Lehigh Valley Report, All Star Break Addition

Lehigh Valley entered the All Star break playing well going 6-4 over their previous ten games prior to the break and at 52-39 on the year, good for second place in the Northern Division of the International League, 4 games behind division leading Scranton.  With 51 games remaining, the ‘Pigs are 0.5 games ahead of Rochester for the wild card playoff position.  Coming off the break, Lehigh Valley plays four at home against Buffalo before hitting the road for seven games against Indianapolis and Louisville.

News and Notes: Edward Mujica has converted 13 consecutive save opportunities and is just 3 saves behind Scott Mathieson (26) for the Lehigh Valley single season franchise record.

–Entering the all star break, JP Crawford has hit safely in 11 of his last 12 games, raising his average to .270.

–With over 50 games left, the ‘Pigs have already surpassed their HR total for all of 2015.

–RP Frank Herrmann has been throwing very well, having been unscored upon in his last 7 outings.

–INF Emmanuel Burriss has been a solidifying force for Lehigh Valley, hitting in 9 of his last 11 starts (.325 over that time period)

‘Pigs Prospects: Jake Thompson now has 7 consecutive “quality starts”, lowering his ERA to 2.58 for the year.  Over his last 7 starts, Thompson is 4-0 with a microscopic 0.73ERA and has allowed just 4ER in 49+ innings, averaging over 7IP per start.  Over the last 13 starts (8 weeks), Thompson is 6-2 with a 1.79 ERA and is clearly knocking on the door of the major leagues.

Ben Lively put together a very nice start before the all star break, throwing six shutout innings to become the first pitcher in minor league baseball to win 11 games this year. AFter scuffling a bit as of late, Lively improved his record to a combined 11-2 whis year between Reading and Lehigh Valley to go along with an ERA of 2.69.

Andy Knapp is at .264/.334/.398 in 261AB this year with 7HR 32RBI and is hitting .259 over the last month.  Defensively, Knapp has now caught 66 games and made 7 errors to go along with 10 passed balls.  Knapp’s caught stealing rate is improving at 31% (11/35).

(Next week: Crawford and WIlliams)

‘Pigs League Leaders, Hitting: Nick Williams is 7th in runs (48), 8th in doubles (20), 5th in triples(5); Taylor Featherston is 9th in runs (46), 8th in HR (12); Brock STassi is 10th in walks (39) and 10th in OBP(.367).  Pitching: Jake Thompson is 4th in wins(7), 4th in ERA (2.58), 8th in WHIP (1.14),  6th in IP(104.2)and 5th in starts (17); David Buchanan has the 2nd worst ERA (4.80); Edward Mujica is 3rd in games (36) and leads the league in SV(23).

Transactions, Comings: P Severino Gonzalez (Optioned from Philly), P Adam Morgan (optioned from Philly), P Dailier Hinojosa (Optioned from Philly); Goings: OF David Lough (Placed on DL)

31 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Report, All Star Break Addition

    1. Unfortunately, like all rankings they must have had a cutoff date….and if it were 30 June for their mid=season report, then BA missed the last 10 games and 44 PAs for JPC with 17 hits and 3 BBs for a .415 BA. Not sure bad habits would be manifested in those metrics.
      The other thing with this rankings….it is a staff report….so there are more than one person involved with differing inputs. So you may not know what specific habits they are referring to.
      However, it could be addressed on their next chat if a reader decides to bring it up.

      1. Cut-off date for the report doesn’t matter IMO. It’s just lame to indicate that the subject of a report has picked up bad habits at the plate, but not to list said bad habits. Very lame.

    2. Bishop…..sorry…just saw the cutoff date…June 21st.
      So they really have not evaluated JPC’s last 70 or so PAs were he has really picked it up.

      1. JPC….has hit .360 since the June 21st BA cut-off date for their mid-season report ….27 hits in 75 ABs with an additional 7 BBs.

    3. I think we’ve reached a point with Crawford that all the scrutiny and analysis ad nauseum by experts becomes at best irrelevant. Let’s see what the kid can do when it’s his time, which is soon. He’s ably met every milepost so far, regardless of his imperfections which are slight.

  1. the pigs are definitely flying under the radar as reading gets all the attention, but this is a really good team. they have plenty of consumate “pros” who are mostly AAAA guys who have been around the block to show the kids how its done. Crawford, Knapp and Thompson are fun. I’m not crazy big on Lively for the long term, but cant complain with his numbers. Overall, AAA is never going to be “sexy” because of the amount of AAAA guys, but this team has done its job very well and deserves credit.

  2. I think Joe Jordan said something about when JP hurt his finger they had to change his grip . That’s when he went off and started hitting again.once he walks into the box and does anything he wants his learnings curve in 3 A is done.

  3. I saw an article about if the Phillies should put Herrera on the trade block. At first I thought that this guy was crazy, but, they don’t need to trade him if he is on the trade block. Wouldn’t it make sense to put everyone in the majors NOT named Maikel Franco, Aaron Nola, Jerad Eickhoff, Vince Velasquez (the obvious franchise cornerstones that have a 99.9% to be better than the prospects at their position) and any rookies on the trade block to see what you can get, but only consider trading the veterans who have to chance to help the team when they are contending. Although, please don’t trade Odubel Herrera

      1. I would hope, a return on Herrera’s would be too much for most teams to absorb. In that, the Phillies should demand multiple players of major league ready status.
        IMO, if it were the Dodgers, then Urias would be on the top of the list.
        If it were the Nats….then Lucas Giolito would be there.
        Tampa Ray….then Blake Snell starts the talks.
        Bottom-line, most teams cannot afford to do a deal like that.

