Box Score Recap – 8/21/2016

Clearwater posted the only win in the organization on Sunday.  Reading lost, Lehigh Valley was cancelled, Lakewood was suspended, and Williamsport was postponed.

Drew Anderson tossed five shutout innings as four Threshers’ pitchers combined to throw a shutout.

Clearwater’s hitters posted season highs for runs and hits.  Chace Numata led the way with five hits.  Three different Threshers drove in three runs.  Herlis Rodriguez hit his first HR.

Roman Quinn hit a solo home run, and Andrew Pullin hit two solo home runs in Reading’s loss.

Cornelius Randolph had 2 hits and 3 RBI when the Lakewood game was suspended in the third inning.

Lehigh Valley (76-52)  Cancelled, rain.

The IronPigs are in second place, 4.0 games behind Scranton with 15 games remaining.  Their elimination number is 12.  They lead in the wild card standings with a 5.5 game lead over Rochester.  Their magi number in the wild card race is 11.  They play the last 5 games of the season against Rochester, 2 away and 3 at home.

  • #1 Crawford (.255)
  • #3 Williams (.265)
  • #5 Thompson (11-5, 2.29) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #11 Appel – DL, season-ending surgery to remove a bone spur.
  • #12 Knapp (.265)
  • #18 Pivetta –
  • #24 Lively (8-5, 3.49) –
  • #28 Ramos (0.38) – promoted to Philadelphia.

Reading (82-44)  Lost to Erie, 12-4.  Tom Eshelman suffered through 3.0 innings where he gave up 8 runs (6 ER) on 10 hits.  Jesen Therrien (3.60) gave up 2 runs in 2.0 innings.  Jimmy Cordero gave up 1 run in 2.0 innings.  And, Joe DeNato was touched for an unearned run in 1.0 inning.  Phils’ pitching gave up 17 hits.

The Phils’ offense mounted a 13-hit attack including 3 home runs.  However, all three were solo, and the Phils only managed to get runners in scoring position 7 times.  They came through twice in those seven instances but only scored once.

Andrew Pullin (.341) had 3 hits including a double, 2 HR (10), and 2 RBI (32).Rhys Hoskins, Christian Marrero (.245), and Scott Kingery had 2 hits apiece.  Kingery had the othr RBI (14).  Roman Quinn hit his 4th home run.

Reading is in first place 4.5 games ahead of Trenton with 15 games remaining.  They play the last 4 games of the season on the road in Trenton.  The top 2 teams in each division make the playoffs.  Only third place Hartford remains alive in the race to catch the top two teams. They are 11.5 games behind the Phils, 7.0 games behind the Yankees.  The Phils’ magic number to clinch a playoff spot is 5.

  • #4 Alfaro (.285) went 2-5 with a double
  • #7 Cozens (.292) went 0-3 with a BB and SB (21)
  • #8 Quinn (.283) went 1-5 with a BB, RBI (19), and SB (29)
  • #13 Hoskins (.278) went 1-3 with a BB and RBI (106)
  • #14 Kingery (.253) went 1-4
  • #16 Pinto – (5-5, 4.09) – DNP
  • #18 Pivetta – (11-6, 3.41) – promoted to Lehigh Valley
  • #19 Eshelman (4-3, 4.75) – DNP
  • #26 Cordero – (0-1, 3.68) -DNP

Clearwater (74-51)  Beat Daytona, 15-0.  Drew Anderson (2-1, 1.69) 3-hit the Tortugas through 5.0 shutout innings.  He walked one and struck out four.  Austin Davis (4.82) struck out three in 2.0, one-hit innings.  Ulises Joaquin (2.79) and Jeff Singer (8.31) completed the combined shutout with a one-strike out, 1-2-3 inning each.

The Threshers posted season-highs with 15 runs and 19 hits.  They also drew 7 walks. Chace Numata (.320) went 5 -6, scored 3 runs, and had 2 RBI.  Numata would lead the FSL in batting average if he had enough at bats.  He needs maintain his present pace and get 52 AB over the remaining 13 games.  If Numata were able to qualify with the best average, that would be back-to-back seasons where the Threshers had the league leader.  Willians Astudillo lead the league last season.

