can you imagine adding Quinn to that mix?

    1. Herrera, Quinn and Altherr is about as good of a defensive outfield as you can construct. If you put Herrera in left, you would seem some amazing things from Quinn and Altherr in terms of gunning down runners. Both of those guys have cannons. I’m going to say this right now – if Altherr can hit .275 consistently, he’s going to be a star. He’s the player we all hoped John Mayberry could become.

      1. Altherr is proof why you need to be patient with player development even after reaching the major leagues. His SO rate & OBP weren’t great in the minors.

        Rupp now hitting .267 with .851 OPS & ToJo is hitting .347 in May.

        The trade options at the deadline & off-season are about to get rich.

        Get ready folks, I think Klentak & McPhail will deliver.

        1. Still small sample. but it proves some times guy are just better hitters in major then minors. rare but it happens

          1. Or is proves that guys can actually get better with experience and playing time. We are too quick to categorize players based on what they do as 20 year olds..

  24. Pull Eickhoff he doesn’t have it tonight. Mac doesn’t know how to manage pitchers .

    1. Tim I can be critical of Mack for a lot of things but what in gods creation do you want him to do with this pitching staff?

      When is the last time one of them went 7 or even 6 complete…

    2. From the first pitch, Eickhoff didn’t look right. It looked like he wasn’t consistent with his mechanics.

  25. You have your only left-handed reliefer who now at 36 pitchies why do you send him out in the 7 th ??? Now he’s done for a while. Mac gone he can’t manage a bullpen .

    1. It’s true, he can’t manage a pen. Rodriguez is only effective in spurts. Neris needs to be removed from the closer role ASAP.

  26. Franco will sit today. Time for a wakeup call. Move him down in the lineup. Let Saunders or ToJo bat cleanup for now. Maybe Altherr. What Franco is struggling with is mostly between the ears.

    For Mackanin, this is a teachable moment and a test for him as well.

    1. Is Franco really sitting today? He deserves it too. He butchered that ball yesterday and cost the Phillies 2 unearned runs.

      Franco looks lost at the plate. Hard to believe that Altherr can respond so well to Stairs and he can’t. Perhaps Franco needs to get benched and have a “wake-up moment” that Cesar had last year.

    2. 8mark the Phillies scored 9 runs yesterday Franco still leaders the team Rbi’s. Franco will be ok bench Mac.

      1. Tim…Maikel Franco’s RISP so far in 2017:
        For a 4hole hitter….that is below average.

  27. Out of all the things that happened offensively last night for us I was most impressed with the 7 BBs and TJ had 3 of them…

  28. I don’t think I can remember a time when our top 5 relievers stink. I mean, they are terrible. Benoit gives up a 4 spot? Are you kidding me? We can’t get a decent reliever out there? What the hell is going on?

    1. And we thought the bullpen was going to be our strength. If the starting pitcher goes 6 or 7 innings, the offense can’t score enough runs.

      At least my boy AA is staking his claim.

      1. I really thought it was our strength. i didint like the starters. As romus knows. but thought the bullpen would be good. I Really loved neris. With this pitching staff you could sign Harper, Machado and they still wouldnt win

          1. Romus, the long ball is biting everybody on the staff. I do like Eflin as a solid #4. Eickhoff will rebound from his worst and shortest start. Hellickson will get us a couple of midlevel lottery tix. Nola’s games with Lehigh are huge. VV? Jury is out. In any case, we’ll need an Ace.

            1. Agree they need a ace bad. As i stated signing machado without a ace isnt going to help much

            2. Better take a look at the recent ‘ace’ signings and how they have progressed….Price, and Greinke in 2015……I do not consider guys like Leake/Kennedy/Dickey/Colon/ Happ et al as aces.
              The successes so far…Cueto (’15), Lester and Scherzer in ’14.
              So who do you want for next season?
              The list is very pedestrian and not very attractive.

  29. Come on! Calm down. Twenty one runs to the M’s in two games isn’t that bad. At the beginning of the year, I had them winning seventy five games. Now I’m concerned that they may lose a hundred. What a horrible stretch!

