Introducing Kirsten Karbach, a New Contributor to Phuture Phillies

For some time now, I have been recruiting Kirsten Karbach as a contributing writer here on Phuture Phillies.  Kirsten is the voice of the Clearwater Threshers.  Among many things she does for the Threshers, Kirsten broadcasts over a hundred ballgames each season, seventy home games and a large number of road games.

The seasonal nature of baseball broadcasting, affords Kirsten some down time.  A year ago, I bumped into Kirsten at a local store, and suggested she broaden her audience by joining us during the off season.  We agreed that Kirsten would contribute to our site but as luck would have it, she was offered an opportunity to work in the California Winter League, the official winter league of the Frontier League.  Fortunately, she returned to Florida and her post as the lead play-by-play announcer for the Clearwater Threshers.

In addition to Threshers’ game broadcasts, Kirsten interviews players, coaches, and recently interviewed Joe Jordan.  Her responsibilities also include a post-game, on-air wrap-up; the game story posted with the Threshers’ and MiLB box score blogs; daily updates to the Game Notes distributed to scouts and visiting media including  Shark Bytes, a synopsis of recent recent individual and team accomplishments, as well as a brief update/bio of that day’s starting pitchers; and featured articles in the Threshers Times, the program distributed to fans on game days.

Kirsten also sat in for Scott Franzke and did play-by-play with Larry Andersen during spring training last season, does in-game video announcements posted on the scoreboard before and during games, does television promos on local television for the Threshers, and acts as the stadium announcer during the AAC tournament.

Kirsten’s first article will be published shortly.  I look forward to additional contributions. Please make her feel as welcome as you made me when I joined three seasons ago.



19 thoughts on “Introducing Kirsten Karbach, a New Contributor to Phuture Phillies

  1. Welcome to this outstanding operation, Kirsten. I did not the spelling. it astounds me how thorough you are with all the details, Jim. I also love your humanity and humor that shines forth. This site provides the hope that all true Phillie fans should embrace.

  2. Kristen is excellent. I’ve heard her do Spring Training games as well as her participation in the APhilliated Podcast along with broadcasters from the BlueClaws, Fightins and IronPigs. I look forward to her articles, but wouldn’t be surprised if she’s offered opportunities to move up the broadcasting ladder in short order. Welcome, Kristen!

  3. Welcome aboard, Kirsten. Looking forward to your insight and thoughts about the players you report on. This is a great site that provides us viewers with a wealth of information on the minor league system, but we can never get enough. I think we are spoiled with the amount that is passed on to us on a daily basis during the season.

    1. Welcome, Kirsten.

      Jim has written highly about you in the past and he’s a pretty knowledgeable guy. I look forward to your insights. I’m a relative newbie to PP, but I can tell you the veterans on this board really know their stuff. You’ll be writing for an audience that will truly appreciate your expertise.

      1. Let me add another thought.

        Jim, it seems like bringing in contributors like Kirsten is the next step in developing this site, and maybe taking some of the daily pressure off of you. Congratulations on what looks like a really good move.

      1. I just hope she appreciates the comedy team of Rocco & Romus.

        Do you think we should provide her with an interpretor for Tim’s comments?

        Welcome aboard, Kirsten. (Hope you know what you’re in for)

  4. Kristen – I wonder if I saw you working a Clearwater / Lakeland game in early August? My son and I were sitting behind the official scorer and stadium personalities. This was in Lakeland’s temp stadium. A young woman was sitting near, doing play-by-play. We were extremely impressed with the work of this radio announcer. She was fantastic!

    Regardless, welcome aboard!

  5. Wow the esteemed and real KK is joining PP! If you have not had the pleasure of hearing Kirsten call a game you are missing out. We are truly moving up in the world to have her as a contributor.

    Welcome 🙂

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