Zach Coppola (.320) had 4 hits including a double and RBI.  Kyle Martin, Drew Stankiewicz (.186), Malquin Canelo (.247), and Herlis Rodriguez (.218) had 2 hits apiece.  Martin (74), Aaron Brown (10), and Canelo (47) drove in 3 runs each.  Rodriguez had the game’s only home run, a solo shot to right, his first.  Coppola and Brown each stole a base.  The GCL Phillies’ Raul Rivas entered the game as a defensive substitution in the 8th and got his first hit in the bottom of the inning, a lead off single.

Anderson’s pitching stuff –

  • Anderson threw 85 pitches, 57 strikes (67.1%).
  • 24 of his strikes (42.1%) came on foul balls.  10 in the third and 7 in the fourth when he threw 23 and 20 pitches in those innings.
  • He got 9 swing-and-miss strikes (15.8%) all on fastballs.
  • His four swinging strike outs came on FB at 94, 89, 94, and 92 mph.
  • His last two outs in the fifth inning came on his 3rd and 4th strike outs.
  • He threw 10 of 19 first pitch strikes (52.6%).
  • He relied heavily on his FB, 28 of 30 pitches (93.3%)in the first 2 innings were FB.
  • 74 of his 85 pitches were FB (87.1%).
  • His FB range was 89-94 mph.  He dipped to 88 once and touched 95 once.
  • His FB sat 91-93 mph (14-17-17) but hit 94 nine times, at least once each inning.
  • He threw 7 curve balls, 76-79 mph.
  • He threw 4 off speed pitches 82-84 mph.
  • His four, 3-ball counts resulted in a single, BB, F7, and K (at 89 mph in an 11-pitch AB)

Today was the first time I saw Austin Davis for an extended outing (2.0 innings, 30 plus pitches).  HIs FB was 89-93 mph.  his CB was 71-74 mph.  He had an off sped pitch that sat 82-83 mph.

Jeff Singer entered in a low leverage situation and threw his FB at 93-94 in a short 1.0 inning appearance.  He had an off speed pitch that was at 84 mph.

The Threshers are in second place, 2.0 games behind the Dunedin Blue Jays.  They are 1.0 game ahead of the Daytona Tortugas with 13 games remaining.  Their elimination number is 12.  They play 6 games against cellar-dwelling Brevard County (14-43).  They have a 3-game series in Daytona book-ended by the Brevard County series.  And, they play the final 4 games against Dunedin, 2 home and 2 away (actually away-home-home-away).

  • #20 Garcia (10-3, 2.55) – DNP.
  • #22 Canelo (.245) went 0-4.
  • #23 Tocci (.279) DNP.

Lakewood (61-63)  Leading Delmarva 7-5.  Suspended by rain in the third inning.  Game will be completed tomorrow as part of a double header that starts at 5:05 PM.  It will be finished as a 9-inning game.  The regularly-scheduled game will be seven innings.

Before the game was suspended, Franklyn Kilome had been lifted during a 35-pitch first inning where he gave up 4 runs and retired only two Shorebirds.  He turned over two runners to Scott Harris, who escaped the first with no further damage but gave up a solo HR in the second.

The BlueClaws scored 4 in the first and three in the second.  Cornelius Randolph had 2 hits in three at bats and had 3 RBI on a single in the first and 2-run single in the second.  His average when the game was suspended is .272.

Lakewood is in first place for the second half.  They are ahead of Kannapolis by 2.0 games with 15 to play.  Their magic number is 14.

  • #6 Randolph (.266)
  • #9 Kilome (4-8, 4.14)- 0.2 IP, 3 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 2 K, 1 WP
  • #27 Pujols (.241)
  • #29 Edgar Garcia (4-1, 2.63) –
  • #30 Tirado (5-1, 3.75) –

Williamsport (32-27)  Postponed, wet grounds.  Game will be completed tomorrow as part of a double header that starts at 5:05 PM.  Both will be 7-inning games.

The Crosscutters are 8.0 games behind State College.  With 16 games remaining, the elimination number is nine.  They are third in the wild card race, 1.5 games behind the Staten Island Yankees.  The wild card elimination number is 16.

  • #17 Medina (4-2, 2.23) – DNP.
  • #25 Romero (2-1, 2.60) – 6.0 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 5 K.

