Box Score Recap; Post Season – 9/8/2016

The top two teams in the organization played and lost Thursday night.  Both are now on the verge of elimination.  Lehigh Valley must sweep on the road, Reading must do the same at home.

Lehigh has yet to score in the playoff series. Their pitching in game two was not as good as that in game one.

Reading is suffering from a power outage.  They have 17 hits in their two games but most of them are singles and they are not hitting when they have runners in scoring position.

Lakewood was off and returns to action Friday in game two on the road.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

This may be nothing, but I sometimes consider myself a conspiracy theorist.  Or maybe I just look for information in the most obscure posts, transactions, or press releases.  See what you think.

The Phillies have started using a new position delineator on their minor league rosters.  In addition to Pitchers, Catchers, Infielders, and Outfielders; they have added Designated Hitter.  The listed DH’s in the organization are – Jake Fox (REA), Zach Green (CLW), Luis Encarnacion (WPT), and Rony Noboa, Juan Carlos Smith, and Rusbel Vasquez (DSL1).

I can’t think of anything scarier for a prospect than to be labeled a DH on the minor league roster of a National League organization.  The conspiracy theorist in me sees 6 players with little future in the organization.  Two of the names surprise me.  (Note: players have been listed as a DH in the DSL and VSL in previous years, but they were soon released.  See Julsan Kamara.)

Lehigh Valley (85-58, 0-2)  was shut out again, 7-0.  They now must travel to Scranton for game #3 on Friday having gone scoreless in all 18 innings of post season play.  At least they weren’t guilty of wasting another good pitching effort.

Anthony Vasquez put eight runners on base via 6 hits and 2 walks in his 4.0 innings.  He gave up 2 runs in the first inning before recording an out.  He retired 11 of the next 12 batters, but gave up 2 runs in the fourth after getting the first two outs in the inning.

James Russell came in and gave up 3 runs on 5 hits in his 2.0 innings.  Gregory Infante struck out 3 in 2.0 innings.  Dalier Hinojosa struck out 3 in 1.0 inning.

The IronPigs were shut out on 4 hits, again.  They missed two opportunities to stay in the game before the RailRiders broke the game open in the middle innings.  Taylor Featherston responded to Trenton’s two-run first with a lead off triple inn the bottom of the inning.  He was stranded there.  In the third inning, a lead off double by Jesse Valentin also went for naught.

J.P. Crawford went 0-4 and is 0-7 in the two games.  Nick Williams went 1-3 with a double and is 1-7.  Andrew Knapp went 0-4 and is 0-7.  Brock Stassi (3-7, 4.29) and Jesse Valentin (2-5, .400) each had a double.  The IronPigs are a combined 8-61 (.131).

  1. Wednesday, September 7th:    lost to Scranton, 2-0  (Ben Lively, 0-1)
  2. Thursday, September 8th:         lost to Scranton, 7-0  (Anthony Vasquez, 0-1)
  3. Friday, September 9th:              @ Scranton, 6:35 PM – Phil Klein
  4. Saturday, September 10th:     @ Scranton, 6:35 PM – David Buchanan (if necessary)
  5. Sunday, September 11th:        @ Scranton, 1:05 PM – Nick Pivetta (if necessary)

Reading (89-52, 0-2) took a one -run lead in the first inning but fell behind by a run in the third, and the bull pen continued to give up runs stymieing Reading’s two rallies.  The Phils return home for game #3 on Friday, and must sweep the three games this weekend to avoid elimination.  Their fate is in the hands of recently promoted Elniery Garci, who will be making his first AA start.

Ricardo Pinto only lasted 3.0 innings plus 3 batters into the fourth.  The bull pen was useless giving up an additional 5 runs, allowing 3 of 5 inherited runners to score.  After the Phils closed to 4-3, the bull pen immediately restored the Thunder’s 3-run lead.  With the lead cut to 6-4, the bull pen surrendered 3 runs in the eighth to ice the game.