    Last year, they started 24-17 on the back of good starting pitching. Nola had a great first half. Some guys are coming around but overall this team is terrible. Things are looking bleak to this Phillies fan of 54 years.

    1. Agreed, it’s butt ugly and embarrassing losing 2 games to a mediocre team at home. And Chooch clears the bases on his last legs as salt to the wound.

      Now on the bright side:
      K’s are down and BBs are up. Thanks, Matt Stairs.

      Tradable pieces like TJ and Rupp are raising their value.

      We have a bonafide star OF in the making. Don’t touch him! AA is on fire!

      Lehigh’s bats are showing signs of life.

      I’ll take what I can get right now.
      (Oh…and the Mets lost today.)

  30. The can’t score they scored 15 runs in a 2 game series ,they lost both . The 9th ing the bullpen era is 6.94 .

  31. Great article by David Murphy on the Altherr comparison to Weth & Mayberry.

    Didn’t realize that Altherr only has about 500 AB’s in the major leagues. Certainly a small sample size, but you probably need about 1300 AB’s to make a sound assessment of what a player will be longer term.

    ToJo now batting .392 in May with his season BA up to .242 & still only 95 total AB’s for the season. Excellent time to move him into the cleanup spot & move Franco down.

    The trade options are ripening folks. If the hitting development continues, there will need to be moves made to strengthen rotation next year.

  32. Is this AA real? I honestly never thought he’d be much more than a 4th OF (and more so Bc if his ability to play all 3 OF spots and all 3 very well)/AAAA kinda player . . . Yet what he’s shown this year would blow that outta the water. I’d gladly accept being wrong about him. Keep it going MR. Altherr!

    Ps I like how Cesar couldn’t get on base via any hits today but still finds a way on base w 2 walks.

    1. It’s happened before with a player making a small tweak to their swing or set-up and then voila

      Joey Bats
      and how about what Thames is doing after Korea

      Some guys also can’t hold onto it for more than a season so I’ll enjoy it as its happening and just hope it turns into a 10 year career.

  33. Pete’s lineup going forward should be
    Hernandez 2b
    Herrera cf
    Altherr lf
    Joseph 1b
    Saunders rf
    Franco 3b
    Rupp/Knapp c
    Galvis ss

    The runs have been plentiful but it’s time to send the 3b a message. I’d also like to see more Ty Kelly than Blanco off the bench. With Jake optioned back to Lehigh, let’s bring Venditte up. He’s been lights out with both hands.

  34. Franco in the top 20 in rbis plus Phillies are in the top 10 in many different categories.

    1. 2 grand slams have him there, Tim. His production has come from a handful of games. Not distributed consistently.

      1. That will happen though out the season . How many hitters have hit our bp and then went 0 12 in the next series. The Phillies O is fine it’s doing much better then last yr. The bp is the real probelm.

  35. MLB OPS leaders:
    1 Zimmerman WAS
    2 Harper WAS
    3 Freeman ATL
    4 Thames MIL
    5 Altherr PHI

  36. I didn’t really think about it until I heard it on WIP this morning (I didn’t realize how much Phillies they talk on that station until a week or so ago) Pete’s lack of a contract beyond this year has him in a precarious situation with the players.

    Essentially he is a lame duck and it only takes a little bit of dissension from a guy like Benoit to send it off it’s rails. I’m not the biggest Mackanin fan in the world but the guy knows baseball

    which I distinguish from managing…

    1. It is a good point, no doubting that Pete is a grown up & can handle the situation. He should get more managing opportunities after what he has done with the Phillies.

      Given the trajectory of the team, I see them moving on from Pete after this year. Maybe add a year as a worst case, but that happens only if they make the playoffs.

      I see Dusty Waltham being promoted since he already has a rapport with the younger players & the team is moving towards growth/winning from rebuilding/losing.

      1. Pete will be 66-years old in three months. Even Charlie was younger when he was hired back in ’04…he was 60.
        This may be it as a manager….maybe bench coach again if that what he wants.

