2016 Draft Discussion: Day Three

Here’s the thread to continue talking about the 2016 First Year Player Draft.

So far, we have –

  1. (1) – OF Mickey Moniak, La Costa Canyon HS, CA
  2. (42) – RHP Kevin Gowdy, Santa Barbara HS, CA
  3. (78) – SS Cole Stobbe, Millard West HS, NE
  4. (107) – LHP Jojo Romero, a junior at Yavapai College, AZ
  5. (137) – LHP Cole Irvin, a senior at Oregon
  6. (167) – CF David Martinelli, a junior at Dallas Baptist, TX
  7. (197) – C Henri Lartigue, a junior at Mississippi,
  8. (227) – RHP Grant Dyer a junior at UCLA
  9. (257) – RHP Blake Quinna senior at Cal State Fullerton
  10. (287) -RHP Julian Garcia a sophmore at Metro State, CO

The Phillies’ selections are being tracked in our 2016 Draft Tracker.

The draft will conclude Saturday with Rounds 11-40.  Coverage will start at 12:00 pm ET, live on MLB.com.

84 thoughts on “2016 Draft Discussion: Day Three

  1. Two outfielders, a catcher, a 3rd baseman and 6 pitchers. I like the hit tools of these position players. A good mix.

  2. Draft concludes today not Wednesday, right?

    Martinelli looks like a nice find that late. However, as a CF, I’m not sure where he’ll play. CF at GCL will be taken I believe….

    1. yes, today.
      think it was a dallas based website i saw mentioned he probably profiles as a right fielder due to his arm; also mentioned he struggles against lefties; if he makes it you are probably looking at a 4th of/platoon guy. that site mentioned he could switch to pitcher if he doesnt hit, but there wasnt a record of him pitching in college. looks like in high school he hit 90 mph and once no-hit the top ranked team in Texas.

  3. warming up to it the more i look at it- Moniak and Gowdy fit the profiles the phillies value. Stobbe seems solid and playing on the team USA with the other two, should be a nice group that can move through the minors together maybe. nobody else in round 3 jumps out as a clearly better alternative- if Luzardo had still been there at 4.1…

    i keep looking at the dollars. If a combined 9 mil for Moniak/Gowdy, even up to a 1 mil for Stobbe- only other guy who maybe gets overslot might be Martinelli- Irvin and Quinna are seniors, and Garcia probably a low $ signing- seems like they could have 2 million bucks, maybe as much as 2.4, to spend on bonuses over 100k after rounds 10, so might be able to get high school arms now in the same realm as what you could have picked in 4 and 5 when they went with the college guys.

    which would put them in a fantastic position- am i wrong?

    1. I think Stobbe was considered a tough sign. He probably gets more than 1 million. I’d say more like high 2nd round or 2 million.

      1. Good work by the local scout knowing what the “number” was. It’s pretty funny that our top three picks are buddies from the 18U team, that will certainly help them adapt early. Games start in a week I think.

        1. I was just about to type something similar. In the grand scheme it doesnt matter but I like that the top 3 were team mates. It would be great if they rise thru system together too!

        2. Great point. We can’t forget these are 18yo kids away from home for the first time. Very good that they know 2 other players.

    2. The money complicates everything. When people say, “damn we should have drafted that guy. He’s a tough sign but he’s best available.”, the money creeps in and blows up the pick. If you go for a lot of guys requiring overslot money, you destroy yourself. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. You have to slot people into holes but still make it all fit. You have to beg guys to take a little less so you can sign this other guy. You can’t just keep your eye on the prize. You have to also look at how much that prize costs. The 5% overage is not enough to get another overslot guy signed. Cosart took $800K as an overslot guy but nowadays it’s probably $1.2M to get that guy. $670K (5% of pool allotment) doesn’t get you that guy. I guess that’s why it’s 5% and not 10% or 15%. 10% gets you that guy but MLB doesn’t want you getting that guy. [Wow, how many times did I say “get that guy”?]

      1. Out of any draft get a good starting pitcher. a. 3 would be good. A couple of bullpen arms. and a regular. who can hit and field. that’s a really good draft. So in reality say a Neris, VV and a joseph. that’s a good draft to me.

