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The 20-80 Scouting Scale or Why the Phillies DON’T Have a #1 and Maybe Not Even a #2

(This article was originally posted as the major portion of an open discussion published during the off-season following the 2015 season.  I have intended to publish it separately so that I could add it to the site’s menu.  I felt it a little presumptive to add it to James’ Primer, but there is really no better spot for it.  Anyway, there have been a few references to it the past week or two, so I felt I should get it published and linked for reference.  It is almost word-for-word with the original discussion which I have placed here.  You may find the comments to the original interesting.  This article will go on the Primer drop down menu.)

I know this could be viewed as a patently absurd statement.   Continue reading The 20-80 Scouting Scale or Why the Phillies DON’T Have a #1 and Maybe Not Even a #2

Box Score Recap – 8/9/2016

Last night was the Night of the Strike Out.

In Lehigh, starters Phil Klein and Chad Green (Scranton) struck out 10 opponents each (in 5 innings).  The pitching staffs combined to strike out 26 batters (13 for each team).

In Binghamton, fans also saw 26 strike outs, 14 by Phils’ pitchers and 12 by Mets’ pitchers. Tom Eshelman shone with 11 K in six innings.

In Clearwater, 13 Threshers struck out, but only 9 Yankees.

On the road, Lakewood’s Franklyn Kilome struck out 11 of the 17 batters that BlueClaws’ pitchers rang up at Delmarva.

But, in Williamsport, 6 errors and 3 passed balls over shadowed such trivial outcomes as strike outs.

Oh, Rhys Hoskins hit his 35th and collected his 104th RBI.

Oh, oh!  Carlos Alonso announced his retirement and has accepted a position as a coach in Williamsport. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/9/2016