        1. I disagree. He put his time in & finally got the manager role. I can see him managing for a veteran team next year.

  37. Just a few reminders while I’m all for giving Franco some time off and possibly moving him down in the line-up let’s remember

    He’s still just 24 (until August)
    He only had 2,355 MiLB PA’s (Altherr had 2,839)

    So while we cite the Joey Bats, JD Martinez’s of the world to defend positions on Altherr and why his showing isn’t a mirage we must also remember that there were teams that gave up on those same players.

    We live in a day and age when patience is measured 1 night intervals. Myself included 🙂

    1. DMAR….if the Red Sox ever came calling for a young veteran third baseman, and they mentioned Franco, if I were the GM I would be tempted. Of course, he wouldn’t be sent to Beantown without a truly significant return of at least three prospects….two of three of Devers, Groom and /or Dalbec and another pitcher in their system

  38. Sorry Romus Boston wouldn’t do that deal. Your having a bad time my8 smith is going 7 in all the mock i see. and we pick 8th. I sent you a mets hat.

    1. rocco….you are probably correct. Though they need a third baseman…actually they also need a true power guy in the middle since Big Popi retired.
      As for the draft, same thing happened when Theo took Ian Happ at nine and Phillies took Randolph at ten….if Smith goes at 7 or earlier, another disappointment.
      Mets hat is in the mail, eh? I will be anxiously waiting. 🙂

      1. It’s a tempting deal you propose Romus I think its a lot to give up from Boston’s side so if I’m the Phillies I probably do that deal.

        1. Yes it is a lot…..maybe pitchers Groom and maybe Shawaryn and 3rd baseman Bobby Dalbec would be a more reasonable return if the Phillies were willing to do that.
          Of course this is just ‘winter hot stove’ speculation in May.

      2. damm Happ is already at triple a and doing good. Shame we get a strikeout king and lose out on this kid.

        1. No Rocco Happ was gone by our pick! 9 comes before 10 🙂

          I’m pretty sure the Phillies would have taken Happ if he slid to them

          1. i think back to that ’15 draft and think if the phils had just started making some rebuild moves that season or just done as good a job as the red sox/cubs did at tanking. Cubs finish with same record but get the pick ahead and get Happ, Red Sox lose a couple more games and get Benitendi.

    1. I think matt as gm has to go. sorry He extends this guy and after yesterday why are we not releasing a 39 yr old who thinks he has to know what inning he is going in. If not a closer does it really matter? These players are a joke. Matt grow a pair and release this guy today. I pray you dont bring up leiter he stinks imo

    2. Well there you have it. Not sure why you would be disappointed the flipping Cubs hired Renteria for 2014 then before he could coach a game in 2015 they fired him for Maddon when they discovered a clause in Maddon’s contract that allowed him to opt out.

    3. This doesn’t surprise me in the least.

      I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I think they believe that they have a young team and Mackanin is especially good at managing young players. I think they are right about this – he strikes a good balance between brutally honest and indulgent. And, frankly, developing players is the most important thing right now.

      There are at least three legitimate criticisms of Pete I can think of (I’m sure there are more, but these pop to mind). First, he sometimes seems reluctant to play younger guys and give them a chance – for example, after Altherr’s amazing spring, it was crazy that it took a Kendrick injury to get him more playing time. If that pressure is caused by concern over his job, hopefully, that should be alleviated. Second, is line-up construction. This is mostly a sabermetric exercise – if the team isn’t counseling him on optimal line-up construction, then shame on them.

      Third is game-day managing, which is pretty meh (we all think it’s horrible at times because the team isn’t that great and is losing – a good part of this is simply due to having some bad players, not Pete) and really bring to attention the second part of the rebuild. I believe that they are committed to Pete to the player development part of the rebuild which, again, is the primary objective and Pete’s good at this. Once they become competitive, however, I think they intend to revisit whether Pete can be the guy to lead them to championships. They will have a year plus to evaluate Pete as a game-day manager – if he’s not good enough and they need another guy to lead them to the playoffs in 2017, he will probably be replaced at the time or during the offseason.

