2017 Spring Training, 3/21

Full day at the Complex.  Groups 3 and 4 squared off against the Braves and Group 5 faced SFWL (South Florida Winter League), a team comprised of players released by organizations (and managed by former MLB infielder Hal Lanier) but still hoping to keep their dreams alive. Their age range is 22-28 putting our kids at a slight disadvantage.

I made it over to Roberts Field in time to see Group 5 bat in the bottom of the first.  Unfortunately I missed Kevin Gowdy in the top of the first.  He came out for the second inning and I got the following video.

Gowdy leadoff triple

Gowdy 1st K

Gowdy 2nd K.  He went on to strand the runner when he got the final out on an infield ground out.

Kyle Young pitched the third and fourth innings.  By now, I was talking to the Daily News’ Sam Donellon while shooting video.

Kyle Young ground out

Kyle Young 1st K

Kyle Young double, but the runner was thrown out at third to end the inning

Kyle Young ground out

Kyle Young single

Kyle Young walk

Kyle Young single.  After the run scored, Young retired the next two batters with no further damage, one by strike out.  His reported FB range was 88-90 in the first, 87-90 in the second.

Side bar: After the rbi-single, pitching coach Hector Mercado came out to talk to Young.  His first action was to gently push Young off the back of the mound so they could speak eye-to-eye.  I wish I had this on video.  It’s not the first time he’s done this.  Next time I’ll get it.

After four innings, Group 5 had a 2-1 lead courtesy of solo home runs by Greg Pickett and Danny Zardon.  I have Pickett’s on one of the videos below.  Pickett had a HR and a double.  Zardon had a HR and 2 doubles and was hit by a pitch.

Jhon Nunez took the mound and I wandered off to the other side of the Complex.  When I returned, the Group 5 trailed 6-2.  They rallied with 4 runs in the seventh and 3 runs in the eighth.  The second of Zardon’s doubles drove in two runs to take the lead.  They won 9-7.

And now, a bunch of videos:

Justin Miller’s first batter

Justin Miller’s second batter

Justin Miller’s third batter

Jonathan Guzman led off but I don’t have any of him.  Simon Muzziotti batted second, video1 and video2.

Josh Stephen batted third – video1, video2, video3, video4, and video5.

Jhailyn Ortiz batted clean up – video1, video2.  Ortiz added one otr two more strike outs and looked lost on the triple that Gowdy gave up in the second inning.  I found out late in the game that his brother was released yesterday.  If true, that may have influenced his play today.  The same source indicated to me that Ortiz was already assigned a “family” in Lakewood for the upcoming season.  If true, that seems to be an indication that he will start the season in Lakewood.

Greg Pickett batted fifth – video1, video2, video3.  The first video is his HR.  It looks like he comes close to hitting a bike rider on the path past the fence.

I spent the pre-game in a conversation with friends Steve, Pat, and Pat’s friend Kathy.  We talked for a good while.  I finally recognized her name and realized I was talking to one the Phillies. Execs, Kathy Killian, Vice President, Human Resources and Customer Services.

Group 3 posted a 1-0 victory.  Zach Eflin started and Darick Hall provided the scoring with a solo home run to left.

Camp day on Wednesday.



23 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, 3/21

  1. Hmm, Jhailyn Ortiz and Mickey Moniak together in Lakewood’s OF this season? The Blue Claws may be as fun to follow as the Iron Pigs. Can’t wait until final roster assignments are announced.

    Jim, aside from yesterday, how has Ortiz looked overall?

  2. Ortiz to Lwood would be pretty aggressive but it excites me. If they start C there also, it would be quite a prospect lineup. Meanwhile, Hall keeps hitting as foes Pickett. I had penciled Hall into Lwood but I wonder if he could hit his way to CWater, where there isn’t a prospect. Pickett will likely stay in Extended and wait for Wsport season to start.

  3. Very nice Kyle Young article in Philly.com/


    Have to agree with Murray’s post. Hall seems to be one of the stars of the spring minor league camp and Clearwater would be a nice starting point. That would allow Pickett to start at Lakewood. OTOH, not sure Ortiz is ready for Lakewood. Phillies have some 1st base prospects who can hit the long ball.

    1. Yeah, Hall has a lot of little things going for him, including the fact that his numbers were pretty outstanding last year and he is still only going to be in his age 21 season this year. If he starts at Clearwater and hits, he is going to be way ahead of schedule. Kudos to the scouting team for identifying this guy from a small program – big risk, but perhaps a bigger reward down the line.

      1. That’s really disappointing from Donnellon. Points to you Jim. Yet another example of legacy media riding the backs of the unpaid blogger.

  4. Reading that article about Young be grew 2 inches since last yr . What if he grows another 2 inches this yr ?

    1. Heard they might keeping in Clearwater for a couple weeks since they won’t need a 5th starter right away. Not sure what to make of him. Even when he pitches well, there’s that one bad inning or long ball.

      1. Yeah
        There is something up if they are gonna keep him in Clearwater
        Now what that thing is , is I guess the real question
        It seems every time a person avoids tommy JOHN with rehab they only delay the fact that they need the UCL replaced or repaired

        1. Masahiro Tanaka so far is holding up with the same PRP procedure that Nola had.
          So keep your fingers crossed.

    2. He’s working on his changeup. I am more worried about Franco. “His helmet is not flying off” is damning with faint praise.

    3. not overly worried about him yet. He’s coming off some health issues and is still learning to pitch. The expectation shouldn’t be that he will be a dominant starter. General opinions were that he was a middle of the rotation starter who’s biggest strength was his command and control.

      It would appear he’s still struggling with that command part at times.

    1. Dr. Steve Cohen, MD…Phillies Head Team Physician.
      Will pitching at such high velos this early in the season, with such young pitchers, put too much stress on their arms?

      1. Romus, you’re killing me, brother. We can’t trade for bonus money right now? Young kids who throw hard are gonna hurt their arms? What next? You’re a rain cloud over our parade!

        Rocco, did Romus really graduate from Penn State?

    1. He says Brito is “neck and neck with Moniak on who is going to be the best bat long-term.”

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