Roman Quinn manufactured a run in the first inning.  He opened the gtame with a single, stole second, moved to third on a ground out, and scored on a sac fly.  The Phils closed the gap in the fifth scoring two runs on a fielding error and RBI ground out.  They closed out their scoring with a Dylan Cozens’ lead off home run in the sixth.

Quinn went 2-4 with a run scored, walk, RBI, and stolen base.  Scott Kingery also had 2 hits. Jorge Alfaro went 1-3 with an RBI.  Dylan Cozens went 1-4 and is hitting .429.  Rhys Hoskins went 0-4  and is 0-7 in the two games.  As a team the Phils went 1-10 with RISP and are 3-20 in the series.  They have 3 XBH among their 17 hits and have struck out 23 times.

  1. Wednesday, September 7th:    lost to Trenton, 3-2  (Mark Leiter, 0-1)
  2. Thursday, September 8th:         lost to Trenton, 9-4  (Ricardo Pinto, 0-1)
  3. Friday, September 9th:                v. Trenton, 7:05 PM – Elniery Garcia
  4. Saturday, September 10th:       v. Trenton, 7:05 PM – Tyler Viza (if necessary)
  5. Sunday, September 11th:          v. Trenton, 6:05 PM – John Richy (if necessary)

Lakewood (74-65, 1-0)  Game #2 will be held on Friday in Hagerstown.

  1. Wednesday, September 7th:  defeated Hagerstown, 6-1 (Dyer, 1-0)
  2. Thursday, September 8th:      no game scheduled
  3. Friday, September 9th:            @ Hagerstown, 7:05 PM – Jose Taveras
  4. Saturday, September 10th:   @ Hagerstown, 7:05 PM – Franklyn Kilome (if necessary)

Extra Innings:

  • 9/8 – Phillies activated RHP Alec Asher from the restricted list.
  • Organization Rosters are up to date.


51 thoughts on “Box Score Recap; Post Season – 9/8/2016

  1. Not much went right for LHV. The Scranton starter was the 34 y/o Phil Coke. He has ML experience but hasn’t been good in the ML for years. He’s pitched against LHV in 2 of his 5 previous outings and they have smacked him around. He’d given up 8 hits and 6 ERs in those 3+ innings. Suddenly, he throws a 3 hit 7 inning gem that smacks LHV in the mouth. The hitters on LHV might have trouble hitting a HS pitcher right now.

    Reading’s game was a walk parade. 7 BBs given up by the Fightin’s. Cozen’s and Quinn are trying to show the team how it’s done but not many others are listening. Pinto was a concern for me because he hasn’t pitched well in 3 of his last 4 outings. He did the same yesterday.

    Lakewood is still hot and has a 1 – 0 lead in their series but it switches to away games. It’s actually a bad thing that they had a day off. They’ve been so hot that sitting around might cause them to burn out.

    The main thing now is try to extend the AAA and AA playoffs. Get more experience. That’s why this year was such an exciting time. No 3 and outs. Elniery is in the toughest of situations. First game in AA. It’s a playoff game and it’s an elimination game. Crap!!! What else can they heap on the kid?

  2. Not much to add except this seems to be the theme in the recent years when the upper levels have made the playoffs. I know AA/AAA is still about development but they really lay down in these situations over the past 5-6 years.

  3. Very discouraging to see the Yanks beating us so easily in both places. Not a very good showing. Winning three in a row won’t be easy for either. I am very excited to seeing Quinn in Philly next week. Who would have thought a few months ago that Lakewood would have ended the year as the hottest team? Their pitching is going great.

      1. I think it would make a lot of sense if he is. He’s already on the 40-man and he would get a chance to recoup some at-bats that he missed while injured. He’s had over 500 ABs in his career at AA so he’s probably ready for a step up and he even had a good showing in Spring Training.

        Plus with Williams struggling and maybe not getting promoted, there would be plenty of chances for him to play (sorry Bourjos/Paredes). Even though I could see Mackanin continuing to play the vets anyway.