      But, for this phase of the rebuild, seriously, Pete’s not a bad option.

      1. I meant to say the playoffs in 2018 – I don’t expect them to be in contention this year.

    4. My consolation is that another poor tactician made 2 World Series appearances. I guess if you have the horses, right?

    5. I think the extension is adequate & the option will not be renewed for 2019 if the team continues on the current trajectory.

      There will be a manager here that grows & wins with the team. Right now, that is Waltham, unless another world beater becomes available.

  39. Speaking of Jason Groome a quick peak at the other guys I really liked last year this time at 1:1

    Groome 18 is in the Sally he has 1 start so far and apparently it didn’t go well he has a 7.50 WHIP 20 BB/9 and a 60.75 ERA (Hopefully Boston moves him to one of their SS clubs for a few starts)

    Nick the stick Senzel Age 22-Cinci has him at Hi A where he is slashing 287/352/763

    Kyle Lewis Age 21 coming off an ACL tear has yet to start play in 2017 but they say he should be back in another month or two…

    1. Wow, I wouldn’t mind having someone slugging 763 in HiA … hope that doesn’t come back to haunt us.

    1. That’s a good piece Catch I think the key is in O swing % like with most good hitters they limit the amount of balls they swing at and make the most of squaring them up in the K zone.

    2. They key with Altherr right now is that he is hammering mistake pitches. He’s as locked in as anybody in baseball right now.

  40. Toles of the Dodgers was just lost for the season would they trade for Kendrick?

          1. Come on its been a good month out of Altherr, we need to see a lot more from him before we start to talk about moving someone to move him to CF, let’s not forget the May that a highly touted Phillies prospect had, after that he was basically a warm body trying to play baseball. I hope he continues what he’s doing but let it play out. Why is everyone so balls to the wall about trading people without knowing what they have in their replacement?

    1. Toles was there CF Joc Peterson is back. Talyor is there 2 b he’s hitting .348 . I don’t know what they have in AAA though.

  41. Five Phillies on BA Top 100 Prospects list:
    13 Mickey Mo
    19 JP Crawford
    32 Jorge Alfaro
    61 Sixto Sanchez
    88 Rhys Hoskins

      1. The rankings really mean nothing to me . . . I mean think about it . . . Take Quinn for example, he didn’t make their pre season top 100 and that is after a .302/.372/.451 year in the minors and then showing he can preform at the ML level (even if it was only a SSS) . . . How is it possible that that doesn’t put him in the top 100? And the “staying healthy” argument doesn’t fly considering they had people on the list with injuries and TJS. Someone explain that to me . . . (we can add mlb pipeline to this ? bc they even had him ranked prior to 2016, so he put in the year he did last year, showed he could handle himself at the ML level AND was previously in their top 100, makes no logical sense)

  42. Phillies aren’t going to release Benoit. He has a high salary and frankly, who else are they going to get/bring up who is better than he is? He should really keep his mouth shut and pitch when called upon and basically get some freakin’ outs.

    I don’t agree at all with the Mackanin extension. He is not a very good manager in my mind. Is he good with the younger guys? Maybe. He’s good with the Latinos because he speaks Spanish. Other than that, I don’t think he’s a good in game manager.

    1. ciada… are not alone on the Mack extension. There have been others with similar views. However, it really is a one-year ‘probation’ type contract. If this time next season, or say July/August ’18, and the team and certain key youthful prospects are not progressing, as they think they should be and by , they I mean John Middleton, then the club option is not exercised and Mack moves on after the ’18 season. So it really is not a major stumbling block if they want to go into another direction for a manager.

  43. It really seems that they are keeping in “rebuild mode” through next season. I would be surprised to see any top FA signings this off season, and a very young lineup for 2018. They will see the progress and determine how many FAs they need after 2018, and add a new Mgr then, as well.

    1. Yeah it’s really NOT a vote of confidence in Pete as one report caption suggested. He’ll be dropped once a) the team is clearly on the rise and b) another more appealing candidate becomes available. My guess is they stay within the organization with Dusty Wathan especially if a few of the Lehigh players show significant promise and come along with him.

