Box Score Recap – 4/23/2017

Abbreviated Box Score Report

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Still using my cell phone as a personal hot spot.  Doing a full blown Box Score Report over the shared connection on my cell phone is tedious.

So, I created a few Box Score Reports in advance that will upload each night automatically to provide the link to the box scores and a place to comment on games each day until I am completely back on the grid.

Sorry for this temporary inconvenience.

BUT!  The organization’s pitchers really performed well today, especially the starters.

First, going into today’s games, we had the second and fourth lowest team ERA’s in the minor leagues in Lakewood (2nd) and Clearwater (4th).  However, after the drubbing Lakewood endured in the second game of their double header today, that is unlikely still the case.

The Phillies attained a .500 record as Zach Eflin went 7.0 innings and held the Braves to a solo HR and 3 hits.  Pat Neshek and Joely Rodriguez pitched a shutout inning, but Hector Neris tossed a shaky, one-run ninth.

Lehigh Valley climbed above .500 behind Jake Thompson who went 7.0 shutout innings (3 hits and 7 strike outs).  Pat Venditte and Pedro Reato closed out the shutout.

Reading reached .500 behind Shane Watson’s 5.0 inning 2-hitter.  Yacksel Rios, Mario Hollands, and Jessen Therrien closed out the 4-hit shutout.

Clearwater maintained their lead in the FSL North with a 5-hit shutout.  Blake Quinn went 6.0 innings allowing 4 hits.  Ranfi Casimiro and Jeff Singer closed out the Braves’ affiliate.

Lakewood’s Nick Fanti took a no-no into the fifth inning and left with a 6.0 inning 3-hitter.  Ismael Cabrera gave up a run, but Zach Morris came in to secure the one-run victory.

But the day ended with Lakewood’s Felix Paulino (4 ER), Kenny Koplove (8 ER), and Johnathan Hennigan (3 inherited runners scoring) combining to allow 12 runs.



20 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/23/2017

  1. This was my first look at the Threshers this year, attending the Friday and Sunday games. I was with my wife, which meant more a social experience than a study, so i didn’t take notes or always pay close attention. But here’s some first-blush thoughts:

    Herlis Rodriguez and Mark Laird were impressive.

    I saw HRod last year and he was, at best, pedestrian. In the Friday and Sunday games he looked like a guy in charge. I mentioned in an earlier post about his great at-bat that ended with Friday’s home run. On Sunday, he continued to show leadership at the plate, and he ran down a sinking drive in centerfield from his left field start that no doubt saved runs.

    I am not a scout, and I don’t know Laird’s talent levels. But what I do know is that he showed sound fundamentals at the plate and in the field. He also has speed, running out his first infield single and his second by forcing a bad throw to first. Laird is listed as 6-foot, two-inches but looks smaller from the stands. Jim, having seen him up close, can let us know if he’a a legitimate 6-2.

    Pitchers were strong. Jim wrote in some detail about Cole Irvin on Friday. On Saturday, Blake Quinn had his chance. A soft tosser. I didn’t check on every pitch, but on the ones that I did, he didn’t break 90. But he did his job.

    Adam Singer closed it out and he didn’t disappoint, throwing almost every pitch 95-96. Again, as more a social experience than a study, I didn’t check the gun on every pitch, but 93 was the low on those that I did check.

    Damek Tomscha is more athletic looking than I expected. Somehow, I thought he’d just be a big lug, but he looks like an athlete.

    I’ve got myself down for about nine more Thresher games this season and will be interested in watching this group progress.

        1. Jim,

          Thanks for the correction on Singer. I have a friend named Adam Singer and obviously blanked out on Jeff Singer’s first name.

          Same with getting the days mixed up on Quinn. You can see, I’ll never replace you. LOL

          1. Hey, Frank, I know a guy named Adam Singer too (although he’s from the Delaware area, not Florida), so it made me chuckle when I saw you call him that.

            1. catch,

              The Adam Singer I know is from New York. BTW, I lived in Delaware for most of my life. Just three years as a full-time Floridian.

  2. Funny I thought Blake was a hard thrower.Any know what’s wrong with Zach Green injury wise. HRod should be up in Reading I know Laird a speed guy seen him in college .

  3. Kingery and Pullin both have outstanding k% . Kingery almost has more Walks then k’s. Pullin career k rate is 14 % now that he has more muscle he might be the real deal. The Pitching OMG it’s going good I wonder if there doing a S Page , telling all the Outfielders to sit down.

  4. Has anyone seen Kenny Koplove in person? What does he throw? Is he a power arm? He failed miserably in LKW last year. His 1st outing of the year, in 1.1 inning, he gave up 8 ERs. Medina, Suarez, Fanti and Falter combined have only given up 1 more ER. As a 23 y/o, he should have mastered LKW and be helping out CLW by now. 8 runs for the LKW offense is 4 games worth. Might as well be throwing batting practice to LKW opponents.

    1. Koplove, with Philly roots, doesn’t look like a major league arm to me. Took a shot

    2. Koplove was supposed to pitch for Israel in the WBC. An injury kept him out of that. He is only just returning from rehabbing from that.

  5. What a great starting pitching day. I won’t count Paulino’s implosion because he only started because of the double header. Thompson, Watson, Quinn, and Fanti were amazing. What did Thompson change? What a turn around, can he sustain it next start? Same thing with Watson. Lots of potential but it’s a results business. Pullin is making a joke of AA pitching again. I think he’s going to force the team’s hand to move him up to LHV. How do they accommodate that move? I don’t know but Pullin might be their best hitter and the team needs to find out if he can hit AAA pitching.

    1. With all due respect to Cam Perkins, if Pullin keeps this up for another month, they should move Perkins (he’s okay, but he’s a classic AAAA guy) to make room for Pullin.

      1. I’m so happy to see Pullin doing well. I had him completely written off when they moved him to OF, but he has become a better prospect than he was before.

    1. It’s only April, there won’t be any movement for quite awhile, unless injury effects a roster. Your guy may go to AAA later in the season if he keeps getting outs but not anytime soon.

  6. Pullin with another dinger tonight…4 in the early going, one behind the league leader Kingery with 5. …..also Pullin’s HR is n the road…..Kingery with three of his five on the road so far.
    Both with OPS over 1.0.
    Hoping Pullin gets a call up to LHV in June/July.

    1. Pulin with a second HR tonight. The second one off of Jimmy Cordero. Cordero’s ERA is now up to 21.94.

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