GCL Phillies (36-14)  No game scheduled.

The Phillies are 1.0 game behind the GCL Blue Jays.  The Blue Jays have two rain outs that will not be made up.  If the teams finish tied, the Blue Jays will get the playoff berth based on a higher winning percentage.  So, the Phillies must finish a game ahead of the Blue Jays to win their division.  They have 10 games remaining, 4 against the Blue Jays (2 this week). Because there is no wild card, one of the Phillies and Blue Jays could finish with the second best record in the GCL (and a winning percentage better than .700) and miss the playoffs.

  • #2 Moniak (.296)
  • #10 Gowdy (0-1, 4.50)
  • #15 Stobbe (.256)
  • #21 Jhailyn Ortiz (.243)
  • Stephen (.271)
  • Miller (0-0, 1.80)
  • Andrew Brown (0-0, 1.56)
  • Stewart (1-2, 4.98)
  • Fanti (7-0, 1.51)
  • Sixto Sanchez (4-0, 0.56)

DSL Phillies (28-36)  No game scheduled.

The Phillies have been eliminated from playoff contention for a while.  They also have 6 games remaining, and will finish the season with a losing record.

  • Jonathan Guzman (.301)
  • Keudy Bocio (.233)
  • Simon Muzziotti (.263)
  • Dixon Gutierrez (.256)

DSL Phillies2 (40-26)  No game scheduled.

The Phillies2 are 6.0 games behind the Red Sox2 with 6 games remaining.  They are still alive in the wild card.  They are 3.0 games behind the second wild card position.  Their elimination number is three.  There are 3 teams between them and that spot.

  • Leonel Aponte (2-4, 2.83)
  • Rafael Marchan (.339)

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings:

  • 8/21 – Reading placed LHP Mario Hollands on the 7-day disabled list.
  • 8/21 – Clearwater placed 2B Derek Campbell on the 7-day disabled list.
  • 8/21 – Raul Rivas assigned to Clearwater from GCL Phillies.
  • Organization Rosters are up to date.

50 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/21/2016

  1. Why not much talk on here about Alfaro? Don’t get me wrong I know he’s highly regarded on here by many but still he’s not brought up much. At Reading obviously Cozens/Hoskins gets most of the talk right now with Quinn following them, even Pullen but don’t short change Alfaro’s season . . He’s done really well. I mean his hit tool was his biggest weakness (and approach) but he’s done just fine. If all clicked for every player on reading I’d make the argument that Alfaro’s ceiling is the highest.

  2. Eric not to worry this yr was the yr of the pitcher. So many pitcher’s were moved up and down. Next yr LVH will have Alfaro, Knapp, Williams, Cozens BTW he’s playing CF and Quinn playing RF alot. Hoskins, Valentin , JP, Pullin, . Next yr will be the yr of the bat. Anderson moving up into my top 15 he moved up to high A with little probelm. BTW Eric Groome first start will be tommorrow.

    1. Actually due to the 40 man situation, Williams and Knapp may have to start the season in Philly

      1. Why?
        What does being on the 40 over the off-season make them required to make the 25 come April?

        1. Since he stated it again below, i’m going to take a stab at answering. I’m guessing he means that we have so many “good” players to protect, that we cannot afford to have many marginal players on the 40 man roster. If that is the case, you may need to take your most mature prospects (i.e. Knapp and Williams) and put them on the roster. I haven’t looked at the 40 man in depth, but, if the case of having a lot of young talent that needs to be protected, this is a possibility.

          I’m not saying this is the case, just trying to analyze WHY Murray made the comment he did. I don’t think it is an unreasonable thought though.

          1. TomB……the only time a team needs to worry about ‘losing ‘ players in their system who are not protected is between Nov 20th (date 40 must be finalized) and the Rule 5 draft , the first week in Dec
            And most of al the players on the above list have three options still remaining so a call up and a send down is not an issue.
            IMO, there are currently 8/9 players right now on the 40 that can be DFAed today and will probably not be selected by any team within the 10 day transition period.
            As for Williams…..I still see him starting the next season at LHV and getting the typical rookie prospect call up in May, if he is doing well that is at LHV.

