Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #9

I hope you all enjoyed a Merry Christmas!  Now back to the Top 30.

Rhys Hoskins was your selection as the #8 prospect in the Phillies’ organization. Hoskins won handily with 36% of the votes.  Dylan Cozens finished second with 31%.

Rhys Hoskins was drafted by the Phillies in the 5th round of the 2014 Amateur draft out of Cal State University Sacremento.

Hoskins survived short season ball in Williamsport in 2014.  He began 2015 in Lakewood, and performed well enough to warrant a mid-season promotion to Clearwatwer.  He posted virtuall identical numbers at each stop and a combined .319/.395/.518/.913 with 17 HR, 90 RBI, 55 BB, and 99 K in 567 PA.

Hoskins played in the Australian Baseball League that winter.  In spite of the language barrier, he continued to hit well – .323/.398/.561/.959 with 8 HR, 38 RBI, 15 BB, and 28 K in 186 PA.

Hoskins started the 2016 season in Reading and we all know what he did there – .281/.377/.566/.943 with 38 HR, 116 RBI, 71 BB, and 125 K in 589 PA.

A lot has been made of Hoskins’ right-handedness as first baseman.  Well his splits the last two seasons against RHP are very favorable that past two seasons – over .300 against RHP in 2015 and better than his splits against LHP in 2016.

His defense has been questioned, too.  When he arrived in Clearwater in 2015, he was a godsend.  He locked down first base, in my opinion.  Well, I checked and his stop at Clearwater was actually his worst as a pro (.986).  And he actually had the second lowest fielding pct. of the nine first baseman the Threshers ran out there that season.  So, while I was more comfortable with Hoskins at first than the guys who played there after Zach Green was injured, statistically I should have been concerned.  (I’ll save you the trouble of looking up the other guys – Willians Astudillo, Harold Martinez, Drew Stankiewicz, Devin Lohman, Wilson Garcia, Jose Mayorga, Andrew Pullin)

Next up is your selection for the #9 prospect in the organization.  Five new prospects have been added from the Additional Prospects Poll – Ben Lively, Andrew Pullin, Carlos Tocci, Jose Pujols, and Jesse Valentin.

Hoskins should start 2017 at Lehigh Valley.  Another good season should see him pushing TJ in Philadelphia.


Poll to date –

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Jorge Alfaro
  3. Mickey Moniak
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Nick Williams
  6. Franklyn Kilome
  7. Sixto Sanchez
  8. Rhys Hoskins


47 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #9

  1. For me, Kingery here. The potential of a good fielding 2baseman who has good contact skills, good oba with gap extra base power combined with the speed to steal bases living at/near the top of the lineup is satisfying…… it all comes together with a good season at Reading boosting him to Lehigh Valley where he can introduce himself to his possible long time partner at the keystone.

    1. I have to agree with everything written on Kingery in the above comment. I like him in the top 10 (at this spot) because of his floor at an important position on the field. I don’t want to call it process of elimination, but in a way it is … Cozens splits and strikeout totals scare me as do Randolph’s positional limitations and lack of power to date. Kingery has played well at every stop so far and I expect an excellent season at Reading this year.

    2. I had Kingery here too, but you could justify several guys at this slot including Randolph, Cozens, Gowdy and, my dark horse, Knapp. Knapp didn’t forget how to hit last year and I expect you’ll see a serious bounce back this year.

  2. Is anyone going to sit Morales in their top 20? I know he hasn’t thrown a pitch in the org (official games) . . .but Id assume even at his age if he was draft eligible he would be a late 1st -2nd round pick (going by MLB grades of a 60FB and 50CB w improved command and a great mound presence, matches up with guys they ranked in their top 30 draft prospects). He would def make mine

    1. EricD……that is a very good question and you can make a case for him in the twenty. He was rated the best pitcher coming out of the Latin market, sans the older Cuban Adrian Morejon who is a LHP, and granted he has all the raw skills, however, only 17 this season, and will the Phillies even bring him stateside this summer?