        1. rocco….keep your fingers crossed on VV..that fluid build-up in the strained right bicep could be a precursor to something more serious down the road. He will be under close watchful eyes the remainder of the season

    1. Went back and listened to BA’s pre-season podcast for the HS class. I didn’t remember how high those guys were on Kevin Gowdy. Back in February, they said he (or Ian Anderson) was probably the 2nd best RH pitcher in the class behind Riley Pint. Said he had impeccable command, a potential plus FB, and a nasty Slider. Said the slider came out of his hand at the same speed as his change-up, but the two pitches go the opposite direction as they get to the batter.

        1. I don’t remember where he was ranked pre-season. But I did notice that BP (Crawford) and ESPN (Law) both had him as a top 25 player in this draft, whereas MLB and BA had him in the late 30’s.

  4. I’m loving the focus on HS kids early. The top of our pharm is stocked, and we really needed to focus on the next wave of kids that could be ready around 2020-2021. Now keep that focus in the international market next month, maybe only splurging on an older guy if it’s a lefty top 3 starter candidate. Keep philling the cupboard Klentak.

    1. Agree with this. I like them filling out those lower league teams with high picks to go along with last draft and last two IFA periods. Like you said, the top of the system is stocked well with plenty of pitchers, Alfaro/Knapp, Williams/Cozens/Quinn, Hoskins, Valentin, Mora even keeps hitting, and Crawford. The GCL and Williamsport teams should be really fun to follow this year. I’m really excited about Moniak and if his hit tool really can be a legit 70 as well as how his power develops.

  5. I am very happy with the way they have gone about things so far with the exception of using our $ to take on a salary and get a comp balance pick or other International slot $. I would like to see more aggressiveness there. As the Phils get back into contention, the big FA acquisition may, very well, be a Left handed Top of the rotation guy. I don’t know who that will be, however.

    1. How interesting would it be if that guy ends up being a mid 30’s Colbert Hamels? If we traded a couple excess pieces for him during a run to the playoffs ala Roy Oswalt

    2. Additional international bonus money can not be obtained until the period starts. I wouldn’t worry about it now.

  6. Much to my pleasant surprise, Callis ranked us as having the best second day. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/183433542

    “They kicked off Friday’s proceedings by selecting Nebraska prep third baseman Cole Stobbe, who can hit for power and average and is reminiscent of Trevor Story. He was the best signable position player available, and Philadelphia’s $13,405,200 signing pool has room for another seven-figure bonus.”

    Where he has we have “room for another seven-figure bonus” any idea if he means before or after Stobbe? I’m assuming after since the slot value of that pick along was pretty close to a $1 million.

    1. Here is the full quote. Worth posting IMO:

      “The Phillies had a terrific first day of the Draft. They began by using the No. 1 overall pick on California high schooler Mickey Moniak, who could be Christian Yelich with the added bonus of sticking in center field. In the second round, they landed another high-upside California prepster in right-hander Kevin Gowdy, who flashes plus stuff and has plenty of projectability and pitchability.

      The Phillies had a terrific second day of the Draft too — the best of any team, in fact. They kicked off Friday’s proceedings by selecting Nebraska prep third baseman Cole Stobbe, who can hit for power and average and is reminiscent of Trevor Story. He was the best signable position player available, and Philadelphia’s $13,405,200 signing pool has room for another seven-figure bonus.
      After Stobbe in the third round, the Phillies added a pair of left-handers with low-90s fastballs and good changeups in Yavapai (Ariz.) JC’s Jo Jo Romero (fourth round) and Oregon’s Cole Irvin (fifth). Dallas Baptist outfielder David Martinelli’s athleticism and improved hitting could have landed him in the third round, yet Philadelphia was able to steal him in the sixth.”

      1. Agreed its a worthwhile read but I’m really wondering how to interpret the sentence about our remaining pool. If we would somehow have enough left to add two top-200 HS (say Belge and 1B Christian Jones), I’d be very satisfied.

        1. They should have enough to give another 1 mil bonus, after Stobbe’s bonus. I’d guess 6 mil for Moniak, 3 mil for Gowdy and 2 mil for Stobbe. That’s 11 million. JoJo probably signed for 4th round slot. Cole Irvin and Blake Quinn will both probably sign underslot, being seniors. So they probably sign rounds 5-10 for less than 1 million total. They should be at 12 million on their pool, tops.

  7. Called it on power hitting 1B Darick Hall from Dallas Baptist. Teammate of David Martinelli. Also pitched pretty well for DBU.

  8. For as much fun as the beginning of the Phillies season was to watch they will most likely have to 8th overall pick after this weekend’s series against Washington as they continue to drop in the standings. It’s never too early for next years draft talk, is it?

