Phillies Sign FA RHP Joaquin Benoit; DFA Mariot

It’s official.  The Phillies have signed right-handed reliever, Joaquin Benoit to a one-year contract.  In order to make room on the 40-man roster, the Phillies have designated RHP Michael Mariot for assignment.

The 39-year old Benoit signed for a reported to be $7.5 M for the one year.  Benoit joins recent waiver claim David Rollins and recent trade acquisition Pat Neshek as veteran options to the young Phillies’ bullpen.

Other Phillies who have been the subject of rumors in DC include Cesar Hernandez (Angels) and Odubel Herrera (Rangers).  Nothing concrete so far, just random mentions in a few Twitter feeds.

53 thoughts on “Phillies Sign FA RHP Joaquin Benoit; DFA Mariot

  1. Good move IMO. If you go to you will find nothing but a bunch of complainers who will tear you apart if you have an opinion LOL

      1. Definitely. I can understand people having debates but people will attack others on there.

        Seems to be a lot of good information and opinions on this site. Think it’s time I make the permanent switch.

        1. Some forum members just post the truth. If you think their position is wrong, argue your position. And, if we choose to complain, we have every right.

  2. Hmm…not sure I would include Rollins as a veteran MLB reliever? Had a cup of coffee last year and a couple cups the year before for Seattle with an ERA north of 7. Neris is definitely more established and even Ramos has more successful innings.

    If Rollins makes the Pen he could be the most green of all 7 of them.

  3. I don’t understand the rationale behind signing veteran relievers. We keep hearing about the depth of the system, surely there should be some arms that can fill out the bullpen internally. If the goal is to win games this season you would like to think management with over 100 million to play with would have been more aggressive in adding established talent than Benoit and Neshek. Just a strange mentality of acceptance in Phillies fans while the ownership profits tremendously putting an inferior product on the field. It will likely be at least 8 consecutive losing seasons for a franchise in a top 5 market with abundant resources, you all may have talked yourselves into that being okay but I find it very disappointing.

  4. The Benoit signing is a good one, getting an older guy on a very tradable one year deal who has been pretty good for several years. He should help somewhere in the 7th-9th. They keep saying the Phils will trade Neris if the offer is big enough so we’ll have to see what happens there. Who had Mariot as the next guy out? Who is next?

    1. Stop, tradeable for what? Whatever prospect Benoit would bring back in a trade there is already two dozen of currently in the system. So 7.5 million for a C+ prospect return when the franchise won’t even spend their full international budget sheeP

      1. Bud, you make a good point, but you’re not going to convince anybody of anything if you call them a sheep.

        Most people on here agree that we should be spending (a lot) more in the International market. But whether they do or not, that has no bearing on if this individual move is good.

        The Phillies are looking for a higher class of relief pitcher to help with a weak part of the team instead of the 3-4 million 7th inning guys. He’s still cheap in the fact that he only costs money.

        And they won’t be able to compete this year, unless they buy almost the entire free agent market. Which would be stupid and a real waste of money in a couple years.

      2. Actually, it would be about $6M for 5 months of good pitching plus a B prospect, if I had to a guess (depending on how he pitches). The money is irrelevant because they’re so low. As for the international spend, it takes two to tango. I hate it when people think signing 16 year olds is the answer. So many 16 year old kids ultimately have bodies different than expected, especially after they have some money. It’s the biggest crapshoot there is in scouting. The success rate has to be very low. The Phillies have typically taken the approach to spread the money around among as many kids as possible and hope to get lucky. It’s hard to argue with that logic although they have spent a bit more recently on a few guys. We’ll see if that works out better

  5. I hope no one was too attached to AJ Ellis… haha. I guess the Phils didn’t offer him a major league deal.

    1. haha I was thinking that or they were too slow to the party. OR the comment about not necessarily needing a veteran catcher was a hint that they knew they weren’t getting Ellis or even trying for him.

  6. This maybe irreverent and pointless to most of you, but there are 2 players stats I will show you:

    Players 1: 157 Games, (706 PA), 14 HR, 29 2B, 59 RBI, 14-5 SB-CS, 115 SO, 63 BB, .284 BA, .362 OBP, .428 SLG%, .790 OPS, Free agent after 2020.
    Player 2: 159 Games, (656 PA), 15 HR, 21 2B, 49 RBI, 25-7 SB-CS, 134 SO, 63 BB, .286 BA, .361 OBP, .420 SLG%, .781 OPS, Free agent after 2021.

    In case you didn’t know who they are and are still reading this post the second player is Phillies center fielder Odubel Herrera. The first player, just traded (to the Nationals) is former White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton. If Eaton was traded for the Nationals 1st, 3rd, and 6th best prospects (3rd and 38th in baseball), Odubel Herrera would have to be worth a very good return (plus Herrera was a gold glove finalist in his second year playing the outfield).

