2017 Spring Training, 3/1

Thursday, March 2nd players report to Clearwater for the start of Minor League Spring Training.  Their first full work out will be on Friday.  Then the true baseball smorgasbord begins with non-stop action on four fields.  I have some video from Wednesday’s minor league session.  The group has grown as more players have reported early although a few have gone off to their WBC teams.  Must have been 50-55 players at the Complex today.

The group lists will be available soon.  I expect they will start with four groups and expand to five when necessary.  The workouts will probably start earlier once camp starts.  I would expect a start time along the lines of the major league camp around 10:00 AM.  The schedule should be available tomorrow.  For now, here’s the video I shot today.

Austin Bossart

Mitch Walding went yard a few times today

Cole Stobbe

Kyle Martin cleared the right field fence.

and a few more  swings by Kyle Martin.

Mickey Moniak from behind the cage.

That’s Joe Jordan and Matt Klentak at the cage.  I think I see the beginning of a bald spot.

And some new comers –

Two videos of Josh Stephen.

Edgar Cabral

Damek Tomscha

Two videos of Zachary Coppola.

Ben Pelletier from behind the cage.

Two videos of Luke Williams.

Mark Laird from behind the cage.

Luis Encarnacion with protection on his recovering ankle.





8 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, 3/1

  1. I love watching BP, it is funny how the ball jumps off of some bats more than others. Watching the videos I see lots of short swings with leg kicks. Good stuff. I’ll be there in a week.

  2. Fantastic job with the videos. I can’t emphasize that enough.

    It has been said on this site before, but Josh Stephen has a beautiful swing. That kid got a lot of good coaching at a young age. His speed and defense have been questioned, but if he can hit he’ll play. I have had enough of Punch n Judy corner outfielders.

    1. Agree with you there, but I am a fan of Mark Laird I think his hit tool and plus defense could move him quickly. Laird’s ceiling could comp to Ender Inciarte if things went perfectly for him.

  3. Watching Walding’s swing. Don’t know how it translates in game but man he’s a lightning quick bat. Stephen’s is smooth like Phil Mickelson. Those two stood out to me on video. Good angles, Jim.

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