Box Score Recap – 6/17/2016

Lehigh Valley (38-29) Beat Buffalo, 5-4 in 11 innings, their second consecutive walk off.   Ben Lively gave up 4 runs in 7.1 innings.  Luis Garcia (5-1, 2.51) got the win with a 2-strike out inning.  Brock Stassi (.264) hit his 4th HR and had 3 RBI (25).  Cedric Hunter (.308) went 3-5 with 2 doubles and an RBI (25).

  • #1 Crawford (.189) went 0-5 with 3 K.
  • #2 Thompson (5-5, 3.18) – DNP.
  • #3 Williams (.288) went 2-4 with a double and a BB.
  • #4 Appel – DL, shoulder strain.
  • #9 Knapp (.267) DNP.
  • #13 Eflin (5-2, 2.90) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #17 Cordero – DL.
  • #23 Sweeney (.227) went 0-4.
  • #26 Asher – Restricted List.
  • #28 Ramos (0.44) -DNP.
  • #30 Lively (3-0, 2.09) – DNP.

Reading (49-19) Beat Harrisburg, 4-0.  Nick Pivetta tossed a 7-hit complete game and went 2-2 with an RBI.  Mic drop.

Jesse Valentin (.284) had 2 RBI (33) and Angelo Mora (.274) had 1 RBI (30).

  • #6 Alfaro (.301) went 1-4.
  • #7 Quinn (.288) DL, oblique.
  • #10 Pinto – (2-2, 4.25) – DNP.
  • #18 Pivetta – (7-4, 3.27) – 9.0 IP, 7 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 5 K.
  • #19 Hoskins (.277) went 1-4.
  • #22 Cozens (.289) went 0-4 with 3 K.
  • #27 Brown (.231) went 1-4.

Clearwater (37-28) All Star week end.  They resume play Monday against Lakeland.

  • #11 Kingery (.263)
  • #12 Canelo (.228)
  • #14 Tocci (.255)
  • #15 Eshelman (4-2, 3.54)
  • #20 Tirado – assigned to XST.
  • #21 Garcia (6-2, 1.97)

Lakewood (27-40) Lost to Kannapolis, 7-3.  Jose Taveras (2-6, 4.53) ran out of gas in the fourth inning and surrendered the lead.  He allowed 5 runs on 7 hits and a walk, but struck out five.  Luis Morales allowed 1 of 2 inherited runners to score.  Jiandido Tromp went 4-5 with a double.  Grenny Cumana had 2 RBI.

  • #5 Randolph – DL, oblique.
  • #8 Kilome – DNP.
  • #24 Pujols (.232) went 1-4 with a HR (11), RBI (35), and 2 K.
  • #29 Grullon (.236) went 1-3 with a BB.

Williamsport (1-0) beat State College, 4-1.  Adonis Medina pitched 6 shut out innings.  Lucas Williams went 3-4 with a double.

  • #16 Medina (1-0, 0.00) – 6.0 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 1 K.

GCL Phillies (0-0) Season starts June 24th at Tampa.

  • #25 Jhailyn Ortiz

DSL Phillies  (3-9) Beat the DSL Red Sox1, 10-6.  Miguelangel Bastidas (1-1, 2.50) gave up 2 runs on 6 hits and 3 walks in 6.0 innings.  Henry Santana (.356) went 3-4 with a double, walk, and 5 RBI (8).

  • Dixon Gutierrez (.378) went 2-4 with a BB and RBI.
  • Keudy Bocio (.158) went 1-3 with 2 BB, and SB (5).
  • Jonathan Guzman (.298) went 1-3 with a BB and RBI.
  • Jesus De Los Santos – DNP.

DSL Phillies2  (5-7)  Beat the DSL Red Sox2, 7-3.  Gustavo Armas (1-0, 0.56) gave up 1 run on 3 hits and a walk in 6.0 innings.  He struck out six.  Luis Mendoza .233) went 3-4 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI (6).

  • Luis Ramirez – DNP.
  • Leonel Aponte (1-1, 0.87) – DNP
  • Carlos Oropeza (.200) went 1-4 with a BB.
  • Rafael Marchan (.143) DNP.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings:

  • 6/17 – Phillies optioned Colton Murray to Lehigh Valley.
  • 6/17 – Phillies recalled RHP Severino Gonzalez from Lehigh Valley.
  • 6/17 – Gregory Infante assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading.
  • 6/17 – Jeremy Bleich assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading.
  • 6/17 – Anthony Vasquez assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley.
  • 6/17 – Joey DeNato assigned to Reading from Clearwater.
  • 6/17 – Matt Hockenberry assigned to Reading from Clearwater.
  • 6/17 – LHP Scott Harris assigned to Williamsport from XST.
  • Organization Rosters are up to date.

The Phillies finally went public with the following signings –

  • 6/16 – Phillies signed C Henri Lartigue.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed RHP Julian Garcia.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed C Brett Barbier.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed RHP Justin Miller.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed OF David Martinelli.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed RHP Blake Quinn.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed RHP Grant Dyer.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed OF Tyler Kent.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed OF Luke Maglich.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed RHP Tyler Hallead.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed 3B Danny Zardon.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed RHP Jordan Kurokawa.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed 1B Caleb Eldridge.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed LHP Alexander Kline.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed RHP Jake Kelzer.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed RHP Tyler Frohwirth.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed 1B Darick Hall.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed RHP Will Hibbs.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed C Daniel Garner.
  • 2016 Draft Tracker is available.