    1. Plus Doobie is 3 years younger.
      But there are not many contending teams that currently need a CFer who would be wiling to pay that price the Nats did for Eaton….maybe the Rangers.
      Doobie’s 8WAR two season totals would also be hard to replace from a CFer currently in the Phillies system.
      Quinn has question marks as to health.

      1. Not many teams are trading the #1 prospect for good not great outfielder

        So strange how the value of prospects changes from year to year

        1. There are 109 fielders in the history of baseball whom have a higher WAR after their first 2 seasons than Odubel. “Good, not great” player huh? That’s a pretty tough grading scale you have.

    2. It’s a shame the Phillies would not deal with the Gnats because that looks like a great return for a slightly better than average RF in my opinion, although I just noticed Eaton was a 6 war player
      Doobie is not that but he is way cheaper and is still entering his prime where as Eaton is in his prime and will soon be leaving it

    3. not disagreeing at all, but you need to go beyond the numbers in comparing the two and take into account the way Eaton is perceived overall including teammate/lockerroom and the way Herrera has been perceived at times.

  7. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..uh, huh? What? The Phillies made a trade? Oh… they haven’t. Please wake me up when they do, thanks.

    (Hopefully this will be my usual “spoke too soon” post)

    1. 8mark…..before snoozing…Giants look like to be out on JD Mart. from the Tigers.
      Perhaps it is time for Matt Klentak to step up and jump into that fray.
      They still may like Cesar.

      1. I like that, Romus. He’s an extension candidate as well if the FO can persuade him with enough incentives.

      2. Romus, thinking farther along, the brass may choose to wait out ’17 on Martinez and then decide whether to pursue him as a FA after the season. By then they’ll have an idea of who’s who among the OF prospects. From what I read, they were serious about trading for him until they realized it wasn’t player-cost effective now.

        1. 8mark…I can see that logic.
          However the GM and the manager need to be on the same page.
          Mack wants a hitter this year…that is all he has been talking about since October.
          Now his contract talks come up in Feb/March…if they do not get a corner OF hitter, then he probably gets extended, since 2017 again because more of youth movement and more hard knocks to endure.
          If he gets that middle of the lineup veteran presence, then he will have to show the improvement he claimed could happen, and that they could have with that bat emerged among all the young hitters.
          Matt Klentak said yesterday they will wait before talking contract extensions with Pete.

  8. Since AJ Ellis is off the table…..not sure any of the following would be desirable back-ups for Rupp…unless Knapp is the guy.
    I think this group of catchers are still unsigned:
    Alex Avila (30)…Ramon Cabrera (27)….Welington Castillo (30)…Juan Centeno (27)….
    Hank Conger (29)…Chris Gimenez (34)….Ryan Hanigan (36)….Bryan Holaday (29)….Nick Hundley (33)…..Chris Iannetta (34)…..Dioner Navarro (33)…..Brayan Peña (35)…..A.J. Pierzynski (40)…..Wilin Rosario (28)…..Jarrod Saltalamacchia (32)…..Hector Sanchez (27)….Geovany Soto (34)…..Kurt Suzuki (33)….Josh Thole (30…..Bobby Wilson (34)

    1. Romus – at least with the Ellis signing I can put my mind at ease re the C situation. I really don’t see the sense in a C signing at this stage; perhaps in the closing days of ST there may be another opportunity as teams cut down to 25.

      Whereas I previously thought Knapp would be given every opportunity to win a spot on the big club, I think this signing all but assures it provided Knapp can keep his head above water in the spring. I wanted Ellis back, but I think this is a good thing. Knapp can serve as FT backup, Alfaro is your full time C at LV, and Lino as backup.

        1. Yes! Six games in the AFL in 2015 (46.1 innings), and 1 game in Lehigh Valley in 2016 (1.0 inning, although he did register a 27.0 RF/9 in that one inning).

      1. I expect a minor league free agent signing for catcher just to add the just in case option during spring training. And if everyone produces well and there are no injuries that player will either be a backup in AA/AAA or be released.

  9. I like the Phillies strategy right now. Big moves are being made by teams with big postseason hopes. Eventually, holes will be filled and there will be low-hanging fruit the Phillies should be able to exploit.

    Maybe Jay Bruce will be had for Knapp and Valentín.
    Maybe EE doesn’t get what he’s looking for and the Phil’s step up with a one-year, $33M deal?
    Maybe the Rockies need to move an outfielder. David Dahl for VV? Ascher and Lively for Cargo?