            1. Understood. Again, I have not looked at the 40 man in depth. I agreed with your assertion that just being on the 40 man doesn’t mean you need to be on the big league roster. Since he posted the same comment below, was just trying to figure out his thought process. Maybe he will explain his thought at some point.

          2. Thanks, I couldn’t have explained it better myself. They’re going to run out of 40 spots. It’s not true that you only have to manage it up to the draft. You have to manage it all season. Once a player has to be protected you only have 40 spots to carry 25 plus 15 others. If you need 40 man spots for 26 guys not ready for the majors, you’re screwed. There will be roster pressure unless you’re prepared to lose Lively, or Pinto, or Drew Anderson, etc. Its a long list this year, we’re definitely losing at least a few guys.

            1. @Murray – the Phils will probably protect at least 8 to 14 the most. Half of the 40-man are either FA and/or expendable players so there’s enough spots to protect the top prospects and keep some “placeholders” that will keep the seats warm for JPC, Nick, Quinn and other reinforcement like Cozens, Hoskins, Kingery, etc).

              Nick, Lively, Pinto, Cozens, Appel. Pivetta, Knapp (that’s 7) will be protected and join Quinn, JPC in LHV.

              Elniery Garcia will be protected too especially if he finished strong which will be the minimum # to 8. Even if the Phils decided to protect Tocci, Tirado, Pullin, Anderson and Valentin – the number is only #13 — so at the least, there will be 27 MLB ready players to start 2017 season.

  3. Pullin has been in AA for 41 games and has 170 ABs. You’d think the AA pitchers would have adjusted to him by now. His longest hitless streak has been 2 games and that happened once. He’s had hits in 33 games and 16 of them were multi-hit games. I know… 41 games is a tiny sample size but you’d think some of the AA pitchers would have adjusted to him. His .341/.387/.571 with an OPS of .958 is pretty damn good. Especially since he retired for a stretch during the season. He also has a .900+ OPS against both lefties and righties. Let me add this, he’s hitting .514/.558/.829 with a 1.387 OPS with runners on base. And I almost forgot, he’s hitting better on the road than in the bandbox in Reading. He’s having a Knapp-like short stint. That short stint by Knapp put him in AAA awaiting possible call up to the bigs. Fielding isn’t too shabby either; 5 OF assists from LF.

    The only things to point out in the CLW thrashing or should I say threshing, is 2 guys didn’t join in the hit parade: Tobias and Tromp. Numata looks like he was mad at having no hits in the previous game and sure took it out on Daytona pitchers yesterday.

    Kilome had an interesting 1st inning. He starts out with 2 BBs and 3 hits, 4 SBs before the first out is made. He gets the next two guys on Ks and then throws 2 wild pitches and then BBs the guy. Out comes the manager with the hook. I hope it wasn’t something physical. The back to back Ks don’t seem to signal an issue but the rest of the inning is frightening.

    1. Pullin, heard JSalisbury say, has put himself in the ‘prospect’ picture with the Phillies. With many of the top prospects in the system being OFers….how that will translate in the future is definitely an unknown. He is a corner guy only which also limits him.

  4. C. Randolph has become the player we saw last year after recovering from his injury. He is becoming that player you can trust with men in scoring position.
    Kilome is up and down. He may stay in low A next year until he gets his mechanics consistent.

    1. C is trying to lead Lwood into the playoffs. These games are all meaningful for them so watching C hit well now is a big deal.
      LHV line up next year will surely be made up of the current Reading lineup. That means the 4A guys will be gone next year from LHV. Williams and Knapp will move to Philly, due to 40 man issues, and 6 current starters at Reading will move up to join JP. Who will play 3B? Keep Asche? Sweeney will definitely be removed from the 40 but maybe he’ll stay. Maybe Buriss or Featherston will stick around, but not on the 40.

      1. IMO, Williams will start at LHV next season…just as Franco did in 2015.
        it is a matter of service time and year-control matter. And if he doesn’t tank in April at LHV, he then gets the call up in May.
        Knapp could be the logical back-up since Chooch will probably be gone….so he could be on the 25 in April…..not sure how the 40 placement is an issue

        1. Knapp will be a valuable bench player with the Phils especially if he can play multiple positions like C, 1B and LF. and with his (switch)hitting skill, he can be a very good pinch hitter. another bench player that I’m think is Cam Perkins – who can play a decent corner OF and 1B and can hit (with pop).