        I hope he comes up and plays. I’m looking forward to seeing him more than anyone else in September.

    1. Murray Mk said it will be relief pitching and starters. I would think he would bring up Williams, Perkins , Featherston, maybe Valentin, .

        1. Jorge Alfaro’s performance in the Trenton series has been very disappointing and bad most of the time. He had a bad defensive game in the opener giving Trenton 2 runs in a 3-2 loss. Last night he played good defensively but was terrible in his batting approach striking out 2-3 times with runners on. The last strikeout really hurt when Cozens opened the sixth with a mammoth home run. Alfaro was also involved in a poor base running decision running through the stop sign by manager Dusty Wathan. The batter in the next inning naturally got a single which cost Reading at least another run. I hope he recovers and plays within himself otherwise this will be a very short series.

            1. Jim, you are correct in not assuming a base hit would happen to score a run but Alfaro cost his team the opportunity to tie the game at the time. Great bounce back by Alfaro in game 3 though.

  4. I have to admit when I was wrong. A few weeks ago, I said that I had never seen a quality start by a MLB pitcher who also didn’t get a strikeout. I used that argument to basically dismiss a great start by Lively in AAA. Well, last night, Asher did just that. Also, after that game, Lively went on to have two quality starts with 10 Ks and 7 Ks. So hat tip to him.

    I am still not bullish on Lively (or Asher) being anything more than a 5th/6th starter due to the bad scouting reports. But I have been proven wrong on that one point.

    1. Asher pitched great. He was hovering around 88-91 but he was around the plate all night, which forced the Nats hitters to swing. And he had movement on all his ptiches. Don’t get me wrong, the Nats missed a bunch of mistake pitches but nobody is perfect.

    2. You may be “wrong” on your prediction, but you are generally right that you need to strike batters out to be successful. Alec Asher won his first major league game – good for him, but let’s be real, he’s a border 5 in the big leagues or AAAA guy. There’s very little to be gained by having him make anything more than a spot start here or there.

      Lively is more interesting than Asher. Lively has a pretty good track record of striking batters out and I’ve seen him sit in the low to mid 90s before (93 to 94). I think he has some upside and I’ll be interested in seeing his big league starts. He has made meaningful strides in his game this year.

      1. Asher all I know is that he went up against one of the best MLB teams and won. Sometimes that’s all that matters he was needed and won.

      2. Asher’s history prior to the Hamels trade….low A thru AAA….2012 thru 2015 (Round Rock)….innings pitched – 430…..Ks-408…..SO/9—8.5
        His whiff ratio is actually very good thru Round Rock. As you go up the ladder it normally will trend downward.
        And it may be also a matter of the fact that the Phillies are de-emphasizing strikes out but wanting more pitch-to-contact approach with the 2Smr.

    3. v1… are entitled to be wrong once in your lifetime……too bad LarryM is not on the board anymore to see your admission.

  5. Is it also possible that another conspiracy theory for those listed as DH is that the NL may move to use the DH over the winter??

    1. Guess he did not take into consideration Alfaro’s series against Trenton so far. I would not be so quick to promote Alfaro over Knapp based on this series. Alfaro in the series is not showing any plate discipline at all and his hits have been infield slow rollers though his SF was hard hit last night.

        1. I was talking about the first two games 8mark only when he did not play well at all. Alfaro made a great recovery tonight.

  6. Was at both LVH games. Crawford and Williams are very poor at present. 1st inning typical lead off triple by featherston, weak tapper to 1st by Crawford. K by Williams did not score.
    Crowd actuaaly cheered when Williams hit by pitch with man on second 2 outs and a 1-2 pitch. Every AB he will take a fastball for a strike and then swing at a curve in the dirt. I would have to drop him out of top 20 list . He has had no clue for the past 2 months. His head obviously not in game 1 walk in last 40+ games.
    Crawford not getting around on ball. Everything he hit hard last 2 games was a foul ball down left field side.

