2017 Spring Training, 3/20

Groups 1 and 2 faced the Pirates at the Complex.  Groups 3 and 4 made the bus trip to Bradenton.  Group 5 had the afternoon off.  This was disappointing as I had intended to spend the afternoon watching their game.Group 1 posted a 4-2 victory.  Tyler Viza started and pitched 3.2 innings allowing a first inning run, two hits, one walk, and struck out seven.  I’ve got a lot of Viza video.

Viza’s first K

Viza ground ball through the hole

Viza broken bat RBI triple

Viza’s second K

Foul ball off Alfaro’s foot.  He remained in game, Viza walked the batter.

Viza ground out to Kingery to end first inning

Viza’s third K

Viza’s fourth K

Viza foul pop to Alfaro to end second inning

Viza come backer

Viza’s fifth K

Mario Hollands video, video2.

Rhys Hoskins put the group ahead with a 2-run HR to left.  Later, Harold Maritinez hit a solo HR to left, and Andrew Pullin went opposite field with a solo HR to pad the lead.

For Romus, some Shane Watson video over with group 4.

He started out okay with a couple Ks in his first inning, touching 94 mph with his fastball.

Watson video1, video2, video3.

He got a little slack in his second inning.  He had a runner picked off second after a double, but threw the ball away at third.

Watson video4, video5.

Hockenberry video1, video2.

Group 2 lost 5-2.  They rallied for a run in the eighth inning and Jiandido Tromp came to the plate representing the tying run.  But he lofted a shallow fly to right.  C Randolph had a rough day, striking out 2 or 3 times.  He’s swinging more wildly than I have ever seen from him.  He’s back to wearing contacts the past couple games.

Groups 3 and 4 at the Complex tomorrow, Camp day on Wednesday.



8 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, 3/20

  1. Geez, don’t like to hear that about Randolph. He’s known for his plate discipline, something the Phillies need a lot more of throughout the organization. There are plenty of wild swingers already. Hopefully he gets it straightened out.

  2. Watson looks so much more filled -out than just a few years ago.
    His delivery is explosive….just hope his shoulder holds up and he stays healthy.
    If so, I can see him breaking out this year
    Thanks Jim for all the video productions…they are great..

  3. Jim- What was Watson’s complete line for the outing? Did he only go two innings? How many hits walks, or runs did he give up?


    1. I was hopping between fields, so I can’t be 100% certain, but I think he pitched 2.2 to 3.0 innings, gave up 2 ER on 3 H with a walk, 2 K, and a WP.

    1. On the work group roster I got yesterday he is listed but looks like he may have some injury becuase his name is in italics along with Campbell. Someone also down there said he was injured so Im going with that.

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