        1. Your right Nats in division trade no way Tampa Bay why they sellers . Ahhhh no way Dodgers don’t need it that bad.

        2. Romus- I know we aren’t talking about trading Franco but do you think Houston would be interested in him? Not that I think Philly should trade him but a return of Bregman and one of their right handed pitchers would be tough to pass up. Thoughts?
          I understand this is all fantasy land and would never happen just wanted to know his opinion.

          1. Chad other then putting The Phillies back about 5 yrs at 3rd. Asche would be your 3 rd baseman. Houston as 2 highly Rated 3rd base man in there sys . Plus they have a good 3rd baseman up top.now Bergman being a elite ss prospect would cost the Phillies Franco, Nick Williams, Thomoson. Plus we have ss prospect named Crawford. Bergman could play 3rd but could he avg 30 Hr a yr.

            1. Tim- I think Bregman profiles as a 3rd baseman so I don’t think it would set the Phillies back 5 years at 3rd base. I also believe that Franco is better than any of their 3rd base prospects (I think Moran ends up at 1st and I don’t think Davis has the hit tool to be an impact MLB player) if you think that Valbuena is better than Franco I don’t know what to tell you.
              I’m not campaigning to trade Franco as I think he’s a part of the future it’s just a hypothetical.
              P.S. Who is this Crawford you speak of

            2. Jp Crawford so you want to trade Franco for Bregman. Bregman was voted the #1 prospect by Espn as a Ss/ 3rd . 1 Houston doesn’t have a hole or a Need for Franco . I never said Valbuena was better but he’s doing well. Bregman bat will carry better at SS they say he can stick at SS . I E SS that can hit 20 to 30 HR are in a high demand. 2 why would they trade for Franco when they have Bregman , Valbuena isn’t a Franco but he’s not bad . They could go Bregman , Correa and trade Valbuena .3 there Bregman is our PJ Crawford your question should be would you trade PJ for Bregman ?

          2. Tim- Keith Law is big on Bregman. However he does not represent all of ESPN. If Bregman can stay at ss obviously his bat plays up and it makes him more valuable however I don’t think that he will stay at ss. I’m not an expert but that’s just my opinion.
            Franco is an upgrade over what Houston has at 3rd. That was my only point. He is a proven commodity unlike Bregman and he is better than Valbuena. He is Cheap and he is under team control for 4 more years. I have watched teams make incredibly questionable decisions when it comes to the trade deadline and I don’t think trading Franco for Bregman is unreasonable. Obviously if Houston thinks he has a chance to stick at ss they won’t trade him.
            I would not trade JP for Bregman straight up bc I think JP is going to play better defense, have better plate discipline, and walk more.

            1. Chad….Franco to the Astros would bring back more than Bregman I would think.
              They, IMO, would have to add two Latin pitches…Martes and Paulino into the equation. A three for one.
              But seriously doubt Jeff Luhnow wants to deal with the Phillies at this juncture, since the December Giles deal is still fresh in their fans minds.

            2. No they don’t trade either one Bregman bat plays anywhere If Bregman plays 3rd it might take a yr to learn it . Houston has one hell of a trade chip if they want to go that way . My money they keep him unless a Hugh hull comes they way. Everyone needs Starting pitching bad take a look at last night box scores .

          3. ASTRO signed there 3 rd base man Y Gurriel a Cuban. Told ya they want Bregman at ss. Fun facts about Bregman he played a total of 10 games at 3rd, has a great eye like Jp 74 BB 63 k’s In minors . power is the # 1 tool teams want right now .

            1. Tim- Do you really think Bregman unseats Correra at SS. If so do they trade Correra or move him to a different position?

  4. I’ m sure that his writer next Job will be with the NY Post. He told Macphail and Matt Klentak they should trade Herrera Yep that will work.2 ahhhhh he can’t even name a partner a contender well ok who. There, s 2 names out there Cargo , Inciarte 1 will be much cheaper the other is a better player.3 it was never mentioned Once by any of the Phillies OF anywhere anytime.

  5. Andrew/Andy Knapp with an opposite field homer in AAA all-star game off Braden Shipley tonight. grounded out right handed in his other at bat.
    Perkins one with two ground outs, one driving in lead run, and a line drive to the first basemen. Been playing a couple innings at first base.
    Sam Ryan just did some silly spelling bee bit with Knapp and Perkins between innings. so at least more exposure than Cozens/Pinto got in the futures game.

  6. Big day for Phillies prospect in Triple A and Double A All-Star games.
    In Double A
    Alfaro went 3-3
    Hoskins hit a 3 run home run (scoring Dylan Cozens and Jorge Alfaro) that gave the East Division a 3-0 that they never gave up
    In Triple A
    Andrew Knapp hit a game tying solo home run (2-2)
    Can Perkins had the RBI groundout that gave the INTL a 3-2 lead (they won 4-2)

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