All of the above players are in Clearwater at the Complex as of June 17th.

29 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/17/2016

  1. Jim thought you would want to know you have the Stobbe signing on the draft tracker in Gowdy’s spot. Thanks for all the hard work, I love reading your box score updates and recaps.

  2. I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this but Tromp deserves to be promoted. The guy is absolutely on fire. He’s hitting .425 in his last 10 games. He’s increased his season’s average from .240 to .270 in that time. He’s hit in 12 straight games. He has 8 Ks and 6 BBs to go along with 3 dbls, 3 trpls, 4 HRs and 8 RBIs in that stretch. 6 of those games have been multi-hit games. The ball must look like beach ball when he’s at the plate. For good measure, he has 6 OF assists to one error. I’ve been calling for his release after 3 previous failures at A ball. Someone in the organization knows the kid from Aruba is not done yet.

    Kenny Koplove continues his horrible year by giving up a run in Wmsprt. He gave up 20 runs in 11 IP @ LKW earlier in the year. I thought he’d be released but he’s resurfaced in A-. Maybe after my Tromp discussion above, no one should listen to me but I might be right on this one.

    Jeff Singer, the Rutgers kid by way of Philly, K’ed 3 in 2 innings. Nice! What can be said about Lucas Williams? The round 3 pick from last year who stunned everyone since no one had heard of him. After hitting .288/.400 last year, he gets 3 hits in 4 ABs. He’s not the prototypical third baseman because he has very little power to speak of but he could become a Wade Boggs sort of 3rd baseman. No one would be crying around here if that happened.

  3. Pivetta with a great gem…Game Score 75 , a stud with 117 pitches over 9, with 65% strikes.
    Hopefully he continues this thru the season.
    I guess going against some former teammates had him a little more ramped up.

    1. I hope he stops throwing 117 pitches – not happy about high pitch counts for minors leaguers. Why take unnecessary chances?

      1. And he does have a great arm. Pitchers are weird and unpredictable – he could end up being the best of the current lot – we don’t know yet.

      2. Manager gave him a chance for a complete game shutout. He had a 1/2/3 9th. I’m guessing he was 1 base runner from being removed

      1. In case folks are wondering what Luke Williams looks like – he’s essentially a Craig Biggio body double. He looked great in ST for whatever that’s worth.

  4. Pivetta’s ge
    Cozens cooling offf????
    Taveras seems to be an excellent releaver, not starter. He was moved as result of Kilome early colapse. He should be sent back to take care of the 6th-7th innings. Adonis should be moved up to complement Leftwich Arauz Gilbert and Anderson.
    Klopove seems to be done.

    1. I thought Taveras was moved into the rotation because Gueller was moved into the ‘pen and eventually released. I don’t know what it looks like when he’s pitching but his peripherals as a starter are pretty good. He’s had problems with the long ball this year, both starting and relieving.

  5. Congrats to Denato and Hockenberry on their moves to AA. Medina’s start gets me very excited, he has high upside. Nice to see Nick Williams have a good game after sitting out for a few. I’m pretty high on Pivetta, I think he’s improving and looking like a future big leaguer.

    1. In Ben Lively’s 14 previous starts, the 4 runs allowed last night, were the most he has given up in any start so far. And seven of his last eight starts have been very noteworthy. If his next 2/3 starts are ‘quality’, he could get a call up in July to Philly to see what he can do there..

      1. I agree with you since Morgan has done nothing to warrant keeping his spot. We’ll have to see what Eflin does in his 2nd start and when VV might come back.

  6. Disclaimer: I am not a professional scout. Here are a few observations from the BlueClaws games last night. Taveres is probably a reliever but the inning that things fell apart there were some miscues including Pujols losing one in the lights, Pujols hit a homer to left I think…I was getting Ice Cream, I am more of a Tobias fan because he is short and stocky like me. final thoughts are about bullpen because thats where our seats were. My 16 yr old daughter thought Bossart and Tasin (Tay seen) were hot, one member flipped my son a foul ball but at end of game only Skylar Hunter signed an autograph. We had him sign ticket cause we didnt see any potential stars good enough for the ball! Lakewood is a beautiful field! This was my 2nd visit and I highly recommend making the trip!

    1. Been to Lakewood an saw an outings from Harold Arauz. Really nice stadium.
      Bozzart is great calling games. Tromp and Hernandez gave me a good impression too. The wife said that Leftwich and Watson looked the part. I will never understand that comment, comming from a non baseball fan whose was just there accompaning me. 😦

      1. ‘ The wife said that Leftwich and Watson looked the part. I will never understand that comment, comming from a non baseball fan whose was just there accompaning me’….go figure…..LOL

  7. Mitch Rupert talked with Joe Jordan last night and tweeted out that they are ramping up the workouts for CORNELIUS RANDOLPH and they hope to see game action by July 1..

  8. mitch walding with the home run derby win!!

    I deserve an apology for how ive been treated around here. walding is the real deal.

    1. LMAO. I said I wouldn’t respone to people that are silly. But I cant help this. You want a apology for a almost 24 yr old guy in a ball?? who is hitting 265? This is the funniest post I ever saw. like he is in the major. so funny

      1. rocco….sounds like a reasonable request….give the guy a break! 🙂
        The FSL HR Derby is an annual event with notable past winners….the list for past winners escapes me now….but Jim Peyton could probably find out.

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