  3. Cozens here then Randolph…

    One of the things overlooked with Cozens IMO is that he did these things in AA at the age of 22. So even if he repeated AA this season and went on to AAA the following he is still on track

    Ruf was 25 and Howard was 24 by the time they reached Reading.

  4. Cozens here, then Gowdy, based on upside, Kingery based on floor, and then Randolph. I am sorry he had an injury and it, pretty much, stole his whole season, but I need to see him have a great year, and will, happily, rank him higher.

    1. Cozens, then Kingery for the reasons ArtD cites, then Randolph.

      C might be a break-out this season now that he’s healthy and expectations have been lowered. Start at Clearwater and end at Reading may be.

      1. Another note on Randolph. He’s still very young. Won’t be 20 until June. He can start again at Lakewood and work his way to Clearwater and be young for the league.

  5. Cozens here–if he figures out how to hit lefties he’ll be a perennial all-star. If he doesn’t, well, a power LH platoon bat isn’t chopped liver…

    Kingly next, then Randolph, then lots of pitching…

      1. Sorry, but a hitter is not defined by his K-rate. A lot of big-time sluggers have had high K-rates. It is not as if Cozens high K-rate led to an unsatisfactory OBP. He had a very good OBP. He also is a guy who can give us 30+ HR, which is not chopped liver.

        1. Top Ten MLB Strikeout Leaders……sluggers abound.
          Reggie Jackson ….2,597
          Jim Thome …………2,548
          Adam Dunn ………..2,379
          Sammy Sosa ……..2,306
          Alex Rodriguez …..2,287
          Andres Galarraga ..2,003
          Jose Canseco …….1,942
          Willie Stargell …….1,936
          Mike Cameron ……1,901
          Mike Schmidt ……..1,883

        2. well…k rate is only part of what i said. his massive platoon splits make him a platoon player. which is a bit important when analyzing the value of a player. also, if you have 30% k rates in the minor leagues, it is likely to be much higher in the majors.

  6. Chose Randolph at this spot because he has a swing like Babe Ruth.

    Actually I took him at this spot because still I have high hopes for a high draft pick who basically lost 2016 to injury. He’s shown a feel for hitting since being drafted. Just needs to stay on the field..

  7. @jim
    So you should have been concerned but now aren’t concerned because he locked down the position
    Or you currently are concerned because he doesn’t field well ?

    Thank you

    1. I’m not concerned because Hoskins seemed to be an upgrade to the players the Threshers used at first base prior to his arrival. His height alone made him a better target for infielders than Williams Astudillo. Although Hoskins was charged with 7 errors, I’m confident that he saved other infielders errors solely on his ability to field less than perfect throws.

      HOWEVER, I defer to the people who have seen him more recently and have questions about his defense. I’m not in a position to contradict them. And my observation carries the qualifier that I included in the article.

      All that said, I still think he is better defensively than RH and TJ.

        1. @fritz
          Judging from your photo alone I’m gonna say you are not one of those 7.5 billion or you are secretly are RH

  8. I voted for Cozens last time, so naturally I picked him again. I had him and Hoskins back to back. Next for me is Ortiz — low in the minors but tremendous offensive potential. Then Gowdy, Kingery, Randolph, Tirado, Stobbe.

  9. Cozens this time.
    Next Elniery Garcia, best starting LHP in the system.
    If I squint hard enough can see a WSox Jose Quintana future.

    1. I have Garcia at 15 but I could see him higher not a high K rate but his splits are really good and that is always a good sign for a lefty…

  10. I hope I’m wrong but Kingery to me equals a 2B Peter Bourjos. He’s gonna get ate up by better quality RHP it pretty much shows up now in his splits and with no power in his game his upside would be a Ben Revere type from the Right Side.

    Much harder though because there is more RHP in the game than LHP.

  11. i like randolph and cozens next but i hope some of the next wave of pitchers begin to get attention like medina, garcia, and lively and pivetta, 2 guys we could see in the majors next season

    1. If we see Lively and/or Pivetta in the big leagues this summer, it means somebody got injured, traded, or failed in the first half of the season. Otherwise they could help make up a trade package.