    There are plenty of teams looking to rid themselves of superfluous parts at perhaps discount prices. Let’s continue to wait it out and see what we can grab. No reason to think Kendrick or Hellickson can’t be traded if the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes a straight line isn’t the only way to success.

    1. Seriously if you wanted Bruce they would give him to you for a bag of balls. I want no parts of him here…

      OTOH if we take him off their hands and it includes someone like a Desmond Lindsay sign me up 🙂

  10. To Hinkie – critical article about Otani on mlbtraderumors this morning – his eligibility and bonus possibilities.

  11. Unless I am missing something, it appears as if no Phillies players have been picked in Rule 5 draft. Buys some time for Pullin and Tocci. If and it’s a big IF Pujols shows major improvements this year, the Phillies will have to use a spot on the 40 next year. Same goes for Pullin and Tocci. Or they become trade bait.

    1. Let’s hope the success of the Phillies future doesn’t hang on whether Pullin or Tocci sink or swim, Guy.

      1. HA, agreed. I wasn’t necessarily implying that. There seem to be a lot of people that weren’t happy with the decision that those two weren’t protected. IMO I think Pullin could be really good. He has always hit. Phils need Offense.

          1. Jim,

            I like Numata, too. I think he’s an under-the-radar prospect given all the ink to Alfaro and Knapp and the long-time high hopes for Grullon. Having said that, Alfar’s still the man IMHO.

            1. There’s no question at all that the club favors Alfaro (not that they shouldn’t) and wants him to be the heir to the throne. I think they are open-minded on Knapp – it’s amazing that, at age 25, the team doesn’t really know what they have in him. If he has a good ST, I think he makes the team as the back-up catcher, but I expect him to also get ABs at first base and will DH when the team plays the American League. The problem with having him as the back-up is that it limits his ability to pinch hit (teams always want an extra catcher on the bench). He’s in kind of a weird position. I sometimes wonder if they are trying to trade Rupp. If they did that and signed an experienced catcher, it could all work. Otherwise, Knapp will be in an odd predicament.

            2. The Phillies certainly have a catching conundrum. IMO opinion, they always intended to start the 2017 season with Rupp and Knapp on the 25-man roster. Before you have me committed, please hear me out.

              1.) With Alfaro hard on Knapp’s heels, the Phillies want/need to see what they have in Knapp. When Alfaro is ready and if the Phillies then have 3 MLB caliber catchers, they can move two. They certainly have good back up quality catchers in Moore and Numata. Until then, They need to find out about Knapp before Alfaro forces their hand.

              2.) The Ruiz/Ellis trade didn’t seem to make a lot of sense last season. For either team. Ellis brought to the Phillies the same tool set and respect that Ruiz commanded. The same for Ruiz with the Dodgers, with the additional negative bonus that it might “piss off” Kershaw. During the off season, the Dodgers traded Ruiz and neither team tried to sign Ellis to a major league contract. I believe in conspiracies. I think the teams saw the benefit of trading popular players when fans were focused on other things like a division race or an old catcher getting another playoff chance. Then in the off season, neither team would have to garner the negative press for releasing/declining the option of a popular player. (Who knew that Seattle would see value in a 38-year old catcher.)

              3.) Knapp’s starts and PH opportunities would be a problem as you suggest. This is magnified by Andres Blanco’s absence. He was their emergency catcher last season. I saw him working out with the catchers in the “tools of ignorance” during ST last year. (I would not consider TJ as even an emergency back up.)

              4.) Barring the signing of a veteran catcher (and having the catcher’s position tying up 40% of the spots on the 40-man roaser), the first fringe outfielder who buys a catcher’s mitt might secure the last outfield slot and 25th spot on the roster. Or maybe they just re-sign Blanco. That would give them flexibility at catcher and answer their utility infielder questions.

              BTW, I heard today over at Bright House that the Phillies do NOT see Valentin solely as a utility player, but as a starting second baseman. Now, that’s one of those interesting things that makes me go. “Hmm”. Makes it a little easier to move CH and play HK at second for a year with Valentin and Kingery in the wings.

              Also heard that we shouldn’t rule out Crawford as the opening day SS. Boom! Mind blown.

  12. If they’re creative enough, they might be able to use Knapp as a super utility guy. 5 man bench would consist of a backup catcher, 2 outfielders, 1 infielder and Knapp as 3rd C/1b/DH. Can’t see Knapp as only backup and max his value.

  13. I agree 8mark, which is why I was disappointed they lost out on Ellis. Part of the development of young Pitchers is having a C who can help them out by the way they call the game, pitch framing, learning opponent’s tendencies, all of those things that back up veteran Catchers earn a living providing. None of those attributes are Knapp’s at the present time. I understand they want to see what he can do, but they owe it to the young Pitchers, and to Rupp also, who is new to the league, to aid their development, as well.

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