  44. Boston newspaper reporting Hellickson on the block. Good maybe for ML relief. Pitchers .

    1. You would give up Hellickson for a relief pitcher? For what to win a couple of meaning less games?Hellickson must bring back a young starter or postion player at least.. I also read the report on Moniak. that guy knows as much as any of us, I wouldn’t take stock in what he says, he isnt a scout. Just a fan with a opinion. This is a bad team. We knew they were bad, I thought 70 wins. but was so wrong cause i thought the team strength was in the bullpen. boy was i wrong. I dont know how long matt k will sit on his ass and not doing anything. I Dont want to hear about us not going big and i mean big in Latin market. I Could care less about the penalty if there are quality prospects in this years crop. With a big market and a ton of cash. We shouldn’t have to wait 10 yrs to get good.

      1. Roc, remember the ’70 holiday classic “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”? Man, you’re either the heat miser or the burger meister meister burger. Let’s put one foot in front of the other and soon we’ll be walking to the post season.

        1. Was that the one with fred astaire? 8 where am i wrong. Do you think we need to wait a lot more years? Why cant we spend money we have in latin market. What is wrong. I am tired of losing in all the sports. especially that we are a big market, We hire people to run our teams in most cases that dont derserve it. We have a accountant running our football team. Another ex flyer with no real winning experience running hockey. A league appointed moron running the sixers now. And the phillies once hired a real baseball man and won in 2008, and won a championship. now they have a guy who should be on big bang theory. all theory no results.

          1. Yes, Fred Astaire with Mickey Rooney as Santa.

            I agree with you about the Philadelphia sports scene. Eagles will never win with Lurie as owner. Sixers have the greatest talent to never get on the court. The Flyers are perpetually 3 yrs away….from being 3 yrs away. True, the Phillies mandate IMO as well is to be aggressive with Middleton’s money and the organization’s depth. I see the glass half full.

          2. rocco….LOL that Big Bang reference….Matty K…a clone-mix between Sheldon and Stuart, eh?
            Philadelphia……a four-sports town that’s trusting the process.

          3. The Flyers do have the 2nd pick overall in this yrs hockey draft. They will draft a stud Center. Hextall learned as an asst Gm with the LA Kings who won a couple of Cups. The Flyers were really up against the cap for a few yrs. Hextall made alot of trades to get rid of a lot of bad contracts . He also gained alot of draft picks too. This yr they have alot of room under the cap for the first time. They also might sign Foo a good hockey player. There prospect sys is better then the Phillies it’s really loaded. Also there in the best division in hockey . There going to have a really good club in about 2 yrs.

  45. Mac said in a article he wishes he had more options then Garcia too bring up. He’s not the only one Ramos needs to be sent down . He’s giving up too many hard hit balls.

  46. There is a time & a place to make trades & optimize value.

    As an example (non-baseball), the sixers should have moved either Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor on draft day last year. They waited until the trade deadline this year & did not get enough value for Nerlens Noel. Understanding baseball is a much different sport, but the point is about selling high while maintaining balance with the rebuild.

    So here we are with a buildup of depth at SP, SS, 1B, 2B, CF, & C. This trading deadline & off-season need to be optimized from a value perspective.

    My opinion of players & trending value:

    CF: Hererra – Up
    CF: Quinn – Even
    1B: Joseph – Up
    1B: Hoskins – Up
    2B: Cesar – Up
    2B: Kingery – Up
    2B: Valentin – Up
    SS: Galvis – Even
    SS: JP – Down
    C: Rupp – Up
    C: Knapp – Even
    SP: Hellickson – Even

  47. Bash Brothers are at it again, just like last year. Hoskins & Cousins have both gone deep already today and have 9 HR & 28 RBI each so far. Gotta say, I really wouldn’t mind seeing that show in Philly next year….

  48. I’m too lazy but does anyone know what both (Hoskins and Cozens) were hitting at this point last year in Reading? I would have to assume Hoskins is putting up better numbers and Cozens as well, at least power/RBI wise)

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