          A bench/reserve of Knapp C/1B/LF, Blanco INF, Perkins OF/1B, Velentin INF and Bourjous (if they want him back) or LH bat is not that bad.

  5. I don’t think Williams or Knapp starts in Philly, even if Williams gets a September call up. He needs to improve his game, and has done nothing to earn a big league spot yet. I don’t think Knapp is even a consideration for the big leagues next year.

  6. Romus, I see them trying a veteran back up at C rather than Knapp. I don’t see him being ready yet for the Majors, especially as a back up C is more of a Defensive player than an Offensive one.

    1. matt13…that could be the case…and I am sure a veteran MLB experienced catcher will be signed and invited to spring training. But if Alfaro is moved up to LHV next season, and Knapp is still there also, then one could miss out on more catching experience. Now the Phillies could do the May call up for him, as I think they will do for Williams, but then that also could depend on how they are doing at LHV at the time..

    2. I agree that they will try to get a veteran catcher as a back-up, perhaps even signing Chooch to a reasonable ($2-4 million) one-year deal since he now appears to be perfect for the role. Knapp right now, does not profile as a back-up (not good enough defensively) and he is continuing to work on all aspects of his game. Next year is going to be awkward for Knapp with Alfaro likely to be promoted at some point, at which point Alfaro will play most of the time (like 70-80 percent of the games). I think Alfaro might spend a month or two in AA next year until it’s clear what they need to do with Knapp. Usually a better prospect isn’t blocked by a lesser prospect, but this is one situation where, very temporarily, the better prospect may be held back.

      1. The Phillies can keep Ruiz simply by picking up his 2017 team option at $4.5M. My guess is that they will not do so and are comfortable with Rupp keeping the job full-time and won’t pay that much for a back-up. If Ruiz is willing to resign for about $2M I could see him back next year.

        As for Knapp, I think he has already been passed by Alfaro and see him being included as part of a larger deal for rotation help in 2017.

    3. If you’re trying to see if Rupp is for real, maybe put Logan Moore as his backup. If Alfaro or Knapp force themselves into #1, I’d trade Rupp and bring up the new #1. I’m actually assuming Alfaro will be that guy. Moore can play 1 or 2 days a week. He won’t hurt you defensively but his bat can hurt you. Having Knapp play 1 or 2 times a week doesn’t sound ideal. If he’s not the big dog, either play him at AAA (or even AA) or include him in a trade package.

      The most ideal thing for me would trade Rupp mid-season next year. Alfaro to #1, Knapp could be traded or even be platooned with the A-man. Moore is backup until mid-season and then either becomes backup to Alfaro or moved back to LHV.

      1. if roster spot is not an issue, Logan Moore that fill the back up role. Good defensively and LH bat from the bench.

      2. bellman…if Rupp continues they way he has done this year….and you want to trade him next season…..then the only types of players I would take would be the Snells, Urias, Haders or Jays of the world….that’s it …nothing less.

  7. The Phillies have a numbers problem, and I think you will see a reverse Texas or Houston trade where we will trade four prospects for 1 Major league star.

  8. There is potentially a lot of room on the 40 man roster. I’ve assumed a roster spot to Jeremy Hellickson (unless he’s traded or declines QO, Jeanmar Gomez (also a trade candidate), Matt Harrison (singed through 2018) and Charlie Morton (signed through 2017)

    Also need to include 60 day DL guys Nola and Eflin. Take these six and add in what I think are definites

    Jerad Eickhoff
    Adam Morgan
    Hector Neris
    Edubray Ramos
    Jake Thompson
    Vince Velasquez
    Cameron Rupp
    Maikel Franco
    Cesar Hernandez
    Tommy Joseph
    Aaron Altherr
    Tyler Goeddel
    Odubel Herrera
    Jorge Alfaro
    Alec Asher
    Luis Garcia
    Roman Quinn

    This now totals 23. Add in a definite back-up catcher and that gives you 24.