    1. I’m much more concerned about Williams (honestly, I don’t think too much of him as a prospect anymore) than I am about Crawford, but I’m certainly a little concerned about Crawford.

      1. I’m still not concerned about Crawford. He had an adjustment period to AAA, then was looking pretty good for a month and fell off in August. His terrible August included 14 walks and 12 Ks. He’s still only 21 years until January. I think he’ll continue to adjust and add strength which will help his AVG and, hopefully, his XBH total. If he struggles for awhile in AAA next season I’ll worry then.

        Williams I do worry about because he still has most of the same concerns that he did when he got here. We have to wait and see if he can make adjustments next season.

        1. I am aware of all of that and I’m not very concerned, just a little.

          I’m also aware of his limitations in terms of his power. This, however, is the first time that his hit tool has been called into question.

          Hopefully, it’s just a blip on the radar screen and, yes, the plate discipline is still off the charts and his fielding is said to be outstanding.

          1. I dint think anyone can honestly say that you’re not concerned about the liklihood that JP and Williams can become top major league starters. It’s fine to be optimistic or at least hopeful that this year was a blip but to not be concerned is to not be realistic.

      2. Maybe the Phillies attempting to increase his patience is backfiring. There have been many successful hitters who are aggressive and lack patience such as Jimmy Rollins.

        1. philabalt…..his splits.
          Splits vs LHP…..231 /.253 / .571 …..PA195……Krate- 25%….BBrate- 2%
          Splits vs RHP….273 /.307 / .796 ……PA332…….Krate- 27%….BBrate – 5%
          …not sure what to make of them other than LHP he has not adjusted well…but he also strikes out a lot vs RHP, which does not seem logical, according to Dr Spock.

    2. I think Crawford has been hurt since late June, believe it is a large part of what is going on here and that it will come out after the season

  7. I am concerned that Williams isn’t as originally ranked. I think people were impressed more with Dom Brown’s stature and athleticism. Time revealed that he simply wasn’t a ball player. Williams is perhaps a smaller version of Brown but with better baseball skills, if not great. 2017 will be the year Williams sinks or swims with this organization.

    Crawford gets a fresh start in the spring. I’m not terribly concerned about him. He’ll be a .270/.350+/.500+ guy with defensive charisma and leadership when his time comes.

    1. Brown was the top ranked prospect in baseball at one point, so yes people were more impressed with him. Brown was also a patient hitter who walked a lot in the minors so I would say they’re completely different hitters as prospects.

  8. IMO, JPC needs to get more into conditioning.
    He seems to tire at the end of the seasons. And when you tire you are more susceptible to injury. Last year it was the thumb issue in Arizona and they said he needed some time off.
    He is young and pretty lean and the long season may take its toll on him.

  9. More from Brent Hershey

    On Pinto:
    While the boxscore looks ugly, Richardo Pinto didn’t pitch badly. More bloops than blast. FB 92-94; more SL than CH. Kept guys off balance

    More on Pinto: Pinto still profiles as a mid-rotation (when stuff is on) to back-end guy; would be helped by crisper defenders

    On Kingery:
    Kingery w with freaky bat-to-ball ability. After 95 (B), 95 (T), 94 (F), somehow stayed on low-and-away 82 CB; punched thru IF for IB

    Also on Kingery: Kingery is fast, and fundamentally solid on D, but wonder if there is enough pop in his bat. Hit tool there,but a thin frame.

    On Cozens:
    TRE’s plan for Dylan Cozens last night: FBs in; soft stuff away. Mostly worked: 2 popus, a K. But…hung a SL and DC didn’t miss it. #bomb

    On Rhys Hoskins:
    Hoskins hit 2 majestic warning track FBs; likely HRs in REA, but outs in TRE. “Just missed” and “not quite” in my notes

    Also on Hoskins: “The numbers bear this out, but Hoskins’ approach has improved over the season. Getting more good swings in favorable counts.”

    1. Interesting that Hershey says Pinto threw more sliders than changeups (I’m assuming that’s what he means and wasn’t commenting on pitch quality).

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