  9. Would love to see the Phils take a late round pick on pitcher Matt Swarmer from Kutztown. Senior and totally dominated the ACBL (local college league) last year. Also like to see 2B Mike Garzillo from Lehigh maybe get a late round look. They picked Bossart and Hockenberry ladt year so it’s possible. Also beats picking Gary Matthews dog sitters cousin anyway.

    All joking aside there I’m liking this draft this far and the upper minor league system.

  10. 2 1st 2 c I think we start two major league teams with Catcher prospects I’m not taking org guys . It seems they keep getting the a high priced LA Catcher too. I was looking the roster last nite they need upper level 3rd and relievers . 3 ss are coming in from LA at about 500 k but there only 16. Plus pitchers lots and lots of pitchers.

    1. Had to look this up and it is real. Woj had 33 HR’s and 101 RBI’s in 55 games. I don’t know how small the fields are or who the he faced, but that is insane.

        1. Guys like that are always interesting. They dominate their level and just destroy pitching, but since it’s not a big school they won’t go anywhere high, but every once in while you might just get a little lucky and the guy might actually be able to do something in the minors.

  11. Really, really like the Jake Kelzer pick. He’s an absolute tank at 6’8 230, put up great numbers at Indiana, and seems like someone who can be fast tracked as a reliever.

    1. jhg,

      He was drafted in the 22d round by Yankees three years ago. 18th this year. Probably not the progress he expected when he chose IU over the Yanks, but progress nonetheless.

  12. Looks like the theme sobfare is BIG first base men and TALL pithers


    6’7 RHP

    6’10 LHP

  13. 22.1 pick LHP Kyle Young 6’10” 220 lbs. Hope they can sign him. Hope he grew a bad ass moustache like Randy.

  14. Anyone Baptist in the Phillies office or may be Dallas fans 3 players from DALLAS Baptist. I hope they all well do they have a good hitting coach?

  15. if they are drafting Stephen in Round 11 rather than waiting a few rounds, and apparently not drafting any potential big bonus arms from what it looks like, guessing they think they have a number for him that they can come up with?
    the high school pitchers in round 12 and 13. wasnt finding anything on Justin Miller and san diego website was guessing rounds 7-10 for andrew brown.

    1. And we got another 6′ 10″ pitcher, this one a jr from Duke. Maybe they really are trying to start a basketball team. Stats vastly improved this year compared to his soph.

      1. Phillies Matt Klentak let Bryan Colanagelo take some late round picks so as a warm-up for his draft in a few weeks.

          1. I don’t think there were any for the Phillies to take this year. Morandini/McCarthy/Brundage will be eligible again in a few years, I believe.

  16. 38th rounder Trevor Hillhouse:
    The first local pitcher off the board will likely be Woodstock’s Trevor Hillhouse, who said he will be watching the draft at home with family and friends.

    “I’m expecting to go anywhere between the third and 10th rounds,” said the 6-foot-6 lefty. “I actually flew up to Philadelphia last Thursday for a workout. I feel pretty good about it. I think it went pretty well.”

    Despite his high expectations for the draft, Hillhouse said he too is unsure of the next team he will play for, and whether he wears an Auburn or professional uniform next season will depend on what is offered.

    “I don’t have any specific number in mind,” he said. “I know it will need to be something significant though. For now, I’m excited to go to Auburn for three years and see how everything looks then.”

    1. He played for the nationally recognized East Cobb Astros travel team. To be on that team, you gotta be darn good. For instance, Tyler Stephenson, the catcher the Reds picked last year #11 in first round, played there.

  17. OK OK Did we sign anybody yet??????? Jim UPDATES! guys start stalking those twitter accounts!

  18. Now comes phrase 3 of rebuild let’s get some talent up top. 2 billion let’s spend some either At the next Japan ,Korean or Cuban prospect . EAST Carolina might knock Texas Tech out of the CWS. TCU mite know knock Texas A&M out.

  19. lets not forget this is really first full year ‘PHIL’ (Phillies Holistic Information Location) system has been up and running. It might help to explain the non-sexy ethos of their draft but also lower floors/lower risk.

  20. I really like the like the new way of drafting the 3 1 first baseman with power is interesting. Encarnacion is the real 1st baseman behind Hoskins maybe Martin and Green but he can play 3rd. They needed the 3rd base man infuse and pitching help. Let’s get these guys signed and other guys moved around.

  21. After seeing some reports the one world I keep seeing was polished .there nice to see kind of like seeing The Cards or SF draft.

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