    Here are the rest of the current 40 that I think are very debatable

    David Hernandez – don’t think he will be back
    Frank Herrmann
    Michael Mariot
    Carlos Ruiz
    Ryan Howard – won’t be back
    Peter Bourjos – won’t be back
    Emmanuel Burriss
    Jimmy Paredes
    Andres Blanco
    Dalier Hinojosa
    Elvis Araujo
    Cody Asche
    David Buchanan
    Taylor Featherston
    Colton Murray
    Severino Gonzalez
    Freddy Galvis – probably will be back
    Jimmy Cordero
    Phil Klein
    Darin Ruf
    Darnell Sweeney

    I do not have the list of the guys that need to be protected, but I guess the point is there is plenty of flexibility with some borderline 40 man guys.

      1. Yes on Asher being protected. He’s exactly the kind of pitcher a team like the Angels would select in the rule 5 draft.

    1. Galvis, Cordero and possibly Blanco. NO to all the “rest” on your list. Simply time to move on from them, whether they are likely to be claimed or not.

    2. the phils will keep Cordero and probably SevGon (still young andwith his increase in velo and ability to pitch multiple innings). Luis Garcia is already in thin ice.

      I can see the Phils protecting 10-12 and leave 1 spot for Rule V. The Phils will sign a veteran FA after they move Harrison to the 60-day DL. Trading a MLB ready young player is also a possibility.

      1. 8mark….yes.
        Normally teams protect 7-9 OFers on their 40 in November…Phillies will pushing the high end of that this year since Cozens has to be protected.
        If he were born a few days later, say June 6th….it would have been next season.

        1. I was going to say, will he need to be protected? Meaning do we think other teams will grab him? It’s ideal for him to be in the minors esp after seeing him this year, will another team see how he’s performed this year and pass on him? I know I would if I was a GM . . . it would basically be another wasted year for him if picked, 2 in a row. I think they can get by without protecting him.

          1. EricD….you make a very good point. You must be a poker player. And only teams in the bottom 1/3 of the league would take a chance on him at this point…do not see a contender getting involved in the Rule 5.
            Now Goeddel will have probably played over the winter I am sure somewhere, and further more experience on his resume for a GM to evaluate.
            And unless one of the following players is moved, he is behind them in the pecking order at sometime in 2017….Herrerra, Altherr, Quinn, Williams, and Cozens.

      2. To not “protect” Goeddel you would need to put him on waivers and take him off the 40 man roster. Any team could claim him and have him for free with all of 3 of his minor league options. Only if all the teams passed on just having him without Rule 5 restrictions, he would be subject to the Rule 5 draft

        1. I’ll be up front and say I have ZERO idea of the rules (as far as options, DFA, etc) outside of the basics . . . but can get he optioned down to AAA after the season without having to pass thru others teams? I thought that you can only be claimed if you have exhausted your options. Again i’m not 100% sure of these rules so I could be totally wrong.

          1. Never mind I just realized that in order to “not protect him” he would need to be removed from the 40 man thus making him open for other teams to put a claim in on him, correct?

  9. Cole Stobbe has really begun to establish himself as a prospect. He’s slammed his third homer in a week this afternoon. Malvin Matos has also hit one.

  10. Here’s a question …. The Phillies GCL team is loaded this year. Where do these guys start next season ???

    For me:

    Lakewood … Moniak, Stobbe, Ortiz, and Fanti

    Williamsport … Stephen, Brito, Matos, Gowdy, Sanchez, Llovera

    Ben Pelletier and Kyle Young could start in Williamsport or even repeat GCL if they draft heavy on the college side. I thought about one or two of the pitchers starting at Lakewood, but the Phillies seem to take it slower with the young arms. Besides, that Lakewood rotation is going to be stacked already (Medina, Suarez, Romero, Irvin, and maybe Dominguez to start).

    1. LWD and WIL probably employ a 6-man rotation with the 5 that you list with Falter. If Dominguez is note moved to the pen or CLW – JoJo will start for WIL Fanti, Gowdy, Llovera, Stewart and some 2017 Rule IV draftees.

      Ben and Kyle will probably repeat GCL.

  11. Pujols with number 24 tonight and also a double (different games off the double header). He is 3 for 3 in the second game and his average is up to .247 … He may be breaking out late in the season. He could not 30 on Lakewood … That is a pretty crazy thought!

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