      I would love to see Knapp become the bat so many of us hope he would, regardless of what position or role he fills. If he shows he can handle major league pitching, at the least he’ll be an attractive trade target for other teams, especially the AL. Proficient switch hitter with pop and versatile (if not great defensively) is a popular profile for baseball execs these days. But in the end I’d like to see him succeed here.

      1. 8mark…right now, I cannot see a large enough sampling opportunity this year afforded to Knapp, to establish that he can handle MLB pitching. Rupp will get most of the PAs, even if Knapp does make the team out of ST. Now if Rupp gets injured that all changes.

        1. For Knapp I think there are 300 PA’s between C and 1B which is roughly 37 starts at each. Could be more with DH if they consider TJ as an emergency catcher.

          1. Andres Blanco was the emergency catcher last season. I would expect the Phillies to use him in that capacity this season and eschew any thought of putting TJ behind the plate.

        2. Romus, I’m not assuming Rupp is here for long. He’s on the Phillies’ short list of sell-high trade candidates.

          1. 8mark…..I think Klentak would be more inclined to trade Knapp first before Rupp. Then Rupp may go after Alfaro is ready, and they will get a veteran as a back-up.
            And not sure where you have seen Rupp is on the Phillies’ short-list of sell-high candidates.
            They value him too much , at least for this season.
            If Alfaro comes along at the end of the year, similar to what Gary Sanchez of the Yankees did, then they may move him this time next year.
            But I just do not see them moving him before Dec 2017.

      2. Yeah that’s what I’m assuming one or a combination of that happening, also the young pitchers being on pitch counts or being shut down end of the year.

        I like KNapp too, it’s going to be hard for Knapp to get at-bats as a backup catcher since they can’t afford to pinch-hit him or have him play another position in the off days. I prefer him in the Majors though because I’d like to see alfaro catch the bulk at AAA. Honestly I’m not sure what they’ll do, maybe just have him as a strict backup?

  12. Romus, if they don’t get another bat, which I favored, and Knapp makes the ML roster, could he add some 1B and maybe OF starts to his back up C role? You can then carve 250-300 ABs for him.

    1. DMAR/matt13…..I think 8mark was referring to flipping him after proving he can hit MLB pitching. So it may be a few less PAs of 300, available to him from April thru mid-July. Perhaps if he proves he can hit in that time period, maybe that will be all any GM may need to see.

  13. And 8mark, I think the next 2 up for the rotation are Thompson and Eflin. That means we won’t see Pivetta/Lively unless an injury occurs. Although that is definitely a possibilty. We have no idea how healthy Nola is and whether VV can last a whole season. I still like both Pivetta and Lively and I think any trade discussions involving them will wait until everything else plays out. I don’t see that “good prospects package for a starting ML player” deal to happen for at least another season.

    1. Matt, yes. My assumption is that Thompson and Eflin are next up. If Buchholz struggles out of the chute, injuries to any in the rotation this spring, etc. As of now, Lively and Pivetta have 8 starters in front of them if you count Asher. (I don’t but someone in the FO might) There are quite a few X factors heading into the spring, including trade possibilities.

  14. I like Kingery because the scouts tend to like him . . .

    However, his performance to date is solid, but not great. Here are two 2B in their age 22 season in the minors:

    Player A: 579 PAs, 13.5% K rate, 5.4% BB rate, .113 ISO, .733 OPS
    Player B: 586 PAs, 15.4% K rate, 6.5% BB rate, .107 ISO, .723 OPS

    Player A is Cesar Hernandez, with the stats from his 2012 campaign. After that year he ranked #17 in the readers’ poll. Player B is Kingery and his 2016 stats.

    Of course Hernandez followed up the 2011 year with a fine year at Lehigh Valley in 2013 in his age 23 season, posting a .785 OPS (including a few PAs in Reading), and a not-terrible .674 OPS in 131 PAs with the Phillies. After which he moved down in the readers’ poll, to #20.

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